The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, September 24, 1891, Image 5

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(11 xTTfATO
.a vcan , , '
UfliLS UUUU.v, -
I' ..,r t. strr tit liv a
time uuui-i f -
He fcnauy. auc
( I I "v U lit 1. ? I -
" Oi'H I
INt I. HI f IS
AMI Mil u
'''. Iit liltle wcuH U- ,..,L.
'7 lamns two pieces of contrast
r.l.lous, ,.at,, ,.,,, , ,
; cor J to
louse at
I ii i
Hii I.::
ii 'mi::
In U.
' fi.r t.
4,d fur n,i, (.ri.Vit-ij
I ate. I
waa, ana con-
1'lovvc; has en-
said stomach was about I would liave to
tl' . r,rfid for a time at
),CJb ---I- I :cu d
" - -
Finally j
r . ,:..., I rrli,,lnd ii-d
flO! 4 11"-"' '
your j .reparations
with ber.v-i;c.l re
sults, I procured a
kittle u' August
F'cwe.. ;.t com-
L using it. Ii -nxd to do
r.j ,t mire. I earned in
cTa-id Ccfeh rapidly ; my ap
f became good, an 1 1 sllTere,i
U like a new
11., Aiu-
cared me ol Dy!cpMa m lU
;form. J"1 K- I-KUEKIClf,
ernes, New York
B. Utscy. St. George's, S. C.
y ' J have u-I your August
trior Dysiicpsii aud find it an
lat remedy.
,7.wlt.i Hfiv-rool
iftvor Adlcr, f Paris, electrician
Itmitioual rfputatlon, lnw built
H macliine in which elwlrbnl
( pity an imj'ortuiit parL He
inflated h form of a bird In
lip, Tlie wings iiave a spread o
(ert, and are ma le of wicker
covering. The propi-llor is
tt. M. Adler says lie luw traveled
ii bnndrwl leet at a distance or
itti from the jrrotnid; that he
4 without trouble, mid that
KDdtd simply because the lu'cimi
7 feeding current to his ihom r
aliauslwl -New Y'urk
MWii'n I5n in liiul Tro lie "
tliete jironcbitw, Asilhiiia, Ca
a.d Throat DiM-aw.
When It Hurl.
vmj surgeun lu the late civil
ad occasion to lance nn abscess
poor felJow nt f'amp Douglas, mid
isore was obstinate it lx-eame
wry to ue the knile twice. The
M waf not a very painful one
apatlent declared that it nearly
him, and when a third resort to
iiitet was priiosed he protested
ie could hever go through the op-
iii alive.
(surgeon promised to make it
!jr him. arid cuSUim no a few of
hirers niicf ordered uo f them
kS lunik over the imticlil'ii
Wiwo others to craP his hand"
V "This arrangeliient," explained
Tvor, is sam 10 nrevein, pain m
norftlioii. Now lay jx-ifectly
i when 1 say '.Now! prepare
mrgwnat once began quietly
:a rk, and in a short timu hml
fctedthe oratlon without Hie
trouble, the patient lying aa quiet
tb in sleep.
...... i .. .... l.,!,i
pai au was uone, uie surgeon iuu
tt knife and said owr Mu'u
iciine from the lins of tho sick
fa seldom heard from any hu-
m. 11 striiffBled to free bim-
Wdj '-Oh doctor, you're k iiltti
k'a of laughter soon drowned his
Whe was told the operation had
Wow before tho siirnal was civ-
t m a good ioke: but ills doubt-
11 ioor tullow could ever be
to believe tlmtlift did not feel aii-
Vn immediately after that fatal
Medical .News.
1" )bg k ti
I v. r ii
A iti,bi,
A 1.0 a i'.
I J ) ou i-thii.a
m i'ii 1 1 I tuiln im
WlSli !hr I. I.
Vou li r.iU'i i
lUllllkr ),,u ,
Now ttaiu! ki t
t l! II 1 lime uu,.l.,., , i ...i
Y" t,l ..ur br,,ul -i,.!,' w
1 uar ... -k , ,ttr ,U;i Uui
1 rrljiiM-f yr .,.r, !u u ,
Aiiil pun s I,,,,,,-,, ))Ut ,ai.
1 .1 . .
f.UTh J,.,- i!i-,l t j
l.i-li f i
!'ll"iitt mr;
n. If u iuiau ( n.jal.
J'mii uimioiiaua ljrf
A ftKU,ntrt:ii you're
1 Wiuit &
Mii.g f r.tixkliii: and
an flii'l ii kiujf'
Ulna rur thf l-i,u',fl
f nd ii. i
in rnlW.l Luiiiii.
"i al. Ui..t t in.i, r.
iik uj,i, M it rt., Uie Ut,,
.' mi ). It u rT)r t,i;
t.iii llr mill i,: in. i,t t'ii r.i- a 111 faiU
I rorn tin- ,..,,... ..i.u..b . i
" ' n"-. iHieu.iv;
. I I you h,r ,f tl, -ii -mi,! t) IravM,
I oii i t-a 'mill a (,i,mi.,f .Uf
I 1 "iir lifurt at, m'ijii ...i
I mm lniim h mv ll ti.i,
A luviii notiiHii tluii 1.,-aVfn or Jiell
lln tli day .he I" ma in a brlilo
I TMjuIrr nil tlilii", n.nt aru ainl trill!.
All tlilima (tiAt m i,,H li iu..
)r u gH tlii, all I Bi.jlil ,iaUe my li rt
lo I all sou ileum:, ,1 uf inn.
If t"Uiau du (1,1. -a iuiindrc-Kt, a ciwlt
You i an lilrrt with iili in i.
liut a woman ' htart mA a auuunrn lira
Art nol Ui l u:i thai way.
Mew Oienpatliina for Wiimcin.
Ilie nul'lic i so Bci UHtuiiKid lmunilnvii
to K.iiiii wouieu di iald tilings toward
wiili'uttie llieir "niiheri! that surhri-e
and ciiininint reunrdini; new attain-
IiienU have almoht ceaaeit llowev
one uccaKionally still hears (if women
w ho make momy in sucli a iiractical
and oriKiiiiU and at the same time
womanly way that their work seems es
pecially worth mention. This is true
of two New York ladies w ho are making
BMilendid success bs professional house
cleaners, Thev take entiw chargn of a
liouw, bring with tln in a nuiuler ol
well selected asiosUiits. who clean the
paint and windows, swi-ep, taku up,
eleiiu and put dow n carpels, and do all
the other work required. I'eople clo.i
inx their houses for a seaaou employ
them to arrange things preparatory to
their leaving, and those coining back
have them put things in order for their
arrival Then there is a bright young
English girl who has thought of the
novel ohui of becoming accountant aud
auditor of large families, and she finds
many who would much rather pay well
for having their household finances
looked lifter than have the trouble them
selves. To dependent ud derailing
women here, there, and everywhere,
these ways of earning a living may help
suggest a meaus out of uuhappy circum
atances or finaucial difficulties.
iff Lady' Willi Paper llaikef.
)n whola nasteboard. a half yard of
scarlet silesfa, a yard of dress binding, a
vr,l niu a lia f of sliaiiej greon nouon,
tome flowers, needle and thread, a bus-
ket of lichens scaled off in as large pieces
as posiblo from oll decaying logs or
fence rails; with the-o and two hours of
h-isure a pair of deft hands can make
this pretty, useful writing drak append
age, llring the ends of the pasteboard
together and secure them in a flat seam.
Cut a round piece to fit the bottom of this
cylinder, sw it in, and cover the seam
...;n. ii.,. Now begin at the
bottom, crowd chwely together, and sew
securely round lifter roiinu oi u...
lieheiis'tintil the whole surface is cov
ered with them. If caro has been tauen
vciirr bag.
1ach end. Then duublt the'ii b:c";,
forming a bag, but allowing the two
nick ends to extisiid a little beyond the
fr.tit ends, Kuibroider, with heavy
" T'ue of feather titching where
me two rililious J in. With tlie same
Sloss, in button hole s'.itch, fasten the
i b-siof the bag. Fill with cotton, add
uig saeliet powdi-r. and tie with a nar
row i ihuon ii few inches from thn ton
This leaves the four ejuls (which may be
cut to suit the fancy) Rjose at the top of
.1 1... r ., . . . . , , , ,
iuk uai;. i an- jnns auu oiue riooons
smbroider d with dark maroon fluns and
tied with pink or blue, would hi pretty.
Scout with heliotrope or wood violet,
To Itemove fiurierfliioiK Hair.
Depilatories are very dangerous remo
lies unless kept in the baud of very
careful persons. They are liable to not
,nl v lake off the ifTiniiini, hair, lint
also the s'.iin as well mid leave uglv sores
to heal aud form scar. The Turkish
women are naiil to li1 Verv Ttroficient in
the use of depilatories, as thev have no
hair on their bodies, with the exception
ot ine lieao. Nearly an lorms or aopua-
toiies denend unon some of sulphides of
I he alkaline earths.
Probably the safestainongtheeffective
ones is made from the ordinary quick
lime. It should be Blacked with two
parts of water and then saturated with
freshly made Kulphureted hydrogen.
This mixture muit be used a few c!ay
after it U made, Care must always be
taken to see that tho paste does not
cover more surface than it is necessary
to freo from hair. It is also a wise pre
caution to spread but a small space at a
lime and w ben this is deprived ot hair
ireat a fresh portion of the surface,
1 Pharmaceutical I'.ra.
Tlt Flower Oance.
Tim flower dance which has been for
some time past an especial feature of
IiOitdon gayelies, appears upon tins side
with some n.'wand improved ideas,
vhicli promise for it a successful run.
t, hoiwe in converted into a rose ear
ien. while the buds garland their vapory
-v.. nin ir rnlien with a network of the
' o . .
mmt frairaut blossoms. A prize is fro.
mieiitlv offered for the most effective
ctettime. The buttonholo bouquet worn
i, tl.o f.iir one's escort matches the
flowers that enrnish her gown. Banks
of roses fill every nook, while fairy like
rose draperies form a charming canopy
as they are drawn from the center lights
to each corner ot the room. risen
variety is used, from the blushing wild
rose to the velvety Jacqueminot.
n,t tlut move
Wr, Stomach, and Bowels,
f Dr. Piprrp'a P easant
& have done their work.
healthy movement, too
ural one. The organs
tot forced into activity
H to sink back irho a
state the next. They're
and retrulated mild-
quictlv. without wrench-
0r griping. One tiny,
r-coated Pellet is all that's
as a ovnt1f laxative:
to four act as a cathar
They're the smallest,
kipi me easiest 10 iae.
r Headache, Bilious Head
r5ntipation, Indigestion,
Attacks, and all de
pots of the Liver,
and Bowels arc
,jptly relieved and cured.
yarrTt wabtk basket.
. . ,. i.
. ., . ow,At. i v. t ie resunwiu
reward the pains m
' i. - .i. o. .in- he seam-
beautiful. waKe v. .'" ft. -J -
and gathering wiiu a .
..i it n. so that the
top, ami -
..... win i now. a. J""
meroHv . ... ,, . ,0
MVed from last fa .. ? "K ;
h8S a Liai flowers
a iii rki ! l
by the ribbon J-biose ,
rlliasset f you should wish. ome
.rt'asbouquetreceiverina corner of the room.
M wonder, "said a young woman who
... g- v: I nttfinutru
rW w,,,ta T,,,e
l,1rfl' a. the most brilliant, but the
red was the .. , l(ja
white wns m red
At the former i u BnJ
wtin coats, wiiii Ti,e ladies
d. Hk. lock. .. d Alull0dec.
wore white w.". . , .
A lintlffiuun '
Z "and H l and the .
it.fons were all of the same
T Tt Tho while ball eve.
color. At t"'o
w WlliUS. . .. a
i.,Iihi. of course,
... i . ii r. ,lrenes
..r'JIZ.oVth. nobil-
JZ:r nd attrsctlvo
Uy' V I w. told, a hlack nan
Ai a novelty. WB" th8 IIlen and
ouceSiv;n, '' " ' ;-;)ieB being the
wldto 7e?i'rtor. adore doing
n,yrel,t' ; tblngs-they ought to try
4iiMniiabla Snsitliin and KverydftJ
11 1 i,l. lo I'ravillmil IIouBekoepera.
For faded green blinds rub on a little
linseed oiL
Half a teaspoouful of sugar will often
revive a dying fire.
Clipping the ends of the hair once a
ionth has a beneficial effect.
Knirita of turpentine will take grease
r.r iimm n( paint out of cloth. Apply
till the paint can be scraped off.
m:n. L oo,l aenuent of Quinine and
will disguise its bitter taste. Five grains
may be dissolved in two or unee uu..
of milk.
,ii ivw filled with lime ana
placed on a shelf in the pantry or closet
will absorb dampness aud keep the air
:.. Mmii.l. drv and sweet.
Ill LOW j - , ,
i, .i. i.iio of nn ecc be mixed with
o cunful of beef tea and heated to 160
V 1 . . . knf Ion lit
degrees the value oi vim -
greatly enhanced, says the Lancet.
A cood camphor ice is mane oi
ounce of spermaceti, one ounce ot ca.n-
nlmr. ono ounce ct aimonu ,
cake ot while wax; melt all togoinoi
and turn into molds.
Do not light a sick room at night, by
meaus ot a jet of gas or a kerosene
Imiin burning low; .thing, mpovoriahei
tl,e air sooner. Use iperni candies oi
tapers which burn sperm on.
If soot falls upon . ,7
rot attempt to sweep o, uu. ----
covered thickly witn ury tan, . v
then bs swept up properly aud not o
iln or ginesr will be loft.
a ii excellent cold cream may be made
of nn ounce . .
nllf ounces of spermaceti, a ha. pm t o
rose water, and almonus eiio.
l. u.. u inirni i('r wen.
To loosen stoppers oi io
. . -i n ,miil the stopper and
Afler a time tap it genuy, "
lu ioo,en add another drop of oil
Abottleof boumou : m
n.o house to auu to r
V01) will also find it exceedingly con-
;.JBt where a clear soup
and vou do not care io u"
and you u . i.ritri,tened by
lnB0,er U!" " f .: aenofulol
.!... .ll una waici. -- .
A New Phase.
J. D. Calhoun in Linooi ; Herald.
a new phase of "he railroad problem
has been thrust for consideration upon
intelligent people by the present finan
cial stringency. As is well known the
vast mass of railroads bonds and stocks
are the backbone of capitalized invest
lneut If these securities, suffer every
thing else languishes. When railroads
are making money stocks are buoyant
capital is confident and everything
booms. On Ihe other hand, when
railroads are bard up, losing money
and skipping dividends, capital hunts
its hole, confidence is lost, times be
come panicky, enterprises suspend
business is paralyzed and everybody
The peculiar relation of railroad
securities to the universal business
of the country is very forcibly called to
the public attention just now. Three
peculiar features co exist: A severe
and general business depression in
one. .Railroading is being done with
little or no profit, stocks being at the
bottom ligures, is the second, the
third is a vigorous and prospectively
successful war upon the railroads i'or
a general lowering of rates.
Xow let us state two propositions
tentatively. First: The rates will be
lowered, the prices of securities will de
cline still further, depression will con
tinue, capital will go deeper rtnto it
lair, and general disaster will! ensue.
?eeoiid: The war for reduced rates is
declared off, crops begin to mbve the
railroads make money, securities go up
confidence is restored, foreign capital
comes in cash as plenty, good times
come and wo all lly high.
Whichever of these two propositions
a render may accept or reject, the
fact remains aoparent tbat the rail
roads are intricately connected with the
weltare ot every peisouiinitlie country
The panic o 18Td wavs due the un
provable character of railroad invest
ments by Jay Cooke & to. There
would have been no . distrust of
American securitiesand 'no drain of
cold to Europe itour railroads had
been earning and tending' comfortable
dividends over them Atlantic.
'The ultimate solution lot this very
delicate problem J is thet government
ownership of railroads soUhat it will
make little or nodilTereiieolin the flnan
cial world whether iney are run ao
prolit or loss. GovernmentV ownership
would eliminate theniU'roro.tlie financial
problem, liberate all the capital now
locked up in them ail restrict its oper
ations, for a time atleast to enterprises
of less public concern. '2be reduction
of rate charges is .'the smallest benefit
to follow government ownership.
Jiut what is to be done for the im
mediate present? Are we to stamp
the roads still further j into financia
mire, and let them dragievery interesi
alone with them? Or shall we let
them alone for a few (months to undis'
turbedly haul our bigjerops at a profit
; ti,o linne that, tbevwill therebv ire
on tirm ground andftake the country
with them
Tho lobster Catch.
Xova Scotia and, Prince Edward
Island advices go toehow that the lob'
pter catch for the season which closed
Auir. 1 was the most'successful of any
season for the past ten or twelve years.
Ksneciallv is this the case witn the
factories bordering on tire Northumber
land straits. A gentleman interested
in lobster canning makes the statement
timr these factories will on the whole
average a net prolit of about $4,000each
Tnkins into consideration the fact
that the season for catching lobsters is
i,v law restricted to dune and July, this
profit must be regarded as enormous
The benefit of the short season is now
l eenmiiiL' iimiHrent in the increased
catch, which is almost double that of
ro-ouinns vears. while the lobsters are
inut tlie riirht size for canning pur
Mich has been the rapid spread
of the caimaries that every available
tlift ahorea of the Straits
of Northumberland has been taken up
and parties desirous of investing
money in the business are withheld by
the dilliculty of procuring a favorable
cove or beach.
A good idea of the profits of lobster
canning may be gathered from the
fact that while a pound tin put up
ready for shipment at a cost of about
nine cents they are taken from the
canneries by wholesale dealers who
pay seventeen to twenty cents per tin
.An American llrm owning fourteen
factories ships its entire product to the
Trench and English market direct, and
all its tins are labeled "Machias Bay
Lobsters," notwithstanding the fact
that the contents were caught in Do
minion waters, put up on Canadian
soil and by Xova Scotia worfcmen.
jlontreal tlazette.
i ffiR 15)1(5) Bf&ic!'
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard
The number of immigrants into the
1'iiileii States during the year lS'JO
was rather more than 4113,000 that is
more than the population of St. Louis
Baltimore or Boston. Sixteen thousand
more immigrants arrived during the
corresponding months ot lh..
I . , ii.. I-,- w,
Those who ueneve jo. b"
catarrh liemedv will cure them are
more liable to get well than those wiio
don't. .
If you happen to be one of those who
don't believe, there's a matter of i?otXl
to help your faith. It's for you if the
makers of Dr. Sage's remedy can t cure
you no matter now oau or ui uu
standing your catarrh in the head may
he- , , .
The makers are the World s I nspen
sarv Medical Association, of Lutlalo,
N. Y. They are known to every news
paper publisher and every druggist in
the land, and you can easily ascertain
that their word's as good as their bond
Vnn whirl vour watch once a day.
Your liver and bowels should act as
regularly. If they do not, use a kry.
The Key is Jr. rieices 1 1"".
Pellets, une a dose.
The surveying party upon the upper
Yukon river in Alaska has completed
its labors, and returns to St. Michaels
hv boats as soon as possible 111 order
that it may return home 011 the revenue
cutter Bear.
liarthworuisiii the Now World.
It is a remarkable fact that in two
kinds of earthworms inhabitants of the
New World, the little britlles, which
are the locomotive appendages, are
greatly enlarged in the tail segments,
in one of these, the i.iaclui'ta windlei,
the bristles in question are euortnousdy
enlarged and of a hooklike, form, so
that the creature must be able to retain
a very firm grip upon the soil These
facts are surprising, as an eaitnwoim
in lip.rhaiis an animal in which we
should not expect much manifestation
of intellect; but, on oilier liuuu, in.
Romanes discoveries about the intel
lectual possibilities ot .Niny, uie cnim
panzee, may be regaraeu as imviny
moved the whole animal creation up a
peg or two in mental caliber cnam-
bers, Journal.
A Forgetful Spouse.
ivfru Bilkins I never saw such a for
getful man in my life as you are. The
dock has stoppeu again.
Mr. Bilkins-That s because you for
get to wind it.
Mrs. Bilkins lluin 1 ou snow veij
well Mr. Bilkins, that I told you to re-
..,i,i me to wind it anu you iorgoi
about it -New York Weekly.
tup American Statistical association
reports more than 10,000 business fail
ures last year, of which 4 per cent,
were due to fraud, 10 per cent, to inex.
M 1 1 ner cent, to neglect, ia pe-
cent. to 'incapacity, and all the rest to
a desire to make money too tast
Woni 'ii ofSouth America.
Love making apparently is t'-e sole
industry aud art of the women of South
America. Latin blood is the root of
the populat 011. I'ntil invigorate 1 by
healthy immigration or until war de
populates, as did our late rebellion,
culling off the supply of 'Prince
Charmings," women thinkers, bread
winners in the higher walks, are liable
to be unknown in ;-outh America, says
the New York Tribune.
The delegates sent out bv the ladv
board of managers will probably ue ac
corded a hearing. Their story of the
marvelous growth and power of Ameri
can women is almost a Munchausen
fable founded on fact, to which these
southern womeu may listen with the
awe of children, but with little or no
desire to imitate us.
"Women, ladies work in the United
States earn their own clo bos and pay
for what they eat?" asked the wile of
a South American dignitary. 'What
a niggardly set of men they must be!
And she affectionately patted her rich
laces, admired tlie jewels lasing on her
plump brown lingers and doubtless
secretly dubbed Juan not a bad fellow.
Minister Phelps has hopes of in
ducing Baron Krupp to exhibit some
of his immense guns at the World's
fair. Baron hrupp hesitates, for he
says it will cost him 830,000 to make
an exhib.t creditable to his establishment.
Malaria or Piles, Kick l?edaehs Costive
rioni'ls Iltimh AKne, Sour Stomach Hud
Itel.-lihiS ; if j-oiir food does nut aasiuiilate
and you have no Rpiietite,
Tutt's Pills
will cure these troubles. Trice, 5 cents.
. 7 -.7 z. ., Jit r vAiit.r:TO.. u
br-KO.AT, AT1K.N Ill's OIVKN 10 H-D. MINIS
AX1) IMJIAN mmiUAliua
We want the name and ad-
dresHof every sufferer in the
O liflTUMn U.S. and Canada. Address,
& MO S nilllt P. Harold flayw.M.D., Buffalo,
I hv a poitia remedy for the abon dlaeauo ; bj ita
use thoasaada of eaaes of the woret kind and ol long
standing hais been cured. Indeed o strong is my tilth
in its efflcacr, that I will nd TWO BOTTLIS FMtE.with
a VALUABLE TREATISE on tliii, diaeaoe to any suf
ferer who will aend me their Express and P.O. address.
T. A. 8locuin, M. C, 181 Peari St., N. Y.
I leading remedy for all H.J
I unnatural oucn,i ""?
private dlseasea of men. A
certain cure for the deb II
tatlng weakness peculiar
to women.
. CINCINNAI ,u.c . BTr,NFI, n .Dectu,Iil
u-- 'JT'lfJ! -wliaau
HOIfll bj w ii.
f, ,r.TT,Vva.
MrdonlT sy
'. - Vftra- Vh
N. Jl. U. -NO. ,
r A
fresh by rolling in brown
"r" . hi. ....tar then in o
PT" T "1"!! acooldark
J;".P Itefore preparing it for Ui.
placf. ' M w,ter and lei
h"rSuo, tounJ
ll si ano -
very crisp-
I suffered severely with face neu
ralgia, but in IS minutes after appli
cation of St. Jacobs Oil was asleep ;
have not been troubled with it since.
No return since 1882. F. B. ADAMb, Perry, Mo.
n w
Jr'tvCJivi.i a on"
Grain and flax Testers,
Boots, . Fnnnincr Mil4
i, Cnp and Bolts, Snouts,
f! HorsePowers, spouts,
" Pulleys and Sprocket .m c..i,
Shattinir, Hamrers,
Boxes anrt Collars,
l Rubber Pipe 8team FittinffS, -
w. .)iottwr Brass Goods and Packing,
Belting : j Leather, Fire Brick, and Clay.
Complete Steam Outfits Promptly Furnished or Reoaired.
Ill Kinds of Castings and Machine Work.
f York Foundry & Engine Co.,
Vorlc. Nebraslca.
Pottery 13,000 Years Old.
i riiiro-inir out the colossal statue o
Barneses II, nine feet and four inches
aniiiiafnrl Xile mud had to be re
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niovsd before the platform was reached.
This platform was laid l.Mi years ue-
Hence, three and one-half inohes of
this eonsolidated mud. represents a
century there having elapsed 3,-215
vears s nee then, unaer uio pu
l.r.r',,11, r thirtv feet of Nile mud had
io be penetrated before sandy soU was
reached, aud according to this, 10.000
'mere years must have elapsed, l'leces
of iiottery were fouud there that show;
fthe Egyptians to have possessed
enough civilization to form and bake
vesiieh. or clay 13,000 years ago, -
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the lever. Saves 40 Ptu cbst. in cost of bsle
ties. No delay in waiting lor ties ; make thorn
yourself, auaiinuse.
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