The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, March 23, 1893, Image 3

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    At a recent fashionable London wed
ding where the princa of W ales assist
ed, the eight bridemaids wore dresses
of yun wliita bong ilinjr, br!oed
around the hem, throat and waists with
golden otter; the same fur outliiitd a
zouave on the bod ces and ?dged the
capelike epaulets surmounting the
slctves. Their large tiainsboron-jli
hats of white velvet were turned up
with velvet to match the fur on their;
dresses and trimmed with one Ions
tfrocping ostrich leather, and three j
smader ones shading lroiu otter color
to white, the former parsing mire tli.m
half way round the brim, and the latter
arranged in front and fastened with a
rosette of ribbon of the daik shade.
' Twin brothers who re3n eat Warsaw,
lnd., resemble each other very closely.
One of them was married tecuully and
at the reception many young ladies
Showered kisses and congratulations
upon the wrong man.
Young Justin McCarthy, who h;is
become almost as well known a wriier
as his father, i3 ubout to marry fciis
UlluliOrine, a youn singer who lias
made, under the name of AMa Jenoure,
a notable success in Loudon.
-4 Mr. Win. II. Moure. 307 8. Charles
'I Baltimore, Md. a i'oiiiniih-iioii
f recommends fc-alvn! it'll Oil fur rl:eiii.iiili.u
j'ndcliilbliiin.H. He writ-.-: '.ly 'il-tr..!
'."5 son have used r-ulv-iliiin I i i I'ur i ll liiiialism
? und chilblains with marked eilie.tey."
-' The more a man looks like a preacher
Vttho less good lie does the Lord on a
fctreet car platform with u cigar m i i is
' .luoulh.
3 Half or Massachusetts' railways ire
, .lectric.
' If YOU TR A Vl)KHV!l. 'W.H, Or
Throat trouble, uw at once J. J. .Inym"
Y.xpcctoranl, und don't parley v.ilh whuL
uuy prove to he a dangerous rondiiion.
1 No inat.trr wlielher lie una b en to
-college or not. the man who can keep
pwect when tilings go wrong is a man
of power.
lienicrnhr tit in (jarlielil Tea you have
'an nnfaiiijip rcmi'dv lor iiiilip-inn, siek
" rt-'adut-lii--tihl every uUowliiiK i'l tliatnn
: mKed Htotiiaeli cm make you sullen
very UruggLt M-ils it; :!-., -tV. anil $1.
Some people are so bowed down in
upeking the vanities of this life that
tliey rniinot up and see the goodness of
"consisting of Dramatic and Humorous
Kecitutiuii.t. l'lav", ele., can ea-iiy hegivon
v liome talent.'wilh a copy of (iarreus
lanious, "100 Caoice Selections," costing
only 24 cents. Suitable for Lyceums,
fehori. Church Societies ami Home
'n.i.-;,-..! j Sold he hook-sellers.
vm. ao M,i. lm..sf. is n ef-ni 'MO nazes of
i'!iho8, dialect and fun. including two
; -right new Comedies; all for 30 cts., post
paid; or, the two Flays 10 cts. Cntalomit.
Inn p mmttaco.. Philadelphia, ra.
' ( Established Wift. i
Wh ch II .u ekep a should Earnestl-i
1 oasi-lt-r.
A serious danger menaces the beahh o:
she eople of this country in lue nuimrous
alum buking powders that are now being
ur-rt-tl upon the jni!U-.
There is no question as to the detriment
al Ol'evts ol' these powders upon tl,e pys
tern. JOvery liourd of He il'h, every physi
cian, will teli you nt the unwholesome
qualities tliJy mil to the food. Some
cjmniries hnvi- -ili-hia-ly prohibited the
ale of breatl rojirainiiig a'Jniu.
Kven small doies of alum, given to
eliiltlren, have produced fatal results, while
eases of liparilmrn, Lidijresiion, griping
const i pat io!i. dyspepsia, and various kin
dred gastric troiihles from irriialion of the
mucous mi mhi ane. eaustd hv the con
tinuous use i f food prejinred with the
alnm-piiosplia'e j-owders. are familiar in
the practice o! every pin sician.
It is not possible iiial any prudent
liousewite, tiny loving mother, will know
ingly us ii ii article of food that will injure
the 'health of her household, or perhaps
eaii-ie the deaiii of her children.
ilo,v.-hall liie dangerous alum powders
he distinguished? And how shall thedau
ger to health from their use he avoided?
(icnoral!,'. alum powders uuv be known
from the price at which they are sold, or
from the fact that they an-'aecompanied
by a g .IV, or disposi'd of under some
scheme, 'i he alum powder costs hut a few
cents a pound to make, and is often sold
a! "At or -Z i cent s a pound. 1 f some present
is given wi;h ii, the price maybei), 40 or
50 cents a pound.
it is impos-dlde to name all the alum
powders in the marker, but any baking
powder sold at a low price or advertized i-s
costing onlv half as much as cream f
lunar powders, or accompanied by a pre
sent, or disposed of under any scheme, is
of this c las..,, detrimental to health, and to
be avoided.
Hut the casv, safe, and certain protection
of our bread, biscuit and cake lrom all
danger, of unwholesomeness is in the m-e
of ihu Royal Ilaking Powder only. This
jiowdcr is mentionyl because ol t!ie m-
uitiii.-riiliii- reports in Its lavor nv mgu
medical authorities, hv the 1. S. Govern
ment, and bv the olfie.ial chemists and
Hoards of Health, which leave no doubt as
to its entire freedom lrom alum, lime and
ammonia, its absolute purity and whole
someness. While its use is thus a safe
guard against the poisonous alum powdeis
it is sati.-oaelorv at tne same time to umiw
thas it mokes the whitest, lightest, sweet
est and most delicious food, which will
keep moist and fresh longer, and that can
be eaten with immunity hot or cold, stale
or fresh, and also that owing to its greater
strength it is nioreeeoncmical than others.
These facts should incline consumers to
turn a deaf ear to nil importunities to buy
the inferior powders. 11 a grocer urges the
sale of the cheap, impure, alum brands, it
should he borne in mind that it is because
he can make more profit on them. The
wise housekeeper will decline in all cases
to take them.
Tnkeno chnncn Ihrmnjh winy a douhtfir.
nrtirlr vhrre x important n mutter as the
Urntth or life nfilrar ones is at slake.
Mr Gladstone speaks of the Irish
question as being 'full of thorns.'
JllarklhoriiB, of course.
The good reputation of "Urorm's
1 Kronchioi Trorhes" lor the relief of Coughs,
"olds, and Throat Diseases has vigen
4'Tcm a favorable notoriety.
:ti your eye,
t" the needle.
"There ii nmething
ked the thread to
An Officer' Battle
Have Lost
But for
Attention has been called to the fact
that the ratio of marriages h falling off
from year to year. Not only is this true
abroad, but in this country. New York
especially lias explored a slrange truth
revealed by statistics, and in New
England the waning or Hymen's torch
has been so manifest as to attract the
attention of thinkers and provoke
theories innumerable. Statistics com
piled by the hxaminer show a Btniliar
condition of affairs in San Francisco.
The man iage records show: For the
ending January 1, 1870: Population,
119,473; marriages, 2,042 or .0135 per
cent. For the year ending Janary 1,
1880: Population, 233,9.19; marriages
2 270 or .0097 per cent, a lading off ol
of .01 per cent from 1870. For the
year end ng January 1, 1890: Popula
tion, 298,997; marriages, 3,350 or .0101
per cent, still a decrease of ,31 of .01
per cent from 1870. For the year end
ing January 1, 1893, there were 3,511
marriages, which, taking as a basis the
population of 1890, shows .0117 per
cent or a decrease of .18 of .01 per cent
from 1870.
Ofltccr Eugene Christine
Philadelphia, P.
. -"I wiw troubled the worst way with dyspepsia.
V hv, I enulil not rul ntiytlilnc nt breakfast
ivl hunt dis ress. nn " lien 1 did niHiiac to cat
ttlln It would all come up Rnln. t trieJ
uimnt rv.-iyllilnt 1 hca clof lo (in t relief, but
f dll I su.Tcrei!. A' last 1 was told Jaat how
Hood's Cures
1 felt and what It .od'a SurFoparllla wonlrt 1o
forme b nnaddvc thenicm In a paper. I de
rided to try th mcd clir, and rell all the
1 enftlt iironilnod. It was what Ho 'd s fiarsa-
Milt a . etnally did for me that convinced meol
lis mrrl'' Ofucur huoitss lhiustini,
raeoay Stiith n Hoi s.1, Philadelphia.
yn- -
lloodWill" ctue Naueoa, Bielt Hcadnehe,
In li enion, BlinotimesB. So'd by all drunrltta.
AFreBb Flsn (?) Story.
Two fathers and two sons went fishing;
each caught a fish, and yet there were only
three lisb caught. How was this?
Answer this problem correctly. If it is
the first received by ns we will give you a
building lot, free from incumbrance, in
any city you may select, value ?1,000. If
your answer is the second we will give yon
a rosewood cabinet, satin-lined, containing
one hundred pieces of sterling silver
knives, forks, and spoons; value $150. To
the next twenty correct answers we will
give each a valuable gold watch (ladies' or
gents'), American movemens.
This otler appears m a number ot papers
today. In order to decide the best medium
tor advertising wc will also give to the rirs
three answers received from this locality
three prizes, value 120, $15, and $10, in the
order received.
With your answer inclose 25 cents for a
cake of tha GEM UUllATIVIS BUAI-
(which will be sent postage free), the best
known remedy tor alt diseases oi tne skui,
warranted to cure any blemish that is not
a deformity. 'Those receiving a prize will
be expected to purchase this soap and in
troduce it to their friends. The GEM
SOAP COMPANY, Bckfai-o and Tokonto.
All goods for United States free ;of duty
and packing.
Kwal Palin Lee, who was sent by the
Chinese government to this country for
his education, is likely to get It. He
lias married Miss Elizabeth S. Jewett,
danchter of the late Dr. Jewett, the
conference lecturer, and will settle in'
Brooklyn, N. i . Mr. Lee became
Christian some time ago.
For indigestion, constipation, sick head
ache, weak stomach, disordered liver take
Beecham's 1'iUs. Dor sale by all aruggists.
Thll Tmta V!t ! on tlit bwt
SwaiVAS' tlia World !
Pw'i Rrnnwtr for Cutwrll l th
)!(, Kiulut to Hun, tin) Cheapest.
Sok by Dniimlu or Mat br mau,
Uc . T. HualUse, Win, Fa.
A Question That May Have to Be Settled
bjr Municipal Authority.
"Of the many momentous local
prob cms that are shaking St Louis
to its very foundation and one in
fact, which agitates to a greater or
less degree the entire country," said
CoL Pat Jjyer tc a Washington Star
representative, "is the correct pro
nunciation of the name of my pros
perous city. 1 have just arrived from
St Louis, and when I left there tho
discussion was heated. Shall it be
St. Louie or St. Lewis? A gentleman
once said to me that he could dis
tinguish a Western man from an East
ern man by h'.s pronunciation of the
words St. Louis and Iowa, and I
guess he's right. Thank Heaven the
pronunciation of Arkansas is a mat
ter of judicial and legislative settle
ment. '1 ha house of delegates and
counc!l, t lie legislative bodies of the
city, will probably soon be called upon
by petition to determine the question
as was Urn Legislature of Arkansas.
Then there will be fun, I assure you.
Nearly everybody out West and most
of the icople of the city say 'St
"Nevcrthelcsj, St. Louie, as we al
know, Is the correct pronunciation;
though if we give the French pro
nunciation to Louis why should wc
not give it to Saint, which not one
man in a thousand, unless he is a
French scholar, can twist around Ills
tongue. So it is, with the pronuncia
tion of Iowa. The Iowan and the
Western man say '1-oway,' with a
long accent on the 'I,' and make
'way' of 'wa. ' The Eastern man says
Iowah.' with the accent on the ln-t
"We have instead of the en -10111-ary
aldermen or common council or
supervisors two legislative city bodies
the House of Delegates, similar to
the House of representatives, and
the Council, bearing the same relation
to the other as the Senate. One is
elected by wards and the other at
larife. We are probably the only city
in the United States that has such a
dual legislative body, and at tlrst
glance it would appear cumbersome
and unnecessary for a city. Hut one
acts as a check upon the other, and
so long as it pleases us we are cou
tetit." One More Lucky Letter.
There are people who are always
searching for coincidences and plac
ing great stress upon "lucky" and
"unlucky" combinations of circum
stances To individuals so consti
tuted the suggestion is offered by the
Eochester Herald that tho selection
ot Grcsham to fill the distinguished
position of Secretary of State adds
another of the list of "lucky" men
whose names begin with the letter
"G." This letter is not the most
conspicuous in the alphabet, but it
seems to be a good letter to have for
a last initial. Sensible penile, of
course, reject all such theories as en
tirely fanciful, yet considerable, evi
dence might l e brought forward in
this case to convince the credulous.
Let us consider how many of the
leade s in American and Euro; can
affair during the past hall century
are indexed unler "G-"
The list includes: Grant, greatest
of our generals; Greeley, his presi
dential rival and the most distin
guished of American journalists; Gar
field, President ana political leader
for years before his election; Gould,
the "wizard of Wall street''; Gomp-
ers, head of tno leaeration 01 iai or;
Garrison and Giddings of anti-slaveiy
fame; Gibbons, the head of his church
in the United States; Gonph, the re
markable temperance crusader, and a
host of men who have won more or
less political prominence, like the
Grays, Gorman, Grcsham, Gordon,
Garland, the Georges, and the three
worthy Democrats of the metropolis,
Grace, Grant, and Gilroy. The navy
has its Gherardi and the army will
not forget Dr. Gatling's gun. Gott
schalk, the composer, and Gil more,
the band leader, may also be men
tioned, while Asa Gray and President
Gllman deserve a high place among
the scholars of the century. In
EuroDC one name comes quickly to
the mind, that of Gladstone. France
contributes to the list Gambctta,
Grevy, and Goblet Giers dire ts
Russia's foreign policy as tiortsciiaKoir
did before him, while Giolitti holds
the reins in Italy. Among the Euro
peans of note, Gounod, Gilbert,
Geromc, Geffcken, and Gcikie should
not be forgotten.
Washington Star; "How'll you have
your whiskers trimmed?" asked the
barber of the man who was doing in
liie chair.
"IIow'll I have them trimmed?" he
repeated in a dazed way. TbeD, as the
inemoty of inauguration dashed over
Lhe mind, "Trim 'em red, white an'
blue." Then he resumed his nap.
' But you certainly ought to consider
the wishes of your parents." "Why
should I? They did not marry to
please me."
The Wedding of Earl Craven and
Miss Bradley Martiu will take place in
New l'ork on April 18. The family
will soon after return to England.
A Port Mommouth N. J., girl who is
breach of promising a Long Branch
express owner, considers that her
s is good as won. She hasher wedding
trousseau ready to put ia evidence.
In the garden was Adam contended
to room. Its narrow conhnes served
him well for a home; not a thought had
lie given to what he was worth but
when be got married he wanted the
Mrs. Matilda Huntington, a buxon
English woman of New Orleans, is only
23 years old, though she has just
icouired her seventh husband. :?he
jb ganher extraordinary matrimonii
career at 14.
Philadelphia Times: The average
liungorer after spoils doesn't particular
ly care who takes the cake so long as
lie gets a pudding.
Binghamton Leader: When a man
is slow settling would it be good policy
for his grocer to shake him ?
who ore puny, pale,
weak, or scrofulous,
ought to take Doctor
Pierce's Golden Medicai
Discovery. That build
up both their flefch and
their strength. For this,
and for purifyinj; the
blood, there's nothing in
all medicine that can
equal the " Discovery."
In recoverinz from
"Grippe," or in con
Tolescence from pneu
monia, fevers, or other
wasting diseases, it speedily aad surely in
vigorates and builds up the whole system.
As an appetizing, restorative tonic, it sets
at work all the processes of digestion aud
nutrition, rouses every organ into natural
action, and brings back health and strength.
For all diseases caused by a torpid U ver or
impure blood, Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Scrof
ulous, Skin, and Scalp Diseases even Con
sumption (or Lung-scrofula) in its earlier
staces the " Discovery " is the only guaran
teed remedy.
If it doesn't benefit or cure, ia every casa,
you have your money back.
Buccewor of Hie
'l'n& bruised."
Ten years epent in i
revising,. 100 editors j
employed, more titan 3
-jW,wo ezpeuued.
I..-' , .1 m& - j- n
A Grand Educator
Abreast of the Times '
A Library in Itself
Invaluable in the
household, and to the
teacher, professioual 5
mau, self-educator.
Aaltyout Bookseller to show it toyou.
PiililUlml hv
5 rP"Sin(l for free jirnptvrtn8 containing sjecimen
pin!, llluntraUous, tlimonialR, etc.
(Eyilo not buy reprints oi anciem cuiuons.
n Every man and wom
an Khould liavH one.
KKIH-ciallV tllOKC. of
marriun-aiiln iw. Do U"' a u" to BI'D-1. "ylieni;
MterMWonly. l'rieef. ltwi-td letter or i-.i oia-r.
WKCIAI.TY. Pi-u. Co.. Honm 10 'limns lilillt., Cliu-lujO.
' aal Ci:i '.is QriilBiJit' Pt:B!
' We obtain hlfiliei-t market prices porfuile ana maae
! en. lie I returns. railroad au.-Dt bill car to
'is Ad. i-e u by mail, pjlvini! ear number, ko we can
look uit. i-.triinsueetion .a'Uimnx,olc . upon arrival.
My wife suffered with indigestion
and dyspepsia for years. Life be
came a burden to her. Physicians
failed to give relief. After reading
one of your books, i purchased a
bottle of August Flower. It worked
like a charm. My wife received im
mediate relief after taking the first
dose. She was completely cured
now weighs 165 pounds, and can eat
anything she desires without any
deleterious results as was formerly
the case. C H. Dear, Prop' r Wash
ington House, Washington, Va. 9
H.H. Csrr&Ga.
(Yiin in .usion Aittrehantr-
lij-rU r Tnitti. Il.ilidius.
mainn The, Alexandra Tmnrovod Cream Sep
irator ;capaltya,.V0 to 4,000 pounds perhour : w
oorne power will run It. Also new model HAH J
SEPARATOR for the sale of which AGENTS ai
WANTED I in every section. Manufacturers ol
Everything In line of machinery aud supplies foi
butter and cheese factories. Send for catalogue
Davis & liankln BldR. and Mfg. Co., SSW to 2o
West Lake Street, Cbicagu, 111.
Letters of condolence to sweet young
widows may properly be written with
sympathetic ink. Then tbey are likely
to fade away tn time to prevent their
turnintt up inopportunely some day in
the more or less distant future to bring
distinct embarrassment to Husband
No. 2.
Washing a phr will not take from
him the Ioto of mud.
It will not count for much to refrain
from buffr? riding on Sunday, If we
spend all the rest of the week in throw
Ins stones at tue people we aon t hko
Washington Record: "A peony sv
ed is a penny urned," said the. old lady
who kept her sayings in a teanot.
Both tho method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
uid refreshing to the taste, and acts
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
ivilv rpmenV of its kind ever pro-
meed, pleasing to the taste and ac
"ntjilila to the dtonifich, prompt in
is action and truly beneficial in its
il'eete, prepared only from the most
tcalthy and agreeable substances, its
nauy excellent qualities commend it
a nil nnd have made it the most
- Linulnr rp.merlv known.
' Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50a
ml 1 bottles bv all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
mny not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it Do not accept any
imiisvtuE. nr. New ro" '' "
Do Witt's Little m. Karly Itinera,
irnmrniaMttlp Pills for Cnnsilrnit.on.Siek Tlend-
ache, Dyspepsla.NoNausea.No Faiu.Tery Small
Relieved me of a severe Blood troubl
It lias also caused my hair to grow out
nc-.tin. as it had been falline out by the
handful. After trying many physicians
in vain, 1 am so happy to nna a cure in
S. S. S. O. II. Elbert, Galveston, Tex.
" CI TDPQ1yforcinPoutrera'9ol't"'s"
lv tiJ ease and tho iKiison aa well.
fjijj S-V W Is entirely vegetable and harmless.
fM Treatise on Blood and Skin mailed free.
2 Swiii-r Si'Ecmo Co., Atlanta. Ga.
i-$)Eifl A Month and ExpsnsasI uwwmiawimiwvvwvm
MivzZ cjJai" to ROOT,' BARK m BLOSSOM
--rr I Th.BrtSt.L.,U..r,KM.T-IBI-H! 1T
SAmrLta Hill!
bC laul, mmn.
Inn ill Unci mill LiuiUn.Tlrod, DrKgd Out, bervoui
Kculii-g, lability and Ui Vitality UNlc-klr Cmrcfl
u Ba .-.u.n.i .i.mrinALir.n. HlnlDM
1KA.....L,,Tn Arf?ntMri'h. Ram nlfl FrM f OT M
L uiir. ! urlkl.V HAI.AUV.
i buz two'inoiittii.' ui.pij 1 1 s. r ", " rr
bis. ' "lie month's supply f t (feu. Try It and Be Well.
31-KT "
Forest Uonareh for ijeiitiiriei.
Evor since the days of tho Drst set
tiers in the Tike County, Pennsylva
nia, Lack woods, a tree known as the
"great pine" has been a landmark 1,
Green township because oi Its im
mense height, tho tree tower ng fai
above all the other trees in the pin?
forest that then covered hc Pike
County mountains, says tf.o New
York Sun. In the clcari. r away ol
tho pine timber.which was the main
pursuit of the woodsmen for fifty
years or'nioic, this lordly 'rco was
left staHdiDg, and thirty years ago it
became the solo relic in all that
region of tho great prlit.Uvo forest
of pines, and since then has been fa
mous throughout Northern Pennsyl
vania as "the last pine." The na
tives had always regarded the ancient
tree with great veneration, buc tho
land on which it stood passed into
the hands of alien owners and one
day recently they had it cut down.
The tree was found to be 372' feot In
height, and the Infallible record of
tho rings of its stom showed its age
to bo 462 years, so that It was a re
spectable tree 62 years old when Col
umbus discovered America. It is
perfectly sound from butt to tip and
will cut $2,000 worth of lumber.
Cnres Consumption, Congho, Cronp, 8or
Tiirout. Sold by all Dru-miiti on Guarantee.
For a Lame SWe, lack or CW Shlloh'a Poroui
Plaster will gin reat latiifact-OB. J
Send at once lo Jomi 8EBiKTiA!l, 0. T. A. C R.
1 ln B., Chicago, 111., aud rt-cel.e-xj.taKe paid,
he IckMt deck of cards you ever handled. Oalf
rtVcUNTS pw paok. In atampa or coin.
Garfield Toa s,
CiSwKlcli HcerfiMli.Hflre0iaDlcilorT Doctors
Rills. Sample froo. OiuruiLuTliACo.,'llw.thSt.,.I.
Cures Constipation
5 - T ' .
Votary Public
Eair Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
and acts directly upon the Blood and
mucous turf aces.
E. B. WALTHALL CO., Drniorlats, Horte Care,
Kv., say ; "HaU'u Catarrh Cure cures every one that
takes it."
J. A. JOHNSON, Medina, H. Y., ays: "HaU'i
Catarrh Cure cured me."
(WNDUCTOR B. D. LOOMI8, Detroit, Mich., ars:
"Tho effect ol Hall's Catarrh Cure is wonderful."
Wrtie him about it.
H. P. CARSON. Scotland. Dak., lays: I .T. C. SIMPSON, Marquess, W. Va., 7:
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y cured my Hide girl." I case ol catarrh."
HALL'S CATARRH CURE is sold by all Dealers in Patent Medicines.
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TeUimoniali sent Jree on application.
rontsTAi-i, m. i.
Every day a man hears a dozen
things ho ought to do that he can't
Correspondence solicited.
(f. M. U. No. S3--l
TV ideas suj yon mw lb avd-rerUsonui
till-. ,-T-.
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Soiiai-os. Hume Clips and Btaples. Bi-. cts, etc., at a big reduction.
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ROOT'S 1IOJ1K IKO WORKBH, a flrlass kit of blade
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i tary. This shrab grows 10 to 1 test high.
n eoTering itself in early sprlnf with
flowers which are stieoaede by s-raat , qnan-
Ar)..L,. fmli It is harar. sa bctsutl
ful as a picture, while the fruit la liMOejparabls.
It will grow any and ererywhere and Toms a
prsnd addltien to our law n and garden surahs.
Each, SOc; IS for $1.11, poxtpald.
A shrub of wondrous beauty; cotsts ltaetf
with a great niuns ofr-ure whits, dcHetesisly
fruBrant blosroius. Tliise are followed by
lar. dark rolurrd berries, excellent for pus,
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liaro a alirub thnl will flourish aad hw p
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