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The Sioux County Journal
VOL. 5.
H-A.KRIS03iT, NEB.. MABOH 23. 1893.
3STO. 28.
L. J. Simmon. Editor aid Proprietor.
If. K. k M. V lU It. Time table.
Going West. Going East.
No. 5, mixed 11 :15 I Xo. 6. mixed-. 6:50
Wheat per bushel 40345
OaU per bushel 30
tioru per bushel. ... 40
Shorts-per hundred I) 1 00
Bran per hundred S.- 80
Feed chopped per hundred i I i
Potatoes per! . . SO
Butter per 1b.. .
Eggs per doz. ....-.- .... 10
Poultry per doz. 40
Onion per 1 M
Beaus per I).... ...... iX
Coal per ton... ... 4 SO.
Wood per cord SO
Lumber native per m, f IS 00
WCorroctod every Thursday.
Hides bought at the harness shop.
O. Guthrie is erecting a new ham
near his residence. ,-
.Go to Turner's to buy your boots,
hoes and overshoes.
Go to Turner's and save 10 to 20
cents on the dollar for cash.
Highest market prices paid for
wheat Grant Guthrie.
fThe winter term or school closes to
morrow. There will be a three month's
spring term.
From the indications there will be
more than one. train load of nerv people
come to Sioux county this season.
C. W. Croudson has sown some oats
and clover seed on the ground. Ho be
lieves in puttiug in grain in season.
Mares for sale or to trade for stock;
also some hay for sale.
Wm. A. Bicielow.
There appears to be more of a de
mand for farm hands than men to fill the
places. The farmers are preparing for
the Bpring work and will need help.
The entertainment at the church
last Thursday evening was quite well
attended notwithstanding the falling
Know, The participants acouited them
selves with credit.
W. F. Kittering returned on Tues
day from Sioux county. He says that
atl the 'aevrLotty eiiiigrantsare
highly pleased with the country.
.-Reward Reporter,
v-lbe room adjoining G. H. Turner's
store is being fitted up and will be occu
pied by Mioses Montgomery and Zeigler
astt dressmaking establishment. They
expect to occupy the room in a day or
. two.
c-In another column appears the state
ment of the Commercial Bank. The
showimr made indicates prosperity for
the bank and the deposits show that
people are not without money, even in a
pew country, , ,
W, Smith has gone to the wilds-of
Vyoming to seek his fortune, having
tired of - pegging shoes. That leaves
Harrison in need of a. shoemaker. The
field is clear nud a good workman who is
Sober and industrious would do well at
(he business,
-Inquiries are being received daily
from , parties in the east in regard to
homesteads, deeded lands and business
npenink's and new people will be plenty
from now on- Every one should make a
special effort to let people know what
win be had here and get them to come
and see for themselves.
Pocket Map of IowarNebraska twp
States in one cover handsomer, handier,
better t than any 50 cent maps yet made,
f colors; in strong cover,
ixmtoftlces. Correct to
all counties,
date. Also
mops pf all s,tate in same style.
mail agents any samples
wanted on re
ceint of eiirht Spent stamps; address The
MattheiYS-Northrup Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
.The fact that Bushyilie had one good
Will and a new of one hundrend bar
rels daily capacity is nearly ready to be-
sin operations, proves the fact that the
wheat pf northwest Nebraska is the On
est to be found and a market can easily
i found for the flour and it takes
less to pay the freight pq the flour than
Jt does on the wheat, There is not the
toast doubt about a mill at Harrison be
ing a paying investment, and the sooner
it is erected the better,
We are informed that steps are being
(ken in the vicinity of Montrose for the
atoWWiinent pf a creamery, parties
from the east being there with the ip
teutUw Pf engaging (n tfcat business.
fbe people pf that aepfriPB U1 P work
ing tfltNP PWR iBt4raat f thsjr do U
(her can to make the preamery a go,
iatfi binary of ?ery lwlty tatt
east Where premerM bv btenlt
lihed and properly conducted the
ejtrroundingcpwnWy has grown piromer
4iiii an4 rlPh, Jf wh resHlta can btliad.
ubere land Is expensive and tow high
(heif it no reason why the proflta aha4
Ml be mHoh gmtor in hxwhty whww
Im4(i ohaap and taw low, WtboB.
aaoatolM that tto bulMlng forth
KNtoo orttrowy is btiaf metal,
fild papers for sale at THE Joi'RSAL
J office. 5 cents er dozen,
j Do you want to rent your farm?
j Put it in the hauds of the real estate
firm of Simmons & Smiley.
G. H. Turner received a car-load of
farm machinery last week and Griswold
& Mars teller a car load of barb wire.
Rev. Giffen occupied the pulpit at
the if. E. church Saturday evening and
Sunday morning and evening. He is an
interesting speaker.
It is reported that the store of H.
W. MacLachlan at Ardmoie, S. D., was
burglarized last Saturday night but to
what extent was not learned.
Saturday was a busy day with our
merchants. People liad to wait some
time in many instances before they could
make their purchases on account of the
throngs in the stores.
Farmers are getting their seed ready.
Care should be taken to get seed of the
best quality. It costs no more to grow
good grain than it does poor, and the re
sult is always more satisfactory.
A surprise party was sprung on Miss
Myrtle Pontius last evening. While
absent from homo for a short time her
young friends gathered at her home and
awaited her return, and then proceeded
to spend a merry evening.
There was a good attendance at the
sale of Dunn Bros, last Saturday, but
the bidding was not as spirited as at
former sales. The demand for horses
seems to be pretty well supplied, except
for large work teams of horses or mules.
The best evidence that the new
comers are well pleased with Sioux
county is the fact that they are writing
to their friends in the east to come and
get homes while the opportunity is good.
That is the best kind of advertising the
county can have.
The present outlook for a prosierous
season is good. It is to be hoped that
our farmers will arrange to turn over
more of the original sod this spring.
When the sod is once broken all neces
sity for irrigation will be done away
with. Crawford Gazette.
I will run a herd on Duck creek, near
Ardmore the coming season. The stock
will be well taken care of and kept on
good grass, Only 75 "cents a head
for cattle and fl.00 a head for horses
for the season of six months.
Parties desiring trout to stock the
streams along which they live should get
their applications in at soon as possible
so that they can be forwarded to the
superintendent, in order to enable him to
prepare to All applications filed. Do not
delay if you wish to get fish,
It is reported that eastern capital is
again beginning to seek investment in se
curities on western real estate. The poor
crops of 1890 and the work of the calam
ity howlers scared capital away but the
renewed prosperity and the westward
tide of immigration which set in has re
newed the faith of those who have
money and they are beginning to realize
that western land makes good security.
People east are beginning to make
inquiry concerning Harrison as a ousi-
ness point. Prosperity in the line of
settlers brings prosperity to the business
men and then others seek to enter the
field. As a rule the more business
houses in a place the more business
the place draws and as a rule business
men do not look upon a new competitor
with disfavor. The general opinion of
thejn seems to be that being already ea-
tablished they certainly ought to be able
to hold their own in competition with a
The annual meeting of the assessors
of Sioux county was held at the office of
the countv clerk on Tuesday. There
were presept J. S, Tucker, A. 1 King,
W. E. Moore, C, E. Gowey, Jacob
Forster, J. C. Parsons, John Debanp, J,
H. Cook, M. J. Frits, Jos. Decker and
John Herman. W. J. A. Itaum being in
Lincoln could not be present aud Wm
Dixon was also absent. Tlie meeting
was organized by the election of J. H.
Cook, as chairman and qn request
County Clerk Lindemap acted as secre
tary. A good deal of discussion was in
dulged in and tlie result of the meeting
was that the schedule of last year was
adopted with no changes except a reduc
tion of the valuation of mules..
President Gayhart, of the agricul
tural society was in town oyer Sunday
and be will quite likely call a meeting of
the society in the near future. The re
moval of the secretary from the county
throws that duty on the president
Whin the meeting is called it should be
remembered tha, every person in the
county hW equaj right in ita delibera
tion as soon M b purchase a member
ship ticket for th intning year- it is
governed; by tha statutes an4 they were
formulated, to prevent t few from get
ting hold of the organisation and running
it to suit themselves. When the meet
ing I palled a many ahouW heprewnt
a possible and by purchasing a member-
snip Howl ror ! Moomt aowvs mm
ban Ml twlp tl wwJr aloof,
Mrs. Sarah Davis returned Friday from
Bigelow Bros, contributed on subscrip
tion last week.
County Treasurer Gayliart was in
town Saturday.
V. A. Hester returned Thursday from
is trip to Omaha.
Henrv Brunditre was in Harrison Mon
day and called ot this office.
Cant. Jack Crawford was a westbound
passenger yesterday morning.
John Mosley was up from Cottonwood
Saturday and called at this office.
H. J. Piekenbrock called Saturday and
gave us some cash on subscription.
Commissioner Knott was in town Mon-
ilav and called to chat a few minutes.
E. ("owlishaw of Indian Creek was in
town Mondav and called at this office.
J. J. Alcorn was in town Saturday to
arrange for a school district in his lo
cality. .
J. C. Shipley came up from the east
part of the county the last of the week
to hie on a homestead.
Will and Misses Wanda and Myrtle
Pontius went to Ft. Robinson Friday
evening to attend the military onu.
Mrs. Martha Williams came up from
Montrose the first of the week to make
final proof and called and gave us some
cash on subscription.
To All
Sunday School
Workers in
Sioux County.
A call is hereby issued for a Sunday
school convention for Sioux county to be
held at Harrison, early in May, at which
time it is proposed to organize a County
Sunday School Association. The object
of said association is to make some one
'esponsible for the maintenance of the
work throughout the county. The ex
ecutive committee will be expected to
gather and collate statistics, to corres
pond with and encourage the schools, ar
range for local and county conventions,
secure speakers for the same and do any
other necessary work to increase the
number and efficiency of the Sunday
schools in the county. The date and pro
gram of the coining convention will be
announced later. An effort will be
made to secure E. A. Stevens of Grand
Island or some other member of the
state executive committee to deliver at
least one address during the meeting. It
earnestly urged that all Sunday
schools in the county which have sus
pended for the winter be reorganized at
once, and that they begin to mane ac
tive preparations for the convention.
Report all such organizations and other
terns of information immediately to
John C. Gifpkn,
County Organizer, Crawford, Neb.
For Sale or Trade.
157 acres li miles east of Andrews,
Nebr. Good range north and south for
grazing. 80 acres fenced for pasture.
i miles running water. Plenty of wood
and good place for gardening.
Apply to A. T. Huohson,
Harrison, Neb.
At Harrison, in the State of Nebraska, at the
closo of business, Marcn Bin, mvi.
.oaiiu and discounts - S20.584 80
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured 87 89
Other stocks, bonds, and mortgages 13 85
Due from National nanus - o,io ti
Due from State Banks and bankers 164 64
Real estate, furniture and fixtures 800 00
Current expenses and taxes paid 440 o
Checks and other cash items - - 1 08
Hills of other Banks
tills of other Banks - oub wi
Fractional paper currency, nickels
and conts
416 00
1,110 00
Lgai tenuer notes
(fqtal 130,001 93
Capital stock paid in
$10,000 00
tm oo
785 00
Surplus fund
Undivided profits
Individual deposits subicct to check 13,762 54
Demand certificates of deposit 451 39
Time certificates of deposit 4,403 00
Total - 30,001 93
i. if. li. unNwuu. uiiniiicf ui biic oiwtu
named bank, do solomnly swear that the
above statoment is truo to the bost qf my
knowledge and Deuel.
II . 1 1 . uuin.uiii',
Subscribed and sworn to before
SEAL me this 20 day ot March, isira.
v- Gf.orok Walker,
Notary Public
Application for Liqonr license.
Matter of Application pf Isidor Rlchsleln for
liquor license.
Notice to Whom it Mat concern ;
Notice is herebv iriven that on the 15th dav
ot March. 1893. Isidor Richstcln tiled his ap
plication with the board of villago trustees
of the villaso of Harrison. Sioux county.
Nebraska, for license to sell Malt, Spirituous
and vinous liquors at Harrison, In Sioux
county, Nebraska, from the 1st day
of May, 1S93, to the 1st day of May,
1894. All objection to granting tnis license
shall be mane in writing, and tiled with said
board as required by law.
fZT-M Applioaut.
B. E, Brewstkb, C, F, Coffer,
President, Vice Pres.
P, H, GRISWOLD, Cashier.
Commercial Bank.
Ginsrel Banking Busings
. . . IfBftslIA
Sheriffs Sale.
Bv virtue of an order of sale isucd by the
Cleric of the District Court of iou- county,
Nebraska, upon a decree rendered by said
court In favor of LeuU rjchuchardt and
against John W. Tidd, I will on the sth day
of April, 1HM3, at one o'clock, p. ni., on said
day at the front door of the court bouse of
said Sioux couuty, in Harrison, sell the fol
lowine described real estate, viz: J-ots
numbered Two (i). Three (8) and t our (4;
and the South East quarter (SE) of the
Southwest quarter (SWK) of section num
ber eighteen (IS), township thirty-three (33)
north of range number flfty-three (W) West
of the th Principal Meridan In bioui
county, Nebraska, at public auctiou to the
highest bidder for cash to satisfy said order
of sale in the sum of S400.00 and Interest,
costs and accruing costs.
Thob. Reidt,
26-301 Sheriff of Sioux Co., Nebr.
S!ierlir Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale issued by the
clerk of the district court of Sioux county,
Nebraska, upon a decree rendered by said
court in favor of Catharine A. Smoot and
against August Beck, Lena C. Beck, his wife,
Dvright II. Griswold and Mrs. Uwight 11.
Griswold, first and real name unknown, I
will on the 8th day of April, li3, at one
o'clock, p. m.. on said day at the front door
of the court bouse of said county in Harri
son, sell the following described real estate,
viz: The South West quarter (SW) of
section twenty-two (22), in township thirty
one (31) north of range flfty-six (SB) West of
the th Principal Meridan fn Sioux county,
Nehraskii, at public auction to the highest
bidder for cash to satisfy said order of sale
in the sum of S370.35 and interest and costs
aud accruing costs. Thos. Reidt,
2S-30J Sheriff of Sioux Co., Nebr.
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale issued
by the clerk of the district court of
Sioux county, Nebraska on a decree ren
dered In said court in favor of Sarah C. D.
Bassett and against Franklin, Simons, Mary
Simons, Sarah E. Davis and D. P. Davis, I
will on the 29th day of April, 1893, at one
o'clock, p. m. on safd day at the front door
of the court house in Harrison, Nebr., sell
the following described real estate, viz:
Lot number Sixteen (16) in block number
Sixteen in the village of Harrison, Sioux
county Nebraska at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash to satisfy said order
of sale in the sum of One Thousand Seven
teen and 48-100 dollars and interest and costs
aud accruing costs. Thos. Reidy,
28-33 Sheriff of Sioux couuty, Neb.
Sheriff's Sale.
By vlrture of an order of aal issued by the
clerk of the district court of Sioux
County, Nebraska, upon a decree ren
dered by said court In favor of
The American Investment Company
against' Mary Shay and the unknown
devisees of John Shay I will on the 29th day
of April, 1893, at one o'clock p..m. on said
day, at the frontdoor of the court house, in
said couuty, in Harrison, Nebr, sell the fol
lowing described real estate, viz: The North
West Quarter of Section Thirty-thce (35)
Township Thirty one (31) North of Range
Fifty-three (53) westof theeth Principal Meri
dian in Sioux county, Nebraska, at public
auction to the highest bidder for oash, sub
ject to lien of flrst mortgage for principal
sum of S350.00 to satisfy said order of sale, In
the sum of S118.09 and Interest, costs and ac
cruing costs. Thos. Reidt,
28 33 j Sheriff of Said County.
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale issued by the
clerk of the district court of Sioux county,
Nebraska, upon a decree rendered by said
codrt in favor of The American Investment
Company against John l. Davis, lwis
lscuer. riscner, nis wiie, urat anu
Christian name unknown, I will on the 29th
day of April, 1893, at ono o'clock, p. ni. on
said day, at me rron aoor oi me couri.
house, in said county, in Harrison, Nebr.,
sell the following described roal estate, viz:
The South West Quarter (SW4) of Section
Thirty-two (32), Township Thirty-two (32)
norm ot Kange ruty-six ibui vresioime
6th Prlnoinal Meridian In Sioux county, Ne-
DrasKa, ai puouc auciiun lo mib uignesL
bidder lor cash, anu suuieci to a ursi mori
gage for S57S 00 to satify said order of sale, in
tne sum oi ft4.30 ana interest, costs anu ac
cruing costs, Thos, Reidt,
Sheriffs Sale.
Bv virtue of an order of sale Issued by the
L;ierK oi tne uiatnct i;oiu-l ui aivui vuuuty,
Nebraska, upon a decree rendered ny saiu
court in favor of The American Invest
ment Company against Irving Wilson, Ella
M. Wilson, Thomas Dovenpon anu tiannan
Dovennort, I will on the 29th day of April,
1893. at one o'clock, p. m., on said day, at
the front door of the court house, In' said
county, in Harrison, Heor., sen the toi-
lowing aescriDea real estate, viz; norm
west quarter (N. W. ) of Section twenty.
six (26) rownBhip thirty (.10) North range
Fifty-four (84), West of the 6th Principal
Meridian, in Sioux county, Nebraska, at
nublic auction to the highest bidder. for
cash, subject to lien of flrst mortgage for
principal sum of S200.00, to satisfy said
order of sale, in the sum of 046.45 and
iitercst, costs and accruing costs.
Sheriff of said County.
Notice to Nun-Resident Defendants,
Andrew llahlmfln. Almlnn Dahltnan and
Altman. Midler & Com nan y, a corporation,
defendants, will take notice that on the list
day of March, A. II. 1893 Herbert Stebbins,
plaintiff herein, filed his petition in the
district court of Sioux countv. Nebraska,
UgaillSb ucit;iiuiiiii.s, vuv. uujet. nuu
prayer of which are to foreclose a certain
mortgage executed by the defendants, An
drew Uuhlimin and Almlna Dahlman to tho
Western Security Company, a corporation
of Windham, Connecticut, and which said
mortgago was for a valuable consideration
Hssicncd bv said Western Security Company
to tills Dilantin said mortgage was given
upon The South West Quarter, (3.. W. X
Section Twenty (See. Bi), Townsnip Thnt;
(55) three, (Twp. 33), Kango nfty nve.
in Sioux countv. Nebraska for the sum
of Three Hundred and Fifty Dpllars (350.00)
dated Mav 28th. 1888 and due and navable in
vcurs from date thereoi. xnnt there is
now due and navable
upon said note and
S418.40 with Interest
ninrtcrntfe the sum of
thereon from the flrst day of March, A. D,
1893, for which sum with interest thereon
from this date plaintiff prays fqr a decree
thatdefendantrbe required to pay tho sum
or that said promises may be sold to satisfy
the amount touna due.
You are reoulrcd to answer said petition
on or Dei ore tne vitn uny oi juay, a. if. isvs.
By Geo. Walker, Plaintiff,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
Dated March 21st, 1893. 128 SI
Notice to Non-Resident Defendant
Fannie Snedakcr and unknown heirs of
Charles 0. Sncdaker, deceased, will take
notice that Foe McCllntocK, piainim nerein
nn tun 4tn nnv oi rcnv.. inva. niea ner pen.
Hon in tho district court ot Slonx county.
state of Nebraska, against Charles C. Sno
rtAlrer and - Fannie Sncdaker. defendant!
herein, the object and prayor of which Is to
foreclose a certain mortgage, executed by
them to tho Western Farm Mortgage Com
nanv upon the Southeast quarter of Section
one, xownsnip tnirty, n&nga uiiy-iiiree
Sioux countv. Nebraska, to secure the nay
mnnt. nf a certain nromlnsorv note dated
October 2nd, 1S88, for S4M.O0 with f per cent
Interest from date thereof, payable somv
anmiallv.' 1 - 1 , v -
"Tbii'Tioforo laid mortgago become due
nu lor vuiqu rocuiyetjr auiu nyw itiiu uiuik-
wss amy assigned to roe Mcuuniqcit,
plaintiff Vreln wu0 1
tnere ia now uuu nv
6 tho sum of S4M.00 with Interest
na 1st. 1801. according to the t
d'note, and, plaintiff prays that Ssi(
etnUes maybe decreed to tie told to satltf l
an orb
srans & smiley,
Harrison, Nebraska,
Real Estate Agents,
Have a number of bargains in
choice land in Sioux county.
Parties desiring to
estate should
call on
School Lands
leased, taxes paid
non-rosidonts; farms rented, etc.
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