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    Tti3 Sioux County Journal.
Tbstabushed 185.
oldest pap eh is the cocsty.
bb5t paper is the colsty.
Hah the largest cikctlatios of any
Subscription Price, f3.00
L. J. Miumoosi ... Editor.
Entered at the Harrison post office u ec-
una ciud waiver.
Thursday, July 27, 1K93.
Jay Burrows' populist pa(r lias giveu
up its young life and tlie other one the
Alliance-Independent is on its last
pegs. The crop seems to be pretty badly
blighted, Fremont Tribune.
Th Crawford papers have been chang
ing around of late and A. V. Harris now
appears as manager of the Tribune and
Frank R. WlDgfleld succeeds B. H,
McGrew as editor of the Gazette. The
policies of the papers remain the same
as iney nave been in tne past.
The village treasurer of Crawford
teems (o have bei deslrious of holding
on to the license money the same as the
village treasurer of Harrison and the
school board did the same as did the
school board of this district and a pre-
emptory writ of mandamus was issued
ordering the l unas turnea oyer at once.
The Crawford treasurer seems to know
when he had enough and disgorges with'
out delay, The treasurer of Crawford is
no hog, . .
It looks as if the chances for war be
tween France and Siani were pretty
good and if the ball is started there will
be other nations mixed in it. England,
Russia and China have already gone so
far that it is impossible for them to keep
Out if war is declared. The United
States will be ready to furnish all the
nations who engage in the war with sup
plies they need and will put an end to
joe cry of hard times in this country.
Th,e first issue of the Recorder, the
new Chadron paper, vras issued last week
and geems to be a healthy, well-formed
infant with good prospects for existence.
The name of Claude T. Taylor appears at
tb masthead and he says it is to be run
n the interest of straight democracy.
As long as Chadron is to have a demo
pratic paper it s to be congratulated on
. the fact that it is to be straight and not
fuie of the popocrat sort.
One of the leading pop papers at Lin
coln l-as gone to the wall and the other
Oiie nearly there indicates that the peo
ple are catching onto the fact that they
have been worked for suckers by the
reformers for office or revenue only.
Host, if not all, of the men who run pop
papers are at it simply for what there is
o it and not from principle and those
who read papers conducted on such lines
have no confidence in what they say and
Bjen of honor and principle will not ad
vocate what they do not believe.
Matters seem to be pretty badly mixed
as to what will be done in regard to. the
freight rates. I( was reported that the
fates fixed by the law would be put into
eflect Ijbe first of August and no fight
naade in the courts,, in the belief that' the
aw wo,W spoa become so unpopular
hat a demand would be made for its re
peat Later news is that the 13. & M.
has gone into the. federal courts and
asked that the state officials be enjoined
from enforcing the new, Law. The busi
ness men, of Lincoln are, making a hard
fght against the law fas its provisions
ase suck that the wholesale houses of
Uiat city will be driven from; the field.
Bow the matter will end- is hard to pre
set,, but a good deal of litigation, is
pertain, to result.
The commissioner's record which ap
ea in another column, of this issue up aqpthercase of "fopl economy"
on the paxt. of the legislature in. which
he senator f JO m. Ibe northwest district
ije presented a, pact o$ Texa,. Id the past
an. amopoi has been, appropriated to
supply a Reasonable number of. statutes
o each county for the use of. oljieials.
jt seems, that was omitted, probably the
went to pav Bill Greene's jag bill, and
a,s a, result thp taxpayer of each, county
Ijaye to. dig up, and. pay (of statutes ob-
tojse&for, the use of. the, olfi,ials, and it
Vut t-eaapnojble tht, bcin.-j purchased
ia, small, lots, a higher price will be
$-i-ged, It is abou.t as consistent as
9hylpck settijjg himself, up, as a pop
teader and howling for reform and relief
ijor the poor farmers and. then, charging
'4P0estaderK six per cent a month, for
iffffifey tpaneu to-tuem on goou segunty,
jtfwidtwdB.of men, ae out of employ'
njt in Colorado and are working their
iffM. astwd,as. fast; as. possible. At
liflgs.last week; a. Inrge nuiflbei of
p mpn- UiUBpingeast got on.a freight
toM, rid. The. dejjpt golicema,or-
MetttJiemfrfbufeWjey dtd, nob go, and
W, wordi being, "Wfc tp, SupejnteadeBt
Miguel! an order, waa; issued tp.lst; them
i),afld;Ufi, maypc of; Haetiogai-Bentia
agoo.loadiOfi prpvMpo, e tinmen, bo-
fonth tttilt. PH4l Qttk 1?Hfc MflanT
Wfet atao, orrtw, tfoaJt, uhp
bjLMfed to awib mtn-on, Uift way
and if;tce4fj to put extra, carp, on.fpr
ttf(r aicomodatioa. Ttm- report, ai
ttiaVth9Uanof.Q(hp.wiU b: fprRtd
tp jpfe out oftba stata t Qbttfn tb
WXa0of life. IpiOtber, plaoM it is
wn0i,tl awna.. In, Indiana. Vhoawwfc
(tfrtBfa ar mv of empioyroant and
mas? o( tbam suffering for bread and in
Hm. aod Hamrjthira tba, cotton
ttpttf, wt- down, throwing mapjr
rw, , of; WSiDg m uiu
.HmaQlh tba woSU of Nor
f f K rm Mi; iar www.
Ilirruon, Sleb,, aud its Future as
by a Visitor.
Special to the Denver News.
Harrison, Neb., July 19 Sioux coun
ty is the northwestern county of
Nebraska and Harrison is its flourishing
and progressive capital and chief town.
Harrison is located on the Fremont,
Elkhorn & Missouri Valley railroad; has
a population of 200; has a 10,000 court
house constructed of brick and stone, the
building material being of local product;
lias a good public school building, with
two department; has a handsome Metho
dist church building; has a good hotel;
has two banks, two newspapers, a city
water svstem derived from a fine well
with steam pumping as the motive pow
er, and business houses of heavy invest
ment and active custom.
The business houses include the Ranch
Supply House, Lewis Geilach proprietor,
carrying groceries, dry goods, clotlun,
boots, shoes, etc.; Griswold & Marsteller,
general merchandise and hardware; Geo.
H. Turner, general merchandise, flour,
feed, groceries, farm machinery, etc.:
G. W. Stevens, livery; Dr. W. E. Bridg
man. drugs; H. A. Cunningham, harness
and saddlery; I. Richstein, liquors and
cigars; J. W. Scott, restaurant; G.
Guthrie, grain buyer; Hester & Son,
lumber, coal, grain and agricultural
implements; Montgomery & Zeigler, mil
linefy, and various minor places of
The active legal talent of the town
comprises tL T. (Jonley and Oreorge
Walker, Esqs. v
The county officers, Thomas Eeidy,
sheriff; Conrad Lindeman, clerk; M.
Gay hart, treasurer; H. T. Conley, attor
ney; S. Barker, judge; A. Southworth,
superintendent of schools, are giving ex
cellent public satisfaction.
Harrison is in need of a roller process
flouring mill and her people would give
a liberal bonus toward the erection of
such a mill. Harrison is the center of
one of the finest wheat sections in the
est. A mill of at least fifty barrels
capacity per day is wanted.
The business men of Harrison, in com
mon with all other western Nebraska lo
calities, are eager for direct and close
Denver railroad connections, both mail
and freight. With such connections and
equable freight rates Denver wholesale
houses would almost exclusively supply
Harrison merchapts.
An increase in service on the Cheyenne
& Northern would fully accomplish the
desired connection, and even a favorable,
change of the present Cheyenne & North
ern schedule time would be of material
Sioux county is 30x70 miles in extent
and contains about 1,300,000 acres, over
800,000 acres of which i,s still open to
homestead entry. Within its limits are
copious, bright and sparkling waters
White river, the Running Water and
Hat creek with, numerous tributaries,
together with many gushing springs,
making a perfect water network.
The region is well covered by the rain
belt, crops of all kinds fully maturing'.
The Boil varies, from- a heavy clay to a
lightjsandy loam, and te, of, exceeding
general fertility.
All the grains,, potatoes and. garden
vegetables yield heavily and are of ex
cellent quality, while reports from m-
tial fruit culture are of the most Satis
factory character..
Pine timber of fine quality is plentiful,
the great Pine Ridge running through
the county. Sawmills' are active.
The county- lias forty-five miles of
railroad, the Fremont and Elkhorn and
the Burlington passing through, it
Not $1 of bonds, railroad or otherwise
has been, issued,, and, the cpun,ty is entire
Iv out of debt. Deeded land can be
bought at reasonable rates.
The county has now thirty-three
school districts, and. nev ones aw W1 in
process of organization.
Dotting the region, aie many . valuable
and extensive stock, (asms,, among which qpted tboae of B. E. Brewster, C. F.
Coffee,. McGinley Stover and. J.. W,
Earnest, the two latter fprrafe lieipg
owned, by Colpradp.nKOv.
The Harrison newspapers,, The Sioux.
Couhty Joprnal, L, i inHpoas djipr
and proprietor,, and the. Independent- A.
L. Banrogafitoer, editOK and proprietor,
are able and enterprising journals.
The. Commercial ban, D. JS, Gnsw.old
cashiehiiaa.a,DaA.UD capital of 110)000
It is solid and popular,
Agricultural implements havea hea.v-
y anfl, i)eady Harrison sale,, .
Last sprang, brought the. county large
and valuable immigration; from, both
Eastern Nebraska and. Illinois,, this, fall
iseiqu.heayy. additions, to, tfie farming
populatiofl.fficw; tre sarmi.ipcaJtties..
Xhe baokof;ftrwsoq;is,an, mswtuwon
of,haodom capital and! largS) business.
ItaoaWeriia.Cbrlw,B; Verity,.
The cora crop ofi th. ofluqt Willi be
lexcejlent Uiis-season,.
Adfalfa-,is.bng successfully tatwdufe
jed,,. Timothy and olovftr fioa mpWr
jiqg Hg raisiqg. l, nrofl table,, fpur
jWwSs.oId; plgsi wiling, usually,, afc Mn
writing, , at IS.Wjeach,. .
T. . I I i. A u!iL 11..
tlon of tha gaoaral droutn saasoo of, WQ
IjtoMoountf buliad artpUTainfall,
raising region. Every farmer can have
his small herd of range fatten heves
in addition to the products : - . ..-n
The natural grass being line
Harrison will put in next year a regu
lar standpipe cty water system.
The town is incorporated.
A prosperous German colony is locat
ed in the northern portion 01 the county
Montrose is a prosperous Sioux county
town and settlement.
Outside capitalists are investing large
ly in land in the Harrison vicinity, one
purchaser alone thus acquiring 1,500
The Harrison tiouse is an excellent
Scandinavians ars heavily settling the
southeastern corner of the county.
Fine horses, both draft and roadsters,
are being dred. Cattle strains are also
being excellently improved.
In this county, on the Running Water
is the famous Agate Springs ranch and
stock farm. . This is the ranch which
was the beapquarters of the Grand Duke
Alexis dusing his western hunting tour.
Agate Springs and its magnificent nat
ural meadow surrounding, is now the
property of James Cook, the once-noted
Indian scout. Mr. Cook is raising horses
of pure Hambletonian strain.
Harrison is the supper station of tha
east-bound Fremont and blkhorn passen
ger trains. .
The Sioux County Fair Association
will probably hold its initial exhibit at
Harrison this fall.
Harrison folks nearly all take the great
daily, the Kocky Mountain Jwtm.
Gkorue R. Caldwell
Fiual Proof Sotices.
All nor son liavinc final nroof notices In
this paper -ill receive a marked copy of the
paper mid are requested to examine tneir
notice and if any errors exist report the
same to this office at once.
Notice for Publication.
Land Office at Chadron, Neb. t
Jul., mm. I
Notice is herebv sriven that the following
named settler 1ms filed notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in supiort of his
claim, apd that saia prool will oe maae oe
fore Conrad Lindeman. Clerk of the District
C ourt, at Harrison, Nebraska, on September
4th, 1893, Tin.
- Oscar W. Story, of Story, N'ebr.,
who made Homestead Kntry No. i:J45 for the
w. o. h & e. sw. X sec. 8, tp. 34 n., r. 56
west of the hill p. m.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
(jeorge W . Cobb. John W. Langdon, Aug
ust L. King. Wilbur F. Shepherd, all of
Story, Nebr. also
George Y. Cobb, of Story. Xelir.,
who made Homestead Entry No. 2238 for the
lot 3 & ne, H sw- h w. X se. H sec. 19, tp. 34
ia r. oo w. tn p. m.
fie names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land viz :
Oscar W. Story, John W . Langdon, Wilbur
. Shepherd, all of Story. Nebr.. George H.
Turner, of Harrison, Nebr. also
Jolm W. Langdon, of Story, Nebr.,
who made Homestead Kntry No. 341 for the
sw. a sec. 10, tp. 34 n., r. 5ti west of the lilh
p. ni.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion oi said lanu, viz :
Oscar W. Story, Solemon U. Story, George
W. Uobb. Frederick Stemmor, all of Story,
W. H. MCt'ANN,
46-51J Register.
Notice for Publication.
Land Office at Chadron, Neb., j
Jul 10, 1893. I
Notice is hereby given that the following-
named settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the Register A Receiver of the U. S.
Lana omce at unauron, Acorasaa, un Aug
ust 25th, 1893, viz :
William E. Jones, of Ardmore. 8. Dak.,
who made homestead entry No. 2440 for the
. se. S4 see. w. , ne.. sec au, tp.. )
., r. 54 west of the 6th- p. in.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion ot, saia lana, viz:
KbenezerCowllshaw, John Peterson, all of
Ardmore, S. Dak., Joseph lloffer, Peter Han
sen, all of Montrose, Nebr.
w. n. iict;A,
44-50J Register.
Notice for Publication.
Land Cfllcc at Chadron, Neb., j
Jim. 26, 1893. I
Notice is UereUv given that the following.
named settler ha filed notle of his Inten
tion to make final prool in support ot his
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore Conrad, Lindeman Clerk of the District
Court at Harrison, Nebraska, on August
seventh, 1893, vie :
Albert K. Kennedy, of Harrison, Nebr.,
who made homestead entry No. 1208 for the
f. X sec.ll, tp. 32 n., r, 57 west of the 6th
P. m..
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz:
George W . Hester, A. K. Dew, Rcnianiin F.
Thomas, Dolana M. Sutton, all of Harrison,
42-47J VV. H. SICCANN, Register.
Notice for Publication..
Land Ofllce at Chadron , Neb., j
Jun. 23, Wi3. .
Notice is hereby given that Wie following-
named settles has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be innde be
fore Conrad Lindeman, Clerk of the District
Court at Harrison, Nebraska, on August
Seventh, 1893, viz :
llerniaii Krouuins, of Moulrose, Nebr.,
who made Homestead; Kntry- No. 3440, for the
sec. zu, tp. 33 n., r. west ot tne oui
p. m.
He names the following witnesses to prove
nis continuous resiuence uppu anu cultiva
tion oi, said lanu, viz:
to, Clijurlus. S.. Williams, all if Montrose,
it Hiiniii DU'i ci i i.i.ii & iiiniui.imiia.nui
Nebr,. also.
Joseuli H. Montgomery, of Bodnrc, Nebr..
who made Homestead! No. 718 fos the
e X, ne. ! sec. 21 A n. H nw-.k sec. 22, tp. 33
n.. r. 55 west of 6tli n. in.
He names. the following wiUiesncs to prove
ms contipmavs resiaence upon, ana cultiva
tion of. said land. viz :
Fred W... Knott, Jamas Wilson, James
Mc'Cann all of Cilcbrlst, Nebr.,,Jcpll C
Parsons, of Ikxlaro, Nbr. also
James Wilson, of Gilchrist, Nebr.,.
who nd. bomestetid No. 7975 foe the
n. X, sw. a & . H, nw.. , sec. 10, tp. 3Ji n
-r. M west of the 6th d in.
: He names the following witnesses to prove
pus conHnnous residence upon ana cuiuva
tion oi, saia itnu,,vB
Fred W. Knott. Daniel W. Wood, Valcn
tine Wolilheter.James Mc'Cnn,,all of till
chrlst, Nebr..
fS-47J W.U.McCann,. Register,
Notlce-'Tlmber. Culture..
: V, S. LAXDOmci,,
JuIt 17: 1893
Complaint JtHOliftVingbtwi) entered at this
iomc uy. i;eter. winacjer, against Aiosrt k.
Tltornefpr failure tpxsomnly.with law. as to
itlmlKtr-culture entry. No. 1371. dated August
10, ,1889, upon the e 5tloii l,,townshlt30,
range w,in nioux. eocntVi ,wcbriilta, witn.
view to tlio-canoellatlon or said- ontrv: con
tcstant alleging; tUt clalmanti hw wholly
absndone4 saldi traot in this. to,wlt- By
neglecting to break, plow or otherwise cultf:
vato any portion oJ aald tract since making
salden trv ; thatno part of said tract haa ever,
been broken, plowed, or In any way, culti
vated np to date of making this aflWavlti
i The airid .parties Are hereby, summoned to
appear, at tola omce on tne BO day of aui
la ofilce on the 80 day of Aug pat,
ivm, as lun-ciQca.a. in., w- nupona- anu inr-
. in., to rtuuond and for
Inlsh, teatltnony
failure. '
concerning, said, alleged
will be- taken
btfoce Oeorta Walker, a notary public, at
m viaoAa aarTMuu, nwr, up
Notice for Publication.
Land Ofllce at Chadron, Neb., (
Jul. 3, ls"J3. i
Notice is hereby given that the follow! ,g
named settler has filed notice ol bis inti-ii-
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore Conrad Lindeman, Clerk ot the District
Court at Harrison, Nebraska, on August 14th
18U3, viz :
Uwlght II. Griswold. of Harrison. Nebr.,
who made homestead entry No. S478 for the
s. ) ne. A n. a se. U sec. 4. tp. 31 n., r. 56
west of tne 6th p. m.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous lesidence upon and cultiva
tion oi, said lana, vre:
Kdward P. Maine, Charles K. Verity, John
1. Davis, Kggert Rouwer, all of llarrbjou,
Nebr. also
William Bielile, of Harrison, Nebr.,
who made homestead No. 6720 for the se. i
see. 32. tp. 33 n.. r. 56 west ot the 6tn p. in.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion or, saia land, viz: .
Thomas O. Williams, Oscar A. Gartou,
Charles K. Schilt, Lewis Gerlach, all. of Har
rUon, Nebr. also
ilarcns Valdez, of Harrison, Nebr.,
who made homestead No. 1309 for the w. X
sw. a sec. 2 A e. X se. sec. 3, tp. 32 n., r.
5t; west of the 6th p. m.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of. said land, viz:
Joseph li. Morris, John Plunkctt, Anton
Moraveck, Joseph J. Kipp, all of Harrison,
ebr. . ji. juct a,
143 481 ItegisUr,
Notice. Timber Culture.
V. S. Land Office, j
July 14, 1893.
Coiiinlnint liaving been entered at this of
fice by William V. Jones against Millard Nel
son for failure to comply with law as to
timber-culture entry No. 5329, dated March
8, 1886, upon the sw. 'i section 84, township
31, range 56, in Sioux county, Nebraska, witn
a view to the cancellation of said entry;
contestant alleging that claimant has failed
to break, plow or cultivate 5 acres of said
tract the second year after making said
entry, and has failed to plant any trees,
tree seeds or cuttings on said tract from
day of making said only to this date. The
said parties are hereby summoned lo appear
at this office on the 25 day of August, 1893, at
10 o'clock, a. in., to resiwnd and furnish tes
timony concerning said alleged failure.
140-WIJ t. r . l UnKKH, neccivcr.
Kstray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned on his prem
ises in Warbonnet precinct, Sioux county,
Nebraska, on May 20. 1S93. one brown stallion
supposed to be 4 vears old. no brand, two
white hind feet, small white star in fore
head, weight about 600 pounds.
Iia-4J jekbi 11.
Best Line to the East.
The Burlington Route B. &. M. R R.
is running elegantly equipped passenger
traines without change from Newcastle,
Wyoming and Crawford, Nebraska, direct
to Lincoln, Nebraska, making connection
at that point with their own through
trains for Denver, Cheyenne, and all
points west, and for Kansas City, St.
Joseph, St. Louis, Omaha, Peoria, Chi
cago, and all pointsVeast.
Remember this is tle only line by
which you can take sleeping car from
Crawford in the evening arriving in Lin
coln and Omalia the next afternoon, and
m Chicago, Peoria and St. Louts the fol
lowing morning.
For further information and tickets ap
ply to nearest agent of Burlington
Route B. & M. R. R.
Fashionable Barber & Hair Dresser.
One Door South of Bank of Harrison.
Give I me J a 1 Call,
Will practice in all the local, state
and federal courts and U. S. Land ofllce.
t $ t t i
UP Office in Court House,
Will practice before all courts and the U.
Land Ofllce. Business entrusted to my
care will receive prompt attention.
Dr. Leonhardt
Limits his practice to diseases of the
Nervous system.
(Such as Loss of Memory, Feeling, Mo
tion and Will-power, Cramps, Fits, Gen
eral Nervousness,, and. all forms of
(As shown by Shortness- of Branch,
Pain, Palpitation,. Fluttering and. Num b
iness io- region of the Quant).
(Such au.Skin Disease Ulcers, Exces
sive Palenesror Redness of. the Face,
FaintneSH, Dizziness,, etc.);
1402 O ST. - - - LINCOLN,. NEB.
WMentlon tills paper.
'Ejuuaji wa una
firjry, Lea, Jteiitf dRiJt te.
own rnMnmi nnutsm
mk-UWTTi .
v - m
Lumber, Coal and Farm Implements,
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Lime,
Lath and Shingles.
Windmill and Pump Supplies,
Agents for the
Buckeye, Deering
Walter A. Wood
Harrison, Nebraska, ,
Real Estate Agents,
Have a number of bargains in
choice land in Sioux county.
Parties desiring
estate should not fail to
call on them.
School Lands
leased, taxes paid for
non-residents; farms rented, etc.-
Look at my Goods
Before Placing
We are at tie
rai; U!ndQ7 SliadHS, FTcoo
ran ftpsK,
IThdertaking goda eintafaij:.
'. Geo.
to buy or sell real
and Prices
Orders Elsewhere.
Bottom Jttr Gash.
Gi.Rkio '