The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, November 23, 1893, Image 1

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    The Sioux County Journal,
VOL. 6.
H-A-IfciRISOlT, 3STEB.. 2STOV". 23. 1803.
liTO. IX.
J O TJ 2R, 3ST -Au Xj.
L. J. Simmons. Editor and Proprietor,
F. CiM.T B. R. Time Ubk.
Going West. ' Going Et.
Wo. I, mixed,.. 1) :)8 So. , mixed 6:SS
Wheat per buxhel
On t per tunnel
Corn pr buhel...
Short prr hundred
Bran ptr hundred t
1 00
Fd chopped pir hundred ---
Potator per bushel ,.
Dutu r per t . , , . per doz .-
Poultry per doz .,.
Onion per ti
Henna per tti
ll (r
S !K
Cml per ton.
Wood per oonl
Lumber native per in. ft
"Corrected every Thursday.
IS 00
A good span of mules' for sale. In
quire of E. A. Bigelow, Harrison, Neb.
Old p&)er for sale at The a)
office. 5 cents per down.
Or. Phinney reports the arrival of a
son at the home of Jack RicedorfT on
If you want to sell your land, list il
with Simmons & Smiley, real estati
agents. Q
160 acres adjoining Harrison for salt
at a bargaiu, if taken soon.
Simmons & Smiley.
All kinds of wood work done tit
Priddy's blacksmith shop, opposite Thk
Joi'RNAX office.
Jack Bogart will live on the MeOrea
place until he gets his own house com
A wedding Is arranged to take place
pear Bodaro today but as we go to press
a little early we cannot give particular.
While returning from the country
Tuesday night one of Dr. Phinney V
horses was taken sick and died in a few
Take out a policy in the Preferred
Mutual Accident Association. It it
cheap and reliable. L. J. Simmow,
'Postmaster Marsteller's little girl
has been struggling with an attack of
something bordering on lung fever, but
is better now.
The near approach of Thanksgiving
leads us to remark that a nice fat turkey
or goose for that occasion would be ap
preciated by Ths Joint aL family.
Hamuel Jenkins, practical boot and
shoe maker. Cowboy boots a specialty.
Repairing promptly ; and neatly done.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Shop second
door south court house. .
Dr. J. S. Roniine, dentist, of Chad
don, Neb., will personally visit Harrison,
professionally, in Hie near future, am.
notice of the exact date will be givei.
later. He wilt have with him even
pain and labor device known to tht
' profession. Dr. Romine is well known
to many of our people and has dent
work for some of them so that his
ability is established. .
We are in receipt of word from
Iowa that a good many new settlers ex
pact to come from there to Sioux count)
next spring. The ieople in the east have
become very tired of the fun of paying
high rent and then getting little or n.,
prop and have determined to come west
and take their chances with the rest ol
the pioneers. In this country if but lit
tle is raised it does not all have to bt
given to the owner of the land for rent
On last Sunday The Jouknal family
, apeat the day with Mr. and Mrs. E. E.
L verm ore at their home a few niil
southwest of town. The owner bos not
made much fuss about it but has beeii
at work and lias tilted up one of ihi
moat comfortable places tu this locality .
He baa almost all his buildings of ftt
and Uiey are models which other settler
would do well to pattern after. U.e
house is the best constructed log buikl
ing we have ever seen and must be sei
to be appreciated, Tue stables, granary ,
tool bouse and sheds are also built ol
log and put up in a workman-like mat
ner. A good well aad windmill aft
(tents not to be overlooked and of late Im
baa been preparing to engage in the
poultry uaioeaa quite extensively. A
large, well arranged house tie been
built conoeted with yard covered with
wire netting to prevent hawk from cap
turing the fowls, An incubator a no
brooder are used and targe number 01
fWvlww wera miwd for market the past
nmn. 0a Mteads to add a fine quality
f daoka to bin stock the ooming mmou
and tayi that be now baa hie arrange
wants so that be can raiee poetry at
faafa, Amomg Ma Mock at tha ereeeni
Ware ava about two done oapottt wMcii
. wnatbuaaea4BiHM what mm to
Remember that Thb Jocrnal office
is headquarters for job printing.
The county board was in session
on Tuesday and Wednesday and put in
most of tlie time on road matters.
On account of the sickness of his
children Rev. Kendall was compelled to
close his meetings at Pleasant Ridge.
At last accounts the little ones were
It is passing strange how some peo-
nle opjKise anything which would liene
lt those for whom they have professed
uch great interest in just as soon as
they find that they cannot run every
thing just as they please. 8uch actions
ihow the calibre of a person.
On last Saturday Joseph Parsons
irought us a loud of wood to apply on
its subscription and remarked that he
md brought "black wood" this time as
he was in mourning over the defeat
which the democrats in the various
.Uites sustained on November 7th.
From what can be learned a number
if our farmers will try al ful fa next sea--on.
If it does half as well here as
t has in oilier places it will prove a
laying crop. It is hoped that ninny will
xperiment with it next season and then
they will know just wliat it will do,
The interest in the creamery project
s growing right along. There is scarce
ly a day in which some of the farmers
lo not inform us that they are making
irmngemer.ts to get more cows as soon
is it is certain that a creamey will be
reeled. They know that it will be a
.rood thing for them and for the entire
The Norfolk sugar factory has
ivorked up 16,000 tons of beets this sea
-ton and made 3,000,000 pounds of sugar,
Right thousand tons of beet are now on
land to be made into sugar, which will
eep the factory running until about
hristmas and will make the output of
he factory this season about 4,500.000
uounds of sugar. That is quite a lot of
The editor of The Journal expects
to start in a few days for the eastern
irt of the state where he will meet
V. A. Hester and together they will try
ind get the creamery matter in some
thape so that tlie people of this locality
.an have some definite proposition to
vet on. It will not be long until it will
Iw settled one way or the other and as
won as possible the whole plan will be
jiven in the columns of The Journal.
On Tuesday W. S. Johnson brought
us fifty pounds of the cheese made at the
factory conducted by himself and sons
tt Glen. ; They have had a very suc
cessful season and have disposed of all
i lie cheese they made and have orders
.or hundreds of pounds which they can
not fill. The firm has built up a reputa
tion for making a superior grade of
i-heese and people appreciate good
This is admitted by all to have been
i pretty poor year, but it seems that all
lid not make a failure. Henry Covey
came here last spring and located on his
Homestead east of town and lias been
busy there the most of the time. He li. s
uuen in town but twice in nearly two
uoiiths and says he has not got his work
iear done yet. He has built a neat and
comfortable house, had a well put down
md a windmill erected and rained a crop.
n that line he has to show for his work
1)0 bushels of oats, 140 bushels of pota
toes, 20 bushels of buckwheat and 100
liusliels of corn, which yielded 30 hush-
ds to the acre and got fully ripe, so that
s pretty good evidence that corn can be
raised on the table, in addition to the
tbove mentioned Mr. Covey hud a lot ot
oeets, turnips and other truck so that
uiking it all around he ha done very
well. The place he farmed last year In
tlie east part of tlw state yielded 111 teen
uushels of corn lo the acre so he thinks
iw is ahead by Imviug oume to Sioux
county, even if the past season was a
poor one.
The farmers are getting more and
more interested in the creamery mutter
as they inquire aud leurn of how it
works and tlie benefit which they will
derive from an institution of that kind.
Almost every one wlio is talked to ex
presses the hope that it will be secured
and agree to furnish the milk from, a
number of cows. Of course there are
some wIki know something of the work
of the oh! style creameries who do not
take kindly to tlie plan and there are
some who try to discourage it because
lliey are mad. The latter are not worth
any notice awl the former class a soon
,a they learn of the improvements Unit
have been made awl how remunerative
it is to tlie farmer' take a different view
of it. It Is quite likely that the matter
will be definitely settled before the 0rst
tK the year to that all will bate an op.
portaarty to prepare to (Wrrre beoeWU
therefrom, In dHcowriag tb .matter a
f , (bye mo gantbun i who haw had
a good deal of experience with crean
eries informed us that in a locaity where
be formerly lived cows were selling for
twenty dollars when there was no
creamers'. An establishment of that
kind was put in operation and in three
months the same class of cows were in
demand at thirty dollars a head, and the
capacity of the creamery had to be in
creased after the first season. If it did
not pay the farmers such results would
not follow.
Miss Anna Price was in town Sutur
Miss Minnie Crane came up on tlie
train yesterday morning.
J. W. Sherrill gave us some cash on
subscription Monday.
C. L. Phillips, of Bodarc, was in Har
rison Monday and called to see us.
B. E. Brewster called for a short chat
while in town tlie first of the week.
Misses Wanda and Myrtle Pontius
returned from Omaha yesterday.
Mrs. E. Ruhwer and children spent
Sunday at Crawford with friends.
Attorney Iaily, of Crawford, was
doing business in Harrison Frida3r.
C. W. Smith was visiting his sister,
Mrs. J. E. Marsteller, tlie last of the
Mrs. Davis, mother of Superintendent
elect Havis returned from Alliance on
John Minelmrt was in town Monday.
He has not fully recovered from his
recent sickness.
The name of C. II. Taylor, Minneapo
lis, is ordered added to our list of
The editor and his wife went to Glen
last Friday evening and visited Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Devenport.
Mrs. D. H. Griswold's mother and sis
ter arrived from the east yesterday and
will make an extended visit.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Gerlach returned yes
terday from Iowa. Their little boy is
greatly improved in health.
And a Book Containing all the Sasby
Letters for One Dollar.
In answer to a general demand from
all parts of the United Stutes the Toledo
Blade has published in one volume, cloth
bound, all of the "Nasby Letter' ever
written by the lute U R. Locke, otmt
liug perhups a lew unimportant letters
on local or forgotten topics. Only a few
of there letters were ever published in
book form. Every body has read some
of them, but who has read all of them?
The book contains over 000 large pages,
and all the Nasby Letters written during
a period of twenty-live years; also a por
trait of U. R. Locke from his last pliolo-
riLpti . It would sell at one dollar oi
more, but will never be placed on sale,
One hundred thousand copies are now
being printed and bound, and one copy
will be sent postpaid by mull free to
every person who this winter remits one
dollar for the Weekly blade one year,
Every body iuvited to Send for a speci
men copy of the Weekly Blade, which
will give a lull description of the book
"The Nasby Letters."
The Toledo Weekly Blade is the btsi
aud most popular wwekly newspaper
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largest circulation of any weekly news
paper, aud goes lo every stale, territory
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Only one dollar a year, iueluding tlie
above mentioned book iree. Semi postal
to tlie Blade, Toledo, Olno, lor a ir
specimen copy of the pawr. Bend 11 ie
addresses of your friends also.
Fhjslclan and Surgeon,
All calls given prompt nUoiillou,
Office In Drag btere.
Harrison, Hebr
Own following brand:
3 mil
Best Line to the East,
Tlie Burlington Route B. A. M. R. R.
is running elegantly equipped passenger
traines without change from Newcastle,
Wyoming and Crawford, Nebraska, direct
to Lincoln, Nebraska, making connection
at that point with their own through
trains for Denver, Cheyenne, and Jill
points west, and for Kansas City, St.
Joseph, St. Louis., Omalia, Peoria, Chi
cago, and all points east.
Remember this is the only line by
which you can take sleeping car from
v.'rawford in the evening arriving in Lin
coln and Omaha the next afternoon, and
in Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis the fol
lowing morning.
For further information and tickets ap
ply- to nearest agent of Burlington
Route B. & M. R. R.
Wanted Salesmen, to sell our choice
and hardy nursery stock. Many special
varieties to ofter, both in fruits and or
namentals, and controlled only by us.
We pay commission or salary, give ex
clusive territory and pay weekly. Write
us at once and secure choice territory.
May Broth ers, Nurserymen,
6-12 Rochester. N. Y.
Dr. Leonhardt
Limits his practice to diseases of the
Nervous system,
(Such as Loss of Memory, Feeling, Mo
tion and Will-power, Cramps, .Fits, Gen
eral Nervousness, aud all forms of
(As shown by Shortness of Breath,
Pain, Palpitation, Fluttering and Numb
ness in region of the Heart.)
(Such as Skin Diseases, Ulcers, Exces
sive Paleness or Redness of the Face,
Faintness, Dizziness, etc.)
1452 O ST. - - LINCOLN, NEB.
ajrMention thin paper.
Pili'rhasct Tickets and Consign tinif Frelglit
Via the
F., L&M. V. S. C. & P.
H. G. BURT, (lenefal Maiutger.
0n1 Freight Agt, Geii l Pass. Agt
Fashionable Barber & Haif Dresser.
One Door Hoetli of Bunk f HsWn,
hairs Aim noimmfl wt in mvtti.
(Jive t Itie 1 i I rjnll.
oee the "Old Reliable"
MMrtrMi i Kcsrukii
Harrison, Nebraska.
B. E. BttijwfiTtB,
D. IL GRISWOLD, Cashier,
Transacts a General Banking Business.
American Exchange National Bank, New York,
United States National Bank, Omaha,
First National Bank, Chadron.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
Have Just Received a Number of These Stoves.
They Have also put in the Largest Stock of
General Merchandise,
ever brought to Harrison which they
are selling at lowest living rates.
Come and see us before you buy.
Press Claims
Equal with the interest of those having claims dRainst the' Government i
(but b( INVENTORS, who often lose the benefit of valuations because of the
incompenteccy or inattention of the attorneys employed to obtain their patent
Too mui;h care cannot be exercised in employing competent and reliable solicitor!
to procure patents, for the value or a patent depends greatly, if hot entirely, upon
the care and skill of the attorney. '
With a view of protecting inventors from worthless of careless atttofMV
and of seeing that Inventions are well hrntM-tnH hv kuiid Tiiir mumi
I CLAIMS COMPANY has retained counsel
lure prepared w t
HENDEB OPINIONS na to Rt'OPft hhd VAMblT If of PAttHtS,
If you have an invention on hand send THB PRESS CLAIMS GCHSfAVt
sketch ur photograph thereof, togth,r with a brief tlewriptlofl of the ImpafWrt
features, and you will he at once advised as to the best eoiifs td pursue, ttetttf
are hot necessary unless the Invention is of a complicated nature. If ottttrl
infringing on your rights, or if yo.t are charged with infringement by other T
mit the matter to us for it reliable OPINIO V before acting on tha BHlttoTi
Tin: Press Claims CoMPAJfr;
618 F street, northwest WASHINGTON & A
P.O. Bon 4M. jom wmmmiim,mmgimmef,
C, F, Coffee,
enpert in patent practice and Is thenr-