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    Ab A.tcni.lied
King M'Bora of Butaritari spent t
lours at the Olympic club, and wl
probably more amused and surprise
ihau by anything; else he has seeu t
San Francisco. The member wli
nrura nrmpnt oractising in th
... x 1
Wealthy 11
Descendiiiir to
ut Insane.
the first rioor the
lin ked doors M the right of the parlor
opened ujon the private suite of ;irt
nients occupied by the insane Chicago
millionaire, E. J. I-ehman. Mr. Io
nian wa and is : 1 11 the proprietor of
gymnasium gave an impromptu ei-1 retail dry goods store in
hibition, which interested his utb : Chicago.
Sea majesty yery much, and he gave , jhman is suffering from a form
nf Mini aliliouirh he is but
evidence of this in grunts and uj
gestures of surprise, and almost of fear,
at some of the feats of the athletes.
Thn tumhlinir was a surprise to him.
and he could not understand.
ears old there is not the slightest hoe
of his recovery. He lives like a king in
n.i,tmor.ta ami liia funiilv liav for
...... -la 1,13 al'"' Li"- V
ni.e ... i i.i...,!itn
' the luxuries W lU a ro;ai liiKr.aiiij.
He has three apartments, which oc-
i. ..-i,!., ,,f tilt, hmiw on
CUJI OIL LUC si'.i. v.
For these rooms
Professors Tronchet ana tnapius n:
fn(intf how it was that they did not
" " O)
Ll .1 J U n-...wlr Kit ho f n !
prop ueau uCu BUu , , ower floor
burlesque coxing conies euu...s ..., L eiM a wet.k. Then
pell "faked" knockout was arrange V
tor the king and his par y Pro esso, TJjMe
PeWitt Van Court and Philip Boulc J7i,iiri..l.
Were the boxers, and they gave an ex
hibition which interested his island
ttajesty more than the genuine light
ie saw at the California club. At the
md Boulo was apparently knocked out
snd he was carried out of the room
imp and motionless. Of course he im
mediately returned, and as he appeared
he king allowed a sigh of relief to es
3pe him, and remarked through ths
nterpreter that he was glad the little
fellow had not been killed, as he was ec
After ths exhibition King M'Bora
and his party were shown through the
IJiympic club building. In the billiard
room he had his first meeting with a
piece of ice. His dusky majesty was
given a glass of ice water m response tc
ft request lor a drink. He saw the
piece of ice floating in the water and
:ould not understand what it was. He
put his royal right hand into the glass
md seized the cube of ice, but immed
Btely dropped it and jumped back
leverely frightened. After an explana
tion he picked up the ice again and
watched it slowly melt in his hand. He
teemed to partially understand the
philosophy of the thing and gave au
order for au ice making machine, which
he will take to liutaritari with him to
tool his royal throat on hot summei
In the ladies' parlor the glass chande
tier was lighted by electricity, and the
king immediately wanted to know
where the oil tank was. He had had
some experience with gas before. The
first night at his hotel, after having
seen the gas turned on and lighted, he
nearly terminated his royal career by
playing the Farmer Waykack act. lie
turned on the gas and lay down wait
ing for the gas to light itself.
One of the members of the Olympic
club who was going through the rooms
with the party wanted the king to talk
through the telephone. His majesty
had already had an experienc and was
so shocked that he did not care for an
other. It was at Sutro Heights on his
He keep his horses and carriages and
rides out once a day. ( )ne of the at
tendants does the driving, while the
other two sit on either side of him. For
the many other luxuries he enjoys Mr.
Lehman pays out in all $100 a week.
He pays more than any other in
mate of the asylum.
"W hile at times he is quiet and pleas
ant Mr. Lehman is one of the wildest
men in the asvlum when an irsane fit
strikes him. It is because of this that
it is necessary to keep three attendants
watching him. He has smashed thou
sands of dollars' worth of furniture
since his incarceration. lie is a tall,
athletically build man, and is possessed
of enormous strength when he becomes
wild. Although his three attendants
are all trained athletes they have great
ditliculty in holding him at times.
"While lie sleeps in one of the small
rooms an attandant sits at his bedside
and watches all night, while the other
two sleep in the large room few feet
In addition to the usual iron gratings
on the windows several strong barr
have been placed. .Several times a
week the Chicago millionaire tries to
break out of the rooms, lie has almost
wrenched the iron gratings from theis
places, and on one occasion almost suc
ceeded in climbing up the wall to the
glass transom above the top of the
door and breaking through. To guard
against a repetition of this the glass
has been removed and wooden boards
have been nailed in its place.
About once a month Mr. Lehman's
wife comes on from Chicago to see her
husband, (ometimes she brings one
of her four children with her. .She is
not permitted to speak to him or
allowed him to see her.
"While she stands in one part of the
grnund he is driven past her in ids car
riage, and in Uiis way she is enabled to
catch a glimpse of his face.
In his rational moments Mr. Lehman
talks to his attendants about his wife
spent sometime on the Gilbert islands,
went to the stables on the place while
the king was in Mr. Sutro's house
When the telephone connection was
made King M'I5ora was asked to put
the receiver to his ear. As he did so
he heard words in his native language,
and he dropped the instrument as if
struck by lightning. A long explana
tion could not fully satisfy his mysti
fied majesty. The king and his part
remained at the rooms of the club un
til nearly midnight. San Francis?
l" pud His Mind.
Several men were in the drug story
And were relating incident where-
visit Sunday. W. Lauterback, who and children. He says that he has the
sweetest family in the world and that
they all love him.
In his parlor Mr. Lehman has a hand
lomely carved organ. He is very fond
if music and as a musician of no insig
nificant skilL lie plays upon the
rgan at times half the day and com
pletely enchants the other inmates of
the house. Xew York Journal.
a i Hi Shadow n
the !
ing up a I
A Snake in the Water Tine.
n incident bap;--J in The Tri
bune building which may be an Uct
ual warning against drinking water
from ojien faucets or from any vessel
in the dark. Mrs. Finn, one of the
women who clean the offices, was draw
ing water from a faucet at a sink on
seventh floor when she was startled bv
the sudden appearance of an extremely
lively snake alout two feet long. Mrs
I' a-its n't tookins for snakes or think-
in? about them just then, and when just rising and
this one emerged from the faucet she
dr. p ed her mop and pail and fit d
screaming through the corridors and
down the stairs.
The janitor finally caught her and ob
tained a somewhat incoherent explana
tion. Seizing a stout stick, the janitor
hurried up to the seventh lloor, where
he found the snake crawling in lively
fashion over the tiled floor. The jani
tor was not frightened, and he soon
crushed the reptile's head. It wa3 a
common water snake, not poisonous,
but a decidedly unpleasant thing to
across in water used for drinking pur
poses. Xew York Tribune.
tural phenomenon is re-
How to Measure AYlieat.
About the time that Daniel Drew be
gan his Wall street career he was up i
the country one time to visit some
friends, and two farmers called upon
him to decide a case. One had sold the
other live bushels of wheat, and pro
posed to measure it in a half bushel
and sweep the top of the measure with
a stick. The other objected, and I'ncle
Daniel was asked to decide.
"Well, legally speaking, a bushel is
only a bushel," he answered.
'-And can the measure be swept oil"
"I think it can."
'Well, if I was selling wheat I should
probably use half the head for a llour
"Which edge of it?
"Gentlemen, that is a point I cannot
now decide on," sighed the old man.
"I f I was selling to a widow or a
preacher I am certain that I should
sweep the measure with the straight
edge, but if I was selling to a man who
pastures his cows in the road and his
pigs in his neighbor's corn I'm afraid 1
should nse the circular side and scoop
a little to boot." Wall Street Xews.
The Servian government has decided
to do everthiug in its power to develop
the pig trade, and a contract has just
been signed by which a well known
English firm are bound to slaunhter
100,000 pigs at Xitsch during next year
and 150,000 in lV.ri, and the number is
to go on increasing until ls',1.5, when
300,000 are to be killed there.
Itegiiiuing Young.
The Xew Y'ork Times says at a re
fent Gilmore concert at Manhattan
beach was a baby who, on account of
ber beauty was taking the attention of
the audience in her immediate vicinity
from Patrick Sarsfield and his musici
ans. The child so several of the
in druggists had sold poison by ( women said, and the men evidently
mistake. One of them dwelt at length ' thought was too lovely for anything,
upon the mysterious force that seemed Her chief beauty was the golden ring
to impel men to do just the thing they lets that reaped from under her hat and
fully intend not to do. It was this made a regular halo around the chub.
great sense of caution on the part of
druggists that led them to administer
poison when they least intended to do
so. The young drug clerk behind the
counter was listening to the conversa
tion when a lady entered the store and
asked to purchase some salts. A cloud
of uncertainty, born of the stories he
bad listened to, seemed to be over the
clerk's mind as filled the prescription.
The lady had been gone but a few min
utes when something startling dawned
on the clerk's mind.
: "GentlemeD, watch this store for me
till 1 return," he said, as be dashed out
af the door and up the street. They
ere sure something serious had
ccured. Presently the clerk returned
(is hands trembling and prespiration
in his brow. -
"Gentlemen," he said, in explanation
of his absence, " that lady who called
wished to purchase salt;, but your
itories so upset me that"
"you sold her sugar of lead," said two
men the same breath.
"No, I sold her salts, but 1 got to
thinking about it and thought I had
made a mistake, and not till I had
overtaken her and examined the drug
was I convinced' that 1 had not."-.
Ifaicago Times.
Countryman What's the good of all
Itese stone pavements ?
City Man Up town the pavements
iccomodate the crowds who wish to
itand and gaze at shop windows
Down town the pavements are for the
lonvenlenee of draymen who wish to
tnload. New York Weekly.
Some one hai written of "Ten Min
utes with a Tiger " Firs minutes Is long
by face.
Baby had climbed by the aid of the
seat back to a standing position, and
was cooing lovingly at an old gentle
man behind her. The old gentleman
pulled one of the golden ringlets. With
a quick movement the little one drew
her hat off and held it out to him. All
the beautiful ringlets went with the
hat. They were sewed around the
edge of the hat, The lovely child stood
there an ordinary looking baby with
turn straggly locks of a different hue
from the golden curls.
From lican and Beef.
i . i ..... .I i . . .
viivci iLiicucix-n, u.e 1'arK row
ocans and beef man, has made more
money from the sale of the two articles
of diet mentioned than any other man
in the world. His fortune is estimated
to be .o0,000. He is said to own con
siderable stock in the Xew York Cen
tral railroad and to have a large sum
invested in Donas ana mortgages. He
is a remarkably sturdy man for his age
he being 74 years of age. Every day
unas mm ueinna ins counter, at the
corner of Beekman street, slicing the
juicy cornbeef pt ladling out the Bos
ton vegetable. ' lie works only four
hours a day now,
Mr. Hitchcock began selling beef and
beans forty years ago, and he has been
at it continually ever since. Some of
the most famous newspaper men of
aew xork city nave dined at his hum
ble restaurant. Horace Greeley was
one of Hitchcock's regular customers.
Hitchcock cannot remember why he
made a specialty of beef and beans, but
he has tangible evidence that If these
articles are properly.cooked and decent
ly served they will bring a handsome ! d meeting,
jemuneratlon. New York Journal ' Free Press.
Nature's Htitnulauttt
Emerson, remembering the habits of
conviviality to which some under
graduates succum , once said:
Did you ever think about the logic
of stimulus? Nature supplies her own.
It is astonishing what she will do if
you will give her a chance. In how
short a time she will revive the over
tired brain! A breath under the apple
tree, a siesta on the gras3, a whiff of
wind, an interval of retirement, and
the balance and the serenity are re
stored. A clean creature needs so lit
tle and responds so readily. There is
something as miraculous as the gos
pels in it.
' Later in life society becomes a stiiu
ulnt. Occasionally the gentle exci
tation of a cup of tea Is needed. A
mind invents its own tonics, by which,
without permanent injuries, it makes
rapid rallies and enjoys good mood'!,
Conversation is an excitant, and the
series of intoxicants it excites is health
fuL But tobacco what rude crobar is
that with wlfch to pry into the deli
cate tissues of the brain:"
it. must not ue interred from this
passage that Emerson himself was a
total abstainer from tobacco, thouirh
he smoked but rarely, but never until
he was 50. Pittsburg Dispatch.
Warping ofAVood.
As lumber is now sawn, every board
but one will warp and curl up ju the
process of seasoning. The reason for
this is plain, if the board be t
from the side of the log the grain rings
of the wood lie in circles, which have a
greater length on one than upon the
other side of the board. A board put
from the very center of the loir has
grain circles of equal length upon each
side, and will lie perfectly flat when
When selecting the lumber for a tool
chest or some other fine job. Dick nut
boards that show they came as near
as possible from the center of the kw
a. miciuuu is in use which compensates
for this tendency to curl in seasonm
This is known as quarter sawing, and
quarter oan, oi wmch so much is said
at present, is sawn by this process.
ii consists or cutting out boards rarfi.i.
ly from the center to the outside of th.
log. Suppose a log to be split in four
pieces, eacn, or these pieces is sawn
diagnoally, so that the main rinn mn
u i ... . .
mruugii, i.wieau oi uie circles running
into it, partway through and out, upon
u oi me board. Wood
Kiinru'iir naturall
ported by Sui-rintendent Uiw.u. t
i,.f,r Kiillsand lincktield ra.
Ui foSCT morning l . a.-
hill on the ea t side ol i-a-e
As he tieared the
.. 1
summit he came into clear auiio.r.
and could look upon a wa of a.r us
it lav over the lake and valleys, with
now' and then a mountain t..p t.hwi
wtl,H m-neral leveL The sun was
I i,.t risintr and. as in usual under such
conditions, a rainbow was seen in the
But what attracted Mr. Lincoln's at
tention in particularly was the pretence
of a bright spot in the center of the
circle particularly described by the rain
bow. This was so luminous that at
first Mr. Lincoln thought it might be
farm buildings on lire some Utancv j
away in the fog. This supposition was
soon disK-l!ed by further developments.
The bright central spot was sur
rounded by circles of radiating light
composed of tl.e many hues of the rain
bow, forming a beautiful halo. J 'us,
ing along Mr. Lincoln noticed a dark
sjMit on the surface of the sun's rt fact
ion, and was soonwhat startlod to dis
cover that it moved across the circle in
the direction he wai walking. Hemm
ing to the point where the shadow came
in the center of the illuminated circle
lie began movements of the arms, and
found that they were distinctly imitat
edbythe thadow which apieared in
the bank of fog a mile away. As the
sun rose higher the reflection sank
1 wer, and was finally lost in thewaiers
of the placid lake.-Cantou Telephone.
The Robber's !;; Was Tag l-
Chief of Police SM-ers received a let
'er from the chief of police at Kokonio.
Iml., stating that a daring burglary had
r cently been committed in that town.
The robbers who did the work, the lett
ter stated, had a dog w ith them and
there wasalso a dog on the premises of
the man whose house was burglarized.
The two dogs got to fighting, and the
robbers' dog was killed and its owners
left its carcase in tho yard w here it fell.
Around the dead animal's neck was
a collar;and fastened to it was a Kan
sas City dog tax that showed that it
had been issued in IW. Chief Speers
urnul Hie letter ana me number or the
dog tag over to the city clerk, who by
looking over the records for 1HV.I found
the name of the man to whom the lag
had been issued. His residence was
given as East Seventeenth street
When the city clerk looked in the
directory to see if the man still resided
on East Seventeenth street he found
opposite the name in brackets the
words, "Removed to Kokonio, Ind.'
The authorities at Kokonio have been
notiiied. Kansas City Times.
Ton 51 uch Nbade.
In a nx-ent number of Ths Sanitari .n
Dr. W. T. Parker protests against thick
planting of trees very near the house.
Not only do they prevent the free ac
cess of air and of sunshine or even
li'dit, but they also injure the character
of the soil as suited for jieruiaiielit oc
cupation. "A soil," says the writer,
loaded with roots and densely shaded is
unlit for a man to live constantly upon.
Vegetation produces a great effect
upou tl.e movement of the air. Its
velocity is checked, and sometimes in
thick dusters of trees or underwood
the air is almost stagnant If moist
;.nd decaying vegetation be a coincid
ent condition of such stagnation the
most fatal forms of malarious disease!
are produced.
"A moist soil is cold, and is generally
lielieved to predispose to rheumatism,
catarrh and neuralgia. It is a mattei
of general exeneiice that most people
feel healthier on a dry soil. In some
way which is not clear a moist soil pro
duces an unfavorable effect upou th
lungs. A moist soil influences greatlj
the developemeiit of tho agent, what
ever it may be, w hich causes paroxy
suial fevers."
A Knowing Iog
A gentleman living in this city tells
this fer a true story: I have a little
dog that stays in the house at night
This morning he came to my room
about the time I usually get up, but
although wide awake 1 did not stir.
The little fellow tried to attract my at
tention by rolling on the lloor in front
of the bed, and by so doing spread wide
apart the folds of the mosquito net
whether purposely or accidentlly I do
not know, but this is what followed-
He got up and faced me for a moment,
but as I did not seem to be awake he
quietly took up one fold of the net with
his teeth and carrying it past the other
as far as it would go let it fall to !t
place, and then softly went down stairs.
I lie dog had never been taught any
thing of the kind, and if he did not tea-
son what shall v,e call it V SL Autrim-
tine (Fla.J Xews.
A CliiiK-M' Incident.
There is a small family named Chang
consisting of a mother and sou ol
elevan .summers, living in a place tiortl
of Peking called "The Old Tiger Cave.'
The old lady was suddenly struck dowr.
with some inclinable malady one daj
and grew worse from day to day. The)
were to poor to call in a doctors to givt
her proNT treatment, and her f iitlifu
son, who had constantly attended hir
seeing his mother's severe illness ant
their abject poverty and lawlessness
took a knife and sliced oil a big picc
of ll'-sh from his thigh, and after in
voking the blessing of heaven boiled
and gave i' to her as medicine Hm,'
Heaven was ho much pleased with
such a child full of filial piety, that it
granted his earnest prayers, and hit
mother, from the day human flesh
medicine was administered, rapidly re
covered, and was up in ten days. Whci
that medicine was given to her the boy
did not inform her of its composition
until she was well, when a big wound,
from which the mixture was made, was
shown her. It is alleged that the boy
suffered no pain or inconvenience from
the wound, for heaven must have
rdi( ve I him from the otherwise great
pain and bleeding for this so noble a
filial act, which i j not to lie found
When it was made known to the
public he was held up as an example of
tme and gamine filial piety which was
taught by the Great Sage. The otlicials
or that district w ill memoralizo the
throne to erect a (ablet or an arch for
lis noble and bravo deed In rescuing
lis mother from death by enikingerer
ing his own life-Chinese Times.
Getting Sea Temperatures.
Ilerr Luders, of Gorlitz, has recently
nit emeu a inermomeler for accertain-
ing the temperature of the denthn of
the sea. Its action depends on the dif-J
icicui. en-en u; conuucuvities of sub
stances at different temperatures. In-
Biue a glass lube are fixed a spiral iron
"u w oi carwni, which onlv
vuuu ai iuc lower encis. Their other
enusare connected to copper wires
which constitute au electric circuit,
and in this circuit there Is a galvan-
uuieier wnicn indicates the differences
in the current due to varations in the
temperature of the contents of the
giass iuoe.-ew York Journal.
A Olrl'i C.mMtT,
He(reading)-Then their lips met,
Bie (internipting)-Was It a protract.
i wonder 7-Burlington
Price of I'eanulH Going Up.
Hani daps are coming for those who
love to crack and munch tlmsavorv
peanut, and the small boy especially
can prepare for misery, for the price of
)eaiiut is moving skyward. The high
1 rice is due, it is said, to the short crops
of last year isud the year bofore. The
best grade of Virginia hand nicked
peanuts is now selling ot nine and a
half cents a pound, and it is stated by
dealers that soon the price will be ten
c Ms a pound. The peanuts coming to
mis market are mostly from Virginia.
I he lrgima nut is medium sized, with
a well defined aud pleasant flavor. The
North Carolina nuts are smaller
ll, a v;-..;. ;.. t ... , ...
t nK'"ia, urn. nave auout Hie same
kind of inside shell.-Xew York Times.
down a
A Coincident-
Those who are interested In .i
cideuces will find this nuit
able. Our beloved friend, the ltev
huii .y. draper, died on the 8th dav
OT uecember, ISM), whea on Tl,
his son in Yokohama, Japati. The day
....,. JI1B ,lner i; ,i,.nn Tr,.
per, Sr. died on the same davnf.i.
same month and the same i.,fti,i,.
week In IML The grandson of the
Ust named, who writes us tho tu
rrom Japan, tells us that thi.
fL!!ed"0,.the "andthe
. i iuuiiui, ne believes, occurs
0niy once in twenty-eight vears
Christian Advocate.
Little Girl-
IlnV tr. X
horse shoe, and I found a fourleaved
clover. Which of u. are the lucktr
PracUcallWDicku, Horse
trs worth money."
An English A ceo ut.
vne oi .New fork's fairest, nnd
was walking unattended
fashionable thoroughfare
when a man whom she did not know
walked beside her, raised his hat and
spoke to her. Without a second's lies!
Uition the young lady dealt the shiny
and carefully brushed chapeau a right
onuuur uiiii, sent it rolling into the
muu, ana planted a left bander between
herinsulter's eyes that tumbled him
n ft .-- .1 . . a . .
.-ranuou top or his hat.. Then,
"with scorn depicted on her features'
anu conscious of her own sonerioriiv '
this fair one marched nlacidlv on
the applause of a few onlookers, while
the uufortuiiate individual who had re
ceived unexpected chastisement picked
himself up and his bat.ered headgear
aud slunk away. Aud now n,r i. o
legion of girls anxious to attain the
ability, and to (ind an opportunity, of
uung uKewise.
It is just possible that this thrlllim,
story is only the invention of a pugilist
whotakesladvtiimii. .
f-r...., mm lure
saw what a stimulus the publication of
such a uie would give to hi. business,
but whether true or not it had in Uie
word, of a feminine aspirant for pu
gilJitlo honors, "open the evM nf ,!...
autothepossibiltyof her being able
to meet man on even term, anywuers
Ann AVAraui .... ft '
. aythlsUdytohcr associates
Tour are Insulted down." Xo doaot
thatlsaveryrlBhfand r..
to teke; but should women become as
proftclent .nd handy wiu. their lists as
some of them .Ppeor to b
'ace end, ...
fcround ii..
" u coolest '
tatiding colUfv
-I he most f;
hite itn
monogram of t
on one ide.
niuai eccentric
and i'c,ai,,.. ,
-..nil r, h.I
fashions arequij
'ray undre
with stocking ,1,
the same tint,
toilets. '
t'harminj )tJ
toilets. Some of h
ocu uouncinj
vciuw me waist.
Sleeveless Eton
it white tenDUsa:i,(
of white orTir
atriped China nit;
fit- irt tw.... 1.... '
....... liisnuuj
the bell fkin ,i,J
Soft and prttti
with ntinydutiiuJ
pieuy WIluU, win,, I
or corscict-sluiM J
vest or gniniof J
of the color of M
Led and whiu J
waists accompm
costume, of admin
The skirts at the W
with biasbmidjoiiij
each side with bisi
Machine made las;
the poor women t
hand arc thrown
lint the d.iy will mei will ajain be is
will give wort toaf
A new fancy fsi
the use of oauliK
suggest the Untitle
The brims are oJe
sprays of oats it ii
:itid brown wlttfe
uie euge.
Many white iA
made uyonr yeftl
yellow ii1.. giriH.
ribbons of eidier i
used as s ramitiwif
wool gowns ot tlx
A tiny import! tat
small crown of tin wt
bbick rice itra,i4i'.l
red velvet around tttdt
of old white hit-i'l
two of w
peacock's eye ittn4l
Little girls hare
sailor hats win
crown of opMUMiK
a straight brim cow
navy blue cloth. Tu
chic, and the open
delightfully cool toil
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