The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, May 12, 1892, Image 5

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ibLesvcmnr Power. Latest U. S. Gort lepbrt
er 811k.
ooa as a great curi-
i frm solders weus
miern b tbe empress
Moat certainly it U
li mlrds such thing
JibJa, bat If yonr cor-
C nil whiflh ia
w j t
nifieent spiders, he
re lf s cause for won-
deb- thebl yellow
17 large ana sirong,
Dn to tbe web proper,
nosquitoes, eic, are
. cocoon of orange
amerlike stuff, which,
(fingers, requires quite
;. This stun, 1 can
1 woven into material
lit not the dress in
W composed of siro.
' . 1 . 1 . I . rirAviltfin
tie UT mo
en now believe wsi
composed of what
be tbe ordinary
can quite Imagine,
en a material might
erclal valutas one
complaints at the
I want of fineness In
used for scientific
it. Notes and Queries.
kwkla Chore-.
flew into tbe Uer-
lurch at New Haven,
(J. E. Wblttacker, ol
turing on The Fol-
f Modern Life," and
1 excitement reigned.
k blundering creature
i as the wide wingea
and forth in the sane-
leeps and circles just
ee, its spotted pinions
f like as it bummed
women screamed and
'pews, and finally the
p talking for fifteen
raid of the bird, for
g the gallery front
ibe heads of the peo
fo close to the face of
yker that it fairly took
jtxt out of his mouth,
ytje tot m imksi, ana
t go slambang into
Settling in its dizzy
1 wise man shouted,
JT and the profound
jregation to laughing
in a random dash,
Id through the window
fn went on again.
,1 d Superstition.
1 a lady purchased
woman In the
y, and then asked
j her some roots of
et day.
f exclaimed the old
rootr Why, ma'am
'ptee4 of parsley root
las dear as all that'"
the answer, "but
to sell or sire you
Dont yon know
i piece there would be
j our families In less
ard the conrertatlon
Applicant for tbe root:
jb that stuff, and if
imj place I will give
3tey root you want"
roots took tbe lady's
after them, and In
the lady who gave
This circumstance is
core the superstition.
elal WMa,
I of putting yourself In
.and being quick about
t beauty of apology in Its
Id be mot in tlie same
loess. To receive an
tabling, grudging, un-
a disgrace. 11 is m
find fault with people
at we da
cent to be oolite to
too garbage gatherer to
Some Odd Looktag English Hate.
Stubbs, in bis -Anatomy of Abases,"
describes a pleasing variety of new
fashioned headgear bats perking up
like the spear or shaft of a temple; bate
flat and broad on the crown, like the
battlements of a bouse, and round
crowns with bands of every color. This
variety of shape consorted with
an equal variety of material silk, vel
vet, taffeta, sarsenet, wool and a fine
hair, which they call beaver, fetched
from beyond tbe seas" Whoso had
not hat of velvet or hat of taffeta was
held of no account among the glided
you! h or the time, and so common a
thing was this ostentation in the mat
ter of head covering that "every serving
man, countryman or other, even all in
differently, did wear of these hats."
Ail the Year Round.
An Editor Acquitted or tko Charge A
Printing a Lottery Advertisement.
Joseph Muller who was ehsrged with
having published a lottery advertise
ment in the Dodge Cowito Pioneer, at
Mayrille, was acquitted In tbe United
States Court yesterday. Tbe case Is an
important victory for the Lonisasa
State Lottery. It wai charged that a
certain notice appeared in the paper,
which is a German weekly, was an ad
vertisement under the new law forbid'
ding the mailing of publications eon'
Uininir lottery advertisements. The
card read as follows :
While it is true that I have been elec
ted president of the Louisiana State
Lottery company, vice M. A. Dauphin,
deceased, I am still president of tbe
Gulf Coast Ice and Manufacturing com
pany, and all orders for material, ma
chinery, etc., as well as all other busi
ness letters should be addressed to me
is before. Paw. Cokbad, box 1,358,
Sew Orleans.
Gen. E. 8. Bragg, of Pond du Lae, de
fended Mueller, arguing that the ad-
rcrtsiement did not come within the
scope of the statute. The jury was out
but a few minutes. Milwaukee.!. Ifw.)
A Hornlty la Moaa.
At a recent London dinner a novelty
was mtroatred m tne snape of a menu
which soon bids fair to become a fad in
London circles, and which Is original
enough to deserve mention. The eldest
child of the house, Miss Enid Dickens
is , photographed by her aunt, well
known in London as an amateur
photographer. The photograph was
presented to each guest as a menu card.
The little girl Is represented spreading
out a tablecloth ou which is the word
"menu." Following this word there Is
room for the viands.
The idea is a pretty one, and It will
doubtless find many Imitators, especial
ly on such occasions as family reunions
and notably in the case of a dinner
given for a child's birthday. New
York World.
"Rrnvn'i Bronchial Troches." are
an effective Cough Remedy. Sold onlf
A rotatoria Motrarology.
Jack Uncle Tom, Is It really to thai
the moon makes the tide?
Uncle Tom Yes, my boy, I betters
that If it wasn't tor moonlight nights
there wouldn't be to many tied.
Pittsburg Pulletln.
Tbe Chinese settlers on the Iaknd of
Sumatra have a strange and ludicrous
form of salutation. When they meet
each other say, after an absence of a
month or loaeer. they do not shake
each other's hand; they smile broadly.
and each grasps his own nana, snsxmg
It vigorously for a few moments.
Yankee Blade.
Advice to Stoat ffonm.
In choosing the material for you
coat, jut remember that It must be be
coming not only in color, but also li
material A very mart plaid material,
or a close check may be suitable for
your friend who Is tall and slender,
wrtstes Isabel A. Malkm. Jlutonyou,
who are short and plump, itwllhave
the effect of making yoo appear at
least an inch shorter, consequently yoo
want to avoid that On stoat women,
generally, smooth, plain rt- -
thk duchess"
There Is a shout from somebody, and
then a alienee. The revolver in the
scuffle had gone off! Through the
house tbe sharp crack of a bullet rings
loudly, rousing many from their slumbers.
Lights can be seen in tbe passages;
terrified faces peep out from half
opened doors. Dora Talbot, coming
into the corridor in a pale pink cash
mere dressing gown trimmed with
swan's-down, in which she looks tbe
very personification of innocense and
youth, screams loudly, and demands
hysterically to be informed as to the
cause of the unusual noise.
The servants have rushed from their
quarters In alarm. Ethel ViUlers, with
a pale scared face, runs to Florence
Delmaioe's room, and throws her arms
round that young lady as she comes
out Dale but composed, to ask in a
clear tone what has happened.
As nobody knows, and as Florence
In her heart is more frightened than
she cares to confess, being aware
through Adrian that some of the men
are still up In the smoking room, and
fearing that a quarrel had risen among
them, she proposes that they should go
to the smokins-room in a body and
moke inquiries.
Old Lady FitzAlmont, with Lady
Gertrude sobbolng ou her arm, seconds
this proposal; and, being a veteran of
much distinction, takes the lead.
Those following close behind, are glad
of this, and hopeful because of it, her
appearance being calculated to rout
any enemy. The awful character of
her dressing-gown and the severity of
the night-cap that crowns her martial
head would strike terror to Die hearts
of any midnight marauders. They all
move off In a body, and guided on
consciously by Florence, approach tbe
Voices loud in conversation can be
heard as they draw near: the door is
slightly ajar. Florence drawing back
as ibey come up to it, the old lady
waves her aside, and advances boldly
to the front. Flinging wide open the
door, she bursts upon the astonished
Company within.
"Where is he?" she asks, with a dig
nity that only heightens the attrac
tion of the cap and gown. "Have you
secured him? ".-ir Adriau, where is
th nonstable? Have roil sent for
Sir Adrian, whose gaite is fixed upjn
the fair vision in the trailing white
sown standing timidly in the door-way,
forgets to answer his Interrogator, and
the others, taken by surprise, maintain
a solemn silence.
"Why this mystery r demands Lady
FltiAlmont sternly. "Where is the
miscreant? Where Is the man that
fired that murderous shot?"
"Here, madame," replies the sur
geon dryly, indicating Arthur Dyne-
court by a motion of the hand.
"He who? Mr. Dynecoart?" ejacu
lates her ladyship In a disappointed
tone. "It was all a mistake, then? I
most say, Mr. Dynecourt," continues
the old lady in an indignant tone,
that I think yon might find a more
suitable time in which to play off your
Jokes, or to practice target shooting,
than in the middle of the night, when
every respectable household ought to
be wrapped in slumber."
"I assure yon, begins Arthur Dyne
court, who is strangely pale and dis
composed, It was all an accident-
1 11
AH.tanl' Nonsense, sin I don't
believe there was any accident whatso
km tkoaa vnrda nttas tha Hnfl Of the
rrasdbk) old Lady FitzAlmont has just
pat their own thoughts Into words?
"Let me explain to your ladyship,"
says Sir Adrian courteously. We were
Jost talking about that unfortunate
affair of the Stewarts, and Maitland
was showing us how it might hare oc
curred. I had the revolver In my hand
to" pointing the weapon toward him-
Put down that abominable weapon
at once, sir!" commands Lady Fitz
Almont, in a menacing tone, largely
mingled with abject fear. As she
speaks tbe retreats precipitately behind
Florence, thus pushing that young lady
to tbe fore.
"When my cousin unhappily
stumbled against me, aud the revolver
went off," goes on Sir Adrian. "I'm
deeply grieved, Lady FRiAlmont, that
this should hare occurred to disturb
the household; but, really, It was a pure
"A oars accident," repeats Arimu,
from between his eoiorieas lips.
He looks fir more distress eu oy una
oeeonvaca than Sir Adrian, who had
aaeaned belnff wounded.
This only showed hit tenderness and
proper feeling, as almost all the women
Msent mutually agreed. Almost all,
v RI.IL.l AT- AW.
hut not quite, wora mm -smple,
trews deadly pale at the listens
..o.ianaHMi and watches Arthur's
ghastly face. What to It like? The
race of muraersrr
"Oh, no, no." rP inwardly;
"It was the purest accident, I assure
ou," pretests Arthur again, as though
amicus to Impress this conviction up-
"It might have been a very serlow
one, ssys tie surgeon gravely, regard
ing him witli a keen glance. "It might
have meant death to Sir Adrian!"
Florence changes color and glances
at her host with parted lips. Dora
Talbot, pressing her way through tbe
group in the door-way, goes straight
up to him as if impulsively, and takes
his hand in both hers.
"Dear Sir Adrian, how can we be
thankful enough foo your escape?" she
says sweetly, tears standing in her
bright blue eyes. She press his band
warmly, and even ra ses it to ber lips
in a transport of emotion. Standing
there in tbe pretty pink dressing-gown
that shows off her complexion to per
fection, Dora Talbot looks lovely.
'You are very good very kind," re
turns Sir Adrian, really touched by hei
eoccern, but still with eyes only for
the white vision in the doorway; ''but
you make too much of nothing. I am
ouly sorry I have been the unhappy
cause of rousing you from your rosy
dreams; you will not thank me tomor
row when there will be only lilies in
your cheeks."
Tbe word lily brings back to him his
last interview with Florence. He
glances burridly at her right hand;
yes, the rame lily Is clasped in her fin
gers. Has she sat ever since with his
gift before her, in her silent chamber?
Along in grief perhaps. But why has
she kept his flower ? What can it all
"We shall mind nothing, now you
are safe," Dora assures him tremulously-
"I think 1 might be shown some con
sideration," puts in Arthur, trying by
violent effort to assert himself, and to
speak lightly. "Had anything happened
surelv 1 should have been the one
to be pitied. It would have been my
fault, aud, Mrs. Talbot, 1 think you
might show some pity for me." He
holds out his hand, and mechanically
Dura lays her own in it.
Hut it is only for an instant, and she
shudders violently as his touch meets
hers. Her eyes are on the ground,
and she can not bring herself to look at
In m. Drawing ber fingers hurriedly
from his, she goes to the door and dis
appears from view.
In the meantime, Sir Adrian, having
made his way to Florence, points to the
"You have held it ever since?" he
asks, in a low tone. "I hardly hoped
for so much. But yeu have not con
gratulated me, you alone have said
' Why need 1 speak ? I have seen you
witli my own eyes. You are safe.
Believe me, Sir Adrian, I congratulate
yrra most sincerly upon your escape.'
Her words are cold, her eyes down
cast. She Is deeply annoyed with lier
sflf for having carried the lily into his
presence here. The very fact of his
having noticed it and spoken to ber
about it has shown her how much im
portance he has attached to her doing
so. What will he think of her. He
will donbtless picture her to himself
sitting weeping and brooding over a
flower given to her by a man who
loves her not, and to whom she has
given her love unsolicited.
Her marked coldness so oppresses
him that he steps back, and does not
venture to address her again. It occurs
to him that she is reserved because of
Arthur's presence.
Presently, Lady Fitz Almonf,
marshaling her forces anew, carries
them all away to their rooms, soundly
rating the sobbing Lady Gertrude for
her want of self-control.
The men too, shortly afterward
disperse, and one by one drift away to
their rooms. Captain Ringwood and
Maitland the surgeon being the last to
"Who is the next heir to tbe castle?'
asks the latter musingly, drumming
his fingers Idly on a table near him.
"Dynecourt the fellow who nearly
did for Sir Adrian this this evening!"
replies Ringwood quietly.
"It would have meant a very good
thing for Arthur if the shot had taken
effect," says Ringwood, eyeing his com
panion curionely.
"It would have meant murder, sirl"
rejoins the surgeon shortly.
(Continued next Week)
The most familiar poison is probably
morphia, or some slmiliar narcotic.
Prussic acid is tbe most rapidly fatal
of all poisons in its action. Chemical
tests can now be applied to detect
with great certainty poison in food or
water, and in the body after death. If
scientific examination and judicial
inquest be possible, almost any poison
can be detected after death, either by
the lessons produced in th organs
affected, or by the extraction from
the corpse of the victim of the poison
Itself, and by etudy of the properties.
As for poisoning being a lost art
possessed hi a higher degree of per
fection by the Horglan and others,
that belief Is a fancy. The people of
any of her sge could have taught us
in that reffard. The
poisons of the Borgia would not now
be considered oeyoua ucicmv, ui, m
fact at all difficult.
May "What on earth made you
refute Lord Sideboard's offer r Ethel
"Well, it't bad enough to be called laAj
h. Miinaman and ticket choppers
without legsJltlug the eplthet,-"Kew
Grata or Gold.
Hearts may agree though heads dif
fer. Xo one can dissiraee us but ourselves.
Kindness will creep when it cannot
No man can pray right who lives
Our heaviest burdens are those e
True prayer never stops looking for
an answer.
He that has endured evil knows best
what good is.
Raise no more spirits than you can
conjure down.
All fame is dangerous; good brings
envy; bad, shame.
We get acquainted with ourselves by
knowing other people,
Dissapointments are to the soul what
a thunderstorm is to the air.
One who teaches great truths should
live up to the doctrine he professes.
L Crime succeed by sudden despatch;
honest consuls gain vigor by delay.
How' ThlS!
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props, Toledo, O.
We the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and be
livea him perfectly honorable in all
business transactionss and financially
able to carry out any obligation made
by their firm.
West & lm ax. Wholesale Druggist,
Toledo. O. Wai.mxcj, Kimnak Ik
yin, Wholesale Druggist, Toledo, O.
' Hall's Catarrn Cure is taken internal
ly, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Price
75c. per bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Testimonials free.
l'mieceteary Rtntif glin;-
Mr. Charles Allen, a medical student
of Leamington, Ont., is just now the
target of a good many jests. A few
days ago he smuggled a human
skeleton across the Detroit river to
Canada. He padded his purchase,
dressed it in woman's clothes with a
stylish hat had a deep blue veil, and,
propping it up in this buggy beside
him, drove on the ferryboat and
crossed to Winsor. The disguise was
so clever that the customs officers did
not give him a second glance, and the
young man hugged himself for his
cleverness and forthwith told his
friends, who informed him that Canada
does not impose a tax on articulated
The Only One Kver Printed. Can Yon Find
the Word?
Tberc I lhrpe-1n h dtplay advertisement in
thtt rtr- tlile week, whlrh has no two woitte
alike, except one word. The same in trne ol
each new one appearing each week, from the
Dr. Hurler Medicine Co. This house plaeeB a
"t'reaeent" on everything they make and pnb
llh. Look, for 11, aend tnein the name of the
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Springs, Fla , into which 1,00.1 feet of
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rft. Safe, Mircftnd il, rrmbie. Avoid imi
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A A aiaarle doae prarfaeea beaaAeaat re- A
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leading remedy for ail tn
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New, Bare and Beautiful Water Plants.
The Water Hjaointh (EichornJa c-
alpes Major.)
Among the many rare and'beaulitul plants of.
fared this season, there is nothing more unique, or
that will excel In beauty thisQuean of water plants.
It will grow and bloom profoSery In any resect
that will hold water, succeeding as well in a com
mon tub as in the most expensively araanged
aquatic pond. It requires bat Tittle soil in the bot
tom of the vessel used, and if this be an aquarium or
other clear glass vessel, the soil mar be conceal,
by a layer of shells or pebbles; ana as the plant
flouts on the surface of the water, sustained by its
inflated leaf stems, its mass of feathery blue root
extending downward, form a very attractive tea -'
ture. It is almost constantly in bloom, throwing up
its spikes ol beautiful flowers as large as a siver
dollar, and of the most beautiful shade of lilac-rose;
the upper petal with a mctalic blue blotch in the
center, which in turn has a golden spot in its eenter, '
the whole Sower sparkling as if sprinkles' ant
diamond dust, and rivaling in beauty many ol the.
most costly Orchids.
Having grown an enormous scocw ox iihs wroy
nlant to meet the popular denaaaa. weareaMe-ta
offer it at a price w.thin thece-. at every ooe,
Fine plants.blooming slie, aoceatseacb, 1 far ga'
cents, 7 for Si. I .
MTSrpflAKA ALBA ODOHATA, the lovely and fragrant White Water Lilyi large
rhlTtiXKmMA CORD AT A. An elegant aquatic plant of upright habit, very easy to grow, a
proruae bloomer, throwing up tall nower 01 nngni oiuc mmm 1. " r
".''biwMDBItfcs SPOWOIA, A new and very interesting plant that has never before been of -;
ssaxTlt has two distinct sets of leaves, the lower ones having lunllke.'celhi on the ander surface,
lam lift taepfaaa as it Soats on the water, tho upper of central set rising above them. Flow, par
want, resembling somewhat a large spider, only 15 cenueach. "
sTPKCIALOrrEB. To erery reader irrationJnf this paper, and sanding as as caots In eftrar,
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. . - ' .n affca tlM NltJnnT
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i I
nhlswwit wnd.
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Vanva, ra. lj