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Jluculiae Attendaare Something That
It Dons Without If Oae
Think j go.
et no one suppose
that when the girl
b&cbelor goes an ay
for tbe summer she
is going to greatly
alter her mode of
living. Sbe does
not intend to do
anything of the
sort Sbe has been
independent, bo
bemian, and alone
for ten months in
the year, and she
is going to be independent, aloue, and
bobemiaa for the remaining two months.
This is supposing tbat the girl bachel
or's year begins the 1st of September,
which, indeed, it does. For the 1st of
September she returns to the city, looks
cp an apartment for herself and her
chum if she bag one and makes her
plans for the winter campaign.
But now she is away for the summer,
and is enjoying two long months of
bachelor-hood in a girl-bacbelor'a way,
which means tbat she is unhampered by
frills, furbelows, conventionalities, or
the presence of a mau. Wben she
packed up her trunk for the summer
outing sbe put into it several suits of
flannel that would be suitable for moun
tain wear, for boating, or for rambles in
the woods; then after sbe bad added
such toilet accessories as sbe would al
low herself, sbe filled up tue trunk, the
trunk-tray, and the lid thereof with
sketching materials, several writing
pads, and novels, including Tolstoi's
I r--a while aduittUf that sbe does not
'M l meat society ou pleasant, say tbat
i prefer her own company to that of
i r tnia's society sbe ha ever enjoyed.
. be bat a soft spot away down in the
.most depths of her tender little heart
i r Charlie, whombe left behind la the
t city, sbe will from lime to time seek
i opportunity to gze at bis portrait,
i id with a sih acknowledge that ab
sence does indeed make tbe heart grow
Bat the girls are not all bachelors
this summer. Ob, no, indeed. The
seashore has been unusually gifted with
beam this year, mich to the delight of
ibe maiuens whose summer lot has been
cast beside the old ocean. During the
week there may be a scarcity of men,
but Saturday brings them to the sea
shore in great and overwhelming num
bers. And not until the following Tues
day or Weduesda? does the place know
them no more. Then they are gone for
two or three days, to reappear again,
fresh and debonaire as ever, to delight
the hearts of the maidens who await
them by the sad sea waves.
On the beach it was at Long Branch
this time, nnd the day is no longer ago
lhan last Friday, snys the Chicago
Timet, several sweet, fair young creat
ures were seated about talking of all
the little contrivances which they had
managed to discover for making their
toilet complete nr.d keeping it so
throughout the ravages of summer wear
and tear.
"I haven't a maid with me this sum
mer," said one sweet young girl with
checks like a peach and eyes like the
blue forget me nots. and wliona hair
crowned her head with a golden radi
ance like a halo, "and having no maid,
I nm obliged to do my own mending.
Actually, girls, 1 buve to do my own
"Just fancy," exclaimed all the other
sweet youne cirls nresont. "ntmr 1nr
Etplalalof IMIBrnU Quntloa to too
MUiafnetiro of tko C sroasr.
ine coroner wa satisfied tbat soma
one was to blame. It might be the rail
road company; it might be the eogteeer;
it might be the conductor; it migtit be
the dead man. That was what the
Coroner proposed to Sad out; and, being
fully impressed with the gravity of the
occasion, be rose from his seat, struck
an easy attitude with one hand restisg
on mo isuie, and, looking at the engi
neer over the top of his glasses, said
with some severity:
'"You were running pretty fastr
The engineer in the witness chair
didn't seem to be at all disturbed. He
crossed hi logs, leaned back in the
chair, and answered carelessly:
"We were making pretty fair time."
"Running faster than usual?''
' Home. We were behind time."
"Makiug fifty miles an hour?"
The engineer wa cautious. lie knew
I.!. - pan ' bus no mas
Denim Iff ru-ht to er,
11 br do frurtit.
Nor e rB .M
Tu the lUvut'htU stare.
:!1 air.rkrr. ufam,
V ita at?'iit niiii.iHl air.
She rvuln- (-k
To grxb Ihr '"it'k
Of sjurta uo totu-1-r tiM-n.
- 1 d uuniaimlis Joeroal.
,,!.-, ihn tmhliir litfld Imagination toaential in halanrino- kl ..
..,.n,ln.i; unA th Kahliath irhml 1 Ihit nl lhrirlnilniil I. . '?
IVUWWJJUBliVU, " ; " " M lll"n,K.J f " , g ,
teacher to the charge of setting a; Mr. Parkinson's motives 5 gul1
I frisrhlful example? In this entangle
I ment of duty and propriety and the
I embarrassments therefrom, my namo
j take was caught in tbe meshes of a first
clas law suit. He would not tie bsm-d
though seeing. He would take a
' bal k seat nay. be would add i-riarice
1 to hi worldly duties and stand up. It
: did nut arear from the long and
' searching erins-cxamiuation that Wil
liam's physical eveiifhl was defective,
though he blood in the shadow of the
iijjhu? and in tho very frinifj of the
crowd, i'pon the contrary, he sat too
much. Moro than the bald heaucu old
sinners in the front row: more than
lea good, but not
i. lie
acted the fool i
tij ,n..
' 0 0OUnciln,.n
a the mjauspectinir fiah is ajjurjV'
11 utroLi UVI1UU oy IfJe JJ
citat icon bod v and mn.i;. .
do.-a the evil one oftn "1
ith h ,j ..i.- ... i
exclaimed nil the girls
works. She merely reads Tolstoi be
cause she finds in him a largo and rare
freedom from conventionalities which
suit her tastes entirely. Aud so she
takes him along, intending to skim over
the bad parts and read the good ones in
order to establish herself firmly in the
views which she already holds regarding
men, women, and things.
Thus beautifully equipped with all
mings necessary lor the happiness of
any human being possessed with the
spirit which any girl-bachelor enjoys,
this firm-hearted, manly girl sallies forth
with her trunk, if not in hand, ot least
npou her hack, looking for a nice cool
ihady place, not very far from the city.
A long railroad ride she can not afford,
and besides she wishes to be near town,
oo that she can run in occasionally to
hear a Thomas concert, enjoy an even
ing iu the roof garden, or see the fire
works at Manhattan.
Having found just the place which
be wants she assures herself that the
board will be fairly good and then sbe
cours around the country in search of
a creek and a boat, also a gun and fish
ing tackle. If you will take the trouble
to drive out into the country early any
summer morning you will see the girl
bacbelor starting out from the farm
house where sbe is rusticating with her
gun and fltlnod in hand and a book
under one arm on her way to the boat,
which she has chnrtcred for the sum'
mer. From her side will swing a bas
ket of eatables aud strapped nctmi her
houldera will be a gentlemanly canteen
of water.
it you will take tho trouble to w. trli
her you will see tbat she tases a short
cut through the woods, stopping only
long enough to take n peep iuio ine
bird's neat to see how the young rofcins
re getting along and to bid good mor
row to the iparrow who has built down
in raspberry hedge and who is frighten
ed all day long lest some one should dis
cover the secret of ber neat.
But tbe girl bachelor does not barm
her bird friends. 8he hnrries along,
topping again perhaps to fill a leaf
with ripe berrica or to gather a few
arly apple from a tree that overhanirs
tbe fence of some friendly neighbor.
Having reached the little rowboat,
which ii all ber own, sbe packs the
luncheon carefully awn in tbe bor at
one end of the boat. nui the run wimrn
it will keep dry and not do any harm
until it ia wanted, bangs tbe flshrod
over one aide of the boat, letting the
line trail Into the water with alluring
bait, and then the girl-bachclor fixes the
boat-cuabiona so tbat tbey exactly fit
her back, leans back upon them, opens
her book, and prepares for a lovely
long day of absolutely sweet do-nothiug-Bcse.
Sibyl, how cau you ever do anything so
trying and so tiresome?''
"but listen, girls," said Sibyl, "and I
will tell you how I maunge, so that it
isu't so very, very dreadful after all.
Although you must never tell. Now
promise me girls, before I tell you, that
you will keep it all a dead secret and
never breathe a word of it to any living
"We promise,
in chorus.
" Well, girls, since you promise never
to tell I will let you into the secret. It
is court-piaster."
"Court-plastcrl" cried the astonished
girls, "Why, what do you mean?"
"1 mean that I mend them with court
plaster, and it does the work beautifully
and nobody is any tho wiser. Yester
day 1 tore a hole in my parasol, my
white silk parasol, you know. It was a
dreadful hole and would have taken me
nt least 1111 hour to mend it. Now what
do you thiuk I did? I took a squiue
iuch of lovely while shiny court-plasler
and pasted it on underneath, and you
could never see the plnco where it was
torn, ibis morning I mended my pink
silk blozer wilh a piece of pick plaster,
and my navy-blue tennis suit is patched
iu two places with black court-plaster
uuuerueaui. Ana now, girls, are you
sure mere is nououy looking?
ju u.iuic me uny oiacK supper, up
came a little stockinged foot, and on tbe
soie ot it was what do you think?
postage stamp.
the speed was limited when running
through certain towns on tho road.
"Well, I wasn't keeping tbe time," he
"Was the bell ringing and the whistle
"1 suppose so, Tbat was the fire
man's business."
"Didn't you bear it?"
"O, I wasn't listening."
The Coroner let that pass and squared
himself for a last attack.
"Did you see tbe mm?" he asked,
6hooting a finger out in tho direction of
the engineer.
The engineer looked nt the finger a
momeut curiously, aud then blandly
"What man?"
Ibe dead man, sir, the dead man
Don't trifle."
"O, yes, I saw him."
"Now, sir, ba careful what you say,
laku plenty of lime to thiuk." Tbe
Coroner was most impressive. "When
and where did you first see him?"
fPL -
me engineer pulled Ins mustache
moiigulluliy for a moment.
i "lou want me to be exact?" heasKed.
j "1 do."
j ' It's pretty bard to estimate distance,
lyou know."
j "Of course, but a great deal depends
jou ii iu mis case, uo tho best you can.
Tho engineer pulled his mustache a
, little more. Then be said:
i "I won't be sure as to a foot one way
or tbe other, but my best estimate
j would be that a hen I first saw him be
j was four anfl i, half feet above tbe
He UiKounn Further of Snrt la Kos
llth Court's.
London. Julv I, I "91.
In my last I stand eoiim.itted to the
English system of coming' directly at
the facts, in the matter of a lawsuit by
methods and the production in court of
articles complained and disputed about,
tbat would in many instances be quite
shocking to our sense of judicial pro
priety. I instanced the cac; ofa countrywoman
of or cited to make good her defense
to the claim of an unskillful mod'uste for
the price of certain misfitting garments,
submitting tho same to the judicial in
Kpectinn on the proper person, and an
iutenced for use and ornament t) judi
cial liisjjuction of tho court iLseif, and of
tbe maligned rmiMc box grinding out
its own defcnsB to tho judge who un
happily, knows no more of music than j
a ciouics nurse, anu woo was aa ignor- very clever and large ized
ant of rhythm or of tune a one or two , dolls, most conspicuous which U the
Kansas judges whom it is my pleasure 'Vlown" and "pantaloon," whose gyra
to know l'"us a,u l'ut""n tttltl Judy antics great
ly amuseu me crowu, nut as aeispiy
paine4 and lacerated tho tender nouni-
I The le&ral oh BUG Cif tltt ritiii .... t .
I .1... 7: "... 01VU1
lire uuCTiiuu in orirnt-aA u.i ,
ant right of inaccuracy as t,
i uk-ui urioro ine cuv iv.n.i. i' i
'served for further meditation ' !..,"
. i iiu is tuiber ia.rri.
1, aiter i if the orchestra in the ciare of ' of the tiritiah rli.wn rr,.n .1 ,
tuo iwuiiiw, uu t,u " .'.- j iuuciivj iu Bioecu or I)nysir.ii .V
uiueana ine nalltacUry standing 0
else in all the great hall saw aided
mayl'x; by a tto'ncwhat trusted imagina
tionthere flashed across hia vision
and burned into hi soul wenes of im
propriety arid attitudes of Immorally
wholly unobserved by any other. Tbe part of" tho performance.
, the total misconception of sex and mor-
al of which cost the defendant so dearly,
j was ' Hurards .Marionettes," which
fall under the further condemnation or
being of Yankee tiH'ionality. In an
swer to a question from the court the
reputi-d father of the "Marionettes"
said ihev bad never ierforined before a
crowned head all of which U pleas-j
ing to our republican ideas of simplici
ty, and was In itself a circumstance
pointing to the inaccuracy of tho !
charge fulminated by my too zealous!
namesake. It is perhaps projier to ex-
ulaiu that the "Marionettes" consist of j
in a
witness" as a
wound up 1
wm" 01 juiiucj are man...
Imt.l .J m.L.I 1 . 1 . ... "t
wun us ail. v. L. j
Tb Or!,: oftb Nana Illlnol,"
To the Editor of tho Globe-Democrat:
r OUT SCOTT, Kas., July 17. -I f.
Since my last, however, and the hasty
conclusion 1 had reached u)Kin that sub
ject, a case has arisen hero wherein
this direct method, as it may be. called,
is made the subject of severe animad
versions ujion the part of the I.ondon
public and press so much so indeed,
that the case has been put down on the
"question list'' in the house of com
mons, and the government itwelt in
asked what is to bj done about it So it
would seem there js to bo a limit to the
courts personal examination of matters
in dispute, arid that they mav not with
propriety even, direct an accused tier-
meuicai examination
bilitics of the defendant, Parkinson.
"What is food to one ii fKilson to an
other," is as true in the show business,
it would seem, as in this culinary and
lew dangerous walk of life. At alt
events, this defendant councilman saw
in the performance of the "C." and
"IV only indecency: nav, even down
right vulgarity. So ho stated at a
council meeting; so it was rcuorUxl in
tbe papers and so this "royal" show
was injured in its box receipts, so the
jury say, In tho sum of l . 2."l. "Among
other things." said tho defendant, "I
;aw two figures chasing tho butterfly.
I saw the one liuuro sit
it. say In? "I'vo got
oiher figure, benduir
otieniiu i-ubj! iMi,iii.itin.,
names of western states and rivers, in
which the writers strive to show tif.
and strange definitions. Not Urn
since. I saw s compilation con.i..
tbe sUte of Illinois, which showed that
the word Illinois had a great varie.y 0f
meanings In various Indian languages,
alt of which seemed to mo to be entirely
fanciful. If you will permit a siuntao.
tt.. T - III L. .
nun. wink niouj n mi sun -ars w m to
o xne origin 01 the name.
Tliro iu n nn t;..,.: .1. !- .
very great number of word derived
from the original Latin which almost
entirely retain their oriuinal ijni
form. But few of them have been
changed. Some words, that in Iiin
r"gin with tho letters pi, in .Spani-h
b -gin with the letters 11.
It Is familiar to all writers that, in
Western Texas, Captain John Pope, af
terward major general, surveyed and
staked out a line of road through to
the KioGrando. The plains over which
the road was surveyed afterward U.
cam? nmrked n-on the map as "IJanoi
i.aciuo.i iu laj army 1 had acmn
pauion who had rnn a member of that
surveying trip, und be explained to mn
tho name as meaning. "Tue Stak.-d
Plains." saying that there was a dialect
in Spain that pronounced the letters 11
tho same as pi. This man wan a fluent
"There was a hole there " wliiansrs
vuc vuiprii, guiiiny, auu 1 didn t even
lake tbe trouble to cut a piece of court
plaster; I just stuck on a postage stamp.
And see how beautifully it holds."
Taking a lung-bath is one of the fan
cies of the summer girl. It is too
warm now to go for a brisk walk, but It
is delightful to sit out in tbe sun with
an umbrella over one's head and an In
teresting magazine in one's lap. To
thoroughly enjoy these lung baths a
womrui most bo dressed from head to
foot all in flnnnel. Flannel undergar
ments and a flannel dress. She feels
then that she can perspire without do
ing damage to anything she is wearing
aud that a little rinse in (ho tub and "a
shake-out will make her rAifnma mm I
T5oou as new tor another lung-bath the
oexiany. Alter she has sizzled aud
fried for an hour in the hot sun she gets
-I, uerscu out, and walks home
not looking a great deal the worse for
ber Turkish bath.
"Fiannel is flannel, wet or dry " to
quole from the immortal Mrs. Alcsbine
and tho suinmsr girl realizes this as she
saunters along, cool and comfortable
though sbe has been baking for the last
hour. After tbe walk home, a vigorous
rub-down, and a set of clean clothes, the
summer girl may go down to dinner
feeling tbat she bas lengthened her days
sdded ten years to her youth, and made
herself Just as pretty as sweet, smiling
nature would permit
7 trr-Bm
J"'., car M
Hi m
n - f. a
A Canine Newsboy.
A newsboy in the City of Mexico has
taken a partner into bis business ia tbe
person 01 a tarn and Intelligent dog.
The animal follows bis owner about,
j y Y,f ""? W"" mouth,
and will walk op to a prospetir pur-
mtmmvm eon 01 way l Bat
gmmtt f jmeemia, ad if k aak
sale be brlngi baefc U noatj to ait
ef tlxtz-. A..
The Jury Had Deen "Influenced."
Judge Miller is a delightfully pleas
ant story teller, and when not on the
bench it pleases him to meet his friends
nu.l swap a few stories. The other day
he told one about himself and tho late
nnriie Moore. -They
were employed to defend a lit-
ue negro uown 111 one of the out-of-the-way
towns of Virginia. The bov
had stolen over 300 from his eiuplove'r
and was to bo tried for grand larceny.
The day of the trial it was bitter cold,
aud as the Judge was not so pro
nounced a temperance man as now he
found plenty who were willing to join
biin in suifflers.
The evidence wn dead against hie
Client, and he and Mr. Moore realised
that argument, with--copious slug of
bug juice, were the only thinijs which
would save him. At noon ii,- jn.i.
aud jury, uuon invitatinn f j..a?.
Miller and Mr. Moore. adiournml'm h
nearest saloon.
When court 111 nt all fult ,i
Mr. Moore made a splendid argument,
as did also Judge Miller. They liter
ally demolished all the virlnv
the bov, and tho jury sat in open
mouthed wonder.
It required iust un mtnnt.. A.
. , m, mm, M U
the jury to come in. anil tho f,-.m,
said: "We bavo foun' the prisoner
pilty of petit larceny, though we
specs he got the $300." Tho Judgo
belched forth a Dint or mom of inhoonn
juice nod said: ' How in ti.n liH
you do it?" Tho verdict ,wj rendered,
however, and aaotber Vlfiit It'll niaalal
tbe saloon. Washington Pott.
A Trne Story.
This, I am, assured is a true tor I
says n writcrlin the Detroit Free Preit.
ne gcniiemnn hiaiself told it to me
and tho lady, now bis wife, sat beside
iui nnu numitted it to bo true. lie
had waited on nor for several weeks
when one evening be resolved to kiss
uci. nun 101a ner so.
"You shall do nothing of tbe kind "
she said with 11 good deal of nnperitj.
But be wa. not to be frighfca.4 out
w. " rouonea tor lier. bat sbe
,h7uV 'J"1 ,n0Mly declared
that if he undertook any such liberties
... ieniD. ne didn't beliare
be would, so be grabbed her up and
0 a wu' "ing smack.
Snro enough, (be scrMrkl nt.
uaot galliope. and frightened the
i " ".iruijn oat or aisnnss.
for be heard the fasnil rn.wi.-!!.
the parlor. TUc young lad, -otBU
was too lint lo eater aad tbe father
came close behJol.
"What's tho inatterr
A ,1 .. . .. .
iuu enin.-i ia.ay so wneu i relied ujion
the incapacity of wjme of our own judi
ciary to sit in judgment and gravel v
weigh tho facta by jersunal observation
anu Hearing ax In tho cases I have cited.
1 nope to oe acquitted
siricerest regard and
ior our juuges and especially these I
may mention, but by way of illustration,
think of Judge Guthrie of Topeka, ad
justing hU specks, p'aoin his tobaixio
in a convenient l-cc'ptacle and leaning
over his desk to inspect the fit of a
.Jersey, the set of a waist, tho cut of a
bias, the spacing of a ruffle, or the finish
of a summer hat: or of Judge Benson of
Ottawa, Bitting in judgment on the
merit of a music box, a piano or a hand
organ, and not being able to distinguish
its most plaintive notes from the rasp-
indecent;" but obviously it was not, for
the "Clum." "Pantaloon" and the
f.nn In Aithmit 01
ill refutation nf tHf,.innfj ,.,..t,.o,i;t,. 1 "Own Uxm
rv of luiliee fesimmnv 11 Wi ,,.. ,.. ' 'I hen the
such examination the virtue and inno- , , u ,w;,"s ln "H "ining down, i r" jier, ami naa uvea m
cflnce of a woman is thereby made ' ' 'w,"'re"'' Then tho sitting figure : ouaniah speaking countries for several
clear. ; said, 'look,' and at the same time lifted ' )'fi'lr,,' bIUc" Irving in tho regular
Like most rules, it doubtlessly works: both ''ft into the air." That was tho i f . r! mav te mma doubt s''l't
unhappily in somo cases, and I'm not rforniance said the too Imai'inative 1 1 nol,u1 alaloct U) which lie referred.
sure now but our own courts are rig'il ; defendant, "which I considered Uj be
in avowing that which may lead to the
uly criticisms and scandals referred 1.0
JSutterlly," were brought into court,
and quite as entertainingly as the music
mux rcierreo to in my last, went through
ino whole performance even to the
sitlingon the butterllv and the e!vR-
of any want of Uon of beels, and were fully vindicated
highest resiK.jt I l" their characters bv tho iurv's vm.
uicu ine ueiendant and his story
were knocked out on the first round
alter the appearance of the "C" and
"1 " and the "b-f upon the witness
stand in their own behalf Th Hf.i
ant had also dropped a remark to the ! Spanish words, with tbelr Latin. French
eueci inaione presumably the '-num" i g'"n equivalents, showing that
Shortly after recelvlnu- that, i
lion, nearly thirty yerrs ago, I saw an
old map of the United States, andacroM
the place where- IllinoU now stands
were marked the wards "Llanos In
dians." Tneso were tho Indians of the
plains and the namo came from the
early .Spanish settlement.
In the year IWJO the province of Iu
Isiana wa ceded by Spain to France,
from whom we obtained it The .Span
ish pronunciation of tho word Harm
might probably bo represented in Kn
glish by the word cl-ltj-ah-nos.
i he following is a list of some of thu
was a maio ana the other figure who
sat upon tho captured butterllv. a
female. One reason for this to him I-Mt,fl
was that one was larger than the other ' Planus
a very unsafe test, certainly. f,,r I Planus
judging of so delicate o matter as i Pluo
can hardly call a man a lir hum -i.t.
out his taking oflense. Only yesterday
an account 01 a
w. . l'f'ienpor wno ha W-n
Hitoly notified by the superintendent
of tho under-ground road that he
would be required to pay tho sum
of fifteen cents for a journey in the com
pany's cars which he had made without
a ticket The plaintiff claimed that he
had lost hiy icket. aud, greatly offended
at the mild though pointed insinuation,
sued for hbol. For the defanuo it was
setup, and successfully, that the libel
was not a libel; if It was a libel it had
"Ll .Publi!jh(l: ad ifitbad been
published it was privileged. So in tho
case I am trying to refer to, tho defend
ent said ho didn't say at least all that
was imputed to hint, but if he did say it
it was true, and whether true or not it
was privileged, and therefore not 'ac
tionable His namo was William Carl
son Parkinson; by profession a manu
facturer of gas meters, whereby ho bail
nauo a fortune and tho rmmnani..a u.
mialab-onl., -.. "'Hu."
through a foggy Undon air still fur
ther ounUminaM by the miasmatic
theatre atmosphere; felicitous neither
n his physical or moral atanding-for
...v.. swnuiiig iiko a crane on one
foot in the outskirts of the crowd, like a
goose he. hissed at the wrong tiu,0
taucd bctwc,.n duty and dSubt and
wholly tingulded by the star of experi
enco, is it ay wondl!P thal 1 f
sake saw indecency in light- ooLhI
W" t1"? ln lh of 1
clum iho dolls sat on tho butterfly
and now the jury BU on Mr. Parkinson
In the one case tbe fcrowd laughed and
in the other they cheered. The defen
dant might be misUiK-en. He had nev
er been at a show before-had not w
much as taken the children just u"
tDinmthS0 a"? !'erd a" ch"h
stoi in tho ftsashv light of the aqua-
In ui fld have vall'l nothing
in u Is case-here was the performance
ami the capacity- lhan Jum0ugh
SMakint witessw. demonstrated
. .. v,,,,,
ing of a horse fiddle at a charivari. j in this or our own country. He further 1 ' ''"
..v 1... ease 01 last wcelc and j u"u Jauiny erreu in thinking the name
which I was about to cite in favor of "Joey," applied to one of the dulls was
this practice of tho judges in this a Japanese name signifying
country "seeing with their own eyes and a female. Indw-d it i U
hearing with tholr own ears" a prae-Miuito likelv that
l.'C.. W.Hch 1 aT' ly now to repro- Cluding Z butJ n" "n"j
uaie as 1 was incn U commend The I with inrb.Hnu .11 . 1 ?.
skinned aud moro of a tenderfoot t,h rim Jul .'L ,fwl:n ut, lhu aqua-
his cousin over the rv ia'a "Z J 'T. " :"T .""e'euuani no uoubt
the word llanos is
from the ijitiii fur a
seed the
Vtl '
oo yooag motood by tat plaoo.
wUhlng tko roof would fall bory
f" aack. and tko
Uln tUn.r. JI..I.I....I . ' U"
Si?."ri rr ,u"uun.'-oi "aptirt l not necH.rlai .. .'.":'".'. r"y
had bet
for Par
auv ne would iim.i ,.,.,,,,,.,..,,1.1
, f . .1 . . . w.. U Ul- LIll'lllK.l VftU In.l I ..
vision ot ine ironsides He woulJ T" ' . ,uwa 'o cquariah
Spanish. Knglish '
Llano A plain
Lleno Full
Llovor To rain
Llorar To ecp
Lluvla A shower
Thre is but a very small transition
from the Spanish pronunciation pass
ing up, an it did through the French,
and then converted into English. The
namo of Illnois, if so derived, is
"Plains," and the term is verv sig
nificant, because there is no stato'ln tin
union tbat Is loveler than tho state ol
Illinois. It is vastly more level than
either Iowa, Nebraska or Kansas. Tim
latter state has variations of over 4,f0
feet in its levels, and is mounUncoiis as
compared wltn Illinois, its vast inland
prairies. Inhabited by Indians, very
properly gave to those Indians tho
name of tho "Llanos"' Indians, Hence,
it is reaaonablo to believe that the word
Illinois Is Latin origin, and has no d(
Hvation whatever from Indian languag
es. . . ' K. F. Wakk.
scnooi ten limes longer than ho. 1 llinii,,,, a 7. ', ot by con-
;n in the council, refused to run nor d-.nhy ,Z '""'"V!" testimony,
liament and is nnnlie.aKV.. 1 Uauv. Photographs nor stunid mJj.
to all classes of .1;7.. ' i a;'u J,CDC"lD.'9 card boards wem iAI
of amusement. In CWeF. U,a
, t,uwn ana f.n
sailed in tbo Mayflower if ho hal been
at the dock when that ship left, and
kindled llrcs at the burning of the
witches in Salem had ho livod in the
county. And yet, picasing as it is for a
Ksnsuu to note that all the truly good
jieoplo huvo not gono west to sr,w nn
with tho country, tho fact must be
stated that twuwltucs. bo was knocked
out in ho flnt roilad by Punch and
Judy dolls, and a, a defendant export at
a questionably mora show m..i..i
tbo tunc of twclvo hundred and fifty
dollara. Ala., that 1 - ' ly i
. . , , - - kwu n man
whatever hi iiame-thould meet dis
comflt in a "ourt of justice and loss
slwkel by reason of only an obesity of
ploui verdancy and puritanical Inno
oouso. a a councilman he was opposed
to the granting of a llconan i
aoquarium, a place of amusement In
"": '" iiu ce-uain otner "roval"
persona and things, not lmayit en
.wumi , in af uiJU manmtv iuu
Mbooto a. a' happy" h"X
witormark n thefresheU of KnXb
Uto and BrltUh morals. But how w
tbo couDcllraan and omtMiU- ,.i
tSi.d? 01 "torif."- "Ickedoeie
without eiposl.,, the citlwsn t "
uipny were the mere " l,.l, fV Tr
the action. The Ph.,...,'. '.""f
ffHir ?f U' . though
in this Instance ia.i.. ,.r v 1' ,ou""
Tl f "d brings wln Z
An adverse finding would i,li
.viVUU a OiBCat ftVrt In A
cna wou Id
service with tho
who makes . ""Z f lnU
t 11 --- 11 ui own
i-iice certain eortafipaiUe.- . '
gone Rlfatomr.
long and brilliant a service with'
auwutm." His not every nlaJnil
who makes a rrl -1. . V ,P'ntlir
t I I . . 'nu in nisi nur
mZia ?p1, they
Perturbed cross examination: nnu.I.
b ofaoog, . miiUkS tTZ'mx Zi
with such witness, a, thWi?
he J matter ZyZZZ " ?" d
camp meeting in the matter 0f I a,
pute as to fun or proprtetr Th! tr
tive of tho wlteeTCun' quJ:
A Depot Incident.
Many tender little incidnets are wit.
nessed by tbe oftlclals about the union
d ipot. Something happened last night
that caused a number of people to tern
their beads. Some of them were smil
ing when they looked. Some of thorn
were not smiling when they turned
their heads back the other
way. Perhaps a tender chord
was touched in somebody's breast; may
be a tender thought of a dead mother
worked Its way up through the dead
leaves and mold of years of busy life
and forgctfuliRsj. It was only a gray
haired, toll worn old woman, grown
wrinkiod with the cares of three scoro
year or moro an old mother, likely a
farmer s wife or widow, She was hug
glng to her throbbing breast a big, tell,
bjonsd boy well, hardly a boy, as bo
must have been full 25. Tbe big tears
were chasing one another down tho
deep furrows of her foiled chocks, but
there wa happiness beaming from every
lineament of her features. 8ho drew
the big fellow to lier breast again and
again, while ho kissed tho tear from
the old cheek; kissed her with an ardor
that any young maid of seventeen might
think adorable ia a lover. They were
dea-er to each pther then lovers.
On down the platform lingered anott
er young man who seemed to to con
nected with tho mother and her son.
Ho carried aval lee and kept looking
back toward tbo couple. I approached
him and in answer to a ountion. he
ll: "Vos. thev are mv mother and
brttber." II
long time? Weil yes, long for tbem,
very long. It's only five eefka, though,
but you soo, they lived on the farm and -never
were apart a eek ai a time be
fore. Vou see It goes bard with mother
to be away from nor boy.'
They stopped several times to embrace
before they pasted around tho batrgaaTO
room and reached tbo oablo car. Kan
a City Times).
A Philadelphia preachor announced
that be would moro than redouble bis
work daring tho heated term, auklnff
bis sermoM longer aad holding meet
Jnf tronr night in tho waokrVlthln
two dam hbl aMe-tWMliaa had mada un
Jrw to aa4 Om to Euros for tan
1 ,..-.