The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, September 03, 1891, Image 2

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L. J. SIMMONS, Proprietor.
A htirrlcffof Denver 8 xlety.
Denver, Aug. 29. The 6heriff of this
county arresed Albert B. Maynea ami
his wife Minnie on a ranch about forty
miles from this place and they were
brought to Denver and lodged in jaiL
The charge placed opposite their nstnea
U murder. Maynes is a lum'jer mer
chant of this city and was married to his
wife January 1 last In March, Mra.
Maynes, being in a delicate condition,
went to Madame Astle, the abortiouust,
who is under arrest and was delivered of
twins which we re placed in a e'ove and
roasted before the husband's eyes while
they were still alive. The police eay
that this so prejed on the mind of My
nes that he made a full confession to
them of the awful crime. Mrs. Maynes
who is a very pretty young woman
does not seem worried about the mat
ter, however, but will not talk to re
porters concerning it. The police are
after other married people on the samo
charge, and say that am sts will follow
thick and fast and that before the mat
ter is through with there will be such
a stirring up of Denver society as never
was dreamed of. Madame A: t'e says
that if some one don't come to her aid
and get her out of this trouble that she
will tell alJ she knows, which 6he says
is a great deal. Complaints have been
made against prominent cflijials in
some of Colorado's smaller cities, and
they will probably be brought into the
Another ( luuiUmrgt.
Tboy, N. Y., Aug., Til There was a
cloudburst m the mountains near Sund
Lake about 2 o'clock Friday afternoon
and the damage resulting was '.he
heaviest that has ever visited this vicin
ity from such a cause. The heavy rain
fall of the last two days has swollen the
mountain streams that enter into Glass
house lake into torrents. The lake rose
rapidly, but no fears were entertained
until the cloudburst occurred, Then
the heavens seemed to open up and the
rain came down- in sheets of water.
Nothing like it had ever been ex
perienced and for several hours the
stoma did not abate n particle, but
seemed rather to increase.
Whether any one has been drowned
by the deluge can not be determined,
although several are missing. That a
flood of such seriousness aa this could
occur and no li es 1 e lost is almost im
possible. It ifi expected that when
communication is restored thro will be
reports of missing people. The damage
is probably $100,000. The cutting away
of the mountain forests is largely re
sponsiole for this and similar floods.
4 Hlomly Tragedy.
Georgetown, Ky., Aug. 29. For sev
eral weeks there has been 1 rouble be
tween the Kendall and Jarvia families,
which culminated in a bloody tragedy.
There had been severe quarrelling the
last, few days over the robbing of a
watermelon patch. Peace warrants
were sworn out and the trial set. . Yes
terday M. H. Kendall and four sons
came to town, armed with rifles and re
volvers. The three Jarvis brothers also
came, only one being armed. About
9 o'clock Milt Kendall, jr., coming up
behind John Jarvis shot him in tho
back, killing him instantly. His brother
Burrell Jarvis, ran into the hardware
store of A. J. Montgomery and asked
for a gun. Milt Kendall, the father,
rushed in after him and fired a shot
which entered Montgomery's breast and
kiiled him. Burrell Jarvis jumped
through a rear window, but Kendall
followed him and shot him down with a
revolver, inflicting a mortal wound.
Montgomery was in no way connected
with the trouble. He was a prominent
and worthy citizen and leaves a large
family. The Kendalls afterwards sur
rendered and are now in jail.
Another Sulfide.
Philadelphia, Aug. 29. L'zzie Wil
son, aged thirty-two years, living at No
1507 Fourth Front street, poisoned her
self and her illegitimate child yester
day. The babe was dead when the
couple were found, but the mother
lingered several hours before death en
sued. The woman before her death
made a statement in which she said a
man named Kantz was the father of
the child, and his persistent refusal to
marry her caused her to commit the
terrible deed. The wrongs of the wo
man had so preyed on her mind as to
cause her to become insane. While in
this condition she gave her babe arsenic
and took a dose herself. Kantz has
been arrested;
Oa the Versa of starvation.
St. Petersburg, Aug. 29. The town
of Moscow is considering a proposition
to compel all employers to furnish their
workmen with rye bread at the normal
cost, or about one-half of the present
prioe. Experienced persons say that
the rye ukase will merely have the ef
fect of enriching a few dealers who are
holding grain (or famine prices. That
severe distress exists among tba peas
bU is every dsy becoming more evi
dent Alone tbe Volga hitherto prof
peroas Uerman colonists are now in
mvsjm MraiU for food. At Vitebsk,
Daaaben and other oints riots among
tSwptopi to prevent the exportation
Tbe Entire Traiu PI mi -reel Dowu
a IJi-tJin-e oi'Siviy-live Feet
Into a Oet-k.
Twenty Pitwrg r. Killed Outrig'jr.
Charlotte, N. CL, Aur. "9 'Jte of
the ciOEt disastrous railway wrecks
known in this state rxtureJ a'xmt 2
o'clock Friday morning at Boston tridjje
near Statesville, oa the Wes'etn North
Carolina toad. The westbound pasa-n-ger
train, knovn as the fast mail, com
posed of bagsge, ruai', first and second
class coa?hes. Pullman sleeper and
Superintendent Bridge's private ca
was loaded down with passengers. The
sleep r usually contains a goodiy num
ber of passengers from northern points
and last night wa6 no exception. Just
after leaving StaU-cvilie there is a high
Kt.inrt I rdire srmnnirc 1 bird cretk. and
down into the creek plunged the entire j
train, a dietata e of at least sixty-live?
fe?t, wrecking tho train and carrying
death and dettruclioa wLh il. Twenty
passengers were kilKd out'iht, nine
seriously injured and twenty badly
The night was denial and to add to
the horror of tbe situation the water in
the crtek was up. H was only through
the most heroic efforts of those who had
hurried to the fcene of the wreck that
the injured were not drowned. The a
cident was caused by the spreading of
the rails. The bridge was not injured
and trains aro running on tide. Twenty
dead bodies are now lying in the ware
house at Statesville The following is
a list of the killed: William Ve&tt
Warren Fry, H. IL Linbter, W. M. Hous
ton, W. E. Wins'.ow, Charles Bennett,
W. J. Fisher, J. B. Austin, T. Brodie, J.
M. Hikes, Mrs. Pool, Jube Fer, Doc
Wells, John Davie, Mr. MoUirmick.
Dr. George W. Sanderlin, state audit
or, was on the wrecked train. He was
painfully injured.
Three bodies have not bjen identified
One of the se is an old lady. Another is
A lady with a ticket iu her pocket which
roads "To Mrs. George McCuimick and
mother." The third is also a lady. It
is thought all the bodies have not been
taken out of the debris, which is piled
so high that it is impossible to make a
thorough examination. Every person
in the sleeper was killed.
Early in ilia morning as it was, hun
dreds of willing people from tho sur
rounding country weru quickly at the
wjrk of rescue. The debrio of cars was
piled mountains high, it Eeemed, in the
utmost confusion. In the fall the Pull
nan bad leaped over theothere, strik
ing the ground with terrible force and
being crushed like an egg shell. People
were brought out mangled in all sorts
of ways, only two or three bodies being
taken intact. Engineer West and Fire.
man Pry "vere cnt into small pieces.
A IJrlilge Fulls While lleing Uepaired.
Cumberland, Md., Aug. 20. Friday
afternoon at 4 :80 o'clock, while work
men were engaged in repairing the
Cumberland streot bridge, which Bpans
the Biiltimore& Ohio railroad tracks at
this point, began to sway to and fro. The
workmen ran for their lives, but two,
Toibart Minnicke, aged twenty, and
Walter Miller, aged twenty-four, were
unable to get off in time, and as it fell
with a craf h the men went with it and
were buried in the debris. When their
companions recovered from their fright
and hurried to them they found that
Minnicks had been instantly killed, and
Miller seriously injured. The latter
was with great difliculty gotten out
from under the wreckage. The bridge
was a wooden structure, 130 feet loog
was built in 1872. It had been con
demned and has been closed for some
time past.
Fro n Ilelirlijg rea.
San FnANcistx), Ajig. 29. The Chron
icle's Ounalaska advices note the de
parture of the United States commis
sioners from Alaska waters and states
that the British commissioners before
leaving intended visiting the islands
north of the Pribiloy croup, the object
being to ascertain as nearly as possible
the range of the fur seal in Bebring sea.
The advicos et ate that the persistence
with which the English commission la
seeking informrtion leads to a belief
than an effort will be made to break
down the theory advanced by the
American authorities that the Pribiloy
group is tbe home of the seal and that
the animal belongs more to the land
than to the sea. A list of sixty-one
vessels and their catch up to August 10
is given. The number of sella caught
was 27,000. Twenty-four British and
eight American vessels had not been
boarded up to that time and their catch
had not been ascertained. The corres
pondes' says the sealers conceded that
this number does not represent more
than C2 per cent of the total number of
seals destroyed up to date this season
A Bade fallaw. ,
Pretty Girl Did you see the way
that roan looked at ma? It waa posi
tively Insulting.
Bi g Brother-Did h stare f
Pretty Oirl -Stare r Why, no. H
ran his eyes over me and then glanced
off at some one else, Just as if I wasn't
worth a second thought New York
81. At i uipvd Suk-I '9- j
RpRiNCFitxi) Lake. N. )., Aug. 27. j
Considerable excitement was cauted
here by an at'empt of a woman to con
mi, suicide by plungirg into the surf
ojipo ite tie Hotel Allaire. She wn
Mrs. Martha Wilk. wife of John V,1;;.
Tiieyjiave quarreled a great deal 'f
lat, and yet-terdsy they Ftar'ed for a .
walk on the beach. When opposite the
Allaire they quarreled loudly. Sudden- ,
ly M re. Wilk was heard to exclaim:
' 'Til kill myself."
"There is tt. ocean," Raid her bus
band, "go urown yourself."
The woman promptly sprang into the
breakers and fell forward, disappearing
in the spray. Mr. Wilk. calmly 6tod
and watched her as she w as tossed ,
about and then a wave threw her on
the shore almost at his feet. He never ;
moved, and the woman pprang up ana
rushed into the wavrs Bgain. Thin j
lime f he succeeded in getting beyond,
tbe breakers and it seemed as u tier
wish for death as to begratilied. Sev
eral guests called to the mau to go m
and get his wife, but he told them that
she wanted to die and he was going to
let her.
The people then became alarmed and
the bathing master came down on a run
and brought the woman ash jre. She j
was unconscious but soon revived. .
Judge Keeley, who is a guebt at the
Allaire, talued to the womtn for a while j
and then escorted both husband anil
wife to their home. The woman euiii
she would not attempt suicide again
and the husband promised to watch her
A Njiwow E"i-ap.
TCkw York, Aug. 27. One of the nar
row e capes from death that no one
can account for is reported in Brooklyn,
William Han'ey fell from a height of
131 feet, and was not hu-t, nrr
frightened, and the only ebullition
of feeling he manifested was in connec
tion with the slopago cf bis watch,
caused no doubt, by the concussion.
Ilanley was working on a brick chim
ne 123 feet high ot the Uidgewood water
works. He and other men were on a
scaffold and were protty near the end
of their job. The last tier of bricks f t
the chimney was laid aiid the coping,
a stone in quarter sections, was about
to be cemented on top, Hanloy, a house
Bmith' was engaged adjusting the top
girdtr, and to do this wurk he had to
stretch himself along his length on the
slone coping. Immediately In-low him
was Ludwig Mauterscn, another house
smith. Ilanley turned round to speak
to Masterson, and ns he did eo the op
ing stone on whHi ho wai '.ying t-lipped
from its place, cr;i8:ied against the scaf
fold, etruck and stayed on it, and Ilan
ley falling into a mortar trough on the
lie was thought to be ead and viis
placed on a pile of bhiakits in the en
gine bouse whilo the contractor sui'i
moned an anibulanoe. When Ambu
lance Surgeon" McEvitt arrived, the
-A-orkmen remembered Masterson who
had been caught and held by the e
folding half way up, and t'ley went tn
bring him down. Ho was found to be
suffering from injuries all over the body
and they carried him down the long lad
dors to lay him beside the dead H iniey.
But Ilanley refused to bo nonsiik-red
dead. Not only that, but ho was walk
ing around curiously examining the
ground and laughing at the idea
that poor Master on was wounded,
while he had fallen twiiie the distance,
and was sound (is a dollar. Mas'er-on
was sent to the hospital, whilo Hanloy
went gayly to his borne, whistling as ho
Kolilx-ri nn the Train.
Chicaco, Aug. 28. H. B. Wes on of
Fargo, S. D., claims that while on the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railwnvi
which he boarded at. Dubuque, la., for
the purposo t f proceeding to Cincinnati
$800 of his money disappeared w hi;e he
was asleep in bis berth. Upon the ar
rival of the train in Chicago, John
Cooper, the porter, was arreeted. It
was found that at Savannah, III., Cooper
had mailed a large newspaper,
which was traced tobiayvife, Mrs. E.'hV
Cooper, at No. 270 State street. This
paikage is suppose' to have contained
the stolen money. In the couraa of
their investigations thetflicers claimed
to have found that Cooper was the
possessor of two wives, No 2 l eir.g lo
cated at No 2i 10 Armour avenue, each
of whom was ignorant of the olhpr'd bi
istence. When informed of the facts
each hneteLed to give the j nlise all the
information in their power. Cooper
was held to the criminal court in $2,000
Mom Hollr Wsr.uFrftJ.
New York, Ao. 27. Two bodies
were recovered f.-Oiu the ruins in Park
Place Tuesday morning. Tiny we e
identified as William II, Ellis, cf Eilis
& McDor.aly, and Frederick W. Hippie,
proprietor of the drug store in the Hi
fated building.
The Italian lalxiier, raught robbing a
body was yesterday sentenceJ to tbe
penitentiary for six months.
By 10:43 live more bodies were dis
covered, but they could not bo reached
because of the hervy mass of machinery
no top of tl cm, The coroner, atler in
vestigation, said there were not less thai,
twenty persons buried under the restau
rant. The police think there were fifty
corpses in the collar. That would make
a total of ninety killed.
Today it is stated that the catas
trophe is though to have been caused
by tbe explosion of naptha or some
etbar explosive matter.
-,wY,.i.S.Aug.'.-Or..rge Ch.l's
a-H-k-vof Ifc.nver.CJo,
1 udav t.- the F.atl.ub ir.sat-e wj lum
h'tr Wir ,.r.,Bonc-J violently ..e
I v medual exit's, fluids ba. U
v ,k' vn for M-ii.e mouths boarding Uh
i'. fun'., y fr,e..wl'-er. TL-IWlwe
lir.ame utta- '
.(.,) to t'hilds, wt ( --r
t.u tuanr.r ouite
won their outl
i... lb. w its trnati as a metuU-r
i t Tunny. Mrs. l--nuur-l
lt , h.. ?
k-iifl as her fcame.fce
r had a niece ;
1 ;f,,l nr.) I
lives wi'h I
M,e lives WL.1,
i . r uLcie 4-.-.1 U,f )n
.J vouug Child. Tbry
fe.l Ue-piTa'.e
y in low, ucd mere
' l U.e match, became i t'J 1 u.arried.
F.-r a t hi . thecourw) of true love ran
v-rv sn.o-:l..v. The jou-rf couj
lo talk the time when they
'O'J.d be
l.ucbaed and wife. Childs l.ud the Iro
pect of a tine position in tl.c u-ar fu
tuie. JI-wbSgoii.gtjlMiudown, rule
th wiiji. era t f the eubtrlan. Brooklyn
hai.di'.-ap and ot'.er big events, and
make a 6DUg little fortune fur Ke uDU
start houping with.
himself to
During the summer theyoJi g cou.
have U-en dreaming iud buiMiog
catties of future happinetR.
On Monday night the girl told her
lover that he must cease to think of her
and declared the engagement off.
Chiidsasat first stunned. He did
nut seem to realize that his sweetheart
was in earnest. She, however was ob
dur.ite and refused to give any reason
fur her action. The young jockey
sediied very much ercited that night,
but did nothing to exci'e suspicion.
Karly yesterluy morning Mr. Beeler
and several of the boarders were
aroused by a noi6e coining apparently
from Childs room. 'J'hey haoteced to
the door, and receiving no answer to
their call broke in the door. Antridea
chair that was placed on the bed was
the jockey riding an imaginary hrrse.
H was eiirouragir.g in an excited voice
Ms stetd on to victory, using the vern
acuiar common to the stables. Again
l.e would dismount and caress his horse
murmuring his approval.
The sight of Mr. Beeler seemed lo turn
tue young man's thoughts back to his
troubl". He began to call his Bweet
hetirt lo corns back t j him and behaved
'n a manner that quite alarmed the on
lookers. Mr. Beeler d'd all he could to
(juiet Childs and sent word to the board
of charities of his hoarder's condition.
Tii6 doctors from the alove insitution
examined the young man and advised
1 is n mouil to the Flutbueh asylum.
On the way to the asylum Childs rode
hi. other imaginary horse an at limes
v us vioii nt. liin sweetheart is almost
heart broken orer the trouble, but re
fuses to talk of their last interview.
A Ileal Voir Honinn at unrgd in the Street
of New York.
New Yor.K, Aug. 28 It is not often
that a real live wolf roams ot large in
the streets of this city. Monday hftei
noon one trotted along the Bowery just
along Houston Htrt-et. It is believed
that he is prowling around yet, or that
he has been picked up by some shirp
citi.en who is keeping him awaiting the
offer of a reward. If any one has tho
wolf Superintendent Conklin of the
Central park menagerie would like to
know BO.nething nbout it. The wolf is
tame. He is well grown and 2 years
old. His wild nature may crop out if a
mob of East Side urchi..8 attempts to
have any fun with him. Ho escaped
from a box on a truck whila baing taken
to Central hark.
Aiellie ewff!i;ier Wanted ?
Chicago, Aug. . The press and
printing committeo of tho world's fair
has adopted a resolution asking the
grounds and building committee to re
serve a Bpiiie of 8,000 square feet for a
newspaper building on the expositicn
grounds. ThiB bu lding is intended for
the use of editors who may visit tueex
position and for the accommodation of
tbq newspapers of Chicago.
. Henri P. Omaged of Monto Carlo, laid
before the ways and means committee
a proposition lo reproduce the famous
resjrt with all its dazzling attractions
for the world's fair, but in spite of th
proposed purchased of 81,000,000
stack, and U prospect of another mil
lion from the rake off, it was declined.
More V.nin to he Produced,
Cwcao. Aug. 23. A Chicago genius
named Uathmaa has a plan for produc
ing rin by the use of carbonic acid gas.
His plan is to explode cylindrical shells
filled with the gun at a distance of four
to dve thousand feet above the earth.
The throwing off of such a tremendous
amount of carbolic acid gas at the low
est possible degree of temperature
would produce a very huge cloud, says
Gathuian. Bung heavier than the sur
rounding air it would descend at the
same time enlarging and accumulating
moisture. This would continue until
the cloud became so heavy that percipi
tatfon would result aud a gladsome
shower would follow.
Conductor Cruilud lo Delih.
Ciik.'aoo, Iu., Aug. 28.-A freight
train on the Iior Island road waa
ditched at One Hundred and Third
street. Conductor William Mathews
was oruahed to doath tinder the engine
while the engineer and two switchmen'
are perhaps fauily injured. " fjr8
man jumped and shaped unlniur.d !i
VLi'AH:sn.( mi l. At 2ri.-Nitber
,J the arm . cotfronting ea b
ut'.er mm to I- dipoJ f rD"r Lo"'
Uhlirsjubtati-rt, and tmUide of
coiue di Jllory end unimportant skir
m.ehing there wbs no fighting yeeter
dav. The commanding generals of the
two armiee are wauhing each oth
clo-!v and mar euvering for a portion.
Ail bu.-'iiieee tratlic in the city is
1- v . .
WaH1N(.T0N. AUf. i. ! -
,i :.
dispatches datfi " -i'" l
i..,.i: 1(Ui
good dralurgetU su.rieu iu i-hi
. . l .....1. V olriiL.
tron at tjumiero uay , won..
riband that under the protection of
warships their trout started for Valpa
raiso. A government force of 5,0t) de
layed their crir.g the Aconcagua
river until a suilicient number of troops
arrived to protect the city. The insur
gents lt of their I men. The
rbel hWt has ben kept Bt bay by a
tire fr. in Fort Andref, bo thi.t the land
forces have bin deprived of expt-Cted
a'dfrom the t'.tet. while the govern
ment f .n ea are cocbtautly re.ivir.g re
cruiUfn-m the interior. Ic addition to
I all this the rebels have now no pof-lo.e
ay of ret rent.
Pauls, Aug. 2T.The Chilean Kation
received a d f patch cuyi'ig: "A great
battle waa fought at g-imtero. The
corgri-ssi'jiialisiH sustained heavy losser,
being placed lietween two lire. The
decisive battle is expected Bin. Bl
maceda's Briny oi-cipiex an lelvai.tnge
ous position."
St. lit is, Aug. 2 A disputc-h from
the City of Mexico niys telegi :ipi:i in
formation was reeei.ed tln'reof tiie bat
tle between the coi.gresion;i!isls and
Iiiilmace'la's forces. The latit tele
gram from Valpiira so states thai the
light has been going on for seventy-two
hours, and from the lira, the i otign-bi(0-alists
were victorious. Frcm pnsent
indications the fight may (ev
era! days.
IiOMMiN, Aug. 2S. The Chilian lega
tion has received n dupalch from Chili,
dated the 20th, tontirncrig the report
that a battle was fought. 'J he dispatch
gives no details beyond the statement
that the insurgent lost heavily. From
the tenor af the dispatch the Chilian
minister is confident of LialuiHceda'
ultimate victory.
( li i lei a nl P a
San Fuasciwx), Cab, A ug.28 Advises
from Singapore state thai the steamer
Name-how sailed for that port with 8 )0
Chinese coolies for the Penang ma.ket.
The officers w re Chinese with the ex
cepts u of half a dozen Europears.
While at se t cholera broke out among
the Chinnse. The sick crowded into
the cabins, where tho Presbyterian
minister and one lady pasBMtiuor bad
taken refugo, After a terrible hurri
cane, the cholera continued to fpreiti),
and deaths became very numerous. At
first each victim was cast into the sen
with a bar of pig iron in the suck. Soon,
however, the dead were mostly thrown
overboard without ceremony. The
death roll'rew alarming ard no less
than sixty lxxlies were thro-vn into ti e
sea. The supercargo had supreme . -.
frol iiihI ir.sisted upop heaving over
board nil the effects of tho dead.
Under threats the cupt-iin, upon ar
rival ul Singapore, reported only hix
t enths to the harbor master, three from
in!luen.a and three fro.i; "want of
opium and general debility." Many
pasisergers were landed, and no quaran
tine being declared, proceeded to Pen
ang, wtih tho rest of the infest; d cargo
and crew. In four d ijs nine case of
cholera have develop 1 in Singapore,
all traced to tho steanier Namchow.
On the steamer's voyage back from
Penang, urter landing 30 coolies there
the first European victim, the third'
engineer, an Englishman, succumbed
to the terrible disease. When the Nam
show arrived at Singapore the health
officer waB on the lockout and, sent the
vessel into quarantine, When the ves
sel is released the captain and super
cargo will be arrested and placed on
trial in Singapore.
T; e Fn in. r ara Unliving t. Mill.
Sam FfiANCJsco, Cai,., Aug., 27 The
first fl Hiring mill to hn errcUd in the
United Stales by the Tanners'
ii now ir, course of construction at Sun
Miguel, Cai. The corner-stone of the
structure has just U - n laid with ap
pro;.r;&io u-r monii s i.y .Hlea of the
f irmers' thinnio ami luilc 1 imion
The ex,ir( ise3 wer.j n -ho , .. uro 0f 0
Krand juhil e. Many frmers and ranch
ers were in from the sur
roundiug country.
Mayor bander r of S;in pfancitJ0
delivered an on imn. pp. ak;ug of the
mill enterpii, l osaid it would illui
trate th? sta'e ,:ciit that ( helps
those who help tin :efe!ves, and that he
was glad to see the j-wniarrv of our
land crwvierate for their mutual welfare
and leir-protc-lion. The country is the
proper p'nc for the nulls, It is too
hard for the farmers to pny freight both
wajsonthe Hour raisej in his own
fields. Mayor Sand-rwri further ad
vised the farmers' sons to stay at borne
nd marry some farmers' roav-rliMk
dnughler and not fret for the lite of tbe
cities. The worst slave is the merchant
or politician, while the independent
man is me farmer. V f ,.
riVork upon the allinnoe mill will be
puihed as rapidly us possible and it I.
xpectd to oommenoe turning oat far.
n,Ani' .111.... a i .
loin Allen ol .eiiidli4 I
ly kii keil by a hore.
Coiisiderable aickiiess is
and around Palmyra.
V T 11., .1.1 ,.f i:r..,. v ,
...... ......... ... i jj0,
county, was st-vt-reiy shocked, by' j, j
The house of A. N. S-utt ,,r ,
u l. 1I..I.,...
nnsoi.iuim wj ..i.iiiiii;; ,i,. UUrtJ (J
tiie gruuiiu.
At' II Tntlle b:m l...-.,..l .1 .
" "i Iie-
hotel at Callaway and will ojk-h J
i lie puuiic at once.
1 1 :tt in L-a cared for the i
" ----- - i.cii-i
ill l..r!itit ulilfti. Ui,,1 r.u.n. ... i
r -l .OU gM
accoii.inoiiaiioii lor as many more
Loup City citizt-iis are greatly tiatei
ever tne prosju-cts oi an early cuil.
tion of the projt-cU-d canal to t!-
Bock county boasU of a
prowtu or vegetation Um it
t-vcr. Minitowers rival ciiurcli Keep
in height.
John lbgby, an o.d soldi-r at 1,.
sen, receiveu ii uacK iii;.,,i jflllt
L nele Sain last week ana get., a
von oi 912 a inontti.
A man living near itroc-k, hati.igluj
the inisfortune to lose a leg a citpit oi
years ago, n iniiiiig uji a stiiis-riti
to a cork leg.
-. il :ll. r i
i iiant'D .iiainnie, lorinciiv rouiitj
superiiiieti(it--nt oi nou eouiity, m at
ci pled the priiicipabdiip of t! i- li(
public schools for the eii.suni' year.
Jack Carter of Cedar Bap;dg nitl
with a severe accident the other day
hil.? driving cattle out al the ranch
horse fell on his leg, dislocating
An S-yenr-old boh of ( haries lia;
v.ln l:vf-n rci ic-nerni I li,v of Beatrice, while ri ln
jiony the other morning, fell and irac
tured both bones in his forearm.
1 ne leyear oui son oi h liiiam lames
living west of Pierce, was ki ked by
a mule the other day, the little fellow
suffering the loss of several front teeUi
and a fracture of the upjier jaw.
'1 he Dundy county irrigation iliteh
completed mid h;w been tested aail
proven a suce-ens in every resn i-t, it
h eleven tullci in length and will Irri
gate nearly b,UX) acres of fe-rlile laink
A thirteen-year-old boy named Al
bert Anderson, liviiiR at Aurora, stole
?'.i'0 and Kkippel for Craud lshi.d
From there he went to Hastings, where
l.e u:.s iiiicsled, and coiifesrii-ii to har
rig. stolen the money.
Mr. tiiegs', a farmer, living tiiree
uiles irutulvot A-ikiiiKon bruj,u hi if i
while attempting to lai-tat a cai. As
Mr. Cregg U well along iu years, lie
v.ill jirobably have li scvero mt ul it
J. P. Dtinciin had (ieorge Woodward
,f Mnvard m rested for striking
mi of hi.i little girl. 'Woodward
Vicad guilty and waa tined lt.
Petitions twklng the boardi of the
two v Jimtief t-i allow a vote on the
piopos.tion to annex a portion of Cu.
:er county lo J,mip county are being
Aceonliiifr tj I he assessors' return
'Mister comity has 15,1. horses, .'tt.M
cattle, 1,10-4 tnuleg,rlrl sheep ami i'A
.'iJ hogs. This is a remarkable show
ing, (onsiueriiig the scarcity of feed
last v. inter.
A son of (i. M. Williams of Hoover
township, Dundy county, aciideiitly
stio'. himself through the foot witli a
2i calibre rillo. The bullet passed
Ihrougli and out of hit loot and Hie
.vouiid inlliclttd was not of a seriutii
Fifty-three atone , lrom the sic of a
beechnut to that of a walnut with the
null mi, were found in the gall bladder
of tho lare Mrs. Carney, at the lime of
the post mortem, so says the I'lutut
vuoutli Journal. l)r, Schildkneilit ha
them in his cabinet.
Dodge county citizens aro growing
disannulled with township orgaui1'011
and are circulating petitions to the
county hoard to submit a proposition
for a return to tht- commissioner sys
tem to the voters.
A Lee ttutis Ilc;b Minick ol Neuili
City on the end of the nose, luau InJ
slant he wai almost paralyzel, a "'
siiu,' set med to' striko a nerve.
docbr was tenl. for nt once, Hi"1 ln
a shoit tiiiHi he w.'UJ feelinjl better. K
waa t .vica thought ho was dead
At Douglas while the workmen on
the new Methodist Bciiiina-v were en
gaged In raising the lower to Its plm,e
one of tho tiinLers used ''l'P"rt
gave way, letting the'tower fall to the
ground. In its fall the staff surmount
ing the tower fctruck a woiktnan
young man by the name of Keynuhu,
and bruised him severely. H was
uarrow escngo from instant death.
Jacob Tiedemnnn. on of Pleasant
Vallev. Dodge county's prosierou
farmers, had a severe accident hap
to him the other day. He was stag
ing small grain, and, ft as hin usuai
nlnn at it, In t( i m tfl
slide down w
stack to the ground, Instead of going
down a ladder when he wisneu to
ti.. i i.( time, as lie waiKcu fn
i.f i ti, band of a bundle oi
h. tall bead foremost from
eC rya reported.
iiiww nam oy wctooer L.
Kwm badly .liakeu ,
butnobonw were bro-en.