The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, October 05, 1893, Image 3

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    faintly Malm Um dan.
gerof m
iidtcriininau um of tit
baking powders uowndars
Imd4 opon eirj hand, and which at
org ad upon eoqeumer with ueh per
sistency by peddler and many grocers
'- account of to I If profit mad In
tbatr !. Moil of the powders an
uiad from sliarp aud caustic acid md
alkal which (tarn and inflame the
alimentary urgani and causa Indiges
tion, heartburn, diarrhoeai deeaes, etc.
ul;.lturic leid, caustic potash, burnt
alum, ail ars used aa ga-produciog
agent ia such baking powder. Most
housekeepers are aware of th painful
e (facta produced when ibase chemicals
ara applied to the external fleab. How
neb more acute must be tbeir action
upon the delicate iuUrnal membrane!
Yat unaeruploui manufacturers do not
hesitate to use tliem, because ther
make a ry tow-cost powuer, nor to
urge the um of their powders so made,
by ail kinds of alluring advertisements
and false representations.
All tb low priced or so-called cheap
baking powders, and all powders sold
witl a gift or prize, belong to this class.
n .li .
. swung powuer m;iae iromcuem
ically pure cream of tartar and hi-carbonate
of soda are among the most
useful of modern culinary devices.
They not only make the preparation of
nnar ana more aeuaous cookery pos
sible, but the; have added to the di
gestibility and wholesomeness of our
food. But baking powders must be
composed of sucb pure and wholesome
Ingredients or they must be tabooed
Dr. Kdson, Commissioner of Health
f New York, in an article in the
"Doctor of Hygiene," indicates that
the advantages of a good baking pow
der and the exemption from the dan
gars of bad ones In which the harsh and
cans tic chemicals are used, are to be
secured by the use of ltoyal Baking
Powder exclusively, and he recom
mends this to-all consumers. "The
Royal," be says, "contains nothing but
oreain of tarter and soda refined to a
ahaaaieal nurltv. which whan combined'
under the Influence of beat and mois
ture produce pur carbonic, or leaven
ing, gas. Ths two materials used,
nam of tartar and soda, are perfectly
hnrmlAaa an whan a-alan hut In thla'
preparation they are combined iu ex
net compensating weights, so that when
ehamical action begins between them
in the dough tbey practically disap
pear, the substance of both having
bn taken to torm caroonic-acia gas.'
Hence it is, ho says, that the Hoyal'
Baking Powder is the most perfect of
' all conceivable - agent for leavening
It seems almost incredible that any
manufacturers or dealer should urge
the tal of baking powders containing
injurious chemicals in place of those of
a mll-trnnatn MM and wholeaom
character simply for the sake of a few
cents pound greater profits; but sine
they do, n few words of warning seem
to be necessary.
, . Tlppla th Don ''
At the Duke of Wellington's funeral,
a lady having a tioket far a reserved
at pre died herself at the wrong n!
trano to St. Paul' and knocked vigor-j
sy. Tit dean presently opened tbj
door, pointed out to her the miatek she
bad mad and indicated the proper u
tranc. 8b quit unaware whom she
was addressicg and mistaking him fop
oe of 'he UDder officials, utterly re
fused again to face the seething crowd
and insisted on being conducted to her
sat or ah "would report him." Of
noara b had her wey and presently
lippd halt crown into hr cicerone
5 slm. Needless toy, the oesn wa
slichtxd and did aot fail to xbibit bis
tip." Fotes and Queries.
Tho Dominion Government has
granted permission to the United States
athnritiM to proceed with th work of;
improving the Detroit river channel at
lAm Kiln crossing in Canadian water)
. .. .... l j it.. .iin.
latlng, however, that suoh permission is
without prejudice to Canada' rights of
possession as defined by treaty.
The Prinoes of Wales ha perhaps
jnvonted almost as many novelties a
nay on in th knioknaok trad. Sb
draw with hi wn hand th;pln for th
pocket smoking csm which th prino
Barrios' jvrywhr with him.
rfJrTsTyneek when a young lirL My
uterine YMnroiiwt".
as4 1 fell to get relief.
Ths continued to
uktrT freely, ejus-
!l!-4ei Moodl Sersa
SSliT Alter Ttwo
sTeathsthe sores heaen
ZJZwZi and pMttt
Sm loo ob (ood
-a kidiMT trouble
hMBiors loot uv ' j
aTvaw. I stunt always bv food word
Md'i rills r ths oe 'rm
headache, 2.. per no i
. Jinn nil In
sT" "V
t waited no longer; hastily packing
n few clothes in a bundle that could
carry in my hand, writing a note to my
lawyer, instructing him to collect the
rents, and remit the proceeds as I
should afterwards direct, and giving
him permission to rent my house, I
clasped my boy by the hand, and I re
member to this moment with what
thrilling fervor be returned that
grasp, anr out into the darkness and
a torm we went together my boy and
L Cared I not whore I went,
nor how fearfully the storm
raged, how vivid the lightning, how
swollen the streams, bow dangerous
the bridges, for tho danger ahead, no
matter what it might be, even unto
death. If death would come to both
nUke, was sunshine depthless joy
to lb immeasurable horror of the din
gar whloh larked behind.
I wee by no means poor. I had on
amy pton quit a sura of money. But
money than waa dangerous. It might
are me Into the very jaws I waa flee
ing from. To board the midnight train
simply meant that on the morrow the
tolftaph and the law would stay my
Jawraay. To procure a conveyance and
sis across the country to a railroad
Satien where' none knew me, or my
way, or my story, would only put pur
suers on my track, l need not relate
that night s experience. I refer to it
now with dread and horror. I found
kind friends who aided me and my boy ,
to flee. 1
One afternoon we reached the village
of Sandy Lake, then a quiet little set
tlement whore I felt my boy was safe.
I changed my name to Patterson. It
was my grandmother's name. I need
not excuse that act. Before my God I
I felt that I wasjustified in doing any
thing not crinTvJ, that would prevent
being robbed Stray boy.
My life here is familiar to you and
the good people of this neighborhood.
I have sought to do good to my fellow
men and fellow-women, and trust that
when I am dead some one will have
cause to say that the world is a little
better for Mrs. Patterson having lived
In it.
Four years passed and I was begin
ning to make myself believe that my
hiding place would never be discovered
by the father of my boy. It was not to
he so.
On evening, just at dusk, - my dar
ling Louis came running into the
nous, all out of breath, and when he
ould sneak, he told me of meeting a
stranger who had asked several
uaflttons about his mother, and had
had him run home and say that Silas
Qroundwig, an acquaintance of years
ago, would call to see her at once,
the bov had finished his message, the
man came. I remembered too well
that name. It was my husband, the
father of mv bov. Mv heart ceased to
throb. At least I thought it did. When
the hot blood ought to have coursed
through my veins at lightning speed,
it failed to do its work, and I stood be
fore the man transfixed with horror,
but fortunately I did not lose my con
sciousness. " Well. Madame, this is rather a
mid recention to extend to your hus
band after the long ohase you have
given him
. His voice brought me to myelf. In
n moment I gathered strength, not the
ounv strentrtn oi a woman, dui me
strength of a giant. The blow he gave
aae years before on that bed of pain
seemed to be Inflicted again, and again
Is atnns' me to the heart. I looked
about me and saw we were alone. I was
M thankful my ooy bad returnea to nis
play. Cool and calmly as I write these
wanU I rued at that man. I saw he
was a wrck, and that kind of a wreck
which is ail danger. I looked him
Sriht in the eye. There was no
nn thre. His Hps were closed
thauffh livid with an ashen hue. I saw
the color come and go in his face, as if
hl nrain waa busy with the past.
With the utmost deliberation, and
with a boldness that chilled me
through, I replied:
"Sit down, sir."
"No, I prefer to stand."
"As you please," I answered.
Kiin Groundwiff."
At the mention of that name I started
a though he had struck me and my
boy another blow. I was subdued in
a second. I became meek and weak
as a little child. All my great cour
age had gone from me. I was help
less and powerless. I felt I was again
in that man's mercy. A dread of a ter-
ihln anmnthln? about to happen un
nerved mo, and I waited with breath
less anxiety the next step in tne arama.
Was it to end with a tragedy?
"Susan Groundwig," and I again
tji-tH at the sound of that name,
I'Vm, An not answer. Do vou not know
vourname? You may forget it, but
you cannot forget you are my wife."
"Silas Groundwig," at last I found
strength and courage to say, "you
have no right, sir. to call me by that
name. When a husband strikes his
if and her unborn babe a blow with
Intent to kill both, he has no right to
over again come into that woman's
and pollute the air she
breathoB with a word from his lips. To
n mv child from your merciless
clutches, I fled from my home. To all
I held dear on earth mv boy and I bad
ternal farewell, roomers grave,
f.thi.'a memorv. the honu of my child'
hood. nil. everything, I fled from, to
escape your t rat to oarry off my
ohiid. At '- on ham lonnd nan.
And now, Silas Ground wig, what is
your wish?"
For more than a minute, which
seemed an hour, he stood before me
and answered not a word.
He was pale and white and still as a
dead man right from the grave. Fi
nally the painful stillness was broken
by Groundwig's exclaiming:
"Suean Groundwig, the business
which brought me here can be easily
arranged, and long before the clock
strikes 10 I can be on my way out of
your presence as my presence seems
so hateful to you never again to re
turn. It is for you to say not for me;
or before the clock shall strike again,
I can signal my comrades, who are
hard by, to seize your boy, aud take
him forever from jiir sight."
I was stunned for moment and it
took me several seconds to collect
sense and strength to say:
"Silas Grouadwig, what is it you
-'Madam, I want nothing but you can
mmnlv with. I am Door: I am an out
cast in the world. I have been driven
to desperate deeds to make the world
give me a living. I am at the mercy of
worse outlaws than myself. They have
come hither at my bidding to obtain
money. I know you have it in your
house and I want 15,000. I must have
it and don't care to areue the matter
It is useless to sav that to comply with
my request you make yourselfand your
ooy neggars, ana, in laeopuuuauijuui
neighbors, yourself a thief. I care
nothine for such pleas. Neither do my
comrades outeide, whose mutterings
you can hear this moment. There is
no time to lose. I must signal them to
come in for money or your boy. They
have been promised one or the other.
Where now was mv uoa lonne
didn't strike that wretch dead as he
stood there, with such words on his
lips? Iam to rob myself, rob my boy
rob my friends and go forth to-morrow
a beggar and a thief, and for what?
Heavens! to save my child! Can I
lons-er hesitate? Monev. honor, repu
tation, everything I have in this world
must go if I would have my boy stay.
Mv bead crrew diuv. The room was
whirling round. I involuntarily led
the way to the bed room. He followed
me. I took from its hiding place
key. I unlocked my writing desk.
touohed a secret spring in a drawer.
pointed to the exposed money. Not a
word is said. JUe seizes tne roil oi
bank bills, gave me a demoniac look
and passed into the darkness without.
Then 1 swooned away, w nen i came
to myself I realized what I had done.
MyUodlthe thought was killing me.
I had violated the trust and now was a
thief. Had I not pointed out the money
to that man, that monster? I called
upon my Creator to help me in my ter
rible distress.
Next dav I wag watching from the
window for my little boy to return from
school. And when I saw him he had a
letter in his hand coming up the lane
waving it. Another moment and he
bounds into the room, and throwing a
sealed envelope into my lap, fairly shouts
to me to open it and read it quick, be
cause the postmaster has just received
a dispatch asking him to deliver tne
letter to me 'at once and have me
telegraph an answer. There comes
the postmaster up the lane now.
"Open it mother; read it, quick."
looked at tne roy in
amazement. A dispatch. A letter. An
answer must be telegraghod quick.
What does it mean? More trouble9 Is
not my cup full? Is there room in this
fast throbbing hof for more sorrow?
Can there be any more weary tears in
these eyes? Mechanically l tear open
the envelope. The letter is from my
New England home. I care not for the
date. "Dear madam" are idle words.
A piece of paper drops to the floor. My
boy picks it up and holds it before me
while I read:
'Enclosed yoa will find draft on the Bank of
Commerce Citv of New York, for the turn of
three thousand dollar, payable (my eyee fail
me. I can read no farther. There ie plenty of
room for teera. The mist growe thicker. The
poitmaiter bega pardon for Intruding on my
privacy at inch a time, but eaye it ii important
inai ne feiegrapn my anener b unca. i uiiuu
blm the le ter anil ask him to finish reading it
He read! : to your order. In reorganizing the
National Woolen Mill Company there ia a
eorambls going on for shares. In searching for
the several shareholders it has been discovered
that the assignment by your father of the; forty
shares owned by him to your former hnsband
was not only Irregularly entered on the trans
fer books, but was a forgery. The company at
onoe renaid the dividends, amounting
tb .usana aoiiars, ana inai amount x reran to
on bv sncloaad draft. To enable the friends of
your lamented father to obtain a 'majority of
the shares In order to control the property and
take It from those who are trying to depreciate
lte value by bad management, so tbey ean buy :
the stock lor muen less tnaa lis real vaiue. i
ean sell the forty anaies wniea were your
rather's for five thousand dollars. As the elec
tion of dlreotors is to be held on tna mst in
stant a speedy answer, and by telegraph, Is
necessary. I advise yoa to esu.
i ours truiy,
"Samcei. KwnomnoK."
It roauired but a moment for me to
conclude what I would do. Mr. Ed-
mondson had proven himself honest and
faithful to my Interest I would trust
t!"' a"." ,t
ttvueub. iu a ion uivd wiuiuui uiau
r . . t. .1 . . ji i...
came, ana my iaitu in tnat aivinii.y
which doth all things well was re
stored, and from the most miserable of
beings 1 Become tne nappiest.
Thus you soe, my kind friend, that
the answer I gave you when you asked
my hand in marriage was the only one
riage was tne omy uub
;eaSleUsf h Vtl
to me for a severance
1 cuuiu give jou, uiuug
me cruel and heartless,
courts are open
of tho marriage bond. But I can never
consent to do an act that will serve to
withdraw from me, in the least degree,
the good opinion and warm regard of
my neighbors. Your Friend,
Matilda Patterson.
What more charming and fascinating
time and place for lovers than an even
ing on such n craft or no beautiful n
laker The month of August has fairly
entered on its second week. Th
slowly lengthening twilight bring
with it myriads of object to see ana
hear. The long shadows of bluffs and
trees, which have darkened the water
In big ipots, sesra to have spread until
they cover all tha lake, and it is now
11 shadows, or to shadows, just as fan
cy pictures. The fie ds are full of flow
er, and the forest nr 3 full of birds.
Tho kntyd'd 's whistUn r IU monoton
ous not, closing with n low trill, nt-
tjse UUWWt new OI sauauis us
a whlspejr.and perched on distant fence-
. 7T.L ,...!. ''imW tha
uwi - i . !
weatner propnet s sou, are aunuuiw
ing the prospect of "more wet." Tho
prairie chicken drums and drums, and
fancies the noiae a exiri, while the cooing
doves, visiting pairs, make most plain-
tin waitings, a tnougn mourning ana
loving were to them the same. The
owl, awakening from bis all-day
sleep, stretches out bis neck from ne
neath his wings, and beat a warning
to his prey. The golden-rod, the wild
sun-flower, the broad expanse of prairie
blossoms fresh from their sun baths,
nod in the gentlest of gentle breeses,
and open their invisible mouth to
catch the dews of night. The beauti
ful daisy and the pretty morning glory
have gone to sleep until the rising sun
shall bid them awake. The whippoor
will sits on the branch of an old oak
tree near the water's edge, and tells
all the world within bearing that be
u a whipporwill and must be listened
to. The blue bird and the wren hop
from limb to limb, twitter and chatter,
and goto sleep chattering. The cows
with quickened pace move with single
tile along the narrow patch by the side
of the bluff, chewing their cud, looking
so demurely out of their great Drown
eyes, bowing familiarly to every mum
and shrub, hastening to reao-h homft
before night-fall.
On the brow of yonder bluff, where
the rays of the sun are lingering and
depart' ng, it is said an inaian mauien
threw herself into the waters below
rather than wed against her will.
The sky, too, is full of the glory of
God, and lovers are both deaf and
bund if they find no time lor tne ad
miration of such grandeur. Yonder,
almost in the zenith, is jupiter shin
ing so brightly and looking so proud
because he is king of the heavens even
for a brief hour, and now the great,
round, red moon breaks the horizon
and climbs mysteriously up the clear
sky, the big bright stars, and the dim
little ones, all hide their heads, and
even jupiter himself fades away, and
the shadows come again and cover the
borders of the lake with phantoms of
various shapes, affording tne imagina
tion an easy opportunity to
fancy any image the brain
can design or desire. Light breezes
Bigh mournfully through the trees, and
joining high up above the waters of
the lake, the winds that swept from
the distant prairie, seem like dismal
murmurlngs and harsh mutterings
coming from human voices above the
clouds; or it may be those strange,
wierd noises are voices of spirits from
the tombs of the mound-builders hold
ing converse with the spirit from the
irraves of the long-buried Indians.
These mysterious noises come from
the darkness, and go only with the
light of the morning.
The moon is now well on its journey
across the sky. The fields and river
and lake and farm houses areas plainly
visible as at noon-day. The symmetri
cal stacks of grain stand out boldly as
if saying "we are the staff of life for
man and beast." The hay has been
harvested and the long racks mean
that well-fed cattle shall reward the
husbandman for his labor.
The fields and meadows have been
shorn of their wealth of food, except
the broad acres of Indian corn whose
luxuriant growth makes the farmer
smile as be dreams of fat herds and n
fat purse. That snapping, crackling,
rustling; noise which is the only sound
that breaks upon the stillness of the
night, is the growing corn. It is push
ing, driving, and crowding itself out of
the golden tassel into the ear, return
ing to the plowman sixty and even
ninety fold of increase, tho reward
promised him for his labor and his
The lights in the farm houses have
long since been extinguished. The
stillness of the night becomes oppres
sive. Strange that the bosom of the
lake should be undisturbed by even
ripple, while high up in the sky the
elements should be at war. The herd
man's dog gives out an occasional bark
to let bis master known that he is an
honest doe. Now and then a dismal
howl, though in perfect concert, comes
from some prowling mongrel.
Save theBe lnfreqjt disturbers of
nature's stillness, and the ever present
commingling of those supernal voices
in the upper air, all over the broad sur
face of the lake, and all over the fields
and through the forest, as far as an eye
can see or ear can hear, there reigns
the quiet of the church-yard at the
mid-night hour.
Some people would think it no time
or place for youth and maiden of flesh
and blood to talk of love. But lovers
are on the lake Louis and Mary are
there and they have been telling
over and over again the story of their
love. Of all this chapter recounts not
a thing have they seen or heard. Mary
annears unusually melancholly, per
haps because tnis was tnoir nrst meet
ing on the lake since her father's
Another Kind of O. Waahinton.
"Traveling men are just as truthful
as any other class," .began the drum
: mnr and everv other man in the
narty coughed significantly.
j .'wei they are," contented the
drummer, 'find notwithstanding you
and everybody else seem to think
i -
i thov liara "
i -
The hotel clerk looked sympathetic.
"Oh, hotel clerks ain't any better
than the rest," said the drummer.
"Only last week I stopped at a hotel
in Muskegon and juat for fun I reg
j )glere(j
; )gtered Washington.'
j T
! particular in the namn, and 1
George Washington.' The
ny thing
to talk.
" 'Ever hear of him?' 1 said.
"'Nope.' ho answered flippantly.
' 'Never heard of vJeorge Washing
"Tbe clerk examined the signature
and took a gaze at my sample cases.
' 'No, never heard of him.'
'"What, never heard of Geonre
Washington, the man that never told
n lie?'
Oh, him,' and a flash of intelll-
gsnce came to his face. 'Yes, I've
sard ot him. but drummers ain't
that kind. Front, t ike fits gent to
44,' and that's ail the satisfaction I
got out of it" Free Press.
Tiiere is one thing you can always
depend upon; no one will ever have
good luck any great length of tiue.
No man ever made a fuss about hfs
wife's dry goods bills that sue did not
say sb wss positively ragged.
the Bank of England
luAmm mmtrn
exactly oo oact ami. No
not is aver -avjed from to tiariK a
seoobd time. On iu return it ia r
oorded, kept cwtaio period, and than
An Indiana farmer aaw an adorti
aunt which promised, on receipt of
1.25, to give information how to rai
beet easily and profitably. II nt
ths cash, and waa told to "lake bold of
th top, and pull."
To insure your life ia an obligation yon
w to yourself and to your fam ly.lf you
have a steady iorome and have not ao
Stimulated sufficient to I ear tho d
ndnt uoon vou oomfortabl should
I rou be suddenly taken off. In uch
, 9a select a gcod company wber you
lt insurance at a resonabla prio that
is at the cost of insurance uth reason
able profit added. There is oo raon
hy you should b called upon to invest
money with the company in order to buy
insurance. You probably feel you can
nake your investment to suit yourself
aud that in any event investment in one
thing and insurance another. Th feel
ing is growirg that they might a well
be kept separate.
mat enre for cough. Mm.
A. K.
if orris, 456 Canton St., Philadelphia, Pa.,
writes: ''I took several bottles of Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup for a bad cough and
eras entirely cared.
An object calculated to impress th
ktmtr on his midsummer visit to th
netropolis more, perhaps, than th
Brooklyn Bridge or any other of the
light famed in th rural distriot, is tb
oorse's bonnet, of which a solitary speci
men wss s ei in Broadway on a recent
hot day. It was m tde of a wire frame
covered with canvas, supported above
and calculated to shade the top of the
head and eyes. A sponge inside of the
hat was moist with vinegar, so aa tb keep
the horse's head refreshingly cool. The
horse's hat was firat introduced in France
last year, where it hul become so popular
that it ia now on tale in all French
W. H. GRIFFIN. Jackson. Michigan,
writes: "Suffered with Catarrh for filteen
years, Hall's Catarrb uure curea me.
Bold by Druggists, 7oo.
Naccy Wa-cu-co-cah, a Miami Indian
tquaw, died in the Wabash County, Ind
poor house. The woman was forty-two
ears of ase. A few years ago she bad
the finest secti n of land in Wabash
county, but married a poor whit man
who squandered her property. When
she was taken sick a few week ago
there was no one to oar tor her and she
wss sent to the poor farm. Before go
ing she exacted a promise that she
should be burried on her old farm and
her remains were remo ved to the place
Nkrvoi b and billons disorders, sick
headache, indigestion, loss of appetite and
A ship on the broad, boisterous and
open ocean needetn no pilot, out it
dare not venture alone on the placid
bosom of a little river, lest it be wrecked
by some hidden rock. Thus it is with
if, lis not in our open, eipoeeo
daeas that we so much need the still
voice of the silent monitor a in the
mall, secret, every-day acta of our life.
There are some very mean thieves in
Bayfield, Wis. They steal grave-stones
from the cemetery.
entering womanhood ought to
have just the special help that
Dr. Pierce's Favorit Prescrip
tion can give.
They need to be started right
The " PresoriDtion " aids and
nromotee tbe proper functions.
corrects the delicate weeJmeaees
and derangements that might be
come enrome, estaDiisnei regu
larity and Health. seeaen pain.
Tbey want a nourishing, sup
oortine. strengthening- tonic.
such as an experienced physi
cian has especially prepared for
the female system, in the " Pre
In every " female complaint
and weakness, and in all nervous
conditions, if it doesn't benefit or
the money wui be returnea.
Mk Maooib Jackson, of Barbreek, St. La
Vy PaH$h, Im., says : I was lying sick for
Some time with female complaint, and all tb
BMi Mnp mv rnpnna sravtt me uiu me nu sroou.
Death was approaching;; all my friends had
Rveu me up to die. I heard of your woader
il medicine, and 1 bouirht two bottles of it.
Delore 1 naa raaen ine lasr, i sroi enureij
wall. I am still enjoy In,
gooa neana.
yaet to praise your meaii
Ine every whan I go.'
CoMa, Is. Dm. S, 189fl.-Ky wlf vsfl
COTEXB'S rSXSMD before her third
armflnement, and aaya she would, not h
without it for hundreds of dollar.
Sent bv express oa receipt ol price. tttOaar be
Is. Book " To Mathers " muled free. '
Meats st aueaveawre. WtajSTVn.
$10 A Day Free I
Enclose in a letter containing ,
your full name and address, aa
outside wrapper of a bottle of
Smith's Bile Beans (either ajatt .
If your letter is the first one opened
in the first morning mail of any
day eicept Sunday $5 wiU be
lent you at once. If the od, jd,
ath, 5th or 6th, $i. Ask for the
SMALL site. Full list mailedto
all who send postage for it (a els.).
Address J, F. Smith & Co.
No. SS5 Greenwich St., New York.
VT-a ' Not s grip
fW r in a barrel of
lr thm"
asvaat SlVSrn at KM te TnaVIL. WetsS0 t
WHN I B&leV to J S aaoath ft espansaa. !
T,aMn,. in
Oae of th oarrlage of a f nnnral frn
csion at PUiafiVd, N. J, ran ornrtj
newt of hornet. Th nact rtlltal
by ftttaoking and o toverely
tb nvonrnsw and th hor .
funeral had to b postponed.
Ther la to be great rwjoioiog nt
"dedication" of a eramatery in .
ter, Ma. Tb dedication will b
mamoraUd with a clam-oak, th nlsssst
to b baked in th crematory ovon.
' I am ready to testify under onth
that if it bad not been for August
Flower I should have died before
this. Eight years ago I was taken
sick, and suffered as no one but
n dyspeptic can I employed three
of cur best doctors and received
no benefit. Tbey told tne that I had
heart, kidney, and liver trouble
Everything I ate distressed me so
that I bad to throw it up. August
Flower cured me. There is no med-
a. . . . . ev
icine equal to it iorknzo a.
Slkhpkb, Appleton, Maine.
Brings comfort and improvement sal
tends to personal enjoyment wbats
rightly useS. The many, who live be
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products ts
the'needs of physical being, will attosj
the value to health ot tne pure inwi
laxative principle embraced in tne
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is uub iu racuMBj
In the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and trolw
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative ; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kidi
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drugs
gists in 60c and $1 bottles, but it is maty.
Sfactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on everjr
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed.jou will not
accept any substitute if offered.
Tho Qrestest Medical Discovery
ot the Age.
Has discovered In one of our common
pasture weeds a remedy that cures every
kind of Humor, from the worst Scrofula)
down to a common Pimple.
He has tried it in over eleven hundred)
cases, and never failed except in two cases
(both thunder humor). He has now in his
possession over two hundred certificate
of its value, all within twenty miles of
A benefit is always experienced fro
th first bottle, and a perfect cur is ws
ranted when the right quantity is taken.
When the lungs an affected it causer
shooting pains, like needles passing
through them; the same with the Liver or
Bowels. This is caused by the ducts beirtaj
stopped, and always disappears in a wetkf
after taking it
If the stomach Is foul or bilious It wUt
cause squeamish feelings at first.
No change of diet ever necessary. Eat
the best you can get, and enough of it
Dose, one tablespoonful in water at bV
time. Read the Label. Send for Boole
eaeeessorof the
lea yean spent la
revising, MO editors
pinpioyea, von sal
k Crand Educate
Abreast orth Tints
Invalqable to the
household, and to the
teacher, profeaalooal
map, aolf-edaoatot.
Aak jnmr Bookaellerto no w it tojron,
FnMMiei trf
O. ClTERBiAU CO.,8riiitorrsLDjl Ase..TT.-a.
P8eti4 for tree wisxjuis eontassUsf I
pages, uiostrsuons, sssunHmuus, i
Do set buy isnrlats of aaetsnt editions.
lssvm r iIt i
the test perfame hare geap la is)
bastes wttHoxi MUssy. It Is th
tst tor eleaaslag iraetsvplpe.
slnfeeUn slabs, stosate, waaaj
. . C. He. !-.
Tsark, Mk
Trani wnrrtM) n avr
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I aasTt tJaltte eihar Lye, It bets a fs4
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ala raaas-las aaa. WIU make.