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    The Sioux County Journal.
'EsTA ill. SHED ISsS.
Subscription Price, $2.00
L- J. Siuiwons, - Editor.
Filtered, at tlie Harrison post office u ee
iud class umtUi-.
Thursday, Sept. IT,
Kepiiblicau County Cuuu-iilioii.
The republican electors of siout couiitv
Xeb., are ra,u.-s- to-d t- acud delegates f rom
their several prs-incis to meet in couveii
t ion at I he court bouse, iu Harrison, Neb.. I
fin September i'J, Mil, ut 11 o'clock-, a. in.
Tuc seyci-al pr.-eiuct.s arc entiCc.1 to rep
reseiilalioii as folio n, l-insc ba.sed njiou the
vote for Hon. t.eo. 11. ltatiiifr, lor ut tur
ner eeueriil hi giving one delegate at
targe lor each precinct ami one for each ten
votes anil the major fraction thereof :
, The primaries tor the several precincts
will be held at tlie following times iind
4ace?i on Saturday, September 1'i, lstd :
Antelope At the residence oi i. It. story,
from 4 to ii p. in. ; 1 Ueleal.
Andrew-At tlie residence of J. W. Kobin
son, from 1 to 6 p. m.; 1 delegate.
Boweu At the ollicp of i. Oiithrio, from 4
to 1 p.m.; 5 delegate.
Bodarc At school house iu district So. it,
from 5 to T p. in.; .1 delegates.
Cottonwood-At school house in district
So. 4, from 4 toC p. iu.; 2 delegate-.
Five Points-At the residenc of Frank
f inkiiam, from 4 toC p. in.; t delegates.
Lower Running Water At t'.e, rusiden,-.
Ot O. J, Coney, from 3 to 8 p, in.; "dclcgat
Hat ( reek At the residence of ('. F. 'ott
from 4 to 6 n. m.: 2 delegate.
Aionlroso A Jlontrose school house, from
3 to 6 p. in.; ;i delegates.
Running WatarAt tlie residence of A
Mcoinley, from 4 to p. iu.; 2 delegate.
Snake Creek-At ltei ncail's More, from 4
to 6 p. m.; 1 delegati).
Sheep ( reek At the residence 0f -p. l:. Sny
der, from 4 to 0 n. m. : 1 dcleiraie.
White Hiver- At tlie school lioue in school
iistnct No. 1, from 4 tofi p. in.; 3 delegate
VVarlioiLiiet-At the Wiubojinet ranch,
from 4 toe p. in.; 3 delegate.
A. W, Mojie,,
y. G, Horcn, luurnuin,.
A iiri Exhibit.
tlmaiui JJ.-e.
j No man cua see 11 magnificent gr.-
cultural exhibit at the suae fair without
pride in the state. It is not alone taste
fully arranged an(j attractive becau-e
it is artistic, but it is a convincing proof
of the gmitutss of Nehi-aska. Not kilt
tle eounties iu tiw stutt are ivreseutfc4i,
but we undertake to say that no otie r
lmiUing at any other state fair of the
s;tnie jirojKirtionM can t-mitre with l!te
agricultural kill at Lir.coln for tlie uum
ler. size utkl jna!ity vf gntins, veue
lableii uihI ana i4il.ired. No Kt.-ita
t-.vejt Ni-liraka couhl raise failure '
iu u xiute year to such signal wijwiior- i
ty. The Nebnuskju who tan doubt iU:
future of his st
ul.U Ims essin:iti' tncneies wLirlif
will in:I e !iim iue-timi tie ftermtv of !
i- i " . t
party de
' !,.n V- exi'utni iret
! t ,,i.,l out !iP-t luotut
t V. ,IL. r inai SiUlllH'Ils., of .s..n. 1
the liotub ir l"et or in sfime
j cciilin-.l iu '
Is thai htors i loa Hmucu aif.
r jimlly !i'jroiMat- j.lare uutii tlier unfa 8a"u WBmie- frtK,
tin i:ix-iiiiit to u-i tnai eveiiastmc; i ave written at
'OBI ,
North I.akota,,,1
few rialfi is nut
with tiicin new! to lie jurrwl Kiuidoiil y in- J goocl
to a tv i.ll t!ou of w hdv we are. As it ' startin- it as ,
,s now nolfulv T.n at allani , s a
but tlie nietlKxl iiroicl it uot j imt . f .rrt-,,, . ". "r t
Siohn r wive a nM ir at ieai m . writm- in
o.i.ntiis. Ot cour- e an iiave our
I hale t it, lmt tliow of us who eri?t in
,m ctiovintr ur Pitt ire Mtue for mouths
i to
b.tilnj In tlif '
ttic iwl
i.niily i ntral t en
"' li:ib JH'Kui lit I'-i
ut was
N"oice to Corni1 .tiidpjits.
ic '
tt i :t
!1 f-LiH.'!Uiiiu-.:nns l3 i'ls-iire imli't'
In leis column noist reach the s,-ci, '
i:ru-! ;, i en i.'V liiHiii oi i-ai-u v k.
oil,, lie ci'le i.l pHJT only; nit'' t "st I
lem; l- hriet and to the )Mii:it in
sat':ncnt s. A' Id less ail iniitler to
J. M. UomvsOV.
sec fo. I en. Colli. leti'e s llet. !':Oty,
llalison, Neli.
l'lulinim oi'lhe Ciltrillx i t'ourcr--l;i
iu to e;-:i-rience it"
licjtuliIicMii Jmiii inl Convention.
The republican judicial convention for
the 15th jndk ial d istriet will ! held at Vnl
mtinc, Xeinaska, on ft'ptcinix r !!' Itfld. nt
JO a. in., for tlie mriose of nominating two
canillclates lot tla- office of judge in said dis
trict, and for tlio transaction of siielt other
business as shall cojno before tile conven
tion. The comitie coinpoaing xaiil dislrict are
entitled to representation ax follows :
Box Butte.
i 'lverry .
Keya l'alia
. 3
Sheridan (1
sioux . 2
liy order of the Judicial central commit-tte-
W. W. Wood, Chairman.
J AS. 11. Dwskik, Secretary.
The state fair of 1891 is past. Now is
the time to begin to prepare for an ex
Siibit from Sioux county in 1893.
Tiie republican judicial convention of
the 1'ith district will meet at Valentine
next Tuesday to nominate M. P. Kinkaid
and some other good man. forjudges and
to transact such othep business as may
Jirojierly come before the convention.
An Adams county farmer estimates
(his sttpar lieet crop at twenty tons per
'acre. He is to receive .4 )er ton, or at
the estimate he has placed on the yield,
;?S'0 per acre. lie says the expense of
iraishiK will not exceed $20 jer acre,
'which will leave him a net prolii. of $50
iper acre. TJm-jln Journal,
An epidemic of diphtheria is racing in
the province of Tambofi', Russia, and
mothers pui-poly place their children in
the way ot hffection, preferring to see
ithem die df ihe disease rather than see
tbejh starve. Tlie food supplies of that
6"untry must he exceedingly meagre,
land much suffering must lie in store for
the people.
aradise w hen lie I
A stril-jijr future of the great exhibit
is the marvelous showing made bv the
frontier counties. TV- far west does
herself proud. The counties which last
year were sorely distressed !.y alesolute citizens actually suf
feivd for the necessaries of comfortable
existence are on hand at the lair with
Sicein)ens of this years crops winch
make those of some of the older counties
seem almost insignificant. The figures
snowing tiie yield per acre of such grams
and roots as have lieen liarve:,ted are
almost lieyond belief. They simply
prove what we are nearly all Ijegining to
lieHeve. tiiat Nebraska is better than u
gold mine from the Missouri river to the
Wyoming state line. The great western
half of the state w ill pay for develop
ment and not disaiiiioint the saturnine
pioneers who have entered upon the task
of conquering it.
The exhibit at tlie sh.le fair shows
that the scheme proposed by the State
Business Men's association for nit adver
tising train can lie carried out most sue. I
cessluily. 11 nothing troes into the cars
except selections from wltat is displayed
at Lincoln the traveling exhibit will talk
louder for Nebraska tlian periodic:)!:;,
orators or even liarvest excursions.
The showing at the fair and the univer
sal surprise it occasioned among visitors
is positive proof of the value of the plat.
under consideration by the Business
Men's association.
1. Thai iu iew of the irreat
trial and ciKiHuuric reolutioii now !r;,ttiiii-r
npon the cii iiiM'd wore! and je tn-iv iui':
Ml iii'.' ' -sii,. eonf Ivuitiii-J tile Aniel'n ai! jm-i
i!i-, iic iH'liiui'lliiit ihetiTne tins a rri cl 1
a cr slally'atioli ol t lie Milit leal r, jorni I'trci s
in out cootttl y illid Ihe formulae! ot ulial
should i' known as tiie i'.M,,u'!s (' irty e! tiie
t lotetl Mate's of America.
2. That we m.ed In-ai t'Iv ciidcrse I'm'- jiiit
foi iiis a-ailcnted t si i.o'iis. "(o.. in
-3iH r':a., in i-'M. ami I'liinlnt. Neli., ni is;!
i Hie industrial ol'iraui. itious tiieje rejai- 1
eiued, suimiiarizei! an ti.lloi'. : t
A - Tlu riirht to nutke nnd issin. iti.niev is a !
t,-- t...n I tils
! i .1... ,-oi,le when tin
proiiii-' wi 1-- - ,
1 . i. . ..1 , timstin' a lew
oRi trsWCiv im i"' i
. us week irom wiiicii me ie-.w:i
wiiettier then- has been any n-
.-m .n til.- !:iui! admun-ir.iiion o:
ounty. ,
Tlie liL'iires civcli i-low .ire Uie
miourrts .-Ttir,-, !,,, ih. v,u,,t-l by the
.-.ruier.ountv otb.ers tr the term ..I
Jxss alid P-t. audi ne ui-ioniits
i roiK.7'. bs t:"- present
for the tini" 1 ey aiv m
and ovei .-ight nionllu:
.!Wir :orl .i,lUtH
1 1, (fen
I -,, -U--.
I ..i.nty oi!
, olli. c'olli"
: i
ri'ht. TliK X KXM. lias made a number
of elf oils to gH this light t.toptl but
without avail. A few iiioiiU.s ago W.
H. Hivis t'i.ti oiitrol of tlm Jl'julilam
J" iif trreeii L'rnsa .. '. ,Jf
t "Will
wnudge that will Klv
mi !e in every dirt
tda is that In-at Iroi,, o
-inir-U, Heat a-,eIJU,
( .innof I .I.e....:. ... . w
.... -'----''MM over
. I lr . "
it was a new T
as if the light was at
state of
hi s i o-.-i
f :l ill
I tries! the effe ,.t
avl a v,h-flt crop 1(i "
mile distant as imix.
th smoke."
f' 1 u;
-r coin
!OIC ' -.
former sui
IT.-, ut -:;t
K.inucj- ii
IT.--, at ,i
.il)n ; mo
-IIIM-T ilitc
hiifi i
el. 111.
...i.,i: "i
-.ri fci
. . f-ilK ,'l
. . !t. in
t :iT'J Vi
. . -a i
e de
li 1 1
d to I
At the republican county convention
'of Holt county last Saturday Judge Kin
!kaid was honored by being allowed to
'select the delegation to tin; judicial con
vention. Judge Kinkaid is deservedly
.popular in his home county as well as
'all over the district and the jieople know
that he has filled tlie high position honor
ably and have no desire for a change.
The Wyoming pajiers are urging the
advantages of tliat state as a farming
country and invititur settlers to com
:and convert the wild prairie into crop
(producing farms. The tide of emigra
tion is still (lowing westward from the
over-crowded cities and high-priced farm
lands of the east and it w ill not lie long
'until the greater portion of free land will
be taken up and made to yield returns to
the tiller thereof. The settling of west
ern Nebraska and Wyoming will create
more demand for the coal, oil and other
deposits of the northwest and prosjierity
for all will be tlie result.
A Letter,
OnroswiiOD, Sept, 9, ls)l.
Editor JoraxAJ.: Having read several
articles in the Bwahl from this part of
the county that were in no way compli
mentary to our present county "-ofiici-
ary and being unable to even guess
where -those articles were written 1 be
leave to occupy snace in vour miner for
a few remarks, 'ihe Herald lias rejieat
edly asserted that the county oflicers
were robbing the county and charging
unreasonable and unlawful fees, vet our
taxes for tlie year 1W0 were much less
than for the year 1880. The Hit aid has
never stated the amount of fees each or
all of the county officers have taken dur
ing their term of office. If tlie Herald
yelper shows by figures, records and law
(as le is a great hand for record evidence)
that tlie present oflicers have been defi
icut or delinquent in the performance of
then duty (Walker's appointment as
county attorney excepted! or tliat it has
cost more to run tlie county since they
nave been holding office than for a cor
responding period of time during the ca
reer oi tlieir nredessors. then the weiirht.
of tiie letters published in the H'mhl
will have more eil'ect. Unless this is
done all the reflection cast on the present
county officers by the Jferald and its co
workers will amount to nothing and
every roan who voted for those officers
t--o years ago will sfand bv them and
more will be added to the list.
sOCCeii"'! lmMir 1i. 1... ,... i ri 1 ii m.,1
people for tile common benellt, hem t v.
mlsii'l tiie tl lw ill J-ji .a ol the ual eie:.; hro
liituKxoi issiie.nud a substitute u: bunk notes we demand thai .ei:,
der tveasiii y notes- be issued in sultit-n-.i;
lime to trails!,,. t the bn-iuesaof tic en. I
on a casll I.i. ls, without damaKe i.r -.p
advantage t, anr class or callinpr. sil'ii ;
to be lciful tender in payment ol llii d
liublio or pi iviit.-. and siieii noti-.. w
niandiHl by the jicplc, sludl be loan
liiein ut not more than '2 percent jn-r .miiuiii
umiu uou-perishaiile prndnt-ts, it ilelii-uted
iu the Kiilui-eHsury )lan, hiu! also upon tin-r-al
i'si:itc W illi jiron r liinitatiou i!p.m the
quaut;t ol laud ami iu.iount ol moin y.
!".-Wc deiaand the- free nud tin! ueit'-d
eoinaiii' ot siH er.
i'-Ve demand the pa.. aire of 1
llibilimr alien i.u-iii-r.iiiii ,.T ..,il .n ,i ti. ,i
congress take prompt action to devise ...isie
tdaii to obtain all Ian-is now owned nv aiieu
and toreir, syndicale-, and that ali" i nc!s
lield by raiiroads and oilier corixiriiCen-in
excess Ol Slll-ll 1K is at'tll .In llid Hint del I
byliicm ta- reehiilued hv'tiie i;o : iih.e',1
an'! held fornctual settlers onlv.
Il-UelleViiiir 1m II. e il.w.l.,.,. , ,1
rilii to ail and special privilege to iione.
we demand that taxation - national, - tale or
muiiicijiHl- shall not la used to build up one
interest or class at tlie expense of
K -"c deimind that all revenno -m-t i,
state or county -shall be limited n the
necewary ctx-nsi-s ,,f the homthh.-i ut
econoinicaliy and honestly admi tisi. ;ei.
V - We demand a Jn-1 and equitable -.e-b m
ot Ki'a'luated tat on Incomes,
5 We demand the mi, riiiid. holie-f nml
ju-l tlalioniti control ami siipeevj -in:, o.' the
means of pub lie communication ami ;i,uis
porti.iion, and if this cntroi and super
vision does not remove the abuse., now eit
iiiK, we demand tlie liovcniinout uwuershib
ot such means ol conimuiiic-.'.tion ami tran,
!l-Vc di'inaiid t!.e election ol nie.idc t,
vice pnssident and t'liltitl stales se-,atnr- hy
a direct oteif tlld JM'Ople.
-' ' '
...'( si-
.. sin m
111 tilt
-. lil
amounts drawn
and the present
itated isas follows:
Ss'lTs .-,7
... J.-Vl s.'i
alm c show
Speaking Of the stoc k business and
development of the country tlie Casper,
(Wyo.) heirwk nays:
"There wan a time when Wyoming
Wa a range country, but that time is
ipwrt, and the sooner this is realized the
Jooner will we tiegin to reap tlie profit
from our labor."
That to the sentiment of a great many
(people sad the wprk of urging settlers to
locate , ia , Wyoming is going
or. in good ibaM. It will not i
otil tit vaet territory of Wyoming
"which feaerfaiply bew a range fdrnttx k
uwiwn wihi tartn nouses occupiei
A company has re?ntly been organ
ized in nox tJiitte county for the purpose
of advancing the settlement of the
county and men have been sent east to
advertise the county and get people to
come and settle. That will benefit
northwest Nebraska as a whole for'all
that can be said of Box Tin tte county
can lie said of the adjacent counties and
the men w ho hare taken hold of the
matter are to lie complimented on their
enterprise. It, will not lie long until oeo-
)le from the east will lie Hocking to the
government land and cheap farms of
northwest Nebraska.
A petition lias been filed in Pawes
county with the requisite mmilier of
signers asking that the question of town
ship organization be submitted at the
coming election. " There are a number of
counties in the state in which township
organization has been tried, where stens
are being taken to get back to the com
missioner system. Under the present
law township organization is an exnen-
sive luxury. In Jlawes county there are
seventeen precincts, so that a session of
the board would cost i a day besides
tlie mileage of the seventeen suoervisors.
whereas under the commissioner system
tlie exene of a meeting of the com
missioners is 99 a day and mileage for
three members. There are a number of
other points in the present law or town
ship organization which make- it exjien-
ive. Townsliln nrnniinlinn ,rnt
l r n ...... i.guuy
j thing under tlie right kind of relations.
out noi mi ii i uie law is iiuum iUllereiit
ri-:n!'!,K's i x it ,:r i:iik.t .state
For Judge of the supreme ( onrt,
4 J. W, KlK.KllTON, of
Kor KvjfMHK state rnlvcrslty,
K. A. IIAUI.KV.of tk-oli
. K'AIJ.KM ASH, of Kni ;-
lermt r t
Pies.- il , ei-.v
(lit!, l
t : ' . r-ii . r
I'M-ell! I
Tiie difference
by tin- former otlicia
lor tiie time a- abovt
j 1 tirliit r ;(dc iiM-l : alion
f I'ie-elit .iiC'i.iii-IMliinli
j it. will In- seep Irom the
f in that nearly T'i"'"' 77c
)ir( ! were saved to tli" tax-jmers by the
presiint ailunnistnit ion m the ,Vtf, ; h,i
j I "-.4 njin ,:i ooc , witlioiit Udolig into
j onsalt'ititioii other matters.
' What does t li s iiieiih. if in t c-foi in in
j 1 he IlliJillcial inllliifiistKitioil of tlie
county y Certainly, there nr.- tin-,.
I mouths yet lor tl,.- present iuiii.ii:ia
jlion 1 draw money from tlm coui.ty,
j but the amount tint will Li; drawn m
the next three luoii'lis will nof exceed
sfMJO.IK,, leavingstii; a jn f.,Voi
. the present adn.'tit-tnitiou ol nearlv
; THHEK Tll(M,.:ii i tol.l.A lis.
I Tli-county ir..i amr receives Ins (my
in a certain fr c'-i't. on the colle, tums
' made, and th-r-iori' more taxes he
. collects 1u itior..- is? rc-eivcs, :ind pre
! seals no bills excpt for j-ost.-i-.,. j,
isa small aim unit.
The present county attorney is draw
ing only si pe- p-o'ith. and the foniii-r
'ounty at1o, i-y drew sfll.fif,- jr
mouth win. h . ' iiic-nti.iiicd in the
'. bio iioiigh is shown to
y liiii--;nind,-i:l per-tt tliat
ii Ii- f.-i-ni aiid that too with
If present eoiiiiiy olli-v-.s.
Ii;it , In !).. ii inje of
: f we;-,, t - . .r : ifovsV
Ii. II )!l!FWSTl ',
t IIAK. c. j MKS(,v
I .e.;,-. tl x, f.,iv it-.-..!., r.f l.i liioii-uiiihii'n
tltJt lit. HIT ...t ...... e-, . . IV.ItH j.iriiuf ttotN
;ital it l.'jrnti to IfHik P",J and it
an etui, but that , i . - ;'" '".' tie
affairs did ti't suit Walker ami
ribitors and a daj was ln:ule
wheivby lieorge Walker lca;ne iht"r
of the II, rnlil, and all liojies of the light
stopping were at an end. The fill is
lluit all tliat W.ti'ce! and his allie care
l,r is to keep up a low anil retard the
growth and development of the county .
When there is a grand eil'ort lining ntiule
bv jiorthwes! xebr.i la to -fs ure nevt
settl-'i LUO lli-mhl Oiakes ri u'w:uil
a company organvii! for Ibal purpose.
When t!w work w is goieg on to g -t up '
,iii exhibit for lb,- state fair it did not re-!
icivt one word of eii.ounigeiiK ut front!
tlie editor of tin- H-nihl. The only aim
and object i f ( ieoru-i- Walker a'iirs to I
In keep iij. a light an I try to get even
w ith some of ho against whom lie bus
a iersoual spite, ami he govs at itii ganl
ff ss of truth, fai ts or words, li the
i-ditors of northwest Nebraska can form
ulate some, jiliitj of plugging up Walker's
in: d-hattctvs or ioii;e! that uwlividiial
!i Ih-coiiiv more intimate with the truth
tie; bglil can s.oi ijt Mopi!, bill so
long as the Hrialil continues m its pres
ent course all may it-i nsure! that TfiK
.hn t:Al. will do all in its power to give
Commercial W
the 'Opl;
.lit fa
in the
General Banking Bus!
' IlAltltlsaiN,
tin- ( iimpaigi).
,ive evert
o opool t unit V t
! above lig-ur
; convince
i there has )K
KT.Ja big "H".
j cials are tin.
! tlie Croat C
l -lit i 1 1 V
rEofi.Ks i;.ki-,:mi!.-i i i- tu kkt
lor Treasurer,
m. t.AVn i:t,
For sheriff, .
T!lt).fA It 1 1 1 1 V .
For ( (unity Clerk,
For SupiTSnteiideut of Piibii,: lii-truelion,
A. SOt'THWoitTll.
For ( 'oronm-,
oKOlttiK J. S..,i
ForCounty oiiiiulnsioiier 2nd lii-trict,
A. lij.oon, Jr.
Nearly Three. Thousand Dollars Saved !
Til K MFFKRKXO: I.X COM' Til Til K roi'XTV
Oi- i!Ir. I'liKsKM' COI NT, u. pj, pj--,
"ii'liV.X !V THE I!K
Ix)ng liefore there was a candidaf
placed iu nomination for the county offi
ces and ever since Walker failed to se
cure the nomination for count v t.
torney, as frequently stated, and as is
known to lie a fact, there has been a
howl .set up that the present county ofli
cers were not caring for the cost of run
ning the county, that all they cared for
were the ofllees; that they were hist n
bad and reckless as tlieir predecessors
and in some instances worse. Every oo-
portjinity that presented itself to crentA
a bitter feeling against the present ad
ministration was taken fidvant.-o-e of
and the sjitirks of suspicion were fanned
into Hames of predjudice until the lsul.
ers of the opposition consider their chief
justified in calling the officers thejves
robbers, swindlers etc. Any nerson who
wished to be favnrml be i ,.i
",1 sow lAllAUl oi
commissioners in the locating of some
. hp. but not until the U
Our CorjMirattou,
Under o itvn-y i Ti-uii'stai,,-, , in
new count ie.. genetvilly, iu.itittifioits like
the Nebraska Security t ompany of Har
rison, would no), he tlisi ussed in connec
tion with the imlitical all'airs of the
county, but here in Sioux county it is
different. The Security i ompany was!
organizl to encourage settlement of the
county. There are quite a number in
this county who feel as though the
county was too thickly settled in it is.
and the He, aid in its endeavors to please
iatt-r, ami its editor in his desire t0
even with individual members for tion
supiKirt m his political aspirations, xvill
stoop to the lowest steps iK;:sibie to
check the company in its, work, ft is
amusing, however, to notice the stni"
glesofthat sheet to publish v,)at 7t
deems necessary to please the men who
" Hi muT me uuie Iwoths on election
. .M ami man.: x aner names of cua
uates lorjniblic oflice and at the
time not injure the feelings of tin
Mcioi-unie crowd. In one ksm. i, ...;n
;.... i .. . . - "oi
,,.,uc,. us readers u, lWt j,lvitln
I their eastern friends to come here to
starve, and a few weeks later H will
pubh.-l, the result of a threshing at some
progressive farm, mentioning t.lw um.'
her of bushels ,r at-re thrched nod close
the item with the remark; Vul,
want anything tietter than this?"
Ueseoimty company was instrumen
tal in causing the fact ofbux count A
prrxlucliveness in the lino of farm pr,
to he known in hundreds of owns
and ban, els iu llltrtois and Iowa th H
iii some ot u,e eastern tenants
should come out here to secure homes T of
he,row, each individual ,,mi
the company w tl ,.Xert himself to pi
locations for them. Thcv will tell tiw .
of wheat fiehts that yielded "v.! v
bushels to the acre: lltv --.n . i iM
1 1, St ,1,.,.. ' : ,'' "Will
, ""i snow- thi ut
te:.j:?,v, ihtr the,"
"'","uu UK w"''at in 1 he bins. Irti
uew-coiuersare not satisfied the' win
whisper in their ear ia,i t,v ' ': , ,
1-olieve Mellxmrnp M ' V 1 il,,.V
W iHtywill work for settlcmt ,t " l
'trWaiid a few c.iho-. ... ., . l:
notwithstanding. i" , ".';o,llRir-
emn,ent,m. government la,, 3
the new-mers, thcv will , ir ,,H"U
de-slwl I-,,,,! with . i.:.?. . "w
rpi . , " v" "OllOlil H,Ot1'-
ihe win nr. ."y1
, p -e ...j.n.n nl(M.K e, e
Iu onler to
braslia and b
posted on ti. pror
in Ixith thes,- s:,)e
offer the Hi :,i
tins vear for t
your orders t-ai ly. Two '(.dial's il!
ai.-ceptetl for : i jiw ot t. n iiiiiiiei
Tin: H-,:i. i'i i;i.,-iii i o,,,
(linnhi,, .Nel,
Will prnctici
Ol th:
e have ileculed to
''c for (be balance of i
lit V-live I -'lit s Send in
N'- i
aiiisiign and fedenil ouru.
I i r . .
))( ; i,egai pnpeist carei.iuy tlrjur
' I i "flice ill 1 .Mil ! him
' H tlll:t-m. K
to!l!fl'OXtKM -
Kol'STK linos., Sen York Cly
f HOST X VTIoSJt. 1I.ISJJ, llolRhH.
I! ,si o, c itu.iio, t hndroii. .
i!:coi:inuTKfir.Mi. it -rvii
AS, iVilIiKM.
( Has. k. iiul.Ms. i. M'u
VE1UTV, Casaikk.
; i.-T,ii,isiii:n iM.;
nuiiusov. m:i!imska.
AirniOUIZKI) CAPITAL. S2()()(i
j Transacts a General Banking Busin
I Bll.vs eschool Orders, ( ,utity and Village Warrants.
;?:"l! pan) (,) Tmia lJcposit.
Loans Money on Improved Farm
ont Foi
Make the Bottom Prices on all
Goods in Their Line,
j . - , . ""s""n oi Home
road in his neie-H,r bood ni ....
ol the illegal proceedings commenced,
.vs.vou oc icqueswiu to proceed in the
proper- manner: nersona whn 1....1 1
have claims against tlio county, and
could not procure warrants for o.m
legally, without, 1
road overseers who were accustomed to uieir accounts allowed and receive
warrants 011 th muni f,....i .
, ....n luin 01 tlio
county instead of certificates on the dis
trict road funds; partiea who were dam
aged by the location of roads demanded
by their neighbors; and others who had
petty grievances were pelted and urged
to make .1 tlm RU.U .7 ...
could aiict the present admin
istration, and figures were juggled to
gether in such shaiie as to deceive those
who were in doubt as to the truthful
ness of statements made, and U10 "fiir
tires don't lie" phrase added s tts to cut
on luruier investigation. . l 'm u"! """iittid w-ill i 1 . ,
Hie risers of uWifZhl l-ill' 'f
fully Sec. 3AI11 r n " ,Tl ,r
dtxlueted from vih. , r ,eKti, i"d
no the
shirker, but it does fowL lit 14 Ux
if that iS eough:f!Zi:u w":tn,i,.7u
ment Ije entered against it J Jk I
but havp. J f " fI.lJ''lt I ,l-k'-' demand.
You certain!; did n "t
nfVe Make a Specialty of Groceries
Our Prices Beat Everybody.
Our Line of Hardware is Comple
Yours Respectfully,
emsroLD a wtelle
-ii' 4 rmt ' 1
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