The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, December 22, 1892, Image 6

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rtrfHitlfk M1-IUiii.
The Sioux County Journal.
official cofNTY papeu.
i iiIwi vmI Iiave led to tbefolloum
j leen miles iov. w.i. e-tablislied in live
Jiiotirs and tak--u up tu i tie l.-mi . : 1 an
order of assault, setting- ia n 1- iwo
j ar.i.y corps, was iteived and put ... es-
Subscription Prioe, ?i.00
L. J. Simmons, ... Editor.
Kntered at the Harrison post oftice aa s
OJid clas mutter.
Over Slid stars are now know;; i., vary
' in Im'ghlne. Differences in the phenom-1 ution m ttu minutes.
lass'li.f.lion, pressed l.y prof. Picker-! A national ..W,-.!.!,. ,w
j of the IWvarJ ClleseOlrvat0rv: J lroposej lo Um, rir-upinc
jl .Temporary or new sU,rs, of uhi I, j iety of lireat Britain, an amount l-eing
I iMiiv very lew nave iea record, lliev!
Thitkday, Dec. 22,
The Joi esal wishes all its readers a
Meirv Christmas.
llaze out suddenly, remain visible fur a
short time, then disapjiear, never to re
turn. A small temporary tar discov
ered in 14S in Ophiuchus isrtill perotpt
ible, but has faded from the fourth mag
nitude to the thirteenth. Variable stars,
with regular periods of considerable
length. The iriods range from about
iuuw,wuays, ami me tiuctuations in
given of a local plioio-urvry of War-
I'ittl Proof Notices.
All -rsiiiis Iiavini; final proof uoti
Ihi pais-r ill rMt-iv a m&rio J cop.. -.ajicr
hihI are requested I. -ninin-'
notice, and ii any error i-1 r I ''
same tu Ihi omit ftl uuce.
, llie
Notice for J'tiMiiMlioii.
l-amt Ojliw at !.! l. N-l., I
.Vi.v. )i. 1-".. 1
Xolic' i. lierrbv ll llinl l IuIIowmi
naliHHl M-ltler ll.-l- lil-fl l.iu' 'l inl.-H
, f ....... 1... I1, ifi 1 t.n.if ii. ..:.i...rl ttt iim
tvicksliin: already in urouress. Hie Mea ' !ire4irat Uud-iunii. rh-rlL of lii.- .dstrii i 1 1 rt v,-r -aui tiew r any m tlu-n-ut ;
limi l, Ii4 1 LMlllr .M HM.&I, "
u( I'uder CNlt, I 'l.rl-r.i-V. B. H iiiiEWsTtt
Voliu-Utn-n-lv (riven tlJHl l.y ir-of a ;
( Lam 1 Mrtff ilat4 ou il.i- Si I i ' i J
Jum- ttfi ami 'luiv flkil in I lie "1!" - '!
-inntv( k-rk of siiMix hii, Mnu- i "e
tua-ka. m IlifUli ituv of June. Mt, I '
u . -liK-k mul 3u mimiii- ill tin- ili'riux..i ami
i-i.,-:itl l J. K. ir lelrlli-r. H. H. Mrallun
anil .lolill I., stratlon lo 'n-l ft U-li tu tui
Hi. jMViiifiit ol Ui' sum nl -'iil lioliars
TOi mill HlMHi ilie!i llu re i- lion il'l(- Ilrt
sumo! xn iilv llirt- Dollar ami liliyljve
nts 73-.5 ,' itti Ten Iw.iuri nluun 11
iuilatii ilaiiiafri. lor iion suiiiiiiii'-iU l i-mi
U-iK-t lli'liiull linvinu Ot-in ins'le in tin-
na uii-ni oi jaiii J.IHU iinl lui "in' oi otln-r
istosei nre the cooj-ration of all plto j "4't ir, VjZ:
toffiapliers in the preparation of a pictor
ial iword of the country's present condition.
inla r I lin reiori! 1 ill M il iSk jri.i i l lluniu
The Hay Spring lr has 1U,PH ! - to more than Lv;!
udis now the Shton County Den,, t 1!"' to - " the hours b
not. It u ,a3.-uliar how easily some j " J " ! ny directions that mav lie left with the
I aides, bavin!,' no definite jieriod, and usn
i.i t, . . . auv finiv s l''-tir vari:ituin a ..i- ..
pars aim xneir eouoi-s ctm ciiaiijre tlieir j - lapmratus.
political coats. , I f s!,f"'t Pe';!- most of them under j
ei-,nt oays. . ariaLles oi tlie type of
A .'ii ,f n i i ..1.. I... .. !..,., .1;,.
coered. At regular intervals the iigiit
suddenly fades, and continues diminished
for only a small jiortiou a few hours
of the star's period.
All extension of the clock's use! tilness
has lieen Kouglit by a St, Petersburg in-
I ven tor. His dial is a human face, whose
The legislature will convene one week
from next Tuesday. There is much leg
islation needed, but it is safe to predict
that that which is needed the most will
receive the least attention.
Under the circumstances there should
lie no foolishness among the aspirants for
1 1 1 3 United States Senatorship. The re
election of Senator Paddock is the only
consistant thinr to be done.
Nebraska this year produced 2,?34,ii0fl
pounds of beet sugar, California Ml,!
pounds and Utah 1,094,900 pounds. And
this is only a small percentage of the
suar consumed in this country. O'A'i'ZZ
Congressman Butler, of Colorado, has
introduced a bill in the House to estab
lish a national floral emblem and names
the pansy as the most suitable flower
for the honor. "Will that bill lie the
cause of the revival of "Only a Pansy
The population of Nebraska' is now
eighteen persons to the square mile, and
Oliaw-fcHor Canlleld states that the slate
is capable of supporting an average pop
ulation of two hundred and fifty to the
square mile. It will be some time be
fore the state will be over populated according-
to that statement, -
"'The reports are that James G. Blaine
is rapidly declining and, will not last
mucli loDger. ' He will be remembered
as the. foremost statesman of his time,
and his great plan of reciprocity in
after years lie proven to be one of the
test pfans'evr 'devised' for the advance
iiient of tfitjuatiooa interests..
..'''The. report of the postmaster, general
shows that in the year 1892 the govern
ment printed return requests on
813.855.000 envelopes, " That is a large
.tmoiint of business for the government
to take away. from the printers and the
eraft will have reason, to be glad when
government competition -in that line
is ended.
. Some of the Chadron people "blew in"
for a great write up of the, town iu the
Woi-ld-ITe)'ald ahd from' the papers of
Ijii'toH t) it does not -appear to have been
jtisfaftery.. . As , a rule the same
amount -of -money spent with the local
papers w ill accomplish a great deal more
for a town than an exhaustive write-up
in an eastern paper. The home papers
telt oi tire good points of a place every
week and should be encouraged rather
than an outside paper.
''At the state convention of county
clerks held at Lincoln last week a resolu
tion was introduced to reduce the num
ber of official and simple ballots 50 per
tent.' ' That is a starter, bnt it should' be
no that for the fraction of fifty voters in
a precinct there shall only be ballots for
the number and not for an additional
fifty voters. Under the present law a
precinct containing fifty voters is fur
utelied with two hundred ballots and a
precinct containing fifty-two voters
nnst be furnished with four htiodred
fcallots. That is a needless expense io
lire county. An average of two ballots
k the voter is all-sufficient as bnt very
tew ballots are spoiled. A provision
thould be made for getting tire ballots
properly delivered to the various pre
net. The law says the county clerk
shall do it but it provides no method by
hich lie can leave his office to drlit or
iceive anv compensation for the work.
Provide a Penalty,
tftirolit Call. , , ,
The discussion is o air over the state
h favor of assessing property for taxa
5ion at its fall value. A good many pa
,fers art? demanding that a law of that
mad be-enacted, but that is unnecessary,
. fc thef e )m low of that kind on the
tUtate books. It is violated continuous
ly ad openly .because the . lw provides
penalty fir it vtoliaijon.. . What is
Wanted iita penoBtjr elnww,. one so' rigid
id severe ttot' not an aessor m the
ae wilj; 4m ;i violt it; With a
fena4y eteuse-attaclied,' tlie present law
wilt bt found al satBcta, and the bme
p iiM.will wjr.fapf an: iwpa&i value
AMMMmeiit will bV fcunui'(o 1W all that
ii-espectiedi A ' pampnign! forupeaalty
ilMiNe to tlie' aia)eHneii laws ought to
lb pifia4d at once, and every mem
f;tfjh'lw'eomiinr lefrmiatuM nhould
Recent curious olisi'rsation-i indicate
that our ai preciatioii ,' fdml deiends
largely if tot chiel! upon the sense
of smell. A student 21 years old had in
herited from his mother tlie defect ac
ipiired by her in childhood of complete
absence of smell, taste and other sensa
tions being unaffected. He i-oulil detect
no difference lietween lea, coffee and
water. n three trials out of five he con
fused bitter almond water and water, but
distinguished between ether and water
and ether ami ammonia. Fruit syrups
were simply sweet, with no difference of
flavor. Cloves and cinnamon were
recognized, but mustard and pepper gave
only a sharp sensation on the tongue.
The warming of conservatories 1
electricity, the idea of two Swiss electri
cians, gives promise of good results
wherever, as in .Switzerland, cheap mo
tive power may be had. A dynamo
sends the currant into receivers of special
metallic composition, which liecome
rapidly heated to a moderate tempera
ture only, and give forth the heat like
steam-radiators. . The advantage s are
considerable. The apparatus is very
simple and cleanly, injurious gases are
avoided, and the temperature can h
readily controlled without risk of fire.
Health authorities in Germany, find
ing mat tlie rel use lelt. after extracting
the oil from peanuts contains four times
the nutritive matter of wheat and rye
flours, have used mixtures of peauuts
and of peanut refuse with rve Hour for
making a very nutritious bread.
A hotel of Hamburg is built entirely
i tympresseu wood, Wlncll is as
hard as iron, and by chemicaljreatnient
I,,,., i .... ,. . .iTSf
uas uccu nnuie prooi against fire and in
sects. J - .
Certain physiologists have been able,
with injected fluid, to wash out the sys
tem through the natural channels of cir
culation: and Dr. Max Hildebrand, of
San Francisco, stales that it is possible
to infuse into the veins, without danger
to the organism, an amount of fluid
equal to four times the normal quantity
of blood. In experiments made about
three years ago, a 0.7 per cent solution
of salt was injected directly into the
veins of dogs and rabbits. At a certain
rate, the salt water could be forced for
hours, and was promptly discharged in
the urine, but too great pressure was
fatal, and the in jection was safe only
when the heart was healthy. By a new
method, due to Cantani, the injections
are now made hypodei mically without
risk, this process be called "bypodermok
lysis." It was lirst employed to prevent
drying up of the tissues after great loss
of blood and in cholera, but has given
promising results in cleansing the blood
from poisons, such as those of typhoid
fever, uraemia, septic blood poisoning, J
gastric or intestinal ulcers, and snake
bites. In asphyxia from chloroform it
has saved life when electricity and artifi
cial respiration had failed. The salt
water, with anfeseptie precautions, is in
jected into tho cellular tissue under the
skin, usually of tlie abdomen,-causing a
tumor which lasts two or three lKiurs.
The usual time for injecting 30 ounces of
solution i about live minutes.
. During the last two or three years,
trials have been made in the French
army of the quite remarkable telephonic
system of Capt. Charollois, which de
pends upon the use of the Martin bi-met-
tallic wire of steel core covered with
copper. This wire is stronger and rusts
less readily than that ordinarily used
With a magnetic receiver at either end,
tho wire is unwound upon wet or dry
earth, or even in waterr and without in
sulationcontrary to- hsual theories-
conducts sounds to a considerable dis
tance. The military telephonists are or
ganized in sain of t wo lm, each set hav
ing equipment for a mile line. The sim
ple recti ving and transmitting apparatus
are fixed to the military cap; and the
wire in carried on reem in a sort of breast
plate,, being so light that a man's ordin
ary equipment weighs less than: six
pound; Tlie wire is rapidly laid by foot
soldien, cavalrymen or bicyclists. By
uooM8lve seof 0wii.'v ivIlnefW-
The annual rm-eting of the state l.oard
of agriculture w ill convene at Lincoln on
January 17, Pfli:!. An interesting pro
gram has been prepaivii for the occasion.
At the same time the winter corn exhibit
will be held and oilier matters of import
ance will l,e taken up.
DavW Hurtle!!, nf Hmri-oii, Vl.-r..
ho niaiie Hnmi-sti-ail Krttrv Sn ;-K'. !r the
sH i, St. i7, T. 31 . U., m W -1 o; tin t in
1. M.
lie nam Uie fullow ing rit'n-i'- 1 lirove
hiscimtinuou r-iitem-; iijam ainl . ulnva
tinit ot saiii laml, viz:
Julin E. Mar-teller, Thomas K'-n'y, Henry
IVuruiki'. lA wif h. lli ljiii. ;.ll oi iiarri-iMi,
Ncbr. Also:
K. Kiiwan! bivrnimrt-. of liarii-un.
lio li. mil- Iloine?.tia't Nri. inTii lor t In- N ';
si-. S2, 1 . ,11 N. II., ut; H evl ..I lln- Dili r. 1.
He ntttiir the lulinwi'i w ituei' to jnnvi'
hi- i-ontinuous r-MiclH- iijahii niiil culliva
tjoil iil'l laml 'v. '.
Ilavnl llardett. I-nil I! tx licn. l ilarli j.
t alnliU'llziiMl, lli-iijamiii 1. Julnwili, allot
llarrisim, Nciir.
,lu ir. W. II. MrC Y.N. l:i-i;ii I.
The "Next of Kin" Snimller.
I'es Monies RcKi-u-r.
The men who luamifai tine and Mdi
bogus diplomas are not (he only persons
who must lie avoided in this country.
The "next of kin agents" are even more
hungry and more persistent in trvinir to
defraud innocents of their money. Tlie
lleqialoT has frequently Ix'cn asked by
American representatives abroad to
warn people against this species of de
ception. A few days ago it received a
letter from a solicitor of the supreme
court, dated London, again asking it, in
common with other American piijiers, to
warn the jieople against the frauds per-'
petraled by these irresponsible agents.
VI ,.!:,.:.... i . .
"" soiii uoi- 1-(iiiipiains mat it is impos
sible to punish these swindlers iu Eng
land, liecaiise the witnesses are gener
ally several thousand miles imav Uo
calls attention to tlie fact that very er
roneous ideas exist in the '-stall's" in re
gard to unclaimed funds iu chancery.
The chancery division of the high court
"f justice holds large sums, umoiintiri"-
to about SO.000,000 pounds, but the bulk
ol this money is held by tlie court as a
quasi trustee and the dividends are an
nually paid to the iienelii'iai-ies. The
actual amount of unclaimed money in
the chancery division does not exceed
2-10,000 pounds, and this is spread over
some hundreds of accounts. This dis
poses of the stories told by agents about
the enor.uoiis amounts of unclaimed
money in England.
Another Tavorite resort is claims
against lands. In regard to this tlie so
licitor w,-ii,.s tlie American people I hat
genei lly shaking, no claim airainst
land can be substantiated aftur "n vn.n.
ici verse possession. Tlie British govern
ment never sends out agents to hunt for
rightful owner". In conclusion tlie solic
itor gives tlie f.iilov. ing advice which f lie
ItegMn- commends to those who are
thinking of parting with money lo pros
ecute claims which exist only in the
minds of aje:il:
1. Never nay utivtliimr to anvnne for
enforcing a next of kin claim.' if the
claim is genuine tlie costs can lie paid
Viilirr for I'liblicaliiiii.
I-anil Office at lia.lioii. Sell.,
Nov. la, 1-S.2. 1
Notice i- hereby eiven llinl Hie lolliu inff
nanus set I Icr liart lileil nitit-e oi lii jnt--n
lion tu make tinai prmif in j.ii;ijjorl ol hi
claim, anil that said proof B ill he :uale 1m
lore ( onl'ail i.iiKlciiiaii, 1 ierk ol tin- l)i-triet
Court at Harrison, Nebraska, on lleei inln-1
. lsV, ,. :
Iliiaia llii haiii-mi. id Ar.liue-..'. S. i'ai...
who line;- I'ri- cmpl'inn 11. s, yi. mi Utr tin
N K-, see. '1 . X, s. li. r,t, i -l ol the OIli I'.
M. .
He name the following u i t:n-sss to jn-inf:
his t-onlitinoiis residence njioii am! cuttiva
tain ol, -still laml, iz:
JoNi-ph shton, Auirusl Meiei-, Jo-ph
lloll'er, .Joiui 1 lel.aiio, all o! Ardinoi-e, s, liak.
Josciili Aslitinii. nf ii-ihniiri-. S. liak.. j
who llnule Pre emiition II. s. "Till for the sE',
vi sm-. .n, i. aa ic, ai w esi ami laii":.:!
A 1, sci . 4, T. M S. it., M ll r. ol tiie l,th I'. M
lie name the loijon inn vt itnese?. to provi
in-, continiioiis resilience njioii ;'tnl en ll t a
lion ol, sinil laml, vi:
Hiram i.'icllalilsoli, All?nst Meier, .losi-pli
ooiiei , .jonn iH-iiiina, auoi Ai-umore,.s. iiaK
i 10 I.-.; w. li. Mcf.VNX. liej-itir.
liecrilKI. iz:
ne hlaek liors1. H years nhl, i.amcil lan.
One bia k lior-. In jeal ohl. uuim-d
Prince, tormerly owiumI Iiy Irvin W U-mmi.
one os ; dark ful, 14 yeais ohl i ali-,l Hans.
One Imllt rul ot, ii Vcars ohl ealle't llle,.
At unction at Hie hoii.-e ol J. . Hunter,
(notice ol the i-acti of llmiare pn'rim t in
-ioux cnlltily, state ot Nchraka on tile H1 h
ilav ol Janllarv, i'':t, al one o'elm-k i. m. ol
-ji'l ilav. " Hil l) - I K II.
I.OI l 111 H IM., jloriira !. .
Hmtalile. , I . I.
Illltisl le elnlM'l Ititll. l.-i
. lit ice - lioiiicleiiil liiiln
jlNi -nttPiil: 0;
General Banking
II ai:!;!s;iin-.
j Jl. L. SMl'CK, Barbt-r & H
line li.Mir Snlli tjj :;;i uf
li AZdHs AND SCIsnoih ,., ?
lii.ichines ib-anej
i.t p
I". l.ixn orrirE.
t HOil!OS,.rn.,
Dec. i;. Is-J.
omihi!:il i-Vfc-: havir. la-en elltclC'it at
this nihil- l.y illlain II. Pliillip. uuaiii.-l Sewiti,
AllK-rt liahf lor lailnrr In comply uithi
httt as lo Homcwteail Entry No. Hi. (iateil j
July M'th, lss7, niioii the s.1, Ml', and
i S sV i4 siM-tion :il, ToH-n-liip:ri North 1,'nntre
lit Vift ill Sioux County, Sehra-ka. withal - - -
1 vie- to the cancellation ol said wntrv; con ivr C lt'TIiliroa.
tctaiit Mlh-nini,' that tile mod A II rt " x " r' A ' 1 .l
I Uahr lni!. wholly aliandoni-ii said tract; that t
; he lia chaiiKi-d his resiilema- iheretroiii tor j ' till.
more than six months since m.iLini; -aid j .
! enlly : IhaKiod tract la not -etla-d llpoli UIVIAnA V'L-'l
ny law, tniii I'iaiinaui lias not re-Meo mi i
aiil Iraet any u,-ll,,n of the time lor the j
la-1 tour year, the said jiartie, are Mini-
limned lo alieaf at lilis oflice on the II diiv
nl Kel.rinuy s!i.i, at IU o'clock a. u... to re ,
sioll(l and' lillnill testimony euliceniint;
sjtid alleged failure. ' I
Tctimnliy ot uitllCAses will la- taken he 1
tore l.eortfe W alker, a notary jmblie al hi-I
olllec iu liarri.on, Nehr., on the 1 da'.- ol '
l-ehruary in'.;!, at in . m.
II. T. ( OM.KV,
riiiitc-tiint's Attorne-
T. I .
I'ou l lis.
lie -eh , r.
World -lie
Tu i!i:ci:ivi:
Subscriptions for
Nntire - !Iiiiia-.i-ail Kntr.i .
V. s. i.vmi orrii r, i
Dec. Kith, IS'.i-.',
I ouiplaiiit hav inu' 1 " i n entered at
this Olhce hy Isaac II, Hoy at'limit .lolill
l.aliahealiamdl lor tail Hie to comply Willi law
a- io uomrsiellil l-.niry .so. -Jl. tluled .Marell
i:;, Iss'.i, uiii tlie Ijili land anils'- NKij
-ei-iion ionsiiii .... 1.11111: ai. in
iou Coiinty, Nehriika a view to the
'aneellatiriH of aid entry; contestant iilii-if
nil," Dial claimant nas whoilj alitiniloned
.uii niici, tnat uc mi-. cuaiiKi'il Ms
icsKicm-c thcreironi lor more than
molitlis since mal.liiL' said entrv: that there
is mi house on said tract nor has there been
any cultivation then lor the pa-l two
ears, iiiv saiu parties jire hereby sum
mimed lo appear at this oflice on the :i day
ol t-chrnury, t".c, at 10 o'clock A.M., to re
pond and luniisli testimony conceniiuK
-ai'l aii' eo laiiuie.
Testimony (it witnesses H ill be taken he
fore liavid Anderson, a notary public, at bis
oiiice in ,ii ou i rose, Clitic; county, M-brnsku,
in inc '.,tu da- ol .lanunrv. Iw.i;!. at Ki
I'cloek, n. m.
out of the amount recovered.
i. 11 anyone represents that be is smt
out by tlie British government to look
for claimants put him down as a swindler
at once.
3. If any one renresents tlml. mn nra
claimant to a fund, ask under whose will
it- tinuer whose intestacy the claim
ansesanu tnen conlirni this information
by independent inquiry.
4. Do not trouble about a claim at all
unless the case is a very deaf one.
v.vV mis uianu iu a. nunurea sue
.Vol ire In Xiui-Iicsiileiit Deft-iiilHittr.
Slim I.. I;. Maine anil Metta I;. Maine will
lake notice thai on the lilth day oi Iiecein
her. lw-4, .Marxarct Cox plaiiilill' herein tiled
a petition iu the district, conn of Mionx
cimnty, Nebraska against. Silas L. U.Mninc
and Mettu I Miiiuc, dctclidan t,s. the otilccl
and prayer ol u hieh arc to fons'losc a cer
tain morlioiKc executed liy the ilelendantH
Silas I,, li. Maine ami Jlctla I,. Maine to V. S
Ormsliy, Trustee, ilium the W.. olthesi-i..
and the sK, ot the sE'-, of See. : and 1 he
" H of the swi , of sec. st, Tu p. :a n. iing
w! in, .mi i. i ii sioux 1 OlllllV, i
brasku, lo 'ecurc 1 he payment ot u lu-omi
sory note dated Septi'iiibcr s, Isss tor !iij.m
ii,n imeiesi ai inc inn- ot seven jier cent,
per annum payable semi anuiiallv and rep
resented by ten conKins for i.i:i each and
ten per cent alter maturity. I'laintitl Is
now the holder and owner oi said note, unit
morljfufte, anil default law been made in the
payment o! said cmipiin.i and hv I lie terms
and conditions of said morlKae the whole
umount sreui iil thereby has become due and
payable, and there is now due the plaintiff
on said mite and moriiciue the sum of ;:m.(,o
with interest tliereon at the rate ot ten per
cent, per annum from December , lata, and
plaint ill' prays that said iireiui,. i.
decreed to be old lo sali-fv the aiiioiml ',1,,..
thereon. Vou ate l-collireil to aiwu ev v. i.l
petilion (in in-before tile 'iiril duv of .lanii-
".' M K ItliAIIKT CoXf I'hllntili.
liy . U . mm, her lill.iruey.
Eu-st publication liec. in, 171
I- K. flELiiK-V & SON.
Wagon and Carriage Makers,
Ki puiiiiiK done on -.horl yntice.
f..ood work and rc:isoniiliUr charges,
Slioji south ol liiery bi'.ru.
HAIiltlSIlN, ... fif
A ay ( nt Suliscrihi
v, li.f. an KIVK IT THK I
"( I'.AI ANCE THW YE!t )
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and federal courts anil I.', s. Ijmd oflice,
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Z: Oflice in Conrl House.
J. K. Fl.ETcilEii. F. H. SrnA'rroN.
J. L. Stkatton.
Sioux County Lumber Co.
Lumber, Lath and
A flood Supply of Native LurnM
Ahvays on Hand.
Make $5.
How Masai Women Dress.
"The Masai women were very inter
esuiig. iney wore no dress except a full
cow-tnue lastened over the shoulder and
another around the waist: but they were
fairly loaded down with coils of brass
and iron wire, which formed earrings,
leglets, collars, and armlets, often
amounting to a weight of forty, fifty,
ano even sixty, pounds. Those who can
not afford to wear the heavy coils, wirar
as many of the lighter bracelets as l.hey
can procure. The higher the rank of the
woman, the more of this sort of jerfelry
she wears; which betokens the fact that
fashion lias her slaves eren m Central
Africa. The Masai women are fall,
gaunt, and bony, bot noj, well developed!
probably owing to their wearing so
much heavy jeweiry while growih.r
Tl. - - . "
xney are very neet and strong, and
are unmolested everywhere, even h
times of war." From, "1M Ha-aw," i,
DemwcHfH Family Magazine for Junior,
Siayl-e ynn think tln-i f ; a n-- im :,.,.!
seii.iiiaroiit nab n apiiacaiim, : ii w .,.,;
don- bei.iie. hnwi-Ver. leu iiev i- !,. Hl.-i-t'
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tins (,,,.., lAcryonc will cxcliiini, - Well'
mo " f,v(',,''it, ,"'I'J' I ever law Tlu
little blaek-ami-wliite i-nirnu -inir can yiye
you but a liuiit idea ot tUetsipChiteorinii ul
Don't pay $10 for Something Vou can
getforfl, THE
Lincoln Daily Call
Nebraska's best and che.'ijiesl daily, has
liecn put within the reach of every
liody by reducing the price to
Everybody conceded, two years ago, J
mat I jib CALL printed the fairest,
most fearless and most readable reports
of the proceedings of the Legislature,
The next session will be of especial in
terest because of
And THE CALL will handle this in its i
own original way, as well as the pro- i
cepdmgy of the session.
Tllit ("ALL IS AfWIPU.TE Nf.WSI'U'E!;,
All for :
a iear. M.50 for o Months,
for 3 .lltmtlts.
THE WEEKLY CALL i?l a Year in ml
vance. THK CALL 1 IJLISHIXi ( ().,
Lincoln Neb. !
64 Columns a Week
PricoONE Dd
T"-S -W- n
vv. ijeonnan
Limits his practice to ' diw-aw.
Nervous System
(Sudi as Iiss of Memoiy,
lion and Will-power, Cramps, Fl
era Nervousness, and i
(As shown by Shortness of
r.,:.. ni. .i..i. r.i , , . ,1
. mil, 1 iiipuaiion, i'lUueriugDWI
ness in region of the Heart.)
(Such as Skin Diseases, Ulcers,
sive Paleness or Redness of tb
Faiutness, Dizziness, etc.)
1452 O ST. - - . LINCOLN
Mention thin paper.
ill practice lx-torn nil nutria and
K 1 .11 lift Olln-i , Itnine?i. etitnulwl
care will receive prompt attention.
i Scientific Amtnflfj
f,k Agency for J
I M 'A J
covvairHTl i
For Informition and free Ilnmfbooli !rni'
L.N it CO fcl BlUMrot AV, M.-I
Olden bureau for oi uriiiu paimiw inW
K'w pateni taki-n nut. h n i bi-mclii
m duoiio ut a uutice giTen Ires 01 cimju
Lwvrat eireliUtlon of n iciratillc ptpff
Wurld. SnlendidlT lMnf roi.l. Kn inm
mm thmiUl be without It. WecUf. M
fri ILWiKii month. Audrey IU'.'
Jlest Line KMlie East.
The fitirlington Itottte B, &. M. R, R,
is running elegantly equipped )assenger
inttnes witnout change from Newcastle,
Wyoming and Crawford, Nebraska, direct
to Lincoln, Nebrafittrt, malting connection
at that point with their own through
trains for Denver, Cheyenne,- and all
points west,- and for Kansas- City fif
Joseph, St. Louis,- Omiha,i Peoria',- Chi
cngo, and all points east.-
Keniemlier thin iw the only line by
which voir can take sleenirtu. e r...
Crawford in the evening aiTivino- in 1 ;
coin and Omaha the next afternoon, and
in Chicago, Peoriuaml St. hmiiv the fol-
miring morning,-
For further information And tif kefnaf
1M A llAIBV,
will, li 0 nrnpow to nd Ut you, transport
totio 1 paid. Tlie Ititle dartintr repts oifoinst
i p How arid ia in tho act of drawing off
pinUsoek, the mateof whidi bas U-vn pulllJd
The llesl, t ,llUi are r-rfect, nnd the eyi fnlTo
you. no matter where vou stu,i A.. .
jitereproduct oiisrif t&lu irreutept paintiri f
Ma WauRh (the most celebrated of m'Zn
imlnteiwof Irahy lifei are lo bp ,riven tofli'iS
who sttlwrlbo to Jicmoresfii Vumilv I in
rlne for iki. The rcprod,,ctlm,s"un,? 7
told from tbe priprinal, which cost m j
re tho same s'ai ilTi:.-; Inelieo. Tli bnl,r
1Z'U "n,J "''"Oiut-ly belike. Wn b fro
alwTin ,re,iiriitl()ii, to present to mtr Bub:
ktIIk.ii I . luring wri, other irrent plct i s I v
uchartisisaslVrcy'Moran.Mu ml fl ,, ephry
r 11 ; Juk"0,,1y two cjrntiiple f t
weili J during the past yer. ' A V-ini of l
SUfii , ''"'."t H'irrlsoa, and you will' -a
Th0HMVHlkll1ll.anpitw. lS m.t
JOHN A. LUCAS, PitmiriENT.-A,-
CAS'fLK. Vick.Phks)j:xt.-
vuu&uilm, 3 til Urotuxnif, New Xutl
HMtaino that cannot Re cmnlrd Vv oov i5
ine world for Uh beaullfiil llluairat'ir ,tl linl
otic post-
imbjtwt mBtter.tbat will keopcvcrv
.1. ,',2? l"I '' "i nc day, and ai t ho
fo.l nnd , (fforcnt Kerns of Interest l ,, , 1,
botiwliolil, bculdos rurntshlnii nu'11
reatl tilr mat ter, both pnivc ocd r,"v hfi ,.
whole famtly ; and y,KM f)r'fvA '
fanhloo MuKazine, iu fM,o , nrc -' , 1
ivvt, ma we ffive ynn. frrt. nf col, all the re,
&!'-h mTyZ win w
91 rivor Btin vn in, .1.1. ,,
Harrison, Nebraska;, f
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Transacts a General Banking Bn
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