The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, December 22, 1892, Image 5

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    spared to " j
lis money a3
urke was J
Ml Lett.
h words d
ral use
Vntnce with. Boscn s
C was nade about four
(Z i contracted a cold
id in a hoarseness and
th disabled me iron mi
fL;t for a number oi Sab-
fer tO'ir-g a Physician
juicing rcnei i w
our reineay anu
aim! l
.... i ..i r . r .
uincr th VirnL o 3
uly (lv I received quiet
iavcb.fc Jtxlp- I never Lesi
1 XortirS. Ofexperience. Rev. V.
Id of order! It- Martinsville, N.J. ?
.1 IVI
If I
1 1
No run Mi.trd.
Small Son "Mamma, there's a boy's
dab beinjr formed. Can 1 ji lt y
Mamma (horrified) Mlndttd you
Small on -"I'm glad of that. Th'
minister is petting it up."
He declares it to be -the tx-it remedy
for eough and ciouii." iir. Ji.t. jUIHj
Columbia Term., writes: -I keep Or.
Bull's Ooujrlt Syrup in t: p Iioiikc nil tl
time. It l I'm but re'iieuy or cough
aud croup I ever iin''
Would li UlUlllllUI.
Little Boy "1 wish 1 ruiild go off
and discover a country.
1 roud Father -'Do you, my boy?
and why.'
Little i:y"I thought it'ud be a
good deal more fu:i milin' around than
bittiri" in school an" f lu Jyiif about wot
others discovered."
the old
"t, as tlie
! shorter
truer --.
is moved tj
"evolved t
' to the r
or JX'ints rl
I - wmm h? iftnrn mall, fall
KCtl,rP'1" circular of
. Vi.lCMl or nun CVTTIia.
3"" ThV only, are tb.
"TAILOa STBTSatl Invented and
J ,atfUi-Dre ran ranlly and quick
J, "to cut and make any (rarment.
Jfjiylf.toany Diar. for ladiM,
T n,. io tenia Euarau-
5uTi perfectly without fyjoj oi
mves rk-h J .
left" IscifJ I "i -juat we mm"
chances 0f
wle in the
riier day.
lerchant i
led in the
:ied frnin
what thpv
the meiujfJ
! change i
whole mere
"1 thun it
l srx-aking
re lias a
ixtent, botl
ountry, for
merican pil
is or this
C or tae
MM w ' : . -1 .
1 .. and rwJ ' r, puiiw
tSWearia y hWUtled. Oml
lal' 0,cuU-
H .iLu.. Th A rrlran Kola riant
aiSTri run '-ert ui,bU, w.t
" IIIU Alri-a. i. Niiur- hurf
( ur- iwr AM.n. ir iiamnit-r4 ar c litn.. IIM . Vorlt
K'.r lanrr Trtl mmr. rity.r. fcj Wall, mlilrt j
SSI. A m?oariii co..r.i vi-.Ht , nui.. i.tir
( arluu. pit.
The eeremonies attcn,i- i
vituju,; I UG llitill Lf-
uration of nev raii.n T
am scarcely
similar m the east to those which pre-
7 America. At the opeuing of
the JalTa-Jerusalem railway a curious
Moslem ritj. v j .
uuservsu. xuree
sheep were slaughtered and their blood
Itsprnikled on the rails before the first
train was allowed to proceed upon its
journey. 'J his superstitious ceremonv
liad for its object the scaring awav of
evil cenii. who wmii.i i.-.v
exerted a baneful influence upon pas-
--.ifcIria uniiig uie line.
A Child Eniovs
The iileasant flavor, gentle action and
soothing i-fIWt
o - - vi i ii;, mini
in need of a laxatixe, and if the father
'ouier oe cusuve or bilious, the
most -ratify in ir n-aii'i. r..iv.,., i. .
, .w.iti i"uvi, ilo unc,
so that it is the l?st family remedy
known ana every lamily thould have
a bottle.
F. Marion Crawford considers that
the I'niu a States contains more origi
nal characters and in greater variety
thau any other couniry in the world,
Hiid hence off.-ri the richest field for
the noe!ist. lie must have been look
ing in on one of tlmse populist cam
paign meetings
coamixn akd KDrntD by
Alone coniauia more carefully chown, ably lll-il, ami artmlcally arranej
IHaii.aif '
BliMilUPIHF". lll-HiniK.S. TICAVKM,
.r.,iik. l'( MM. Ill fllMllin KII(I.KS, WH.
Lr, rrtr Ivf'.ro patlKTcd within tho aanie apr r rT-rnl In n:w rollwtion. Amoni
bnst cK-t-m to wmjf, tm luuuniu n - - .
Libit Kcah Porter, Hbrt,C. yTlnthrop, ArchbishspCflrriiran,
I,"?' ... ' B irharA Mo mm Inhnntnn. A rchllaflO D B7 It.
Birrii Lt'D.fnlfJ Oliver Wendell Holmm, . ChanaeeT M. Dinew,
imUmi. of Kiiii-aiimi, Hon. Robert G. IngerBou,
i t..nt.;tinr VInn 0nrcrn Wi . ii km Curt
tJ7 of K,i.:.-.i.m, Hon. Robert G. Infrer.oll, H,in henry WaUer.on,
artmleRfWhittier. Hon. Georgo Wl.uara CurtlJ, Col. T. W (atworth Higglmon,
wrJchn Fuite, Hr- Robert A.BPinkerron, The tonilon Tir;.e, .
" , ' Bichard Watson Gildor, Tae teatary
.puuiu, Arkii-J Ji,u,T.ii(. Hon. Wh-.t-elr.w Keid,
ago that
ajd" was
)t't." The
that two i
nd "lartxi
icir use
e. 1 hey I
i need of
re easily
in the
to Cirri
atai. "r k WMtcemb Kiley, g.on. uaarwi a. fi,';,.ruI Tiff inv Mrrrhant.
t 2 raailgheldcn.h.x im. BUhnp Phillips Erooki, .larle L. ritliiny, jiwnanv.
" a,m " Iwuai TcUi rii' Aw n. Cardinal Oibboni, . B .0. iower,..t.
more illS I And . . i are irru ."-.. .
C W ItCr . F ,,,-, I im,i,d: torhiklren hw t.-wtw are 10 I lorm,-. to ! ho
' .. . t ..II u-l.n ..-.) lii Limit .T!1VTllln ILtX 'U t HH1HI
liretftinim-nt ta iwnmion, ami .m - - , ,.. nniliinir
jHm.orwhnwVhto Improve iheirowneoiivrrK.-iiKiiini.ii. " J;"- , ,, "rl0 bn,IE ,r
tli. neit bonk-ayent yo-j tnwt to bring Jim Una I.ilkaiiv. He Will bo lal to bring IU
Difan tunc unto w
For Coughs, Sore throat Asthma,
Catarrh ami otner ureases of the Tubes, no more useful arti
ccs can he loiiiid than "Brown
Ilrovrhiut Tr Kites,"
When an I gyptiau do;' wishes to
drink at fhe Nile lie goes a short dis
tance up the river and howls for some
time. The crocodiles, being attracted
by the sound, immediately crowd to the
place, while the dog hastily runs to the
part which the ciocodiles have left and
drinks in safety.
A new porcelain has been obtained
by grinding ;:sbestos to a line powder,
dissolving out all soluble matter will)
hydrochloric acid, making the whole
powder in a paste with water, aud bak
ing it in a porcelain furnace for eigh
teen hours at ;tl degrees.
Asthmatic 'I kouu.i;s and SoreneFF
of the J, nogs or Throat are usually
overcome by Dr. IX .Jayne's I-xpector
ant- a sure curative for ( olds.
Kutherl'oril 15. Hayes lias been elects
president uaain of the hoard of trustee
of the Ohio State university.
m Dean HowelU, Andrew Carnejie,
Join ii. inconi, ,o' ".r f
Prefeswr'ft'av'd Swing,
lorne:ius mim'-iuiii.
I. LI ,D.. inMH-eiioroi ra. J. i.. jj. oiuari, A ,vT..,VV
.tat-i't-oiy-TMir, Kn. Hoaeoe Conk!inC, Ocorge Cary Epglestoa,
i WMtcomb Kiley. Hon. Cbarlei A. Dna,. Mn. join A. Log.a,
'I he University of Michican ha
about o(X) women among its student?
T-vo Japanese women have entero.
this y .-iir.
- ;
Lhc diffe
d civiliza
to the lull
made tboJ
' of maiJ
to tliousa!
J" hits of J
it-ch were
liicfi nota
latches al(
od fell In
itil a pile
in both
i until
ffan nine wnio w
RLES L. WEBSTER & CO., 67 Fifth Ave., N.Y.
7 Do Your Own pairing
r . ..a,tM rsnrirlno-Oiilfltforhnlf-s'iili
I anil ri-pam iv. " : " J 1". ',".,,
TMlPli NO Tni)L' .rniiklnf : reirmiill rrtrmlpal part
.-viuanvv, uatnc t.i.rwaou ouiiiun. , Vi ni n. ri-Jr Hnmo-
rcuai c cm e .-.a iv- ..HL flitch stmtm.LtiuA.
I. The
irely by
cod the
h, and,
L. to the ioi
;r!y that
s very
as been 1
or in wl
ler all, Jay Gould died of con-
Kion. The doctors said he had ;
tlgia, and Jay offered a million
i to auyone who would cure him
trouble. It turned out that he
Ji t have neuralgia at all, but
IT consumption. Don't you make
pme mistake. If you feci that
'lungs are weak, or that you arc
let to colds and coughs, or If your
be sore and tender, net a hot
Reid's German Cough akd
FT Ctrr and lake it freely. It
kins no poison, and it is the only
remedy on, the market tbat
kera to all of , the excretory or-
The amall bottles cost twenty-
cento: la-rg- fifty cent.
tarn has It
it i' Tami.w.. . T
Small. v
O.iaranbv-4 to cir Bit'r.tM ..Attajhi. BWj.
Iwlile. JTik 'o- ' " droggiat.
Picture "t, IT, 70" anil Ktmple do fn
j jt WITH A CO Pnfrlttort, KCW tOKt
b (rATMTBB.)
fh itroimi'iit ami pimat
i iraoe. I nllke other, U being
nne pnwiii'r aim imi-ani in a can
with r.'innvnhle Hit. tbe coutenta
an alwara rendv lor nae. Will
iakelhclietieiluniHl Hard Soap
In at Btirinte. without hollliiK. It
imw nni inr cirnn.iiiK wwu!
plpca. dlaliilPMlng ink, rliwu,
wa.blnr bnttlea, palnm. tree.. etc
fKJIN A MALT M'r'li CO..
j Gen. Aft., i'hlla., I'a.
.Da Vlui. . Bl T ui iiIum
tttlP1llfbrri.intlmtlon.Wlrt ni-ad- J
i'Wiaik.llo XaaiM,lo Tain Ver, Kmall.
There are a lar.-e number of hrgieni
physicians who claim taat disease i
always the result of it transgression i
Nature's laws. The I'roprietnrs
(iarficld Tea are both physicianr, an
have devoted years to leaching 11
people how to avoid sickness by follow
ing Nature's laws They erive awa
with every pnekage of (larlield Tea
little, book which tbey ciaim will en
able all persons, if its (brectlnns ai
followed, to avoid sickness of all k nrl
and to have no need of Garfield Tea i
any other medicine.
Father I oes that young man me
basiness? Daughter-I gness he dm
father. He is gotting so familiar iw
that he weara the same necktie twice I
Mrs. Abraham L. Stahlnecker, age
21, who was married a month ago t
Abraham L ,-tahlnecker, a well know
citizen of Heading, Pa, received wor
recently that she had fallen heir to bt
tween $3,0)0 000 and 84,000,000. Tin
property is in Alabama.
Mrs. Lease, personally, is a womai
of modest aud charming address.
Florence Xightingalo is still living
vears of age. ."-he is seldom Been
RELIC VC3 all Btoraacb. Btatrea.
RCKSCV rr.u-.ea. Sonne of Fullnen,
Corc.gaTiow. P"1'
..'ALDiioToB Tira.
t. MAiTta mcicme co.. . t it.
ihmm and awopla
am waaS larva or
M, aauall aa nao'iOara for
Oat lauau. H tat nnl
tmtmmmf. Ilka aotintar-
f 1 I
TlekeW ami Vmntgu 7
fi-ala-lit i
F. E. I M. V. and S. C. & P.
t n ttrniT ii.iiii.riil Mnnnw.'
f.C.IOKKMOtK. J. U. '."'Vi'L!?-,
uan irmiiit ai h
H, H. V. X. xai ti
' Tork. Mk.
SIZE of the or
dinary pill
Thtak of all to
tronbla and cb
tdrbano that it
eanaes you.
WtraWn't you
welcome some
thing easier to
tabu and easier
I i ita ways, it
at tbe tame urn.
i. AiA wan mors
AWTstekand'Bilioai Haadaenea, aadan
L,,nU f the lirar, atamach and bowels
that eurw Catarrh, Cortt only 50 certt.
Young Gothorc!
W Qft
UffMlur ndCMU.
Jlalv Oralamw
HtfW Matf.
lriEI.BBeVa,ATM CO.,
$ouo Bt all pbcqoish.
Too Urllll.ut.
i ne poet W hittier, strange as such I
a defect appears In one who makes
such effective ue of color in his poetry
Is color-blind. He is able t , describe
witn as mucu accuracy as beauty the
tints of tbe eveoing sky at sunset, the
hues of cloud and forest uion the
cilia f . ...
w a uiouutain or me changinj;
purple, blue ana violet of the twi-
ukiii sea. hmcnrnr ...n.i...
of vision betsayed him Into an error,
although not an error discoverable bv
his readers.
The Quaker noet share In all
spects the quiet tastes of the sect into
which he was bom, and sharei them
no less by temnerament than r.n.,.ri.
ing, being naturally oi.e of the sim
plest, sedatest,uiost retiring and least
showy of men.
frinrla vara 0,n,r,.M ....
-....v... UJCi ti;,iu, natur
ally astonished when he made his ap
pearance one day not long ago with
his usually sombre garb er.iiv-ned by
a flowing necktie of a Earning scarlet
hue. They wondered for a time in
silence; then a very old friend ven
tured to inquire:
Ihee's never worn a necktie like
that before. Greenleaf: doe thep
think it is becoming?"
A little surmised.- Mr. Whit.t.ier
atmealed to thpi'millianvfiirthcircor.
diet, when, the color of the offending
decoration being mentioned, he ex
pressed both mnnnemnnr. nnrl ilicmav
. , U.OIUUJ.
and volunteered a promise to discard
it at once and lorevcr. He had pur
chased it, he assured them, under the
impression that It was of a du 1 and
decorous green!
As in many other cases of persons
similarly afflicted, Mr. Whittier's color
blindness Is only partial, and is lim
ited to an inability to distinguish
green from its complementary color,
red. Youth's Companion.
Weather Keporta by MHm Wlil.tlea.
The anxiety of the farmers In
Pennsylvania to obtain the prognos
tications of the htate Weather Ser
vice Is strikingly Illustrated by the
methods adopted at Cochransville, a
small place twelve or fifteen miles
from Parkersburg, on the main line
of the Pennsylvania Railroad. There
is no direct communlcat:on between
the State Weather Ilureau In this
city and Cochransville, but the agri
culturalists of that place did not al
low this to stand in the way of their
determination to get the news about
th( nro-tncctlve. state of the weather.
They procurred loud-mouthed steam-
whistle, and by moans of that noisy,
but useful, nstrumnnt. assisted bv
telephone, they succeeded in keeping
themselves posted on the predicted
changes In the meteorological condi
tions. Mr. H. P. Hall, who has
charge of the State weather office in
the Postofflce building, telegraphs
the news at stated intervals during
the dav to Parkersburg, together
with other nlaces throughout this
section of the state, and from Park
crsburg it is promptly telephoned to
Cochransville. Then the steam
whistle comes into plav, and the
weather probabilities are tooted off
in accordance with a prescribed sig
nal code, and heard and noted by all
farmers within a radius of ten miles
all around. The people of that lo
cality swear by the weather service,
and they think the steam whistle
and telephone combination a great
The French Girl'" Hero.
A French girl feels that there is
just one companion as delightful as
her mother, just one Iriend in the
world as trusty, just one confidant as
sympathetic, and that is -her father,
writes Henrietta C. Dana in an at
tractive paper on "The Freneh Girl
and Her Father" in the Ladies'
Home Journal. He is her hero and
the knight of her dreams. Often
and often have I seen the girls at
school hiding their father's photo
graph in the leaves of their scnoot
books, kissing it enthusiastically on
the sly, pressing it to their hearts
when they go to chapel to say their
prayers, sewing his lastletter in their
dresses, treasuring some little keep
sake in their pockets. And when
they meet one can sec how the father
returns hisdaughtcr's feeling by his
tender clasp of her pure young hand,
and the adoring affection with which
he looks down into her eyes. He al
lows nothing to keep him back from
her as she conies from nd crivinir her his arm for
every French gentleman extends
this mark of protection and re
spect to the women of his family
they start off on their long, happy
walk, and many a merry romp, many
. .,in n mi once, do they have in
the short evening that follows till her
early bedtime at eight oxiociv.
Women In Ruaala.
an far behind other coun
in nthnr resnects. is at all events
i aHrancfl as reizards its treatment
. .anna rt urn Ich t here is lust now
01 WUUICU. ui - , , Illustration. By imperial
i u km rwp.n settled that in
linage m ' .,
future women physicians may practice
everywhere within the Russian Kni
i ...irioH thAv wear a badge sup
plied by the Crown, Indicative of their
calling. Moreover, women are to en
joy special privileges In practicing in
female hospitals, as well as charitab e
Institutions, gymnasia, and schools
Finally the ukase
n nl regulations for the
lays uvww ojivv.-. " .
' onri ffiv ne evldcnco in
court of female physicians, so that
nil, tnndestv shall not be nut-
raged by some impertinent cross
Fertility or Soil.
Modern investigations go to show
that the fertility of the soil Is a ques
tion of water solely and the problems
of fertilizers are simply questions of
control of flow of water through the
soil and of tho coagulation or conden
sation of the substances held In solution.
Best Baking: Powder
The Official Government Reports 0
The United States Government, after elaborate
tests, reports the Royal Baking Powber to be of
greater leavening strength than any other. (Bui
Utin 13, Ag. Dep., p. 599. J
The Canadian Official Tests, recently made, show
the Royal Baking Powder highest of all in leaven
ing strength. (Bulletin 10, p. 16, Inland Rev. Dep.)
In practical use, therefore, the Royal Baking
Powder goes further, makes purer and more perfect
food, than any other. "
Government Chemists Certify fj f '
"The Royal Baking Powder is composed of pure and
wholesome ingredients. It does not contain either alum or phos
phates, or other injurious substances.
" Edward G. Love, Ph. D."
"The Royal Baking Powder is undoubtedly the purest
and most reliable baking powder offered to the public
Henry A. Mott, M. D., Ph. D."
"The Royal Baking Powder is purest in quality and high
est in strength of any baking powder of which I have knowledge.
W11. McMurtwe, Ph, D.' -'
The Government Report shows all other baking
powders tested to contain alum, lime
or sulphuric acid.
Yalaabla Tree stump.
New York Sun: The vandal wood
cutters in tbe California sequoia forests
used to eut trees at a distance of from
twelve to twenty feet above the ground
in order to avoid the gnarled and
knotted base. But it has lately been
found that these stumps are as valu
able as toe straight wood. The gnarls
present most beautiful figuring and
the wood is sawn into thin sheets and
used for interior decorations. Now
these stumDS are being dug out and
soon not even a vestiaee will remain to
show what was tbe appearance of some
of the most maiestic natural monu
ments of this wonderful continent
The temoerature of the planet Nep
tune is estimated to be 900 degrees be
low zero.
Archie Leroy of Boston is 17 year
old, but is forty-two inebes In hetghi
and weighs sixty pounds. At birth be
was a large, well developed cnuo.
At Trenton Mo a man over 80 years
old has achieved local fame by letting
a dentist pull twenty-one of bis teetlt
at a single sitting, without Uking gas
or chloroform.
Avounsrladv traveling in a Main
Btreetcar, says the Buffalo Express
was approached by a conductor in a
weak moment, and with most disas
trous results.
"Not 5 yet, is he?" quered the knight
of the fare register, referring to the
young charge by the lady's side.
No anite ' replied she, gre sping at
nn idea.
"Whv. ves. I am. too. I'm nearly
?even," rejoined the youngster referred
to, with Injured pride, and no
amount of expostulation could change
the reply. So two fares were collected
where otherwise there might nave been
but one. And the people on the car
enjoyed the joke.
New Orleans Picayune: Paper
bustles belong in the waist basket
wo hnn nnt.ined a nacre article in the
Boston Globe on reducing weight at a
very small expense. It will pay our
readers to sena two cem nvaiuy
copy to Betina Circnlating Library, 36
b. wasmngion street, wnumu,
A placard on tbe front of one of the
most fashionable churches on North
iwd street Philadelphia, on a recent
Sunday announced that the morning
sermon would be on tne lower regiuuo,
and added the rather warm invitation:
"All welcome."
The most powerful naphtha sprint
on record was recently openea in
Bakn on tbe Taggiell grant If it con
tinues at Its original force It will be
the richest naptha fountain In the
world. -
Stenography was first need in the
French parliment about the year 1830,
and one of the few official stenograph
ers of tbat period still surviving Is M.
Lagache, who is now a senator of
Catarrh Cannot be Cored.
they cannot reach the seat of the
disease. Catarrh is a blood or constitu
tional disease, and in order to cure it
you must take internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh cure is - token internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mucoas
surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure is not a
quack medicine. U was prescribed by
one of the best physicians in this
county for years, ana is a regular pre
scription. His composed of the best
tonics known, combined with the best
blood purltiers, acting directly on th
mucous surfaces. The perfect com
bination of the two ingredients is what
produces such wonderful results in
curing Catarrh. Send for testimonials
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props:,
Toledo, 0.
HTSold by Druggists, 75c,
Th Only Ona Ker Printed.
the Worn
Can Ton Find
There h a tbrec-inch display "'f'!,
ihi. naner, tin
wumii uiof j ..... -
vrrrk wbiofi has no tvro wotaa
T.i. , oVeint Tone word. The same la true of
".iSfe anwaruw wb week, from the
JSreaeen? on everythinc they make and pnb
t; react: m . j h t name cf tne
lien. Look lor it, aenu i BF.AUTl-
"What are your hopes for the fu
ture?" asked the solemn man.
"I have none jusi now, repuou ,..
uTnmnrrnw is mv Dear, iriri
birthday, and I'm worrying about the
ni. "Lettis take cotton as an
example," exclaimed an uptown tariff
debater, "Or, format niiw "
take tobacco. Or better still let us take
whisky!" And the chair immediately
declared a recess at the debater's ex
pense. Mamma-Johnnie, I am glad to see
that you don't hurry through your
prayers as you used to do.
Johnnie-Good gracious! Just think
of the things that I'm asking for for
The Chinese empire and dependen
cies, Mongola, Manchooria, Uhinese
Turkestan, Kokanor and Thibet,
occupy an area ot at least o,mw,ow
square miles, or about one-tMrd of
Asia. The population is estimated at
from 350,000,000 to 450,000,000. ,
Tn each wine: of the ostrich there are
twenty-six long, while plumes that re
quire eight months to grow so ma
turity, and seventy-five short feathers
which are called "tips" in the millinery
Boston Transcript: Hicks Ham
fatter is bound to rise in his profession.
Wicks At any rate he's got an ex
cellent chance. He ean't get any
lower than he is now unless he digs a
bole in the ground and crawls into lt.
Kalkaska county. Michigan at three
elections during the past six years has
elected a democratic prosecuting at-'
torney by the following plurality rote:
1886, by one vote; 1888, ti-two TOtea;
1K, y fonrvotea. : ,
Jane Hailoway, a colored woman
said to be 108 years old, recently eallad
upon the wok house board In Cinehv
pati and secured the release of her gay
and festive son, Samuel, a giddy young
fellow of 75, who was doing time tot
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