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The Sioux County Journal.
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L. J. Shsunoa. - Editor.
- . 3. '
Entered t the Harrison post office as sec
pud class matter.
Thcrsday, Aroi'PT 4, lt92.
jr Froiltrit,
of Indiana.
or V ice. President,
of New York.
A'eugressionul Convention, sink Disu-irt.
The republican eiwtors of the Sixth Con
Kwssional district of the Stat' of Nebraska
are hereby reiiucsted to sou J delegates from
he -eral counties comprising faid district
uitu ni convention in the city of Chad-
ron, Wednesday, ACKUit 10, li, at 8 o'clock,
p. m.t for the purpose of placing in nomina
tion a candidate lor member of Conxretfe for
tskii district, and for the transaction of such
other busim-8 as may come before the con
The iM-sis of reprt 'mentation i the same as axed by the state central committee
for the state convention, and H one delegate
for everyone hundred voles or major frac
tion thereof ca-st for Hastings for attorney
general and is as follows:
Itox Butte
lirow n ,
W. W. Barney,
No. Del. Countv. No. Del
S'Kimball S
2 Kcva Taha 4
s Keith 3
5 Ixnran 2
5 Lincoln
15 Lorn
GiMcrneraon 1
7! Rock.'
niscotts Bintr s
10 Mieridan t?
9:herntan 4
4Pioux- S
2 Thomas. 2
2 Valley S
3j Wheeler 2
J. E. Evaxs,
Save good samples of your crops to
help niake up the fair exhibits.
fion't forget to tell your friend in the
east to come out on the harvest excurs
Cholera is raging in numerous Europ
ean provinces and a great many deaths
are reported.
A lMflrrrar uf Opiate.
Ttie Harrison correspondent of the
Otimlia Btt sent in & special bearing date
of July -Wth. stating that all the factions
of republicans io Sioux county were
united and the split in the party which
existed lias entirely disappeared. Tlie
person who sent that report either gross
ly misrepresented the matter or is
densely ignorant of the facts.
For weeks before the primaries Walker
and Hough had been hard at work set
ting up the pins to get control of the
primary and convention and ail know
the methods by which they work.
When the primary was held last Thurs
day they bad every one out whom tliey
could work by prejudice or pulling
strings and then found that noue of the
opposition appeared. Why was it?
Certainly not because the factional feel
ing had died out The reason waa that
those who object to obeying the orders
of Hough and Walker decided to stay
away. The result was that the Hough
and Walker delegation was elected to
the county convention. When the con
vention day came soma of those who
were elected from the outside precincts
on learning that the program was to
nominate Walker for county attorney
and Ben. Johnson for county commis
sioner declined to assist in any such
scheme and did not go to the convention
at all.
The ouly way that there is any less
factionalism is that the methods of
Hough and Walker have disgusted a
large number of those who have always
voted t!i3 republican ticket to such an
extent as to drive them out of the party.
No honest, self-respecting man can sup-
port a man with such a record, as George
Walker has for any office of trust and
the fact that he has been aided in his
schemes by Postmaster Hough who does
not hesitate to prostitute his official
position to gain his ends or down those
who do not stand in with him does not
add any dignity to tlie business.
Those who have been in control of the
machinery of the republican party in
Sioux county in the past have done a
great deal against the interests of the
party, but the nomination of George
Walker for county attorney and B. F.
Johnson, who is a pliant tool in Walker's
hands, for commissioner, is an insult to
the intelligence of the voters of Sioux
county aud a blow to every man who
will lie put on the republican ticket, for
the voters will judge the rest of the
ticket by those they know and the inevi
table result will be the loss of many
votes to the ticket.
The split in the democratic ranks in
New York shows no indications of heal
ing. Hili is sileut and Tammany is not
.exerting itself to any extent in behalf of
,he stuffed prophet.
The indications are that congress w
.adjourn this week. A great deal of
business will be left unfinished. The
session will go into history as ope noted
for delays and obstruction?.
The western passenger association hps
got into u muddle and a rate war is
heing indulged in to quite an extent. It
is an ill ind that blows ao one good and
A rate war will enable people to make a
.cheap trip.
The talk about the people's party
breaking the solid south is getting worn
threadbare and the intelligent voters are
beginning to realize the fact that there is
v,o grounds foe any such claims. Tlie
truth will lie plainly seen before Novem
The republicans of the first district
have nominated Judge Alien W. Field,
of Nebraska City, as the candidate for
congress. It is considered a wise choice
and tlie indications are that Mr. Bryan
will have a chance to stay at home after
the close of his present term in congress.
An investigation of the records of Da
kota countv has been made and an ex
tre?surer found to be $13,400 short,
The county board has instructed the
county attorney to begin civil action
against him and his bontUmeu for the
amount and also to begin criminal suit
against the ex-official.
The postponement of the anti-option
bill until the next session of congress is
a temporary victory for the grain
gamblers, but it is quite evident that it
is only temporary and the bill will be
made a law in the near future. Such a
law is demanded by the people and tliev
will not rest until it IS accomplished.
A senatorial boom in circulating
around alighted on Tim Sedgwick, of tlie
York Timet- Tim toyed with it for a
Abort while but when the "devil" stuck
his head in at the door of the Timet? edi
totial room and squeaked "copy" Tim
seized his pencil and dashed off an article
"Hating that he had no time to devote to
such an expensive luxury. Tim is a
real, live man and would make a good
legislator. ----
Tlie Seward Reporter has beeiDeased
by Madole Mason and will be managed
by them in future and a dally issued id
connection with the weekly. F. O.
Simmon will remain an editor of both
pubUealioa. The Reporter haa baaa one
of the letting weekly papers of the state
.twerrtvtw vsu- and it is
Htfe to pMKiOM that tlx: uuilj' 1I1 he of
the same high sUntUM as the weekly
tiM Always toee. Sue llwsWijr
RfpKblirau Cesmtr CoareatWu.
Tlie republican county convention con
vened at the court bouse in Harrison,
pursuant to call, Saturday, July 30.
1892, at eleven o'clock a. m.
Convention called to order by A. R.
Dew, chairman of the county central
Convention call read by W. H. Davis,
secretary county central committee.
A- R- Bew was elected' temporary
chairman, and A. I Baumgartner, tem
porary secretary.
On motion tlie following committees
were appointed;
On permanent organization: James
Clark, W. H. Dixon, W. H. Cprbin.
On credentials: John Eberspacher, W.
S. Nicholson, E. G. Hough.
On motion the convention, adjourned
until one o'clock p. m.
Convention re-convened at 1 o'clock.
Committee on permanent organization
reported as follows:
committee on permanent or&aniiHtion has
the honor 1 a. report as follows: torin r
ruauent chairman, M. J. O'Conne.U ; for per
niaut secretary. A; I.. Uaumgartner.
W. H. Cohbis, )
in. Dixon, )
" , ,., uri-
U fact that there as BT "7mnn!!
lias lost a gooa
archistsin the
! tliat fact
. j .. iko strikers and it is
many ineuua w - ,
no thin;
.1 i-;l- will lie
strike will have caused a serious loss to
alliarties concerneu anu -
1 mined
association e
,anda number of ttm will be
, i Jlrttrol; actions.
in serious trouoie 101 -Had
no violence been' ofTereJ by ftem
the sympathy of tl n- f fver
country would have been with tlie strik
ers, but the resort to Violence y
of the hot headed, recklos3 racu.oe,.
ovement did much to bring aoout me
!teat. One thing is hojd for by all
and that is the passage 01
will ma!;e the existence 0! n.e rmaer-
. . -i:i;t,. In tlie future.
tons an impowioimj
Thev are a l'urse to the nation-
credent iajs. reported as
Senator David B. may not be as
big a democrat as tlrover Cleveland, but
he is a bettor politician. Hp says of the
democratic platform that it has "turned
every workshop in the Uuited States
into republican headquarters." Hill
knows that the workingmen recognize in
free trade their worst enemy. Inter
A private among the state troops sent
to preserve peace at Homestead on hear
iug of the attempt to kill Frick proposed
three cheers for the who made the
assault. By order of the officer in com
mand he was hung up hy the thumbs
one half of his face and head shaved and
then drummed out of camp, dismissed
from the army and disfranchised. The
case has called forth a good deal of com
ment The punishment was, indeed,
severe, but the offense was a grave one.
It is bad for a citizen in any station in
life to do aught that savors of approval
of the acts of anarchists, end when such
a thing is done by a man who has taken
the military oath and who at the time
is on duty to restrain riot, the magni
tude of the offense is greatly magnified.
The treatment of the man appears to
savor too much of the inhuman to meet
with the approval of the general public.
Prayer of Little Avail.
Dead wood Times.
Melbourne tlie rain wizard and his as
sistants, who tried to draw tears from
the clouds above the arid plains of Mexi
co, can now congratulate themselves
that they escaped from that country
alive. A Mexican letter to tlie San
Francisco ChronicU' tells how they pro
posed treating the failure of the Creator
to cause rain in the department of Cas
tanas. Tlie alcalde of tlie town and de
partment of Castanas lias promulgated
the following resolutions:
Considering that the Supreme Creator
has not behaved well in this province, as
in the whole of last year only one shower
of rain fell; that in tins summer notwith
standing all processions, prayers and
praises it v$ not rained at all, and con
sequently the crops of Castanas, on
which depends the prosperity of tlie
whole deportment, are entirely ruined, it
is decreed:
Article 1. If within the peremptory
Seriod of eight days from the date of this
ecree rain does not fall abundantly, no
one will go to mass or say prayers.
Art 2. If the drouth continues eight
days mora the churches and chapels shall
be' burned and the miosis, rosaries and
other objects of devotion will be des
troyed. Art 8. If, finally, in a third period of
eight days it shall not rain, all the
priests, friars, nuns and Mints, male and
female,' will be beheaded, and for the
present permission is given for the com
mission of all sorts of sins in order that
the Supreme Creator may understand
with rhoin he hat to deal. J
The most remarkable feature of this
affair is the fafct tbat four days after
these resolutions war rasaed the heavi
est rainfall known for crs was pracipi
Wtad oa the burnlag onutiua.t. '
Tlie Homesteaa " ,
or Darn?
the nulls are f., -- . -
being empioj u
new men are -r- . .
Frick soem '
: ' H. A. PRIDDV
in Her.flquai lers for "Meals, Lunclies and
Biikery Goods.
Board by the Day or Week :
r at Reasonable Rates.
r ' East Side Main Street,
aiPRTViy - - - N J'ilt AsK A ,
Committee on
Mb. Chairman: tour committee 011 ere
deutials onld recommend that the follow
ing delegates lie entitled to seats in tins con
Andrews No delegates in attendance.
Antelope No delegate in attendance.
Bodare John Klerecher, J. W. Hunter,
Win. Diion.
liowen John 1. Davis, P. B. Bigclnw. A.
Hasselqnisl, E. U. HoUgU, A. I.. Biiuingartner.
Cook W. 8. Nicholson, O. J. Gowey.
Cottonwood No delegates in attendance.
Five Points Frank Tinkham, M.J.o'lon
Hat C reek -D. W. Woody, J. E. Holling
Montrose James Clark 3 votes.
Kunnlng Water-J. A. Green, J. H. Cook.
Sheep Creek No delegates in attendance,
fnake Creek VV. II. Corbin.
Warbonnet No delegatus present.
White Kiver No delegates present.
We recommend that delegates present be
allowed to cast the full vote of their reflec
tive precincts.
J. C. Erf.rspkchkr, 1
E. G. Hough, Coin.
W. s. Nicholson, )
Motion made aud carried that the con
vention proceed to celect delegates to tlie
state, congressional, senatorial and rep
resentative conventions before making
nominations for county officers.
On motion, the following delegates
were selected to represent Sioux county
at the various conventions:
State: A. E. Dew, J. H. Newlin, E. 0
Congressional: W. H. Corbin, Frank
Tinkham, M. J. O'Connell.
Senatorial and Representative: W. II
Corbin, D. W. Woody, W. a Nicholson.
On motion the delegates to the various
conventions are instructed to cast the
full vote of the county,
Tlje convention tiien proceeded to tlie
nomination of one candidate or county
attorney and one candidate for county
surveyor to fill vacancy.
The names of J. W. Hunter and Geo,
Walker were announced for the nomina
tion of county attorney. A ballot was
taken which resulted as follows: Geo.
Walker 13; J. W. Hunter 5.
Mr. Wralker was declared the nominee
of the convention.
For county surveyor B. F. Thomas
was nominated by acclamation.
it was moved and seconded that the
convention select a new county central
On motion A. R. Dew was selected
chairman of the county central com
mittee and W. H. Davis, secretary.
On motion the delegates from tlie
various precincts select a committeeman
for their respective precincts.
The following committeemen were
selected by the delegates present: -
And ress Np delegates presen t.
Antelope No delegates present.
Bodare John Eberspecher,
Bowen J. W. Bartell.
Cook L. H. Barnaul,
Cottonwood No delegates present.
Five Points Frank Tinkham.
Hat Creek D. WT. Woody.
Montrose Eben Callahan-.
Running Water-So delegates present.
Sheep Creek No delegates present.
Snake Creek W. II. Corbin,
Warbonnet John Daut.
White Kiyer No delegates present.
Moved and seconded that the chairman
of the county central committee name
committeemen for precincts not repre
sented at this convention,
There being no further business before
the convention, it was on motion de
clared adjourned.
M. J. O'Connell, Chairman.
A. L. Bauxqabtner, Sec'y.
The delegates from the various pre
cincts comprising the third
district met at the court house in Harri
son, on Saturday afternoon, at three
o'clock, for tlie purpose of placing in
nomination a candidate for commissioner
from said district.
Meeting was called to order after
which convention call was read by W.
H. Davis, secretory county central com
mittee. Temporary organization was effected
bv the election of A. R. ITuvi. .,.;
chairman and A. L. Bautngartner, secre
On motion tlie temporary organiation
was made permanent
Tlie following delegates were allowed
seats in the convention t
Bowen precinct John !. Davis, p. u ne
low, A.K. Ilaswlqalst, E. G. llotigh, A. L.
rtannigartnrr. B '
Cook W. 8. Nicholson, O. J. Gowev
Running Wnter-J. H. Cook, J. a. Green.
Hlwep Creek-Not represented,
Snake Creek W. II. Corblm
The convention proceeded to nominal
a candidate for commissioner.
B. F. Johnson waa declared tlie choice
of the convention by acclamation.
Convention adjourned.
A. K. lUsnEijjnuT,
A, I hAi wutrrvui, w,
The braka State l air and txpoM-
Hon, Lincoln, September 2 to !t,
lSiP'-.Kwp an F,je pn it.
J. L. Stratton.
Sioux County Lumber Co.
Lumber, Lath and
A Good Supply of Native Lumber
Always on Hand,
Limber hklivkrfj) at the mill du
Tlie object of the managers of the Ne
braska state fair a;id exjiOsiuou h e.e.
been to present annually as full aud
complete a line of resources, prouuixs
and possibilities of the whole state as
can be gathered, thus to advertise and
mutually benefit every industry and in
dividual interest known, or to be thought
of, in the entire state. The coming year,
1S93, being the world s jubilee at U11-
,1 - .-..l.l ...Ml U.,
cago, where an trie worm win oe in'.i
to see all the woild lias to show and
where a great Nebraska exhibit is to be
nstalled, extra elforts are being made
to have the state fair this full eclipse any
of its predecessors. It is desirable that
it shall be the "gathering together" of
the material for Chicago.
We are offjpially advised that outlook
was never more nattering. 1 ne people
seem to lie full of enthusiasm, and will
meet the emergency in a manner char
acteristic of Nebra-skans, and to the sat
isfaction of the most sanguine exriecta-
tions. Every man, woman and child in
the state should become a self constituted
committee of one, upon whom devolves
the whole duty of pushing to successful
completion this great enterprise.
While the substantial Jactor is as
stated, the board 'S not forgetful of the
important duty to provide for the pleas
ure and other interests of the public, its
patous. This being a political year
special arrangements have been made to
give each of the national political organi
zations of the country a day on the fair
grounds, and an opportunity to present
to the crowds there assembled their re
spective claims for suffrage. Tlie best
talent obtainable to represent each party
will be secured. Republicans, democrats.
people's independents and prohibition
ists of national repute will address the
people. Names of speakers and detailed
publication will be made later, we are
An arrangement has Ixien made for
the Nebraska state land association to
hold its annual reunion on the grounds.
This will bring together tlie most exten
sive convention ever known in the state,
affording the rarest treat iu that line
our people have ever enjoyed. This fea
ture will continue during fair week, and
will be further announced in sjiecial pub
Friday, September 9, is set apart a
"Old Soldiers' day," when all soldiers of
the late war will be admitted to all parts
of the grounds free.
Tuesday, September 6, is children's
day, when all children iu the state will
be on hand and liave a good time in sight
Tlie premiums have been enlarged,
especially for agricultural products and
live stock. For county collective ex
hibits seventeen premiums are offered
running from 30 to 50. Eighteen
premiums are offered for the best quar
ter of an ucre of sugar beets, ranging
from tw, the first, to the lowest
Ten thousand dollars is offered for speed
Some of the best horses in the country
have been secured and more are prom
ised. The races will be an immense at
traction this year.
There was never a time when all con
nected witn ti,e sUl(e fail,
promising than for the
B. E. BarwsTEt,
General Banking
Fashionable Barber J
One Doer siit!1(lj
rawing macniuc, .-)tillj
Give t
Harrison, Nebraska
Transacts a General Banking Bi(
Uiiys School Ordei", County and Village Warnmii
Koo'TZE Hie.., New oik City.
l'in-T Natural Hank, Omaha.
Fikst National LUVh, Lm oln.
Hash, of uumnf, ft
Interest Paid on Time Der
was more
coming one.
commencing on the second day of Sep
tember next The people of Lincoln
are preparing to entertain visitors in un
usual style. Social evening entertain
ments are being provided. Kailroad
facilities for getting to and from Ijneoln
and the fair grounds have been la reel v
lowering such accommoda
tions unsurpassed in any other state or
iur any other fair.
For further.
m orniation, write the secretary, Robert
' ruraas. Brownville, who is just now
devoting himself to furnishing state fair
more desired or detailed
Will i Sifrrn s is tms uk l, Tm
and federal conrU nnd I', 8. U.,,4 umoo
M t n u
ill" Office in Court House,
KAMll .... KKakASCA
Determined to make every efc
sible to add to the number i
customers, and if crood cocc
low prices and fair treat
ment will secure them
we are bound to
w i n.
Come and see What wa Hav in lh tinti
Goods, Groceries,
and Shoes, etc.
And we will have all kinds of
Farm Machine
Y, . 'a Lb I
0XLY $23.
I tnt " tot tm cifcultr mi inriUlHei
ITheEtar Drill Co.
1 r
II carry :
as. . .
Mi.- ;