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H.AJR,:RIS03T. Feb. 25, 1892.
ILTO. 24.
X, 2T .A. L.
Jltor and Proprietor.
X. It. Time table.
Jt So. fi, liiiitvl TrOO
tiundred J)
f m. rt
ery Thursday.
1 25
1 00
! 15
2 50 q, 3
4 51)
8 50
15 00
the harness shoo.
ibes at Cunningham's.
Vrrel at
SU & Majisteller's.
Iiave a crop of fifty
i, at least, and a good
1 have about acres
jnd Utto iielze will
h at least.
j get a membership
puiturai society.
1 be a good thing for
J.'las.s native huulier
jDtly on hand at my
Vy 13 miles east of
k J. E. Alt-NER.
je to meet according
V ollice of the county
1 Tuesday in March.
Tuesday in March
f that is the date the
? -
n was in town last
d us that he would
thousand sheep at his
I about the first of
i will prove a source
granted a pension a
; the case had been
Unix years. The mills
, ' like those of the
but they accomplish
M job pressr has been
time past. The peo
JiftMn know that this of
Jttb work and take advant
fOity. Any in need of
..J) are invited to call
t port that the ground
pflition to receive the
Jtop that they have
r be. The bountiful
Jieason has wet the
Vod depth m that the
tion for a fish pond?
fi bo a good plan for
"fw arid get some fish
pond would furnish
H and fresh flHli for
.few years vrfuld
jlvenue, . ,
A Sutton had five" and
!xt ami the coming
3"). That is about
1 of will compare
With thfi prosperity
i a standard the cur-
srifold bettor times.
ah rw.i e
. " w j. tun tjci J uu
J us.tii.'.L lus year he
jisacd i Hshelis of corn
ind wm good,' sound
K The coining season
f of over two hundred
jcither proof that the
countv will farni in
W on the west bound
4 informed The Joi'n-
emigrants had come
jraska over the Elk
Itatmc in during the
fThai is a pointer as
Bew settlers in this
that people have
kig high rent in the
l ut that government
in northwest Ne-
oming to settle on
plan for school I
to investigate thej
soks. , It is made !
N,rTfi Thu
I boards to contract
foks for the use of
ntract is made tlio '
a higher rate, for ,
except in case
Jto. It will not be j
jbndol meeting and ?
p looked up before-!
it action may be !
tlt. A;tM public schools!
t f Jor in tho develop-,
!,.r"VHry '' should lie
,i, '
fi. Guthrie shipped another car lead
of heat Tuesday.
tl 'Vniililfi begun on the addition to
tiie business building of IL A, Cunning
I aiu. J. 1L Uartell is doing the work.
7 ThTditlve of E- P- Maine who was
'"tTOiail and filed on a piece of land
i Ivw milt-s north, is exe ted in a few
l.iyn with his family to make his horn
in bioux county.
It is reported that other parlies are
expected here about the 1st of March to
look over the field with a view to put
ting in a mill. It is evident that the
tine quality of wheat raised in Sioux
county is Incoming known in milling
circles and they are going to investigate.
leo le nuy rest assured that they can
their milling done at Harrison by the
time this season's crop is ready to be
last Thursday I. Mulkins, accom
panied by his wife and three children, ar
rived to make his home in Sioux county.
Mrs. Mulkins is a daughter of Geo. Slack,
who has a claim a few miles southeast of
town. The new arrival will soon file on
a quarter section of Uncle Sam's land.
Although there has been a good deailAW. Moh
of wheat shipped from Harrison it is evi-h!ose a yaluul
dent that it is not all gone. On last Sat
urday our grain buyer, G. Guthrie,
bought five hundred and fifty bushels of
wheat. It is estimated that about seven
car loads of wheat yet remain in this vi
cinity to bo shipped out.
It is reported that a passenger train
is to 1 put on this line on April 1st. It
is to he hoped that the rumor will prove
true. Better train service would be ap
preciated by the people along the line,
hut it cannot be expected until there is
more business and the best way to bring
that about is for every one to work to
get wore people here.
Nels Engbret informs us that four
new houses will be erected on the table
near his place east of town, on claims
which have lately been taken. Just tell
your friends to watch the gait Sioux
county strikes in the line of settlement
this season and they will see that if they
want to get a quarter section of govern
ment land they will have to get a move
on them.
Letters are being received daily by
our people from eastern parties who are
looking for a location. From the present
outlook the population of Siouxjjpunty
will lie more than doubled within the
next twelve months. The advertising
that has been done in the past year or so
will result in a great deal of good to the
county, All that is necessary is to keep
it up and it will not be long until every
claim in Sioux county will be a valuable
County Treasurer Gayhart arrived
Tuesday after a absence of five weeks,
lie went to Lincoln to make his annual
settlement with the state treasurer and
from there he went to Omaha to visit
his son, John, and while there he received
word of the serious illness of his mother
in Wisconsin. He went at once to the
home of his mother who lingered for live
days after his arrival and then died at
the ripe age of 84 years. The disease
which caused her death was the grippe,
Mr. tfaynart slates that a great many
people have died of that disease in that
locality. He further states that times
are very dull there. Last year that part
of the country wvas drouth-stricken and
prairie hay is wiling for $1(5 per ton, and
other kinds of feed in proportion and it
has to be shipped in from, long distances.
It would be a gpod plan ' for some of the
people there to come to Sioux county.
A report from the Chadron .sugar
lieet convention has been received. It
was expected that a representative of
the Norfolk factory would ' be present,
but by some means he did not get the
date right and did not get to Chadron un
til Monday. He talked business on his
arrival and stated that seed would be
furnished at 10 cents per pound and that
implements would lie furnished $1 per
acre if fiOO acres would be put in. He
guaranteed the freight rate from Chadron
to Norfolk would not exceed 80'cents per
ton, and the committee feel confident
that a rate from Harrison of not more $1
per ton conld bo obtained. The Norfolk
man further staled that if .TOO acres of
beets are raised at Chadron this season
and prove satisfactory, and a guarantee
of 5,000 acres for next year made a fac
tory will lie secured next year without
question. Now tho question fs for our
farmers to decide whether or not they
want to raise beets this year and ship
them to Norfollt. The JgtrnaL would
like very much to see at least a few
acres put in and' the product shipped to
tho factory. r It might not pay very big,
but it. would without doubt pay good
wage for all the time spent in the work
and tho result would be a guide for fu
ture, work in that lino. The local com
mittee will bo glad to do anything they
can to assist the farmers in arranging
the matter. , A circular showing the ma
chinery can be seen at this ollice and ac-
off his
All A rim lid About.
Joe Konrath has trailed
"matched" team.
nenry PriestofF has been breaking fiery
steeds the past week.
Mrs. J. E. Hollingsworth is visiting
w ith her sister, Mrs. Ijuck wood this week.
y3fc-liiHs, J. Thorn's nephew took his
dfuti.Xonday in search of work.
C. B. Hollingsworth made a trip to
Harrison Saturday.
M. I). Jordau went to town on Satur
day returning Monday.
Miss Lou Woody came home from
Chadron Saturday on account of sick
ness. The grippe has a pretty firm hold
ujxm her, and the doctor said it would
be some time before she would get rid
of it.
nand Hittner went to Crawford to
rsday, returning Sunday. When
the roads are so had, the people in these
parts wish the talked of mill at Bodarc
was in a tangible form.
J. T. Mason wriu-a u.i to send him The
JoCBNALttt. Glu.
Itev. (.lH-nr wtiit to I.usk Saturday to oc
cupy tlie M. K. pulpit at Hint piace on Satur
day. Wm. Ilrooks orders The Jocrsal sent to
him at Moororalt, Wyo.
John Herman culled on Saturday and
aflued hid uauie to our list of readers.
Junies Kamaiii returned Saturday from
Wyoming where he had been working.
Wilbur K. .Sliepberd van iu town Saturday.
Paul Serre:, wa4 in town on Monday.
1!. B. and J. W. Smith were in Harrison
S. M. Thoiuud called on Monday and gave
nt borne cash on subscription.
S. H. Story was in from Antelope on 5Ion
day and called at this ollice.
M. . Jordan come up ou the train last
pr. llridsrmaw arrived last Monday and his
Hunily will be here next week to make this
tlimr home.
j. K. Beldon and E. G. Hough went to Jlo
d;ire Monday to attend the camp fire.
A. H. Kennedy has been oiek lor the
t ten davs with an attack of ouiusv but
is now uiueh butter.
Mrs. MaeLnehlan has teen spendini; some
duys visiting friends in this community.
Frank Nutto was doing business in Harri
son yesterday.
Theodore Piekenbrock received a car-Vi higlmrn and family who have spent
- u-iai muiiiij in ui county cApuct losinn
on Monday for Chicago.
H. H. liussell was up from Glen yesterday.
John lieiiiy, who has a line piece of land a
few miles east of town, sends us a remitt
ance on subscription from Iowa.
load of lumber from the hills and it was
unloaded at Ardmore. Ho and his
brother are going to use the same to
build a school house on Long Branch.
r hud the misfortune to
inble two-year-old colt this
week. It reared and fell, striking its
head so hard as to cause death. We
suppose it was a clear case of suicide.
The prospects of work was too much for
.Jacob Henry's two daughters, Misses
Katie and Annie, have been sjiending a
few weeks at home, but departed last
Monday, Miss Katie for Dudley; and Miss
Annie to the Fort.
IX W. Woody, in going to town Satur
day, was so unfortunate as to have his
team fall on the buggy tongue and break
it. So he "climbed a tree'' and cut it
down with his jack-knife, and with the
aid of halters and sjiare lines he "repaired
the breach" and made the trip in siifety.
Monday noon, Peter Henry received
the sad intelligence that his son, John,
had been killed that morning at 6 o'clock
at the mines in Wyoming. No particu
lars in regard to the accident further
than that it was done in blasting,
whether coal or rock is not yet known.
Mr. Henry went at once to Ardmore to
telegraih for the body. The sorrow
stricken family have the sympathy of
the community in their sad affliction.
U No.
Cottonwood Items.
Farmers are preparing for Spring work.
The ice harvest is over.
'" Foster Speas lost a Valuable horse last
Chas. Grove is building an addition to
his house.
The protracted meeting has closed with
a roll of 20 converts.
Last Saturday evening was the last
meeting of the Unionville literary so
ciety for the season. The society will
meet again on the lirst evening m Nov
ember. A Christian endeavor society has been
organized with a membership of twenty
two and will meet at the church every
Sunday immediately after Sunday school
closes. , . , ..
A few days ago a watch and revolver
wore taken from D. A. Publow's house
during his absence ami on last Sunday
evening someone relieved Chas. Grove's
corn crib of a part of its contents. It is
time a halt was called on such work.
Mill Prospects.
The prospects for a mill at Harrison
are again bright. Ddring the past week
C. E. Boyd has been looking over this lo
cality and the advantages offered for a
milling enterprise, lie 'is a practical
miller of twenty years experience and he
knows what is heeded to' make a mill a
success. Ho saw a mittiber of sariiples
of wheat grown here and pronounced it
tho finest milling quality he had found.
The test is higher, tho bran thinner and
condition belter than that found iri any
other portion of the state. Mr. Boyd
represents capital sufficient to build and
operate a mill and is not ' looking for a
bonus, but for a place where wheat' of
gooj quality can be grown, with an op
portunity of finding a markat for the
Hour. ' Here he found those condititions
and also the cheapness of stonexand lum
ber for building purposes and the cheap
ness of fuel, both wood and" coal are
items of" .importance and cannot be had
at any other point where he hasi been
prospecting. ,
The result is that Mr. Boyd returned
to the east the (Irst of the week to report
to his business associates and he stated
that his report would be very favorable
in regard to Harrison and in ten days or
two weeks a decision would be reached
and if it is decided to build here work will
soon be commenced.
The mill will be .what is known as the
long roller process of seventy-five barrels
daily capacity and an elevator in con
nection so that all the farmers raise can
be taken care of. The parties are looking
for a permanent location, and will not
build simply for a speculation but by
getting good wheat, such i as is grown in
Sioux county and using the best machin
ery they will produce a quality of flour
which can be put on tho market and
compete successfully with the product
of any mill In the country.
In, view of tho prospects for a mill the
farmers should get in hiadiness so that
in case it is built they can put in a few
more acres of wheat thon they had first.
tion has boon takon to find out still more nX1Wctal to and it will all lielfi to make
in tho matter. ' the county frospnron
Some dissatisfation is reported in
school district No. 19 over the removal
of the school house, as it is claimed that
it is far from tne centre of the district
and not on a public road and can lie
reached by some of the pupils only by
travelling a long distance out of their
way. The legality of the removal will
likely come before the county superin
tendent, who will without doubt, see
that all parties have justice. Such mat
ters nre always unpleasant in a neighbor
hood and frequently a good deal of bit
terness arises from the location of the
district school house, but if the action
is taken legally there is nothing for the
disappointed ones to do but to submit.
Farms For Reut.
Either of the following farms can be
rented from me on very easy terms:
John Stelzer place, Sec. 27, T. 34, R,
John Herman '
Alonzo Hovey 1
John Rockhart '
Frank Cafl'ey '
7&18 1
30, '
Chas. E. Veiuty.
The undersigned hereby notifies all
parsons that he will be ivT-pcr..iible for no
debts contracted in the name of the Sioux
County Lumber Company, or Fletcher &
Wadsworth, from and after this date.
, Dated Hanison, Feb. 4, 1892.
C. R. Wadswokth.
Estray Notice.
the following described animals were
taken up by me at my place on the south
east 14 Section HI, Township 31, Itange fx;, In
Sioux County, Neb., on the Nth day ol Janu
ary, W2: 1 white and red bull about i years
old, right ear cropped and left car under
cropped ; 1 red steer about 2 years old, two
slits in right ear, and under-clop in left ear;
both branded on left side, but brand cannot
be made out 20-44 John Cokbin.,
Notice Homestead Entry.
V. S. J.ANti Office, j
Jany. 25, 1S02.
Complaint having been entered at this
oftiee by Ferdinand Hittner against John
Wortler for failure to comply with law as to
Homestead Entry No. iW dated Sept. 'i'i,
upon the EX NK4-NW4 JEi and NEK
NWi, section :u. Township :H, Kunge 5ii, in
Sioux County, Nebraska with H view to the,
eancelllltiou ol said entry; coriLesiam- alleg
ing that claimant has wholly abandoned said
traci. ; that he has changed his resilience
therefrom for more than li months since
mailing said entry; and that said tract is not
settled 'upon and cultivated by said party as
required by law the said parties are hereby
summoned to appear at this office on the 8
day of March Ml, at 10 o'clock A. M., to re
spond' and furnish testimony concerning
Sitlil alleged failure.
Testimony of witnesses will bo taken be
fore George Walker, a notary public, at his
office-in Harrison, Nebraska, on the 1 day of
March, 1K1I4 at 10 a. in, T. F. 1'owkks,
II. T. Conlky, Ueoelver.
Attorney for Contestant. 'il-'Si .
Notice. Timber Culture.
V. s. T.ixn Officii, j
Jany! If), 1M2.
Complaint hawing been entered at this of
fice by John Thorns against Pierce, Illewett
for failure to comply with law us to Timber
Culture Kutry No. 44H, dated .June h), JSX3,
upon so !j section M, township 34, range 05,
in Sioux county, Nebraska, with a view to
tho cancellation of said entry; contestant
alleging that claimant has failed to break
more than n acres of said tract since llling
thoribn ; that lie has failed to break, plow
or in any way cultivate any portion .of said
tract since July 1st, Issli and that t i.e live
acres that ho had theretofore hroken, on
said trai t, Is grown up to grass and weeds
the said parties are hereby summoned to
appear at this ollice on the IS day of March,
lsii'2, at 10 o'clock, a. in., to respond mid fur
nish testimony concerning said alleged
Testimony of witnesses will be. taken he
fore (ieorge Walker, a notary public, lit his
ollice In Harrison, Nebr., on the sth day of
March, IxM, nt 10 a. m. T. F. I'owkhh,
Jly II. T. ConI.KY, . , Iteeeiver.
Attorney for Contestant. l!l 2i)J
, . Sheriff's Sale..
Ily virltio ot an order of sale issued by
Conrnd Lliiilcinan, clerk of the district
court ot Sioux county, Nebraska, and to ino
directed, on a decree of foreclosure ren
dered in said court at the October, 1MII,
term of said court, to wit: on tho (ll.h day
of Octolier, 1HIII, in favor of Alice K. Hunter
as plaintiff, and against Frledricn Sehwarz
and Justine hehwarz, as defendants, for
too sum of .'s'i.70 and 91.43 costs and ac
cruing cohIs, und directing that tlio prom
ises therein described, to wit: the southwest,
quarter of section 7, in township III N., of
range M west of tho mil p. m., m ' Sioux
county, Nebraska, lie appraised, advertised
and sold as upon execution, to satisfy said
sum of .'u.'o and K1.41I costs and accruing
costs,-1 havivcaused the lollowing describ
ed land to bo appraised, viz: Tim south
west M of section 7 In township si, oi range
t.l 1.. hll..v rnt,r Kolinulfll. find Will
offer the sumo to the highest bidder for
cash in hand, on the ith day ot Mnrcn,
A. 1).. 1H1I2. at the front door ot mo court
house nt Harrison, Nebraska, that belli
i.h luiiiilliiir in which the last term
the' district court was held, at the Iioub
of S o'clock, p. ni., of said day, when and
wkiiro due attendance will be given by
the undersigned.
Dated, February 24, intra.
i.i.. ..TlUMAK ltltlUV, j '
. (ii-SBl t Sheriff ofsHidCouuty.
Did you see the Bargains we are
And 1 Pound of Banner Baking Powder
J?OJ3j OJCsTIj"H" 60
Standard Canton Flannel lOcenta.
Lawrence Canton Flannel 12 cents.
We carry a
complete stock of Gro
ceries, Dry Goods, Boots
and Shoes, Clothing and Fur
nishing Goods, which we will
The Celebrated WHITE BREAD FLOU P.. Constantly on Hand
MacLACHLAN & COOK, Proprietors.-
t is a Fact!
Has one of the best selected stocks
Of groceries in the northwest and
can sell as cheap as the cheapest;
Also a full line of Flour, Feed and Grain: .
Dry Goods,' Boots, Shoesj Hatg, Caps, Clothing,
Furnishing Goods,' Hardware,' Tin-,vare, Barbed
Wire, Farniiilg Implements, Machinery and Buggies.
Please calf and Examine our GOLD SEAL Buggy.
Geo. H; Turner:
Harrison Lumber Yard
Lumber, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds';
' -Etc.
' i
Business Conducted on a Strictly Cash Basis?