The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, September 10, 1891, Image 5

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JtDCtS. if""'
8praln, BWio, ourns, oweiiings,
., Grain and Flax Testers,
nl loii, i iimmi .11 ins,
l(ir- I'owfW, Spouts,
I'ully Sprocket Wheels,
Sliiiltlnt:. Ilaiiirorn,
lloxm ami Collar,
...,.., liit Htfuni Fit tins.
',,.;. Hrat Goods nn.l l'akiiir
Fire Hnck, ami (lay.
Uvip Steam Outfits Promptly Furnished or Reoaired.
r1'- an i:f(o nl Pactinoc anrl Marhino Wnr.
rvlllUa Ul woomnjj bhu iiiuuimiiu num.
York Foundry & Engine Co.,
York. Npbrnkn
Makes ft complete tie witn one, riovetwtii or
the lever. Hvri ) pun cut, in et i.t i.!t!i
ttr. Nti delay In waiting (or lien; Diuke tUcin
I'uunicif. ' In
l!ct Cough Medicine. Recommended by l'hyicin.
fori where Ml eiaa iu: ' irwm . K. y. u. v ....
lect School
Iv Child Jesus,
U.NX'OL.-, M-.liti-Av.
. . ...... .... J , ...
H1t '''' J-"" rr"m
Hill, rhtlutplihl Pnnylnl".
-A An A in tl.U 1 rtilcttlf 111) tS
Eur)';- jnumrvJ, and rticoliu
nf fnlijc.ooao obUcl to do
Contwi of 0 Holy Child J
IIUl and V BlfMU.
. . . . hemiaska.
tT7 8
Free Trade Prices
N'n Mitfl.foll'
W c are now at- 1
Wentrrn lntprnvr.1 SirK'
Srwinir Machine a.n a
cil-romplrte Uh "
iai-linuinl (Inn
lor C ver i"f ool ''
r rraU. ... r.lf .tu-rtrinn .Jl In-
ktMIlM to M. A. hcullm i Co., . 4 W
Tntt'I.tvrr I'lils urt n klmlly n the
rliilii, lt tlcHciff ffiiiitln or iullnu old
Tuii's Pills
(jlvfl t.)ii ant .trfm:tl lolliR tvi'tik sUiiiv
A Ji's ytwrtAiA, wl, La.l lha kiiiii
umt liill.mmg Unk much f,.r
mi iieoi vtars. su. , .-nk- -i ......
irul .,l a wjumry w-. k!y, u.l Ja (Le tir,l
isfiii; aftir licitimkih.. uuH,.r i...
uLlislu-il a small a,J uumvli-iilidii. fJnl
in wl.ii li lie Mid:
"1 Lc foriiit-r editor of lliis !,. i ..r .,-.
t aily and politically iltad! Liu The Sun
Miw slill (survives. It U inj .. ,.:i
th-iuslj. and ainii'lilv i I. n,.r UJ I
a Losut fditiu', and sling one of 'the most
Mtu-tic und tiueutubt ijuill, of ttie Hi-d
hhit. i Lave- u noril Uliind me wLii li
dint need a new covit of whitewa-li
every iriug. like that o(li,;r editor which
n ctntiy uuUed aud drawtd out of the
At citua un obitn
and if there's any liikti in the program i
tan generally fumish a frejh corps.; on
short notice, and at the usual slight ad
vance on cost of insertion. 1 mcielv
throw thH out as a feeler to the oppuJ
fchun, whh h, I hear, is a mussing us loin
apn me and uiy, ami, by Hie In i kle
fined, Ixm desired, cock-cycl 'odsoi war,
tli. ie'll U- a power of hiirh pric-d i.pcrj
uiu.sii: noamifr 111 ttie ajr, it any ol Uieiu
try Ui clime uie.
"If there is enny corte house liu.; hi
this sweet-scented 'locality, I'll j.ct on H
it, sure as you're a fool lifgli. li' tle ie i
to lie any iminkyiii with the freer I;- in,
iiiilrauiuieled country delefales to the n, t
county convention, I'll he there with my
face washed and hair combed back of my
I've licked many a nxA niau. and I'v
been lickpl once or twice in my vaiietratu!
career, but I've always noticed that them
tellers wiio whipped niewcre not the same
men afterwards, and drooped alon;; for a
while like a sun rtrui k tomato vine, and
tinally dropped into the grave with a dull
thud, having kinder outlived their useful
"I want it distinctly remembered thai
in in from the back counties, and ain't up
to the cortcetiket of the straw berry blonde
or the pulpy dude. If I make any miscue'
it will i.e more an error ot the head than
the heart, but for all that 1 pioposo to run
a lam im. hi.uv' hot, nitty little paper,
and move nlonj; with the licst kind of har
mony, but if harmony bucks and tries to
to any sort ot dirt on me. Harmony win
have to git oil the track and let me glide
lit inter tne commence ot the puune.
if thin journal tayn anything out of
the way and grieves any mottle faced ten
derfoot, rcincuiiier 1 m uie man ne wain
to see about it. There ain't no hack stairs
ir back windows to this sanctum nane-
toriuin. 1 in always in. 1 m ever on ine
tripod, and now with these lew brief re
marks I cordially invite everybody's co
operation and subscriptions. 1 he lone ot
the paper will tie Dure in scniimein, ciinsie
in expression, and typographically bang
up and delirious."
I tiT. . p wu. rnwljr f'r t! 1jo dianMe : l.r It.
dm tl,.a U t etv nl ta. mini kind iui ollnm
:. r U.nlnm mrfd. InJ.i Blroujr i my r.UQ
i r -,rrl. tint I ".It S"nrt TWO ROTTLU rilll.wilh
VAl.l. Alll.RTHK risK i.n luu dia to ui-(-ivrrlww.ll.-odmtl.m
KiwiJ P.O. KlJriw.
T. A. Nlornin. M. I'.. ISt l'earl n.
uri.llur Man Kt at Hbi
Umt Are llorkfd.
A young 1 ithcr entered a furniture store
recently in Jla on, and asked to see a cra
dle. YA lule one member of the linn went
oil to w ait on the customer, the other
nu mber stud to a reporter:
that u w ill not lie long before
not lie kept in stock at allr"
The reiirter hail not kept up w ith the !
times in this particular, and asked the rea
son. "The cradle is fa-st getting to be a thing
of the past, a relic of baby by-gone days,
as li were, mysiciuiis nave discov
ered that the constant rocking of a baby in
a cradle addles the brain, and to this is at
tributed tne wcak miudel of this aud pre
ceding generations. Minds of the child
ren arc allccled of the rocking
motion, and lhev grow up either idiots or
cranks. You now see why there are more
cranks than ever liefore in the world's his
tory. Then there is another reason why
the cradle should go. Look around over
the households of "the country and see the
weak, sickly mothers. This cornea of
rocking the cradle. Ik has lietn clearly
demonstrated that running a sewing ma
chine is not near so laborious or injurious
to the women of this country as rocking a
"How are the born journalists and prob
able presidents to lie coaxed to tease
siiualliiiir and nut to sleep?"
"The straight bed takes the place of a
cradle. Keeking doesn't stop a child from
sciualliu!'. neither docs it mil ll to Sleep,
That's a delusion that mothers have been
hugging to their liosoms for years, even
people, and if they don't sleep they are
sick. A well and hearty babe can be laid
down upon a couch as hard as a boutdmg-
house beil and. if bleepv. will drop right
oil to sleet, without any rocking whatever
How manv times have vou seen a mother
rock a baliv for au hour or longer, and yet
hear the child sutiall nearly all the time.
It would not have squalled near so long if
laid comfortably on a rockerlcss bed, and
the poor mother -would not have lieen tired
out nushiii" a cradle to and fro.
'Then the cradle must go, you think?'
"Yes, and with it all those baby scaring
songs; no more w ill lie ncani, liany jiiuie,
'Habv's Cot a Tooth.' and all those songs
which accompany the rocking of the
cradle. You will never bear again:
t The late James Hath btdieved
himself to have been the fird .rn to
put the verb "to boycott" in print. Ab
the- story goes, one night during one of
his visits to Ireland, he sat writing a
dispatch to a New York paper, when
J.1t V, f. ,nrl Viiin'lf at. a 1()3S fof
,, : auuuuuiy .o iv"" ...... .- .
IO OU S.UOW I - , i ,1.,.. 1,.,,-
e cradles will U word to express what was then hap
pening toJCaptain Iloyeott. use boy
cott's name as a verD," saiaa priest vi
his elbow, and Iledpath accopU.4 lue
suggestion. Next day Itedpath met
the Irish speakers, then just starting
out upon a series of campaign meetings,
and suggested to them the use ol ttie
word '-to boycott." The suggestion
urn Hwrited. and shortly after the
word had wido currency in both Ire
knd and America.
The National Medical association
have recommended to congrei to
create another cabinet officer to be
designated The Secretary of Publlo
Heal'- .
: Jflfc. .EST w
WTi A .
nwn uvn
How does he feel ? He feels
Kabies sleep more than grown blue, a deep, dark, unlading, ayea-
n-the-wool, eternal Diue, ana ne
makes everybody feel the same way
August Flower tne nemeuy.
How does he feel? He feels a
headache, eenerally dull and con
stant, but sometimes excruciating
August Flower tne riemeuy
How does he feel? He feels a
violent hiccoughing or jumping of
the stomach alter a meal, raising
bitter-tasting matter or what he has
eaten or drunk August r town.
the Remedy.
How does he feel ? He feels
Yoc.kev hve lialiy. Inner fee top,
Wlienncr win' h'ows o'aille 'ill yoek,
VV homier boujrll li'akes e'aille 'ill tall,
Down II turn lialiy, e auiean mi
til trrarlnal decay of vital power
bp feels miserable, melancholy,
becauM; all such things keep a baby aw ake . i n(j ions for death and peres. ... c""'ft . nMce AUBUSt flower uienoni
' hen vou would Wot oui uie sweei "
Tltir Hip nrV nnwlnlcH
1,-a.line rrn'lV I'.r "
unliMi.rnl rtlsel.ttrs"-. 0J
t,rlvatllw-"' "."!-,,7
rerulnruto inrtai-dcb It
utinif wBkueii pecullM
J ftt()tR,MO,ntriTu,lLL
hold b Urousltlfc
I'UICX. gi.w
Vttiy tlm
Th UrrMt ttnek ol ArtiS-
rl.l V.m In th W (. A"
....... u-nl to ftllT
i ,n i, nn. nr mora and rc-
l"a turn llicBUnncti"." ...
JfclCrOlfirt lis, SUU ., Cliicmo,
( Hk.ll. A. UAMMKI-D, ,
at ud optr.tim turfeon to th. Chl:
ibi ( olk,( I'mtitnU l di.Unc. If sttl
fmutl,tti lucrnl nd wKen i.!tinir Un T
aatel botrd ua lorfiiiiw t ronljl r.l.
fil.riinr. Now Kldo Hfft'l
.lilt ll.f " These are the dyins
I. ,.f l),m Wt' Ki er ami inc un-mi
.. . .,i t,v n fri.nd of mine whom
1 met on the street coming I mm one 01 uie
iK.ts He went oil to tell me now mm.
wasnlKHit riding in sleeping cars, lie
il n eot to alking nooui tne .
- . . , :i I . .j f ,i.i
maUiu" up the beds oil mm; guocu ..."
.. i ...... "Hinu venrs llL'O. lie Willi
..',!.,.,. e!t to tiiukc up those beds with
.i .. ),. it.. Piiidnc. which was very ap
,..':.,. t.,r ile.tisthe wav coltiiH are
I,w. T CaVried." I.ut f
taken to making up these ' '
! I to the eneiuc. This is infernal, you
L.,.w Incikeof itiolli'ioii you arc sure
, ' , A far that won
10 orean. " ..' ,r ., ,. f,..
liiue it . ,Jt" '-
. ,. w-. . - Wo., vrtua
tWna, ..Kht r-mti. .o. 1 to m
lVOKa.llVlki- Trtfi'W'"
.orter.i sa.V
up tie
!. UTTIIStloll OI TO I,t. Mlll
L"uiin DicraitptTio! oi.m.
IcnixD cueo to mi .
f. Arrtmol rrtrj tutltrtr ttU
llftTIIIII tt c .(....dt. AddrA
"i iimn i.
j, a. iiki v---- m a
.Unit !;-, A."
Ul ITI Or Morphine Habit
lB.COLI.llte. Orlctwl lto"r"
I FftlnlrM Oluv Antidote.
XeBea . L - it.e titmillt1M
HudraU of orlciMl Uwtim.mUta
t. oti-ni f. iMtwji' trozr
. - - tin ll,11n. MOO-
I it
. :., i.. .... ., n .li e vour ii
'. r..rr,l u-ill man your cervical
' ,l; ' , ... ...... f',.,.l The
i .u..t' -pit tnvv. 1
linn iiiiii " ( - . , i e
.i,,.i n. tlv s more prole, leu in in
, r, .. i.. ti.nt ii.vk.Mi.ii uunecoiiip.......
he yerVgreen if (hey think m, one
Z, ..L, hut racket. The cxplnne
o ' ,.f .!,! little cnpcrisUmtwbniapas-
"'" . ... . t ... ... ia i in t ii m-
(er-er gets killed, tin- law '"'"V
"to kooo. while if l..'g;tcrjPl.U'd.tbe
couiimny may have to unv S-!5.00l
"A llwli Ncnilitr."
rm.:. ; ti.a aliihltntf remark that 1b
often -nphed to women who i tr, 'to seem
youna, tboUKti iney no iuhk.. t
riometim appeamneeH are deceitfuL
i ....w.irtiium. run niiuuiu
.ii...l..n.ente and irregularities
Thoee iroubla. ore removal bj r the u
iii h- .auty
and no longer fiure in society as a
TlIi, Woman's Art (Tub, of Ch cagt
J ro,,iab,ll,a
hip o l, tulceubyawomam
enthnmphacouwe of rtroo y
the art echool, which boast.
than f00 PI)il8-
Au(l,in:l ftlKl
'I hroiit ""'".. ,- .....
A Jerieytiian Knocked Down by ft Swipe
of ft Hie Simk Tale.
The people of Klmer, N. .!., mid vicini
ty are much excited over an unpleasant
visitor in the slmpeof a m ailer snake. A
few days ago John Van Meter, a farmer,
was cutting down the scrubs and suckers
along the lence between his farm and that
nf Horace Ii. Shoemaker. While at work
he was struck with the tale of a large spot
ted snake and knocked down, w nen ne
regained bis footing be made tracks tor
l.r.nw. 111 R lleeill lie iiasiuy .'"-. '
the monster, and pronounced it as being
tulW twenty -five feet long anil as luies. as
a stovepilie. When he had recovered
from his fright he organized a gang ot a
dozen of the local residents and went in
search of the huge reptile, nut tne monsu .
could not be found. Frederick meyard,
who occupied the same larm auoui iwemj
years ago, slated he saw uie same irm.iv
When he was a tenant. U was ju-t as long
ns it is now and was exceedingly uiu.
Daniel liitchnci'. wlio was a nu n im.. . u.
the Mime time, lor years iciaicu ...i....b
stories of the "j ailer coyer oioe.
the "Ixiay eonsliu ter that hankered around
,U. lower sawmill and swallowed negro
babies." This ii supposed to be the tra
ditional snake, and, in consequence, the
whole locality is somewhat uneasy when
wandering abroad. The serpent w said to
make its home in a swamp jest below ti
mer and parties are now out every day
hunting for him.
a I.n.t Car.
. , ...m.tiKi nro an east-bound
freU r m oveVthc Union 1'aeitie broke
, wo , ear Laramie City. Col., while go
" 1 , . ,!. it one. 'Ibefronl
!s"(iw ,rr;ve. whipped on
inn. fjonm ..."."'. " ... -,
which went rolling now i a
The ear was nneo
with choice SUKS, mm )" i, the front end was so clean and un
i r. dl by a" u8ual shock that he
attcnucu ",",,.,,. Thev coupled
trn n men urn uoi uu.. ... j .
He..T.W""rX,ln.l a big
cownoy .0U...1 r ? ,
l.icture of 'the fond mother bending over
the cradle containing her first-born, softly
eronniniMir simrimr her tender lullaby us
il.e. watches the little smiles and uncon
scions laughs chase the ripples over the
beautiful dimples; you would tear away
the drapery that hangs over the little
cradle, and the silk quilts upon which the
mother's lingers have worked for so long,
and you would do all this for a doctor's
opinion!" ,
"(i. no. mv pov. not, 101 a uuvw. a
opinion, but you see there is no money in
cradles See that elegant antique ouk
crib there'; AVe make more money on
that one crib than on a dozen cradles."
of Young
How does he feel ? He feels so
full after eating a meal that he can
hardly walk August Flower the
Remedy. w
G. G. GREEN, Sole Manufacturer,
Woodbury, New Jersey, U. S. A.
A Pretty Story ItntoUed by Gen'ral 8h
man About it Pcaoti Orchard.
EJisod Defines 'Ampere and Volt.
The following question was put to
Thomas A. Edison by John S. Wise ia
a receut lawsuit in wuicii air.
oives a pretty clear tlennition or tne
words ampere'' anu "vnu wuicu .
much u-scd about this time:
Q. Explain what is meant dj tne
number of volts m an electric cur-reut?"
A. "I will have to use the analogy
pf a waterfall to explain, oay e
have a current ol water aim a iuiu.uo
wheel. If 1 have a turbine wheel and
allow a thousand gallons per seoood
t fail fmm a heie-hl of one loot on tne
turbine I get a certain power, we will
gay one horse power. JNow, tue one
foot t Ian w in represent, uuc -
pressure in electricity, and tne thou
sand gallons will represent the ampere
or the amount of current; we will call
that one ampere. Ihus wo nave a
thousand gallons of water or one am
pere, falling one loot or vou or iaiu
one-volt of pressure, and the water
workiu" the turbine gives one norse
power." If. now, wo go a thousand
feet hi"h and take one gallon of water
and lefit fall ou the turbine wheel wo
get the same power as we had before,
namely, one horse power. We have
.'ot a thousand times less current or
less water, and we will have a thou
sandth of an ampere in place of one
ampere, and we will have a thousand
volts in place of one volt and we will
have a fall of water a thousand feet as
against one foot. Now the fall of the
water or the height from wuicii it iau
is the pressure or volts in electricity,
and the amount of water is the am-
It will be seen a tnousanu
gallons a minute tailing on a niau
from a height of only one foot would
be no danger to the man, and that if
we took one gallon aud took it up a
thousand feet aud let it fall down it
would crush him. So it is not the
quantity or current of water that doee
the damage, but it is the velocity or
the pressure that produces the effect.
Had Seen Fido.
ha f. com
ihe rear car,
steep embankment.
P" 01 "7 ll chanced to be go-
down a ueepu.u... - ,
the nearesi ww. ,.lnl,
ig " . uu . "1. .I. ,., ; company didn't
asked "'e "Bf1" tub agent aecom-
was the missint, -. MMv ti,c car was
!!k;." " and Valuable contents
were found intact.
Promiscuous Correspondence
Ladles With Men.
A habit very common with a number of
our thoughtless young ladies, wuo uo a
great maiiv things quietly which they
would not like to have known at home a
habit deserving of the strongest condemnation-is
that of promiscuous corres
pondence with gentlemen, whether the
gentlemen be married or single. lhe
young ladies who find pleasure in this
habiUise their pens on any pretext that
turns up, and sometimes on no pretext at
nil We are not really sure that this does
not come less under tne nettu ot an u....
sirablu habit than a sin; for there is an in-
,l,.li,-,irv about it nulte amounting to im
modesty, Of WHICH no gin Wlio luspeeio
herself or who desires uie respecut m uu
era will be guilty.
These young leuer-wniers, immra,
., J . ..If Iw.i,. ll..irl,t
ecnrrallV tet a nirewatu '"u"S"'
lessness or inetr cuipuun"j
For it their correspondent is a man ol
systematic habits, their letters arc docketed
and ticketed, and his clerks have as much
of a laugh over them as they wish; and if
he is not a systematic man, then those let
ters are at the mercy of any and every one
who chooses to waste lime in reading them.
Anil if their correspondent is a married
man then his possession ot ineir teitcio,
even of the most trivial kind, places
the writers at a disadvantage. Sooner
,.i.,t,.r mn in Unit case, the letters tall
info the hands of his wife; his wife, who,
Ion" after the brief correspondence has
been done with, usually remains mistress
of the siUiation, reads the folly or the
wickedness with Clear eyes, unu u ...
writer not only in contempt, but in her
power. No young girl can be sure that
.r eon-csnondent is not merely amusing
himself with her; and it is often the case
that ber letters arc unwcieome ami a
ance and ho does not cheek them and
dots'reply lo them, not from interest in
her, but mere maniy cmvai. v.
the writer has recovered from her lolly, or
forgotten about tier luieness, nine u.
i,,?.. oil nrobabilitv still extant, in the
leu... , I , , ,
possession of somebody, she knows not
L.i rnofl.r to riso like an awful bctray-
Tur srtr alCOICINC
r. bwhi Kim wmrraniru 11 "
ifNt. tkiUI uy aU drmutLU.
PJ'inAC Mt'br1T 1'iiorm ktab.
Bronchial Troches
' 23 cts. ft hox.
IIlnlfr ""'."rskedthc
.now do rm d
tf,1:raa" returned tbc door-
I .1 ,.,w
. B-i.... la no l m ut w"
n I in'-'-
i. fr it lat H't'"1-..... i mire RbouJ
iu?. . ' . .i..'-suir
when he ran
maidens iiidigcnoas to
g,e Was Happy-
ii. ft poetical old gentleman
. ...ii...- in Tinknta
.j irnvi' im a ' "
across one of Uie
ltue w, a barefooted, simply clad 1
low rhueueu uei
rrtiir r mwtka "- . ,mn
ten me, U'u jv"
""'TlTvi, g nlvou do so near lo nature's
happy, l'.v.i"6 m"" T nvv vou, 90 far
bcftr.l.L,i rom the sordid cares and toi u
r r.infti new that vex and fret weuwet
',ind it ..u v irates. Tell mo, are ye not
nWcda merry, careless, rippling
?,Sr .ii 1,'erc's no fool like an
i 'nnd (lerucd f I don't
old fool, and 'it-"1" , " n flirust0 eit. '
Come hyar, .,, heels.
and off she trippeu, uo. u.,tt
f "lluneomb."
named after lo . - - wbQ e
be ton11 V.mromoo In thU manlier
tended for .Wbm whteh
.. i,'t ..rier she. herself has possibly
.....leifone a change mat win m
lirnndwl with shame
tin; letter ever chance to confront her, or
rhaps even the memory oi n,
Her mo-
.' i ..II Imwonn. lit. lllft
live may uave uuc" iuy , , -
i.t it is loft forever under doubt;
aridln fact, except in the baldest business
..r.,ir ii.ero ran lie no excuse, and there-
mi. it" i v"-' , . f .,,.,,,,.
fore no innocence, in me uiuoei w.jti
i.o n iiin leitors to anv man not her
o .1 i. .,i.. m.nriliiin. for about
personal rauuc , .,
' ., . r.( timsA letters there is an unmaid-
..i':n imt amnnntinir to indecency
euiui.;;v' . i.t ;.u,;if
and in the end ucr conesii u-"j
never thinks other man nuuy v.
account of them
. ...i,.r wiinfloei from House to House,
1 7 . , , i 1....1
The traveling protcssionais nave uau u
novel addition to tueir nuinoeis. ...v
newer addition is a uaiuci ....
..mnolls in a satchel, or, rather,
"u ploys a lad to do so and goes abou t
among olllccs, factories, flats and tenement
.,..., town, scraping beards, cutting
and trimming hair, cultivating bangs
oinn-incitvient mustaches. He
graduated 6crman barber and is, there
fore, a bit of a surgeon also. He can pull
a tooth, apply bandages, cup, "". '
u. . . .ni onrl mo es. and he sells hm
meut on commission. His charges are
" within the reach of all." and as every
babe he lays his eyes on is ''tho prettiest
r r ... ' S i.. il 1,1a travels." mothers arc
lli interested In his business and give him
" ir i,o r,,ni,. across a man
ha haves himself lie will hone his razor
. mow Im thoucht right. In
At a dinner party given not long ago
the General, being warmed up oa the
subject of the war, related a number
rkable incidents. One story he
teld was especially romantic and is
worthy of being preserved in print. He
aid: " ....
"Some time after the close of the
Seminole war in Honda, 1. being
then a lieutenant in the reauU army,
was sent with another young officer
along the line upon which troops and
supplies bad proceeded from Kentucky
and Tennessee to tho scene of conflict
i ottiwt PBi-inin claims put forward
by people along the route who had
furnished horses, commissary supplies,
etc. We bad occasion to visit a term
or nnniMl MeCov. who lived on the
northern slope of the Kencsaw Mount
ain. We found him very pleasarft
ly. located, and on a plateau near
his house he bad planted a peach
nreimiil then in ft floiirishiup- condi
tion. He told us that be had made the
discovery tbat peaches could be raised
on the northern side of that mountain,
but not on the southern side the warm
guns of the spring pushed the buds so
rapidly that they were very likely to
be cau'oht by a frost. Ho was the tirst
man to plant pencil trees ou uie mum
em slope and was making a great suc
cess of it.
"Un liad two very pretty daughter.
aud myself and the young Lieutenant
took "-rent interest iu them. We pro
longed our stay there several weeks
auofmauv is the pleasant stroll wo had
" 1 1, ,',,, ,rl tli,if
In the summer eeiiiuga i,nvu6.. .....
peach orchard. In fact, it was iovo
amono- the peach trees. Years after-
ard June 26, 1801, I loumi mysoii in
commnod of a iederal army at me
foot of this samo Kenesaw Mountain.
The Confederates were occupying a
very strong position uvoi mo
After the necessary preliminaries it be
came essential to attempt to cairy uie
position on the niouut.iin by assault.
seut for Mcriierson, assigned mo
troops, etc., anu sam to mm.
will advance up tne siuu oi mis ......
ain some distauce, when you will come
to a plateau covered by a peach or
chard. You eau worn your way
through that peach orchard, and after
that it will bo hard woru auu cioso
fighting, but I think you can carry the
Mrs. do Flatte-"I$oy, did you eeee
stray tu" dos around here anywhere?
Smart boy-rYes;m. I just saw one
bein' chewed up by a big bulldog, an
I saw another bein' tied lo a tin cau
all over 'im, an 1
an M..- I'"."': , i ..
OCltl cnoppeu ui.
" Mrs. de Flatte
tailiug for support):
Y.w.t llm-i-nrs! I'd ffive 90 lo
my little Fido safely back." Smalt
boy-"All right, nium. You wait heie
half a maall"-Slreet & SrrnMs Good
saw auoiner
sausage, nu'
rcliileliintr at a
tit it .K A
I . K
camiUHT mo
i is
the orders as
best he could, but failed. In the even
ing he came to me ant uescuoeu uie
dav's fighting, and said: 'General, we
followed your instructions as carefully
rs possible, and wo ioumi uiai pcao..
orchard just where you said it was, but
beyond that we iaiieu. tnmi "
wondering about is, how the devil vou
knew that pcacli orcnaru was tuiac
"I said to him: That is my littlo affair-
there is a romance connected with
that, Mac, auu uiu unucin. "...
In tlte train
of diseases that follow a tor
pid liver and impure blood,
nothing can take the place
of Dr. Pierce's Golden Med
ical Discovery. Nothing wm,
after you have seen what it
does. It prevents and cures
by removing the cause. It
invigorates the liver, purines
and enriches the blood, sharr
ens the appetite, improves di
gestion, and builds up both
strength and flesh, when re-
duced below tne sianaaru
of health. For Dyspepsia,
"Liver Complaint," Scrofula,
or any blood-taint it's a posi
tive remedy. It acts as no
other medicine does. For that
v-t.'-.v it's sold as no other
medicine is. It's guaranteed
to benefit or cure, or the
money is refunded.
N. N. U ork Neb
Herbert Spencer, tho BcoiologieV,
has lived up his three score years and
ten. Ho is now a man of 70, though he ,
looks ton years younger. He is of mo
iium staturejand his head is bald, except
or a thin fringe of hair. He has an
equiline nose, a ruddy skin and ai inntol
lectual faco.
,l.mvcr mav bo thought right.
this way ho picks up on honest penny
two. .
Dted In Million of Honci ao Years the Stand
--t aV
r., '! n.ord b.rtU,H