The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, February 11, 1892, Image 6

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Subarnptioe Price, -
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taimO s the Barriaoe pua
TlU AT. Fa. 11, W
Oa last Thursday Senator
Mkd the poaboa of praadeat of tae
ate, thereby acting m tha cecity of the
vice-prea afcnt of tlx Uartea
Clarence 8ebh, Um teenier tad pro
prietor of the O'Neill Item 1
Mimed control of that paper aad promises
to Imp it ia to front rank of republican
papers. Mr. Selah baa bad enough ex
perwoc ia the business so that be is able
to make bis promise good.
Beceot experimeats go to slw that
tobacco caa be grown in Nebraska and
thus another industry will be added to
the resources of the state. The possibili
ties of Nebraska are just beginning to be
teamed. What the future has in store
lor the state cannot even be guessed at.
The democratic organs will now have
a chance to rest from the worry on ac-
oont of the condition of Blaine's health
for that gentleman in a letter to Chair
man Clarkson, of the republican com
aiittee, bearing date of Feb. 6th states
that be is not a candidate Tor the presi
dency. His letter la snort and rives no
reason, simply announcing the fact that
be is not a candidate, but that be will do
earnest work in the coming campaign.
One of the moet attractive of the short
stories recently published appears under
the title, "Toe Belles of Spruceluod," in
the February Doable Number of The
Youth's Companion. It describes with
uncommon fidelity a party arranged by
two girls. The guests were the okl la
shes of tiie village, belles of fifty years
ajro, and their chief entertainment was a
serenade by the old filer and drummers
of their youthful days. In such a story
young and oM meet on a common
ground of interest and respond to the
toOeb of true sentiment felt by all ages.
Nothing better couM be read aloud to a
family circle.
The latest reports are to the effect that
the Louisiana lottery will go out of bnsi
asaa, fat fang tmie there has been a
bard and persisteM fight made OO the in
stitntfcos The managers were opposed
f j giving op tlie goose which laid so
many golden eggs, but they have been
. by reverses at every tun and have
evidently become tired of the warfare.
Ttte postoffiee department has labored
hard to pat stop to the use of the
tajik by the foftety &rpany nod in its
effort it lias been strongly supported by
the press and by tlie right minded people
of tlie country, and it is a matter for
congratulation that the end is near at
Tlie action of tb aontherti alliance
ejenibers of congress is rapidly disgust
big the republicans who went into the
aHUoce morenVeirt fa good faith. A
short tflme ago it was predicted (hat the
alliance movement would break up the
solid south, but after the election it was
found that tlie southern members are
toting with the democrat right along.
It is a siagMr' fact Mi fefubfleahs will
go off afttf false gods mOl Stay with it
while the democrat tftff talk for the
Me issow Wrt wffcn i( toVWsS to (he test
ftey are democrats every time. Tbe
scales are falling from the eyas tit the
ssMtbhcan alliance men and they see
their error clearly and will sin no more.
Tkmtffii Mars to be tbe order in
northWrf fMf MVrfrn sm.
Ft is learned that the F. i K V. taif
road will double the capacity of their
tops at Chadron aad equip them so that
Ma of Um roHing stock will have to be
Iftft $it of ftaf point for repairs. Tbe
Wyoming line is to be extended" at least
one hundred anrf seventy-lire miles. This
will make It poasrMe for Um company ttf
give AWdaJW of ffle cofffflry ffitttf taWn
service :md that af Be highly appre-
cwtedbvtr tfN along Um Una. It
wifntfbefornMr tts
will" have good western- connfc&tfs aM
Aiat will also fTrbve of advantage to this
pof tliecotffrtrY. Xlt things point to
Cnder the ruling of the supftttil court
tbe oM alteWeJ ca&e. take precedence
over the currerSt ixjOrnVt of tbe county
la it foots as if the cwfrSf Kkrd could
alfow aTrfli dairas they fcft ft2 aod
dsry wouTfrkvi to be paid lesaanQeflf bf
tWsotteSfuwej'. TbatruCaf of
ttm court will' coat fto'ttf cOtawtjr a good
aWaridftrt .ffefe to H way to avoid
auty. fatt' iff ft Vhoi,;
a 1 9o propositioas for bonds have
IWea deficit evideat that the peo
IkAaJolwaat fT toads, aad thorn
who MitUHct bbsfortdobbt
asjl Bgnt it m HKePf that, the
It m rather eartar but the papers (ross
U parts of the stats are taUiag of nsea
ho are anUaay; to sarwe Um people aaa
the reeMka party by mmmg candidates
fur ausna of the iaaportaot offices to be
siiad at tbe comieg alert iosj Ia socne
i-sMtaa saaa ingai wad are good and
vooidneip to BMba a winning ticket.
Ttua m not a year erbra a great number
uf i sajratstss are aaeaad. There was a
tiose wban ooimarina) oa the republican
tttamt wan alasost cartaia to
aaa, baa each is ant tbe case at
aai the objects to be sought is aot to
aaaafy aay saaa's personal ambition but
eelart Bea who will command tbe re
spect of the voters aad receive their sup
port at tha pulls. A state ticket of rood
Me aad congressional nominees who
will sdd strength to the ticket instead of
being a dead weight to carry, and the
selector, of men who are upright, clear
nA ihle ta 611 the ticket from top to
bottom is what ia needed. The new bul
lot law increases the demand for gtxl
selections. Ward rounders and heelers
cannot be used even in the lowest wards
nf the cities. The vote cast under ! he
new law is better and mors intelligent
than was possible under the old law and
it calls for the selection of Uie bt men
of tbe party.
llve toasJosttaa bVl ft
L'sprirwahave to ft . J?-
Tkr Caadag Indmstry.
The meeting at tlie court house on last
Saturday was not larj,-ely attended on
account of the stormy condition of tbe
weather, but, nevertheless, a number of
representative farmers were on hand to
learn all they could in regard to tlie cost
certainty aod profits of growing sugar
beets. The fact is becoming pretty well
established that sugar beet culture is the
coming industry of northwest Nebraska
ami that the growing of beets is going to
prove the most profitable crop the far
mers can raise and the only point to set
tle is the securing of factories to work
the product up into sugar and the wean
ing of the farmers from tlie idea that it
is necessary to raise an immense acreage
in order to realize a profit It is ad
mitted by all that northwest Nebraska
is the best adapted to the culture of
sugar beets of any locality in the United
States, and of that portion of tlie state
Sioux county has advantages over any
other county or locality.
The introduction of Uie sugar beet in
dustry with the settlement of tbe county
will make it a great deal easier than to
change the line of crop after the county
is settled. With the improved machin
ery that has been devised Uie growing of
sugar beets is relieved of a great deal of
Um hard lund work which tended to
make it unpopular in Um past and Uie
machinery is not expensive, enabling a
fanner to go into Um beet culture with
out a heavy owttay for tools. . Tbe exact
east of the tools will be known in the
near future and Um farmers will know
just exactly how they ran make their
The contracts sought to be obtained by
the people of Chadron are simple, pterin
and fair, all that is asawf is that tbe far
mers agree to raise a certain number of
seres of beets at a scale of prices not less
than that paid at Grand Island and Nor
folk. If Uie farmers of tlnrte localities
can afford to raise sugar beets on the
high priced land that is tliere, the farm
ers of northwest Nebraska certainly
ought to be able to raise beets at a good
Tlie parties in tfctrge will get tlie best
railroad rates possible, not only on Uie
Elkliorn but also on tbe B. & M. so that
peopla in Um north and east part of this
county may have &t opportunity of en
gaging in beet growing.
Tlie people of Cliadron aft entitled to
credit for the zeal and energy with which
they liave taken trtffd of Uiis matter and
! lie people of this locality should unite
with them and help tlie good work along.
ft will increase the value of every bit of
mil estate in tlie cotrntv if the mimr in
dustry is once estahii sU in the north
west and Sioux county will yet become
one of the best wealUi producing and
prosperous counties in Um state.
ClUie later Oceaa. ,
r Safer Beef, a trad- whose
man inf-"T- its purpose, gives soase
cheering new s from California aad Ne
oraaka ia its January number. For ex
ample, it appears that m the former
state it b powuble for one man to plant
aaa cultivate; twenty acres of sugar beats
and to make a aet pront of $30 per acre
upon them. This m belter than rasang
"cheap corn iot ua - -
tor "cheap" wages oa the plantations of
Southern free traders. It is even better
than 0 cent wtieat, a part of which is
seat to feed the cheap labor of free-trade
Eagtand. Oaa California farm of 1,300
acres is planted in beets exclusively, an
otnsr of .0i ares that has been re
ciaioMd from Uie virgin soil since 1887 is
in beets, 6,000 cattle are fed from Uie
bn. of tlie beets trrown. and from the
Mkitnum of a neiirhborinir sugar factory
This ia hhnffiiur a new form of agricui
tural todustry into notice with consider
ahW Miirjhais. It mav be remarked U at
the sugar bounty clause of -'the infam
ous Mc Kinlev bill" lias lad some effect
in Munnraf-ine these new enterprises.
Tlie Watsooville, CaL, beet supr fac-
tnrv. constructud at a cost of -VK),000.
employ I'M) men. made 10,000 pounds
the first mouth of its
operation, and is expected to make 5,000-
OUl i(UOils dunntr toe ursi .ne
months of its operation. The Ctieno fac
torv in the same state is exiwcted to do
about as well. It may be remarked that
this 10,000,000 pourels of American made
suTir will not be handled by any trust.
One Nebraska oirresrxiodent tells the
editor of The Snaar tUt that there is
srood Drofit in erowinff beets for Um Ox-
oard tactory, even if tlie value of the
land on wliich tliey are grown is esti
mated at $1,000 per acre. Another cor
resnoDdent writes that 5,000 acres will
be needed to supply the demand for beets
at the Norfork factory, and another 5,000
for the Orand Island factary. "Real es
tate in and about Norfolk," lie says, "lias
.ulvanced greatly. There is not a house
to reut Uie re, and in a niimber of in
stances farmers residing in tlie neighbor
hood lave refuied from 15 to f.'O pel
acre above Uie prices asked four or live
months ago. Lalor," lie adds, "lias been
very scarce, and all the school boys in a
number of villages have been reaping a
rich harvest in Uie beet business.
The McKinley policy will meet the ap
proval of a great many new voters in
California and Nebraska when it next is
put to the test of a Presidential cam-
Tliere is some talk of an extra session
of tlie legislature being called by Gov.
ttovd. Tliere are some things that call
for legislative action but the wisdom of
a special session is vary questionable.
As constituted there are grave doubts
about that body taking any action that
would result in good to tlie masses. It
would necessitate special elections in a
number or districts and would causa a
great deal of expense and consequent un
settled condition of business and Uie sea
son could hardly' be called and closed
before the regular session would convene
so that but little time would be gained in
any event.
STATE omtfelM:
June F-. Boyd- GbVernOT, UncVta, Mr.
T.J. Mtjoie. .Ucotenent Uovernar
J. C. Alien .secretary of iuta
T. II. Benton . .......Auditor
n T.. Hill .-i.-.-;;.- ..Treasurer
(i. ll.HiutinCK Attorney uenerui
A. R. Humphrey t-and CvnuuLwiouer
A. K. Gouuj SriHi rublic Instruction
A. s. I'sddock. V. S. Senator, Ben trice
C. r. Mandenon... l s: senator, Omidu
W. J. Bryan, OratffMSiha.'i 1st Ilist Lincoln
W. A. McKiFYkan, " i " Ue.1 Cloud
O. M. Keni, ' J. I " Brttkra Bow
lf-HS caai J
. Ia
On last Monday afternoon the cliange
in governors of Nebraska occurred at
Lincoln. In afxorttaffc with Onv
I .... 4. It' tl L. . .
I imyer s letter uov. uoyd repaired to
the state bouse ami the former turned
Um office over to the rattef. Thuyer
offered bis hand to BoyA1 i'6't Uiat indi
vidual refused it, tfi'Us showing ri Kpirit
which was altogether uncalWd fhr and
indicates that be took Um action of
Thayer as a personal matter. Uecer
tninly did not elevate himself id Um opin
ion of Um people of Um state by such a
display of pettish new. The reports state
tint Um case as td Boyd's fcltlasnship has
not lrn deluled, as the ffUpreme court
of Um Uniteli States simply fsmanded the
case back to the supreme court of Na
brasMfur further acUoa; and soma a van
go wi far n! lo contend that Thayer did
wrong in turning over Um office to Boyd
until Um ead was reached. A number of
tha appointees of Thayer bad reabrhad
and Rnyd was cheated of Um pleasure of
cttUmge ftoKUcal HttAi) bit ha
will ha- tfft mmW br ffiilnctba
vaimatiSiGu. craatelwlW metiLur
his own heart. Tha enaa u l iai
mil retatrnixa James & Ifcydasfovartibr,
last UMaagaM Of Uie Uw. reftttinito
H1IhH, m fttrat k hUti
from wfiichUley wilt o1 facbref tf Mil
eoapwa tf snasd. thaM ihUt &( will
W teiaiayof aity orirBer
liar tha 4l3 & KlLtlsiL .P
S. Maxwell ...... Chief Justice, i reraont
T. L. Xorval Aamciate Jndne, Seward
A. M. Tost..-. Aitsoriate Judge, Colunibn
1. A. Canipuellacrk and Kf porter, Lincoln
r. Klnkairi .-.Jndce, O'Selll
Alfretl liiirtow . t'hi'tron
Conrad Llndeman llerk, IUitUod
5. Barker . County Juilr
Conrad IJndeman... . ;jj.Clerk
M. J. Uayhart ;;..:;;T rSanrrr
A. Southworth sapt. Pnfjlie Irlwtf ilt-ti.m
inoa. Beiciy... :.;:.;!sheriir
Oo. J. shafer :..... orouer
A. Iv. Iw . . ....... snrveror
i onraa i.inunian. Clerk of titatrii-t Court
II. T. Conley..... Connty AtUirurr
JcOin A. Green, (chairman- w Diairlct
r. W. Knott at
If . J. Weber.
W. WIImhi Senator, IINt So. 14. (Iiartroa
Kl. I. Heath Kep., l,t. No. lij Ru.hrllla
tillage omct.n:
Tboiims Keldy (chairman) Trattee
i,Ml Onthrle -. m
c. E. verity
C H. WH kr it
Cwnrad Llndeman hl
w. n. iT. :.Clerk
6. Gntllrt. TranT
J. W; Scottii..; Street rnnaavw.
school omctHat
mn. i.. u. naacn ... Dime lor
B. Wricht ' Mhri.ra,
0. W. Hester .
... Treaaorer
District Coart-At llunU,
April kNh aad Koveaker tl.t. law
CatT Coart,-At Harrbna. en
rst Maaday af each awoth.
ClftlatCHKa AMD amtmira
t. Chara-PBiBf alUfiV.t
lf at 7 a. W.O.UtaaainnL Paato
f alar aaa 1 1
. u - - nomi weanes
aianU.tsp..,. Was; is
Htulmr to1 svery rW..
eiori)l atllae.
as. W.O.ULAaa.a 41 -H'-A":. ..
flalierteteaaeat. Heeraterr.
Laa....U , il"l t .
Sioux County Lumber Co.
Lumber, Lath and
AOood Supply of N'aUve Urn
Always oa Hand.
l-ms nees.. Tork City
t R,TSTii.'.wb
gll or raioo. Ukaro.
JOHN' A LUCAS, PiAwrwcrr. CHAS. E. HOLMES, Vmf j
Will ralcrics is allthc iociI,tts
anrt federal court, and C. S. Uind offlce.
t t t
fjr Office in Court House,
Will Brattice before all couru and tbe I
S. Land Offlce. Balnesa entrusted te my
are will rscelra prompt attention.
Wagon and Carriage Makers.
lepalrlng done on short notice.
Good work ana reasonable charges,
.hop oath of livef y barn.
Dr. Leonhardt
Limits his practice to diseases of the
Nervous System,
(Such as Loss of Memory, Feeling, Mo
tion and Will-power, Cramps, Kits, Gen
eral Nervousness, and all forms of
(As shown by Shoftnew of Breath,
Pain, Palpitation, Fluttering and Numb
ness in region of tlx Heart)
(Such as Skin, Ulcers, Exces
sive Paleness or Redden of tbe Face,
Famtness, Dizziness, etc.)
14S2 0 fT. - - - LINCOLN, NIB
ention thla paper.
AA4- StlwttUd AaafWM
MlatM aa
jjjciftsiiftr Qutiim
aerafc Sana a air llwa
awa akeaM ke wttaonl il
aat Tm
ra, atiaSii. Taa !!; saalaw atr aa
aa4 aaa laat aaan Un m aany aaa fa
aanriwl Him. la. tmni, fattwUtaf mmr.mlk
Umk kak UM, ami laaL aaaanaattj. Ijak la aaaa.
laal aatk L aa aaaaS itmV lmrtmnm
Uaa liiiiiiiliyla laakiTOaatatawrarlaaaflak:
"rataifcaeaaaaa, aaSiaa am i aar ricaat ; kal to a
Mamawaian." Bavaaall m aaa
L,"7WI?1! , ' nqnau uat
"XV4 r'Sr-"Wkaiaa aaf
y -Jl'"i,f 'IMilaaiM. akaaalftas
eaw( ara aaal; aaralag ha M to dim Mr aVrVaa
aaaiaanUMaaaraarTCraWwaianrk Iw
aaraily awr MSaJjryalirlat , iliATrj
ftSTAaiisaiti l
Transacts a General Banking BusinJ
Buvs School Orders, County and Village Warrants. i
fJTlnterest Paul on Time Deposits.
Loans Money on Improved F;
Determined to make every effort
sible to add to the number of 01
customers, and if good goods,
low prices and fair treat
ment will secure them
we are bound to
dm I s6 What we Have in the Line of
Dry Goods, Groceries, k
and Shoes, etc.,
And we will have all kinds of
Farm Machinbr
Ike Cost Pc?ilir Firilj Kttijr in tie lest
nr a m van inwePAm for
THfiHOME .-.
PBataaa as aaeh la a air eoawtMj
'aaaas raTseaaara aartsctlr P
BV Imh af
1. w f I iBTITiij ttW gajisf
nsTOaJaaJ aaa nrnftall IQpiroaKeaia vary tc
At IvtUiD-asjtaMa- CijissJ Oaa, Wsau Dafita h The i
ae anj h , Mmaaj k raasar
OaaaJaN Maat nataitaal Tsalatie latta 5saaraaat el
t aff laaflftJlaal
A A 4
a Ua
aaat ffUti .
taasB-' i
. aaaBaaaaaaaBBjaBBBBBBB taa - aaaaaaaj mm. aasaaBBa. m -mmW aveaaaaBB -
m lllatJlllHI mmtUtmHlkUlim ,M$m.tmV,tC
dailt nrxra ocsah cioo -