The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, November 17, 1892, Image 1

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I I I III lllll ,. ,..
; ATr.
" Kv n
11 J
SOU !...;
toil. 5.
Tiu:sior' ror.Nrv
Impnrt.iiil N!ii..
HA3IiIso S., tstov! 17, iS9a
swmi'ii"'. Lililor and Proprietor.
m:.a ' 1:
11 m ;
Utile t.ll.".
I.ollig hii-a,
i. ft, iiiItiiI
t,:;-li-l- ... .- ...
W I'lC'''
j I'rcciiii t )fli,-p,N.
iu : Th. t.M ;
... I ll.o pre.-,
' " cled , ! o,. X.v' s,
V.r-Jt d i.. J 1111.', illfiv
-tl a fui-sit,!,.. V., ANMikws i"
omits atv si., .!: !,i; ..i i '"''i'-s 'if tlie it-a;-.-
. . , "M 1 l I 1. .
I. .1 '!
I.H ;i:,(,i ,LliJ(,JIir;
I..M ......... i
" ,ls' 1 'I"! W.ilt f.
'' '"I call an I -el
Tifr. J
' "' ""IHl'I'li li!
mi I i. ti T an rum's n::,
.'II and sett!,., ,,
if li:.-
and Mr., Corv.ia I.e.wkl.r.v,..,,-.
ini "r.
li. fill VI,
:IK V-
fui tlsi-r i
ii' or s nil a iv. i
- J L.., im-n-l.. ... "'".. ,.rt. .,.,.. j Jml
i ir'..
(;::";:;:,. :. v ";' ...,.1,.1!i:il1..r!!i-
- I I urinc-li"! V.. - m ;S-i-'a,
'W.t,,l IWl';.ru.M.H - ,vi' " Vs
v,, ., , I l,r ,r8 I-V I'HONAL 1 r
,. , ,,. ., ... v " '" .nomine j (i -in.
' ri. m '' " f' ;': "t.lii;-lr.iiir. ; Over,
V-:,J - --l-r .... ft I-....J 'Mavj:..,,-,. ,, (mn.nuMii,,,. '';r
itn.M;' !;,: i,f in town all ls 1 'n!y. - u;!r,)ti Banl;i,,.' I
i " - it,.,, n j
'""V"" ', " '" ' y...l,.-.iiv or, I,um- ,
'"'I IIIH ,. n '
t''.V.iW, ' ,'lll',-'"r '''' T'"' -'"' i:nai. !
'x"- ';!, ""viil-IT.lozfn. - Mum.' .Miii!im ai,:;. jVuai M:irs-j
yZV'S IVH,,,-,! (ira,,, Co. lfiv.. .ml , " ' :..! Mnn:.;! ll,-...'
nlr,' l I ri"ii-:'l'" lit tli:ir ('U-vator. ''ii:.
lil-'q IW.. pm-H ,,a... Ir U' hl f'" M iron, !
, Ti TW..vl U '!' tvti.nMi: Mr ' 1 r"
lUy- I .rt:C.,l'r..,H f,,M Wv,,,,,,,, ,p, -SniHyf,-,,,,, ,!,.. v;:!!,y.
.... ,. 1 I ,..,... ' ' ;;- . i ,.t..,..i ;.... i. .. ,
I I -..!;:,-",,., I l.i, ms... so !i.- i,, , a. i.ii Hill IHKI u,.,arl-n la-)
J I in.' i !.. ,I,-h ii, mi ,o,. 'I'..', iay ,-'., iiii ,,r l!n ir ln.iiic in lvi;l,. j
Ti I : I .. M,n
J J,i-.ll. .. i iiniiiMuliaiil v,.hhL I!. I
1l.'Ti.W ami millfia ry al (,,-!.
I.!!-..,!-,,,.. ;,n,l s,..ur.-:t 1,'ar-a.ii. 1 .UlVnr!,.
I l:roMn,!.. tu t... i .S:v.uil.. Ntw;.. Nov. II. 1 '...
J V 1 J .v... lnwlr,iv, nun I 1 117 ...
1. - T. .
. i.ianasoii.
tai.I.. li:l va'aary-c. S.
igl.was-Jl. 11. Jfusst-M.
"I ' ll' tioii - J. w. i:i,inBOn jj.
!. J- H. J...!.,.so!i.
,1 (;lfi-tiuli A. V.'. Oi,is Js,.j,
a. ot!ki,,s
in the var- "lt0 l't''i home,
I Mr. and Mi'o. Enlniani:
on rii-aoant Ki.l-e.
Tht; tlm".liei-s are now
i t an s. iiiey report, tiie
! Amly . hs istian liad souk;
'-bJ is
spc-in riiinii.i
at Uiris ( 'iii-i.s-raiii
"oiiiir tine. v. hicli
-nl twenty-iive ljii.liel,, to the acre,
seems the eouiitrv is ai! i-i- Ia
ood farmers.
soliiff pf!
ANT!-:i.(,Pk W;r.
s--.r-.;'iist i.. 1,'ii!-.
'" '"I va-aii, y-.). V. La.u-
Thanks to Dr. Shaf.-r, li!t!t; Co
is iniproviiii,' rajiiiily.
lslm Crane and Oeorire Tool have
o:;... ii a olf W;if himtin-
liopula: fail at parent
1 r of hi;livavs
. of i'l"'tion- S,
.1. Lwliii-.
"f Wert ion ( I.
S. K. Storv.
s.:eio to be the
ano a srooi one it i
Tom Dmin left for
All unite
L. Gerlach has opened the Ranch
Supply House and put in a nice, new
stock of
Colorado last
in v.'ishiri" him
H. Story, Fred, v,-liKsiiay.
U'. Story, i. j Mr. John 'it:erald has returned to his
I ''onie after his .summer's work on lie n
& M.
Mr. and .Mrs. JJamJiu and .Mrs. Crane
visiu-d Mr. and Mrs. Ceo. Liavis Sunday.
lied Hanson is around biiyinjr up steer
mmmm, ury mum, boots,
Sea i,a a j
N'll,l, I
"leu,. t;
nur, Knin
1 Mli,
""i l!;,i,ir,.
HIi a n...
I" I (1 1 - t,lli
r In nliV way
ri.rt ,'mtii
". in lb,
aow ina;
. mm Hi.
ir lr,-f i on J
" y i. ift
i, m.
hi 1,1 lm
IIiJn uSr,vs
"' it 'lT it
. a floury
in. TI
1 1 n 1 1 1 ! ! h : , 1 1 1 i
,."i!s and milieu, ry at ( ,,-!.
"ii. and s.'. iir.' a bargain.
and content in a home with "The Ro
l iT'alainn with the liirlit of ti.e rn, irnitiiT
s.OTitcKotlicserrjiriiiin1..WV,.rt- i 1 11 1
Tin; tt. ( '. T. I, will iiw .-, t tl.
.. iix)iia.- on Friday afternoon at
i" n. .Ml are requested C Iim
ii'iduk' i'iii:; :xi t.
Justin, of (!,,,, ji.-ui t; to varani-v -J.
. i'urk,-.
Assi'vvir Wm. J)i.on.
I'onslahle to (ill vacancy-John C.
Overseer of liijjhwavi.. I list. No. B--M-.
Oveiwr ol liie-liwav-.. Hut
i fV.nd; Shiii.iK.
i 'hcUcs of eh clioii Sanford J lill. J. V.
i Hunt, r. Win, I.airertv.
i r:;s nl election J. I '. Kl
'in. ' 'i Kf in.
Mi iU KN l'('IS(T. j '"enlrafN, sicui'.kI nail uiix-euroil
Jusli; -Mdlhe peace t lill v.nitncy- 1 1" , ;.!"",! '""yt"s
Suiuck. ; ,,, t.,', ,,,,,, , ,
.Vsi.ssnr Win. K. Moore. ! K'-nl e.tnle, liiniitilj-e ami IKturiM
Overs.-er of liiirliwavsKred lietsehen. I ' UI1'' "' ci"'"-"" imil tue paid
spei ncr.
.U Ihirrwin, in the Slate ol' Nehra.-kn, at tlie
e!,.M. ol lin-iiiess, Koveinlier .Itll,
.'.onus an, I (lisi-oiiats - , n; ,-4 47
111 25
1'2,-.',M 01
4S '.HI
'1,127 M
Al ter -jii'iidini; one day hmv
thov vho have rec'ir. Iv
I, u to Hii.iis eoiui! v and taken U
;ii .inni; lo niuve iv in February to
1 limit f M
leaned aj
nil coon
mal:" ti!, u' liom
now (,,r ail lo '.:
I In leldilion to liio-e -a
I il,,-r.' are a nnuii
ni.n'ai:: (lu re at t iie
j a ;o..l i.n parly ..
Sniiilay from ! We lind a pari; .
in w volume , , i, f,-i;-mz to fcin
' e he has Km all siaiuiu r. Iilliii' a I n n Inn n l- u
!'-"-t for ;-!-.ulm-. tie.:-, and 1'rieinls ..:
'f h- tiain Ma-, ov.T two hours lal" i I'-adv o-aled. Aim
' I.eV. IdaMi..,. will r,iv.M, li -it ii...
ell 111 Harrison fit 1 1 m ml .!
n in Hi,, allerm-oii at '.MM on ui si
mm Kriie-.!
IS. &. M.
n tuineil
''' ,-auswl bv a v-st IhuihiI
k Irani ,;,.(, j,,- two cars olf the (rack
i N'ode riaii, b, Wyo,
l-i-i Friday niht a few of th- "un-
hll.d" ,debnile,l lli r,..i,ll ,,f ll.
,n.d c,., ij,,,, n to.(i,.,, nail in
I' l of an "miloi-i-in,.,!" ,,,,,,.,
I'h' ,,f ii,.. ( ', .ti i n i.ii'i 1
l; "'i'-ai in another eoliimn of this
' 'li- an excellent shou in and t
''edit to tlt. town and comity.
I'tMllKll. l-'ii-l.i hcw naliee lumber
hiti(,le., ciiiistantly on baud at my,
"ii Ki-l Ho-ey, Fl miles east of,'
'-Ui. ,J. J-:. Akm;i:. ;"h I lnul in. tin,," for ihe earn-
las vear. I am vci-i-thankful to 1
i.v friend-, for their voles. , ientle
'"ill round.
1'esiieclfilllv Yours,
H. F. Til' i.MAs.
A- t-iiniiinhani, H. I.. Smiick
''Ini . avis went to the south pari
county fora I i Sunday. They re-
il Tuesday heavily ladenwith dis-
'"t nn nt. Oaine -was somehal
't m that locality.
lie c;i neuters who have ijeen em
mi the Howard irr.nn elevator
were obliged to '"f w'k s"r
!t is (he intention
I Hie same time and
train of emigrants.
a !i,i baee taken land
who eiintemnlate
1 same time so
.'. Ill arrive together.
I laud sei'laa's her,.
fur Sioux .iiu.1 y
, composed of re!a
: hose who have al
all of them are
Ihrifty and energetic
Ui improve the
yoma: m.-ii who are
.-Hid will do 11,'n l
count ry.
We have met representations from
olher towns who in!,, ruled us thai jiarties
ia their locality an- inlundin to jjo west
in the near futuiv and thev asked that
; we conn-'.! re and meet, them and tell
them ol Sioux county and its advan
tages. Many of th-'in are parties with
1 wbnci w.. have !, en acpiainted for
, ...... i . .
; year--, li,w pareiils came Here in eaiiv
days and realized ,;ood resulls from set
i !iii in a new country and Koilmg cheap
! lauds, which have now become valuable.
On every hand we hear men say that
it is for the best interests of those vvhr)
have no land to jro west and secure
homes while there remains government
land to he had as homesteads.
The (M-niaml for western lauds is on the
increase. Men of means are making in-
miirv wilh a view to investititfanil every-1
tiling points to the rapid settlement ami
development of lie- northwestern portion
,,l Nebraska. A!! that is necessary is for
every one to exert every ell'ort to make
known the advantages pos.sessed of Sioux
! coiintv and that locality will get its lull
Judges of election- ,). W. Scott, L. E.
Heidi u. David Ha.-tlelt.
rksof '-!ec! ion David liarllett, I,.
J. Sininioiis.
cook l-iac' iMT.
Jic-tice of !ie peace t.
O. J. Co-.vey.
Assessor- ('. K. (hovey.
Constable to lill va- an, y I .'lint
Judges of election O. H. Cady
Harniim, Clint Ames.
Clerks of election W. S. Michol.ion,
W. A. lal'eson.
i .i-niiNWiHiD "hfi-inct.; W. A. llaaio.
( hecks anil other cash items
hills 1,1' ,1 tiler Hunks
I ' ri, ;-1 i, , i o I paper currency,
1,11, 1 cent-; . . ' .
speci .
i.Cfr .l teil'ler notes
lill vacancy
iici; i;u
- ,3S0 110
: To lal - - !e:;;,(;:io 10
j i ii pii ,i I stock paiil in . . oo
: sai pln,i f inui .vki oo
: I inlivi'i.-d pioiits a.oso rn
j lllilividilal ileliositssulijecttoelieek 17,851 (II)
lleainllfl eerlilieates ol ile),isit. - 1.IIS0 2'.l
Time eel lilk-ales of deposit - 2,lll',()
Total - SiH.ifJO 40
STATU Ol' N lailtASKA, Cov.ntv or siocx, ss:
j, o. ii. oriswoni, easlner ol Hie almve-
nits j
Everything is new and fresh and his
prices are as low as the lowest,
Ca" at ,he Ranch Supply House,
L. GERLACH, Proprietor
I .iu.iiiii! lunik, ,l,i M.lcmnlv swear t ho I the
Coiislah!n to lill vacancy .A. Kaxton. knowledge an, I belief.
Ovrseer of hie.hv.avs Disl. No. S ! I). II. (imswoui.
.. " : snliserihed anil sworn to before
John ' :.. SKvi. me this l.itb 'lay ol Nov., IS02.
Ovc.-...e,- of dehwavs. I) si. No. 9- s. i akki.h.
hare of settlers.
material shall have
e until
K ' The work will firotiahly Ira
l....i i ,.w set of carpenters, as i
. Kne to their eastern Ridfiers at present.
W.. i
r-- . r.... i... ' ....I., ok .....l o.i... i la,.
1 ft MOIwR-v evening lor Ol.s i vj,.. ...u. tii.i, wi.ia:, ijiiau,...
J'n'!s 1 .... nr.. t TI.A ,ri i..,. ..r 1...
. Hj,in tl'.V. .U1.U..IICS,
III, .
l'leiisiint Kili,'f ricasaiitics.
Nov. 101 h, 1M!I2.
Nolan is threshing out the Pleasant
Andy Christian's
wheat went 17 bushels per acre and Ins
The gentle zephyrs of last Sunday
II. .
oerw''W the wovk on t lie new .sc-attered considerable grain over the
lie lias a strong- Uestre lo i pnnne, v.. s uaney, which was
" . ..: . i i .. I ...,. I...1 I,,,.,,.. I : ie. i .i... ,.i
tui m.iKU is i nine iinio tr s. ne- , n.i unvjiii; nun eieu mik ,i .-u.
I1'.. . . i ... i ... . n.n c..,o e. ni , a..: i.:....
;,; inat our coum.rv is uesi.meu lor a i '"'"'' i,i,hi i. uuo ui.n. oiiiu
i! future. May his desire lie
i realization. They conic: they
(J the believe.
iijjklil.tU! eXailemeiit. was caiisedTues
"lfwiiit noon, by tlie mule team of
,r Ji: Hifi'-lovv rimnine; away. Mr.
ItMpv Imving a narrow escape. Hi
ll k load of hav sdinilintr near (iriswold
was upset and J. J. Zumbrunneivs wind
mill was blown away and made to look
like a republican olliee holder's face since
K. L. Kirtly had a horse badly cut in
a wire fence a. week- fir so ao.
l)r. Meredith was called last week to
see Mrs. A. Christian, since which time
iiinleilcr's sloru and was limliiii"; on her health is improving.
Vmt of the iviij
1 ife vviipin longn
L w hich run en-
Ij'OII Wlien he loll liai l;
;ile and frightened the
vv Inch run east on the street, and
in Ix-hind the iost. oili'-" huildiu
Nilhe wnon upset and the team
Wi. .ur. liigeio-.v J.-ll under tlie
On last Thursilay eve llev. filasner
preached in the 1'leasanl Kide school
bouse ta an audience w hich, in point, of
ii u ii 1 1 m --. would make Harrison ashamed !
of itself. Coiiii' aain l-'.lder.
Mrs. County Sup!. (Joodvvin vUit
Win. Klsherry. j
Judges of election Robert I-'ergitson, j
John Speas, Eo.lierl Tally.
Clerksof eli-clt-m-II. S. Clonal, D.
A. I'ublow.
fivi: hAts i',':):cixrT.
Justice of I lie peace to lill vacam -y S.
H. Colfee.
Assessor J.cnh Korster.
Conslablel" III! vacancv M. J. 0'l'on-
Overseer of iiighvvays Jacob Marking.
Judges of election Frank I'iiikliiiin, S.
Tibhi t, Jacob Marking.
Clerks of election A. Sonthworlli, A.'
HAT ( ItK.'-'.K I'liECI.VCT.
Justice of the peace to fill va'-inu-y
(horgo llowen.
Assessor J. C. Parsons.
Constable to fill vacancy C. Civwell.
Overseer of highways James Wilson.
Judges of election Valentine Wohl
heter. Henry Zimmerman, V. W. Woody.
Clerks of election Matthew Hall, J.
E. Hollingsworth.
Justice of the peace to fill varancy
Ci. J. Thayer.
Assessor John Debano.
Constable to lill vacancy C. Burgel.
Overseer of highways W. E. Jones.
Judges of election Eben Calishavv,
Martin Cayhart, F. XV. Meyer,
Clerks of election V. E. Jones, John
Justice of the peace to lill vacancv
J. V. Cook.
Assessor J. If. Cook.
Constable to lill vacancy J. W. Ear
Overseer of highways John (Ireen.
Judges' of election J. A. (ireen, Ar-i
fhur (ireen, and a lie between J. H. Cook !
and J. W. Earnest. I
Clerks of election J. H. Cook, Andrew )
Mctlinley. ;
Justice of the peace to lill vacancv T.
li. Snyder.
Assessor ( ieo. Albertsen.
Constalde to lill vacancy J. Ga'iipcrt.
Overseer of highways V. Thomas
SnakeCreek elected no precinct uiiii-ct-s.
VV A 1 1 !il IN X ET TK E 't.NCT.
Assessor John Hei-iuan.
Constable to III! vacancv lie between
Notary Public.
Beady io Supply the Wants of F
:in tlie line of:
.V- (;reat Pojiular History of the World.
The story of the world's history, is,
after all, tlie most interesting- and most
instructive story which has ever been
told. It was probably never better pre
sented, for general reading- and reference,
than in Alliens Cyclopedia of History,
recently published. Every nation of the
earth, ancient or modern, is treated in
its alphabetical order, excepting, only,
the United States, which is to form a
separate work. You have ancient his
tory as far back" as B. C. 5004 and mod
ern history down to A. 1). 1HU2. All
countries are described in their physical
aspects, as well as historically, so vou
have the equivalent of a book of travels
round tlie world. There are many illus
trations, none for mere ornament, but
all helpful for instruction. Considering
the magnitude of the work, its small
cost is astonishing. The entire history
comprises about 800,000 words equiva
lent, you will mid by comparison, to
about, 10 volumes of ordinary size and
yet is issued in two handy volumes, in
small but clear type, well and handsome
ly made, and sold in cloth binding for
only :!l.2o for the set, plus 20 cents for
postage, if by mail. For 10 cents the
publisher sends post-paid a paper-bound
volume of 100 pages, containing the com
plete history of several nations, by which
you can judge of the character of the en
tire work. Kvery home ought, to have a
good Universal History; this is probably
the best for general use. The publisher's
catalogue of choice books, over 100
pages, a rich feast for book lovers, is sent
postpaid for 2 cents. John 13. Ai.den,
Publisher, 57 Rose St., New York.
Our Stock of Shelf aiid Heavy Hard
ware is Complete and we Have
Farm Machinery
-in Season.
Our Prices are Down to the Lowest Notch.
P'1 0 C 1 H 11 d i S
Groceries, Dry Goods, Furnishing
Goods, Flour and Feed .
.V Loving Memento lo be Sent to Every
One of Our Women Readers.
V e-Il'-u ,. .
i , r , , ,.- ,- ,..,. ,, , SiMUl reeling ami vv in. niatiery.
and Die hues caught his foot and our school this week, whicIT is being ably )wrse,,. f hi-hwa vs Chas. Si
Vd him some distance, but, luckily, conducted by Miss Hello Uodson.
km did not I urn, and he escaped One-fourth of the. vote of Pleasant
kit a. few slight bruises. I.tdge precinct was nst for Prohibition.
Mrs. Harrison crtuld not have left a
more loving memento to the women of
America than the work she did for them
before her last sickness. It is a inagniii
cent. work of art, a Bunch of Orchids,
painted by I ler in the White House, from
an orchid raised in tlie While House. It,
is lovingly dedicated to the mothers,
j wives, and daughters f America: and
the reproduction are so perfect, that las!
i An u A , when a proof was submitlci! o
! Mrs. Harrison at, boon Hake, for her ;:p
S, she thought it was her own
Hardware, Tinware, Barbed Wire and
Binders, Mowers,
Rakes, Wind Mills, Pumps
and Buggies.
When in town call and see our
goods and get our prices.
To The Public
undersigned resect fully (fin-
lodges f eection--I,en Haul, O. A. ! v, ' ' l
I . ,c e f.(.. ", uu- iiimii.i oi nullify Hie
I medium through which (huso valuable
pictures (12x15 inches) were presented to
the women of America. They arc, not.
for sale: I. lit, we will now send one to
(iorten, John Anderson.
Clerks of eleclign Lewis (ler
( :has. Biehle.
Public Sale I Justice of the peace lo
V. S. Johnson. '
s to the public that he vvrongMilly . ol !! head of .steers, li head ol cows amy Assessor Jos. Decker
1 J. W. Hi-own "f branding a 21 head of horses on Sal urda v, Nov. 2!, j
lielonging to him, having found . al Hiverv Pari), Harrison, at, TO
Ifer unmolested a short time ago. , 'lock. u. in.
JoS h. K X. per cent. A,
kwu, I"ti., 5v'v.. ;i, Vi'X
Terms. 10 months at 10 j
ion-ison, auctioneer. j
UN I'At'T. !
vacancy any mother, wife, or ilauuhler who will
, enclose three two-cent, slaiups lo pay fori
tl'aiisnortal ion. parking, etc. i'lusei
('onsluiilo to nil vacancy .u. it. uroen. ; exmusi'e iitei-ieiue, i tirmjr Airs, il ar-i
Overseer rtf highways -Deidrii-k Neibon. i ri-vm's.aulograpJi uc i .o,-''-.i!t, w ill - non ;
iildgesof I'lection. . 1 1, la'nneo, S. j beyond pra e, I'lid .houlil i: sirinal ut
Kemp, I. K. Mi Into. h. ! one". , Address I .-.Mi K mix's l-'A'lli,',
i 'lei ks of election M. .1. Weber, R. . V " !5 Ea
! la maker, I Ye
espect fully,
"Seeing is Believino:.5'
And a rood lamb
must be simple; when it is not- simple it is
not Rood. SimMc. Beautiful. Good tl-iesp t
words mean much, but to see "The Rochester" i
WU1 impress the truth more forciblv. All mptal
tough and seamless, and made in three nieces nnvi
it is absolutely safe and unbreakable. Like Aladdin's
ot old, it is indeed a "wonderful lamp," for its mar
velous light is purer and brighter than ras liffht.
f .l . .1 ,' . " . . '
suiter inuii cicctnc nrrnt ana more cneeriul than either.
Loot forthiSDtrnap TiiERocm.STF.R. Jf the Wimn dealer has n't,..
Roclu-ster.aiKl thy ,tv!e you want, scad to us for Tu? n ilW?tre5 cSStoSf
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