The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, January 26, 1893, Image 3

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?r - ' r.
A -rAhsolutd
2--A Permanent Cure.
3-t PerfecfCure.
ltto -2ls coTTisnrs", e. s.
ONE nt'NDRBD nnil.IRa wcm teaott tun fvrnv nacre
a. V. CARSON, Scotland, Dak., aayn:
"Two bottles of Hsll'n Catarrh Cure complete
ly vuicu ui miie kit
Notary Public
HalVs Catarrh Cure in taken internally,
and a:ls directly vpon the Blood and
tntuxnis turfaces.
E. B. WALTHALL A CO.. Drnwrla.i, Horae CTe,
Ky., iy : "Uall'a Catarrh Cure cures everyone that
taiea it."
J. A. JOHNSON, Medina, N. Y., fays: "Oall'a
Catarrh Cure cured me."
rONDDOTOR E. I). LOOMIS, Detroit, Mich., aaya:
"The effect of HaJl'a Catarrh Cure is wonderful."
Wrtie him about It.
J. C. 8IMPS0X. Marquem, W. Va., Bays:
" Hall'a Catarrh Cure cured me of a very bad
caac oi caiarrn.
HALL'S CATARRH CURE is sold by all Dealers in Patent Medicines.
Frioe 75 Cents el Bottle.
Tbe only Genuine HALL'S CATARRH CUR IF. la Mannfacturcri by
F. J. CHENEY Sl CO., Toledo. O.
Testimonials itnt frea n application.
Tarn Witty.
It Si not profitable) for a merchant to
be too witty; at any rate, be should not
try to be witty oa every occasion. Not
long ago, in a country town where
there are two groceries in the same
street, a very green tow-beaded, timid
looking young country-man came into
one of them one afternoon at a time
when half a dozen villagers were
grouped about tbe stove. Tbe store
keeper was waiting upon some one,
and paid no attention to tbe new
Presently the timid young man said,
in a faltering, half-frightened voice:
"Do you keep sweet p'tetters?"
"Nor said tbe storekeeper; "we
don't keep 'em. We sell 'em just as
fast as we can!''
Then he winked at the company
around the stove who snickered appre
ciatively. The green young man said,
"Oh!" aud went up to the stove aud
spread out the palms of his bands.
The store-keeper went on waiting on
his other customer, and used up about
lifteen minutes doing so.
Ihen he stepped toward the green
1 young man, who was still warming his
hands at the stove, and said, brusquely:
"Did you say you wanted to buy
some sweet potatoes?"
The young man turned slowly about
and answered, "1 didn't say I
wanted to buy none; I jest-ast-if
ye kep' 'em."
He warmed his hands a few minutes
lorger. Then he walked slowly out of
tut store, remarking as he went:
'I guess 1 11- go daown the street
n' buy me -some sweet p'tetters.'"
The laugh around the stove was iret
at the expense of tbe greenhorn this
II. C. Kigby, Baltimore, Mil., Kpei-iai
Ag'nt of the Mutual l.ile Insurance Co. of
-ev 1 orK 8avn: "1 time pleasure in stai-
iiKMhot In.-., .ti.i.tii.ali'.rm . . iv-il 'u ,n nil
cur-ii me of a severe attack of lumbago."
lirowne Kobiiison made a fearful
mistake the other night.
White How so?
Browne Why he went to a prize
figh; and told one of the puglilists in
the -ing at tho end of the first round
that he was absolutely certain to get
While Well, as a matter of fact, he
was wasn't he?
Browne Yes, I believe so.
White Well, then, what was Robin
son's mistake?
Urowne His mistako was in going
to the light at all.
Justice to All.
It is now apparent to the Directors of the World's Columbian
Exposition that millions of people Will be denied the pleasure of becoming
the possessors of
World's Fair
Souvenir Coins
J lie Official Souvenir
of the Great Exposition
rf The extraordinary and growing demand for these Coins, and
th nart nf the nirertnrs that eaual opportunities mav be afforded for
I their purchase, have made it necessary to enlarge the channels of distribution.
I To relieve themselves of some responsibility, the Directors have invited
Throughout the Nation to unite with the Banks in placing Columbian Half
Dollars on sale. This is done that the masses of the people, and those
living at remote points, may be afforded the best possible opportunity to
obtain the Coins.
of SOUVENIR COINS will be those who are earliest in seizing upon these
new advantages.
$10,000 Was Paid For The First Coin
They are all alike, the issue is limited, and time must enhanci their
value. The price is One Dollar each.
Go to your nearest merchant or banker, as they are likely to have
them. If you cannot procure them in this way, send direct to us, ordering
not less than Five Coins, and remitting One Dollar for each Coin ordered.
Send instructions how to ship the Coins and they will be sent free
of expense. Remit by registered letter, or send express or post-office money
order, or bank draft to
Treasurer World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, III
The Soldier at the Sprint.
"Usually the dead grow rigid after
some hours. Previous fatigue is said
to have to do with this early and
abrupt rigidity. Tbe effect is ghastly.
One of the greatest generals Sher
man told me that at a spring in
Georgia he halted to water his horse
and called to a man kneeling with his
bead at tbe water-level to move and
make way for him. As he did not
stir an aid dismounted and spoke to
him. lie still remained motionless,
and it was seen that while in the act
of kneeling to drink a bullet had
crashed through bis brain, and he bad
staid as if of stone, Id the attitude in
which the deadly messenger of fate
found him. Dr. Weir, in Characteris
tics. Slrauge (Jootina; of Si ripture.
Bishop Wilson of Calcutta, was
very eccentric. His sermons wore very
racy. Preaching against dishonesty,
especially in horseflesh, as one of the
! great Knglisli failings in India, he
j went on; 'Nor are we, servants of the
! ailer free from yielding to this tempta-
tion." Pointing to the occupant of the
j reading-desk below him: "There is my
j dear !nd venerable brother, the arch
I deacon, sittingdown there; he is an in -j
stance of it. lie once sold me a horse:
! it was unsound. 'I was a stranger, and
j he took me in." Argonaut.
A (iood t-heiiic.
Tourist Do those scarecrows save
your crops ?
Farmer They work first-rate. You
see every tramp that comes along
crosses the lield to see if th' clothes is
wuth stealin,' which they ain't an' that
scares the crows awav.
The Farmer
Two tin cans, containing $1,900 in
gold coin, were found concealed in the
crotch of a tree, at San Bernardino,
Ca,, by a wood-cnopper named Jones.
A steam-derrick that easily lifts an
eighty ton gun, and swings it around
as readily as if it were a bale of hay, is
on one of the docks at Hamburg.
The Angora goat supplies the hair
which adorns ordinary dolls. An Eng
lish syndicate controls this product,
and it is valued at $10,000,000 a year.
The net profits of the Monte Carlo
gambling house, for the past year have
been $2,300,000. t
1 11D.HT3V
Do Your Own Repairing
Br uslnir Root', iiouwhold KepalrlDt Outflt for bait-ag
n Any one can use It. Price
iv ,P.5..;.V .foot iv ,a,yI. "0 lbs. Thousands already In use. .
1 'n mwiki.u f.,r TnaL-lnir in ill ruiiairliia all principal parts
of ltJrnms No sowing, fiironloas A flCwlthpurslottea rivets.
WTKAPS KK TO IriAKK IXP.atiylengthorw dUiyouwant,
SftVMSOiS& Loops, Mk,1.
M,IrTT Hi,rne Clips and Staples, Ely.-ts.ete, at a . BW rcoucuoa
t-iiii c snLFSKSKsrK
: T.lnf-n.
luillnir prices. Many of these
first-class kit of black-
imllh tOO
)li at a price low onougli to suit t he cloacst buyer,
nmt Tlnwaro. Prlco. 5 cents. Every thlny mentioned
AsenU Wanted. ' ROOT BROS., w uin. vn.w.
rwults of
bad eatlnfr.
Cu Constipation
m a w r II.
f , XJ' I f yoKK.JjEiUtAMKA.
1 " sJ ajwlr forCaUrr!i la the Hj
t' , I M to TJM. and Clmopcft. I I
J . i,' . J Ma. ft TV. UaMltliM, Wamn, Vt. Li
1 t 1 i
can find a first class location by ad
Miss C. G. McClave, School
teacher, 753 Park Place, Elmira, N.
Y. ' ' This Spring while away from
home teaching my first term in a
country school I was perfectly
wretched with that 'human agony
called dyspepsia. After dieting for
two weeks aad getting no better, a
friend wrote me, suggesting that I
take August Flower. The very next
day I purchased a bottle. I am de
lighted to say that August Flower
helped me so that I have quite re
covered from my indisposition." Q
Mr. J C. Jones of
Fulton, Arkansas,
says of
"About ten years aco I con-1
t meter! a severe case of blood poi
son. Leading physicians prescribed medicine
after medicine, which I took without any relief.
I also tried mercurial and potash remedies,
with unsuccessful results, but which brought
on an attack of mercurial rheumatism that
made my life
one of agony.
After Buffering
four years I gave up all remedies and began
using S. S. 3. After taking several bottles I
was entirely cured and able to resume work.
Is the greatest medicine for blood
poisoning to-day on the market."
tf mercurial rheumatism that
Treatise on nioo.1 and Rkln Diseases mailed
tree. Swift Sfkcific Co., Atlanta, Ga.
A BS 8 I'beali aa a irt
Ciir, par., btM. 1 ,000.000 aitraa.! lilntrata .;fttalaue tree.
eUUHWAI, KiMiblord, 111.
uu nit iu
pur c Lt. Di'oiit. tn
tirt'li' nuv WntM(l mi
V(-ryfcouse. iucToj.o lor iiostHKe ott tiv
suiuple. HAUa K Cu.. l'.U.liox Clinton. In.
ff Send at once to John SKnAsTrAff, O. T. A. C. R.
I 4P.R. K Chlcaeo, III., and recolve, pontage paid
the ftllcketit deck of carxl you ever handied. Only
TEN CENTS par pack. Id tamp or ootn.
lo WltfH l.ittlB m. Kariy Kin cm-a,
the Famous Little PIIIh for Constlpatlon.Plck llcnd
ache, Dyspepsla.N o Nauaea.No l'ain, Very Small,
n r a wrrii"
Um f nulrca. Itcferocixia
L W Work new. Nocomp.
lutotd. VVllEKLKKl'lU. CO-
want a MAN
WOMAN In every
town to represent
lenne or capital re
.uuat ua Riven.
petitiun. ray suar-
Concoru, n. ft.
M. N. V. No. 13 1
York, Neb.
hrn vritrriNO to auvtcutisebs
uleauHi aar fvm aaw ib, Mmiwwii
ka tbbi paver.
and the Grocer.
A grocer would not pay a farmer the price of a ten
pound turkey for one that weighed but seven pounds.
Why should a farmer pay a grocer the price of the
Royal Baking Powder for a baking powder with 27
per cent, less leavening strength?
The Royal Baking Powder is proven by actual tests
to be 27 per cent, stronger than any other brand on the
market. Better not buy the others, for they mostly
contain alum, lime and sulphuric acid ; but if they are
forced upon j'ou, see that you are charged a correspon
dingly lower price for them.
Told by a ea ('Uitalit.
Capt. Perkes, of the steamship I.oo
sole, voyaging between Hons Kontr
and Shanghai, witnessed during the
recent gales in that quarter of the phe
nomenon (which has often described) of
thousands of birds and insects which
had got in the vortex of the 6torm and
were beinj; driven hither and thither,
apparently stunned and senseless with
the buffeting they had received. Many
of tho birds fell senseless on the deck
and lay quite still while the insects,
though alive seemed to have lost the
power to sting.
l'or Your Scrap Hook
A happy and vigorous old lady in
New Hampshire gives these rules for
the secret of success of eighty years',
living 011 this planet, which brings so
much care and norry to many of her
sisters: "1 never allow myself to fret,
over things I can not help. I take a
nap, and aomotimes two, every day of
my life; I never take my washing, iron
ing, or bakeing to bed with me, and I
try to oil all the various wheels of a
busy life with an implicit belief that
there is a brain and a heart of this
groat universe, and that. I can trust
them both." Cincinnati Times-Star.
Veteran, or -18I2."
A charter has been granted in Phil
adelphia to the "Society of the War
of 1812." The society numbers,
among its members fifty-five veterans,
scattered throughout the union.
David McCoy, aged 102 is probably
the oldest, lie resides in San Bernar
dino, Cal. When he volunteered in
1812 ho furnished his own gun and
horse. There are several members
whose age, it i3 said, approaches , 100
and A bram Dally, of Brooklyn who is
over 97, signed the chapter without
glasses in a clear, legible hand.
A load of two tons can bs readily
carried by a full -grown elephant.
Kighteeen hundred girls graduated
at the Boston cooking school last year.
Since January 1, the cost of register
ing a letter has been reduced to eight
A chestnut tree, said to be 2,000 years
old, still flourishes at the foot of Mount
Etna. It is 2Ki feet in circumference.'
An analyst has made the discovery
that California roses contain twenty
pe,r cent, more perfume than those
grown elsewhere.
Fresh milk, applied every week with
a soft cloth to boots and shoes, has a
freshening and preservative eltect
upou the leather.
The ex-Eugenie is writing her
Illinois. They will not be published
until she has been in her grave twenty-'
five years.
Lobster and salmon are so disliked
by the Shah of Persia, that when either
is served at a table where he is seated,
he leaves the rooip.
Miss Sophonisba Breckenridge is a
practicing lawyer in Kentucky. She is
the daughter of Congressman Breckenridge.
if vou're a weak
or ailing woman:
that there's only
one medicine so
sure to help you
that it can be guar
anteed. It's Dr.
Pierce's Favorite
Prescription. In
building up over
worked, feeble,
delicate women, or
in any " female
complaint" or
weakness, if It ever fails to benefit or
cure, you have your money back. It's
tin Invigorating, restorative tonic, a
soothing and strengthening nervine, and
a safe and certain remedy for woman's
Ills snd ailments. It regulates and pro
motes all the proper functions, improves
digestion, enriches the blood, dUpels
aches and pains, brings refreshing sleep,
and restores health and strength.
Nothing else can be as cheap. With
this, you pay only for the good you get
Wild hogs in Yelasco, Texas, pursued
a young hunter named James Weems.
and he sought refuge in a tree, where
lie was compelled to remain all night.
Two sportsmen discovered him, and
they had to shoot all the hogs before
Weems could descend.
When reappointed to U. S. Govern
ment positions, the widows of Union
soldiers and sailors will not be com
pelled to undergo a Civil Service exam
Surprise and terror caused some zinc
miners to desert a shaft they were sink
ing at Webb City, Wis. As the open
ing became deeper, they noticed that
:be atmosphere became warmer. At
lie depth of 1G3 feet the heat was so
intense that work was stopped and
soon they saw llames burst into the
Several men who have outlived their
greatness are now glad to earn their
living as coachmen in Kerlin. Among
them are sixteen nobles, seven retired
army ollicers and three pulpitless pas
tors. Three British notabilities now
gleefully crack the whip as London
cablemen; they are ex-member of Par
liament, a baron and a marquis.
Travelers who frequently patronize
the Maine Central Kailroad read with
pleasure the announcement that in
consequence of the large business done
during the year just closing, fares would
be reduced. There are many other
railroads that have the same good rea
son for reducing tares; hut will theyfol
low the example of the Maine Central?
A bridecroom in chains was recently
married in St. Petersburg. Alexander
Petrovitch had been tried for murder,
and sentenced to death; but the sen
tence was afterward commuted to ten
years' banishment in Siberia. lie was
married in convict garb, and his chains
clattered over the church floor. His
bride and he ate a wedding breakfast,
and she will accompany him to Siberia.
ltussia has decided that its soldiers
shall be supplied with handkerchiefs,
at the expense of the government.
Wo have noticed a :ifre article in the
Boston Ulobe on reducing weight at a very
xmall expense. It will pay our readers to
send two cent stamp for a "copy to lietina
(.'irciilatinp Library, j K. Washington
street, Chicago, 111.
Little Hut Coma ;em
Notwithstanding the diminutive size
pugnacity is one of the most conspicu
ous traits of humming birds. Even
kingbirds and the boldest hawks are
afraid of them, being compelled to re
treat before the impetuous assaults of
the tiny warrior, whose boldness is on
ly equaled by the lightning-like rapid
ity of his movements, and thus bafiling
any attempt at resistance on the part
of the more powerful adversary. 'J he
lance-like thrust of the needle-like
beak is usually directed at the eye of
the enemy. When two or more indi
viduals of either sex happen near the
sams spot spirited and often violent
conflicts are almost certain to ensue.
Wc eat too much and take too little out
door exercise. This is the limit of our
modern civilization. It is claimed that
Garfield Tea, a simple remedy, helps
Nature to overcome these abuses.
It Wim'l The Sunie.
The businessman was hurrying along
the street late in the day, when the pit
eous whine ot a beggar stopped nun.
"Will vou olease be so kind sir," said
the fellow, 'to give me some money.
I'm out of work, and 1 ve got a wite
and six. children sufferin' sir for the
necessaries of life."
"Get out!" exclaimed tho hurrying
man. "I've heard that story before."
"No you haven't sir,', protested the
"Didn't you tell that same thing not
a week ago and I gave you a half a
"No sir. I didn't." whined the beg
gar. "I told you I had a wife and four
children. Weve had twins at our
house since that."
Too Historical.
"I'm thinking of getting up a fancy
dress ball, at which all the guests will
have to appear iu the costumes worn
by tbe founders of tbeir families.
Wouldn't It be picturesque?"
! "Hardly. There wouldn't be any
thing very picturesque about a lot of
brick-layers and butchers and innkeepers.
A wonderful hen is owned by a man
in Waterloo, Oregon. It is as expert as
a cat iu catching rats. It teases them
a while and then releases them. The
owner of this remarkable fowl has ob
served that no rat ever comes the sec
ond time within reach of its claws.
A culinary academy has been estab
lished by the head cooks of Paris.
They meet once a month, discuss new
methods of preparing food, and con
demn some old plans as barbarous.
Nearly one hundred years ago the
Jesuits were banished from Mexico.
It was known that they had immense
hoards of gold, but feared to tempt
cupidity by taking it all with them.
What they did with the bulk of their
savings has just been revealed by
Pierre Cuirre, who says that 821,500,000
was buried beneath the old cathedral in
the little town of Typozottau, and is.
believed to be there yet.
You Can Break Up a Bad Coi.d by tht
timely use of Dr. 1. Jayne'a Expectorant,
an old and popular 'medicine for Sore
l.ungs and Throats, and the best of all
Cough remedies.
The costliest pipe in the word is
smoked, on great occasions, by the
Shah of Persia. It is set with dia monds,
rubies aud emeralds and worth
"Brown's BroncUal TrocUss" will re
lieve Bronchitis, Asthma, and Throat
An Von Look at It.
Hustler To think that a man spe nds
one-third of his life ir. bed!
Slowboy Pumph! It's the otfcer
two-thirds that trouble me. Puck.
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing' to the taste, and act
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, p."pared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale In 50e
and $1 bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it Do not accept any
towsvtue.Kt. hew rim. n r.
jj jjp
nifin sour watcti.l'xipe you didn't Lave oroDer
tools, How would you ltk to brntonitt a watchnialMrf
Wo caii tfu-h you the trade Id our bonk, andturnish
you all tlitj tools tif?refry. Book and tonla, $4 .;..
These tools (nee picture) without tbe book coat M
wholrftaie $lfl- aJao teach bow to do plating,
RildinK. etc. All Tit the hook, 'tools are Brst-cla
.itmclcrti' tools, not cheap trash. A treat opportunity
for profitable enj!loyruiit. vvu hruakrrn make bif
money. Will b. acnt by eiprem on rpcr-ipt ot prlee,
ft. or went 4)tO I), where fl accompanies the order,
nclone htamp with tattera of Inquiry. Hofma 8c i
ply Co.. Importer and Wholesaler, Springfield, O,
Cnraa Omrampttaa, Cngfe Caaf,
ima m or aji uranaai mut
For a Laaaa Side, Back or Chaal thiM'
t ,
V r i.
raaaat. . I
Parwaj I
I aatrt?'
rium wiu grr
. m.. .-- m hi i ..i