The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, May 12, 1892, Image 4

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    A Sequel to It.
He had a push cx-t full cf "the
latest and best" novels, says the New
York Sun, and hud just ope ned up on
the corner of Third avenue and
Twenty-seventh street when a young
womau stopped and inquired:
"Have you a real good Ux k ':"
"1 have, lady he replied. "Here is
the latest tiling out and just what will
please you. Lets see:''
'Is it real entertaining.'"
"The entertainingest book published
for a year, inks, as I'm willing to swear
to. 1 was so interested 111 it that J sai
and never went to the
up all night
hank next dav. Ah! he-re it i.s:
She Won Iliro." Tells you all about
how a young woman of of well about
24, m ss, and the very picture of your
self, begging pardon, won a lovely hus
band that he was so rich he gravel
roofed his stable with pearls anil dia
monds. It gives you au insigh into
"How much?" she interrupted, as
she took out her purs?.
"Fifiy cents, miss, and m 1 was going
to "
"I'll take it."
She dropped him a half, took the
book, and passed on, and the old fellow
had a twinkle in his eyes as he looked
after her and mutteered:
"She will be along again in three or
four days, and then I'll sell her the
sequel to it: 'How He Skipped Out
After lie Was Won.' (jot to study
hum-J.u nature in these dull times."
The Heroism of a Child.
In the Bodlean Library at Oxford is
die most touching record of heroes and
self saci ifice on the part of a child.
'1 he lower door of St. Leonard's
Church, Bridgeworth, was left open,
and two young boys, wandering in,
were tempted to mount to the upp?r
part, and scramble from beam to beam
All at once a joist gave away. The
beam on which they were standing be.
came displaced. The elder had just
time to grasp it when falling, while the
younger slipping over his body, caught
hold of his comrade's legs. In this
fearful position the poor lads hung,
crying vainly for help, fur no one was
At length the boy clinging to the
beam became exhausted, lie could no
longer support the double weight. lie
called out to the lad below that they
were botli done for.
"Could you save yourself if I were to
loose you," replied the younger lad.
"I think I could," returned the elder.
"Then good-by, and God bless you!"
said the little fellow, loosing his hold,
Another second and he was dashed
to pieces on the stone floor below.
His companion clambered to a place
of safety .Chatterbox for March.
There is a Hoy I Can Trust.
We once visited a public school. At
recess a little fellow came up and
3poke to the teacher: as he turned to
go down the platform, the master said:
"That is a boy I can trust! He never
failed me." We followed him with our
eye and looked at him when he took
his seat after recess. lie had a fine,
open manly face. We thought a good
deal about the masters remark. What
a character had that boy earned, lie
had already got what would be worth
more to him than a fortune. It would
be a passport into the best store in the
city, and, what is better, into ths con
fidence and respect of the whole com
munity. We wonder if the boys know
how soon they are rated by other peo
ple. Eve'-y boy in the neighborhood is
known, and opinions are formed of
him; he has a character either favor
able or unfavorable. A boy of whom
the master can say, "I can trust him
he never failed me," will never want
employment. Our Dumb Animals.
What keeps the Bicycler Upright
Let us suppose a 'cyclist mounted on
his wheel and riding, say, toward the
north. lie finds himself beginning to
tilt toward his right. He is l.ow going
not only north with the machine, but
east also. He turns the wheel east
ward. The point of support must of
necessity travel In the plane of the
wheel; hence it at once begins to go
eastward, and, as it moves much faster
thanme rider tilts, it quickly gets
under him, and the machine is again
upright To one standing at a distance
in front or rear, the bottom of the
wheel will be seen to move to the
right and left, just as I moved the foot
of the skeleton frame a moment ago.
I conclude, then, that the stability of
the bicycle is due to turning the wheel
to the right or left, whatever way the
leaning is and thus keeping the point
of support under the rider, just as a
boy keeps upright on his fingers a
broomstick standing on its smallest
end-Charles li. Warring, in The Pop
ular Science Monthly.
"PrOTtrlM" of Medlela.
People who are fond of taking medi
cine may gratify their taste and put
money In their pockets at the same
time. A homeopathic college pays
persons to take drugs and keep a rec
ord of tbeir effect. " These drug-takers
most be sound in health and not habi
tual aaers of tobacco, tea, coffee, or
ticohoi stimulants. For converting
their atoniochs into laboratories the
Drovers," as they are called, receive 99
Torture in 'l.'x5-i. j
Torture is probably net infrequent
in Mexico today. It is known to have
been used in some instances within
comparatively recent ears to extract
details of s'uspeeu-.l political crime.
The Mexican method is the bowstring
or cord dr:.wn around the victim s(
neck, and sV.ily tightened until the
sufferer is re:idy to tell the story. This
is done ia the dungeons with which;
Mexican prisons abound, and which j
are relics of the days of xpanisli occu-;
pation. Mexicans would no doubt in-
disnaiitiy denv that torture is a part of ;
their judicial procedure, ilut as rel.-
able Americans state mai mej o
seen the victims before and aiter the
inlliction, the denial amounts to very
little. Muring the days of the Tudors,
w hen the rack w as in constant opera
tion, its use was contrary to Knghsh
law.' So it is in the Spanish American
countries wl.era despots are a law unto
themselves. The Middle Ages are not
as much the past ages as they might
be in a good part both of Kurope and
America, letting alone the barbarous
regions of the world.
' I'lim I'lonV N ikuamp.
Illustration American: I'riuce N'a
poleau was duiL he was incapablvj, lie
was a coward. Helpless, hopeless, he
was the degenerate bearer of a great
name. The public hurled great epi.
thets at him. He returned from the
Crimea to the Talis Royal to be re
ceived as Craiut l'iomb, (tears lead)
which afterwards becanii 1'lou l'lon.
Xot satisfied with tacking this fock
name on him, the press tore his reputa
tion to pieces, and so it was that when
his engagement with the Princess
Clothilde, daughtes of Victor Emman
uel, was announced, all Europe and
America was shocked.
Purity of Sea Air.
Professor lloster, of Florence, lias re
cently examined the air of the island
of Elba, and come to the following im
portant and practical conclusions: 1.
The air of an island, even when of con
siderable side, contains fewer bacteria
than the mainland. 2. When the
wind is oil the ski the number of bac
teria is enormously decreased. 3 A
comparatively narrow arm of the sea
is sufticient to purify the air blowing
over it. 4. Atmospheric bacteria in
crease in proportion to the velocity of
lie wind. o. P.ain is the most impor
ant factor in purifying air of its con
tained germs.
An Old Settler.
An English naturalist who put n.
two years in a boarding house spent
the next five in tracing the bedbug
back to bis native lair. He found per
fectly authentic information to prove
that the insect existed and was full of
business in the year 120 B. C. lie was
even found in the camps of the army
and no war lleet was deemed fitted out
without a liberal sprinkling.
Hie fh-Ht Hank.
The Bank of England was estab
lished in 1003, and is older than any of
the institutions of the class in any
other of the great nations. It was not
the first of the important financial
houses, however. T he I'ank of Venice
was created in 1101, that of Genoa in
1 107, that of Hamburg in Ifiltt and that
ofllotterdam in ICo. In 1803 the
ank of Franco was established.
Butter From Cocoanuts,
Cocoanut butter is a new food stuff,
which seems to have a useful future'
before it. According to a report by
the British vice-consul at Berlin, the
production of an edible fat from the
marrow of tlie cocoanut has been
carried on for the last two year3 by a
firm at Mannheim, the process having
been discovered three year3 before by
Dr. Schlinck. Factories having the
same object are about to be established
at Paris and at Amsterdam. Tim nuts
come from the Soute Sea islands and !
also from certain places on the African
and South American coasts. The but
ter, which is sold at less than half the
price of ordinary butter in London,
contains from CO to 70 per cent of fat
and 23 to 25 per cent of organic matter.
Its color is white; it is of an agreeable
taste' is suitable for cooking purposes
and is being purchased by the poor,
who prefer it to margerine. Being
free from acid, it digests with greater
ease than dairy butter, and is prefer
able in other ways to tlie bad butter
which too often finds its wiy to mar
ket. It is also a more attractive c. im
pound than the various preparations
called margerine, some of which havs
such very questionable origin.
A Logic' Sequence,
A tramp, putting his head inside the
door of a grocery, asked:
"Please, mister, gi' nie a piece o'
paper to wrap suthln' in."
A piece was given him; the door
closed, but in a second opened again.
"Mease gi' me su'thiu' to wrap in it"
A Twenly-Aere FobA.
A twenty-acre pond bubbled up out
of the earth in Center county,
last winter, in tventy minutes. Th
people round about tbeits thought too
foundations of the earth bad rlrso '
Physical Culture for Women.
T hiiv irivt-n pd all interest," said
A ....... C- 1
intuiiiirpiit. woman in the
Journal, "in the movement for tl.o
tul i.hvsical culture of women.
It is not that I do not believe most heart
ily in the full and symmetrical develop
ment of the tody powers, but the whole
cult is being perverted to sensualism.
The beauty teachers are devoting tneni
selves. not to wholesome training lor
health, but to making -visions of live
liness, with direct regard to ti.eirehect
on the other sex. and after as rank
methods as could ever have been ein-
nloved in fitting
Circassians lor uie
V won! HIS Urt liueieai. i.
physical culture is to till out her neck,
so that she mav look better in decollete
gown. It's ail in a line with the mani
cure business, which is making very
ornamental, but worse than useless
hands. It all goes with our heaps of
cushions and shaded lights and retine
ments of perfumes. It's the de.elop
ment of curve3 and tlie study of poses
and the absolutedeilicatiuii of dainty
sensualism. It would be a good plan
to let in on the business a little
wholesome sunshine and air."
liank of 1'iiirliiinl l'njx'r.
livery one may not know that the
Hunk of England notes are made from
new white linen cuttings - newr from
anything that has been wo: n. So rare
tullly is the paper prepared that even
the number of dips into the pulp made
by tach workman is registered on a
dial by machinery, and the i heeU are
counted and booked to eacli person
through whose hands they pass. They
ar made at I.averstroke, on the lliver
Whit, in Hampshire, by a family
named Portal, descending lroin a
French Huguenot refugee, and have
been made by the same laiiniy ior
more than loO years. They are printed
within the building, there being an
elaborate arrangement tor making
them so that each note of the same
denomination shall differ in some par
ticular from the other.
Luck and tlio Knipi ror.
A eentleman who has traveled
Russia relates the following:
"I remember once when playing
ecarte at a ball given by the empress
to the late emperor, the hitter, who
was wandering about, came behind me
to watch the game. My adversary
and I were both at four, and it was
my deal.
"Xow," said tlie emperor, 'let us see
whether you can turn up a king.'
"I dealt and then held up the turn
up card, observing, 'Your orders sire,
have been obeyed."
'The emperor was greatly astonish
ed and a dozen times afterwards asked
me how I managed it and he never
would believe that it was a mere haz
ard, that I had taken the chance of the
card being a king."
Effects of Frost on lJuililin
Experiments on the frost resisting
power of natural and artificial build
ing stones have been made with twenty
one different kinds of natural building
stones, three to six test pieces of each
being used. The tensil strength, dry
and wet, their capacity for absorbing
water, their alternation in volume,
tensil strength and behaviour toward
water after freezing and thawing
twenty-live times and their specific
gravity were determined. Out of this
number of samples, ranging from
limestone to sandstone, only six were
found to resist repeated freezing, viz. :
One of dolomite, ono of diorite and
four sandstones. Four other samples
were found to resist freezing fairly, but
not absolutely; but of forty-one
samples of artificial stones similarly
tested, only three were found thorough
ly unaffected, w hile eight proved fairly
Duration of a Lightning Flash.
Until quite recently all ofjthe author
ities concurred with each other in the
opinion that a lightning Hash was in
stantaneous. Liite experiments show
that the (lash is not infinitesimal, but
that it lasts a measurable period of
time. This interesting fact was ascer
tained by setting a camera in rapid
vibration and exposing it iu a plate so
as to receive the impression of tlie
flash. Upon taking out the plates it
was found that the impressions seemed
widened out on the negative, showing
that the negative had been moved dur
ing the time the flash was in existence.
St. Louis llepublic.
IIuw Tall Chimney Om-IIsi.
The extent or degree of the oscilla
tion of all chimneys may be exactly
taken by a close observation of the
shadows they cast upon the ground.
An instance to the point is that of a
chimney 115 feet high and four feet in
diameter externally at the top, near
Marseilles, France, the oscillations of
which were observed by the shadow
durina a high wind to attain a max
imum of over 20 inches.
A Yankee Trlek.
The king of Wain won't buy show
which do not squeak, i nd of course his
example is followed by ids subjects. A
Yankee iu buiw in Hingapore has
the run of the market, and the way he
keeps it is to subject all his stock to a
low beat until the rieht nltch ot
1 wueak U arrived at, .
Ma.u.;.. turc of Salt I which is -x govern,
in " , ,
. ,....,,! is obtained I'T
iiieui. n- l .... -
evaporation of the water of t..e
it ells which abound m certam
of ,'-ch!'-n. Hie
wells aiC lou.iu.
about IT'i n.
!,-s from linugMiif;. v..,
..... '
1 .-.!.
i he bank ! an ati
at-iit ol ine i j
.. . i.i,, lit J 7.U- I
lliver, near uie ii'jui-""" i
1,,,-tsm. The manufacture of s.dt, ,
u-hi.-h has Wn carried on here for six
teen humlmi to two thousand y
i ..,1 v...niv!iat as iol!o
.rs, is
. ac-
cording to a recent Consular l.eport.
l!v means .f a rude iron drill. ledesh
im-hes in diameter and varying from a
f... rt,-, t to) jiuior ."" fee-
;.. ,r.. U.rril 111 tilt TO
lit urj'in i - -
Wi.." sometimes lasts for forty years
ltfdiri' hi ine is leaciied
and is carried
to generation.
,. from .-em-ration to generation.
When brine
is I'mali found it is urawn
up by bullocks
i in long bamboo tunes
bv means ( 1 a rope
huge drum. In the vicinity of the salt
wells, natural-gas welis are also found,
from which a is supplied to 'valor
ate the brine in large iron caldrons,
leaving the pure salt as a deposit. The
product ol salt in the district is euor
onions. Th-re are twenty lour gas
wells and about a thousand brine wells
now in operation, producing annually
2H0 a 0 tons of salt, valued at s:.,imhmi.
... .
'I he Wandering Albatross.
The Liuncst of l werful
living birds are, I believe,
the tvander-
illi::trosseS and the
Njiitli Ameri-
can coii'ior for tlie roc
ic I rejected out
.f the most re
riubt a? worthy ou'y
stritted Ar;d.
in and nocturnal ornith-
ology. Seen on the wing, or even wuu
the wings expanded, both these great
existing birds have a most majestic
and colossal appearance. Hut feathers
in such cast s are very deceptive; they
make tine birds oU of very small
bodies. For example, our well known
little English swift, which looks so im
posing in Hight as it passes overhead
with pinions poised, is hardly as big
when plucked as a man's top thumb
joint and weigh only half an ounce.
So, too. the albatross, though its ex
panse of wings is said to exceed that ot
any other known bird, amounting
sometimes to nearly ten feet from tip
to tip does not average in weight more
than lil'te'.'ii pounds, which is just
exactly the poulterer's statement for
my last family Christmas turkey. As
for the condor, while he spans from
wing to wing some eight feet, his
length from beak to tail is only three
and a half, ind 1 doubt if he would
pluck into anything corresponding to
his tiiagiillceut cuter show though 1
am bound to admit that I have never
personally tried the unpleasant experi
ment III So.
"Mother, the teacher says Ceorge
Washington naver told a lie."
Well, that's so, Johnny."
"Oh, 1 don't believe that. I know-
lots of boys here in town w ho tell their
mothers lies "most every day and their
mothers think they ntver told a lie
High 1,1 1 Hi;.
The effect which living at high alt i
tudes has on the blood of animals has
been recently investigated, and the re
suits show that the proportion of oxy
gen iu the blood of men and animals
acclimatized there was the same as
that of dwellers at lower levek
A (ieiiulne 111); ISiix.
The biggest insect of its kind in the
world is the Hercules beetle of South
A merica which grows to be six inches
in length, It is said whether truth
fully or not, that great numbers of
these creatures are sometirces seen on
the mammj;a tree, rasping by working
around them with tbeir boms until
they cause the juice to flow. This juice
they drink to intoxication, and thus
fail senseless to the ground.
AbKtiit-Mlurtcd Maine Women.
An absent-minded woman in ' this
town started down street the other day
and fell flat. In recovering herself she
got turned around and started back
home. She is a cousin to a woman who
started to prepare the eveninc; meal
recently, when she sneezed, and upon
recovering thought she Wis ''doing up"
tlie supper dishes. She put everything
away nicely and sat down for a quiet
Vew l ue of a Waterfall.
The proprietors of 1,500 acres of
farms in the Western Pyrenees have
applied the power of a neighboring
waterfall to the generation of electric
ity for lighting the property, for work
ing . wine press, and for irrigating the
vines. To connect the apparatus re
quires some sixty-two miles of wire.
Jn.t riala Snake.
A Pennsylvania says he knows of a
spot where at least 6,000 serpents are
bunched together for the winter.
There are no fancy snakes among
them, but just common, every-day
snakes, such as blue racers and rattle
snakes, and he aiks no particular credit
for his discovery.
According to a German authority it
has been found that zinc will rapidly
corrode when in contract with brick
work. To prevent this, roodng-feUij
placed between the Unc aud tuo brick,
work. .. . , "
The Ait "i Transparency.
Unlike fog, haze couiuio.dy occur,,
during an unusually dry stat of th
lower stratum of air. lu considering
its can. t I' l'c "'e'1 llj;,t "ie
small qaasitity of uonlranspa,eiit
matter reoiiireJ to 1 the d.m
nungellectsiiould always be borne in
mind. If the eye
t-.til ul-seive inr
. w u tireii ui
. .
change that come
water when the lit')'
, -
milnoiitti of a
giamot fiic!uine is introduce
1 t. a.ililv
l "
....... .1,11 nut iiiiiil.
... 1 1 ..,i;,.o f..r visibility in a
greater wouiu uon
coluum of air i.t'JU.iw leet long. 1 lie
-.i-r a at a'l times charged with dust
...h.i..1 to a dejree diflicult to
. ... 1. t L ina
Tiie purest air tesu-u oy
when making his uietsuremeins ou
.. .. - ..;,,uil utir.nt
t ie ton (it lien -en cu""-""
Hw dust particle, to each cubic inch,
which would give ;W1VJ particles to
,vcrv cubic loot, or 5."W. '
r.nua column of 1,0 W feet. This being
the case, it i mauifeit that a condetl
satbrn upon a small portion of these or
i momentary ahe ion by eiectric at
traction would sutlice to produce the
jplical etlect called "haz
M. Louis llepublic.
in 'Jiazinesb
Music 1 1 tlieSpheifx.
The origin of this everyday phrase is
licientiy lu'ercrilmg to even bear re-
elling to tiiose that already miok h.
I'ytliagoras, the hreeK pnnosopner,
bile experiment mg on the vioraiious
jf tiirht drawn strings ui.scovereu ui.u
trings of certain lengths produced
io'.es. lie then Idogicaiiy coum-cteu
mets known at that time with
nusxal notes for the reason merely
bat the radii of the seven spheres,
which, according to then existing
lotions, the planets were set in lengui
md therefore ('!) produced Uillereut
lotes. These notes be dubbed the
music of the spheres." This music
as of not supposed to be caused by
the frilction of spheres in the sockets in
which they were set ai is now cur-
enlly thought, but was produced by
he vibration of their unequal radii.
New York llecorder.
The Young of tlie. Sea Devil.
You may find in the sea devil a cu
rious illustration or natures nysiem
for adjusting reproduction. The cod
ays several bundled thousand eggs at
spawning, because nearly all of them
must necessarily le lost while floating
jn tht waves and those which hatch
ire mostly devoured. But the sea
devil, which produces but a sing.e
young one at a time retains the latter
n its belly until the infant creature is
from four to six feet iu length, so that
when born it is able to take care of
laulf iind i in no danger of being
lestroved. Interview iu Washington
III Cases of lilccdili
Wet tea leaves or scrapings of sole
leather w ill stop bleeding.
If the blood is bright and comes in
lets, apply linn pressure upon the
irtery above the cut nearest the heait
An obstinate case of nose-bleeding
may be stopped by bathing the hands
for a half an hour in cold wider.
If ignorant of the location of vessels
press with the linger or a piece ul cloth
lirectly under the wound.
If the blood comes ina steady .,.
rom a vein apply pressure ,. above
the cut furthest lroin the hea-t
If the severing of an artery press the
point firmly with the finger until a
blood clot is formed.
For a slight cut let Die blood liow
for half a minute, then dip in cold
water or apply ice. Baudaim if n-.
If bleeding h, I rom the leg the artery
in the groin must oe pressed very forci
bly with three linger? aided by the
weight of the body.
Bleeding from an external wound
from the nostrils can be checked by
the use of powdered alum, which
coagulates the blood.
Bleeding from the stomach can
can generally be checked by lying or
ths back and taking occasional
swallows of iced water or lemonade.
The following treatment for bleeding
from the ruoutli, throat or lungs Is
recommended: Strict rest iu bed with
the head raised light diet and ice-cold
A Belled Kit ard.
A buzzard with a bell about its neck
88 found dead in the wnrtillekl of Cor
nelius II, Shipley, near (list, about six
miles from Westminister, a few days
ago. A small bell was iittached to its
neck by a wire. On the tongue or
clapper of the bell was the Itoman
numeral I and the letur I). For
several years past a buzzard, carrvimr a
bell in the manner thus described,
oeen seen in many and wldly separated
I places in the western counties of Marv-
mnu. n netner this is the same
is not known. Baltimore Sun.
A dog at Hern crept into a counting-
house when the owner's back was
turned, and after stealthily appropri
ating 260 francs in notes, scampered off
with them and laid them at bis own
roasters feet.
An instrument called the haemato
krlt, based on centrifugal action has
been invented for determining the vol
una of corpuscles present in the blood.
An IiiIam,i.
Of all the native people
in North America, uomjT
louiore man the pUfb;0 j -New
.Mexico, who are, 1
to the largest of thenar,
in the I nited Mates. Thw "
UW souls. Tlw, have nirw-u-T
' i i
1 lAiiti Mvrii in Ari7Ar.o. . j
--"'. ana tjj
little outlying colonien n.
ftfian ki7A if ia tK... . '
j U w
1 nur,
iZuiiiihas onl I .it ... . ,
smallest onlr about lm. i I
are, nevertheless.
, And each city, with iu field. kJ
republic-twenty-six 0f th. .-J
and rhaP8 the 0,dMt. repubta!
u'.irM f... IUb ... .... l
nCie umuiy 80ci
j vue urni. j-.uropean eyet Mw
I K.lli lm.u ita itavj..,!... :.
v",u"i " eoi
, oheriirs, iU war captains, and oti.
eials who are elected animallj;, J
unwritten but unalterable, whidl
more respected and better MifonwJ
the laws of any American eogj
its permanent and very eomjj
houses, and its broad fields,
nisi uj .-jinui oiiu later ny pvwl
the I 'nited Mates.
Tlie architecture ol the 1'uebioW
is qiiniiii. iiuu cnaracteristic. in
mote pueblos they are as man? t.
stories iu height -built $utstb
me snape oi an rnoriiinui W
pyramid. 1 be Pueblos along J
Orande, however, ha hlt.tln-jujJ
of Mexican custom, and t heir
nave out one and iwo sio iej. a
j buildings, including the huge, qJ
church, which each pntblo has. J
made of stone plastered with J
mud, or of great sun dried bridil
adolie. They are the most comfor
dwellings in the south wbit-,j
summer and warm iu whiter.
1 he Pueblos are divided itij
tribes, each speaking a quite im
language of its own. Isieta, tLtqaf
village w here I live, in an Indium
w ith Indian neighbors and tmdei
dian laws, is the soittliernn)jtto!l
pueblos, the next largest of ttmi
and the chief city of the Teewatoi
All Hie languages of the l'ueblo b
are txccedingly diflicult to lew.
Besides the cities now lubbM
ruins of about 1,500 other puebkH
some of them the noblest ruimil
country dot the brown va&jii
rocky mesa tops of New Mem
these ruins are of stone, and
tremely interesting. The lE(
savages by whom they were jurrar
made necessary the abaiiduDBg
hundreds of pueblos. ttiMe
The Pueblo Indians haTe for ??I'
two centuries given almost no tPjJ
to the European sharers of ttrj;
1 t Jtw-
main, but their wars ci ue-
i"" i;ny- m l uca liu -mi iy"-vj
couiDlelely. with the AJr-VfT
I omaiicnes uim i i--- a
i .. .... 1 ...a I'jsim Ufe
very few years ago. They are m
lighters for tbeir homes, but prw-
honorable peace
but industrious
nev are uui m.-
tlmit &h
tending their stock and keeping
affairs iu order. i
.. aT
Ti. women own the houses w
contents, and do not work ouiik
the meu control the fields t
An unhappy home is almost it;
known thing among them, im
I veisal affection of pareuts iraV
aiid respect of children for F
' .. . i ..uourMflll'L
, , " d, a parent
j . . ' a MM abuse
extraordinary, i iic"c ,
. inn1
i dressed or a ylayma-e auu - j
long and intimate BcquamW
1 r I unimll la
me rueoio. . "
Cutt-hing Terrapin
In the Hbnal waters along
Btiiilh of furot llonliiueii vttm
" - " " ..
caugni iu various -j
i . t a nreure
crixl nlniis in Mm n uke of H tiimi
i.ifk Ilium nn Nets SlrelU""
r - I....M
some narrow arm of river or wj
cilo tlio fM.t. nf unw stTSV teral
- " I " '
their inesnes, nut weae re'i""1
save the catch from drowning'
winter, iu the deeper water, U from tbeir muddy quart"
sunny days and crawl aloug1
Tliev nr then lakdl bV 10P
ntiuvouviuq "
Turtles will risA at any no
uallv the fisherman only t-:f9t,u
thousrh each hunter ban lit" o1'
nltraxllno Ilia lorrallin.
I auiv nt tared a l 'le-er
iniuA wxlriMl tit flS frOW
AVIm.ever the noiw. all tur
hnnrlrn.wlic.ther terriipi" to
.vlll t.ut their heildi ''rt
ilrilh ur uKlcnma and ! ?uiC
to the n.arketmen. 'l'henrf'
aiiDears and disappears, l?in
iy a ripply, and the lu"ller
approaching usually 'kw
...ii until
lltll. iudiciiriioii I hi 111
quick, and will Cesceii' i
net a
uirection. so mat a ii"
iinhna Iim hmilieiiS to C
conifl "Pi
If he is near enough the m 'l
io, 'n.-iiuu. fur hunting V
hour at either sunrise of
The habitual nshermn
harbor say Uiat tlio
motion there caused a" j
strike out for deep i
Uiey are slow about ret or' I
Tim French cheiiilw ..uf
mnntha a an ailft.!Cedcd I" A
rubies haveruw overcf j
. il.elU1
ilea and can mase i
'larger dliwsivilons.