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Cnnere should Cerefolly Cwnlt tbe
if.H(t(-A BonwB Row Marker
Varl-ty In Paetaro Cheap Food Bark
nomcbcrriM aA Currant General Farm
Consulting Ike Market.
To meet a demand for special pro-
ducti, one must know wbat the de
mand is. write a correspondent of
n agricultural Journal. The special
requirements of a market may be
nothing better than a mere whim or
caprice, but they must be met if a
ready tale it expected. If the market
requires brown-shelled eggs it is folly
to offer those with while shells. Tbe
latter may be just aa trood as tbe for
mer, hut so long as tbe former have
the call tbey are the ones to be fur
nished. Or if tbe market requires
yellow leg and yellow kkin on dressed
poultry, It h unwise to offer poultry
with white skin and dark or white
legs It is true thajt people do not
eat tbe shanks of fowl , ant" some of
tbe best table fowls In the world
nave white, or dark shanks and a
white skin, but so long as the fancy
of the buyer demands the yellow
color, that Is the color to supplv.
One cannot afford to spend his time
education pt ople out of their whim
sical notions, if he expect to make
money out of his trade. So long as
oo principle is sac-fAccd, so long as
their notions can harm no one, not
even themselves, tbe poultry ral er
Is not bound to sacrlce bis profits In
attempting to remove the prejudices
of hi ustomer.4. He Is raising fowls
for business, not for fun, and must
adopt business methods, always re
membering there is some good reason
for tbo public taste and fashion.
A Row Marker.
To Insure straight rows in
garden, the ground should be narked
before plant ng. a conven cut im
plement for this purpose is shown In
the accompanying illustration, Irom
tbe American A six
Inch pole twelve feet long, of red elm
or white oak u has a tongue pinned
below it and braced by an old arch of
a two-horse cultivator morticed
through the pole and pinned above
the tongue. A second pole 6 four
loches th ough Is attached to the fir t
by p cces of one-fourth by one and
ooe-fourto inch strap of l;on passing
loo ely around the front pole, but
bolted to the (locks e which are
twenty inches long and six Inches
through and pinned above the back
pole. The boie. lo the ma ker pins
should lie bored where needed. Wood
pins ne 'd one and one-half inch holes,
Iron pins one-half inca. These holes
should be -o bored that the p ns will
slant back while ma king. The pins
d which fasten tho back pole to the.
connect ng Mocks f should he mado
six inches longer fo th ! purpose. A
double tree can h; attached to the
tonguo n the - n-ual manner. Hy
us ng a bc;iy l ack lo;,', an excellent
clod crusher, Icveler. or weed and
eornstsk breaker can be made.
rarnur.ii Kpiwnlatort.
"Talk alwutpeculators," said a
produce denier .he other day; "the o
Isn't a greater speculator out than
the ta mer If t he price of any prod-:
uct goes up he never wants to sell; !
no matter how high the p ice, he
always wants more. After the pr'cc .
beg ns logo down he wants to sell,!
and u ually gets a lower price than'
be might have o'-tiined." Unfor
tunately there is loo much of truth
in this statement. The dealer in
que Hon c ted several in -lancet in
support of h s statement, fcvery
seller wl hes to get all possible for his
wares. This Is natural and right, '
but it isn't always easy to tell just i
when the right point has been i
ieached. It is- generally better to
sell on a ilsing than on a falling
ma:ket. When an unusual b g.) fig-.
u e has beeu atta ned, it isn't reason
able to suppose that that price will
be long sustained. Rural Xew-
MooMiiirrrlm and Currant.
Goose crrics and currants' do best
when planted on a north or, east slope.
Too much sun Is not good for them.
Hut, hoth irooselierries and currants
mu-t have lood culture and the
worm ma 1 1 killed as soon as they
are hatched. They hatch out on the
lower leaves about blooming time, or
a l.tlle later. Tbe grower must keep
bis e e peeled, fur It only takes the e
pests about two days to strip on every
leaf, and that means no crop.
are several broods of them In a season.
Tbe Hint coming before the fruit Is
formed may be killed with parls
green; later broods with hellebore.
The successful growth of any of these
fruits for market demands constant
care and attention, and also knowl
edge anil skill.
Over Manuring Oraln Crop.
The fact that stable manure con
tains too much nitrogen and too little
potash and phosphate ma.ves it un
suitable for manuring the small
grains To furnish the mineral ele-
n a, t m fk,, ipaln rianflirA an
uafiMUI IUUV ' w
avri1fiaA nf manure must be fflven. i
and this makes an excessive growth The annoyance of having too many
ef straw. If the stable manure to males among the flock of hens ought
pplicd to corn and potato crops, the to cease soon after the eg for early
rrops of oats, barley, or wheatgrown chickens are dropped and set. Few
tbo second or third years will need people make anything from the late
only mineral eloments. This Is set eggs, and .he hens will produce
especially true of wl ter wheat It more eggs If not maae fertile than
is swwn after more or less summer Miey will if the rooster is always in
uitlvatton which has developed , their company.
decaying matter Id
A ! for a Feed Hark.
mis reed rack, described in Farm
and Home, is simply a square box, no
uuuom in, ana open at top. Jt Is 10
IL long, o"j fL wide and 4. ft. bi"h
aub letters a show me lower part
boarded up 20 in. The letter? Ii
show the top board 1x0 in. The let
vers u are tne upright boards lx ;x4
ft. long, all well railed together with
wrought naih and clinched. Each
sido of tbo rack is made icparaudv,
then hooked together with hook and
altrocen froj
arz n hyr
staples at each corner above and be
low. The feed is thrown in at the
top. Cattle reach in through the
spaces between the boards C to eat.
This rack Is intended for hay, corn,
fodder or feed of such kind. It is
far better than the old X rail racks,
as cattle do not need to reach over
head to eat and get their e.cs full of
dirt, but reach down, which Is nat
ural. Neither can they run over
their feed and dirty and wa-te it if
intended for sheep made tho spaces
for reaching the feed smaller or the
sbeep Will jump inside.
Variety In Tasture.
Farmers do not either for meiaow
and pasture ,-eed down with suflicient
variety to make tha b3 t leed. Only
amateur wealthy farmers sow the
sweet- cented vernal gra-s. Yet who
has been over a field that has had
even a little of this in haying time,
whohainot been delighted with its
f ngrance. It is good, too, in tbe hay
t iow, for the sweet perfume perme
ates the entire mass, and stock of all
kinds eat it better, Uosldes, with a
var cty of g a- there is su e to be a
good stand, one succeeding where an
other has failed. It is far better to
have a vaiiety of the be t grasses in
pasture thanja scattering of timothy
and clover and all the bare spaces
tilled with weeds.
Clean Cultivation of Small FruiU.
Strawberries, raspberries, and other
6inall fruit plants require frequent
,and clean cultivation to produce the
best results. When grown in large
quantities, they should be so planted
as to admit of horse cultivation. On
land free from stones, a careful man
with a steady horse and tho use of
the improved cultivators the work
can be so neatly and closely clone that
but little use of the hand hoe Is re
quired. The great point is to com
mence the cultivation early, when
the weeds are small and easily de
stroyed with shallow stirring, which
disturbs no roots.
Work for Rainy Day.
It is so often necessary to work over
hours in pleasant weather that when
a rainy day comes in summer the
farmer may profitably devote it partly
to intellectual imp ovemcnt. Ho can
at least then take time n cstim ite
carefully wh it noods to be done rd
plan as to the best way of doing it.
This will require study and prove the
best possible intellectual cxe.ciso. It
at least requires as much executive
ability to keep everything on a large
farm in o dor and working smoothly
as it dees ts manage a manufactur
ing or commercial business.
Rapid Cooling of Milk.
The housekeeper always sets milk
in a cool place, not merely as she
says "to keep it better," but to in
sure thc: more rapid separation of
cream from the water and casein
with which in milk It is always
mixed. The creamery docs this bv
enclosing the milk in ice, so suddenly
cooling it that the cream rises with
out havibg the milk soured. Its pro
cess is patented, but the idea is not,
and explanation of the principle will
helD housewives to make more and
better butter, even though they can
not afford to buy a creamer.
Came of Soar Silage.
One of the principal causes of sour
silage is cutting corn too green. Dr.
Miles tell us that sour silage may
often be caused by too rapid tilling,
excluding the air, so that the temper
j ature is not allowed to ri-e high
i enough to kill the bacteria causing
' the lermentatioh Cases are cited
where sIjw Oiling and loose packing
have resulted in excellent sweet til
age. It Is probable, however, that
the maturity of the corn has more to
do with Its acid condition than the
manner of filling. '
Poultry Note.
Dcst Is death to lice, and the fowls
should bave free access to It
Once a week parch a little cracked
corn quite brown and feed to chicks.
Chickens, like sheep, cannot be
crowded together In large flocks with
out breeding disease and becoming an
easy prey to death,
A Prion duck lays from 120 to 150
eggs in a year, and It is not bard to
make a pair of young Pcklns weigh
ten pounds when ten weeks old. They
are a profitable fowl
Likskkd meal is excellent for poul
try, containing, as it does, portions
of nitrogen that is of benefit to fowls.
It is not intended as a regular daily
food, but once a week is not out of
You can Economize
By using Royal Baking Powder to the exclusion
of all other leavening agents. The official ana
lysts report' it to be 27 greater in leavening
strength than the other powders. It has three
times the leavening strength of many of the
cheap alum powders.
It never fails to make good bread, biscuit and
cake, so that there is no flour, eggs or butter spoiled
and wasted in heavy, sour and uneatable food.
, Do dealers attempt, because times are dull,
to work off old stock, or low grade brands of
baking powder? Decline to buy them. During
these times all desire to be economical, and
Royal is the most
Economical Baking Powder.
Wild geese fly from Florida to Con
necticut io 11 hours.
Oldham, England, has a furnace for
the destruction of tbe town's refuse
vbl'h burns at such a high tempera t re
hat us beat, applied to raising steam,
urnnlies sufficient power to more than
over the cose of the collection sod
buroing of the refuse.
There is now a ventilated boot, the
veotila'.ion being effected bv means of a
-mall bellows attachment to the leg of
the boot and conneot 1 by a tubs with
h perforated extra insole, the act of
walking keeping the bellews aottve.
The Parton Wina a tTaual.
Annie Thomas is the only woman in
Ksmabia county, state of Washington,
.She is a squatter and lives io Rattle-
SDPke Hills. 1 here has of late been a
great strife for her hand in marriag
amo.ig the rough settlers of that re
gion. Il'ink Monley and Jerry Woods
seemed to be the highest in her favor,
and eo it was finally agreed that these
two men should settle the question be
tween them by a duel with bowie knives.
After a desperate fight in whioh both
were wounded the battle was declared a
draw. Ir. was lhn agreed that the
matrimonial question should be settled
by a ;'Hine of neve -up. The fortune of
cards favored Monley, and be was de
clared the wiener of the squatter bride.
A parson was calied in to assure him
'lis priz. The tickle Annie had a long
talk with the parron, and, though she
had never seen him before, she at last
Announced her intention of marrying
the parson himself and not Monley.
In vain did tbe hero of the bowie knife
duel and the victor in the game of
seven-up object to this proceediug. The
woman was firm in her intention, an J
the upshot of the matter was that the
parson got the woman.
A Moorlh City or Today.
Seville is today as much a Moorish
cltv as it was 300 years ago, at the ex
pulsion of the Saracens. The arrange
ment and plan of the dwellings are the
B ime as on the Euphrates and Tigris,
out, mey are more oeau titled end en
nobled t'y art and by the wealth which
these Moslems in Spain and Sicily had
at their command. It it a remarkable
fact that the Arabe, who in their native
land have never risen above the lowest
stage of civilization, but have alwavt
been a nomadic, pastoral people, be
came in Europe the bearers of know
ledge sod refinement. Poetry and his
tory, mathematics, astronomy and
architect reflouriahed with them when
the Christian west had sunk into dark
There is no more beautiful poetry
than their lamentations for their lost
paradise or uronads, and in tneir en
counters with Christian chivalry the;
often displayed a romantic valor and
generosity wncn served lueir eoemiee
fjr a model. Viol Ike.
Mrs. Hodgson Burnett and her sister
picked and sold wild grapes to gel
money to pay for paper, envelopes and
-tamps whi b took ber first stories to
juw editor from - the Tennessee moun-
:Biue, where liiey lived.
John Cuikin. the new laureate, wrote
his first book, '-Modern Paintere," not
ts ho said, for fame or for money or for
:ons3ience sake, but nt necessity. Yet
t brought bim both fame Mid money,
The ship oanal aoross the isthmus of
Corinth will probably be ready about
next September.
A Little Red Spot
Appeared on my left
leg below the knee,
and it gradually spread
until I was covered
with blotches and
patches, . which the
physician called psori
asia, itching and burn
Ing terribly. Rev
Father Cantevel nrged
me to take Hood's
8ar"aparl!la. I did so
with wonderful result.
The large soales
iwnled off, tbe itohing and
bnrning antv
sided and I am psrfse' y enrsd
Til so,
Ossricas, Green Bay Wisconsin.
Hood's" Cures
ROOS'I FILLg are the best after-dinner
Pills, swlit digestion, ears hsadache. 2)
Roundsman We ought to perfci
charges against Officer O'Houlihan.
Captain What for?
Roundsman For conduct uabe-on.
ing an officer.
"It was awfully clever of baby. He
had n3ver been told what flowers were.
but the minute he caw t.iem be saiu
Bwobsl' "
'But what does 'Bwobs' mean?"
"Flowers, of cours3." Bazar.
E hoi "But you wero well off before
you were married."
Maud "Yes; but I didn't know it."
The Meager Pay or a British Private.
While the nominal pay of a British
private is 1 shilling a day, or 24 cent-,
bs really does not receive much mor.
than bait that in actual cash. Deduc
tions are charged to his account for ex
tra supplies of rations and tor washing.
which bring the net amount placed to
his credit down to about 4 shillings or
$1 per weak. Most of the table su -
plies which the ordinary citizen would
rate as necessaries sre "extras" in tbe
soldier's bill of tare. Butter, tea, cof
fee, sugar, any excess ot meat above
half a pound daily, vegetables, fish bna
everything beyond his pittance ot men'
and bread bave to be paid for out of hit J
24 cents. From the same slim soury
also has to come the cost ot repairs t
his clothing and the amount of tht
practically compulsory, though nominal
ly optional, subscriptions to tbe cricket
thooting and athletio clubs oonnecte
with the regiment. A still further d-
duotion of 10 cents per month is take
ff bis diminished pay for tbe cost o
"repairs to barracks," a mysterioua iten
barged in acooidance with a venerabn
ustom, of which no one in the arm;
;an give any satisfactory aocoun
iher than established custom. -
Philadelphia Times.
The Same Then as Now.
Where are the croakers who say th
everything was all right in "the goo
id days?" Here comes alt ng a diar
written by a lady ot fashion some lift
ears ngo, and among other oomplainte.
tvhich are like echoes of those we hea
wery day, are these: "Our Btreets ar-
not wide enough for the carriages, no
tbe week long enough for one's engage-
uents. There isn t enough money, o
enough time to spend it in. In short
.ucb a mess I" Also, the writer ot th
d arv, Lady Oeorgiana de Roe, sbj:
'No wonder girls are delicate if they eai
mutton, chops before dinnerl''
Mew Faith.
Augustus Ihms, a German who ownt
a farm across the river from Dubuque,
la., has announced his purpose to fount
a new religion. He is getting ready 1
new book of revelations, and will shortly
open headquarters in Dubuque. Hi
calls it a natural religion; does not be
lieve in any hereafter, but will strive U
provide a heaven on earth, aa there it
no room tor any other. He already hai-
several proeelyteo who will join him in
preaching tbe new faith.
The Comtesse de Mirabeau Martel,
more widely known to tame by her pen
name ot Gyp, and accredited by one
oritio at least with being the cleverest
newspaper writer of Der sex in Europe,
is a blond and no longer young. She i
of medium stature, with wavy hair and
large, brilliant eyee.
MissF.orenoe Marryat, daughter of
tbe famous writer, has always made
literature a profession. She livee alone,
attended by two servants, at a pretty
little house in West Kensington, Lon
don, where she has a remarkable collec
tion of "pets 'dogs, birds and flowers,
Ario Bates, the Boston novelist, ha-i
been eleoted professor of Euglish litera
ture in the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology. Mr. B ites ie not only a
writer ot books, ' but an experienced
journalist aa well, having been editor ot
the Boston Courier for several years.
Sir John Gilbert, president of tbe
Royal Sooiety of Painters in Water
Colors of Great Bntsio, has not sold
my of his water oolors or oil painting?
for many years p is (blending to build
a gallery tor them and present the gal
lery and pioturss to tbe pnbli?.
Do not make too many visit, and
where yon go be sure that your visit It
a convenient rat.
tb. YuruVdeL. as'
Nobody ever knew what became 01
no one h. s ever 6eei:
a cemetery. All I em able to say is
1 hat tbe body of tbe deceased is placed ;
o a black mule, destined exclusively
for that use, and thus carried to a
nountain. There I am not awsre
chetber it is cremated or burried; but
ts I was told that they also take a
Leaf of firewood, it is safe to believe
hat cremation takes place. A. T. M.
i'Aodria in Popular Science Monthly.
Frets towels folded as usual through
ur clothes wringer and save your
Faith aa aa Element In Curiae Iilaew.
It may be atksd whether I am not a
elitver in tbe faith cure. Unquestion
blv I am, ss every physician is forced
0 be before be bsa been many years in
'sc ice. But I beHeve in the fai b
cure only when it is subjective. I have
not a grain of be ief in it when it be
comes objective. Ant more thai tha',
1 beiieve in It only as sn aid, as one of
the remedial agents which help tbe
patient. I bave no belief in it alone
except in a small class of nervous
diseases. It is peifeo ly we. I known
hm llie pbjsicittu wno is most sucoesb-
ul with a patient is be in whom that
at lent has tbe most confidence, and it it
qually a fact ihut tbe belief which the
majority of patien. s bave in the power
j! physicians to help them is one of the
nost important, if not the most impor
tant, factor in the successful practice of
nedicine. What are these but variant
f the faith cure?
Every physician baa seeu cases in
vhich tbe patient was convinced be or
ihe would die, and this trsme of mind
1 of sll tbe most dreaded by medical
men, for when it appears drugs lose
much if not all ot their power to aid
But while we recognize all thsse things
s oan yet condemn and laugh at the
iraotice of the faith curists, for they
declare their power to be objective, and
hey olaim for it an extent and range
which are absurd. Cyrus Edson, M
').. in North American Review.
md is taken internally, ana acts directly
m the blood and mucons surfaces of the
astern. Write for testimonials, tree
Manufactured bv
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O,
B jhvia is not printed on any English
uaps, and no representative is Ban
here Irom (ire at Britain. Tbe caus
,t this is that some 30 years at ago a din
ner in that country the Bolivian ruler
f 01 ced the English minister to kiss the
foot of an aotresa who had been Invited
to the dinner. The minister returned
home and reported the oasa with the
above result.
Dobbins' new Perfect Soap retails for 5c,
and is nnappoached in purity, quality,
and appearance by any 6c soup made.
Your grocer will get it. Try at once,
yon arc using 5c soap.
Palgrave describes a plant growing in
Arabia whioh produces peculiar seeds,
Any one taking them begins to tzrxh
loudly and boisterously and then sings
dances and cuts all kinds of fantastic
capers, the effect continuing for abou
an hour. When the excitement ceases
the exhausted individual falls into a deej
B. F. Allen Co.. 365 Canal St.. New
York, are sole agents in the United State
for licecbaru's Fills. 25 cents a box.
Before going for a midday sail ru)
your face, neck and hands with simph
cream and powder gently with corn
starch. Wipe the powder off, and 01
returning wash the complexion well 11,
arm water and with castile soap.
Ladles' Home Journal.
N. K. Brown's Essence Jamaica Oine
is a perlect pain Killer, is one net ter. Try
it. 25 cents.
A worker in tbe Youngstown iron
mills has hair that is naturally white,
ut after woraing in the mills a few
hours and becoming heated it turns e
brilliant red. When tbe man leaves th
mill and cools off, bis hair assumes its
natural color.
It one holds his breath be i f
igainst the sting of a bee. 1 ,.sc
aaid the bee may be held by tue legs
4od be will try to etibg, but will never
lucceed until tbe breath is expelled, and
ben be will accomplish bis purpose
with speed and certainty.
Many a good bxk has bsen written
n prison. Socrates, Cervantes, Bunyan,
Defoe, Lovelace, Tasso, . Beranger,
Raleigh, Gaorge Wither and James
Montgomery all continued their literary
abora while suffering from a curtail
ment of liberty.
A scientist says that 3C3 species ot
piders have been found in the Upper
Cayuga lake basin, 370,in tbe District of
Columbia and 340 in -New England.
From the polar regions 292 species are
ur. nerce's uoiaen
Medical Dlscoverv.
And when you hear
that it cures so many
diseases, perhaps you
think iii too good
to De true,"
But it's only rea
sonable. As a blood-
cleanser, flesh-builder,
and strength-restorer,
nothinir like tha" Dls-
eottrrn is knows to medical science. The
diseases that It cures come from a torpid
liver, or from impure blood. For everything
ot this nature, it is the only guaranteed
remedr. In Dyspepsia, BUjousness; all
Branchial. Throat and Lune affections: ev
ery form of Scrofula, even Consumption (or
Lung-scrofula) in its earlier stages, and in
the most stubborn Skin and Scalp Diseases
it it ever fails to benefit or cure, you have
your money eacc.
Tha worse your Catarrh, the more yon
need Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. Its
proprietors offer $500 cash for a case of
Catarrh la tho Head which they cannot
M. M. vTHa. S41.10
lork, Neb,
Oaur Wilde is giving sittings for his
bust to Henry Teixeira da Mat toes, the
well known Dutch sculptor, some of
whose work has found a place io tbe
Iioyal academy exhibition ot this and
past years.
John Burroughs, the author, has 10
acres ot grapevines on bis country
estate over-looking the Hudson. The
preparation of tbe fruit tor market he
scrutinizes as carefully as be does a
proofsheet of one of bis new books.
Allow double the amount of time in
catching boats and trains that yon do la
Miss C. G. McClave, School
teacher, 753 Park Place, Eltnira, N.
Y. ' ' This Spring while away from
home teaching my first term in a
country school I was perfectly
wretched with that human agony
called dyspepsia. After dieting for
two weeks and getting no better, a
friend wrote me, suggesting that I
take August Flower. The very next
day I purchased a bottle. I am de
lighted to say that August t lower
helped me so that I have iuite re
covered from my indisposition." 9
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the'needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
In the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties "of a perfect lax
ative ; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches anil fevers
ana permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
murium, also the name. Svrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept anv substitute if offered.
For ronovatinc the entire system,
eHmiuating all Poisons from tbe
Blood, whether of scrofulous or
malarial origin, this preparation has no equal.
"For eighteen months I had an
eating sore on my tongue. I was
treated bv best local physicians.
but obtained no relief ; the sore gradually grew
worse. I Anally took S. S. S., and was entirely
cured after using a few bottles."
Treatise on Blood and Skin Dis
eases mailed free.
The Swift Specific Co.,
Atlanta, Ga.
Positively cure Bilious Attacks, Con
stipation, Side-Headache, etc.
25 cents per bottle, at Drug Stores.
Write for sample dose, free.
.V. SMITH & C0.rNem York.
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Powdered ami rartaiSMd.
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Unlike other Lye, it being a fins
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minutes utilhout boiling. It la the)
bt for clean nlng waite-plpea,
disinfecting sinks, closets. wasb
lug bottles, paints, trees, etc.
Gen. Agts., Plilla., Pa.
Souvenir coins
Sent post-paid to
Any address .
On receipt of
'One Dol'.ar.
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