The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, October 01, 1891, Image 1

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    The Sioux County Journal,
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all If kd
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ully (Iran
'oiirl liou.
S, Vice ?!
I j, Shtaiont. Mitdr. Proprietor.
. l I S. V R. B. Tim table.
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fifltisfaotion Guar-
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ftnteed in all in
. . . . . . ... . . .
by the
Nebraska Security Co.,
AmifjRIZED Capital
Pil Vf Cahtal
0111 rers:
CmaD I.isiikh, I'reHldont.
Li itsKi.CH, ice rrvwnt.
S. II. Jusrx, wcretnrv.
C. K. VtiTt, lti-immr.
II. T. Oixi.Kr, Attorney.
We now have on our lints over thirty
LMUH.KrAlUia In Huh county
nhioli we cau sell on IJNG
MEfcTM. Parties withiug to buy of soli should
lee the Secretary.
UoJ bought and wki an commifwic
VCIiRAAR A : VKIl'Y tt).
llurrleii, Nrlirftnka.
-Horse hbnkeU at the ILurnewt Slioj.
ky and gt a Impiin.
-Ui)rlist market prL im.ii! for graia
t the Harrifton Lumlr Yril.
-Adau'hUr arrived al llifi home of
Kr. and Mrt J. E. Wulhico a fow days
When vou want a food nioln? CO to
Tnrner'aand try ouo of the "( harnier"
-The farmer rcort tle ground inex
tellent comlition for plowing utid putting
WajfTED: Two tfood wood-chopers
Moiice. (irxxl wages.
IllfflARH l 't'NN
THE Jfrt.nNAL nwl the Werkhj ll'f
from now until Jntiuarv 1. lW. for 7)
tnU, cash in mlvanca.
-Only V cents In cmth will secure
ftnJorRNALanJ the WttUa i fwU
Bow untilJanuary 1, 18M.
-Don't forget that the linrlxT shop i
door east of the potrtofliw, when you
ADt a shave, hair-cut or huioo.
We make bedrock price on gToce-
Come and see if we don't,
i Giuhwoi.0 & Makhtkujck.
-The potato crop in this locality will
k Immense. The size uml quality of
tubers (frown in Rlou it count v are hard
to beat.
Lrmuoi. Fintt-clms native lumber
d riiinirles conhtantlT on hand at my
Bill on Eat Bwrirv. 13 niilen eiwt of
Harruon. J. K. Arseh.
-H. A. Cunningham has purohaned
tl rwidence property of 8. H. Jones.
Tl'ta i a nice piece of property and will
Mr. Cunningltara a nice home and
prove a good invent ment
John Pieteraen waa in town the flmt
Of the week with some aamplea of corn
bich he rained on bin farm on Indian
"k. The ears were large and well
Ikrf and it la eetlmated that it wit)
from fifty to aeventy-flve bushel
PWfccre, That la pretty good for a new
oontry. v
-We aduow ledge the receipt of prem
lmlUtofU Con vera county, Wyo.,
'Wr, which will be held at Manville, Oc
toUr6,7aid8. The T. E. A M. V. has
raU of one fare for the round
Up- We extend thank for a coropli
tar ticket
-In the Jat iaaoe an article headed
"&oux County", relaUng to tlie exhibit
M tht etale fair ahould have been cred
Wto the Omaha Worll-IIerald from
Wch It waa copied but by ao oversight
not crediUil. We re-puhliab tlie nr
"cW this week giving profr crwlit. i.
wbal oUiertUtiak f Htousuounty.
! c serai n il a vw..i
vte send mil
' . """"ueroi extra v.iu
. Ji ? . Al-'at'n and
, of Tut I,-..,, .. . '
no one
I --'. iriuw to tika tl.
"em flora the
limi aj. there wj
be no charires
A--insi any t0u a
ve not ordered the
V 5.j0 to loan on farms in
, , "l'l".vai once at tbe
of Iliirriiou.
i W:iSwol,D & MAJi,TKlJ.EK.
w. u Hcyt has purchased the coal
bumnei of fJrant Outlme and will look
after tlie needs of the ople' in the fuel
lue future.
Hriinsiuiani cnild of Mr. and Mrs. .1.
! ('. Xorllin.n l, .t. I, . ..: i ,
-"v w sick ior tlie
lt -k, but is thought to lie a little
N-tter this morning.
Tll liL.r.l ,.f 1..
.... , iimmj commissioners
will meet in regular session on next
Tuesday, Oct. 6, which will he the lust
regular session of the year.
i ne n earner tins morning is quite
damp, a falling mist filling the air. The
sems apar to 1 changing the same
as they n;,ve in all other portions of the
sUite as thq country was settled.
The attendance at tfie dani last
Friday evening was not large. Tlie
weather was threatening and people
were very busy which accounts for no
mow lieing present. A good time was
enjoyed by those who were present.
G. II. Turner haq a potato of the
Hlue Victor variety, which was raised
by Thomas Doyle, which weighs 'i
pounds anil l i ounces. IT there is any
thing, in tlie jiotato line in the state that
can lieat that we should like to hear
of it
N Frank Nutto l;as purchased a fine
black jHilleil bull of J. II. Cook to put in
his herd at Antelope Creek, Thesse are
line cattle and Mr. Nutto knows that it
pays to raise good stock. The progres
sive stock growers are all arranging to
improve the grade of their cattlo and
that means increased prosperity.
At the republican primary for Lower
Running Water precinct the following
nominations were made for precinct olli-
cers: assessor, w J. uowey; jusucesou
the jwace, C. E- Gowey, W. S. NichouK. Married.
son; constable, W. A. Sfatteson; judges
of election, B. f. Moore, L. Larson, Geo.
Englehrecht; clerks of election, W. A.
Matteson, W. S. Nicholson.
While Sioux county does not pretend
to be the best corn county in the state,
still good corn is raised within its bor
ers. D. II. Hamlin has 25 acres which
jartiea who are in position to know say
is fully matured and will average 40
bushels per acre. Many of the r.tolks
have two good sized, well-devekled ears
on. That is pretty good for a new
On Sunday II. A. Priddy and family
arrived from Iowa where they have been
for some months. Ho says they have
coma to stay and now occupy their home
northwest of town. Mr. Priddy says
there are ft number of families in the lo-
ulity where he was who aro coming to
Rioux county, some of them being on the
road now and others will come later.
Many people are disposing of their farms
in Iowa and preparing to come west.
We are informed that a colony of
ten families aro getting ready to come to
this locality from one county in Iowa.
Such news is good news to every prop
erty owner in the country. When peo-
le come here and establish nomes u m-
, ll lwi rvfniKrtv in
creases me vaiue ui " i-"i j -
the vicinity. If every one does all tie
can to "coax" more people to come here,
it will not be long until property values
will be greatly increased. Let Hie good
work go on.
The entertainment at the church last
Saturday evening was well attended and
enjoyed by all present. Miss Cliapman
demonstrated that she possessed a good
deal of ability as a reader and by study
i,a r,remred lierself to appear before the
... ; . crdiible manner. After vis-
ting here for a time Miss Chapman
.n-t. to mil-sue her studies and
.i.,H she ever visit Harrison again it it
safe to say that the people will welcome
her with pleasure.
Go Watts, of Seward county, was
here during t past week visiting ac
quaintances and looking
4,.u i- Investing. Mr. Watts lo
oted in Seward county in the early days
awl pa.-1 throuKb the PS 7
.., ! settlement of a new country
8d he remarked that Sioux county pos
.JmnlaiKit which that part of tlie
Ite could not offer to settlers, and pre.
Sed that it would not be long nt,l
reaUstate n Sioux county would be-
i valuable. " TZ
Sr sectlon of deeded land w nc he wi.
likelv in'
rcliase in n'
... . . missionary
work for Sioux
I! rnMurnhoforheh.
. . i;ilv come nero
wno '""v
jn, what they tan K-
5ISO:N". 3STEB.. OCT. 1, 1891.
C. H. Wcller is attending the fair at
C. E. Holmes went east Saturday
Mrs. G. li Turner returned Friday
iwiu ner yisi in tlie lulls.
li. liedd is in town this morning on
ay nome irom Wyoming.
Judge Barker went to Rushville Frl
day and returned yesterday.
i)r. Oihbs was up from Crawford on
profesMonal business on Tuesday.
Otto Munson called on Saturday and
Kae us soma cash on subscription.
Suiifoid Shores called on Tuesday and
aoued ins name to our list of readers.
G. A. IJove called on Saturday and
ordered Ihk JorRSAL sent to his brothei
N. F. Dove.
v v f .i i .
" ""mn revurneu irom lowa on
Saturday, accompanied by bis bride, and
they will make their home in Sioux
, S. 11 Jones has accepted an offer of
clerk to the Indian agent at the agency
in Oklahoma, and he and Mrs. Jones will
start for there the first of the week.
Their many friends here regret to lose
them, but wish them success. They
will still hold bioux county as their
On last Tuesday Sanford Shpres ar
rived from Custer county on the noon
tram. County Attorney Conlcy took
him out southeast of town and he select
ed a quarter section of land and filed on
it and took the evening train for home
and will return with his family in the
near future. Mr. Shores says there are
a number in his locality who will be up
hero in the near future to look up a loca
tion. The tide has turned and new peo
ple will soon he flocking to the govern
ment lands of Sioux county. Keep right
on "coaxing them to come.
Only three minor countries in Europe
have raised enough breadstuff this year
to supply home consumption. The
United States must supply the shortage
that exists in all the rest of the nations
of Europe. Lincoln Cdl.
I aS.ver Beans. At the residence of the
bride s parents in Crawford, ISeb., on
Thursday evening, September 24, 1891,
by Kev. Curren, Sir. John E. Arner aud
Miss Emma Beans.
The bride and groom are both well and
favorably known to the people of this
place and vicinity, where they have re
sided for a long time and tlieir many
friends extend congratulations and best
wishes for a long and prosperous voyage
over the matrimonial sea.
An Important Decision.
The supreme court in the ease of state
ex rel. Wessel vs. Weir has very clearly
interpreted Sec. 3-1, Chap. IS, statutes as
"The legislature by the above section,
(Sec. 34, Chap. 18) has limited the power
of county boards, in incurring county
indebtedness. They can not lawfully in
cur an indebtedness against the county,
in excess of the tax levied for the cur
rent year."
Further on in the opinion the court
makes a clear distinction between the
kind of indebtedness incurred by the
statute as follows:
"As for the claims for making the tax
list and the salaries of the county clerk
and county attorney it is safe to say that
the provision of Sec. 34 in so far as they
limit the power of county boards to
create county indebtedness and bind the
county for its payment, have no applica
tion. The salary of a county officer is
not an indebtedness of the county which
is created or incurred by the county
board. The law makes it the fluty of
the county clerks and county attorneys
to discharge the duties of their; respec
tive offices imposed by law and they can
not refuse to perform the same in tlie
ground that the tax levy has ibeen ex
hausted nor is the county for tlit reason
releivedfrom paying the salaries of said
officers, but must provide for the pay
ment of tlie same."
Under tlie opinion a large pei cent, of
the county indebtedness is void, s lso quite
a per cent, of the Wessell Jaims on
proper proof to the court. Tlie court
says "there is an entire absenoj of proof
to show that when the indebtedness was
contracted the levies for 188(Were ex
hausted." The issues were nude up in
November, 1890, and L. O. i lull, who
was county attorney failed to ,ut in the
certificates showing that the evy was
exhausted at the time the im cbtcdness
in controversy was incurred. In order
ing the writ to include the cla ms in the
estimate of 1892 the court nakes the
following statement;
"If the indebtedness was so arge that
its navment would absorb s much of
Kenuesof the county J, to leave
the county board practicalli without
means to meet the current ipenses of
county government, we migW be called
2 require only a fusion of the
plaintiir's claims to be parf li one; year
and the balance out of futiA tax ev
,i pi. mil the milter in such
. l. will I1L' Ol Wnus utu nr
nuoided. wlMCh Will DO an Bvuib .
i 1
The conditions in Russia are becoming
more appalling as time passes. In some
districts the inhabitants of entire vil
lages are dying of starvation. The" doc
tors arelprescribing corn instead of medi
cine. The crop was a failure and now
a new insect whose ravage are worse
tlian the Hessian fly is at work and a
plague las broken out among the cattle.
Terrible suffering is in store for the peo
ple of that country and heavy imports
of food will be necessary to prevent tbera
from starving and the Russian govern
ment will have to furnish the means
with which to purchase the supplies.
Notice to iaud Owners.
Tq all Whom it May concern:
The commissioner appointed to establish a
roa! commencing at the -southwest corner
ol section , township 34, l-gne ai in Cotton
wood precinct, Sioux counlv, Nebraska, run
niiiK tllence east on the section line between
seetioim 6 hud s, 4 und 9, 3 und 10, and 11 to a
point 10 chains east of tlie oomer common to
sections , 3, 10 and 11; thence southeasterly
throiiKh the N W J and N K K of said section
11 to the S VV corner of tlie S K of the N Etf
of the same; thence east X mile, terminating
at tlie a coi ner on the west side of aectron
12, township 32, range 63 has reported In
favor ot the establishment thereof, u net all
objections thereto or claims for damages
must be tiled in tlie county clerk's office bn
or before noon of the tint day of November,
A. 1)., 1H91 or said road will be established
without reference thereto.
Conrad Likdeman,
H. Cpuuty Clerk.
Will practice before all courts and the U.
S. Land Office. Business entruxtud to my
care will receive prompt attention.
Fashionable Barber and Hair Dresser
Everything in his line done in a neat
and artistic manner.
Razors and Scissors sharpened and put
in order at reasonable rates.
Give him a call.
First door east of postofflce.
Harrison - Nebraska.
L. E. BELDEN & ! ON,
Wagon and C.rriage Makers.
Repairing dono on fchort notice.
Good work and reasonable charges.
Shop south of livery h rn,
B. E. Brewster,
C. F. Coffkk,
Vice Pres.
CHAS, C, JAMESON, Cashier.
Commercial Bank.
General Banking Business
Grant Guthrie,
-Ocalcr In
ftmif llitl fortune hiiMtoMiiMdcat
work for ua, by Ann Tag, Aattlfl,
'('. mil .Inn. lloMn. Toledo. Ohfo.
(He cut. OthtnrMlolfHrwell. Why
not you? Rome earn ovtr ttOO-M t
inonth. Yon can do Ihe work and Ihr
at hont, wtiffrrvtr rou are. Evta be
ginner art MtUy tarnlna; from M M
uftoily. All tt enow yoaejow
and Marl you. Can work In tnant tlnw
or all th tti. Dlf enontT far work
Mi. Failure unknown amonr tbm.
K r wr nH fHrnil. Pnitlcalari fre.
A TEARI f an!mia to hrlHfT
iMcb any ralrlf lntIllfaakton of althar
mi. who can raad and writ, and who.
tftar Inilrurtion.wlll work Indaatrlonalf,
how to cant Thraa Th and Dalian a
TarlailrownlofaHllM,whertirrthay tl.l will laofumlah
Ik Mtatto or fa(iloymml,at which yarn can am thatamonnt.
No moinj V ninlMmecartilataho. Raaflyand quirk If
mm alrwlj taupM tnd prolddwlUi mpta.mfiit Urn
dttr bat on wrkr from aeb dlairlcl orsovaty. I
Oiai1FHp.rilaUnrailiai. AddrrHMCM.
i ma kin r ovar VfVM jmt aa
wn. ii . imWd WW
Geo. H.
"We have now on hand a first
class stock of Clothing, Hats,
Caps, Gloves. Laces, Ribbons,
Hosiery, Boots and Shoes, High
Patent Bon Ton Flour always
on hand, no better in the land.
Corn, Oats, Chop, Bran and all Kinds of Peed. A complete stock of Hardware,
Tinivare, Barb Wire, and all kinds of Farm. Machinery,
Which we will sell at Lowest Prices possible. We inv.ite
all to call and look at Our Goods before buying.
We Shall Endeavor o Treat all Fair and Square.
A ticket given with every dpi-,
lars worth pf goods you
purchase for CASH.
8 Tickets gives you a Silver Plated Sugar Shell, worth.. ........r..$ 00)
10 Tickets gives you a Butter Knife, worth 1 25t
12 Tickets gives you a new style Lace Pin, worth. 1 5ft
25 Tickets gives you a set of Roger's Teaspoons, worth 3 00,
35, Tickets gives you a set of Roger's Knives, worth 3 75,
35 Tickets gives you a set pf Roger's Forks, worth.... 3 75;
50 Tickets gives you a set of Roger's Tablespoons, worth 6 00i
Our fall stock of Dry Goods, Boots
Shoes, Hats, Caps,
wear has just arrived.
Complete stock of Clothing of Latest Styles just
received, to which we call your special attention.
Low Prices and Fair Treatment Guaranteed
Ranch Supply House.
MacLachlan & Cook, Props.
jToNE, Touch ggjftANO Factoril;H
2STO. 3.
Gloves and Under
Hu the larceet eeollnc earthce take lea eeelta amterlalr
le.. labor, and gives Best Kmnlta. All cream nlxd between
UJdn BMitmlne Glaes whele depth of eaa, ehewlae conal.
tioe of milk wlthmt teackiae Creaanrr. Send tor O. K. Catalogue..
wnn . vAriTER, sol Manfr, SYRACUSE, N.Y.
I 1
I !
!! .
V i
(-1 :
.. v ?-r