The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, March 02, 1893, Image 3

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    A Cheap Invlaibl Ink.
ti.u n nuinir is eiven as a reliable
fornml i'T invisible ink, which can j
x, ni l,osl cr a J0,u 1 a U14rrel
Jig o.vh in pure w.-iter s much com
mon l,akiiiff 8'U as will dissolve.
Tliis is vonr inK. Write on clear
white paper with a clear pan. Xo
trace of the writing will bd visible
ni-it is dry. To bring the writing
.Mitilip t lie paper into dean water.
J ' -r tii paper lias dried the writing
n n disH p'::r, but may be
I, ought out a before at any time by
redipp;n in cle ir water. N'enr York
I rf S3.
The iMilice-fiiri-e in nil parts of the i-onn-trv
bear uniform tiMtiinunv to the great
viilne of lr. J'.ull a Coutrh Syrup us a
n mcilv for e mgh. eoM ami incipient con--nmiuion.
They all niipha-xize the fact
tliat no i'ie shoiiUl he without it.
Piiihidelpbia Times: If the thief
who broke that pawnbroker' window
and Mole the diamond rings was a
drinkintr uiiiii, it's hardly a eommeiid
iible way of taking the pledge.
Wa-liington Star: ' have in my
ni.nd a gooi subject for a poem," said
the young man.
-And so have I." repl ed the rude
e'litor as he glared at the poet, -'for an
obituary poem."
Hood's Cures
Marvelous, but True
D af and Blind, Caused by the G.ip
fcnd en Abs.ess.
Mrs. M. K. Wilson
Evra u o, S. Y.
Fo-three y urn I had rucuinotl-m (ml las
I cc mber was taken with t ie grip. Three phy
H: inns add re overy wasd.mb f if. Ac ah ocst
iiiiiiercd in my head ai d rttscbarfrel iroin the
!.ui. lun-vtry 11 lrr Klx ciks. I lecanie
l.iu! nmi iilso Illlnil. I lost 1 myconracc
Made My Will,
.ii-l proline ' for oath. Hut I thought I would
tiy llood'6 Sareapnrl hi. When 1 1 ad tuKiii Un
1-n ties 1 bi gaii to nc ver my fight ami h-nrlnjr
T c ubwe s, f er dipcharini; s x weeks, henkd
up; my appetite returned, and I gradually pain-
Hood's Cures
el utrengLh and health. I fan now See unit
cur Well, d my own work, and attend o
i ybi.fiiiics" Mks. M. E. Wilson, .'110 AjpK
: iret-t, Syracuse, N. Y.
Ht.od'S 1111 1 c:in: oustipit'on lv
the- peristaltic fut on of ihon'iim-, iiiry ai'ii'.
of cod-liver oil presents a
perfect food palatable,
easy of assimilation, and
an appetizer ; these are
everything to those who
are losing flesh and
strength. The combina
tion of pure cod-liver oil,
the greatest of all fat pro
ducing foods, with Hypo
phosphites, provides a re
markable agent for Quick
Flesh Building in all ail
ments that are associated
with loss of flesh.
Prepireil by Scott A Bnwne, Chemist.
flew xorfc. sold by all druggutu.
. FRiEND" .
In p, rcicntifically prepared Liniment .
una Harmless; every ingredient is or
recognized valuo and in constant use
) y tho medical profession. It short-
us Labor, Les6ous Pain, Diminishes
t iunger to lifo of Mother and Child.
3ook ' To Mothers" mailed free, con
taining valuable information and
vclnntary test imonials.
Gent by express, charges prepaid, on receipt
or jincc, 1.60 per bottle
UiimM REGULATOR CO.. Atlanta, 6a.
Sold by all druggists.
The Best
in the
wl. itt a it mm t vn fit it V "aPtl I wimnlMl WltfT-
Wof. and will keep ynudry In tlM J''''0:, i2
lOf lion oiNiiiii nuiv-n" - - - . w.
eorers iheenlirasaoaia. T,'" ""' .T7V?n
Eur a oo.t If Hie "Irish Brand Js " ' Jl
lofl Catalonia iw. a i"" "
Caraa CcMnnptloa, Cracha, Croap, taM
Tml mmu u by all uramta yuanai
Vara Laaa Bida, Baen ertMn hwhi
Kim will (Ira grut atU(Ktkih- MM
ltt-5iU rieSt V
H here Wn the Garden orKden?
The true s te of the Garoen of
Eden has lieeo the suh.iect of almost
tndles controversy and conjecture.
The t!irc conlinents of the Old
Aor!d have been gune over hy the
liieoliig ans and anti uarians in a
v;i!ii sj-iircli fur it-s most prolable loca
tion. From Cliina to the Cauary
Islands and Irmu the Muuntains of
the Moon to the coa-t of the lialtic,
eucli country has Ix-en the subject of
careful search. Every .snot in Europe,
Asia, and Africa that could po-sihty
be the place designated i:i the first
etiapte.-of Jenesishas i en exa iiined
and vet, says the I'liikuieluhia Press.
no place has been found that cone- !
sooikIs even in i he siiyt.te-t decree
with the scriptural account of the
lir.-t aixde of the priironit)rs of the
human race One of the most ancient
opinions, that given hy Joseph us, h
that it, was in the country which lien
between the (ian-es and the Nile.
This view imagines Kden as belnif a
very widely-extended country, eni
jl racin,' all that vast territory which
is hounded on the east by the Indus
and on the west by Egypt's great
watercourse. As the Garden" is
S lid to have been "to the eastward
in Eden," Joscphus places it indeli
nitely in the valley of tne Euphrates.
Von Hammer, the famous oriental
scholar, places it in Bajtria: others
locate it in liabylonia, at the con
fluence of the Euphrates and the
Tigris. Cant. Wilford, a profound
student of Eastern antiquaries, has
labored for years to locate Kdon in
Jiamian, south of the Keosh Mount
ains. Huttniau puts it down as being
in India: Heidcr, in his "History of
Mankind,'1 identifies it with the
present vak; of Cashmere. Many
oriental sects believe it was on the
island of Ceylon, while the Greeks
place it at lieth Eden, on Lebanon.
Lastly, many eminent scholars regard
the whole story as being a gigantic
The Onter of I'opulation.
liy the census of ISHOthe center of
population Is in latitude 3!) degrees
11 minutes and !) seconds north, and
longitude to degrees .'12 minutesand9
seconds west, about twenty miles east
of Columbus, lnd., and about llfty
six miles west by south of Cincinnati.
The position of the center of popula
tion is reached in this manner: A
point was taken as near as possible
to the actual center of population,
and a parallel of latitude and a
meridian or longitude were drawn
through it. The population of the
country was then grouped in siiunre
degrees, and the number of the popu
lation in each square degree multi
plied by the number of miles from
the assumed meridian, or by t lie num
ber of degrees from the assumed
parallel. The products of the first
multiplication were east and west
moments, of the second multiplica
tion north and south moments. The
difference between the sums of the
north and souih moments, divided hy
the number of the total population,
showed whether the assumed parallel
was north or south of the real center
of population, and similarly it was
ascertained whether the assumed
meridian was cast or west of the
actual center; and from the results,
tne parallel and meridian of the
actual center of population were de
duced. Safe Place lor the Hnby.
Should there happen to be a baby
in the family, and yet at the same
time an unpleasant shrinkage in the
family bank account, so that a nurse
girl is regarded as an impossibility,
don't be discouraged. (Jet an old
far'iioned clothes basket made of
twisted willow, line it with thickly
wadded, quilted, or tufed silk, just
as you prefer. Then put the basket
nn the floor, and this time, instead of
tilling it with clothes, just gently drop .
in the baby. The, basiiet is peculiarly
adapted to the needs of a baby who j
is just learning to stand alone. Itr
chief merit consists in its safety, for :
when the baby is once inside it can
not possibly be harmed, and may
stand up or sit down according to its
own sweet youthlui win. iiie nasKct
from which this idea is taken was
lined with a faint shade of pink
wadded silk, the outside and handles
being silvered. A rattle tied to the
.basket and a rag doll were its sole
decorations, "and these were quite
'sufficient, according to the baby's
idea. With one of these baskets in
the nursery the baby may be safely
left alone for a short time and be
amused as well.
It is almost as cruel to joke a man
about his fast horse as about his wife
and children, but newspaper wits
have no mercy. The Detroit Free
Press tells of a man who takes great
delight in the possession of a horse
that can "trot a mile in 2:;!0."
i Ho was driving rapidly along Jef
ferson avenue the other afternoon,
when a friend hailed him.
'1 can't stop," the driver shouted
back. "I've got to catch the 2:50
Half an hour later his friend met
him again.
' 'Hello!" ho exclaimed. ' '1 thought
you were going away on the 2:50
"I was, but I missed It"
The friend looked grave.
"Why don't you sell that horse?"
ho asked.
"What do I want to sell him for?"
answered the owner, Indignantly.
"For anything you can get."
"Oh, come now! What do you
"I mean I'd sell hlra. I wouldn't
keep a 2:30 horse that couldn't catch
I 2:50 train."
Coatljr fluttona.
The buttons of the wedding dress
)f a New York millionaire's daughter,
ccontly married, were made of Ict.cIs,
lnd cost 9100 each.
A Word
To American Housewives,
Author of
Carry n; CU'Ur of Wire.
The safe carrying capacity of a wire
is tliat ciirr.-nt which it wid cmivey
without becoming painfull' warm
u hen grasped in the closed hand In
lelermce lo this it must he remem
bered, says the Electrical Age, that
this test cannot safely be made wit li
the wires carrying currents for :h
lights, and it is intended to be ap 4 I
hi ly with reference to the conductors ,
Dt incandescent lights. These may be
nandled without risk; but with the;
..inductors of the arc lights, where, as
's usually the case, there are a mim-;
er in series, a severe shock may be ex
perienced on touching the wire, and if
i groimii connection existed by chance
elsewhere, and some other conditions
were present by which the full force
.' the current passed through the
i. uly, this shock might be fatal.
Dliimomla for Rifle Sights.
A report is running the rounds of
I'm is t hat the diamond is to appear
hi a new light, namely, as a sight on
i gun barrel. The smouldering en
iniiy tween France and Germany
.ias been the cause of a great many
iviua; kable improvements in materials
i warfare, and the proposed new use
d' i lie diamond will count one more
on the French score. H remains to
ue proved tliat the ide is practical.
One cau see that the brilliancy of the
.em would be an instantaneous guide
to the eye and would show in had'
li'jht Whether the stone wou'd hold
us position in the rough and tumble
nf soldier life is a question that is
likely to tip the scale the wrong way.
.Jewelers' Review.
New Law, Hut ominon Hr.nse.
A judge on the English bench to'd
the jury in a murder trial at York
shire recently that it was his opinion
"if one man called another a liar a
Slight blow in retaliation is jostifl
Ttble." He added: "This may be new
law, but it is common sense."
Feminine KKolisni.
"lint what on earth could have in
duced you to marry a man so utterly
your inferior."
"My dear girl I never met a man
who wasn't." Judy.
Where Women Reign.
At Lc-xington, Miss,, the postodice
and telegraph ollice are in charge of
a woman; the chief express agent is
1 woman, and her two assistants are
Indianapolis Journal: Mr. liotrox
That confounded rheumatism is mak
ing my leg ache awfully.
His Nephew Er you had better
:iave it pulled!
Urooklyn Life: Citicus-I wonder
iiinv it is that so few women stutter
vnen they talk?
u itticus; They haven't got time.
Indianapolis Journal: "iVatts How
ver much you may object to Kick
niu's appointment, you cannot say
iny'liinc against Ida capacity,
I'.iiiw 11. indeed. He can hold
uioiLOllic: than any other man of his
ye I ivei kntw.
to walk.
l Uh Mr3. r
f exh.uslrd, tl.
h Mr3.
Art rou hawT tA hMMUiy ? Thll wt Vy
im I now ? You may mm!t juikfr tij- E
n-WTS If ran am IH. ilril nut. hbirr)ffl
ilr'l out. huvf tf
, riW me nt oltc
Han FrtnctwHTWJ
AImu or lignr or rnmplir, t
VUrMT cr, iinoum.aouruai- rnrr,
KA. Howe Journal, Halt 1
ConaatlTe and peopie
who hare weak lunnor Asth
ma, should im Plso'aOarafor
Cnnn-nipllon. It has ewrd
thoaaaads. ft baa notlnjnr
ed ouo. it Is not bad to uUa,
It lath beataoafbagrrap.
Bold ererrw bera. SSa,
"Common Sense in the Household."
Mine and Thine.
'What quer notions you do get up!"
said one unsympathetic member of the
lamily to ano; her. "Notions, indeed!"
said the person addressed. "I don't
come out with half the number of
stan ling propositions that you do."
'Ob, well," was the serious reply, "mine
are ideas."
'How many people there are in this
world with ridiculous hobbies," said a
gentleman to a fellow-travele, with
whom he was trying to become ac
quainted. ' I know it," said the other, "and
how they do try to thrust them on tilt
public! I've laughed about it again
and again."
"So have I. Now, for example
there's that sun-spot man"
"Excuse me, .Science is never rid
iculous. I am the sun-spot man "
Youth s Companion.
consisting of Dramatic and Humorous
l'nni,.ilif,nD IMfi.ra nti P9n AHdilv llPfriVfln
by iiome talent, with a copy of" Garrett's
lumous "100 Choice selections, costing
onlv 30 milts. Suitable lor Lyceums,
Schools, Church Societies and Home
Theatricals. Sold bv booksellers.
Nn .32 I he latest, is a ccin. '-MO rates ot
pathos, dialect and fun, including two
bright new Comedies; all lor 30 crs., post
paid; ur, the two Plays 10 ct. Ciiln wjm
free. P. Garrett & Co., Philadelphia, l'a.
(Kstalilished lKC'i.)
A 1 liunder factory
A min ature thunder factory has
been constructed for the science and
art departments at South Kensington.
England, with plates seven feet in di
ameter, which, it i3 believed, would
jiivs sparks thirty inches long, but no
Eeyden jars have been found to stand
its charge, all being pierced by the
enormous tension.
Bronchitis Sudden changes of the
weuthcrcausclironchial troubles. "Brown's
Bronchial Troches" will give relief. Sold
amy in boxes. Price 25 cts.
The Use of' Only"
Ethel, excitedly He has Known me.
i niy two aays and lie put his arm
around me.
Eva You mean, I suppose, that he
has known jou two days and ouly put
his arm around you.-Life.
Disease is unnatural and is bnt the proof
that we are abusing Nature. It is claimed
that Garl'ield Tea, a single herb remedy,
helps Nature to overcome this abuse.
No Need ofKalae Teeth.
The common snail is said to have
150 rows of stout serrated teeth. The
whole palate contains about 21,000
treil;, it is claimed, while a full grown
slut' iias over 26,000 of these silicious
An Ar.on.WATiNG Sorb Thkoat is soon
relieved by Dr. D. Jayne's Expectorant, an
old-time remedy for Dronchial and
l'ul 111 o 1 1 a r v a tl'cct ions.
Rochester Democrat: The reason it
is no joke to step on a tack in the dark
is btcau e it is impossible to see the
point. "
Eye and Kar Specialist, York, Neb . Cor
respondence solicited.
'Ihe initios of antx.iress mes
in Atchison, Kansas, are C. O 1).
of the New York World :
,1 i tklcnW ti'as ihrmvn from a
' JH w; "ant sustaining a most serious injury wncrbpiuc, wu w.
sustaining a most serious injury lo her spine, ami was
Her daughter providentially procure!
r.cmmill used. Before the second r-u!e ins
,c was able to walk aboul, ana has tiecn
'cry truly,
M. THOMPSON, Potmicr.
n fJrsj5 M 3 Nana new Muira, boo. I - '
L f r, Kilwirtlmt)yalumrlatrii4tdtnrkaaaaalaaa( V. " Z I
ILIl I AarlluHalnrry,Jtinb.rrvaaaTrMCraasafTr. iTMataatlRMlaa W f
AMlV. F km begin t wwfola lhar im awn. af aoMtoat bitrti. lavaaa J
Oat alaal nfaanh f?h ?5JI
T aoataatil far tnl .'m ;
Hero Bui in Main Dreaa
At one moment in the battle of
Waterloo Wellington was left alone,
his aids-de-camps having all been sent
with messages to different parts of the
field. He was sorely in need of a mes
senger, and looked around anxiously,
when a gentleman in plain clothes
rode nr to him. sayin;. "Can 1 bo of
any use sir'r"
Wellington, looking him over, said,
"Yes. Take this note to the com
manding oftiser over there." pointing
to a part of the field where the battle
was hot and fierce. The gentleman
at once galloped off, rode through the
thick of tiie light, and delivered the
After the battle the duke made long
and anxious inquiry, but he never
found out to whom he was indebted
for that special service.
'I consider it." said he, in telling
the anecdote to LcrJ Shaftesbury,
"one of the most gailaut deeds that
ever came under my notice, for the
gentleman who did it could have bad
no prospect of reward or honor."
Youth's Companion.
Commends itself to the well-formed, to do
pleasantly and etfectnally what was form
erly done in the crudest manner and dis
agreeably as well. To cleanse the system
and break up colds, headaches and fevers
without unpleasant after eilects, use the
delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup
Jt 1 igs.
The Best of the Urauimrn.
Commercial travelers, it is said, sup
port two-thirds of the hotels in Amer
ca, to say nothing of instructing the
proprietors how to manage them.
and your cough may end in something seri
ous. It's pretty sure to, if your blood is poor.
That is just the time and condition that in
ito.s Consumption. The seeds ore sown and
; hits fastened its hold upon you, before you
11 now that it is near.
It won't do to triflo and delay, when the
remedy is at hand. Every disorder that can
be reached through the blood yields to Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. For
Severe Coughs, Bronchial. Throat and Lung
Diseases, Asthma, Scrofula in every form,
and even the Scrofulous affection of the
lungs that's called Consumption, in alLits
earlier stages, it is a positive and complete
It is the only blood-cleanser, strength re
storer, and flesh-builder so effective that it
can be guaranteed. If it doesn't benefit or
cure, in every case, you have your money
back. All medicine dealers have it.
it in (he World.
Bv mall, nostase Data.
I cent a ntu'kh?e and up.
J Grand lot of EXTRAS Riven
; with every oraer. prettiest
J and only FREE Catalogue in
. the world with ntctures of
i" all varieties. Send yours
and neighbors' address.
. n u cull u
W!JH?fffiffrwrfTt3r0 ckfo"rd. - Illinois.
MOODY '8 NEW aid 1
rptiirn mall, full de
scriptive circulars of
Jievised to dale.. Thpso. only, are the
genuine TAILOUSTSTEaS in vented and
copyrighted by VR0F. D.W. H00DT. Bc
wareoi imitations. Any lady of ordi
nary intelligence can easily and quick
ly learn to cut and make any garment,
in any style, to any measure, fur ladies,
men aud children. Garments guaran
teed to fit perfectly without trvinffon.
N. N. U. No. 2209
ork, N'cb,
please say you aaw tbe a J verlisoiuen
IB tins paper.
Do Your Own Repairing
By uc-Iw? Root' Honscbold Repairing Outfit for half -sollnif
jy tfifSjgi and repnirinf? Boots. S1kk- ami I'.ublx'rs. Any one can use It. Prico
(STT" ft!. WeV. lit, neat ly boxed, "0 llis. Tliuusimtls Blixsiiiy In U3e.
ot harness, riosewing.
Simrs UL.iut 'i iMAH.ts any leugittorwwut youwans
I lilr.flferl nnfl ern:t.r.f1. rpfltlv tnmalre nil lit home. lit Ipsa than f priced.
Sminres, Hame, Clips
i t1"" IJfll C CAI CeBocaotie3,HtlMS,audl5cts.a llr. Hamo-
Halters. Breafet-strana
k pmlt h tools, at a price
CABT9 Aecnla Wanted.
17. L DOUGLAS $3.oo SHOE.
A sewed Shoe that wi!l not rip ; Calf, scamlcis, tmooth lnilde,
more comfortable, stylish and durable than any other Bhoe over aold at the
price. Every style. Equals custom-made shoes costing from (4 to $5.
Other Specialties as follows:
Fine Sewed Shoes
Ft hll
LV I U UUFormcr, etc.
2.50, 2.25,
For Working Men.
Apk for mid lnnlnt upon hnT
ItiK V. I.. IMHiM.AK .SIMIKS. Benmnr wiibont w
iioiiffluA nnmo and
niniiiperi on liottom. J.
it wocn you buy.
F.xrlusive fnlc tophoe da1rH nnd veiir-rnl mrrehnntflwhtre no acrnta. Wrlteforcata
loifiie. Il'noi. for' in your ulacrHctid dirMt in Kuctory, matlntr kind, else and wld ih
; wiiii ted. lotnne Free. HUA ll'i1! FIT li VEN I It Free to nny one pronjlntnc lo bar V
I 1. Doaclnn -ir-r) when next frrrhnliia-o Al4trr Rv-;lnn. '.
rTr? r.uVmltlas. will as saallal
mll.wliMil for : t'.; laeallieakasfart.
Just a bad cold, and a hacking
cough. We all suffer that way some
times. How to get rid of them is
the study. Listen ' ' I am a Ranch
man and Stock Raiser. Hy life is
rough and exposed. I meet all
weathers ia the Colorado mountains.
I sometimes take colds. Often they
are severe. I have used German
Syrup five years for these. A few
doses will cure them at any stage.
The last one I had was stopped in
24 hours. It is infallible." James
A. Lee, Jefferson, Col. 9
If you suffer from indigestion in
winter caused by eating too heartily
of heavy food, we can cure yoa and
will do it easily. Send your address on
a postal card to the Sylvan Remedy Co.
Teoria, 111., and we will send you by re
turn mail free, a box of the Laxative
Gum Drops. These gum drops con-
tain no taste of medicine and you
would not know that you were taking
medicine except by the result. W
take pleasure in making this offer
to you, because the remedy is ao
simple and delightful, it will certainly
cure you.
for HOB CHOLERA this
.s a nun cure if used In tine.
For making Soap, Clcanisa
Houses, Softening Wator, It
lias no equal The housed
wife's bfttt friend. A vavln
able washing recipe li
f dth can. For sale by a)
fisrfinlfl Tnn
IMMI IIWIH WU tadotinc.
Cures C'onstipution, Kent ores Complexion, Havw Dooton
Eiilu Saaiplefroe. GaeutieldTxa Co.,319 W. Iteh BtwN.Y.
Cures sicKHeadacne
Vf send at ouoo to johh okbabtia.-, u. t. a u., .
f. & V. K. k., uhicajro, in., ana receive, pottage i
tbe Rlickest deck of cards you erer bandied. (
TEN CfcM o per pace, in eiampa or ooia.
Send lor Inventor's Guide, or How to OlUIm
n Pule t. Senn for Wgesi of IVnslon and
H.,uiity I.hivh. 1'AXltlCK. O'FAISKEI.I..
Waxiiliigton, 1). C.
De Vitfrt Little B Ifiarly KImm,
the Famous Little Pills for Const! pntlon.Slck Head
ache, iJj'Bpepsia.No Nausea.No Pain. Very SmaJl.
I S? MRniivl'wh'aInTkibrcV'rCushion!. Wh taper hoard,
Etramff ;-iicru(wbeDftIlr'in.)ifKll. ICOCC
by k lbscox. biS b'wast 3 Y. Wnte for book of proofi T nCC
for mukinf? ana i-epmrlng all principal part
tMnmiea - .A Liwiin our sionor' vets.
OW.iElit PiiaiM, Buckles, Loops. 111U, Blra,
anil Staples, Bivots, etc., at a big retluctioiv
etc.. atcorrcsDOiidine prices. Many Of thoao
I ffoodn can besentchea;)lr and stifelyby mall. ....
BOOT'S KOrUTC 1BON '.V4f KKEl, a flrstrclass kit of black-
low proiiKh to su't t lie c!08it onyer.
for menillnir Tinware. I' 05 cents. Kvory thing mentioned
For Iloya and You the.
3.00 r.d;.
Far Ladle.
IT IS A DUTY you weyor
elf lo get ihe bvt value lor
your iitoiit)'. roiioitiixc1 iti yoni
lootwrnr hy purchanlnB W. 1,
nrni ilir hrnt value at ihe prlcea
ncfvrrtiaedf ai
luoUKaDda can
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tury. This shrub grows 10 to IS feet blxh.
coTcrlng lteelf In early spring with beautiful
flowers which are succeeded bjr great quan
tities of luscious fruit. II la hardy, ea beauti
ful m a picture, whlio the fruit ia laeonuarable.
It will grow any and i very where and fnms a
arand addliion tonurlawnand asiaaasbi libs.
Each, 80c.; 10 for SUA, postpaid.
A shrub of wnndrnaa beauty; eorars itaelf
with a great masa ft' part whlM.daliclously
fragrant bloaaoass. Tkeaa arc w la wad by
large, dark colored berriee eteaDaat far paaa,
ate. sarn.iiNi itiKraiMia.
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JMHI A. 8ALZER SEED CO., La Crow, h.