The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, November 03, 1892, Image 1

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    The Sioux County Journal
a J. Simmon. Editor and Proprietor.
K. K.4 M. V R. H.Timr table.
(,..inp Wot. (joiiiK KKxt.
5, lnU"l..
5o. I, mi.-.l
3Ml l-r llll-IH-l
fcl 1i1iH
Uwii T mi-nci
1 '
i r.
4 SO
a-ort- p r liuiiflrcd t
Brt' j !- Ji tif li-U
ri"l -rlml'I"! - JUT liUTnlrfl t...
Mat... - 1'iT bulifl
Bstl.r -r
fe- I'r ,,,JZ
Poullrj 'T !
Ouioi)-p-'r B .
B,:j!h-It -
ifwI-P"r '"'''l -nntnc Jh t hi. ft .
3 M
15 K.
i orm U J every Tlmr!ay.
-I'mest line of t iain
ill town at the
IniK store.
Vie you statiduin up for Sioux
oiintv hv v orking for new settlers'
Highest market prices paid for
beat UKA.NT UrTillllK.
liev. Julian came up Saturday and
:ld quarterly meeting Sunday and left
Monday evening.
Rev. (Jlatncr will prefu h at Iilar.
xt Sun lay at 2 o'clock p. ni.,andat
arrison at . p. ill.
ThoW. C. T. U. will meet ut the
siilen. e of Mrs. Surah I in vis on next
tiirday afternoon at '2 o'clock, p. in.
-Mrs. II. A. ('umiiiigliaiii is stilus
r winter goods and niilleiu-ry at cost.
.Hat residence and secure a hurgaiu.
-On hist Saturday the workmen came
ii.l commenced the erection uf the How
h elevator. It is rapidly K0iK l
soon be ready to receive grain.
U'Mhkk. First-class native lumber
shingles constantly on hand nt mv
oil East Boggy, 13 miles east of
lirnwn. J. K. Ahndi.
V The building ut Ardmore will 1
pdy for occupuncy the first of the
l:k and II. W. MacLachlan is .repar-
E 'u lbin business there as soon as
k--Tlie democratic leaders are trying to
it up a scare over the prohibition .pies-
riint matter was prettj' thorough-
Jj-.posej of two years ago and no one
II attempt to bring it up very boon.
I At the meetlntr last Saturday niL'ht
uigements were made to organi.e a
Another meeting will he held on
urday evening at TlIE JolhsaI, oflict-
all interested are invited to attend.
The little girl of Mr. und .Mrs, (J. W.
which was so ill is runidly im-
ig. A gathering formed in her
and when that broke sho was
Uy relieved and will .soon he all
. Thomas brought us a load of
P1 last Friday. There are a number
have promised to bring us wood on
pint and they would oblige us if they
at once for now is the the time we
mies Nolan, of Itawhide, W'yo.,
bor, fall with him on Sunday,
li'ig his collar bone quite badly. H
to Harrison on Monday and went
ft Kobinson that evening to have surgeon set the bone.
'ote tho republican ticket for the
fates thereon are men of ability
(fill work for the interests of the
kml not give it a black eye by bowl-
lain ity and thereby keep peopie
itul from coming into it.
ie trouble lias been experienced
it tars in whit"
to "P :..
to niar-f
,ot.t r..m this Place
jeportafrum the eas - - ; -
I drop in Pyices-
W Sun'
George Williams, sou
was riding a horse at
(j. J. Xmubrunnen, at Pleas-
Wvo,. when trie Horse inrew
... broke one of tlie bones m his
,l ....llf llm rllu.e.
. . I ,1 MN .'I ' . s.v
ugut nome mt mgui ..ui.
tya set the boaes ami at last ac-
10 was doing well.
jor Tadilock, accompanied by
Sw B. S. VutWock, and C. 11.
H Reat rice wivs in Harrison for a
llBMtes Tuesuiv evening, tie was
m and lured a special to bring
Nrias lie hotl an appoiutment to
VQ'NetU Wednesday evening and
visit tikis pUice and meet the
By a WlcU in, tlio arrangement
A arrive Iwrc until after six
danhebai, to be. io. Cluilron
)m the regular train lie could
3!,JiPi't time.. Ue wiiil, the prcw
rligiiblicaa success W good awl
Sr IOr every Jay., Senator Pad-
R( t,he esple ajail all who
well, pleased with, bina.
1 ;M,tiy well over the state
11, u,uii),ben- oC s icecbes and
ftsdlni. ,trX m wli oc-
liMMiilan( Nolii-e.
Till: lH,ok, show
1 . ,. I ..
a large
.....,i...r in .l.-l,r,,Uent i.ii sul
m oilier acnrnts ami all are urge. to
...u .1110 niea .s,,f,iias,10swl,.
01 mes.. accounts are small
l,t !,.
but in the;
"gre".aU- they amount to hundieds of
dollars to us. Im not wait f,,r fmther
noti. . hut . all and settle up or send u re
mittance f,- the amount.
Vour prompt attention to tin, matter
"ill ! appreciated by
Tuk I'l l;!.NIll li.
J. H. t'ook was in town l.isl Monday
Mr. and .Mrs. I). H. Oriswold
Suhdav at 1 hadron.
John Ma. k called and contribute.
subscription on Siit urday.
S. L Ulerv arrived home Monday after
an absence of some weeks.
J. J. Zuinbruniien cam.; down from
Pleasant Hidge Sunday night.
P. IJ. Higelow orders Till: llX.r. siMit
to his mother at Newton, Iowa,
Win. Nicholson, of Cook jire.-in.-t was
in Harrison the lirst of the week.
Major Powers came up from t 'hadron
rday to visit a couple of days.
Mis. ( '. ('. Jameson came upfront
1 hadron Monday to visit her parents.
A. K. llew, i;. (;. Hough and L. J.
Siiniiions were at. I 'hadron Tuesday night.
County Treasurer (lnvhart came over
1 1' .in Montrose Friday and remained until
Mrs. S. I.. Fiery left, for Cottonwood
precinct last Saturday where she will
teach school.
E. Cowlishaw came in from Indian
creek Monday and remembered the print
er substantially.
Isaac Bergman, of Cheyenne, V.'yo.,
was in Harrison, Friday, taking subscrip
tion for Ben Butler's works.
Miss Pontius left Monday evening for
Sturgis, S. I)., where she will take a
course ill short hand and type writing.
J. A. 'ampliell, of (he Modern Wood
men of America, an old acquaintance of
the editor of Till-: Jot KSAL, was in town
John Pieterson was over from Indian
creek Monday and called and gave us
some cash on subscription. He says tin
crops in that locality are good this year.
Old rianers for sale, at THE Jotrnal
oflire. a cents er dozen.
Walter Pitt and AV. E. Moore cap
inred a LTiiv wolf a few miles norm 01
town one day last week.
Happy and content is a home with
The Rochester:" a lamp with the light
! of Hie morning. For Catalogue, write
Rochester Lamp Co., New YorK.
-The new house of J. H. Cook at the
Agate Springs stock farm is being pushed
along as rapidly at posiblo. The plaster
on Monday, but the
my va.a ss,vmi" - -
plasterer received a telegram announcing
.i, ,i..mII. of his mother
.nd. necessary. When completed
it will be the linest residence in the
Ketn addressed an audience of about
rHvaf the court house last Tuesday.
He devoted the most of the time to an
attempted explanation of his record and
a. discussion ot 11.0 matna, h"-""" '"'
which he oll'ei'ed
.....,.. tr to clear
no remeuies.
up his record on the
Hver and harbor bill he said that the bill
as passed by tl.e house was about $48 -,,00
000, that U senate increased it
7 0(H) 000 after which a conference com
mittee reduced it 3,000,000 and then it
issed. The facts 01 me imiwei .."'
.i.n,nrmiic house passed the bill ap-
,,,. 40H.OOO.OOO including nro-
proj'"."'a .s,--, .
visions for numerous little streams and
useless harbors. The senate changed it
so that many of those were stricken out
and reasonable provisions made for the
important work, but in the aggregate
the c mount was increased but little, and
1 Missed it. In conference committee the
democrats would not admit of their pets
being left out and an agreement was
dually reached and the bill passed. In
the senate when the bill came up Senator
Paddock voted to reduce the appropria
tion one-half. Who is the best reformer,
Kem or Paddock. The former howls for
reform and the latter votes for it.
Host Line to the Last.
T.,i:.rt.... T?., It At P T?.
traiues witlvout change from Newcastle,
AVyoiuing and (..'rawford, Nebraska, direct
to Lincoln, Nebraska, making connection
at that point with their own through
trains for Denver, Cheyenne, and all
points west, and for Kansas ('ity, St.
Joseph, St. Louis, Omaha, Peoria, Chi
cago, and all poiuts east.
Remember this is tli only line by
which you can take sleeping car from
Crawford in the evening arriving in Lin
coln and Omiilia. the next afternoon, and
m Chicago, Peoria and St. Louif) the fol
lowing morning.
For further information and tickets ap
ply to nearest agent of QucUutou
H.iiSoisr, ISTEB., 1892.
False !u One,
False in All. i
Powers. s ll. .... - i.. .4 '
1 nu.iy .inernoon, imagined that hoi
,. . . - .. ....use iasi I
a great pon.t against Hon.
O. M. Kem I
wiKjii lie state., that there were tSfitiiii-
'''"is lileil in tins land di.slri. 1 and J
i"'. , , " ' r !'t 01 V,M "nilr were j
held hy non-resident, of this Kt:.t li,.
11... u,e register ol tins land district. Col. mnnrkuhk-wmn. the ist year. TheSkmi
1 ami. w itli him to verify his slate-j Wkf.kl) J.ii ii.v.u. now liaving Hie largest
ineiils. ami they came as near the truth ! cir. nlatio.i of am- 1:iHt in the mi.l west.
111 the matter as most Kulical federal j This 11 Hollar's worth will cam- von
olli. e holders do when they feel ohli-ed ! tlirou-li the Kreat fall caii.).ali?.i. mi.l all
loffoonthe stuniD and trv tn U-l : 1 1 I ii,r,.i. 11.,. . i...,;... ...... u ..
oppose tin-Ill, We I.UVe not '
lime to canvass the district. Imt ,
........T-.11 s nuesiiaiion reveals llie lart I
na. ineie are at Pstst ten IiuiIk-i- claims I
lie-Hi l(V
non-resaien's ol 1 be st-,i i
Bowen precinct of this county, the and descriptions of which are as
Edward A. AVeir, Woburn. Mass. ,SWl
S-e. 1 -:!-:!.
Hannah Avers, Minnesota, AV
and - SWSec. 4-:il-M.
l.lwellvn R. Powell, Butte, Montana
SE) S,-c, ll.:u-5.
Wilhain A. Nelson, Custer City, S I)
NWi Sec -:) 1 -.-,11.
AlU-rt Marsteller, i larthei'iL', Peiiu..
NEi Sec. 'Mil-oil. ' "
El. Sierer. Iiennison, Iowa, NWI See.
.".'-;! 1 -oil.
R. -Mather, Cedar Rapids, low;,
SWJ H N' Sic.
Mrs. M, Collins. Oregon, SE See,
' Hi-oil.
James H. Pierce. Hot Springs. S. I)..
M.f Se. . iri-;i:2-:,7.
Samuel W. Cox, Tacoina, AVashiugton.
NEj Sec '2l-:t'-."i7.
There are lourteen jirecincts m the
l oimty and four counties in the district.
If the average in the dilferent precincts
in this county would Ik; one-half of what
nuinlier of non-resident holders are in
this precinct there would he 50 in this
county alone. The Judge called atten
tion to the fact that Mr. Ken 1 failed to
write to the land ollices of this congres
sional district to obtain information in
regard to this matter, but judging from
the above showing, if he had obtained
information from the f hadron land ollice,
it would have been erroneous. The
Judge either willfully or maliciously
bed or the records ol the ollice could not
be depended upon in this matter."
The above is taken from the last issue
of the Iiukiii'ihlviii. As records are
:iod evidence let us see what the
records sa'
following is from the
( 'hadron
Timber Culture Entry No. Olio", cover
ing the SWJ Sec. 1, T. 31 N. It., 50, AV.
made Aug. i, by Edward A. AVeir,
post ollice address of record Harrison,
Timber Culture Entry No. VJ'-i, cover
ing the Wi NWi and Wi SAViSee. 4, T.
31 N. R., 5li W. made Oct. 17, by
Hannah Ayers, post ollice address of
record, Harrison, Nebr.
Timber Culture Entry No. 582, cover
ing the SEi Sec. 11, T. 01 N. R 50 W.
made June 15, liM, by LhvellynL. Pow
ell, post office address of record. Cliadron,
Timber Culture Entry No. StUB, cover-
,, s-nTi r, nrt m ST Ti ?.
nig tlie in vvj oec. 4.. ot ... n., ..u
made March 8, 1880, by AVilliam A. Nel
son, post office address of record, Rush-
ville, Nebr.; cancelled by relinquishment
July, 31, 1389. Commuted to cash by
George AV. Stevens, April 9, 1890.
Timber Culture Entry No. 1121, cover
ing the NEi Sec. 2, T. 31 N. R..56W.
made April 1, 1889, by Albert Marsteller,
post ollice address of record, Harrison,
Timber Culture Entry No. 1355. cover
ing the SAVi Sec. 15, 31 N. R..56AV.
made Aug. 9, 1889, by Edward Sierer
post office address of record, Denison,
Timber Culture Entry No. 1413, cover
ing tne bJii sec. 1, x. t n. k., , vv.
made Sept. 16, 1889, by Almeda L. Col
lins, post office address of record, Harri
son, Nebr.
Timber Culture Entry No. 1531, cover
ing the NJ SWi and Si NAVi Sec. 29, T.
33 N. R., 56 AV. made January 37, 1890,
hy Robert Mather, post ollice address of
record, Chadron, Nebr.
Timber Culture Entry No. 795. cover
ing the NEi Sec. 15. T. 32 N. R..57AV,
made Oct. 17, 1888, James H. Pierce,
post office address of record, Harrison,
Timber Culture Entry No. 6732, cover
ing the NE4 Sec. 24, T. 32 N. It, 57 AV.
made March 2, 1887, by Samuel AV. Cox,
nost ollice address ot record, Harrison,
I, A. J. Handlan, Chief Clerk of the
United States Imd Office, at Cliadron,
Nebr., do solemnly swear that the above
is a true and correct transcript of the
records of this office in the matter of the
cases above referred to.
State of Nebraska, ) uu
County gf Dawes. ) ' "
Sworn to and suliscrilied in my pres
ence this 29th day of October, 1892.
sEf,.l O. T. II. Baboock,
1 Notary Public
In addition to this there has been 71
InniT under tlie timber cul-
I I 1111 M " "- '
tare act anu ot tnese an uuu oi
were residents of the district. Who told
the truth in the matter, Powers or the
You Cau Win 00O
bv estimating tho plurality of the total
popular vote,, or nearest to it,,, which
either Harrison or Cleveland will receive.
For uarticulars. sea this week's fhwtty
Slonj Pimm. w. M-toy, mi
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sive Paleuess or Redness of the Face,
Faintness, Lizziness, etc.)
1.45? O T. - LIIMUUL1H, ivtu.
,4,'Jliiuttam tilii9s,Hti;.
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Sioux County Lumber Co.
Lumber, Lath and!
A flood Supply of Native Luiulr
Always on I hind.
HKI.IVF.liKU AT Till: Mill. I Hi
QI LUVAX A 'OM.FA, Lawy. is.
Will i ractick is all the local, si ate
and f.sleral courts and I'. S. Ijoid onice.
J $ t t S t
Ollice-in Court House,
HAllltlSOX .... NKIlliASKA
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riu the
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