The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, October 13, 1892, Image 1

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0 UK' 1ST -A. L.
KA.H;H.ISOlsr. 1TEB., OCT. 13, 1892
ininiu. Editor and Proprietor.
f. K. 4 M. VR. K.Time Utile.
IcW W"c-t. .oIiik Kat.
mLn ! li :C'i i 5. 8, uilel 7 (m
i -Mr,. .1
I"'"!'1'-' "f M'fiix at the eeiiii,!r.
oukt house i hai:i:ison
Republican Nominee for Congress,
hv the
r l.'i-iK'l
-frf'i tii)i. l
r liumlred .
. r h mnl r. 'l fl.- .
:-!uii; 'I Jr hundred
l,M r i.'i-nei ,'iiew
l r t'
;.-! r .
:i.-i'r ?'
-! r I
-Ir i"n
.1 p, r cupl ....
I r-ii:ilivi'- iit in. fl
;i. (iiri 'i ll d every Tlnir-itiiy.
Friday, October 21, 1892,';:'
S!i.-nir i:
!: v niu-lit.
1 )
i (m
l a
'-' 4H
.: 1
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At 2 O'rllnl, h. li.
Colin- every ,,ne and
tin- eloquent candiilate
ji id. ire of his ahilily and
ciI" whether or I(,t p
worthy of yon,- HijijK.rt.
and i
1'ERSOVIL. i .
j (riliiiiiicrcy Item.
p Umnrou i uo says the valley doesn't beat the
divide now fur crops.
j- n n !r 10lie las, i i orwin Lewn j., very low with rheu-
mutism he was taken sick .vhile workin Has lsi tle ,,xul Tnes-1 aU(1 ljad to ,je ll0,l
me iii?r part ol his bcnly bein.' elleeted
the aims lieinfe' numb and lifeless.
T . I ' . ,
ieMie 1 nine is Ijusv snaking out jiosts.
1 Jhs. Lizie l.ivis ami dau-htei have
11. iw wer-i in l,een su k for a few days but are U-tter
: at this writin;.
ox was in town Tuestlav and ; George iHivis has been
ei-.t-ii,tr was in town la-t
losi no-
- and 1 '
etui ned from
for i
S. 1).,
1 IHeiise Has i-sued on
i-niard I'n keiihroi k ol
and Miss Iivnne Messin"-.
f Wlnl' iieail at the court lioiise O' (.
Sjifin' nhcat brought .VJ centi in
tison mi Tuesday.
Old .a rs for siile at TilK Ji it iinai.
; I'cnts r dozen.
Ili(.rln-.t market piires iid fur
I d. (iii.l.VT (it Tll!;ir..
IW'.V.. Moore has moved into the.
Crown house, south of the M. 1' i
Foil SAl.i:-My stock of millinery
Mlit II. A. ('l'N.NIN'i;IIAM. i
M. W. Hester received n nut :inni
the first of the week. 1 lu evident-! v X''v': 0,le to Mr'
s -A
of Mntitrov
(JltMier hold services at
the IIiKlap-si hi,ol hoiiv; next Sundav at
.. m. and at. tbeM. K, churi h in Har-
i risoti m the (.veiling.
J -f,.r )!n- garden .ioilu((s Sioux
j county does not have to take a hack
I 'or any loi alily. On last Friday a
cai.lillower Has brought to this ollice
Iromd. II. Cook's Atrate SnrinKs farm.
vhn h Hcihtd 10 ,uund. If anv lo
cality i an k-al tliut let it respond-
-Last Sunday J. K. Wallace's cattle
wt into a corn lield and not bein'
used to it ale too much corn, and as a
refill he lost a number. At the time
the information was received by Tin-:
Jul liNAI. three cows had died and three
othi'is were sick. The lo.s will lx! a
Intends to farm on a larger scaly in
lire than he has in the past.
I,, . .. .. . .
r i.i.'miMt. j-irsi-tiass native lumber
shingles constantly on hand at mv
on list lio-for, 13 mies east of
ns'"- J. E. AltNi:ii.
I"not fail to hear Whitehead on
;iv, October 21(0. All call afford to
one day to politics this year, so
e your arrangements to come to
rism on that day.
Siliool oK;ned again on Monday,
fever patients are all recovering, but
should be taken lest the disease
k The attendance at school is
w. as many do not desire to fun anv
frk of children being exposed.
I- On Tiiosilay evening it began to rain
I K'?l,t ,( up until early this morning.
f result is that the "round islhor-
i'ldy soaked and full idowimr and
1'iiu lie done nicely and the
"nd will freer.e up in excellent con
J" to lie ready for next season's crop.
Wither party consisting of Ilueli
)ey. Will, frank and Wilmer rhillins
Henry Covey, arrived from Seward
K-rday to look up locations mid they
there are more (o follow,
jre lindinL' out what can lie hail in
p county and are not g'ng to be
m taking advantage of if.
A good deal of cleaning up has been ,
"ince the fire and the authorities
(id Bee that no fire-Imps exist. Too
i aro cannot be exercised to pre
fires. NTow is the tiniS of year.
all chimneys should be examined
not found to lie perfect tney
Id be repaired at once.
Jfev. W. O. G'lasnei' returned Satur-
JTrom KeC.i-ney where he attended the
lal confor..neo ITe will remain here
Inot.her vsnr. Re v. Rorick w ho was
in iMfil troes to Chadron for the en
... , i. , , ii..,.
year and liev. l
. win. i k known as the norm-
Nebraska conference was organized
In almost all parts of the slate the
tomato crop t bii year was a failure. In
Sioux county as line tomatoes were
gl'oc.n as ever need lie and the sight of
the .stores makes oiie's mouth '.ater.
All kinds of garden truck do iinely in
Sioux county and the farmers have
proved it and in future they will pay
more attention to their gardens.
New settlers keep com'ng into var
ious parts of the county and becoming
residents without any one at the county
seat knowing about it. Superintendent
Soiitliwortb informed us Saturday that
I three families bad located near him re
cently and all are highly pleased with
the country, l'eoplu are finding out
what they can get in Sioux county and
will not be slow to get here and secure
Thejji'c which was rgmg east and
andnortheast of here recently did a large
amount of damage, A good deal of hay
and a few buildings were burned and a
large amount of grass destroyed, but
the heaviest damage was done in the
nine timber. A vast amount of good.
timber was burned and killed and the
only way for any good to be obtained
would be for it to be cift as soon as pos
sible and taken to the mills.
If some means could lie devised to
induce the railroad to make better lime
I..., r.,.i, ('h.iilron and Harrison it would
lie a most CXceh'eiit thing. As it is now
the tram drags along at a snail's pace, .
making long stops at each station and by
the time any one gets here they are tired
, 'ii i fnt 1,'brt ralni'ii.
out ami iii-mmioie i i n--
ing on tbe fir:l train. If t.'iey could be
brought in reasonable time and have a
camfortatile car to ride in it would leave
them in a much better frame of mind.
The earthwork on the new road from
the valley is now under way and it will
not be long until it Will be ready for
travel. There will be no bridges from
the time it leaves the present road.
Three dry gulches are crossed but they
. . . . i . i I .... ....,; j ., .. t ,.'., .,
tin future the liniwr ul ill'"11 "'"6 " i-"""
1,1 e,tu: . -ii t. ,i i.i 1 n
ty will not have to u..c. m, . wv.v
i .'l.o will no ilnnr-vip of linpypc TiV'pn L-ino-
W . .. IPI , til LUC, ..... 'JJ "v . ..v.l..
John A. privet! from Wisner through. There will be no pitches to go
A n kin inln na ?1 a
Siesdav, I" ,00K u 1 "u,"""-'
w He was a..""i'"""-" -j -
tie, one
ot (lie early settlers of Wis-
the northwest
On account of
not been able to
, nho ' ovel'
. .... i..,',
fitll IU.U"(4'
. et weather be has
Ltu'jJ' into the country much, but he is
fjnileaed with the prospects of the
vast, Rundav afternoon John Mo
Ji, of White Ttiver, had the mis-
, ne to lose bis barn, hay, harness, a
.Jt millet and other profiei-ty by (ire.
IjConflagration was caused either by
'JJren playing with' mat(;hes or by
li one dropping fire from a pipe aliout
jam,. Mr. Mcintosh was consider
I burned in his eirorts to save bis
is, one of the animals was scorched
before it was liberated,
irraers ore already recognizing the
luit Harrison Is a good grain mar
Uiglier prices are being paid here
'long than at any other town
; reach of tliem, and the buyers cx
lie intention of .keeping the prac
fl right along. It i alHp a fact that
flerclmnts here sell goods very, roa
die anil eoplo come a . long distance
IKe their purchases. Al should en-
Krtomake it us pleasant, for the
bw m .pQjwjUlo.far it . will add to thq
eniy of the entiro town.
up and down and no grade to exceed five
feet in 100.
The insurance adjuster was here last
week and settled the losses of J. H. Bar
lelf, A. Ti. Baumgartner and George
Walker in the recent (ire. G. II. Turner
had the damage to his store building ad
justed by the local agent C. Verity,
as the amount involved was not large
enough to warrant the sending of an ad
juster. It is pleasing to note that all
those who are residents have made set
tlement of their insurance without
trouble or delay. Mr. Walker saj'3 he
intends to rebuild and Jfr. liiu'tell con
templated doing 1) io same, but work has
not yet been commenced.
Al' should remember that ou Friday,
October 21st, Hon, James Whitehead,
the republican candidate for congress in
this district will speak at tbe court
house at Harrison. If possible every re
publican should be present and hear
him and members of all other parties
should all turn out and see what manner
of man the republicans have put up and
asked them to vote for. Mr. Whitehead
is an eloquent sjieaker and will make an
interesting talk, This county is yet so
thinly settled that but few speakers
come here and the opportunities to hear
Wti anwU.4tt fuw aud.Iiix.Uat.vwi
and for that roinon all should ,un: nut.
J- M. I iiiitl
town last weei
L. J. Wi
ailed at this ollice.
Mis. II. M. Warn, .
I hadron on Tuesday.
I Jnhii Unit added his name to our list
j' i readers lust Mmiday.
I.. 1 iciiof 1; adiied bi name to our list
of readers last Saturday.
Miss Ali.-e Thomas was an east bound
passenger Friday evening.
i. W. Havis. of (iraiuineny , was in
town the first of (he week.
Miss Fannie rainier is suffering with
an attack of mountain lever.
J. J. Zuinbrunner was down from
Pleasant Nidge last Saturday.
-,1L W. MacLacldan and hi mother
went to I'awhicle, y., Sunday.
Mrs. Emma Ogden, a sister of Mrs. ('.
S. Scott arrived Monday from Kansas.
ty. i. t'ook went to Hot Springs, Mon
day oil business, returning, yesterday.
Mrs. Meyer made 1 1 mil proof on a
homestead on White Kivor lust Monday.
li. M. Sutton and family visited al
I'leasanl Kidge ft couple of days last
Mis. S. (.'. I). Iiassett returned home
last Kriday after an absence of some
A. E. Gates and Jos. ltecker were up
from hite River last Monday anil
called at this ollice.
rMTs! Asa Davis and sons, left Saturday
evening for (.'lister, S. D., where they
will spend the winter.
W, O. Patterson and family re
turned Monday from Wyoming. Mrs.
Pelterson is quite sick.
Frank Tinkhani was in town fail
Thursday and called at this ollice. He
.iys his corn corp is good.
L-ft. R. Kennedy was in town Saturday
trying to rent a house for his family to
occupy during the winter,
-WTN'olan, of Glen Rock, Wyo,, was
the grest of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Liver-
more during the past week.
A. R. Kennedy expects to spend the
winter at Chadron, having been offered
a good position in a meat market.
L. L. Wilson accompanied by his
mother and sister left for Frontier county
Monday and will spend the winter there.
Dr. Bridgnian attended the fair at
Rushville last week. Mrs. Bridgnian
and the children are visiting at Ains-
A. Hasseluuist's father left for his
home in Iowa last Saturday evening,
lie was well pleased with the prospects
of Sioux county.
L. M. Bigeiow left Friday evening fori
his home in Iowa. His niolhci'. who has
been with her sons here foi'a long time
accompanied him.
J. J. Maholin left for his home in
Ohio on Friday well nleased with this
country. He took a lot of samples with
him to show to his friends.
Col. W. H. McCann, register of the
Chadron land office, came up Saturday
to visit for a few days in this vicinity,
and made a short call at this olliie.
J, II. Bloom and family left for home
Monday evening, ile was well pleased
with the country and will likely send
some people out here to . look for homes.
J. T. Mason, of White River, was in
Harrison on Tuesday, accompanied by
his father-in-law, W. . Dodge, of Iowa,
Mr, Dodge has four sons who want to
get land and he is looking over the coun
try to (ind a location for them.
Last Saturday II. T. Merriam
brought us a load of wood (a hack load)
on subscription. Smal! favors thank
fully received, greater ones in propor
tion. "Go away from home to learn the
news" is an old saying, but sometimes
people come to you to tell the news of
your own locality. In conversation
with Register McCann last Saturday we
learned that a man from owa recently
located on the table east of, town, about
north from Andrews and will bring out a
Mock of about 500 sheep and a number of
families from the same locality are ex
jiected to come with him to locale in the
same locality. The advantages of Sioux
county for sheep raising are being found
out and many small but profitable Hocks
of wooly coats will soon be found on our
1, i:.... l
I ' " ..mvii i ui est i li if HIS I
; -if. Deuel spent Sunday on Pleasant
i Ridge.
i J. h. Kirtley and family of Pleasant
Ridge sjent Sunday in the valley. Mr.
Kirtley 's well is now HO ft. deep and
still no wafer.
Misses Ora and Emma .Sutton
last Sunday with Miss Estelle Ellis,
i .urs. .solan and sister were visitors at
;Mrs. Ellis' Friday.
Lo Wilson, mother and sister started
, Sunday for a visit to relatives in south
.east Nebraska and Kansas. Thev will
! lie gone some months.
j Mrs. Lawler and family of Harrison
were visitors of Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Hamlin
and others last week.
D. M. Sutton, wife and sister
Wednesday at George Davis'.
Prown is our new mail carrier. There's
nothing like a change. G, L,
List of Jurors.
The following is the list of those
drawn to serve as petit jurors at the
term of the district court which will
convene on November 21, IS',12:
M. Oayhart,
Alfred Hixou,
Louis Ruffing,
John Debano,
(.'has. S. Williams,
Herman Konrath,
George Castle,
I). W. llamaker,
A. E. Gates;
J. W. Langdon,
J. W. Fry,
William A. Glaze,
Samuel Tebbet,
David S, Cox,
James Wilson,
Chas. E. Verify,
D. K. Gilbert,
Charles F. Coffee,
Nels Anderson,
John Herman,
Charles U, Grove,
Claus Christensen,
M. J. O'Connell,
Albert Dippert.
Commencing Monday, Sept.
19th, ve will sell out our
entire stock of Groceries,
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots,
Shoes, Hats and Furnish
ing Goods at
13, E. BliEWSTER,
C. F. Coffee,
Vice Pres.
D. II. GRISWOLD, Cashier.
Commercial Bank.
General Banking Business
J, E. Fletcher.
J. L.
F. II. Stuatton.
Sioux County Lumber Co.
manufacturers of
All persons owing us are requested to
call and settlo their account, as wo are
closing out preparatory to romoal.
RAtw mwt Hl'f.i .
MueT'iichlan & Cook, prors.
Lumber, Lath and
A Good Supply of Native Lumber
Always on Hand.
(General Merchandise,
Groceries, Dry Goods, Furnishing
Goods, Flour and Feed
Wagon and Carriage Makers.
Repairing done on short notice.
Oood work ami reasonable charge?.
Shop south of livery burn.
HARRISON, ... nh
Will practice before all courts anil the U.
S. l.Hiul Office, liu.siness entrusted to my
care will receive prompt atlenUon,
-Dealer in
Lumber, Grain
Lime and Coal;
Hardware, Tinware, Barbed Wire and
Binders, Mowers,
Rakes, Wind Mills, Pumps
and Buggies,
When in town call and see our
goods and get our prices.
Sash, Doors, Blinds. Hair
and Cement.
A Complete Stock Always on Hand.
Ice Cream Parlor,
For lee Cream, lemonade, Confection
ery, Fruit, Cie,nts and Lunch, and
The Fruits of Hie Season.
0w )imr Noilli if Ihii'i'li Kuuiily Homm'
10- , H 'i&Jil
ABSOLUTELY air-tight; HOLDS FIRJ2 from :ato34
Lours. Every inch of metal exposed to the fire is also
in contact wilh a rapidly circulating current of air; this
give? the g-calcst possible ECONOMY of FUEL and
It can be run red hot without iniurv. and ONE
BLACKING lasts an entire season. It is the
BEST soft coal Move in America; will work every
ISFACTION. Enquire of your dealer for it, tf
lie docs not keep it, write to us. "
Joliet $tove Works, V