The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, September 03, 1891, Image 1

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VOL- 3-
k J. Simii""i Editor and Proprietor.
y. 1. 1 M.VIf. K. Timetable.
v j ii nsl I- ' i "'" ! ' .
leader ok
lowest wit eh,
Satisfaction Guar
anteed in all in
stances. r-yl'KoMlT ATTENTION GIVEN To
( y.WKiili am, Al I I AM li,
M-.IiH AK .
H AISOILT, SEPT. 3, 1891.
V,.. .n, ,,, ;1 ra(lll!i,
w and la. .
t.die tli. in fi,,m ih,
'! w ill I" ij i har . ,
a-Min.t ,u.y who L,-.e not ,.!... 1 the
1 r' Tin: I'i i.-u iiku.
us ;i
We ( r,r. v I ;
If t in 111- -,
I. ill
Mrs. K;,,!;,-;ies ;!a,!... ),(.r name ,
V. . T. i!r o 11 s,.ni
1 i'V-' 'ii l.i -1 Tin.;-..
.. (i. !. ii. ! .
aiMl .it tin-, oih. ...
J"im R. . k-phwd
i' t Wc.-k.
H.u'ii .. ii IVans was In (own yesterday,
"Mi,.; j. i. T ;i! ly r.-..v. I mm Ins
r-,! ,y.
- In town Saturday ami
from Iowa
ai rived
l-'s l-,,..,t, ..,..,!!..,
Ild I V. ' 1.-
!.!& Mak-tumj-h. M'.T,- -,.i,l i ii ,',,.i. .. ,i
'- Sfl"" k Ii-'- ..;n II lull;. ...n-l I'1-1' ''""'I Til L.v evwiin-'.
i;-'""'-'-"!'. .-riyl,.MI,vI.(. V.'.K s:,. 1 .-ft Tuesday for,
. i'. :t m lii !i.tir, , i:.,.t. !.,.,.,,; ,. ., i t. ,, ,
In!! il.ii - .1 Tiii 'i r Jones i-i-t in -ii.--. i -ti-iilav aeoohi-
" ' " ' ..uii.l by Mrs, J.,n..s' v. ho has I" n
-Wo W ill LIV.. Till Jnll.V.i ... ! vi-iSnu in t
t-i in- i.artv v.l
.'.1. '-lie vi ;ir i
party i-.l.o will I. in,.' us ii,., 1 1 1 ,. .
i.-t at.-nii.-,,ii, . ,,,-,1 ,,- ,. Vl,.,"t , I
of .-:i Ii iij'-l'-n ln-.iii. li! in u .ll I . i
ai;l Mr- awai-il inaiii'
va viii.
J. I'.. Arn. r i
t't h-j' at Ins -rv
at t!
! I
-.-a-t lor ouii; Weeks.
Mr-. '. K. Vi-ri!y .,(!(; this vtrliiny
f vi-it t- i'i -lativi-.s in 1 1 n cas-t.-in
i i.-t or :!,.-st;,i...
J. ('. J'iii.-ry s-nils u:, a liliLiral rojiut-
i tail- .. OH i-ijil inn.
in iv cn-iiii. ' I'i'-'I. J. '. I'l-isti r. of tlii Lincoln ritv
null. '1 In- iiiilicii ,,ii, I v li '-'l. arnvi-il v.-M.nlav on his wiiv to .v.ll I.. .. ..... . I l I r I ,l.
llimluT lor Uil.-ll I n; .irilli-l-v l.l ,-1 I
th.-V will v.. mt t,j
t ir en
til'- r hnlll
Nebraska Security Co.,
. lin'oriKirnt. .l.l
, t.
At Tit' iiti.i:i) C.vriTAL
I'.UH 11' t'AlTTM.
.',ii. Di (.1,1m
t'l ooiJ.O.1
CoyUUi l.ivliintl, ITchIiI.'IU
J I Ifc 1,1. HI. A. II, Viri- I'r. -ill. a!
".II. JoM. -i-n -tin y.
C. t:. VniiTr,! r.-ii-'M. r J
II. T. rvi.;t, At'.-i'iff- I
V'f now havt- on our lisN nvi r thirty :
CIIOK K EARMS in this .. unity
which we cnn wit ! 'N(' I
1'artiei wishing tn Imy or II 'hoiil.l j
.w the Kprri'tary.
i !Vto- en! i! i d of tin. iiivm-aia i'
O'.ij.aiiv w.h h"iv the first, of tin; we. I;
an I -.-MI.-.I t!i. ..,s re. ,-i,iv su a. on. i .v
K .!..-!( V, ils,,. Whil,. tli- amount
iv--I is la-! s- ii-.- i.-i,l. t-i ii.ii!.-.. :) I 111'-
I,.- - -ii-!.i:n- -I: s' ;!l il i, nm, , .
!i- II Mr lain to l..lVf to Mi. nil ,.; ,
-La ( w, i-l; tin- .hil KS.M. iv.-.-i veil i
oil., r lot of new a;n r slo' li aiul nut
i.-il an-l nK-i a n-w ha i,f .,n.l, Ir-an lh
t j e tiuiii!-y, ilii-l lio.v this o:lii c ! i-t-i
l j I, j-i'D .1 l( -ll''l til,; .lllil i of its
i ii- !')ineis than ev.-r liel'ore.
- Lr-i v.rms " W.issei-i-i-e;er v.w.-.
(ii htisli'-ls of ...I w h' at on V act
l.iii'j. The ( r..i w a s thre-heil last -.-.eel;
.oi'l -Iiow.-J a yi"l'l of M'l h.i-hels. TI-1
is a .r. tty "o'-l yi'it an-l lii'-re ;, 1 1
man;, fa-l-U of wheat in Ihe e.-iint y th.,1
will j.'.i'i.' us o' -l returns. H.h h cro.s
an-l the hi'li iri' ''s tial I'levail w ill !' ii the. ht-ai't-i of the farna r-'.
i'riiin I lie I rani
EHT'ifl JiiI'KN.m.:-The lalest Indian
news will ilooh'. l.-ss 1.: of interest to
vour n :i'!ei'-i. A LO-eat '.'iiimcil was rv
'' nttv I., l.l hv the Riscahty Sioux."
"Limov Jue" lolil the wamors how he
was to'-,, h si at the laO -t colinci 1 of 1 he
'Mn-lni!';--!--,," an-l hiov tla-y c:tur-il
.ill tli-' .r;i!ii'ri, s. I'oLimity 'hl'ist"
s me iiji ini-l ilow n (hat lie wouhl Vu!e
for "no (1 n niii', no mutter
who hi- w i--." Alter al! hail xprss !
!ln-a-e;..ii;oi:s an-l n-.-r" i''-aily liipiiml
j ami nia'h" war op. the mnilrinrs IV;
i i;re:,t eh-'-f iiiiieh-.l theiii il.wn hv saving:
"No-.V h -tell h'lVS. IIK' tell Villi. 51 K 1!0
i'liu.1'. Hi: vi' 1'iH.'! Tiie hi;f moili, I'le
man i all i K 1 1 S am! me have o
.i i . i ,i i...-., . i
.'!,!, n I i I i . . 1 l' HI i.i it il .'i iiji. in. !''-!
! forever. 'tiiili-iiv.:ei-s are il",,s. 1-ail !.;:,
- i an-l yni all l;no.- il. I.ea'e your vaiu-
:o,i, , I,, iv. as in" li'-i.'.l t!ie money to
!iia!.-' lie- II' ;n-." After this ho orii ,u;
hi--. :-'0a w to mala' sii,,:i- for thu
raais. an-l linnieiliii t"lv tin' tvniniirs of
S!i. I" the -.,lt--'l ile.'.'r winch hail 1 e.-n
-hot hy -o:ne i! 'I nnulrincr were - I
:t-l.i!m.'. Aft-r mi''. t tlie wnrri'-rs
hel'l a. h;;r jiow-wo-.v an.l after .'cios!l ni'
flhey.ehl of wheal J. K. th.e Milnahl-s on a ii" s;,:.,er, ill wha-h
.run -1 lis on M il; v 1 na' Jo-. v. as , i in.,, ,,,.-,,-.,, ... ... ... .......
,-l, of 1'ive l'eaili,!-r Han' -hi-, f, tlrj," r-tir ! to ";';;:
Iw.-Mvp n...le.fonel;it..i of v.l,.-,l l.l-t;i'r;e-. me ,,.
sonie-a nil inan tl," rr... la' thre-l" I ' "i!. e' i n an-l w-y a: -a pjioiutei oil
; ha-hel. Ho sov.,1 four In h-lslia- heia-l only lra? "M!o,,i '. -'
, aniitherliiini of wheat an-l fnai. II,- ; 1 rhei ieat ,,aH they I i.,
. . .... .1 1 I,. ,11 -I ... I I to i'lV. -. I Will h..V" ! i et 11, V Hljll.l.N
na r in
.--oh ( a
Limit honeht and sol'l on commission.
vent v hiishok There I I lie no fear
of siarvinir in a e, unity when' thes i l
will ivtj such (f returns to the farm
ers. Mr. and Mrs. (J-or-e Kiit'-man, of
.- . I ..1. M,.. -..,l, i 1-. 1" M one
i;iw liii.';, jii.i ... .-
OiXKFsroSDh. K CK S 'LICIT K 1 anJ family for some t.inie ami n.aileii
(rip to the lulls flint enjoyed tiienisenes
'UiiMKAfi.ri!irvf. I 1 i ti in , ,, s-aiH.i-ii-
(.veiling for the cast, hut h.-fore h-avin-,
- Ilirhest niarla l ori isii.l for iivuiu xt- r,,t,.i,,:,n hiirchns-il the I'eliin.iiisli-
6t the Harrison LuuiU r Yanl. ! ,il ,,n a ouar'o r -c tioii of laii'l on
-When vou want a ,o, -aiohe -:d to , ,. .,,, ,, .. i
Turners ami try on- o It he - harmvr ; ' . ,. .
1 n ' ' . , , i c-r.i.v
... , , . , InollIllS I-. lliai,e ins ii-...,. ...
-WAVIT..:-TWO p-hI wo.! el,olr,-s
Slonce. (im.,1 ;!;;. . - " . , ' ,, , ,
Rn !i u;ti 1 I SS. t other-) Willi Inn). R m noi. o; en
i'is"s at v,
" fel-IV I"
,,:,1' r I.. 1 my .el
lo l 'aliiei ilia."
. of
Oili'ller .11.1
s !.-., P lrt.-1'l . ill
w : ,ii: w nn-1
Ih.Ai.'X Foot.
i omission in:
.i o
e."l-t -
, !-tH.
"i lii:"
Ii min e,.., M
i:,..ii-. of coiinly i-oiii
ai.-oil. to e ill ,,t ell i-l,.
I', esi-1,1 ; I i, ii- i.v
nr.! K',,,tt .el'' .-t.-i-ii.
M 1 1 1 1 1 ! i s oi !.' -I lia '
1 lie lulloli ,,; .11,1 lid
l-,l-rea ill III- 10111!,!:. i
i-steail lil-! :"'"' '"' 'o ''';,ll-
.Sei.r. "I l- 'l.
,. s I ',,). I to -o: t till tin- teri',1 -,ry em-
a-ae, 'l in loivn-liiiw ::l .iml il-"', nuu.vir.1, M,
: -i I ml to.-, a-iii'i , r..iK'- No. '!,
.V. : :,.! f,;; .... l ine , i,'-'. '!, 1. : K H, I!.
ij lii, 1 1 !"'. i''. lo In lnrn-h'ji :U, I'i. -e,
-, I :o i I, ', 'i, o ', -', I". I ', I" 1,1 " :'-' 4'
of 11"
-1 up
, ', s of
-T,,P .I, NM. ,.! the I'.W'y ; : until many new se.Uers will he conum:
fro,,, now uiitilJam.arv 1. I ''" into Sioux county, ami that means 111-
cenhs, cash ill mlvanci!. i .-rea-.-il pro -,.-nly to all.
-Ilolv- tr t-eni ill lilsil Will heelliv , . . , ... . , ,,, e,..
THUoiALnmltho from, -V "" 1)" """f .
now iintilJiinuary 1, VSH. i " " ''.-u on ins ... t..
-Iv,'t for.t ihat tl,- UuVr -hop is: vVnshin-ton. He says that, stale is the
one l.K)r tnl of tin- pos I'tice, v. In n you
wiml a Miave, haiiwait or -lumpoo.
-Wt-malio lH.slro k prie s on k''""-'-ries.
I'oine find if ''"ii '.
UHlswoi.n et .n-v r i ci.i.r,,.. - ,
-Have a lot of line ,otatoo ami fourte-i, la-aa . a n-i-s a,.,,..
nfncmJ to die V". .In.-l .Ulur. in .a-l., ami Cher personal
Willpve on., sixth. .1. M. 1 iaMKI.s ' ,.tft,,.u. He a team an.l
"VVe v.i.nt n-jiort.1 a to 1lw yi' M "( wa-oii-anil two itollai - in money with
Rrain as fast tin the farmers p't thresh- Vi.,' ., lo mi,;,, hi way kick to where
ink' !one. iion't ti hul serl , Jfllj
itlfrrniu reiiolts. "" ', ', ,, , : .,vnl'ihle
-LfMH.-EirX-.'lasH native hm,.-r t.,,,1, r the,' a, all .... -aiHlKlliuirlOIIHtftntlV
.... tti-l :t 0,V : has l..-e ,,oU-ie.l Up hj ..l ......
worst, over-done pku'e ho ever saw.
' There are ten men f..r every joh ami lml
: in 1 1.? to.lo. Tao years auo he went
.1 .. . ..,,.1. l.i.. i'-,, ,ulc tiiliim;- with lam
l iiere it,, ii., e-
Hi -a ,-i.-l Nil. to eo'itain all the t-'i'i
hi ,,.-,-,l : i ton a-lii,- ii), ill ioal l. i
: .-.i :,.,. -i ll, in-- I, il, 10, il, I -,
town -li:. i'..'. l inn-"' 'i. - o -i '
II, 14.
l -I,.'),
n.ill ..... . !,.,, ;t- ' t:i ooles i ,- t i f
Harrison. -J- Ahm"'-
V-Th I Hum RroH. hi-- r. paniii.' t.,
pve adaiicn nt their place Tlui!-!ay
tvimi-. ScplemlK-r 17. it is a well-. -talih
Jil fa. t that tlm Uiys alway ;'1VI'
fiijoyahlo ilumKHt.
e aru infor .mat loai
lieine: inailft to pve
liinall pa's there to lot...; ....
tuulH-r land hiif t" H ' !; ,h '
,,lls for mil' s, .olhat it isimpossihle for
), ,--..( ihetiml..-r to mill or market.
1'e sues iliere arc hmi.ireils having tlare
-,n,! N'ohmska, is ll; favorite ol.j..i'live
f'.v tlie colf.':ni-voouer, pro- eclno
which aprariiT auotla-r column it. wall
I., seen that th" lm'S of Ihe on,in:s-
ac work of ..ultin-r in winter e-rain t districts in the county
IlilMllreiidv r-miiiiii'linsl. . A. Oilliell ; ;.l,.i-,l,lv allercl.
luwrve (m.wH. C. H. S.'ott lais U.-eii ; h .- ,h..t,-icls nr..
l-low;Bforwh., oti..'rs w.HI.a 1 As n..w arranl l
itas.,,,,ck ns they Ket throuKl. , made np as follows: 1st d,s n, t. amii tluWui.e;. ! trse, Ant.'lox', Warhonnel, liat i-a-h
ti.o f,.n ..,., r tlm Western Nor-' . i.ii 2.1 l..str.''t:
. ..... w:.... w. ; .- ! ii.iil r 1 v.; i i .... ,
i'Uonwiioi . I'.oiiarc linn
.1.; ot Harrison ufi.l vicinity a rar.
literary Keen tin? ponn- '"
mind an.l watch for tliw aimouncem-fit.
1.',, 17, I"' in townslnii ran
,.l-,.. ,,. il lo Kintioil 11"' o-i-no.l A em-
l,l-::e,-,i in to-.--,' -lops 'J , ii, J'. -,. -'' " '
l-iinp- i'i I, I, ,. .......... o.u .s ...
,1 -.: ,!i, -iial --.a n!is -i, 2-1,
s'op '.ii Ms-l ions la, 90, .
t -uel toii'i iiH la-ive In township .ii, raniie
' .i , , ; 1 V Mils,,. I .:,' !ls l-Oit'l l Cl's'T
,,1' r7, ili-lrn-i No. (.' iv,i- l.ilo'ii Up 1....I, on
, ... ,-,,,1.,-p-il ,m ifr....mU ttvvt Hen: tor
',;.;,;;;, i,ijV tie. in. .InU.-.-... .-.,i,lol!vwas-
. ,, .leni-lv espire.l to appoint a ulreessor
!;! . ' ll:,t iare ol to
.i liool t-i.- was l il.-a up iii.'t, "a i- otion
Ci',."el- lllltil lietl 1 1 1.,' 1 1 1 1 1'.
"p.-litioii ol nioilei-iiUir ol .-,-hoo! l-tv iel
,, i.-.oi siv i-oinity, pniyluK l; ir.l lo i-iiiii.-i-iu-tioain to slnkn.i-'ii-oni
t rolls tin- school liv- ol John
...... i . oi a, r,r u:is I;, ken an anil,
a", v,u,m-.:-,u- if ..;! ,x
ile.l!llite, to HOI 11 an I ... ... -s '- V .-.-
' ,l'.'-'-",."" :".. "." -'. ,o Ihe
p o-.-.l ... ifivw .'!:.' V ' '
;", L i' "O lohi-H WIM... asju-tieeof
; ' i ,rll -n ni'a n' whs li'lo-nuP
'ii'.lloii n'.tioa.liO.I ov.-l- a .lil l.eM.."'et-
"'i-', ,1,,1-t nicoicitv siipi-riiil.-n.leul m- pre
, ,'V on niotioa, a wt aaaoi-
.- , -,, 1,-' :illo".e. ail. I warraiils nl.le re .
lor. Juu'on i.wy f.,r 1.....101
I"'-'1 : , -, .... 1
Ii. .!. l.',ee,'l-:li!s, jailor s I
M.I. ..Own, ! . . , , ,i""r,rr,"i",,n faishi na lil iW
I.J. Ollll-Oll-'. S'O'I'"- -."' ' '
1 ii,s I ,.,1-ove, County ' oiii. s'-ivu.s
.,,i,n .t,i,-,-li, .,,,
llliciha ll(-iiil,lii".'i. i... is- -.
1 it, he ol ocular.' -I-
As to Mmrtac
Editor Walker ami those who train
with him have made a pvut howl alxiut
the county otlieiais" dishonesty. (Viunty
clerk Liiuiemaii is selected as tlm one
iiion whom most of thy attacks are
made. The report of the expert aecoumV
ant shows tiie I'ollowins .erisoiis to have
ohiaincd more from the county than
they were entitled to in the amounts
nanitil: r
K. 1 '. t'.oi-kv "','"!-"-
1.. I). s..t.-i i' e Ml l
. Mei.iui.-v 75
I). Klein '" 'Q
..eorif.- w alk.-r - 1 M
.1. W . 1 1 no I. r ' 1
li,,., -,! i , ,,- il 4n
. .no-.,, I l.i:ia.-:,::ill
.1. . ,.l. ,- a
. 1, ,s 1 IT 05
The ..oestion wlielliel' or not acOU.ltV
Commissioner was entitled to S per day
m addition to mileage while oinr ui anu
i ... .11, . l.u em 1 nt v sent, to al lend meetin'-rs
of the, hoard irequently came up and
commission! r ...recti wrote vo me aitoi
ney eeneral and the following is the re
ply of that ollieer:
Ai roiisi'.v (; vt.s 'iri-icE.
I.IXCI.X, lleeelnber Ti, In'At.
Jons- A. Ultra la.vville, Nebr.
Mv lir.Ai; -in: - In answer to your iiupury,
r.-iiMi'liiiK the pav of county commissi rs,
I mil snv thai sc, tioii ii of eliiiptel- -is ol tile
1 innpii. "1 -tatates, niiuwi l!. l'er l:.y lot-
Hie liiiin tiu v slmll lie nece---u-lal!. cui
ployeil ill llleililliei of that ollice, Hil.l ll
vou al.' li.-c. -sitt iilllv einploveil w ith the
riniv .i il.,,! ..nice. 1 shouhl mink vou would
1,.- entitled 0. fil.K. per day, even in uoingto
and from ounty seat. Vours Truly,
Wm. la. ksk,
Att.ornev lieiieral.
After that letter was received Com
missioners (h'een and Grove made out
hills in accordance with the tenor of said
1,-tter, hut in his report Mr. l!ru;;li dif
fered with the attorney general and the
commissioners re-imhurscd the county at
the lirst iiieetiu.--(4 tlie Doara uii-eruie
is port of the expert was liled. Now in
all fairness can any man wiy thiit the
cour ; of the two commissioners was
dishonest or dii-hoiioiahle? Is there a
man in the count v who would not have
presented hills for thi same amounts on
the authority of the ahove letter. That
letter is all tin.' d fetiso needed hy them,
'in. ,,,1't of 1 lit; exnert shows that
Conrad Liii'lema;. made an overcharge m
one instance, such overcharge lieinsr in
the Mini ol -v'si.-iO, Mid this was refunded
at tlie lirat meeting of the hoard of
county commissioners after the report of
the expert was liled.
The overcharge was in the item of
making out th" ta' roll of 10. The
i law provid'.s th t - clerk shall make
out tax roil !-.: no k iuwho.
-I csnts ift-r lino I'oi- , .iid work, including
footings. Ei.-h year there is a umiiher
of deimipieuts oil the lav roll anil such
deiiuouent . l;::-es have to h" traia-tei'red
lo the new tax roll. L. ;i: a.: cut his
hill fortliewo.koi, til ilor iWH)
fount v Ci..'k Linden.: . c -:t- d the
lilies of taxes 1 rausferiva from the tax
roll of t-'.' and charged it at the rale
,,,-ovided by oiw- for ma'iing tax roll,
a a,.. ii,,w il.ei-e and r'-iow for t hem-
sal ves and (he work wu.. done, and the
mil ,..-sen.ivl to the (oiintv was "to
..iiin.-inv list of 1S'!)0. S!) The
.-:p, rt held tiiat the clerk was entitled to
ileii item fur the lines of tax
c.'nnput'-il lor that year, and he stated
that had a separate cnaiu,o nueu
lot-transferring tlie 0e1m4ue.11
lHe',1. tlie WKird might nave anoweu u
'.-.. . .lr.viliiii"- in t he action of Mr
Lindeiiian indicated dishonusly? 1 le
a..i 1 1, te,-l.- !,nd t ie hooks siiow tlie
iin. s and he charged what he lielieveu ne
....... ,,ilile,l lo mid when he was shown
to' he in error he did all that any honest
man could do returned the amount to
ihoeoiinlv. It mmht he well to state
..:..!.. I,,,,-,, tlml the count v naid the foi
nier county clerk for making the tax roll
of l-xl) the sum of ifilfi.OO.
Ti..a ,....; us oei'sons found indebted to
the county hv the expert were notilied
on the order of the comity board to come
and settle. Hut the only ones who paid
: iiii.. in bo mailer were ucorge
ill I V .' Leu, iv". - -
wt.n-.,.. .,,,,1 his h.w oarl.ner L. l.l. hatter
1,.,' ,.i, w,',. sh,,rl and $li;tl.oO
r.'Ki)ectively, and they attempted to bull
doze the commissioners into not taiang
action on the report of the expert, and
Walker's newspaper partner, A.,m
l..y, who made .1 foul mouthed attack on
( .looiissioner Knott, because that olli
eer did what he deemed to be his duty.
it is with rather poor grace mua
George Walker, who was reported short
f,'H)M in his account with the county,
having made no offer or attempt to make
.-ood the amount, but did make a futile
attempt to hiulV the county hoard, tries
lo make out that Grove, Green and L111
doinan, or anv of (hem, are not honest. of tho editor or
the Ikmld to knock out men who have
done their duty according to law.
We have now on hand a first
class stock of Clothing, Hats,
Caps, Gloves, Laces, Ribbons,
Hosiery, Boots and Shoes, High
Patent Bon ' Ton Flour always
on hand, no better in the land.
Corn, Oats, Chop, Bran and all Kinds of Feed. A complete stock of Hardware,
Tinware, Bar'.. Wire, and all kinds of Fajm Machinery,
Which we will sell at Lowest Prices possible. We invite
all to call and look tit Our Goods tiefore buying.
We Shall Endeavor to Treat all Fair and Square.
dill 1 fca
cvyy day in the year. We are always
ready to give you a first-class article nt
fairest prices. " Come in and try our way
of doing business; you will come out way
ahead if you do.
For Men, Women and Children.
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County i,-i li-
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"wit of six lii.ii.lntl and forty 1.11.1" . . - ;M ljsriH . i(,,weti,
rea.-h flfte.-.. .hundred l--f.,re the 1 sl , ,.-.-!;, Snake ti- .
hf.lli.hiy. Tluit akH w'U for it Wa..-r and I-"'.-r l.'umnng ate.' pie-
.Oilitiiiioll of learning. , . f u,,.r the m-w law the voters
-Tlie experiment of Mell-ournc in pro- ' '"' wU ....forcoiimiis.ioner,
"'tt'ti.ig rain at l.hcyemie o" T'1- ls! ul , .. V().,.IS 0f thu comity.
w a complett, miccfHs. A ram was instead ol all the o(
Kixhim) which ent.-nded over a radius Th,. ,...v h.-.v also i, ' ,
fttifh-.'n or twenty miles and the gov- -; .,f (lie Comp1','d Statutes win.
wnment ol.5rver tWlnrwl the-., was no 1; . ,h. .,.ivi,ig of county 'om
KHtionitiotm of tho Htorm. All wy that , ptov ' ,.iW w,At.H
ti.iirn iioh ihine wnai m , ....-s- ,, m,.J!r ,s to
" xNriinent-i proiniwi great things , r(lV;..i,
'or the future. i 1 it
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. f,..,m i.-.Ls as .1 tlie eon..,,,-
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wi ... . . ... ,...:.. 1 (. ... 1
-me rnr tilled will, tt.e ma.ei.,.. .
,,-ine enr lined will, tt.e ma.e,...i !lt mn
exluhit at the Mate fair Mt ....last, ,.V1, the dear l'pl'-' vv'll,0,lt r"
.vnini,', and i made up of a lln colh-t- . iia.- . f Tl0 mcml.ers or
loftlW jkIucK The collection is . ward or l.o ' " Jo ,
""tan large as it should have been, . ,.m.ty . 4ll(. ,,e remmi-
r,.. for thin is that Hie t.Xpire w dl still re.eive Ibe mi ie t
Im 1 - .,...:- ..r., os that -Ar" . . ...,..( i..n 2 of tlie A us
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. 1 iu iiiuti 01 iu ini.-j ,- 1 . 1 , n,,( law s.s-1 s i. mine 'croon,,- ,-., omc
1 ngH, h,,t What tlu-rom the will, 1 ahai. ballot IA - bv tbe clec-' 0 more ohs acles to oyu omc
Uittt of Oiw quality m ,"!- ,.((l, .,,-ccinct ,),.. w
tltv ir... I...' wi.. iv. II ) in , .... ,.,.,i.,lv. distil". 01 I , ,
.arW of Kit Smith, II. F. Thomas, J. . , ., tl0 0li,.er is to be flevU
uvn!UMic, E. IMiue. mr turn"
j.MMrrr,sW.-atl.!:t!MAS-:---On Simday,
, st ":i MM, hv J' ' H'lt'ler, . .... . . . , , ,jm,.,-
nslice ol tin" pea. -. "" ,
' ,e.,IM,sH An."ha Werlermau, both
..... .. Vehi iska.
O Mollis COi'Oi. , -., Ill si.H.x ...... -. , - -
lir,,p.l the e ntity 11 ,,1,,-,'llalion o said enla.l , 1
Kl-.SWotiTII y-,)Al!(.OF,. Al I ,,,,,, u.mi,l Vliil-nof 1.
com 1 room at Harr.s..n, Nob as 1. j ttyihaailoued 'j;,,
Wednesday, hep eiiiue, , .
JohnC. Keuwortliy v . '
Jnrboe, bolh of Sioux county, ' l,.
-The sugar beet factory conimiHce
inslil at wan-k s.-arel.i. for
J,,, tbe subject. It has .yen ;
Ml (he machinery H ma'le t! ' ,
H , cs and can be obtained, but
h"ut the future of .the ' J' V "
braska. The V tU en-
and farmers nuu . ..p..;
Pamlarmes, - ni(,UiC
,, ,ge in tnes .. .. - vi
.'5,000 lo loan on farms in small
amounts. Apply at once at the Hank
of Harrison,
Vv...,-iiir Ktalo Fair.
Round trip tickets will be on sale to
Cheyenne and return rsepi. nu. n,s
eetornino- until Sent, 14, for 14.90
, --M ,m mum 'i T'l i
Notice llniiii'sti'iid Kntr.v.
f. S.'l.AM, 'U t-ICK, j
1'ltAPKON, NHillt'lSKA. JiiIv5,u8,1K
Complaint liuvlnir linen made at this olllee
l.ylliiivey II. Ilusseli intainsl Miii-riol ..
Howe lor failure 10 comply " ' ' "7 '."
,,.'s.'ii,l enliy No. 'Alii dated August l.l,
is-'.i, upon tlie s,v lie',, -seU" nw', in", H
,,.. s-el-o-i .12, Iminship SI, ralllfe i4
III Sioux eollaty, .Xelil-ilKn, on " "
111,1 y , i i,,isin
Howe lias
lie has
. . - , ,, 1 n,.,-,.l von, or in ore.
i.i ins v, ,1 ,.i,.v.
11..... j.v mniii 11s m nun inn i
thntsaid Ina-Usnol setlled upon and eu 11-
1 i... -0,1 .viriv ns reoiiired hy la , thai
i.u, ,.,i ,; res,. .,u
w;m,""' " , : The sai.l DM,
"''''" V . ' : , n ear lit this
"ihee on tlie ii day of Septen, 1,,-r, Islil at 10
o'clock 11. in. , to respouo
': .,,!"r."j,L.r"!: L'Tn he u-
fore' s. II. Joaes a notary puhlic at. His olllre
in Harrison Neb on the 17 day ol Sept. is I at
ion. in. 1- " u Vi
II. T. I'ONI.K.V, I'"'-'
Contestant's Attorney.
Kslrii.v Niilln'.
Taken up Hy tin. y;rf " '.Zl
V'l,., I ll i.v lie, se, ,- - - - ..-e.i... .j
COOII left shoulder tin. I some. ns ' .'"'"'
ht shoulder; I limn, horse, oiulit abon t
pounds, branded HOinetl, ''Ij' ,,1
Olisiae.e.s ,,., , ;,on,l'l , V. ,1,,- s.. ,,'- . .,
....Id have to bo met in anj ou.e. , ,,, ,.t . .0 ;
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps, Crockery
nd Queensware.
Ranch Trade Solicited.
MacLachlan & Cook, Props.
my 4
H"'ifii'"iiii''WWf,-'r'1JI '"i - s
1 v. - r " .1. !
I line of business.
. - ;
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