The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, November 03, 1892, Image 6

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    The Sioux County Journal.
Van Wvck
Failed tu Show
11 i
a Ad-
Subscription Price, $"".00
L. J. Simmons, ... Editor.
Entered at the Harrison post office as sec
ond class uiatt-r.
Thursday, Nov. 3, 1892.
For l'rcsieleul,
of Indiana.
For Yioe-l'rcsielcnt,
of New Vurk.
Ki'imMii'itn state Ticket.
For Oovernor,
Lieutenant Oovernor,
Sen-re-tary of state,
i:i :ese .M(mii;k,
stnt Treasurer,
A t t'xriicv Oenern I,'
OKOl'l.K lj. II -TIMi
stip't. of I'nblie' Instruction,
A. K.(.01I)V.
4'OIU. Of I'elbli.' 1.1111'!- HIHI l.llildillgS
A. If. HI M I'll KEY.
I'ri'sidi'iitial Klci-tor-.
W. J. WtitATCU,
ji. p. mi i.i.ei:,
('. Dl 'HAS,
Cemsri'ssiiiiial Tirki-t.
For Congressman, nth District.
Senatorial Ticket.
For staU' Senator, district,
Kevirescntative Ticket.
For .-tiitc Hcpri'-ontutive, Xul Dl.-t.,
1.. A. liKOWKIi.
Kext Tuesday is election day and an
other buttle of tiie hulJots will yo on
If you waut tlie country settled up and
H'osierotis times follow vote the reouli
li.iin ticket.
U you want to see prosperous times in
Sioux county vote the republican ticket
and work for new settlers.
Van Wvck would think no more of
breaking any promise than he did of break
ing the one to come to Harrison to speak
last Friday.
Little Keiu will not come within one
hundred votes of carrying his home pre
cinct, to say nothing of his county and
this district. firoUen Bow leader.
Van Wyck was saved the humiliation
of seeing how siuull a crowd he could
draw by failing to fill his promise to the
people of Sioux county.
On last Friday the remains of Mrs.
Harrison were laid to rest in the ceme
tery at Indianapolis, Ind. A large num
ber of people, including many notable
ersons paid their last respect to the
honored dead and all was done that was
possible to show to President Harrison
the sympathy which was felt for him in
his loss and bereavement.
The independent and democratic lead
ers had a meeting in Omaha a few days
ago and an attempt was niade to fuse
against the republicans. It is stated
tiiat they agreed to knife the democratic
electors in the interest of the Weaver
men. A desperate effort was made to
get the democratic support for Van
Wyck, but he was too bitter a dose and
the democrats repudiated that part of
the program. Tlie result of that scheme
will be tlt many of those who were
formerly republicans, but have of late
been with the independents, will return
to the old party and many straight
democrats will also vote the republican
ticket as a reproof to those who have
tried to lead them, into the independent
In tlie early part of the campaign the
opposition nominees for congress and
otlier offices were very bold and aggres
sive. In the first district it was claimed
that all that was necessary for re-election
of Bryan was to make an arrange
ment whereby he could meet Judge
Fiekl in joint debate. The challenge was
issued by Bryan and promptly accepted
by Field. In the debates which followed j
the latter proved himself the master of i
the situation and at every joint meeting
got the best of his opponent. The same
plan was adopted by M'Keighan in the
fifth district and Andrews flailed him all
over the district. Ia both these districts
the republican nominees cliallenged their
opponents to continue the joint discus
sion until election, but in both cases the
former challengers declined to arrange
for furtlier joint meetings. In the Sixth
district when Whitehead had got through
with Kern in the joint debates the latter
retired to the privacy of his home dis
gusted and sick at heart, and has re
mained there waiting for election to
come for the voters, to put him out
of his misery by inform ig him that he
can stay at home after March 4, lWi,
lath other districts where joint meet
ing were ImM the same results have
fettawed. Calamity and prejudice
mW pretty well in IWt. but two doses
j For weeks the leaders of tlie iiuiepeiul
ents have been advertising that Van
i W''i f lid in-Li-i i ii Hutu ti. U r j ,f ruirm
M tH 1,1 IV, f,l!wUl J'l X tUCH. I Jl IllUI 111)
j would be at Harrison ou Oct. 28th to
tell the dear people how to vote in order
to help hi in get a chance to occupy hi;
mansion in Washington and draw a fat
salary and thus add to his wealth. A
number of the enthusiastic ones were at
the depot. The train was an hour and a
half late and it was suggested that that
I was the caused by the indeendent politi
I cal heavy-weights being in the rear car.
lien at last the train dm arrive there
was no Vau Wyck, no Shrader, no
Strickler, but instead there was S. I.
Messeraull, of Crawford, S. (. Fairchild
i and H. G. Stewart.
To say that the iudtendeiits put on
long faces is putting it decidedly mild.
At about 2 o'clock the vast crowd com
Kjsed of two-score and ten. including
ladies, children and members of otlier
parties Kiilhered at the court house.
The meeting was called Id order and
praver offered bv Rev. Glasrier. Com
missioner Welier presided and the first
eaker lie introduced was S. I. Meser
aull, of the Crawford Botymernnij. Mr.
Meseraull opened Ins remarks by saying
that he was sorry that Van Wyck was
not present, but he consoled the audience
with the information that he thought it
would be as well entertained as if that
individual had kept his promise. He
then attempted to make fun of the re
publican nominee for congress, James
Whitehead, anil misijouted him in regard
to the vote on the bill to pay Stout. He
whined and told profane and vulgar
stories which were an insult to the ladies
present and disgusted everyone in the
room. He used up an hour, but the peo
ple of Sioux county know him and have
not forgotten the dishonest, disreputable
attempt lie made a year ago to mislead
them and his talk will result in more harm
than good. S. C. Fairchild, an alliance
lecturer, followed and attempted to show
that the churches had members who
gave large sums of money to the support
of those institutions, that lots of jieople
committed suicide in New York, that
there were lots of people in the prisons
and insane hospitals and it was all the
fault of the republican party. His ha
rangue had little effect.
When he closed, about half the eople j
walked out, but II. G. Stewart, the per
petual candidate, could not take the hint
and began to discuss the financial ques
tion on the expansion and contraction
theory, and he kept at it until less than
twenty remained to listen and at last the
great blowout came to a close. The re
sult of the meeting was that the inde
pendents were down in the mouth and
the republicans felt good. Some of the
independents did not know Van Wyck's
tricks but they learned one that day, and
they will find that should opportunity
offer lie .would deceive and disappoint
them in everything just as he did about
coming here to speak.
If you want to keep people and money
out of Nebraska vote the calamity ticket.
iJon't fool about it any longer but get
to work and get more people to come to
Sioux county to live. That is all that
is needed to make it as good as any
county in the state and far better than
'Gene Moore is peculiarly and partic
ularly fitted for the office of Slate Aud
itor. He lias the two supremely-nec
essary qualifications he is capable and
honest. That the people of Fremont and
Dodge county should support him goes
without saying, he has enjoyed the
acquaintance and esteem of many of
them for years, during which time, and
is a now near neighbor. He should be
remembered on election day and dealt
with generously. Fremont Trihnne,
The independents claim that they are
not running a campaign of prejudice, yet
the Independent of last week refers to
the fact tliat Whitehead holds on to his
job as receiver of the Broken Bow land
office while he is making his campaign
for congress, but they do not lisp a word
about Kem drawing nearly $13 a day
from the government while he is in the
campaign. If Kem wants to reduce the
expense of the government why don't he
decline to take his salary while congress
is not in session? t is the fear that he
will not be able to draw that $M a day
after March 4, 1893, that is worrying Mr.
Kem a great deal more than the hard
ships endured by his constituents.
It is absolutely out of the question
for the independent party or press to
ileal fairly or honestly with any matter
or person which does not agree with their
hobbies. Tlie garbled accounts of
Whitehead's speech and the statement
that he believes a lot of things lie did not
utter demonstrate the fact. The record
of Whitehead in the legislature is easily
seen and not ooe dishonest or dishonor
able act is shown thereby. He voted for
the bill to pay Stout w bat was justly due
him and voted against a bill which Stout
attempted to get passed for an amount
to which he was not entitled. But such
work od the part of the indepeodMts will
avail them naught for no on will vote
agaiast 'Whitehead am tba itmgth of
Kein is HoW by His Owh retard.
Kearney Hull.
There exists in I'uster county, v.l'i its
office in Broken Bow, an organization
known as the Nebraska Homeseekers as
sociation. Tlie directors are L. H. Jewelt,
F. M. Rublee, James Whitehead, Rev. O.
R. Beel and Rev. Father T. P. Haley.
The purpose of the association is "to
assist in turning the tide of immigration
this way" tliat is to Custer county and
Central Nebraska and is not a real estate
dealers association.
There has been handed to the '(' a
little paniphet, styled "Semi-Annual Cir
cular No. 1," issued about a year a?o.
which sets forth the object of the asso
ciation, describes the advantages of Ne
braska as an agricultural state, aud pub
lishes the sworn statements of a large
number of farmers in Central Nebraska
who have made money off their farms.
On the last jKige of this little book
there is a card signed by O. M. Kein.
congressman from the sixth district,
w hich reads as follows:
' lam personally well acquainted with
each of tlie members of the assoc iation,
and also with nearly all of the farmers
whose allidavits appear herein. They
are men of integrity, and their state
ments mav 1 regarded as thoroughly re
liable. o" M. Kem. M. C.
At the present moment O. M. Kem is a
candidate for re-election to congress, and
the burden of his entire song has been u
calamity wail that the farmers of his dis
trict are becoming steadily jioorer, that
they are losing their farms, and that
under present political conditions there
is no hoe for the poor man. All of this
slush and slander has of course been to
curry favor with the farmers and catch
their votes. He doesn't believe anything
of the kind, and he knows that these con
stantly repeated assertions are not true.
And to prove this it is only necessary to
quote from the sworn statements made
by farmers to whom he refers in his card
as "men of integrity" whose statements:
may be "regarded as thoroughly reli
able." H. J. Shinn, an indeiendent, county
judge of Custer county, says: "Have
farmed my home place continually since
185 until elected county judge in M."
Further says: "I am well satisfied with
my success in Custer county and know of
no country where I could go to better
my prospects for successful farming."
James Stockham c hairman of the board
of supervisors of Custer county, since
deputy clerk of the distric t court, an
independent and a political speaker, tells
the same storv and clinches it with this
statement: "Have done well in Custer
county and believe any wide-awake man
can make money in this county.''
Diah Woodruff, indejiendent, member
of the board of supervisors, tells of six
teen years farming in Custer county and
makes this positive assertion: "I know
a man can do well on a farm in Custer
county if he works and thinks."
William P. Burrows, county super
visor in Custer county, also an independ
ent, says: "Have done well in Custer
county and know a farmer can do as well
here as any country I ever saw."
James Lindly, of Anselmo, another
independent, testifies to his prosperity,
produced out of nothing, says: "I be
lieve I have succeeded better by fanning
in Custer county than I could in any
state or locality I was ever iu.
This is a thoroughly reliable agricultural
Joseph Murray, of le Park, member
of the calamity party, is so well satisfied
tliat he says on oath: "I know of no
country in the world I would wish to
remove to, and consider I have accumu
lated property during my residence here
worth to me $8,000 clear of all debts."
Thomas T. Williams, of Ansley, an
independent, after twenty years exieri
ence, declares: I intend to remain per
manently on my present home in Custer
county, and believe with hard work and
thrift a farmer can do lietter here than
any state I was ever in.'1
J. A. Amsberry, Mason City, independ
ent, thirteen years experience, testifies:
"Believe this county well adapted to
farming and stock raising, and these can
be made exceedingly profitable here."
Geo. A. Steele, of New Helena, the
last to make oath to his prosjierity, also
an independent, says: "I consider Custer
county a thoroughly reliable agricul
tural county; good farmers can make
money here."
These gentlemen are all members of
the independent party Mr. Kern's party
the party that talks calamity, Mr.
Kem says that he is well acquainted
with them. He also avers that they are
men of integrity. And he further de
clares tliat their statements can lie re
garded as reliable.
Mr. Kem also acknowledges that lie is
acquainted with tlie "members of this
association" (meaning the Nebraska
Homeseekers' association) and he includes
them with the farmers whose sworn
statements appear as men of integrity
whose statements may be regarded as
true. Therefore Mr. Kem acknowledges
the integrity and reliability of James
Whitehead, a member of tlie association,
who also happens to lie Mr. Kern's o
ponentfor congrew at this particular
And it may seem snperfluotnt to mid
that Mr. Kem has by his own admission
proven himself a slanderer of his own
section, a besonfer of bis own nest, and a
very cheap caknity faki (let convicted
out of bis own month and not worthy
tbeonfl(iincf Vm m l th Um
Slumping Away From Van W'ycL.
Lincoln l.iU-ltv .lii'l '
The news from every county
i-,t.. indii-.ites a wonderful falh
Van Wyck's strength. Tlie editor of
Lil.rtij has received letters during the
past two weeks from more than thirty
dill'erent counties, from independents,
and all of them agree that Van Wyck
l:as lost votes in every township during
that time. Iemocratic estimat
All over the state show that
ueiident candidate for
ft in
the inde-
governor lias lost
heavilv during the lst two weeks, and
republicans are jubilant over the gams
for their candidate, Mr. ( 'roun- Never
in the history of olitios in Nebraska lus
there been such a wonderful c haue in so
short a time in the prosjiec ts of a candi
date as there lias lieen in regard to Van
Wyck. Wherever Van Wyck has
spoken his adherents have gone home
dissatisfied with him. They have l-eeii
angered at his lack of ability and at his
clownish apitaranee and actions uon
the rostrum, while they have ltn
pleased with lK'th Crounse and Morton
( Van Wyck has had to face his
congressional and senatorial record
everywhere and nowhere has he denied a
single paragraph of that record, as pub
lished in the columns of l.ilutt. On
account of this fact, those who have
iMwiril him have concluded that all we
have said of him was true, and wisely
concluded that thev did not desire such a
nuin for rovenior and United Slates
i ii.u
, t. ii
i i i -
Kem Waiting for Hie lletirsr.
Kearney Hub.
Congressman Kem has li-en hoisdu
combat since the close of his series of
joint discussions w ith the ieciless Jim
Whitbead sick in body and mind-ami
only waiting for the election returns to
put him out of misery,
Gov. Boyd has issued a iiersonal and
onlideiitial letter to the democrats urg
ing them to vote for the Weaver elect-
u-s, stating that it is a step toward the
dection of Cleveland and Stevenson and
tlie principles they represent. The Boyd
democrats are also reauv to knife Morion
liec.iuse he does not suit their taste. The
result of such a contemptible ischenie
will lie that many indeieudenls will
vote the republican ticket and many
straight democrats will do the same for
they w ill not submit to be lead around
bv the nose bv the Bovd crowd.
Final Proof Notice
All persons having Hual proof notices in
this paper w ill receive; n marked copy of the
paper and icre recpiested to examine their
notice and if any errors exist rejwjrt the
same to this oflice at once.
Notice far f'lililicaliiui.
Lund Oflice at t'hinlron, Neb., I
ort. 31, Jim. 1
Notice U hereby jrivr n tlint the following
named settler ha.-, riled notice of hi intcn
tion to make final proof in support of hi
claim, and that said proof will be made bo
torn Conrad l.indemau, Clerk of the District
Court, at Harrison, Sekr., on December 12,
ISM, viz :
Karnrst I jdlnr-r, of Jinclarr. N'elir.,
who made Homestead Entry No .Ml for the
SWJ scc.2i, T.J3 N. K., i West ot the (Hh
I . M .
He name-c tin following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon nml rultiva
of said land, viz:
John (. Ilradlev, William Mille r, Alanson
Sonthworth, Matthew r, Doan, all of liodarc,
Xebr. w. ii, Mc.i'ANN,
IW-13J lie-Kister.
Notice for I'lililication.
Land office? ut Chadron, Neb.,
.Nov. 1, jstw. i
Notice is heretiy Klven tliat the follow uk
named settler lias filed notice of bis intcn
tiou to make final proof in support of hl
claim, an. 1 that said proof will 1 made Ik:
lore the Iteifiiter and Keeffiver of thel'.S
Land Office at ( liaclron, Nebraska, on
December loth, isiri, viz:
David Anderson, of Montrose, Nebr.,
wliomade lloinesti..,,) Entry No. 34U for the
SW, M. , T. 85 S. K.,54 Went ol tbelith I'.M.
He names the toliowiiiK witnesses to prove
his continuous resideince upon unil culliva
tion of said land, viz:
J. M. I'lunili, of A re! more, s. Dak., Ani?ust
Meyers, Henry c. Ilnnte-r, Christopher
(Jensen, all of Slontrose, Nebr.
1-'8 W. II. McCANN, Ue-Klstcr.
Notice for Publication.
Jjcnd ( Dice ut Chailron, Ni'b., I
Oct. 11, ism. (
..Notice Is here -by given that the following
mmieil si'ttler has tlleel notice of bis inlen
tion to make final prool iu support ol hi
cliilm, and that saiel proof will WhuhUi..
fore Conrad l.ineleniau, Clerk of the District
"""'" iiniiisoii, .Auoncssa on ivovciiibe
SI, 12, via:
Ncls KiiL'cliretM'ii, of Hiirrihoii, Nebr..
who niKde Homestead Kntry No. W for the-
I M oftbeiitli
lie name's the following w itne-si's to prove
Ills continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of saiel land, viz:
. K " 1 '",,iK". " minm Dixon, Willium
if. i.ei.-i i.v, jonn r.oersiM-e-her, all eif H.Hlarc
Nebr-., W. II. McCANN,
I"1"1 Uegister.
Notice for I'libliciiti-in,
Land Offlcc at Cliaelroti, Neb., (
Sep. -Hi, Mn. 1,
Notice Is hereby given that the following
namcel settler has filed notice; of Ills Inl.-ii
uuii c. innKc mini jirooi in snpiH.rt otitis
f! , , i ' i iu-ooi will Ik- lmiele Im
forct ( onriid l.lndeman, Clerk ol the District
I'-VJi ..L '" Sr,''"-loi n Novembe r
It ,., . IF. ,
(iforirc .1. Kiilciiiiiii. of Minitrop. Ni br.,
who iiiauc Homestead Kntry No. :f.Vj7 for the
l;Ml N;; wt of llT iith p'm
, . v. lonovc ing wiini'ssen to prove
his continuous r,.dene,' tirui iu,. c-ultlva
tion of, saiel land, via:
ll.Y.'rv Viii"; . V Jr'r- J:. ''l k. nbro. k,
., V. . s'i, ri-iiijnnn'i llltlncr.
all of Moiit.rosi', Ne-hr
V. II. MCCANN, Ite gUter,
Notice for rilbllctttloii,
band Ofticc' at Chadr-on, Neh , f
sop. a, iHlri. (
Sotlen Is liere-lry give n that the following
V.'"'?'": tJ''r.""'. '""'co of liisint",?.
. ..'T! ,r''l'l"-t Id-
fore Conrad U,l": ,, "7rk of HKi
llolicrt V. Ncccc, in HonlUe, ,.,r
J" ""i."? "J"' '"""lug' w ffneF,,,., f,rfU
U'lTlaT.dVy!'"-'' """" '"Hv-
AllH'IU ilM nf
Mr'.hili-T,,rt lliir-
fcof&rin.- Kiiinhi-Fi, f.k-.f
.mMCFiuuieif VTjr., .Vllll-Ce
jmii,. ai.( Oqulvij llarn,,
Notice lur Publication.
I.anel onie e at I liadron. N
si p. i7, tti.
'olie-c is hereby given that Hie foil'
naliie.1 se-ttle r ha- lilcsl neitu-i' eel In-
C II,.-.! liriMlf ill F.UIIIMII1
claim, and that said proof ill l- I"'
le.r. I in.leli.nn. Clerk ol the District
Court hI Harrcsoee, Nebraska, em Nene-iiilnT
Till, isiei. viz:
Wan F.. Mae Ui-lilaii. r Ce... lillc. Vi ler..
who loaile llonii steael No. MW lor the K',
NW ; A s i4 NW Nee. IS & -K', M , -
i T i. V It. - ' lb I'- m.
lie- names tlie following w itne-sse s to prove
his eontinnous ri-ide ue e iimiii unde-ullnil
tune ol, said land, viz:
Jrv ing Wll-m. John I". eik, all of liar
risoii, Nebr., Arthur l. 1. re-en, John A.
e.rii n, Allot Jiovv ille-. Ne br , also:
Iluli V. Mai ljcrlilau. eef Jtov villi-. Nebr..
who made Ii. Nil. tiKHi lr I lie Hr 'K'.
s I, K', A sW i, Ii. I . - It-
W e st lllll I'. M.
He iiaiiie tin' follow ing ilue-sscs to pr.ive
his e-oiiliiiuous ri-siili'ue i- cisjii and culliva
tion ol, said land, v i.:
Ii v ing Wilson, John V. I eiok. all of liar
null. Nebr., John A. Ores-, i, Arthur l . le e ei ,
all ol'llovv ille, Nebr.
;i . II. M.-CINN. l.-e gi-U r.
K. ...... ..
...... r-iiim.M
j I'. s. i.4mi urn, ,
V 11 AI'MOS, ?, -
I oiotihliot N,i.'i',?.i
Ihi-orn.-e hy ( Imrle-, )'.,
e.isirg.' slm-k for failure ,
Ms Ui HoiuslctteJ l-.iitrv N,
lUll, llKin the vv ' Nv,'
s i .,i, ,ow I i -1 i i , , ,
Sioux ciliuty, Ne bi.i.ka",'
. uw.. Mil, mfii oi sam entt
ing that the- ail c.i-, a.
alaillijiinesl naid tract' tl
Ills re-siiU'iii e llii'ii li-o-,,
NMilitlls film, making
trai l is not ra-tll.Hl in....'
saiel party as reepiir,-, ','
lias ne-ve-r fl'siuiiii.n,.,) ,(
t rae-t suie-c niiug on
are here-bv snniiiioiii.,' ;
nft-e- em tile- ilt iluy ,, Si
o'cliM-k A. M., to re-sjkJII,'
ii,,,i;i .-iiiiug
T-s,tIFV , ni,,.H
fore l.e-orgi' Walker. :c ,
oltii-e ill Harrison, on
Is"' al III a. in.
II. T.l iiM.t l-,
ellti'-t;ilit t
Not in' to Noll-lb'si'le III I'el.'liela ill s.
li"U-t Jle-e k and Jj na C. I'.e'ck, hi- lie-,
delendaills, w ill lake notice' that on the Till
el-iv ol m-tiilier, Is-'-', Catharine A. Mniml,
l.iaintitf lii'l'i in. bbsl l'r IK-tilion in tile
In-trict Court "I sionx County, Nebraska,
again-! -aid ilcli'iidaut-, the' object tiinl
itrave r ol wnien are hi ioi.-i ios.- ,.ii,
iiioltgage eve-elltisl by the del end M ill s to
the -lihiilitill llp'IU Ho' south Wesl C'llalte-r
1. s,.,-ti,ll 'I Ml'lttV tun,
1 l.irlv line ..11;. linage I-illy nix
to si'-ciire tin' pav ine-nt ot a c-i-rt On
prolol orv note' diitesl oil tin- third ,;n ;
.l ivol Jau'ual'v, Iss'.i, lor the sum ol Ibree
Hundred nod' Hit)' Dollar-, ; .Cfii nod
doe- and pavabb' 111 Five years limn Hie
dale- tliele-ol, thai tbere is now eliii-aoil
pii abb' Uiu -.-Od not- anil Inortgagc the
-iliiiol 1 liree HuiKlle-tl and MwytHi mid
luentv Ave Hunpritli Dollars :i:-i.'A'i , w it h
llltere-t tlie-resm at tile rale ol III H-re-elit
i r aiinuio from Ihe nr-t 'lay of July, I""'!,
and the lurlher -inn of Klgliteeii mid
Jolty l ight llundrellls Dollars ls.(S
iiaiel'by plaintiff as lavs upon said moil
gaged I'leini-e--, tor wllle-lj snin with in
lercst tllerioie Irolil this ebele, plailllllf
prays for a dee-r-c that dele-hdanl- be- re
iilired to p; V the -ami', or that -aid pte-ni
je- may is- -end to s.itisl y the amount found
v.niiare reeiniied to answer said petition
nil or lie-tor tin- Till 'lav ol NeivemlM-r, Is'r.'.
Daled till- ;tll day of Hi t. IsW!.
tvillvltlsv V. s vie ill r, I "he ill t iff.
Hy Molri-A lli'i-kuuiii and l.coige W .ilker,
s. Attorney-.
Voliii 'Ii,,,!..,,
I'. S. I.AMillrne , ,
If A I 'HON , N,; ( ' ,
Ceilnplttilit No. s',;l: l,.Ul!l.
tills ollice by New ,,,UI j
,, ...v. i i. i"i laiuir,- I,
as to TIiiiImt i iiltni ,- ,
Ile-e-eliils-r 4th, Is;,.
swi. MW nod iu 1 l:
-1 I'uaite-r ; Town-biii ;ki North i ;
Tow oship j county, Nebraka, w ,i i, j vj;
Jielieni of said cot
; 1 hat t he siciel Walle r
; moiii'o swni i riei e in llt.
lo oi-e-aK, plow or In
1,,,1-lliltl lit .Hill I... I
I I,. .1, ,' . ,
W It : S4-pteln-r I-- .'
i I In-re is no t n-e- m,, i, , ,
' i iijj i
t he present im, t .,
trees, iri e we d-, or ii,
said tract since J ,
tion ol -aid 1 1 art 1 1, ,i
prior lo Jaliinit
up lo gra-, :, I
li-is lain-'! to cut
elate oi liinUilig 1)
parlies nre hct,-,v
at Ho- i lli,-e- e,it t li,
IHii. al lo o i I,,, k, a. 1 1
lil-ll li'-llioiiny ei,,
I e--t lllllniv lit ii id,, wl.
lore- Ceolge W nlke-r. a nut
tun, .- mo i isoii, ,-i.r
ltlllisi, l ai I . I ' I,. i
I 11,
Il ,
o n .,
Notice to ill-I.'c-ilb III Ilelcllillllll,
.John W.Tiddoiil t iki' notiee llial mi the
lll elaV ol Jul!, I-''-. I.ollls S-,ni-hltr,lt
pliiintitr herein, filed his petition ill the
lu-trict colli t ol "liiux comity, state ol
Nebrilsk gain-l John W . I Idd. deleadalil
herein. The ob,-i-t and prayer ol w Inch Is
to loteelo-e: a certain mortgage, eveeiili-'f 111
him, to Ihe W e-t.-rn J arm .Mortgage ( eon
paiiv.upou Lots No.i,, and liiest.iot
tliesWi4ol si-ction Is, Tou nshlp :;',, Itaiige
.VI to M-i-ure the pal uii-iit ol a ci-rtain
prnMils-ory note- elale-d June 17, Iss'i, ior
i-loo.iio with 7 per e-e-nt iiitere-t from date,
,aiihle si-mi annually. l-nng belori' -aid
mortgage Is-cal Ille it w a- elulv' assigned
to l.ui- si-inn hardt who I- now the owner
tin reol ; there I- now due' upon said note
anel mortgage the slim ot ton.oo with
interest from Deee-iois-r I, s.n, and plain
tirf prays that said jiremi-e-s may tic
dei-ree-d to Im- -old lo satl-ly the leinount
due tliere-on.
em are reepilred to an-wer said petition
Oil or Is-forc the -'IM elaV ol Nov ., Is"'.
Daleil lii-tols-r 4th, l-'ri.
as l.ol IS 1 III I IHIIlll , I'laillliH.
liy. J-. J. Houghton, hi- attorney.
sw in IVtel-on and ,lu
ii-iioaiiis. Hill i;IKe )(,,e
I HK.llls, l lallll 111, tcis ,
, in-irn-i uui i ol sn , ,;,
' '"-""'- - I'en II, raid.
piavi r ol w bich ai,- t,, t,f,
ilale-il .liliie-'il-t. Isvj, ,
; oil ine l.ols oin- and I
North c-t onai t, r ,,i s...-,
! -Illp I'lllltV tollr llllltll ,, V ., , ,
: " est "ill i . .1 , in ,,,, ,
s an 1'ete-is,, , and Anna IV
a-e-tel li laroi v,,i tk.,,L,,. ,
; a Ignl'et to I'lainlilt, , ,
. ri-.-iirde-i in I'an.k ,1, I'.ii;, ,, ,,
, ti-eotds o said ciiinl , anl t,,
1 ile-e-ree-d lo Is a ll-l I, , Mi
! to satisfy tlie ..inn., and in
I re-ceitd.
j i on are reejinrt d to an
; ou or lie lore' tne -."st i, ,v
-I la. I II A 1
slii-rilf Sale.
Ily v irtne of an order o( sale diree ted to
me t rom the c lerk ol the elislrie-i court ot
sioux county, Nebraska on a judgment ob
talllisl in said court on the third davnl
Angu-t, Is'Fj.ln favor ol Satahl . D. JSa-n tt as
plainlil! and against J-riittklin Simons. Mary
Simons, small J.. Davis as defendants, for
the sinn ol One- Thoiwiud sev entoeii ami
Forty Kight lluiidreih Dollars ( anil
co-tstaxed at Klevcii and Ullvnlne Hun
dretli Dollars I1.',0) and nccruing eo-ts. I
nave lev -led upon the following real estate
taken as the pro-rtv of ele-le-nilants to mitls
ty said order ol ale tovcit: J.ot No. 'Ivteeii
! 10) in liloeK No. MX ,11, In the vll aiceof
Harrison, si, n county, Nebraska, and w III
oiler the- same lor sale to the highest b,pe-r
ior casn in lialiil on the I'-'tli llnv ol Novciil
1st lm, at thelremt ebsir of the. 'court house
of said rounty at llamson, Nebraska, thai
la-lug the' building w lie-re in the hist t.-nn of
esjiiri was he-id to satisfy ,iie Judgment,
costs and accruing cost,, atwhle li time and
place clue attendance will Im- given by the
undersigned. Tims. Kkihv,
, J,Hi , sheriff of said I 'oimtv.
Dated October 3rd, lsoi.
n c ol I,,
id s,
olii'C is hercl.y giie-n n,
coiiirar-ts on tin' linlow ui if ile-rrl
lands have l-eu ram .-11,-d bt uj,
K-lui-al irmal jin,, nnd,, ,5,',
Instated hy the payment ol iIhil
li'i'usi or e-a-e r,-nli,l ,01,. .,.i,i .A
I olfe-reel for e-a.- by the ( onnlyTi-J
sioux county at 111 o clock,
clay of Noveinl-e-r, Ke.',
ne.V.... .
H nw i4 iind w -: -ve '4 and
aud rit mid sw', si y,
ni'4 und 11 n nw i.t and n'-; -.-'v
II W i, HW 14
sci uw !4 fend s .I1, and . s-i
H se''4 ami nw-i,
11X -
sit . . . .
Notlci'.-Tlnilicr ('iilture.
t". s. i.ami cirnc e, i
ClI.VDKI'N.Nhli., j
, , . Oct. 14, ls05.
( oiniilaint No. mi having )..,, e-ntcnsii at
tills oft e-e. by Charles Henry t nltt against
.ae-lmriah Miooji for fail,,,-., toeompivwith
law lis to I'lmlu-r 1 li,,s.. L-... v.. ..,'.-', . .
Oe-UilH'r lit 11, iss.-,, unein' the.' s,',i,.'' J
ynarter Suction 7, Town-hln ;iu North llatiiFe
W. 111 Sioux County, Ne-br-ka, with
view totliecane-i-lhetioi, ot ,,, t-ntrvi con-tc-lHi.t
alleging ,,ml ,,. ,,, ,.,, ,,
shoop, has wholly U Ir: el' v
ueglce-tini to I.i-.m.If If... ...
f:!!!!!'" '"iu" "', tract .luring
the year HW, that there is 1,0 t re. s grow , g
there has been no tre-es, tree w-i-ds, or tree
"it' III gs. plan ted uiai,', tra -t
ie, !.',",iy M"' tllhl IH'rtioi ,r , 1
in -l that was cu,iv,lted prior to .lanuat- 1
l,.iV, up t. grass ,,d ,.,.ds
u I IP ''r'"11'''1 urc saiel eler.-et,,,,
are'hi'.reTv"' "' ll'
an heie-hy miniinoiied to appear at this
o tico.m the il .lay of l:-vu -r Vr, , J
clock a.,,,., to respond d I ,, ,-,,M, test,
inoay concerning safd ,.g,.d f ll.,"-.- '
lesliniony of itncsws will Is-taken lie-
l Kl llfWclillV.
iff1, nw I, and nw 1. -a 1
ti H w H' sw i5 and s i, -iv. and
sw 14 tenet sw' ne- --Aund
tenet ni nwe se-c aiel si-'4.
All -
nw 1, ami w )s fm'-i
' s" -
sw i, m l,
III'!, ......
HH lie1.! and iw'14 iii-H -c!, and
se-'i mid lll'.i Hi-', se-i, and -S
nw it lie', and si-', n . ... .
nw 1.
SW )
n w 1, sw i
e"-j nw 1.
All ...
11 liei.
uei4 nml i, w'4...
w X 11 w i,
11 w '4
' and
limed at Lincoln Ni -i.n-k 1. "IS
iHlli ' A. It- II' U'
Com. public'l-lW
If T. I'mur
onti'stanl's Attorney.
ii. I,. SMIVK,
r- . . . . . . . , r J
faaliionablo barber & "cM
One boor South ol ;:illkIHr .
Will nr.. . . . OPEN SUNDAY FROM '"
ill liraetice lfore all court , tbe !' .... tl,.
f i anel (im,., 1, 1 1 AND Slssi(s PI F I1 1
Land Oflice. Iinslu,.., ,.trns,,, to ,V t, . H
care will reixlve prompt atteutlo,, " cica...- "
HAHKISON, . . MJ,IU!, -, .
(, vr, 1 , 1 , is
( 'HAH. Vu VKIMTi'
Till" hfliiii . ,
nt BAfJll uf HflllTO
Harrison, Nebraska, '
Transacts a General Banking Bus(
IJuvs Sc-lmcl Orei,.,.,, fjn,y lt!M, ViHBK,. Wufi-"' "
KomxK hiviK, N'ew VorltCity.
F""iT N-.TKW4L Bans, Jfll!ihai
Bauk c CnAWf.N.- Clr'