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    The Sioux County
JO U -EC JN -A. J.
U; Simiiiou!. Editor a4 Proprietor.
F. K. 4 M. V K. H. Tiuif table.
.-..lull CSV- owing r.j
.11 : ! 5o. , mixed 7:00
A-iToiu Williams who took
r 1 . ..oil .l.-ill
won " "
-All kind nf fruits at Scott's Con-
Ltiooery next Saturday.
wj.nrry a full line of farm machinery.
-Geo. )i. Turner and (i. W. lkste,
4slii'lil a ar load of cattle last
'Priikly lias re-arranged his black-
-.1 l . - 1 ... nniv tinintr Jl' rfu 1
rll a I''"' WUI R-
-John I.. Kay brought us some P'ie
rrvlcf hi Krow'nff crop. All look
.nvarJ to a year of prosiwrity.
The rye in the valley is cut and the
rmersare now in their wheat harvest.
ie grain on llie table is ubout three
etb loler than tlat ia Hie valley;
LtniiEK. First-class native IuihIht
id shingles constantly on hand at my
on Eust Iioggyi 13 miles east of
arnson. ar-vek.
To nee tin hinders; mowers, raks,
adiujr twine and wagons leing iur-
jliased by the farmers one i.s forced to
mit that a season of proserity is upon
is locality.
Roliert Wilson left O'n Monday for
F. Shepherd's with his self binder
id will cut aliout one hundred acres of
in in that lotality before his crop on
table is ready to harvest.
-From July 28 to Aug. 10 the F. E.
M. V. will sell excursions tickets to
at Hpiinps Chautauqua at one fare for
round trip. Tickets good returning
ug, 11th. E. F. Pontics, Agt.
Having employed a conictnt tlrtig
st to rnu iny store. I Till give my
hole time to the practice of medicine.
'alls answered day or niht.
W, E. Bmduman.
We hear frequently of new tet-
Acts in vsirious parts of the county. The
fountr in so large that Jieople come in,
pate and live there for some time bc-
fcrtllie? hai'e occasion to borne to the
IDdntv seat.
-Non. k. The party .. who took our
agon from beside the road between our
11 and Harrison is known and lie will
Ive himself tiouble by returning the
nie at once.
Sioux County Lumber Co.
J'rof. narbouf and Messrs. Marsland
Morrill returned from Dakota Siin
, the othef members 6f the party hav-
returned florae last week. Prof. Har
r will Rpend some time in Wyoming
lis geological search and vvill be
fund hero for some time yet. The
fty reKrt a pleasant and prolilauie
UTO. 47.
outing party brol'c
creek yesterday and
-llOullfl,r I........ 1
(, mure nas iieen goin;
ion tiy tli9 wagon load of lat.-.
Salt f .C5 jier barrel at
Gwswoij) & Mahstkjxek's.
-Peter Henry took out a new binder
on Tuesday, as did J. F. fy hulz and Win.
-TImi sawmill men are all crowded
with orders. That is an indic ation of
the Prosperity,
& ott has oned his ice cream
anil confec tionery store in the building
north of the Ranch Supply house.
JWrison is without a saloon. C. It.
Wailswortli lut business Tuesday tiiglit
and has not o-ned his saloon since.
'' - L- Ulery has purchased the shoe
maker's out lit of II. A. Cunningham and
iu future will mend jople s soles. He
occ upies the (ialpin buildup.
A little girl by the nuiiie of Kerns,
neur Bodure, got her elbow dislocated
last week. Dr. lindgniart went down
and put the bones of the joint in place.
Judge Ha 'tow came up yesterday
and opened the special term (if c ourt.
There Was no jury and all the business
transacted was the disposal of equity
The Moux County Lumber Co.
broke its engine the lirst of the week
and had to shut down a couple of days
for repairs. They are now running on
full time.
Xoth b I am Closing out my lumbe
stock in order to devote my entire atten
tion to the grain and coal trade and all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
nie will please call and :,ettle as soon as
possible. Chant Guthrie.
J. W. Ernest, -A. McGmlcy, J. G.
Morris and Henry Erdtnan made up a
tram load of cattle at Van Tassell which
were shipped Monday morning. That
train load would no doubt have been
shiped from Harrison had there been
facilities for watering at the stock yards.
The railroad company got out a lot
of advertising nlU-r for the harvest ex
cursions and in plao of Sionx county it
reads "Harrison county." In writing to
your friends about the harvest excur
sions call their attention to the error so
they will not lie mislead in regard to it.
G. Guthrie gives notice that he is
going out of theluml-er husinewiaiiil will
handle irraiu and coal exclusively. This
makes on opening for some one who de
sires to engage in the lumber business.
With the good prospects for prosperity
und new people coming here a good
stock of lumber ought to Is a paying in
Owing to the fact that the farmers
are very busy with haying and harvest
(he attendance at the meeting of the
agriciiltuial society yesderday was not
larfa. a- committee composed or jmi
Smith, M. J. Weber and F. M. Smith
was appointed to act for the society in
r.uiiiiu' no an exhibit. H. W. SfacLach-
lan, 1. H. Griswold and C E. Verity
were appointed as a finance committee
and opportunity will be given to all to
contribute to help pay toe expenses.
There is no reason why the exhibit from
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Arner were in town
on hat unlay.
u. j. uowey was up from Cook pre-
cinci .-Saturday.
Commissioners Knott and Weber were
in town yesterday.
.r it I- 1. ...1 ir. .
... xwn a,m Jlrs- uranam were in
town on Saturday.
rp . .-.
ireasurer Gayhart came up from
Montrose yesterday.
i u. Amos sent us a remittance on
subscription last week.
r red m. Hans writes us to send The
J'll'KNAl. to him at Omaha.
1ifi-s. Davis, mother of jolm I. and W.
H. Davii went east last week.
vv.O. Patterson moved down from
Wyoming the first of the wceK.
K. A. Walker was up from Sheep
Creek precinct the lirst of the week.
D. E. Brewster called on Saturday and
enrolled himself as a reader of THE Jol R-
Presiding Elder Julian came up Tues
day to huld qaarterly meeting of the M.
E. church.
E. r. .daiiie is able to be around afler
a siege of several months of A complica
tion of disease.
F. Piper, a tailor of Crawford, was in
Harrison last Friday looking after the
want of our people.
Mrs. H. A. Priddy and children went
to Wyoming on Saturday for a visit
with Z. G. Deiiel and family;
Mrs. Heath, sister of Mrs. J. H. Cojk
arrivdfrom Cheyenne Saturday even
ing for a visit at Agate Springs.
Commissioner Green was in town Sat
ursday. He he expects his father and
mother hero in the near future.
Postmaster Hough left Tuesday even
ing for Lincoln to represent himself and
George Walker at the state convention.
J. W. Wright of lieloit. Wis., a friend
of Jtidge Bartow, came up with the
Judge from Chadron yesterday ai:d re
turns this evening.
D. B. Jenckes, A. G. Fisher, Judge
Crites and Fannie O'Linn, of Chadron
and W. W. Wood, of Rushville, were
attending court here yesterday.
It has been suggested that a band lie
organized. The instruments are here
and (here me enoiigh who will take hold
of the matter to make it a success if the
start is only made. Some one who
wants to see the plaii carried out should
call a-meeting of those wlio would 1 e
come members and thus get the matter
under motion.
nereu inues.
i only complaint to be heard from
ners in regdfo the wheat whh
hed for Hot Springs, S. U., by team. I
y made a large collection ol insect
Brasses much of it being in tne
H of tho exhibit at the world's fair.
also secured specimens of a Dim noi
by any of the author...- -
feathered tribes.
irmam in i-nt
pntin prcpcrlv and a -
is that there is a goon
r i . This is another argu
found in it. l" , . ,, tlu
in favor of winter wheal and the
in luvor ui ,i4or nn in
ks should Uvke n-
A letter
Vd consequem'y v -
n, time ago, A"--"
.Cottonwood n-""'"
llk vicinity and last weeV he
""B. .... i..,..,i
,r,tliy came up u. scik
' Sioux county this year cannot excel that
of any previous year, tne products are
T'io Lincoln
p at buuaw
Ire!-! and a.l that is needed is for the peo
ple to select the samples and bring them
in. All should take an active interest in
the work and make it a grand success.
A number of the farmers of the val
ley clubbed together and sent off and
purchased binding twine for tying up the
crop now ripening. They say they
saved money thereby. It may be that
they did on the lot now received, but it
may not prove a paying investment in
the Ibn'S fi!n. It is a good plan for the
people of a community to keep as much
of their money at home as possible and
&s d rule the same quality of goods can
be purchased of the hofne dealers as
cheaply as they can be obtained from
outside houses, and the home merchants
pay taxes and extend credit to those en
titled thereto when they have not the
ready cash. The outside merchants
neither pry taxes !ri lhisi county nor ex
action a short distance south-1 tenu cretin, ine interests oi
f-town and place K fWertead and merchants, are identical. What is
hereon. Mr. Tally ha3 fbsided in I to the interest ami weuare oi one applies
iwood precinct for a good while equally to me ouier aim euc.i suumu
e liest ot the ta:d i" that locality deavor to do the best by the other that
taken he decided to' come up on j he can.
We and get a good quarter section ; To t(C of mtx tmmy.
the rush. .'.'..-Iwi sioneJ iiavinir been appointed
t would be to the interest of those rnmniittee to arraiitre for an exhibit
wn sto:k , to arrange to organize ; , ,j tate f,llr wouu urKe a assist
iy a good big bounty on wol ves j jn llnking t(le exhibit possible. We
,, The loss Hus'tained by tork 1 renuest that tlie peoi.le make it a point
, ?wm .the ravagBs of the beasts samples of grain, vegetables and
,iU'fe'c to be allowed to cphlinne. raa naflinr nil samples lust as they
J. i . . . . - ' il -i ' . B1"-" T
i.,iniur irM, n rinA toil a s an
Ago and it ( reixirted that some
arc losing tooM of their calves al
A Prize Heu Party.
If three hundred hens lay three hundred
wh i" three linnurvd days, now many hens
will it tuk-e to lity one hundred eggs in one
Imnilrcd days? To the lirst person answer
iiiRtho above problem correctly the pub
liidicrsof the Ladies' l'ictorinl Weekly will
Rive an elegant I'prlbt l'iano valued at
fcHS or Its equivalent in cash, as pn.'ferred.
To the second person will be given an ele
gant Safety Bicycle, valued nt lis, or its
equivalent in cash. To the third person, a
handsoinetJold Watch, valued nt 75, or its
equivalent in cash. The next fifty persons
sending correct answers will each receive a
prize, valued tit from twenty-five dollars to
live .dollars. Prizes awarded in the l.S. will
lie sent free of duty. Contestants must un
close with their answer a U. s. Postal Note
for thirty cents, (or fifteen U.S. two cent
stamps) for one months' trial subscription
to the Ladies Pictorial Weekly, which is one
othe haiirtsoiuet and best ladies' weekly
publications on this continent; the object in
offering this prize contest is to in trounce it
to new families, and increase its permanent
subscription list. We guarantee that prizes
will be awarded strictly in order of merit.
The date of . .postmark on letters is t'lvcn
reccdciiecso that persona living atadis-
ance havo Just as good un opportunity of
securing a valuable
Pictorial Co., "K." Toronto, Canada.
ss ijidies'
Notice to Xon-Resideut Defendants.
Louis Fischer and. Mrs. Fischer, his wife,
Christian name unknown, will take notice
that on the Uth day ot July, 1KH2, the Ameri
can Investment Company, plaintiff herein,
Hied Its petition in tne iuir.ei court oi
sioux county, Nebraska against John I.
Davlsj Lou.s riscner ana i; s. njsencr, nis
wile, Christian name unknown, defendants,
the oblect and prayer of which arc to fore
close a certain mortgage executed by John
I. Dat'is and Alice A. Davis to w. i.. leuoru
upon the S. W. & of Sec. 82, Twp. 32 N. ligc. 86
w. in sioux county, ncui-asaa, to se
cure the payment of a promissory note
lor foift uateu rjcpiemoer i, irw, u".-j mu
rears from date, and. interest at the rate
r)f .seven pe cent., per annum pay
Hhle semi nnnunlly, nsevidonced by ten in
terest coupons for tm.13 each, and ten iwr
cent, after maturity. .The plaintiff is the
..u-wr ,,f sitid liitiuest counons which lie-
came ilue on the flrst day of July, lsftl and
thenrstday oi January, inra, im
now due the pliiinlltr on said interest cou
pons and mortgage and for taxes paid by
the plaintiff on said hind the sum ot fid-M
wnn interest ui. ui him; ui w:h i. i"
annum from tne ursi uay oi ju.y, ..
IMaintln prays that said premises may uu
ilceveeil to be sold Hiiblect to tlic principal
sum of .'i"5 and Interest coupons maturing
after January 1, IH-.I2 to satisfy the amount
due plaintiff on said Interest coupons. .
, You nru requlrwlj to answer gala fetltiou
on or bi-lore the 2Sd day of.AugnsC, law.
AmBkican Investment Company,
HVW. W.Woou, , Plaintiff.
Its attorney. 44-47
First publication July 14,
Ml;., m " organtion each i L
in the.,boBt f00d .r. "Trr?.
frfaUreand put them away carefully
arid notify the committee of what you
fiave or defiver. it ftt Harrison not latet
.ft Ik. 1 .'4.- - J ' . . '
' imv m biw ugunw rnn.1 ' - - - . .... , i
. ,1 Ttf WWU IU UBU.H.I- 1 ...... . - ....II I . . . ...... 1. 1 I 111. IT
to the amount of rtocf, owned ' rsT P V .
L- .... r" W 0J",,n?? ! the neonle ran deliver their samples
'rpm While River ;and Cottonwood at
the residence of M. J. Weber or at Craw
ford. X unteil effort is desired.
Eli Smith
.then Uie nssesHmenta woulil noi he
yy on any arid ft would be a ooji
better to nav the Mi value of uJ.
W,"tock saved as boiinttban ip'lj
gpw fat ftnd jncreM, at the
vj me lurmers aou sweif raieew,
M, J.. W'FMtji.
GEbRGi; Walker,
Will pract ico before all courts and tlif t'j
S. hand Office. Huslness Mi trusted to my attention,
How to (iet Fish.
The Jocrsal is in receipt of a letter in
regard to fish for stocking ponds, from
Supt. O'Brien. He has a large variety
of fish and any one sending in an applica
tion will be furnished a supply of fish
during the next year. The different
kinds of fish are distributed at different
seasons so that all are not supplied at
the same time. It would be a good plan
for those having streams and opportuni
tunities for fitting up fish ponds to do a
little work and get a pond fitted up and
stock it with fish. It will prove a source
of pleasure and profit to every one who
goes to the trouble of making a pond.
Application can be sent in direct to the
commission at South Bend, Neb., and
we will gladly assist any who desire us
to do so in the matter. The following
letter will be of use to those interested
in fish:
South Bend, July 27, 1893.
L. J. Simmons, Esq., Harrison Neb.
Dear Sir: In response to your letter
regarding a supply of fish for the
streams In Sioux county, will say, if you
will have the parties send in their ap
plications they will receive a suitable
supply of finh from our next annual de
livery. We will distribute Black Bass,
German Carp, Crappies, Sunflsh and Cat
lish from the 15th of September until the
loth of Novenilier. We will distribute
Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Salmon
Trout and Lock Lev-en Trout during the
months of Feb'y. and March and we dis
tribute Wall-eyed Pike in May and June.
Any person having a suitable place may
obtain a supply of any of these kinds of
fish during the season in which they are
distributed, you can have the parties
send in their own applications or you
can send them in for them. We will be
pleased to hear from you again on the
subject, and hope to get better ac
quainted when we go up in your
country. Yours Truly,
M. E. O'Brien.
An Appeal For Aid.
Mason City, Neb., July 14, 1892.
To the Charitable People of Nebraska:
It is generally known by the tele
graphic dispatches to the daily jlapers of
Omaha and Lincoln-, that this village
was visited by a very destructive cy
clone on Friday evening, July 1, 1893,
which totally destroyed many of the
resident and business houses and all the
public buildings of our town.
Qur school district is already bonded
to the limit of the law, and the financial
condition of the people will not allow
the repairing of one loss in ten. The
losses are not confined to our town, but
many of the farmers in our vicinity are
Without shelter, and it is the feeling of
our citizens that t'.iejr Share equally
with the town in any aid that may be
given us.
The loss is estimated at from thirty to
fifty thousand dollars, abd we are greatly
in need of help. It is with pride that we!
refer to the fact that Our people have
always responded liberally to any of our
neighbors who have met with such dis
asters, and we would ask each and every
person who may be aware of our loss to
contribute as liberally as his or her finan
cial condition may allow.
We have selected Mr. John A. Hall, an
old and respected citizen, as treasurer,
any funds may be remitted to him1, on a
guarantee on the part of evel-y btisiness
man of Mason City that such funds will
be extended for the rebuilding of our
school house and bhtit'cliej.
A. B. Warrell, i
W. C. Elliott, Com.
M. C. Warrinoton, )
Notice to Land Owners.
To all to Whom it mat Concern :
Tim commissioner appointed to establish a
road commencing at the northwest corner
of Sec. 9, Twp. SI, It. 5T; thence running two
miles east, thonro diagonally to a point K
mile west ot the quarter corner between
sections 11 aiid 12; thence one mile s-mth;
thence X mile cast; thence X mile south;
thfaihe H mile Cast; thence diagonally to
the quarter corner between sections 24 and
1, thence lnllo south; thence one mile
east; thcriee one. mile .south; thence one
mile east and there terminating Uns. re
ported in t'avor of the establishment thereof
and all objections thereto or claims for
damages must tie died in the county clerk's
office on or beforp noon of the 15th day of
October, ISfii, or said road will be established
without reference inereio.
46-49 County Clerk.
Wells Drilled
Reasonable rates in any locality and to
any depth;
Satisfaction Guaranteed;
Call oil or Address
Scott & Moore, . (
Groceries, Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes, Hats,
Gaps, Furnishing Goods
and Crockery Sold at
The Celebrated "TAMBOR MAJOR"
Cigar for Sale.
L. E. BEJJDEN a soi ,
Wagon and Carriage Makers,
Ilep.dri n g done on short notice. ,
Good work anil reasonable charges.
Shop south of livery bam.
rtuiliase Ticket and Coimlgii Your Freight
via the
F., E.&M. V.S.C.&P.
H a. R'JH'T:.' General Mananer.
K. C. Moh,'!ik.' . P- Buchanan,
Gen'1 Freight Agl. Uen'l Pass. Agt,
(General Merchandise;
Groceries, Dry Goods, urnishin
Goods, Flour and Feed
:and a Full like of:
Hardware, Tinware, Barbed Wire and
Binders Mowers
Rake, Wind Mills, fttxiipsf
and Buggies;
. - -- -. - -. -
When in towii bail and see oiir
... .
goods and get our prices.
the nonotro
Will guarantee It to please or
too sale. ,,No-. whipping- of
tongue and no aide draft,
no majtcr. now ronjrn tne
road. Parts peculiar to
the Champion warran
ted for three years,
Write at once' flr
prices, terms . and
agency to ...
Jouet Q-rnoneniDGS q0;