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    I he Sioux
2STO. 21s
I Editor a4 Pnrietor.
.T It. K. That tabic.
Going Km(.
M 5o. 6. mixed ...1 HO
I- -
led t 1 15
i n
terhoudred , 1 IS
jhel r
L. 1 50 I Op
L 4 .VI
p...,,-,.- a o
ier in. ft 5
d every Thursday.
ftt Uie harness. tlop.
1 robes at Cunningham's.
Loch Ian luat week re-
jf ambulance.
V barrel at
be held at the M. E.
y morning and, even-
iy hold Episcopal
Wneuy evening,
re invited,
r ws not iPiuf ' setting
W decision of tlie Boyd
J at Harrison.
Vmilygave a satisfactory
a good audience at An
Bt Tuesday evening.
)nd W: E. Mopre have re
J driji aptl putting
I Joseph Stastpy eatjt of
fence of J,
aocml will be
l). MarsWller
veiling, Feb. 10th. All
Ttrst-class native lumber
Vstuntly on hand at iuv
lomrv. 13 miles east
J. E. Arner.
JHi t(loqi sewanprdinury
ym Hs carries his head
n account of the arrival
jter at his home early
jaghtersof Mr. and Mrs.
fCf Sheep Creek precinct,
nChadron on last Sunday
learn the particulars.
, tltends beat wishes for
jfosierity to the contract
More snow continues to come right j
along in good shape. Look out for a big
crop next year. Sioux county is forging
to tlie front.
is pleasing to note tliat tlie price
jaid to the farmers of this locality for
grain here is as high and in some in
stances higher than it is in the eastern
portion of the state, and again it is a
fact that the cost of living is no more
here tlian it is further east Under such
circumstances our people ought to pros
per for such is not tlie usual condition in
a new country.
From, Mi" inquiries being received in
regaix) to land and the reports of people
intending to come here to locate it looks
as if tlie population of Sioux county
would be nearly doubled within the next
twelve months. If au arrangement
could be made to send some one east to
talk up this county a great deal of good
could be done. There are thousands pay
ing high csh rent ip the easf, vio would
be glad to come here and get xome of the
free government land if they only knew
of it. People less than one hundred
miles from here think that all tlie gov.
ernmeni ianu is taken ana some means
ought to be devised to correct that im
C. C. Jameson came up from Chadron
w. S. Johnson came up from Glen
this morning.
E. D. Satterlee returned from down
tlie road yesterday.
Mrs. S. C. D. Bassett has returned
from Detroit, Mich.
A. R. Dew is now employed at Gris-
I I U W 1 . I T
vuiij Mursiuur a.
Miss Minne Smith begins a term of
school at Montrose next Monday.
Mrs. B. L. Smuck is expected home
tomorrow from her visit to Iowa.
George Slack was in town yesterday
and made a pleasant call at our ollice.
W. It. Dove and David Cline were up
from Cottonwood the first of tlio week.
Ed. Bierer sends us a remittance from
Denison, Iowa, to apply on his subscrip
Mrs. D. IT. Qriswold left tlie first of
the week for the east to be absent some
i , . r i : l r
Ji1w.rTfom trip to the eastern part of
me maie.
kv a son oi n. i. jHernam arnveu irom
JuAMnkist last week to secure a home in
sioux county.
John Bcliultz. of Montrose, was in
town on Monday and added his name to
our list of readers.
G. E. Lunsford called Tuesday evening
and gave us some cash on subscription.
lie is highly pleased with the prospects
of tins country.
Mrs. O. Carpenter, mother of C. D.
Plimpton, sends us the cash to extend
her subscription to July 1,181)3. Such
subscriptions are highly appreciated.
LIE. ." ...
"ground hog" day and
sunnv day, his hog-
le to see his shadow
to the old saw, he will
hole and remain there
those six weeks ure ex-
y .
;of crcp in this locality
Sti promises to be largely
Wt of any other year.
?ne little or no farming
jrtit in a good crop. Di
jtH is what is needed and
ypidly coming to that,
appears ,to have taken
Jity in pretty good shape.
Ueui attacked
and his entire family,
E. .Roliwtr and some
rn. The editor of
M reco wring from the
(ayifrom experience that
I pleasant thing to bay.
pt year is elose at liand
i work on the farm will
ihe.time fortlie farmers
Jnount and .kind of crop
B and what portions of
.devoted to the .various
,'ih order tor .them to
Is and see that any re-
ko that as
Ait the eeed may be put
It. is a well established
DWim? and surly nlant-
results. This is exp&t-
j. inai wmcn is put
Wly grits the best root,
tor sliope and geU tlie
im and matures better
I 'returns for tlie labor.
Vho cdbduots his busi
V, ' half-hearted manner
)f it and the same rule
J. It is a rule in new
r farming for a few
been the case in this
jw extant In the post
V)' the advantage of the
AU A run nil About,
ie U. S. mail was carried by James
lark last Saturdav.
Jacob Henry and daughter, Miss Kat ie,
made a trip to the hub last Saturday.
liigu water relieved A. VV. Mohr ol Ins
bridge across Warbonnet recently.
Jas. Clark closed a successful three
months term of school at Montrose last
Some of the buildings are being
removed from old Oilclinst to the new
to.tvh fite.
Mr. Chistensen took a load of corn to
town Saturday, rut liming Sunday in the
snow storm.
By the way corn is being hauled to
town, someliody wised more than enough
to feed.
James McGinn received the sad intelli
geuee of the death of a brother in Ireland
lost week. He still has an aged mother
and two sisters in tlua country.
Geo. Lunsford went to Indian creek
after corn for J. W. Earnest, last Satur
day, .struck. the snow blookade unit had
to lay over for fair weatlier.
Mrs. D. W. Woody and Mrs. J. E. Hoi
lingsworth visited at Gilchrist P. O. last
W, R. Smith was in the neighborhood
Of Gilchrist lost Saturday.
We feel auite encouratced to ulant an
otherbouritiful supply of garden seeds
early, if the weather admit, for the beau
tiful snow is preparing the ground in
good condition, and we hope fora bounti
ful harvest.
We should have mentioned last week
that C. .F. Coffee arid D. W. Woody have
their ice houses filled with the the finest
quality of ice they ever handled.'
Uramniercjr Items.
More snow, more rest, but don't rest
too much; see that your stock is attend
ed to Ih-st.
Nebraska has been on sled runners the
two weeks past.
Mr. Cob!) is going to erect a new house
on Ins claim in the near future.
There appears to be a set of "don't
care" people going through the country,
tearing down gates and cutting people's
wire fences. There ought to be a stop
put to such carrying on. It may be
someone that wants to get board and
lodirincr free.
Mr. Will Shepard is prepared for all
kinds of weather with the exception of
Ho forirot what season or the
fnlMMinn fn. T. HIS I11C6.
.... . ... ... year I his was and happened to lookup
been the case in this the g(in 8,ljnng m b.ight ttnd
clear that he ran and got his razor and
slmved, and lo and behold, the same cal-
'Jl tim i.r amitv comes otrain.
u a. Im tu. .4 I Boy. If y01'1 hnv any interest in your
i future oome to Sioux county. This is
I good results 'Will be the country to get your start in; Come
farmer should see that 1 and get some of Uncle Sam's land. Just
Jt to get the best pose- t or ianu laying out oi uoom.
r the acreage which lie
That Mandamus.
Tlie case of V. W. Sevmour against
the board of county commissioners in tlie
supreme court for a mandamus to com
pel tlie county board to include in their
estimate and levy a sum sufficient to pay
the allowed claims held by tlie plaintiff
against the latter resulted in the man
damus being issued. The showing was
made by the county attorney that some
of said claims liad beep settled by the
county board by their order to cancel in
order to make good the shortage of ex-'
officials as found by the expert account
ant, but a majority of tlie judges ignored
such showing-. Justices Maxwell and
Post holding that tlie mandamus should
issue and Justice Norval dissenting. It
would seem by this ruling of the court
that a dangerous precedent had been es
tablished for it virtually holds that not
only warrants but claims allowed in ex
cess of the Jevy and in excass of the
statutes are negotiable paper and tliat
the county has no defence, but must pay
just what the commissioners allowed.
In view of this fact it is the duty of
every tax payer to carefully read the
proceedings of the board of commission
ers and should any bill he allowed which
they know is unjust or exorbitant an
appeal should be taken as provided by
the statute. Any person lias the right
to take such appeal within ten days after
any bill has been allowed and that is the
only remedy which the tax payers have
under tho ruling of tlie supreme court.
In view of the decision of the Boyd
case there is an excellent opportunity
for the present congress to immortalize
itself by the passage of laws goverping
the naturalization of foreigners which
will be so strong that there will be no
way to avoid compliance therewith, and
so clear that there will bo no possible
chance for a repetition of such a case.
When citizenship can be acquired as eas
ily as is possible under our present laws
it seems that tlie provisions ought to be
complied witi in every particular. If it
were not so easy to become a citizen it is
more than likely that more care would
be used.
It is expected that Gov. Boyd's meat
ax will rapidly remove the official heads
of the appointive officers of the state.
Of course Oil Inspector Cams will be one
of fhe first to go so that Rosewater's
cousin, Louis, may be re-iustated.
W. C. T. U. Notice.
The ladies of Harrison are cordially in
vited to meet at the church, Feb. 5. at
2 o'clock, p. m., for the purpose of or
ganizing a permanent W. C. T. U.
Youi's for tle Cause,
Mr Caimunk E. Glasmsh.
The undersigned hereby notifies all
persons that he will be responsible for no
debts contracted in the name of the Sioux
County Lumber Company, or Fletcher &
Wadsworth, from and after this date.
Dated Harrison, Feb. 4, 1893.
. .. C. R. Wadsworth.
Notice of Ctiniiiiissiiincr'g Meeting.
Tho tioiird ol coiiiiiiImsIoihtm of Rlonx
county, Nebraska, lire hereby notified to
eon vene t n Mission at the clerk h ollice of said
county, in Harrison, Nebraska, on Tues
day, i'ebiunry 9, 1H0I, at 10 o'clock a.m.
Trees! Trees! Trees!
Buy big apple trees, northern grown.
A fine line of apples, crabs, plumbs, cher
ry, grapes7and other small fruit.
2, 500,000 forest trees, nursery grown.
The largest nursery in northwestern Ne
braska. Satisfaction guaranteed. Write
for wholesale price list to retail trade.
Remember, I give the Nebraska farm
er, a weekly paper devoted to the farmer
free for one year, with every ten dollar's
worth of fruit trees bought of me.
Address, 0. F. SMITH,
Ansley, Custer Co., Nebraska.
Reference--H. T. Conley, Harrison Neb.
Purchase Tlrko.tH nml Consign Your Freight
vis tlie
H. O. BURT, General Manager.
K. C. Morehouse, J. R. Buchanan,
Gen'l Freight Agt. Gen'l Pass. Agt.
warm wen tinea is tetter
.poolyulttviUd. y
Mr. John Daut was on the bachelor
roll last week. - He says he wouldn I
batch for anything in tlie United States
jit Canada. JUcacv. ,
Qt'M.IVAV A (OXI.KY, Lawyers.
Will practicB l ul thk local, ktatis
and federal courts and V. H. Land office,
M IS t I t
U?"" Office in Court House,
Estray Xotlre.
The following decrilel animals were
Uiken up bv me at my place ou the MHith
east 4 M-ctiou 10, Township 31, Kange in
Sioux Countv, Njj., on tlie 91h day of Janu
ary, 118: 1 white and rel bull about 2 years
old, riKht ear cropped and leil ear nnder-eropiH-d;
I rod hl vr about t years old, two
sias in rigniear, ami uniier-ciop m icnear;
both branded on left side, but brand cannot
be made out. John Cokuin.
Notice Homestead Entry.
I". S. Lakij Ofkick, l
Jany. 25, ls)2.
Complaint having lieen enured at this
oflk-e by Ferdinand llittner :iuiiit John
Wortler for failure to comply with law as lo
Homestead Kntry No. 27JS dated Sept. 21,
lss.i, uxn the K3i SKi N W4 NK'4 and NK1
S'i, iSectlou S4, Township M, Itiiuxe '., in
Siius t'ouuty, Nebraska witli a view to the
cancellation of said entry; contestant alletf
inK tliat claiumnt has wholly abandoned sail
tract; tliat he has changed his residence
therefrom for more than 6 months since
making wild entry ; and that said tract i$ US
settled ujkhi and cultivated by said party as
required by law the said parties are hereby
suunnuned to np)H'ar at this office on tlie 8
day of March is'.ni, at 10 o'clock A. M., to re
spond and furnish testimony concerning
said alleged failure,
Testimony of witnesses will lie taken
fore (ieore'e Walker, a notary public, at his
ollice in irarrison, Nebraska, on tlie I day of
March, )Kli at 10 a. in. T. V. 1'owekh,
H. T. Conley, Kcecivcr.
Attorney for Contestant.
Xoliee. Timber Culture.
IT. s. Land Office, (
Jany. IS, 8!)2.
Complaint having been entered at this of
fice by John Thorns against 1'iepco JJIewptt,
for failure to comply with law as to Timliei'.
Culture Kntry No. 44111, dated June IS, lsss,
upon se 14 section S4, township M, range 5!,
in Sioux county, Nebraska, witli a view to
the cancellation of said entry; contestant
alleging that claimant has failed to break
more than ft acres of said tract since filing
thcicon; tliat he has failed to break, plow
or in any way cultivate any portion of said
tract since July 1st, lss'.l and that the Ave
acres that he had theretofore broken, on
said tract, is grown up to grass and weeds
the said parties arc hereby summoned to
appear at this ollice on the lf day of March,
lsui, at 10 o'clock, a. in., to respond anil fur
nish testimony concerning said alleged
Testimony of witnesses will be taken be
fore George Walker, a notary public, at Ills
office in Harrison, Neljc., on tlie Sth day of
March, ISIS, at 1(1 a. in. T. F. I'owekm,
liy H. T. I Ion ley, Keeeiver.
Attorney I'fir Contestant, I1I-2SJ
.Vntiee of Expiration of Time for Redemption
From Tax Sale.
ToChari.f.8 H. Tayi.oh, Owneri You arc
hereby notified that the time of redemption
on the sale for taxes of the east half of tlie
southeast inntrler of seellnn twen tv-siT and
tlie west half of tlie southwest quarter of
section twenty -five il In township thirty
one north of r.uiKe fifty five, west of the
sixth I'rinciiial Mer iii :n In Nebraska, taxed
1.. ,1... f l' . . II ....... In.. .....1 uMll ...
private tax sale on the twentieth- day of
,u v. invii. uv L1H5 iM-usuiri ui luit.i liiiiiilv.
Nebraska, to tlie unilersigned imrchaser for
the taxes as.sOBseii thereon for tlie year 1887
iinioimtitiir to fifteen dollnrs and t liirt.v-nine
cents, will expire, on tlie 1 -,vc letji day of
.May IH',12.
Hated at Harrison, Neb. ,, Jannarv 15, 1892.
19 21 S. ll:.rkor, l'uvchaser.
Legal Xotice. ': - - .'
: Wllhelm Wariiel, defendent, will lake no
tice that on the 7th day of January, WW,
plalutitr herein Hied his petition in the Dis
trict Court of Sioux county, Nebraska,
against said defendent, the object and
prayer of which are to foreclose one certain
mortgage executed uy oeienueni, n iiueim
Wnnii'l, a single limn, to Show alter Mort
gage Company upon SX SWX Sec. 24:SKK
sk 'x Sec. ; NK X Mi Sec. iB, T. 83,
It. fti, Sioux county, Nebr., by said Show
alter Mtg. Co., duly assigned to plain
tiff for a valuable consideration, and plain
till Is now the legal holder and owner there
of , and said mortgage was given to secure
Hie payment oi one promissory noiconioii
September 1st, 18st) for tlie sum of ttOU.MTand
Interest at tlie rate, of 7 per ocnt. payable
semi-annually and 10 per cent, after matur
ity ; that there is now due upon said note
and mortgage according to tlie terms there
of tlie sum of H13.00 anil Interest at the rate
of 10 per cent, per annum from March 1st,
18P4, and plaintiff prays that said premises
may be decreed to be sold to satisfy the
amount due thereon.
You are required to answer said petition
on or beiore tne 2 (lav oi r ei)., is'.rc.
Dated January 10, IKiffl.
ln.N,r.Mtv ltEKD, Plaintiff,
lly Fannie O'I.inn, Attorney. ISI22
JCstray Xotlee.
Taken n bv the nndersianod on section
township 2(1, range 58, in Sioux county,
Nebraska, on thc20tli day of December, 18111,
the following described animals: 1 ro;
cow, 1 red and white cow and 1 red ctilf i
... O. I n....
calf and 1 spotted cow, all branded ; 1 light
red cow, I dark reu can eacn Dranueu L oi 1
brindle cow and 1 calf (Mich brandiKl 4J. eon
nccted : 1 red cow and 1 red calf each brand
cd XI; 1 3-yeai'.()Id white and red steer
branded T or. left shoulder anil B on light
side; 1 red cow and 1 red calf branded bar-
heart; 1 speckled and spotted cow, l 8-year
old black and white steer, 1 8-year
old red steer and I red cow, brands Hiiknown ;
1 red cow and 1 red calf branded QQ.
17-21 J T. II. SNYDER.
Notice-Homestead Kntry.
Dec. 30, 1891.
Complaint having been entered at this
Onice iy ma neisier against uonu itiuiiuu
lor failure to comply witn mw as to noine
stead entry No. 2S2, dated July 18, 1889,
upon tho lots 1, 1 and 3 and the
southeast if. northwest !i section
22, township lift, range 67 in Sioux county,
Nebraska, with a view to the cancellation of
said entry; contestant alleging that
entryniaii has wholly abondoued said
tract, and that he never established
a residence thereon since making
said entry, tho said parties are here
by summoned to appear at this office on the
....... ...... L.... ...... .... ihim, ... 1.1 i. 1.- ta in
1J.II UI.y ... r u. ..... j , io", ... i" ...
to respond and furnish testimony concern.
Ing said alleged failure.
Testimony of witnesses will lie taken bC'
forcOcoriro Walker, a notary nublie.athlsof
lice in Harrison, Nebr., on the 23d day of Feb
ruary, 1892, at lu it. in.
18-25 T. K. Powers, Iteeelver,
II. T. Conley, Attorney for contestant
B. E. BrocwsTurt, C. F. CofVee,
President. Vice Pres.
D. II. GRISWOLD, Cashier.
Commercial Bank.
General Banking Business
Did you see the Bargains we are
And 1 Pound of Banner Baking Ppwder
Standard Canton Flannel..
Lawrence Canton Flannel.
..10 cents.
.12f cents.
We carry a
complete stock of Gro
ceries, Dry Goods, Boots
and Shoes, Clothing and Fur
nishing Goods, which we will
The Celebrated WHITE BREAD FLOUR Constantly on Hand,
MacLACHLAN & COOK, Proprietors.
is a Fact!
Has one of the best selected stocks
of groceries in the northwest and
can sell as cheap as the cheapest,
Also a full line of Flour, Feed and Grain.
Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Capfe, Clothing,
Furnishing Goods, Hardware, . Tin-.vare, Barbed
Wire, Farming Implements, Machinery and Buggies,
Please call and Examine our GOLD SEAL Buggy.
Geo. H. Turner.
Harrison Lumber Yard,
Lumber, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds,
Business Conducted ion a Strictly Cash Basis.
f 14 i
. ii mi