The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, October 01, 1891, Image 5

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vrup !
r ' I tnA riti tMU
v V.., p that Umsuun-
.'V..-ic. In
P'.:',l..f bring in the con-
& creatures living in the
V i.n'ii-.css there and
5Jtv as catenas do
;u" the leaves of trees.
The phlecrm that is
V Pinched up id those
i'. tX tie lun-js
J53, - ..1. li i v i la-e-n
V II I - -
j .i,.cirftvi'(l. These
Is . .i, r,fnif4 are railed.
a.- ti . . .
... u- sj-t-ii with the
V3 . . -ri vt-rv ninth
but '-j " , '
.lino. anu euier ibc
fuUU, luv:
i.r...i.Tii 1 he Dores of
Me'i. .ft into the
df-ualiy arrive at the lungs
.' ?.iiti with
l in, loosens im
the ni. heal Use -places
! . ....l, --iul illlll
:n '. ... j i ...
- '"in s.s lv ri: ' His
'..uuai;li,. was the faih,.r.
such us handle barn and .,,.,:.
i ,,,a. i . .
ii'TUMiian and the other a
ji.ii.ii, nit; )ount r son
t .
t tne
ill out
jtlu y who cheerful, mir grandfathers ; high Gou, delegating perhaps to uncon
i "!! graii.lmoili.-r usei m,K -(lehet.. ' secratwl men aud women this most
Hiieu lii. v were mcdative, then , solemn and most delightful service,
board theetilnr house raiiT it. va .,. .., n ,.. f,;i;ra t
uUi m H-f and t. Euumid's.": the duty of sacred song. We want
uerethev t;!rn.-lf n, ....... i. ...m. ........ i . .. - - i.
. ' - """." gic.a eacii laiuuy oi our congregation uiue
, irnu 'I Ht'. In..- f... u' .... ..1. " . . ........
vuts tl i r t ! u ' uuu:mi k. a siiiguiij sctiooi. CUU016U peiuiauce,
organ buil.ter. lit- s'art.-fl tl.. r . ! , "'l'l't-u in visions ol Uin oliduracy and intractability would be
wuii that luilt-u fr,)llt t'woilr.wl ' me i imrcli, they sang ". ion." soothed if we had more singing iu the
ihhtrnm.Md willWl has ,..," m i ( ";; 'JV.-rb- with U. love .Ind hoMs-hu;d, aild then our little one would
! with the ttursJ.ii. of Uit- a- !, ! i ., '' -"V "An.-l. And be pn-pareil lor the great congregation
v.hat improv.iii.-ot h-, iw? . . f ,llr:i' v.-e certai:i tunes on Sabbath day, their voices uniting
! t.,. ,l i : i::;:,::: i ;;r 1 -t'y-thourvoieJ'huhe nai
lVni,,r,M s..i. ........ V 1 h,m'llv"-'1 l"''"'-' a Rreat. v:.:iU; : Lord. After a shower there are a score
,, ' -".. ;i.oig.-, two old i-o.l.-. and ive haven,, ri
"x-h.ustmn, (.oig.
ind ,lo.i.h liix.tli' ...i.i
'r... t - 1
tl... r 1. .1 1 .
h, u.m imjju .laruine ol our own
city. I do not wunder that n the
l.r: lull .,ri;an that e read of as given
in by un eii,jt.:(irof tlie mat to a
kil.;r o!,; i,..ii:iiittl t. itu itj full
''' "T a v.oaia;i l. Ii n.t
tO '1 .i.:r:l Ii,.f
to,a. 'Jin
ltMI."!. ,.,.t ,.,, i
1 . ifc. n m M
lkl'i, 10 r-s"liw.y.
a a
llfc.i- ' ' .... .. ..... uturwa
1.1 ir !'" ' ' " -
rnrrn cuseo to stay cured.
drrwol f vrry uflrr'r m she
51 RliiH f.EuB-.c.i;.'r
I ki ear 1 4" . a""". nl
Mmmla 4 o"' wi
. KOOT. t J- i f". m.t .1. 1.
i' iwlliig rmwlv f-r : i in
rtxm ur I"' Ibe lt:;s-
rt(iC",i"',,'1 ln r":"m'Dlilc "
. wlU fti nMfTt'f.r.
1'BICK tJl--
iiuuLry l.l' in n.ii Aiji'inliii'.
j m'' euautrr l.o iravelcr n.iHt
..irliriiar. nincli let" :.( liiiit;
mti, lie IIUHl U')t rxn.'Cl io nun
i-Dt aiimnjr the liiliabitantf.
Wl,o!o df'ii'U b;tivly stillicn to
bu tiw combat Saiiit t!W eie-
k Mill. I camiot nfriin iriin
it!io imiirrMton of n'hM!i. and
t iiijiiui.-i-a be (he oigbt of the
mimI coh.nie d the ..uiijiil, anil
Iglioitisenf the life that Ihe iiibsib
iu V.'iitv the- m -ijnriiy live
e billies! for they have not
s Ik clean !v itiittinet of the be:its
be licld. 't'hi'ir Louies are Jc.-s
pb!e to the eye than an lxiu:
b'l but. Tiie (vbv they nniltr.-at
ruimili is uli'UJninl' lo behohl.
Ely do you h Hie face of a ln".
.rel.ihl that does not wear a
lai an.) b-roeioiH fXrelon. lo
riliajrci ihero arts no elubi. no
pnn, no ehurohe. no iinelsi, rare-
! I'Iib men and women
eat, and sleei., mid their only
fMoa U the 'TO-vWrt beftuiHty.
Nia;' and drinking in the pulperfi.
Eow-iiionaUy a 1(1 lie killing aim
iver-liriie-. During my whole
a ti e Ar,;'.'iitine, aud lu all tli s
pi that I visited. 1 wt rtrae-: by
siler aUenee of moral restraint,
w tiw hard maleriaiity of t'")
firf tii people, from lh liihest
l the IokmL-Iheodore Child,
Vvptr'i Mugnsine.
An Anoiant.
1 Ul'lil.Ulll
reason v.s i.e. or re-
ijesty oi a yreat orL'an.
nk: iluiiy ptaj, d, it ahnoit too much
or unman endurance but how much
the ::;itniin":it lias iiuiie in the rei, .
lol laoel,: ol l.ivioH s, i i ice it wilt take
ail and ail to celebrate. J
A l-al, wh'-n vb d.dieated this
ehurcli to the service of Almiirhtv t.od.
mir oi r;.iii v. ,ii not more than half done.
Hle.H new cou.e cui.!;,'.ctiou
ti...t tn.H 1 tin -a. -h a a-niion
'.at .try ot this i.ii.ty tbrei.e of
ed Round. It fleets the eve us well
a.s t...- ear. Ih hoM llu:t mountain of
Hiinenr.d '1 Ins forest of hosaunahs! Its lij j.eruhar.
'J here baa U-eu ni.ivh discus-ion as
to ..hero music v,-.u barn. I think
tintl a' tin.' beginning, v. h. n tiie morn-
1 li (4 st,.rs san togetaer, and the huiis
cd le d siiouied lor joy, that the earth
l.iard the .rhii, 'iiiy cloud on wbicli
the angeii stood to ((-lebrate the crea
tion, was the bhtlipiace td song. In
animate nature is lulled (iou'ss'.ringed
and v.iiid instruments. Mienco itself
peiii ,. t b..''iice -is only a miihical rest
in (htd's great autheui of vsoiship.
Wind aiiioiig the leaves, inn. cts hum
ii.iul.' in thrt Miininer air, 'ho rush of
biiiow upon bt-.u-li, llie ocean far out
tuundu.g ill everlasting psalm, the
bobolink on tlio edge of the lorest, the
tjuiul l.i.tlii.Ki tram the grass, are
music. On U.aeii vveh's island 1 heard,
mining from a window of the lunatic
nsljuiii.a very fewcet son . it was sur.g
i,v't,in! who had lost her reason, and I
have come to believe thai even tne de
rate.'wl and disdrdeied eh mi lit of na
ture would make inm.iu to our ear if we
only aeilleltess enougii to listen. 1
suppose that even the hounds m nature
tiiat are discordant and repulsive uial.t-
judoascar. i ou Know mat
uie to near to an oh-ium....
d.i aie liiiiimd instead ol.
think uu stand so
oii may c
that the foi
,,),.aiiirable: :tnd 1
near devastating storm and Inghtlul
whirlwind that, we cannot hear that
which makes to God's ear and the ear
of the spirits above us a music as com
plete as it is tremendous.
he day of judgment, which will bo
a day of uproar and tumult, 1 suppose
will bring no disonuance to the ears of
lho.,e who can calmly listen; although it
be as when some great preloriner is ex
ecuting ii boisterous piece- of music, he
sometimes breaks down the instrument
u w Inch he plays, to it maybe on that
..,..( ,!-.n lhal l ie Kiauu manuoi
the lingers oi .o...
uul coiihiU'iauon, may
P Eajlisu naturalist who nut in
Jtwata boarding house, spent
Wit live iu tracimr the bodbuz
Mo his nativa lair. Ho found per-
BMthi'utic information 10 prove
P Ike hiM-et existed mid whs full of
in the year 120 1!. C. Ho wan
Vfcanii in i'Iih cantii of the army,
PMwar fleet wm deemml tilted out
iiber-il snrinkliu.
1 draw
r enesti All RnlTeiinir from
r-'mf the Thn,at and llourm-
r'1'! be agreeably surprised at the
?Je rehef afforded by tho use of
t" BruHiMal Troche." com
J boxes.
Xha!3 Blavatsky islead. Sh
P'tudentof theosonhv. whioh Is
klrid of lunacy into which people
r'h who laek ambition to indulee
pPracUcaUffairi of life, or ta.sU
("I kind of social dliwlllon, drift.
f "reputed to ba brilliant, diain
f ad learned in many languages,
f'lllieiil. lww.nno iha world
"' interpret hjr mvtlcinm, and
"aticr could she make herself un
I'hora ar torn like br lB
Mjaopin rcctoI that tho Prince of
l . "wuriv tipri w i nuijtuit inn "
?l height, and would shin a big
by doing , be could regain tho
ao proud of twenty yr ago
my sccouDt for the fact turn
mess was, mornlnff sod
rrt- wu disv
.to be mxn on Iho roads of Horn proiielUng blinttelf about
l"9cle. Tbo trirTele sad tlio Prince's
J! suit of flannel were a perfect
Jto Ibis Oenoan watering placs.
. ) rear U wrwidromlv dull, and
TJ-M (or Anertt-ans who chased
jfjjj? Uilther it would bars been well-
i-i.r-ei by
ri h:i At!
llllioll Which the
urea u" ' , . .
niti'oC is executed. Not only is inam
. u-nauue loll of music, but t.od has
witdertullyorgani.ed the human voice,
w that in tne Plamest tb.oi.t and lungs
there we fourteen direct muscles which
l i. Ver Vm diii' ielit ivoumi?,
thirty indirect muscles
which can make, It has Ueen
nire thi.n lol.WM' W e"iluu3'
wbei.tiodhasso emisuu ...
'-. i. . ..a If., lull I led
uinan voice, uim..
whole earth witu uar.uu,,,,
, recognued it in the ancien
1 have aright to come to the
1 . , . . n.uuil music.
conclusion u.a.uuue, -
, the tirstargumeui
, tiie lacL
.hJ euuimanded it. Through
. ...i.,.,, one an-
lUI llo tells Ui iu aum
1111 1 l..i,mi and stunt-
other in 1V''" " "7.,,. lie cries
auongsiandtnniugu.. -
. ... j.. to liOU. II" J v
Pl'-ry of ( i,n,t, they sang "An
in thosi dav j In, re were cert a
marri. 1 t-j ! :ta.ii hvnms,
have llvnl
two old
to divorce thro, -vi,-j. :...) i,-..ti.
to joined together :, t i; ,,m lmt asuniler.'
Hut how- hard-hearted we must be it
all this sacred musk- of tiie past does
not start us heavenward.
Jhit I must now speak of some of
the obstacles in the way of the advance
ment 01 tnis sacred music; and the
first is that it hits been impressed into
tl.e service of snperstitutiou. 1 am
far from believeing that music ought
always to be positively religious, lie-'
fined art has opened places were music
has been secularized, and awfully so.
The drawing room the musical club,
the orchestra, the concert, by the grati
fication of juire taste, and the pro
duction of harmless amusement and
the improvement of talent, have be
come great forces in the advancement
of our civilization. Music has as
much right to laugh in surrey gardens
as it has to iii i.y in X. 1 aid's. In the
kingdom of nature we have the glad
song of the wind as well as the long
metre psalms of the thunder. Jlut
while all this is so, every observer has
noticed that thhj art, which (lod in
tended for the ear and the voice, and
the heart, has often been impressed
into the service of f'aise relgions.
False religions have depended more
upon the by lulling of their congregation
than upon tho pulpit proclamation of
their dogmas. Tartiui, the musical
composer, dreamed one night that
.Satan snached from his hand an instru
ment and played upon it something
sweet a dream that has often been
fulfilled in our day, the voice and the
instruments that ouidit to have been
devoted to Christ, captured from the
church and upphed to purposes of su
perstition. Arfother obstacle in the advancement
of this art has been thueroneous notion
that this part of tho service could be
conducted by delegation. Churches
have said: "Oh what an easy time we
shall have. This miniister will do
the preaching, the choir will do the
singing, and we shall have nothing to
do." And you know as well as 1 that
there, are a great multitude of churches
all through tins land, where the people
are not expected to smg, mo wuote
work is done by delegation of four, or
six, or ten persons and the audience are
silent. Jnsucli a eiiurcn in oji.ic.uac,
an old elder persisted in singing and so
tho choir appointed a committee to go
and ask tho 3411 ire iflio woulli llot stuI'
You kno.v that in a great multitude of
churches the choir are expected to do
all tiie singing, and the great mass of
the people are expected to bo silent,
and if you utter your voice you
ti.rl'r.riiiL'. There they Sulil't
with onera glass dangling at their side
nornr'nock of Alien, Cleft for
with tho same spirit that tho night be
. 1 . .. . ...a- n.n i- oin t
fore on the stage, mey 1
iu tho "Grand Duchess" or "Don Gi
ovanni.'' My Christian friends have we a
nt ileleeaielo others 1110 uisiai.u s-
rrfalti Baking : I
iit ; of streams that come down the
Used in Millions of Homes AO Years the Standard.
tain side with voices rippling and
silvery, pouring into one river and then
rolling in united strength to the sea.
So, I would have all the families m
our church sent forth the voice of
prayer aud praise, pouring into the
great tide of public worship that rolls
on aud on to empty into the great.
wide heart of God. Jsever can we
have our church sing as it ought until
our families sing as they ought,
I want to rouse you to a unanimity
m Christian song that has never yet
been exhibited. Come now! clear
your throats and get ready for this duty
or you will never heartho end of tlus.
never shall forget hearing. a Frenchman
sing the ".Marseillaise" on the Champs
Elysces, J'aris just before the battle of
Sedan in 1870. I never saw such en
thusiasm before or since. As be sang
that national, oh, how tho. Frenchmen
shunted' Have von eve.nill ail Kn-
glish assemblage heard a band pwj
"God Save the Queen?" If-you know
something about the enthusiasm of a
national air. Now 1 tell you that
these songs we sing Sabbath by Sabbath
.'irnthe na tional airs of Jesus Christ
and of the kinedom of heaven and 11
vn. 1 do not. learn to shur them here
j - . "
how do vou ever expect to sing
song ol Moses aud the Lamb? 1 should
not be surprised at all if some of the
best anthems of heaven were made up
of some of the best songs of earth
t.,,r iiwruflon our reverence for
I hristian psalmo'ly ana Keep us nvm
disgracing it by our indifference and
frivolil V When Cromwell s army
. . .,...1 1. 1- 41. lu.-wl
went into oaiuene swuu m
of them one day and gave out the long
meter doxology to the tune of the 'Old
Hundred," aud that great host,
company by company, bat
talion by battalion joineu in the dox
ology :
Praise (iod from whom all blessing tlow;
1'iniM! ilim, all creatures hero Iwlow,
I'rnio llim alnive, ye heavenly host,
Praia - father, Son and Holy tihost.
And while they sang they marched
and while they marched they fought
mid wnile they fought they got a
victory. Oh men and women of Jesus
t,.iot let 119 err. into alt our sonuicis
V ol ion, -u d '
Th Maes or tTalm' Wht
It is an open secret that the Prince of
Wales is borely exercised about his in
creasing weight, and would sien a big
cheek if by doing so he couta rrgum mc
waist he was so prouu 01 iweuir j'8
Perh spa this may account for the fact that
bis ltoyal Highness was, morning and
evening, to be seen on ine roaus 01 huui-
burg laboriously propeuiug u-an
on a tricycle. The tricycle and the Prince's
suuff -colored suit of flannel were a perfect
odsend to tins Uerwaa waierir piacc.
which this year is wonaroutty uun, ma
were it not for the Americans who chased
the Prince thither it would have been well
nigh empty.
fussy impulse of
imnressiou would
The bruskne and
rlavn of false
rate down till as worthless because on
is unworthy. As it mere were ..0
motes in sunbeams! Or comets among
stars! Or cataracts in peaceful rivers.
lieca-use one remedy proiesses
what it never was adaptea to uo, mc ,.a
remedies worthless? Jiecause one u?
tor lets his patient die, are all humbugs '.
1. rnxn .00 Q tl II A PVP. 11 U lll.ri Uiam
to discriminate-to draw the different al
line. . . ... ,a
'They say' that or. nerces ..umco
Xedicrl Discovery ana in. iinw
Favorite Prescription nave cuitu luuu-
sands. , . -.. .
"They say' tor a weaK systeui uieic
nothing better than the "Discovery
and that the "Favorite Prescription is
the hope of debilitated, feeble women
who need a restorative tonic and brac
ing nervine. And here's the proof
Try one or hoth. If they dont help
you, tell the "World's Dispensary Medi
cal Association, of Buffalo, N, i., and
you get your money back again.
Wumrd by m Cow.
Two prominent men the other morning
were waiting at Willow creek, in Modoo
county, California, for the Susanville staff
to come from Bleber on its way to Bosan
ville, where one of the parties was to go.;
The distance was a !od one, and the stajs
leaves unusually early in the morning la
order to make the trip. The Kentleman
had remained in Adln Thursday night and
driven out to meet the stage. To get there
on time the parties left Adin at about 2
o'clock in the morning, and as it seemed
warm both were thinly clad. In an hour ,
they reached the stage road and com
menced a patient wait for the United
States coach. They became tired and
chilled, and in walking .around one came
in contact with an old cow lying down,
and found her to be erfectly gentle. He
therefore called Ins friend, ana Dom nat
down in the dust, with their backs against
the cow, in which position they remained
until the stage arrived at 5 o'olock. One
can imagine two men Lassen county's
present District Attorney and the ex
Superintendent of Schools hugging thai
old roan for over two hours to keepw'arm.
William says: "Perhaps it didn't look
nice, but felt so."
Hint for Bud Spoil"-
"How do you'spell deceased?'' asked the
sereeant of the doorman.
"With a i, I guess,
' returned the door
man. , , . . .
"Come off! mere is no z ui u.
W'here is tiat dictionary ?"
I rtnn r. Know. .sir. ocir -
r.g for it last night."
"That's tough. I'd
That's tough, l m not sure auu
that word, ana i aon i waut w -
"Follow Sergt. 's plan, then, sug
gested the dqprmtm. Whenever he gets
Stuck on spelling a word he wnics it pho
netically and quotes It"
are in-
tho four
of" this duty which God demands of us?
Suppose that four woou-tnrusnrs
should propose to do all the singmg
some origin day when the woot.s are
ringing with bird voices. It is decided
that four wood-tlirusnes sua"
the singing of tho forest. Let all other
! ten silent. How beautifully
f0ur warble. It is really hue
mll8ie. But how long will you keep
Um forest still? Why, Ohnst would
t.m(;illU) that forest and look up as he
Ued through the olivcs.'and he would
ve his hand and say; "'Let ever -
at, iiin " - -
thing thii
and keeping time
iwith the stroKe of
ngin'g the praises of God, and then
instead of falling back as we otten uo
from defeat to defeat, we will be
marching on from victory to victory.
Glory to the Father and to the Son
and to the Holy Ghost, as it was in the
begiuing, is now and ever shall be,
world without end. Amen.
" Swimming in Deep Water.
At many points along the sound, in
the vicinity of Port Chester, good
swimmers can enjoy a plunge from the
rocks into deep water and avoid the
,-.iir nrocess. which makes Coney is
land and Rockaway unattractive for
i,thnra who like to know that the sand
i fiv fathoms beneath their feet. One
would naturally suppose that greater
danger exists in deep water bathing
places than where an ordinary sized
man has to walk out the eighth of a
mill) to submerge his shoulders; but tins
is not the fact, if tho experience of a
landlord who has kept a hotel on the
Westchester shore of the sound for
n.ii-tv voars is to be trusted.
"tsiesa vou." said he' "we don't have
; o,.f.idnnt. here once in live
a urowo.oh , , t . ,
years 1'ou see, nobody but a fool
would jump off those rocks unless he
was a prime swimmer; and when the
fool comes along and gets in there are
always half a dozen fellows there that
'ire as much at home swimming as
'walking, aud he's sure to be fished out
.,uiorAhelias time to urown. uul m
How Lincoln Kan for Conre.
The r.nmnaitm was carried on almost
entirely without expense. Mr. Joshua
R,imv1 told the writer that some of the
Whiirs contributed a purse of $200,which
Rn,.7l hnnded to Lincoln to pay his per-
evnenses in the canvass. After the
pleriion was over the successful candidate
handed Speed $199.25, with the request
ih.t h return it to the subscribers. "I did
thp. monev." he said. "I made
.h r-nnvas on mv own horse: my enter
Itainment, being at the home of friends,
icost me nothing, and my only outlay was
75 cents for a barrel of cider, which some
farm-hands insisted I should treat them
l. ,. Wnli' Heir. "' ''
In everything except the indispensi-
ble tawny beard that talis line a roil oi
dead gold silk lo the extremity of a mass
ive chest, 1 nnce Atoen vicun, mc cium.
son of the Prince of Wales, models him
self on Ouida's heroes. He is as fond of
kuickknacks as a lady. His private apart
ments are the nearest approach to the tal
ented but vulgar authoress' ideal of a young
guardman's room. He would not brush
his hair otherwise than with an ivory
backed brush to save his life. Eau de co
logne and other perfumes have their place
in Uis bath. To write a-note on paper that
was not the triumph of the perfumer's art
would, in his own imagination, be unwor
thy of his taste and position. He has
cirti in life, in fact, like an exquisite of
A prompt return
of your money, if you get neither
benefit nor cure. Kisky terms for
the doctor, but safe and sure for tho
patient. Everything to gain, noth
ing to lose. There's just one medi
cine of its class that's sold on theso
conditions just one that could be
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery. It's a peculiar way to sell
it but it's a peculiar medicine.
It's the guaranteed remedy for all
Blood, Skin, and Scalp Diseases,
from a common blotch or eruption
to the 'worst Scrofula. It cleanses,
purifies and enriches the blood, and
the Gdorgc IV. type; but luckily for him- cures oalt-rneum, letter, jMJzeina,
self and -for the nation, he is preserved Erysipelas, and all manner of blood-
e f k V.tAtir.nallln t.rnit ,J . 1 . t
irom sumo w tamt8 trom wnatever cause. it.
of the "First Gentleman s character oy
the sensitive shyness of his disposition.
He diners again from most exquisites in
haviuc a praiseworthy desire to pay
promptly for the luxuries in wmcli he in
dulges. Indeed, he worries his attendants
to worry his tradespeople to send In their
bills sharp, and frets and fumes if the as
tute shopkeepers alive to the value of
having the future King of Englapd upon
their books within decent limits delay in
delivering their accounts. Like his father,
he gets clothes and pbnty of them from
Foole. Prince Albert Victor's idea of dlg
nifiod mufti, is a frock coat and lavender
or gray trousers. He seldom wears a cut
away coat, aud when traveling hardly ever
appears in a suit of dittoes. On the whole
he may be described as a very stately and
solemn young man.
costs you nothing if it doesn't help
you. The only question is, whether
you want to be nelped.
"Golden Medical Discovery" is
the cheapest blood - purifier sold,
through druggists, because you
only pay for the good you get.
Can you ask more?
The "Discovery" acts equally
well all the year round. Made by
the World's Dispensary Medical
Association,, at C63 Main Street,
Buffalo, N. Y.
N N. U. No. 146
fork, Neb
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that it i a u. - - i
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tlio lime,
meuis of music, vvhetu-
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ab e wings, there would be o,W
S voices leaping into the harmony
this delegation
t,n.,i in heaven:
formers were d
;j tllill loui "i
irv to do
temple. Hush
the singing of the upper
now, turouea
minions and principalities.
ulill. thOUKliyUu wmo
t- iael." Paul! keep
Ul AU. "
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come down fragr
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when our
they were
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ureat-grandf ath-rsU
from ll ...
old souls
and do
David! be
the sweet singer
quiet, though
to that crown oi ie-
Unxter! keep still,
n.n.imr. Bii'.hard
' ... - ..... WSuilllK
UiT its now do all the
Put l ow long would heaven
singing, hit ll(W' "Halleluiah!"
bequietr "",,, Methodist
ltw." , .,,rtvrs from among
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i.'i'ii'iiikH be
the thrones. -"..,.
T7i: md spirits would
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01 VU.'-o" , , ,
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into one acc.aim. - : t
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miid. as well try
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the surt at many "j
that there won't be one good summer
n.,wM,r (ift.V.
I 1 I l. .L 1L... " O
a.iv,iinir lies in all sorts of sicknesses
.....traeted bv staying ioo ionS iu u.c
Se i In shallow water a man doesn't
Jim much, and there is nothing to tire
him so he often paddles about for more
He.,. :m hour; but where he can t rest
,., w m. .t he bottom, and has to swim
" . ., : ...inn. h i nrettv sure to come
out garter or that time, lle is
fnh and warmed by bis exercise m
Ires".; ,.ri in the other he is faint
d blue and shivering. 1 tell you, the
shallows take 60 lives for one the deeps
take. Jsew
unto God
a great
hear me.
drown tho for every SOul
..,! In (10 US OW"
church pews ) 8lWhe.i
how tbey llst J t0 8" 8
back the roar of the sea,
in leaven n as d have
singing. A as - cannot
tried on earth that W oining
d in heaven, " . of the most
all our voices in the pM
nnnta Grain and Flax Testers,
BCp8 and Bolt,, SSuf
HorsePowcrs, hpouis,
Pulleys and Sprocket Wheels,
Sliattinsr, Maimers,
Boxes mid Collars.
( Rubber. Pipe Steam Flttlnps,
Ritinr 5 l Mlber rass Goods and Packing,
Belting, j Yer Flre urlcU, and Clay.
Co!ete Steam Outfits Promptly fpm nr Repaired.
All Kinds of Castings and auime Work.
York Foundry & Engine Co.,
Vorlc. Nebraska,
Sun Spots.
Tho npriod of maximum is approach
nnd lirofessional
ing u ",1.vv .;,... ,.r ,i,Q
astronomers in an uui..a
ulobe are direating tneir leiescupca
tiie orb of day in hopes that his small
poxed appearance will be more than
usually interesting. -There is an ex
cellent chance for amateurs ui m.a oa
of observation. The comparison of
aolar disturbances with the variations
of the magnetic needle forms an abund
ant field for useful work. The owner
f thn smallest telescope may discover
something which will send his name
down to posterity in the astronomy
text books.-New YorK uecomer.
Mabe3 a complete lis with one movement ol
the lever. Saves 40 Pen cent, in cost of bale
ties No dclav In waiting lor ties; make them
yourself. SOOi) ln use.
Chichcstcr'S English, fffo Cross WMonftM
.T . ,r ru I. B.fU n etAiahl Pill (br Itlfl.
o l ht Dll.r. mJ.ji1. "llelfcr lr UidlM." '.! ."
BU bj all liniBSi i,
" -rrama ovxtTW Vfn C ATATIRH. Best. Easi-
est to uso. Cheapest. Kelief is immediate.
For Cold in the Moan u n
I I cure is certain
no equal.
It U an uimmcni, ui w mt r -, - - 4 v
to the nostrils. Price 50c. Bold b, -ir or to
Address: i . him..j-i - ' x;-
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