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t, 4. mnnon. rroarsator
DiEAfcWOOU, S. D, oV IT lit
weal horrible cnui ever com :u tried m
H ilia was committed at nuuu r.'
erday by Joseph Tha-i, an Daiian nn.
T. Tbe crime wii fiendishly yla-.rie
d deliberately executed iiiie tim
igo Thas' wife left him, owing t- !i:s
deesolate babits, and went to U vt- with
er eusiu, Jacco'faumta, an-l bis w ite.
Tbas en several occasions sougn' !o
daks his wife live, with him. but in no
purpose. Yesterday noon be called at
he house aud shortly after the neigh,
on heard foar shots at iutervais ot
few Moments, but nothing was thought
of it
At 2 o'clock a peddler called at tl
bouse aud beariog groans enter ,
thinking somebody was sick. A hor
rible sight met his gaze. Lym,' in ibe
woodshed was Joe Tbas gasping with
a mortal wound ii his head aud a 3S
eaiibre revolrer in his hand. In tbe
kitchen, lying si ark io death was Jacco
Taenita, Mrs. Jacco Tannita, and Mrs.
Toe Thas, with blood streaming from
ier hrrible wounds, inflicted by Tbas'
.evelver. lu addition to tbe bullet
VMsda, Mrs. Tannita bad been struck
is tbe head with an ax.
Bank af England I-o-.
Boston, Nov. 17. The Herald's
London correspondent cables the 1 -lowing
regarding tbe trouble in tne
Bank of England:
Another sensation has buret npon
the financial world involving no less an
institution than the bank of England,
dome days ago it was publicly an
aeuaced that Chief Cashier F. iiay
the Bank of England had resigned his
est after twenty years of service, and
twM retire on a pension liberally
voted by the directors.
It now appears that Cashier May. so
I am informed, not only retires, nut
his resignifion was demanded by the
directors and no pension is given uirc
for the reason that he has involved tbe
tank in a heavy loss. The cashier was
intrusted with almost absolute power
hi Baking investments. A short time
tats the directors found cause to ques
tion, the soundness of his judgment,
which was subjecting the bank to un
accustomed loss. They voted to retire
him on a half pension.
After a further investigation of the
nature of bis investments they decided
te retire him peremptorily and re: used
la pension him;
Think Tarr Have a t)u.
Cuicago, Nov. 17 It was annouiK
i that the police bad obtained a slight
to tbe identity of the two men
'yesterday robbed Treasurer J. A.
Brake of the Illinois, Indiana, and
Iowa railway of over 'i0,000. A news
boy was found who said ibat in mak
ing his round he saw two men hur
riedly em-rge from tbe Rockery build
ing; where the robbery took place,
about the time of tbe assault. From
tbe description given by the boy, tbe po
nce professed to fiink they would be
able te apprehend V robbers.
Mr. Drake, the victim of the assault
was able to be at bis office today. A
Mt over the eye and a large lump on
is bead were the only ' wounds be re
seived. lrake was apparently ex
tremely nervous as a result of the af
fjslr and re'nsed to be interviewed.
Kid Nat fiml the "Manrf.
New York, Nov. 17. A special rom
Peterson, X. J., to tbe Eveniug Hun
ays: A crank who gave his name to
ibe police as Joseph Mitch, is now lock
ad ap at police headquarters for threat
ening to blow np St. Honeventures
monastery in this city. Mitch called
at tbe monestary and demanded from
the matter superior 15,000. He threat
ened te blow up tbe building with dyn
amite uolej his demand was complied
With. Finally he went away and re
turned this morning and renewed his
threat to destroy the monestary with
dynamite if be did , not get tbe money.
Tbe mother superior telephoned to the
police and the crank was arrested.
tamped ibe track.
Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 17. At La
Fayette, Ala., at an early hour yester
day morning, while the passenger train
from Opelide on the East Alabama
railroad was entering town, ruueing
fteen miles an hour, the entire train
except tbe engine jumped the track or.
a curve and roiled down a ten foot em
bank meot. Tbe train was filled with
passengers and immediately after tbe
accident, the wreck took fire from the
overtiming of the stores. A panic
feflowed among the terror-stricken
Driver of LaFavetu. mhn
was ridins? in the umnkin Mr
ease under a neat and berore bt
aacU to rescued vu burned to a crisp
A3 tJm others were gotten out.
aUperts Caeeemee.
Turn Haute, led., Nov. 17-Sena-ti
Tnsrnam has rstnmed noma and
ft Cae heart. Tto senator says that
-ctJ ?e4ewe giving purported
' TtttHwtm Btmmtf aad8eore
13 tzit the fsteal l fCw Urn atmitatifr
ntia Rawatmn eoattea are
Ub -J a Kail a ay.
Chicago, Nov. 10 Daring robbers
beat the treasurer of the Indiana, llliu
ois A Iowa rai, w iv into iiiseniubility
yesteniay moruai; and got away wiih-
: sonittbia Use i j.1 (AiJ in cash.
The victim o( tiie assau.t was John
A. brake, tbutv veart old. a sou of F.
M. lrase, preiiaent nd builder of tbe
"Tliree IV road, an 4 the crime was
committed ia the Ci jpaoy's oiliceson
ibe ninth floor oft iiookery Duild
inj, one blocs from e board of trade.
It was an easy ru ter fur tbe tiiuijs
to their esca from tbe great
bui'ding, which upac'icaly deserted
at 7 o'clock, the hou at which tbe rob
bery was committer.
Tt.e nioiifiy take represented tbe
seuii-mouihly pay r .11 ot llie com pan.
Mr. Irae ititeud-. to take the 7:3(7
train on the .Nickel Plato for Knox,
Ind , tbe eastern terminus of the 'lbree
from which poiit be has been in
the habitof woikiugto tbe western
terminus at Streutor, 111., with bis pay
car. It had been u.e cumiu of the
Coiniiajir lo nv it .n'ii:ove in h.-li
aitcgetber, payable to t-earer at the
hanks on tbe lin, and afterwards a
ctiMRge was made to part checks and
part cash. But it was susp-cled that
dummies were ou the pay roll, and He
last change to paying currency led to
tbe discovery of two dummy employes
Th i Tariff arhedoJe.
Wasiiikoton, Nov. 15. Despite the
precautions of the house ways and
means committee to prevent its secrets
becoming public property, some of tbe
details of the workou the tariff bill are
leaking out There is apparently no
doubt that wool, coal aud iroo ore will
be placed on tbe free list. It is under
stood also that a material reduction
will be made on steel rails. The duty
on tin plate, as has been previously an
nounced, will probably be reduced from
2:10 to one percent. A meeting of all
the democratic members of the com
mittee was held touay, at which tbe
sub-committees having in charge the
various schedules submitted their re
ports. 'The work of adjusting and harmou
izing the redactions will be continued
until tbe bill shall have been com plei-
ed. It is expected that this result will
be reached the last of next week or not
later than Monday following. Tbe bill
will then be reported to the full com
ma tee and made public the same day
from tha llaltoo liang.
Arkansas Cnv, Kas, Nov. V
The Daltons have been heard irons
again and it appears that tht-y are get
ting to be common highwaymen. This
evening E. Higginbo'.ham arrived in
ibis city from Ulackwell, a town twenty-three
miles southwest of this city in
Wie Cherokee strip. Mr. Higiubothain
has been engaged in tuuhug lutnber
frora this city to Ulackwell for Charles
N. Hunt. While he was returning in
this city yesterJay morning he inei
two men, who baked him, prilled theii
Winchesters down on l.iai ;ind de
manded his money. He told them
that 92 was all be had and the high
waymen took 1, with the rtmark:
'There's nothing small about us; you
can keep the other dollar." The men
rode away then. Iligginbothaui re
cognized them as iliJl Duton and
"Dynamite," two of tbe Dalton gai g.
Caught Tham ifapp a(,
Ijkix)X, 111., Nov. 10. The Lincoln
pol'ce have caught the Peoria, lcatnr
k Evans v Die train b-.ndila. While
searching for stolen clothing and
jewelry the officers faced three guns,
but having tbe drop on the deaperadoep
they forced them to submit aud took
them out of bed. They found three
new revolvers and landed four prison
ers in tbe county jail, named William
bhells, Edward Van Meter, Clarence
Howe, all ex-convicts, and Shell's
daughter. Ida is a prosecuting wit
ness. Tbe arrested men fit tbe descrip
tion of the trio who attempted to hold
up tbe train and were away from borne
until 2 a. in. the morning following
the nigbt of tbe holdup.
Cold Weaihar la lb (.
Dlnkikk, N. Y., Nov. 16. A ter
rific snow storm is prevailing here, as
suming blizzard proportions at times.
About eight inches of snow has fallen.
Oot door bnsiness is practically .sus
pended. Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 16. The
first snow of the sessou occurred yes
terday. It is general throughout the
northwest and may continue, with
brisk northwest winds, for ihe next
twenty-four hours. The present cold
wave extends from tbe Mississippi t.
tbe Atlantic and as far south as the
gulf with temperature lu9 to J8 - lx
low the normal. '
rnlkH la Kxaloda.
Uloominotoj, 111., Nov. 16. An
attempt was made yesterday morning
at 2 o'clock to blow open tne vault in
the People's bank at Lexington wh
dynamt e. Tbe robbers drilled into the
outer door of tne vault and exploded a
dynamite charge, which failed to open
tbe door. Frightened by the terrilie
explosion the robbers fled, leaving
their tools.
The aaaUaa Ertle,
WashijiTO!I, Nov. 14-HtMttreUrie
Greaham and Cfcarliale ad a ewafer
eawersfrnwiag tbefinmtaa exiles or
eewvttawho werereeewtiy landed Id
Urn Frswsmuo. It is understood, from
t to evidence MfcmJtted by the com
f Icrnttoa at Saa frm-
tlatswwau ttemssisi trts-
Mt tltnrfata ami an
UmteeuCsJto kmX Ctt tote
kmct McH-gn aft
Klra la a ihirrli, I
CliK ioo, Nov. 13-lhree butidred '
wen and women were momentarily j
pun c-lr ckec last evening in the Uel
den avenue baptist church when tbey
discovered tbe structure was on tire,
but presence of miud on tbe p trt of tbe
j Pa ,or- 'i-H. H. liarbour, s-kii re
siored order and the rut. r congregation
escaped to the slieet in safely. There
were aorue pushing an J at
times, but no one was injured. The
pastor had s:okrn about ten m iiutes
w ben be no' iced a reutleuian who had
occupied a aeat ia the center of the
church arise and come forward. He
walked up the main an toward the
pulpit and beckoned Ilev. Haibourto
one side.
"There will be a panic soon if we are
not careful," he whispered. "The
church is on fire. Spartss are falling
fr m the dome."
jev. ;.irbiur glanced up at tbe dome
aud saw sparks tailing. He told tbe
! congregatiou that
I nt be continued.
the services could
"There are god reasons,' he an
nounced, "why I c.itiiMt preach to you
toidgbt. We will even dispense with
tbe closing hymn and benediction, and
I ill ask you lo leave your seats
qi etly and in order, but with as much
haste as possible."
.Several who were seated in the center
of he church saw the lailiug sparks.
A cor arose hastily and started tor
ex te In tbe rear. Others aroe, not
knowing what was the cause of the
ai louncemeut. Soon the church was
eo otied. The lire caught in the dome
from a leak in the large gas pipe lead
in to the chaude!ier in the center of
cb rcb. lly the litre tbe congregation
ha left the church the dome was in
(U oes. In the meantime the blaze
ha I been s-eu by parties outside tbe
church and an alarm turned in. Quick
work by fire department save the
building from destruction and con lined
tbe fire to the dome. The lo?s is es
timated at ?7,.V.
Witili to Kltl the M tyor.
Jolikt, 111., N'ov. 13. Fur several
days a man has been noticed in I'on-
! tiac, 111., acting in a suspicious man
ner nod was frequently heard to mut
ter the name of McdaugLrey coupled
with threats. The stranger called at
the reforraatory and a-ked for Major
McClaughery, but was informed thai
he was out ot town. Mrs. MeOlung!:
rey, hearing of his suspicions actions,
notified Ralph Bradford the poetraater
who hunted up the tiiys'cri'itis indivi
dual and loutid he ha 1 a dangerous
crank to deal with. UradiorJ inforni
him that Major McCla-'ghrer I ved at
Monmouth, whereupon the stranger
departed. Uron arriving a". .Mon
mouth the stranger was finally arretted
and upon being searched turned out to
be a walking iirsenai. He ha been
recoguized as an ex-convict, Dr. I'etri
R. Laugdon, alias Lwigfor l W. Hose,
who was released from his second term
at the Joliet prison in September last.
He has often been heard to make threats
to kill Major McClaughrey.
If inh 'a, wip lu 1. nrulH.
Lincoln, Nbr., Nov. i.'J. Two
highway robberies occurred last uight
between 10:13 and 11:30 almost in the
heart of the city. Two men did both
of the holdups which were done with
neatness and dinpa cii. II. W. Sprin
gate, a travelling man, was halted at
Fourteenth and M streets and comman
ded to hold up his bauds. He oneyed
and at the same time lookedjdown the
shining muzzle of a revolver, at the
east eud of which he could perceive a
oiammy cartridge of no mean calibre.
The robbers relieved Springate of about
After thus reducing .Springate visi
ble assets, the men moved .west to
Eleventh street near L where tbey
awaited another victim. James Crot
ty, who lives in the city block, was tbe
unfor.uuate man. He was relieved of
cash aggregating between $3 and 17
and a buuch of keys. He says the men
called biro opprobriocs names because
be was so shy on cash.
Springate was unable to give the po
lice any description of the men except
in a general way, but Crolty is positive
be would know tbe men if he saw them
Trlag to Urine Him Hack.
New York, Nov. 13. Adrian Van
Sindern, embezzler of trust funds
amounting to t2o,00,000, who became a
fugitive from justice after his indict
ment for grand larceny in 1801, and
who was believed by everybody to be
dead, has come to life. He has beeti
traced by detectives to Berlin, (Je:-
many; here lie has been living incogni
to. District Attorney Lindsay has
eft for Washington to arrange if
possible with the German minister and
Secretary Oresham for tbe return of
Van Huiaern to this country for trial
Tbe extradition -treaty between the
United Mated and Germany is said not
to provide for a case like that lit ques
tion, bat Ibe creditors of Van Sindern
are trying to bring about an act of
comity between the two countries pro.
riding for bis surrender to tbe New
York authorities.
Mar at- ftaleMa.
St. JosErrt, Nov. 13. Henry Duva,
a prominent merchant, left home Satur
day to make some collections, telling
hit family be would be back in time
for supper. Saturday nigbt a boat was
tetrad floating ta lake Contrary and ia
twwaDuve't coat Hie believed be
was fUeod late tbe boat and rob.
toi. m body was found Saturday
fX Tbera m Matttva ertdeooe
(f UeJrwy.aad -etaioa la divided as
toreador UMa earn of murder or
All li t at t.
Mfmphi, TeDn.. Nov.
H.-Fire i
broke out last mtrlit abou' 7:13 o'clock
in the Selima,tz-IU-i i block, on main
street, between Monroe an I I" neon
streets, before the flames were controll
ed at 8 p. in. several lives were l S'. and
nearly I. a t a million doiiars worth of
property went up in stnuke. The ex
art number of lives lot at this hour
(1.3l a n. ) is not known, but a conser
vative estimator pi ice i it at four, while
four or live were injure! some fatally,
in from the turning building.
About a quarter pat seven o'clock,
people wvre startled oy ths report of
an explosion and a fl ,.h. In an instant
flames were pouring trum the lower
floor of the six-story j;lding occupied
by the lmiI r-Ke Hardware com
pany. Ihe second, ninl, fourth and
fif'.h storn-s were occuiwed by tbe Y.
M. C. A. and it was in this pl ica that
the loss of life occurred. The fire start-
ed from the exploti in of a larj;e coal
oil lamp near the sta rway, and within
Cve secondi afier the explosion occur-
red the front end of the building was a
seething muss of roaring, crackl t g
flames. Tbe second floor was used is
the lecture room of the , M. C. A,
while the third storv was used as a li'
brary. It was in tt. s death trap that
the holocaust occi.Ted. The flames
leaped up the stairc-w so fast that all
egress was cut off.
Iii iiui ForHiHr Medal
Washington, Nv. 14. There is
much comtilaining among exhibitors
over the great delay in awarding the
World's Fair medals to successful com-
petitors. Congret-s has. received nu
mereroas letters on the subject, bat in-,
quiry at the treasury does not reveal
any indication that 'he medals will be
ready for distribution for some months
to come.
As many t.f the exhibitors expect to
make the most of their medals in an
advertising way, some of them desiring
to incorporate the design in new trade
mark to be adopted, they complain
that the great delay will rob them of
much of the commercial advantage
which they expected to reap in return
for the heavy expenses involved in
making a world's fair exh.bit.
The design prepared by St. Gardens
for tbe official medals has not yet been
accepted and it is still even uncertain
whether the work may be done by the
United States mint. The plan of the
treasury, which is very detailed and
contemplates medals of elegant work
manship, would require four or five
months, as it would necessitate the
stumping of some of the medals 400 or
600 times. Hut a cheaper process of
manufacture has been suggested which
would make it possible to turn out the
23,000 in a few weeks. This does not
meet with much favor, however, auil
unless the indignant exhibitors bring
the matter to the attention of eongrei s
it is not likely the medals will be ready
before next summer.
The treasury department suggests
U '.hat the delay is attributable to Mr.
Thatcher or the designer, who should
have furnished ihe designs months
ago, in order that the manufacture
might have been began at a much ear
lier date.
Thfj rUoln to Kit In.
Bitiixit roiiT, Nov. 14. Articles of
agreement were signed here for a ten
round fight between Tommy Kyan,
now of this city, and Dick Kgan, well
known in sporting circles as tbe "Mon
tan Kid." The contest ill-take place
near here within a few weeks for a
purse of $300. the winner to take all
and the gate receipts, i.yan is bacs
ing himseif, while Mike Haley ,a south -em
sport, is putting np the money for
Egan. Tho men will light at 140 lbs.
Egan has met Jack Deiapsey, young
Mitchell, Charley Turner and Billy
Hennessey, and is considered a clever
Atlaniot to Miirdrr.
Cleaklank, Nov. Ii. A vicious at
tempt at double murder, followed by
an attempt to commit suicide, took
place ou Davenport street at noon yes
terday. Michael McNamara shot and
probably wounded Mrs. Ellen Sweeney
and her daughter Mary and then shot
himself in the bead. McNamara will
die. She latter boarded with the
Sweeney family. The cause of the
shooting is unknown.
Kervral Arretted.
Cleveland, Nov. 14. The society
of Coblngs has offered a reward of
$1,000 for the arrest and conviction of
the person who attempted to rob their
bank and murder Secretary and Treas
urer Derrick ou Friday last. Several
parties answering the description of
the man have been arrested, bot
Colonel Herrick fails to identify his as
sailant among them, and the suspects
will be released. The police now ex
press the belief that the fellow was
pimply a bold thief and not of tbe
crank type.
Ip r Alrahallam.
ST. Louis, Nov. 14. -Phil V. Taylor,
a prominent attorney, was found dead
yesterday morning by his partner and
Janitor. Taylor had been indicted for
forgery aud would soon have gone to
trial. Since his indictment he hss
been drinking constantly.
Thy Coald not Agraa.
Nashville, Nov. 14. The jury in
tbe ease of Frank Porterfield, cashier of
tbe Commercial National bank, in
dicted for fraudulent payment on a
note out of tbe funds of tbe bank, re.
ported to United States District Judge
Bag Mat tbey could net agree. A
jattrlal was accordingly entered, a!
pad abewed that eight were la favor of1
watletlou and four for acquittal. Thia,
fcjaaly eeeof a antnber of indletmoata
matPortortewt . i
A Hmw Varttaa
if amiingtov Nov. 13.- iin J.
S. Hastder, formerly chief cleik of the
Iutenor department, and now receiver
of tbe laud otlice at Enid, Okl, is in
Washington. He brings a new version
of the complaints about the opening of
the Cherokee Htrip The fper ing, b
says, was generally sansfictory and
the complains come from those who
desire to make trouble and bring the
administration into msrepute. Captain
Ha&Mer says the chief promoters of
dissatisfaction are a iuail f iction of
iinno-rat-S, who were aiiirerrd by the
fact tha' the land officers and other
f'fticials sent to Oklahoma and the
Strip were from outside the Territory.
Tbe sending of ouL-ide men. he said,
broke up the schemes formed to cap
ture the best land in the Strip, and a
number had missed an opportunity of
making the money they had antic-
ipated. To these dis ippointed demo-
crate were joined some republicans who
were anxious to make political capital
,tutofthe affair, an this resulted in
all the charges, col' ,lainU and calls
; for investigation. H hays the outcome
j will be a vindication of the pursued b
llie department.
St 1 1 1 K-f.ln- It Dark.
Washington. N'-v 13. It appears
that tl,e d-p"meiit of state has heard
from Minister Willi.- y telegraph from
San Francisco, for it is learned that
dispatc'ies received at the department
confirm the press reports of Minister
Willis' arrival at Honolulu and other
event tip to the time of departure of
the China.
The Hawaiian minister, Dr. Thurs
ton, ca'led at the department and was
privately in conference with Secretary
Gresharn until the hour set for the
meeting of the cabinet. The secretary
still declines to make any statement
touching Hawaiian affairs, and it is be
lieved that if he had any intention of
making public atthlr time Mr. itlaiinl's
report of Mr. Willis' instruct ions that
Idea has been abandoned, and that the
next olllcial statement that will be giv
en to the public from the department
w ill probably appear in the communi
cation to congress of the entire cor
respondence, relating to Hawaii,
which has passed since President Har
rison rent the annexation treaty to the
Minister Thurston had a second in
terview with Secretary Greshain short
ly after Ihe cabinet meeting. Tbe Con
ference was devoted to the discussion
ot the Hawaiian situation and lasted
piree-qunrters of an hour. Mr. Thurs
ton sal3 the interview developed noth
ing new and that the matters talked
over had already been male public.
Annual Church Cong n-M.
Nkw Youk, Nov. i5. The fiftee nth
annual congress of the Episcopal
church, was opened with holy c mroun
ion yesterday at St. Bartholomew's
church Madison avenue and Forty
fourth street. It was expected that Bish
op Totter would preside at the meetings
and his absence in Europe is a great
disappointment, llhhop Dudley of
Kentucky occupied the chair at the
opening proceedings. The address of
welcome was delivered by the lit. Ilev.
William Lawrence, Bishop of Massa
chusetts. There was a large atten
dance of prominent ministers. 1 lie
session will last four days and the re
mainder of the meetings will be held
at (flickering hail. T he first of these
look place at 8 p. ra., when Bishop
Dudley delivered the inaugural address
after which the assembly discussed the
topic, "What Shall t'e Done With the
Saloon?" "Moral and lieligious Educa
tion in tbe Public Schools" will be dis
cussed tomorrow rnoming,and the "l.'s,
and Abuse of Hituals" in the eveu
ing. All the sessions will be open to
the general public, and especially those
i people interested in the subjects nn
: der discussion.
Kliiglila of l.anor fcoaaluH
PiiiLAlr".M'HiA, Nov, 15. The sev
enteenth annua session of the general
assembly of the Knights of Labor be
gan yesterdny morning. General Matter
Workman Powderly read .his annual
report. Alter referring to the work
done by the order, Mr. Powoerly re
plied to the attacks mnde upon him by
proteetaut clergymen, who charged
that be was conspiring witb the Itonian
Catholic church to overthrow the
country. He says: "There is but one
conclusion to arrive at. No sensible
protestaut has anything to do with
these matters. No elf-reepec:ing man
could descend to such depths of slander
and villainous misrepresentation.' He
then asked that a committee of men
who are not affiliated witb the Homan
Ca'bolic church be appointed to inves
tigate and report upon tiie charges.!
He denied that tbe present meeting
would be the last one. He spoke in
favor of fiee silver and pade
numerous recommendations. The ses
sion wii! probably continue twelve
Salt mk. Malik, Mich., Nov. 15.
The big steamer Centurion, the largest
boat on tbe great lakes, Is stranded at
tbe middle ground, liound Island. She
went ashore last night and ner forward
compartments are taking water. Tnga
have gone witn iigniers to try and re.
Tha Order Uraalrd.
Washington, Nov. 15. Tbe mo ion
made a few days ago in behalf of
Russell Sags to strike out tbe reply of
Delia Keegaa to hit defense that her
action to recover 50,iXK) damages for
jbreaea of promise was barred by tho
'atatate of Umitattotsa, was granted yes
terday morning la the oeurt of
moa pleas by Judge BooksUvor. tbe
fudge graam tha aottaa wtta osoto aaa
fjiwam aa ordor dmie oaMa
Hushville a public reading roam.
Corn la D'lg ',alt m'
sixty bushels per acre. '
i-.i vik i.f Battle Creek is very
I ir. ' - -
low with typhoid fever.
A bar association has been orgaaiaed
'- by the attorneys of Ord.
j The brick work Is completed ter s
new plow factory at Superior.
I The Columbus Journal has beee
running almost a quarter of a t atery.
I Ctiolera Is working have ainng th
hogs in the neighborhood of Tekamah.
C. II . Uoetcher of Colfax county is
! feeding T., si"!' f"r iU ''!"" Br
' ket.
Bev J. W. Knott has been iustaBed
! as pastor of tne Pebytenan cburu a
The Northeast Nebraska Teacket l
association will tuee! at Kmermo,
December 2.
Kearney talks of making a eT
ment for hbetter roadn " by avig he
main business street
Colonel Buffalo Cody has turned ever
2,'JXJ of his world's fair proli's te
churches of North Platte.
Wallace has organize! a coaneeg
club, and iU first tournament w; )h
held on Thanksgiving day.
A good many country papers crewd
ed out much valuable news to staks
room for a ultry displ iv.
J. L. Thirty acre is the name
man living out at Seiica. What's the
matter with making it forty.
Ed, A Fry of the Niobrara Pioaeer
felt good enough over the eleclioe t4
Issue a pink edition of his paper.
The miiiar factories, are tnaatug
pries in their contracts lor next year
a', ih same rates as this ?o a toa. '
I, W. Hills of Dawnon conntylsi
250 acrei of winter wheat that promises
a big crop, it was pu0u with tlrils.
B shop Newman will lecture at Ver
foik next week. The receipts of wis
lecture to lie used m the church budd
ing fund.
Hun. W. H H. Miller of Indiana
polis, attorney general in Presldear
Haraison's cabinet, ts at Broken itow
oo buiiuds.
While shingling a li mie at Cit-igli-ton'
M. H. Wilson and I,'. E. Pitt were
thrown to the ground and considei
ably injured. .
S. A. Moslier, htatiuu agent ot W
Elkhorn at Hasting, has Ix-en pro
moted to ihe j(iti-ii of traveling
freight iigtnt.
The Nnperville Piets aiinoiiitces ta
elec ion of ilolcomb. by irom ",( t'i
10,000. Najx-rville has need of tele
graph service.
,Dr. Corder of B'linhulle attempted t
end his life at the ltidmn agency by
cutting bis throat. H- failed to reaeh
u artery and will get well.
Fairchild and Garwood's geaeral
merchandise store was ourglartzed tha
other night uud the mieaks escaped
with about 2tiu worth of plunder.
The people of leshU-r are feeUag
blue over the ruin wrought by the
flames, but are not disposed to give sp
the ship. The burnt dnlrlct will be
Lionel W. T. Howard of the tSt-hsf
ler sun has been elected school super
lutendent of Colfax county for the
fourth time. Von can't kep a good
man down.
G. Webster WilUe lias sued a cerre
Epondeut of the Uaiidul) h T iru.-a for
10,000 dam ige u, his rair name and
fame. Ten to one he would be glad te
compromise for t'.ft. 1
The OrJ Jun.iial, an iudepeudeot
paper, which has been for the last lw
years under the maiiageinent of Dr. J.
M.KInker, has lieen sold to B A
Brewster o I Omaha.
The Norfolk trill have secured an
other governuieiit contract for Te.OWJ
pounds ol Hour, 'I hese mills limvt
furnlilied Uncle stun with Bft.M
pounds of hour i his fail.
A ("isappainted paper out west says:
"There are times in every man's Ufs
when he feels that he would like to cut
loose from ever) thing and run, if U
only knew where to run to."
The greatest war whoop from mortal
lungs, says tbe Baudolph Times, spree
itself on the air Wednesday moriiisg
when your Uncle Jim Harmon gavs
vent to his joy over the republican
The sere cure medicine men of Fre
mont have found It nee. asary to secers
a four story building for their growing;
business, if anything alls you tbey
have the panacea. Full direction on
the bottle . Ne testimonials.
While riding bis bicycle on tbe side,
walk at Columbus, Editor Kllilan
collided with an ancient enemy, who
smote him once for bis carelessness and
several limes on old scores. It coat the
editor 93 for violating an ordinance
and tbe other fellow a 10 for aeeault.
The third annual missionary ceo
fereuee and state convention of tms
Nebraska Gospel Union will be held in
Fairmont, November :,"U December
I. The Y, . o. A or Fairmont pre
vide free siitertainment for all wbe at
tend. Parties planning to go should
notify T. M. Wright.
' Mies Dolly Gaudy of Table Hock was
made dangerously ill by having used S
knife to spread a piece of broad that
her father, who it a physician, had
eareleaaly left oa the table after eeav
pounding a prescription with it The
mlatako was not discovered until tbs
young wdy was vary slk. 8 ,e will re.
Tklrty-Ove eejual wffrft-e 'as
lraaad TakteVU- oa uMk7
MrytBf a feaaaor oa wticH wMaJ.
Hanasl -Crty rn U Urn."