The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, April 21, 1892, Image 5

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, (Ctplaatt,
.1 mociiha ta
.1 monthata
vah Ilia.
1,1 (
bled with dyspep-
tnal ot August
Din toe vexatious
ung, oaugnters
iirg, Ky. I had
keady. One bottle
cured me. It was
)e hundred dollars
)h, P.M. and Gen.
kid, Ont. I have
constipation and
I me, Itistne
adled C. Rugh,
ibarg, Fa.
, remote LlVKB
riipiit. i
. m. Intel y eraUcau.l,
iwi hrlnlitene-l, brata
power Increased,
W receive new force,
from complaints jo
lr tei ulflf U. find
ecty cure. Return
Mines Compl-lo.
I jennlne poods bear
Wt suuip fur 3i-pa
I CO., St IwU,
3 O O O O
IjappNla and It
W Pills?
(no ua. They iwtW
4ng or naiiaea.
Iw-MMalsand Kewarda
Ifli-e (1 tt. to 1 lbi. by
I) lee Crvam, iced
i CftHlllpapilU lit A H'tV
t ipurnlui, with III-
Now lie cream
king Ice (Trn n Ith
I lee, T ble tiller,
ll.'iO and up.
!') InrtahtaIii
eooked lu a miuuie
XY & CO.,
1th Htroct, New York.
r '
) KKI.T cons only
Make a Rood roof
hi II on.
M onlv 00 cent per
r for A pnl. tiilw. f :or
J In tin or Iron ro id
.Vy it.
yl lull pnrtlt'iilen.
friNu Co.,
Nkw Yoim.
4tg remedy for all
tlaral alarherr ana
aodlaetiiaenf men. a
.aeur for tbe dentil
( weakness peculiar
nbe It and feel f
t feommodlnc II tc
r Drardm
V a,. J- t I
r Ec!t:i5t?&change.
. ufnB i
nunbu i
fVX-;:;, Dealer,
Tag or remodel. nif
4 n or writo lrvin
. rtlmates and itifnr-
f htam aii'l Hot
'ifefereiife furnished.
made free. Coma-
8.1, York, Nel.
th and Expenses.
iAgent tu Hell
JSH TO DK Al.Kllt.
Samples Free!
gal Notice In your
perf Wenre publish.
m "Juiit the thing"
four I. rial Notice
IkeuuaBka NEW
'per bottle, poatti
4teo. 8oltl by ui
nr.aying HoianlMili er the Annua.
It is a sad sight to travel through
(lie cour.trr aud look upun the old
honiasU'.-ids yet standing the rural
rtsidences of our Southern planters in
ante bellum days. Tho farmers ol
today, with a singular unanimity ol
purpose hare deserted these stately old
maclsous, turning them over to freed
meo or using them as a place for.
storage of fodder or hay, and content
ing themselves with a less pretentious
little cottage erected upon coiue ad
jacent kuoIL They seem to realize
that the changed condition of affairs
unGta them to inhabit the former
homes of a past generation, and be
longing to an age and a social condi
tion that were forever blotted out by
the ciyil war. Atlanta Coustitution.
Th Only One Kver Printed. Cm Yon Vi4
Ike Word ?
Thfre laathrwlnrh dlaplay adrertlarmentlD
I til. er, tlile week, which biia no two aroidi
alike, eicert one word. The Mime la true ol
each new one appearing each week, from thr
lr. Ilarter Medicine Co. Thin hnute place a
't:receut" on erer)'thlng they make and pnb
llab. iHik fi r It, tend them thu name ol the
word and they will return you HiHlK, HKAL'TI
Kktlng Sea I'relilna,
Coast Indians of the Pacific shores ot
British America devour raw sea
urchins with great gusto, crushing
them in their lists sucking out the
orange colord cluster of eggp, which
constitute the only edible part amount
lng to one or two teaspoonfuls and
then throwing the thorny case aside.
The minute eigs taste much like oys
ters aud have been a favorite food
as the natives of the bleak coast ol
Alaska forages.
An Article of True Merit. -Drown t
Branchial Traelw" are every where
popular as a cure lor I hroat Diseases
aud Coughs, and this popularity L
based upon real merit. isalU only in
Inure .
Caat Iron Tunnela.
Two tunnels of cast iron for an elec
tric railway have been built in London
and put in operation for rapid transit
They are three miles In length and lie
between forty and sixty feet below the
surface of the city's streets. The tun
nels for the up and down lines are
formed of cast iron from beginning to
end, save where the stations are built,
and their diameter is ten and ten and
one-half feet, the tubes being formed
of rings one foot seven inches long,
made in sections and blotted togather,
The tunnels were dirven by means of a
snort cylinder, a trille larger in its inner.
diameter than the exterior diameter of
the cast-iron tunnel lining. This
cylinder has a cutting edge, and is
forced forward by hydraulic jacks, but
ting a circular way into which the lin
ing plates are fitted, the narrow space
between the lin ing and the soil being
filled with lime cement forced in under
high pressure. In their course the
tunnels pass beneath the bed of the
Thames and through the bed of an old
water course, where loose, wet gravel
offered some trying obstacles to be
Laaabaco, Ileadache, Toothaeaa,
arc Throat, Swelling, rraat-bltaa,
Spralaa, Prula . Ilnraj, Scald.
LADIES are Hale, I'rompt, Kfrertnal. The
orlKlual and only genulno Woman' Salva
tion. Kent dlret-t, II; no led. Advice Iree.
CATON ME I). bl'EC. CO., lkwUin, Man. Sold by
an io:ai uniKKui.
IMAdamt St., Chi
Ttaia EibIbmu rmwh
( 'urea fur Lira all chroak. Km
" and Aeqalmd Dawaaaa of
wraivpiawniaBa venaooMe.
"Ufc'a 6vctni Errow. with qucallon !lt, 4c
iranv rare and beautHuJ plant of.
o i, lucre is rotltin more unique, or
New, Raro and Beautiful Water PUnU.
The Water Ejaointh (Kichornu Cr
a l (tea Major.)
Amnny the man1
fered this arufto i, tl
that will excel in beaut v thin Queen of wa er iJjntJt
It will irrow and bloom profu ely In uny xotci
tiM win iiuiu wirr, ftuct ecuiiifr ax wen in a com
mon tub at in the mo.t eiirensivciv arranged
aquatic pona ii requires pui utile noil in the bot
tom of the v ascl uncd, and if :kia beanaqiiorimn or
other clear jrla veiftcl, the avoil may be concriled
by a layer of thclU or pebbles; and a the ptani
DmU on the am face of the water, auitaincd by ha
InfUted leaf ttcma, it niasi id feathery hlua roots
eatendlnir downward, form a cry attractive fea
ture. It is aJinortt conHtanlly In blooin, throwing up
its spikes ol brnutiful flowers as large as a at ver
dollar, and of the most beautifn. shade of lilar-rowi
the upper petal with a meUJic blue blutch ip the
center, which in turn has a golden hpot in it center,
the whole flower sparkling as if sprinkled with
diamond dust, and rivaling in beauty many of the
nwt costly Orchids.
Having grown an enormous stork of this lorely
plant to meet the popular demand, we are able to
offer It at a nrhe w thin the reach of every otic.
Fine plants, bloomi njj siae, to cents each, j for $
cents, 7 for i.
OOOHATAth lovely and fraf rant White Water Uly; Urge plants
DATA. An laran anuallr nlant nf nnrlaht habit, vferv ClUV to aTTOW. a
t tall Aower spikes of bright blue flowers in a dense head. Luge pl.inU
HA. A ft, nl mw I.ImiIIm nlnt that ha never hrfnre been nf.
t "J leaves the lower one having lung-like rrlla on the undir nirface,
p th water, the upper or central act rUIng above them. Flower, pure
t wge apidcr, only i cenU each.
C If "a"" nienlloiilng tliia paper, and arndlng u 50 cent In llve
HI aend one each oi the above four grand water plantu, ulely packed
"o (all to take advantage of thii offer Immediately, aa April and
a outdoor.
'?i0'?J,ir,lma nd rare Troplml Plant. 1 eit free with every order.
AMMtlOAW KXOTIC WtHSKnif a, Sevea Oak, ria.
York, Kab.
or forfeit 13li Scud lamp" for reply.
Keel Kettle Agent,
47 Myrtle Ar, Brooklyn, N, Y.
" -err mi voice Behind.
Tho curtain was down, the house
was empty, the last few patrons were
straggling out of tlie California the
tre, and all the lights were out
t hlef Usher Williams was coming
down the main staircase when a figure
darted past him in the gloom, says the
Ntn I- rancisco Examiner.
"Where are you going?" he called
and he grabbed the stranger by the
coat tails.
Wherein thunder are yoti going to?'
aga;n asked Williams. "Don't you
know the show is over aud we're
locking up the house? he dragged the
man down a few steps into the light
of the lobby.
Jlean while the intruder gesticulated
widly; his eyes rolled like marbles aud
he hissed at Williams like a snake.
Suddenly he bent over to the usher.
"1 lost my voice," said lie in an
utmost inaudiblewhisper; "left it up
Jtaira. (join' up ter llndit!"
William gaped in amazement, let go
bis grip on the man and followed him
After a few moments' rummaging
imong the seats the stranger stooped
lown aud picked up nothiug.
"Found your voice yet?" called
"Ves, I'm all right now."
The chief usher nearly dropped.
1 he voiceless stranger spoke with all
he metallic resonance of a bassoon.
"What the dickens is your voice
uade of, anyhow ?" lie asked as he
piloted the stranger down stairs.
"Kilver," replied he, in tlie same
tteutorian tone, "rice, here it is. I
nust have jerked it out with laughing
tud I never missed it till 1 got outside."
He pointed at an orifice at the side of
lis throat. The metal lips of a cauula
a ere gleaming there. Without the
netal tube he was silent as the mummy
if ltamesis Ii. Kgypt.
. A tew Douta.
Don't say or write Austro-IIungary,
aorts the Geographical Magazine. The
est writers prefer Austria-Hungary.
Don't call the Chinese "Mongolians."
It is better to reserve the latter name
'or the people that live north of
Jhina proper.
Don't speak of a native of China as
i Chinaman. You would not say that
rou had an Ireland man digging in
four garden. It is better to call John
i Chinese.
Doti't say that New York city is
ocated on Manhattan Island. Kuch a
nisuse of the verb "to locate" is try
ng to the nerves of lexicographers,
iay New York city is situated on
Manhattan Island.
Don't speak of China as our anti
podes. Our antipodes in the point on
.he other side of the world reached by
straight line passing through the
place on which we stand and fie center
f the eartk Our amipodea 1b in tlie
icean southwest of Australia A
itraightline from the United Mates
,o China would run through the upper
part of the earth's globe, not through
ts centre.
Don't forget that Oriental names
sliding in "an" have the accent on
,he last sylable' as Teher-an, Jiejocliis
tan. Don't say that the compass points to
;o the true north, for it doesn't except
n certain places. The compass points
;o the magnetic north, which is at
present considerably west of the north
,o!e. When Lieutenant Greely was at
Lady Franklin bay th declination of
lis needle was found to be very great
:he needle pointing toward the mag
netic pole in a direction nearly south
west. Don't say ' the Smithsonian Insti
tute." The name is the Smithsonian
When you are writing a novel don't
jet your geographical facts so badly
nixed as to reflect discredit upon
,our early training. In one of the
popular novels of the day the Azores
ire alluded to as in a southern latitude.
The writer also introduced his hero
into tho Antarctic regions in January,
and speaks of the "inky blackness"
of the nights he experienced there.
Of course anybody ought to know
that the month of January is in the
height of the Antarctic summer, aud
the entire month is one continuous
A Timely Muggeatlon.
Col. Percy Yerger's little boy Johnny
who is not as good at school as he
ought to be, brought home a very poor
certificate, which showed that he had
been disobedient and lazy. The ex
asperated parent procured his cane and
"You are the worst little boy In New
York. Now, Johnny, what ought 1 to
do with this cane?''
"Pa hadn't you better take a walk
with it? It's a walking cane, you
know." Texas Sittings.
At the Aayluaa.
Visitor, pointing to a sad-eyed,
erraciated Inmate:
'Victim ot religious excitement,. I
suppose?" .
"Failed In busings?"
"What then?"
"A man who tried to muter the
intricacies of the tariff question.'
Texas Slftltue.
Bijiilaai aaBawBi
A raatfoa Nrrng.
Kre long the rou p'.e appeared ollowed
by a crowd of citizens of the camp.
The candidates stood up before tbe
'Squire, who began;
"Keller-citizens, this jer man and
this yer woman have appeared before
tlie court to be hitched in the legal
bands of wedlock! If any galoot in the
mob knows of anything that might
block the game ef tuck to a higher
court, let him now toot his bazoo or
else keegj his jaw to himtelt now and
forever more. All in favor of my per
ceeding as authorized by law say "L"
Everybody said "I."
"Contrary, "No."
Nobody said "No."
"The motion carried unanimously,
an' the court rules that there hain't
nothing to prevent proceeding with
the case."
"Now," said the 'squire, "grip your
Tbe candidates joined hands.
"Amos Peabody, do you solemnly
swaar that ye'll freeze to Mandy for
ever, and pervide for her, and treat her
svuar and white, accordin' to the rules
and regulations sot down to govern
sich cases in the laws o' the United
States, so help your God?"
"Yas, sir, I do, sir."
"That fixe3 your end of the bargain."
"Mandy Thomas, do you solemnly
swaar that you'll hang on to Amos for
ail comiu' time: that you'll nuss him in
sickuess and be squar to him in well
ness; that ye'll always be to him a good,
true, honest, up and up wife, under tbe
penalties proscribed by the laws for
tlie punishment of sich offenses? Do
you swaar this. so help yer Pod ?"
"I swaar I wilL"
'Then, by the power lu me yested as
Justice of the Peaje in and for this
precinct, 1 pronounce you, Amos peo
body, husband, and yon Mandy Thomas
wife and realize ye to remain sich now
and fore verm ore unless sooner di
The fees being adjusted the newly
made husband and wife, after receiving
the congratulations of the assembly
started for their cabin up the creek.
New York Mercury.
Sarraatle Note.
Of course she was provoked when he
passed her on tie street without stop
ping to speak to her. He lifted his hat
it Is true, says the Chicago Tribune, but
she recalled the time when he would
hare turned and walked several blocks
with her, no matter how pressing his
business. Hadn't they been sweet
heart a few years before? Why should
the fact that they had not met for three
years so change him ? Ought he not to
be the more pleased to see her.
The more she thought of it the more
she felt that he should have paid her
soma little attention, if only for the
sake of old times, and when she reached
home she was so angry that Bhe re
solved to make him repent his apparent
The next day he received the follow
Mr. Filkins: I believe you have a
photograph of me one that I gave you
several years ago in a moment of girl
ish loiiv. l nave since regreiiea mar. l
was so thoughtless in such matters. I
will esteem it a favor if you will return
the photograph at your earliest conven
ience. r.TIIF.I. UEANE.
She held that it was a cutting note
aud that it would bring him to his
senses if anything would. She told her
best friend that she had brought him
up with a round turn, but she didn't
tell her best friend anything about the
following reply which she received:
"Miss Deane: If yon Insist of course
I will do as you wish, but it will be a
great deprivation to the baby, me
little fellow is passionately fond of
pictures, and for nearly six months the
photograph of you has been regarded
as his escecial property. Still my wife
says she will take it away from him If
you really need it Very truly.
She didn't send for it. She didn't
even bow to mm wnen sue next met
him on the street. She didn't do any
thing except wonder when he was
married and why Bhe was so foolish.
When Mew Zealand Sink.
It was formerly' say fifty years ago,
uncommon for a new Island to appear
above or an old one to disappear
beneath the waves of the I'acitic ocean.
Such occurrences were sometimes noted
as often as two or three times a year
and were so common aa to hardly
excite comment among navigators and
scientists. Of late, however, the
Pacific has been "pacific" indeed. It
is thirty-six years since the last Island
disappeard, aud exactly a quarter of a
century since tbe last new one popped
up its head in tbe "greatest of oceans.
Hut geologists argue that this Is a
suspicious alienee, an omen of some
monstrous catastrophe; that Dame
Nature is simply resting for mighty
effort Sir Sidney lieU even goes so
far as to preuici mm me uoio ui
New Zealand and the greatepr art ol
Anatraiia will be enirulfed before the
end of the year 11125. St Louis Re-
The End of Human Life.
An interesting calculation has been
made by a French geologist, to tbe
effect that taking into consideration
the wear and tear on the solid land by
ocean washing, rivers, wind and weather
and leaving out ot the calculation
volcanic action, the world will In four
and a halt million years be completely
under water and no dry laud exist at
lJfce at of alt Is LtrnmAag Power. Jtctf U. S. Gor't
ii rv
People Wk Do Not L'e Fell.
Salt does not euter into the food of
the poor Venetians. They never taste
It, and the hospital for the scrofulous
children at Lindo is tiled by those who
have not had this necessary article in
their food. Every evening I have no
ticed a poorly dressed woman, accom
panied by two small children, n boy
and a girl, go to a point on the river
and lean on the edge of the wall and
fill a bottle with the salt water. Be
coming curious as to the use made of
it, I approached her, with an apology
for the question, and asked what she
did with the salt water. Turning up
on me a sweet, sad face, she replied
that this was the only way she bad of
giving her children the taste of salt
which they required. The tax levied
upon this article by the government
placed it entirly beyond the reach of
the poor. It Is all right, I ask that a
government should take from its peo
ple an articlr necessary to teaUhr
Venice Correspondence.
A Convincing Experience.
In their occasional trips to town,
farmers' sons are very apt to receive
the impression that young men in
cities not only have a less monotonous
life than they, but work neither as
bard nor as many hours.
One who had very decided opinions
in this resiieet came to town last
August and secured a position in the
fruit department of an extensive deal
er in "family supplies." During the
unprecedented rush of the next few
weeks, when fifteen hoars constituted
in ordinary day's work, aud two or
three additional ones were not unusual,
be evidently did considerable thinking
before he said to the proprietor, "Well,
Mr. A , I have concluded to quit
next Saturday night.''
"You have? What's the matter?
Anything gone wrong? asked Mr.
A , in his sharp, direct way.
"Oh, no! I suppose it's all right, but
I ain't used to it. When I was to home,
father always hired a steam threshing
machine for two or three days every
year, aud just about worked the life
ont of everybody. Now I've been here
leven weeks and you've threshed every
lay, and I've got enough of it.'
A pleasant story is told of how one
of the Dukes de Nivernois showed
limselt willing to forgive and forget.
His olive-branch was extended with
;haracteristic French wit and grace.
The Count de Tressan was elected to
the French Academy in 17X9. He was
mrprised to learn that the Duke de
Nivernois, whose enemy he had been,
tnd against whom he had once directed
scathing epigram had spoken in his
favor. He hastened to call on him and
.hank him.
The conversation turned on general
mbjects, and de Tressan found no op
portunity to refer to the past or to
make the embarrassed apology which
le would, no doubt, have offered but
for his host's tact. Just as he was
leaving the Dnke said with a mlscbiev-
us but kindly smile:
Ab, monsieur, you see how in grow
ing old I have lost my memory.
Youth's Companion.
Mr. Flame (rejected) "And am I to
lonsider your 'no' positive and irre
vocable?" Miss Icicle-" Well I don't
snow. Try me next summer and see."
Harper's Bazar.
Closellst, Sr. "When I was your age
t wasn't a mule, as you seem to be.'
CloseGst Jr. Evidently not; the father
of a mule usually Isn't." New York
A street railway company in St. Paul
aas been sued for 830,000 on a charge
of slander, isext some company will
be charged with highway robbery for
itandlngup its passengers Philadel
phia Ledger.
Photography has now become of
great assistance to astronomers in their
itudy of the heavens. About 30,003
plates are at the Cambridge (Mass.)
observatory, making an unparalleled
collection of photographic records of
every part of the sky.
The World' Oldeat Beaebawh.
The oldest rosebueh in the world it
at Iiildersheimer, an old town in Hano
ver, capital of a Prussian adminlsUrs,
tl ve district. 1 1 was planted more thai
1,000 years ago by Charlemagne, In
commemoration of a visit made to him
by the Ambassador of the Caliph
Ilaroun-al-Kachid of 'Abrahan Nights'
fame. After it bad become a flourish
ing vine, a cathedral was built over it,
tbe date of the building being doubtful
It is known however that a coffin-shaped
vault was built around its sacred
roots in the year 818, the vault bush
surviving a fire wich destroyed tlie
cathedral iu 1145. The bush is now
said to be 26 feet high and to cover 32
feet of the walL The stem, after lOOti
years' growth is only 2 inches in
diameter. St. Louis Hepubllc.
Old Cheeae.
-"Wliat's the
matter, my
Little Pet 'My tongue hurts tellible'
Mamma "Did you bite It?"
Little Pet 'No'm; zee cheese bited
Beware or Ointment for Catarrh that
Contain Mercury
as mercury will surely destroy the sense
of smell and completely derange the
whole system when entering it through
the mucous surfaces. Such articles
should never lie used except on pre
scriptions from reputable physicians, as
ths damage they will do is ten fold to
the good you can possibly derive from
them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufact
ured by F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo, O.,
contains no mercury, and is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. In buy
ing Hall's Catarrh Cure he sure you get
the genuine. It is taken internally and
made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney
& Co. Testimonials free.
fSold by druegists, price 75c per
An Oi Shoo In a Tree.
Thomas Connolly, a wodsman of
Bell's Mills, Forest county, Pa- while
splitting a chestnut tree into rails,
found an ox shoe in the trunk of the
tree a foot from tbe surface. Tbe
shoe evidently had been pounded Into
the tree when it was a sapling.
Her Explanation.
Recently a girl In one of the public
schools of this city was asked by her
sister to explain the difference between
the words balance and remainder. Her
answer was: "You can say 'A man
lost his remainder and felt' "
Peddler "Is your mother In?'
Little Girl "I havn't any. She's
"How long has shebeen dead?"
" 'Bout a year."
"Is your stepmother in ?"
"I havn't any yet"
"Well, I'll wait"
Higgins (who has been coaxed into
telling) Well, my dear, I propose,
firstly, to give you an exquisite little
gold-handled knife.
Mrs. Higgins A knife! Why, Algy,
dear, edge tools cut friendship.
Higgins Well, you know, my loe,
there's no friendship between ns now.
We're married. Oil City Blizzard.
It Is proposed to employ aluminum
for the manufacture ot the metal parts
of photographic cameras and plate
holders, owing to its extreme light.
Boiling the water at present fur
nished by tbe city is likely to make the
person doing so liable to prosecutien
for cruelty to animals. Chicago Times
If there is any danger lurking in tbe
cigarette, tbe user thereof would nat
urally like to be permitted to smoke it
out. Philadelphia Times.
Succeearul Telephoning;.
The transmission of the songs ot
"The Gondoliers" from the Savoy
theatre, London, to the Masonic hall.
Camberwell, proved interesting and
successful. Some forty pairs of the
new consolidated double pole Bell in
struments were used, and the dialogue!
songs and choruses could be distinctly
Bavarians now employ theelectrt
light to capture a moth that Is destruc
tive to the forests.