The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, July 02, 1891, Image 6

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    Tte Sioux County Journal.
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L. J. SIwmm, . . Editor
Entered at the Harrison post office as sec
ond class matter.
On and after next Saturday. July 4th,
the legal Hag of the United States will
contain 44 stars, one for each of the
newly admitted states being added at
that time.
Not many years ago the land around
Grand Island was not considered worth
much, but the farmers have stuck to it
and the result is that it has developed
into a rich country. Although but 24
miles square, the recent assessment of
Hall county rolls up a total of $3,653,
147. Notwithstanding the drouth of
last year, real estate in that county has
Increased 9301,637 over last year, inat
snows what toe development or a county
will do. It will be remembered that
there is a beet sugar factory at Grand
County Attorney Conley wrote to At
torney General Hastings tat some au
thorities bearing on the cancellation of
claims and warrants to offset the short
age of the ex-county officials. Gen.
Hastings looked tip the authorities as
requested and Wrote Mr. Conley that in
his opinion the actiod takes by the coun
ty board was legal. Besides being at
torney general, George H. Hastings is
recognized as one of the best lawyers in
the state, and his opinion on the point is
pretty good authority.
the board of public lands and build
ings is making it decidedly interesting
for the officials of the insane hospital at
Hastings, and there will doubtless be
some removals for cause. The board as
at present constituted seem to have a
pretty good faculty of going to the very
bottom of an affair which they start to
investigate. It is; always necessary to
keep a close watch of the methods of
contracting state institutions and those
to which people bereft of reason are con
signed should be watched the closest.
Law, justice and humanity all demand
that snth unfortunates be treated with
crae consideration.
Terrible storms, causing floods, visited
northwestern Iowa and eastern Nebraska
last week. A number of lives were lost,
railroad tracks and brie washed out,
crops destroyed and many thousands of
dollars' worth of other property de
stroyed. Hundreds of families were ren
dered homes, aK they swept being
swept away, and calls for' financial aid
from the outside world have been issued
from some places. The. entire town of
Moville, Iowa; was washed out with the
exception of one hbn'se. In. this state a
good deal of damage Was done,, in some
places, West Point losing $ 15,000 worth
if property; - .
HABBISOX, Nebhaska, June 16, 1891.
Aoard of equalization met as per adjourn
ment. .... , , .. . , ,
Present i Commissioners k'nott, Green,
throve and clerk.' . . .
, Charles H.' WeUvr appared before the
board and made complaint that Ui property
fa the village of Harrison was assessed too
Ifiab In proportion to other property In said
village, and the board after dne considera
tion changed assessment on a portion of
said property. -
- Chag. E. Verity, on behalf of &'e Bank of
(larrlsrm, appeared before the board and
made combiaint tliat the assessment of said
wna aa too high in proportion to other
property in the village of Harrison,- and nf
tcr due consideration., and the board being
$a tinned that such was t lie catMV changed
same. ' , .
. On motion' board adjourned, until II
O'clock, a. m., Wednesday, June 17, UN.
. . i nAMisos,' I?kb, Jinve 17, ll.
t.Board of equalMtkm met pursuant to ad
iPreseat: Conunlssioncrs Grove, Green,
Knott an clerk. . v, -
, D, M gotten appeared before the board
and made aflMavlt.tbat he only kept one
sow in the Ttjrage of HarrMrvh and that the
other eows owned by him were kept In the
state Af Wyoming and Should, not be assess
din the Tillage, S Harrlifcn. The board
being satlsfled that auch was the case, or
dered said property stricken from the tax
roll of the rfuaw of Harrison,.
, On eomelaint of Ed. !.- Satterlee, a real
dent tax payer, am made before the board
one ink, WW. toe board pioeecded to raise
the valuation on vacant town lota la. the
Village of Harrison, held by the Pioneer
Townalte Company and flte Nebraska Land
and Inveatnnent Company, In proportion to
the average-aaaMament on Vacant lota held
by individuals. SKe said complaint being
that vacant lota of PfOneer Townslte Com
away and Heeeaska .Land and. la vestment
Compear were aew ssi it too low in propor
tion te raeaot lots held by iadJTiduaH, the
- average aesessment of vacant onrin Iota
bold by ladlridnaU was flrat ascertained
and found tote fu 41 .per Jot; the ararage
Mimuisut of badness tote Belct by the
aforesaid a ipanlea was fooad to be tOMl.
: a order ta iH mm hi proportloa it was
present: Commissioners Knoll, Grove,
Green and clerk.
The following preamble and isolation
were, on motion adopted :
VHUUI, The aosetwed valuation of
Sinai coontv. Nebraska, for the year 1S91 l
but SS,944.84, a corrected by boara ji
equalisation, subject, however, vo correc
tion hv the clerk in ao far as clerical errors
uiav appear. And
Whkbsas, 15 mills levy on aaw,V44.S4 vui
make IS.W9.17. And
Wheeeas, The board of county commis
sioners are only allowed to issue warrants
tit the amount of 89 Der cent of said sum, or
warrants for $7,6W.. And therefore
Resolved, That the following items in
the estimate of expenses for the year 11,
vlx : District court expenses, salaries, sta
tioaery, printing, institute, incidental ex
peases, insane and poor fund, be reduced to
come within the limit of 9 mills of the total
assessed valuation of Sioux county for the
year 1S91. And
Resolved, That the estimate of expenses
for indebtedness and interest as indicated
by mandamus iu favor of the Bank of Har
rison be reduced to the assessment of 4.7
mills on the dollar of the total valuation of
Sioux county. And
Whekeas, There being no material bene
lit in levying one mill for road purposes ou
account of the provision in the statutes that
three-fourths of the same can be paid in
labor performed and the majority of the in
dividual valuations being small, on which t
levy of one mill would amount to only a few
cents, and the same being required to be di
vided into several funds, and there being
only one mill available for road and bridge
purposes, and if the same be applied for
bridge purposes it will be of more benefit to
the county in general. Therefore be it
Resolved, That the estimate of expenses
for roads be stricken from said estimate.
Resolved, That the estimate for bridges
be reduced to the amount of one mill on the
dollar of the valuation of Sioux county.
On motion the clerk be and he is hereby
ordered to levy on the valuation of Boweu
bond precinct the required number of mills
on the dollar to raise the amount of (TOO for
interest on court bouse bonds and 0300 for
sinking fund for court bouse bonds.
On motion the clerk be and he is hereby-
ordered to levy on the valuations of the fol
lowing school districts the required number
of nulls, respectively, to raise the amounts
for interest and sinking funds on school dis
trict bonds herein mentioned, as follows :
School district No. 37 (Dawes and Sioux
counties) 117.50 lnteres, 15 sinking fund.
School district No. 21 (Dawes and Sioux
counties) 035 interest and 025 sinking fund.
School district No. 16, 0S4.50 interest, 35
sinking fund.
School district Nd. IT, t3S interest, 1100
sinking fund.
School district No. 24, J8 interest, 30 sink
ing fund.
School district No. 22, 117.80 interest, 112.50
sinking fund.
School district NO. 11, 121 interest, 30 sink
lng fund.
School district No. 7, 170 interest, t2O0 sink
ing fund.
School district No. 27, 135 interest, 025 gink
ing fund.
To produce county revenue for the year
181 the board made the following levy on
valuation of tS99,M4.84:
For general land 9 mills on the dollar.
For bridge fund 1 mill 6n tile dollar.
for special debt fund, as indicated By writ
of mandamus in favor of Bank of Harrison,
4.7 mills on the dollar.
For soldiers' relief fund a of a liilll on the
On motion, minutes of session were read
and approved.
On motion, adjourned witutiut day.
IlAEKisos, NED.; J vine 15, 1S91
Board of commiraioncrs met in regular
Present: Commissioners Green, Knott
and clerk.
On motion county clerk be and he is here
by instructed to direct mechanic to repair
roof on court boose, and arrange spouting
so as to lend water away from wull of court
house. . ....
On motion board adjourned to meet on
Wednesday, June 17, 1891, at 10 o'clock, a. m
HXrkisox, Neb.; June if, 1891
Board of commissioners met as per ad
Present: Commissioners Grove; Green,
Knott and clerk.
Minutes of last meeting read, and on mo
tion approved.
On motion, board adjourned until Friday,
June 19; 1891, at 9 o'clock, a. m.
Harrison, Neb., June 19, 1891,
Board of commission met as per ad
Present: Commissioners Grove, Green,
Knott and clerk.
Mantes of last meeting readi and on mo
tion , approved.
Resignation of Robert Wilson as justice oi
the peace of Bowen precinct; was taken up,
and on motion, laid over until next meeting.
On motion, the clerk be and he is hereby
ordered to Issue warranto on the special
debt fund levy for the following claims, as
per order of the district court of Sioux
county, Nebraska:
X. J. Carroll H 0 6 00
Andrews ana hatteriee..
a vaeantlwrtuiialoto held by said aompa-
r east aad. the faid moraasi wae
aad , mads - ftt jaroage .yaae
i lets held-oy ladl
: tlMaale was foaad to be MM east the aver
tjt- mqiswi t oa va nait eesjdgB nm mm
iy Id tnmymari m tott jto be IK. I.
teoirweJso liimiiiiiit of eat ei
t wmiit of ladl
titwM Boaad eeeeaary te haere
(oh Tf I ramsi lots aeMby
Jess C. Croasley
Asa C Davli .
Leopold ix-boti
ArtliUr . Lllieijr ---
William P. rittgeraiu
John oavhart
War rail W . Hail
Franc kudulks -
A. Ortou
W. A. Snyder -
J. aawrtiurger
llaniei . Wooily-
S. W. Oo..
C. H. Rigdon
J. M. MerTineld
Moses Aahenfelter
R. E. Maasev.
r. L. Morrison..
J. J. Klpp
Peter Henry i
I K. Be Weii-
8. B. Jones.
Griswold 4k M arateller.
J. W. Pratt 4
Joseph Decker
Carlton Knotty
John Deoeno.
Solomon B. Story
4 it I
a uu
lUtoltlKR ATtl. I !!' "TAT K I.AW.
Thornton f. v ood bridge.
Henry A. W enz
T.J. Bingav
James Clark-
W. Hunter
Canton Knott
F. if ot
C. 11. Kijfdon
C. E. scliilt
T. IVimnur
C. il. Weller
Henry linnlige
John l-cker ,
W. P. Fitzgerald
Mary H
John w'.'Hiiuter 1J j
A. Hart
J. W. Hunter
George H. O'Kane
Murpuv a oituey...
Walter I'itt
Gerhart RUeiudera
W. R. Smith-,
3 l
49 50
294 fit)
6 SO
S 00
3 W
i W
8 (10
4 on
,71, 13 . -, - . - - ,
ViasT KATluL BAaa.Oinaha.
' Ba a or I maio. t hadron, w-
t Ul
i Hi
i Mi
t (U
i ttt
t ou
t Wl
s ou
i as
J 20
4 20
5 15
4 00
4 (III
4 50
5 611
2 10
2 OU
S Oil
a 00
10 oo
2 00
i lli V HOLMES. VK-E Pwwioest.
KTATfcOIFil .g,.
Juba M. Thayer, tovtru
T. J. Majors
J.C. Allen
T II. Hen Urn ,
. " - , I,. , . I
JubnE. Hill " e
I jUm., . '
John F. Schulz
Snltiinnn It. Storv
I). W. Woody 24 00
J. B. Burke m
H. T. Zprue 50 00
On motion, the clerk be and he Is hereby
ordered to issue warrant on special debt
fuud for the sum of !H.07 iu compliance
with mandamus of district court of Sioux
county, in payment of interest at the rate of
7 per cent from the date of allowance of
claims as shown by exhibit A of said order.
Grove and Knott voting for aud Green
The following claims were audited and al
lowed and warauts ordered issued on the
general fund levy of 1881 :
A. Rruirh. exitniiiiinir records of
Sioux county. nu w
8. Paddock, supplies lor poor 6 00
W. R. Sin 1th A. Sou " " 1100
Milo O. Mauniuif " " 4 25
James Walpolcsunport of pauper 6 "i
John A. Green, co. coin 30 40
Grant Guthrie, coal for pauper i ti
Robert Uwu. to casn exueuuuu lor
paune.r o oo
Joseph liecker, deputy slntrin" service. 2 00
a. souuiworiii. co. u in-... . if
t. L. Galpin, house rent for pauper 9 OO
I). 11. hiiHou, " " - U 40
uaunnK coal ior pauper.:, iw
O. J. Gowey, assessor, claimed 136.00,
unoweu .
D. A. i'ubiuw, asseMsor.- -
G. W. Cobb,
fcdwurd h.. Llvermore, ass!ssor
John Serresi " .
James II. Cook,
Transacts a General Banking Business
Buys School Orders, County and Village Warrants,
jylnterest Paid on Tjnie Ikfjwsits.
Loans Money on Improved Farms.
L. J. Simmons printing and stationery.
On motion, board adjourned
o'clock, a. ni., June 20, 1891.
20 00
ao oo
23 00
50 00
26 20
11 00
m as
until e
HARBISON, NEB., June 20, 1891.
Board of commissioners met as per ad
Present: Commissioners Grove, Green,
Knott and clerk.
The following claims were audited and al
lowed and warrants ordered Issued on the
general fund of the levy of 1881 for same:
Martin J. Frits, claimed I3C.00, allowed.! 00
t'has. U. Grove, co. com. servlccs-,
55 25
. 27 00
. 71 45
. 2H 00
. 51 00
. 36 00
. 45 00
7 60
Fred W. Knott " "
John 8. Tucker, assessor
lsom s. Mcintosh, " .
John A. Green, co. com. services-
8. W.Hall, assessor . .-
H. T. Coulev.exncnses
B. 8. Paddock, supplies for poor 50
8. H. Jones assisting expert accountant. 54 00
L. L. Columbia, constable's in lees In
duest case - . S 50
J. H. Ncwlin, Jury fees In Inquest 1 10
Julius Jenseiij " " 100
Emery Gllimirej . - 1 10
Ubrls. Hanson, " " 1 oo
J. W.lliftenB, - ' - 8 00
8. H. Jones; Insurance on court house.. 120 OS
Gorge Shafer, holding inquest 14 00
Charles .. V critv, insurance ou court
House. - . ... iai
James FariiNin, covering cistern S 75
A. E. Andrews, material for repairs
on court house . . a 30
M. A. P. Spencer, attendance on oauner. 10 00
uuiana ncpuoiican rrnning Lxjinimny
UUUU ..... .. ....... . 1 w
Gnstav Schwur7.. cleaning court house. 5 00
Geo. J. shafer, medical services for
poor ... 20
C. W. Smith, wood for poor. 6 00
Joseph Docker, dept. sheriff services 17 00
Kareert Konwer. meals lor prisoner 2 4
Graut Ghthrlc, coal for poor 7 80
couiuv uh hi
1. J. Simmons, printing 82 50
I, supplies for poor
Conrad Llndeman, salary, postuge.ex
peiises, etc 12iS HO
ft, T. Conley, salary, first quarter 75 00
Tbos. Kcidy, slieriff's fees 16 00
17 05
i... 13 00
8 50
George shafer, medical treatment of
poor 5 00
Griswold A Mars teller, stove and
hardware.... ...... 48 40
James Clark, assessor 48 00
James Farnam, Janitor's fees 5 00
B. s. raoaocK, supplies ior poor 3 75
Carl Feyerherm, assessor ... 86 00
G. W. Hester, jury fees 6 40
8. B. Coffee.
Wm. A. Blgelow
Wm. K. Dove
David Anderson
Andrew Procunlcr
lsom 8. Mcintosh
Charles Bieble
Peter Henry . ,
A. W. Nicholson
Eggert Bokwer
A. urton
8 20
6 110
0 60
11 60
10 10
8 50
6 90
8 00
10 08
6 10
7 00
11 60
8 00
7 00
9 00
6 50
7 00
9 60
6 10
6 601
7 90
26 40
Theedare Trimbur.
C. Todtenhaupt I
o. wun
CharlceC, SchUt
Jobs Melatostu.
Join W. Hawter
c. M. weue
Job W. Renter.
to 00
. 138 00
. 144 46
16 Ml
. 10
15 00
. 4 60
. 4 60
. 9 00
. 4 60
, 400
. 24 00
. 6 00
. 4100
. 810
. too
, 45 86
44 00
. 27 00
, 68 00
. 400
. 000
i mm
. MM
I It
m o
ssK'l'43SttMd MtU Jaae tt,
O- riff n' s
, " '
frr L.MeQrea ..
mi iwnnsB.,
OavU Wfagwrlaud.
J. B. aVarhe..
o: Hamaker " .
Joseph Asbton " ,.......
Joshua Baker . f ...
John Bicedorff
N.C Hatchings
Payson Blgelow " I
Chas. K. Schilt "
George Brown ' .
D. H. Griswold "
Charles Brooks "
Omaha Kepflblican Printing Co blanks.
W. Herncall, supplies for poor...
Charles Palmer, assessor claimed CU M
Philip McCanii, asseaaorr-.t i 39 00
C J. HOsccrans, boarding Henry Cok-
er, etc., claimed I00.... .,
Clerk district court, fees
Tbos. Heidy, sheriff's fees
Charles E. Holmes, special deputy
sheriff's fees I.......
David Kendrix, witness fees .
Thomas Loner " ........
George J. Shafer ." ,
Joseph Decker 4.
Peter Shan"
A. E. Gates " "
Charles E. Holmes t' ...
Julia Beeves " .
George-Walker "
Gertrude gtrickler " "...
Hndolph Bradford " ...
Dillard White . " ., ,.
Henry Turner " ... .
WlllUra e, OVerby ' Z
i nos. ueiuy
MacLachlan Cook, supplies for poor-
31 26
5 63
3 60
11 76
16 40
16 40
4 20
6 50
6 10
6 50
2 00
13 40
2 00
16 40
8 00
2 00,
27 41
1 66
14 86
31 91
E. Humphrey
. K. Goody Hupt. Pnbl i.
C. V. Manderson IV w.. w-
W.J. Bryan, Cotigreasuiaa l.t ih4
W.A. McEleghan, - . j.
O. M. Rem. " i
A i V.l.t. CI.!., ..
. ntM 1F
S. Maiwell Aaxorinto Ju.!K,
I- Korval. Associate ,
i.ui iii..v-i,bhu IM-IK,rWr 14- 1
M. P. Ktnkttld Jn.i . J
. M .'
........ - it-si
l I Inilriiiiin i-u.i. ..
8. Barker... ... t
Conrad I.lndeman
The 4th of JULY
Will be Celebrated at
We Have Provided a
Double Attraction
By purchasing Smith's Stock of
General Merchandise, and in
vite all his old customers
and lots of new ones
to call on us
tor Dry Goods, Gro-1
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Our Prit&s will be as low as
the LOWEST, 6n everything we sell.
, H HMtnj . , A1
I. A.
nty )tJ
A. Southwortli.....
Thus. Ileldy
(ieo. J. Khaler.....
A. K. IM-v.
-"i'i "''iicin.trnfyj
Conrad l.lndrman....(1erk of IflttrictujJ
Clin. I". Grove, (-halriiiati) i i,,J
. . .. . .
V. Wi Knott ... ,
W . W lloii......renat'. Hist S.i. 14, CktJ
Kl. I. Ib-oth Hep., Ilt. U nJ
H. I.. K. Maine irlialriiianl TrtJ
S. II. Jones
(irant Gutnrie
TliimiRH Keuly
K. (i. Hough...
n . ii. navt (.j
(., Gulhrlit -.-Trni3
m'hoiii. omi i.iis
. I. 11. Miilni!
Hi Wllwm... Mi.lmii
.. W. Hester Tn-jBin
niKinri (rmn, A I ifurriaon, eomintoM
February lth and HeptJ'tnlier t-th, Idil
lounty ( onrt, At iiiirnin, riiroiufd
flrit Miiniliiv of each nitiiilh.
M. y ( linri-li- rresrliliig fw-n aiurmg
Miiiilny at lft;.(ri a. m., ami every Mimlaj fuJ
lng at 7 .an. K. R. K. Komi t, Iv.ot
EpUropal serttm-s at the church i id
Frlil ay evening between Hie i tu ki
days of each month, fonducUM by Rt.J
v nion sumiay iklKHil evry uihIsthi:
tt-t". K. K. K. Hohk i.hj
BlbUi -h-Ikh,! niM-t, v Die clnirrheaiiitcl
'lay afternoon at t o'clock.
K C. 1. lUs.'t.TT,o
We shall utill keep a complete line of
Brant Guthrie,
Jokepk Benway.. . 1 oil
JOSH W.HnnUf- la JO I
. .., .,.,;. 41 1
goneisl m , , .., -, . ill
B. ;;...- Mr
V. M. M- - 10 o
rrr- it
"4 TTimrtr : 7 J-
4) ifr ii -i-ini,r.- :-.;-l:T."y.V t ;
claimed 014.74- .....
A. K. Andrews, medicine for poor -
una. K. Hoinies, attorney fees . US 00
H. M. Sullivan, attorney fees, claimed
1.00 - . - 100 90
On notion, the clerk be and he is hereby 1
in (true tea to purchae seven window car-
tains ror court bonae. . . i
On irotion, the clerk be. and b U hereby
lnstmcted and ordered to add to the state'
taxes of the coonty the aaaoant certlfled to
clerk by auditor of state expenses or in
mates from stonx county of Insane hospital 1
at Norfolk, ap to Jaly 1,1101. v.
Claiih of A. . Andrews, f or M1 was exam-1
lned and referred back to claltaaat a same
did not state for whom medicine was fur
nlaned and by order of .whom.
Clatm of Gorton Brothers Mr 014.11 was ex
amined and referred baek te claimant, for
nartl that same was sot ttemiasd.
Oa motion, board adjoamed wlUont day.
AOtJMti . C0s.C.Oot,
OoonuBUnoMM, ., Caalnaan.
B. B. Bhewstf, c. IP. (Atee,
President. M
CHAS. C. JAfcresONi Ciinliier,
Commercial Bank.
General Banking Business
Mo. Vallef
Harrison, Nebraska
sioux City
chic ago
And All Poinls in 11k-
East, North, Souths West.
Through Tichcts to ail Pointi -
HfiKgiifTB checked tl Iitlnatiit.
TtirotiKh Palace glwix-t bit-i-ii Mi!
Valley and Iieailwood.
J. C NfjHTriKiir. Airi'iil
ILurison, VW
H. O. Bi rt, J. R. Bi ciusaS,
tjenl Stiriiuren Oen"l Phih. Ha,i
5 rrt
43tBfl r
11 ATI 7 m B m9
i 2