The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, June 11, 1891, Image 2

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L. J. SIM HONS, PraprWtjr.
A Savai fcaa-a-
; Bas Fsaxcicu, CaL, Juno Je Mail
advice received her (rum Chili de
scribe a naval battle as having occurred
in the harbor of Valparaiso on the night
of April 3&four days after the naval
engagement which occurreTQj,, Chaner
al bay, when the insurgent cruisers
Magallanes was attacked by the govern
ment torpedo cruiser Aide, (Wei1
and Lynch. ' In that engage meet, which
has already been described, the Magal
lanes succeeded in driving off the three
government Teasels after a sharp fight.
The government t easels retired to Val
paraiso, and the Magallanes, after re
ceiving ammunition from the insurgent
supply ship, decided to steam at coosJto
Valparaiso and attack Ihs three govern
ment veasels before they could be re
paired. Tb Magallanoes, under cover
of darkness, steamed alongside the Ai
des and fired a broadside which com
pletely riddled the torpeda boat, dis
mounted nearly all her rapid-firing
guns and killed and wounded fully half
of her crew. The Magellan steamed
quickly for the Lynch, but the crew of
the latter was on the alert. Tbey re
turned tha Magallanes' Are and attempt
ed to launch a torpedo but failed. The
Condell had steamed upon the Magall
anee' and began firing, subjecting the
latter to a fir from both government
hips, killing and wounding forty of the
Magallanes' crew. The letterjundsr the
cover of smoke began to move astern,
and before the fact was diaoovered the
two government ships were pouring
broadsides into each other. The tri:k
was not disovered until tb Magallanes
teamed across the item of the Condell
and had poured in a broadside which
nearly destroyed the letter. Ia the
meantime the fort could not fire owing
, to fear of hitting their ownsbips. When
the Magallanea began to steam out of
the harbor the fort opened their fire,
but only one shell struck the rebel
cruiser, which bored a big hole in ber
deck and dismantled her pivot gun.
Sae then proceeded to Calder.
uver one hundred men were
killed in the engagement, fully one half
of whom were on the Magallanes. Ths
Condell bad to run on the beach to pre
vent her sinking, while the Aides was
to badly damaged that it will requires
long time to repair her The Lynch
was not seriously damaged.
Captain Clark Drowaed.
Erie, Pa, June 8 Captain Clark, su
perintendent of the life ssving station
of this part, was drowned at an early
hour while endeavoring with his crew to
render assistance to the propeller, Bad
ger State, which had been driven on the
beach. Captain Clark' body has not
yet been recovered. The crew and pas
enger of the Badger State have been
brought to shore. It is believed that
the vessel will not be greatly injured.
The propeller John Craig is also
aground east of the south bay.
The storm which prevailed yesterday
morning abated during the day and the
lake has grown somewhat smoother.
The passenger steamer Badger is atill
in the sand. Captain Smith sent a por
tion of the passengers ashore. The
steamer John Craig, which was alto
ashore, was gotten off last night with
out damage. The brig Petrel has failed
ft al nrr ... .4 m 1 1 ,
r VU m ! tuvit
A SehooMrSuak.
CutvKLaKD, O, June 6. The schooner
Payette Brown, was aunk about ten
mile off the Dummy light at 2 o'clock
in Lake Erie. She was run down by
the mammoth iron vessel, Northern
Queen. One of the crew of the Fay rtte
Brown managed to jump to the deck of
the steamer. The remainder had bare
ly time to climb into the cross trees be
fore the schooner sunk. The Northern
Queen went on her way without stop
ping, and the crew of the Fayette Brown
was rescued by ths captain of th Rob
ert F. Mills, who beard their cries, and
were taken to Detroit The sunken
schooner was owned by M. A. Bradley
of this city. She was built in 1868 and
was worth 116,000.
Kafmiac IaaaaratMa Law.
WaSRuroTOH, June a Assistant Sec
retary NetUetoo ha directed the return
of two Italian and Swedish immigrants
to their respective countries. These em.
igrauta arrived in the tfnited State In
January last, but have sine become
paupers, and under the new - immigra
tion law (n be returned at the expeoet
of th steamship cemnsav who hmnwht
them to the UaltCStata, Thi i tb
nm order of the kiad fawned by the
treasury dspartaMut. and Ldiaea'''tha
vigor with which th new law will bt
aaforaad. The oa war submitted to
the premdmt bate fiaal,
taken by th
' awja,Tx, Juae I Th
lag hav decided sot t accept tawataa.
teO waste par
Nr. raa
tjrrc rvwaa aothlagto aatfot
sv& Tfoal ywagtTw mad
ur mkcjz nana cm
Unveiling Cunt's Monument
Thousan d of VUUrs to Witness
The Memorial Etcnt.
' f
e. Caaaawy M. Deaaw Dllva-ed ikt
Oiailva at i Day.
Galesa, Iu-. June 5,-Thia ci.y was
crowded with people assembled to do
honor to the memory of General GrnL
The occasion is the unveiling of a mon
ument to him preeeated to his old
homebyU.IL Koblsait of Chicago
From all directions crowds have poured
into town and fully 20,XW are now here.
The city It in gay apparel, the ma n
thoroughfare being a panorama of red,
white and blue. Arches upon Ihe prin
cipal crossings aod mottoes, betokening
the reference in which the name of the
hero of Appomsttox is held by bis old
neighbors, are promiscuously displayed-
The massive old court house In which
Captain Grant presided at the first
meeting held at Galena to rarse volun
teers is gay with garlands. The First
Methodist church, in which the hero
worshipped, is elabosately decorated,
acd ths pew in which he sat is draped
in bunting. The modest mansion pre
sented to him by the citizens of Galena
after his return from the wsr and the
more bumble home in which he lived in
ante-bellum days are the centers of at
traction. The old building in which
was located the lesther store of Jesse R
Grant, the hero's father, ia also gai'y
decorated. i '
Visitors clustered about every land
mark associated with the name of Grant
and the little park in the center ef
which'stands the memorial.
The public schools in Dubuque, Free
port and other near by town were
closed and large delegation of their cit
izen cam to take part in the ceremon
ies. Business in Galena was entirely
Two trains from Chicago brought del
egations of the Grand Army acd distin
guished citizens, among them Hon.
Chauncey M. Depsw, Governor Fifer of
Illinois, ex-Governor Hoard of Wiscon
sin, General Nelson A. Miles, JuJge
WaltarGresham, Sculptor H. IL Kohl
Nat, the donor of the statue, Senators
Allison and Cullom, Congressmen Hen
derson of Iowa acd Judge Blodgett of
the federal court.
IJx-Governor Hoard then formally
presented the statue to the city in be
half of the donor.
The ceremonies of the day were in
augurated with a parade, participated
in by Grand Army veteran, visiting
military and civic bodies and citizens.
Gathered about the statue in the park
the exercises opened with "Star Span
gled Banner," rendered by the Fifteenth
regiment band from Fort Sheridan. Af
ter prayer by the chaplain the ban la in
unison started up with "Hail to the
Chief," ts Miss PauliceKoblsaat, daugb
ter of the donor.
The atatue was accepted In a brief
address by Park Commissioner M. C
Clenn&n on behalf of the city.
He was followed by Hon. Chtunosy
who delivered tbe oration of tb day
meeting with an enthusiastic reception.
Shot HI Wife.
Cdtvclakd, 0, Jun 5i Emerson
Moneysmitb, a restaurant keeper at
Scott, a small town on the dividing lino
between Vanwert and Pauling counties,
this sUCb, went horn drunk Tuesday
night and assaulted bis wife with a
scantling, knocking hr down and cut
ting a long gash in her seal p. Money-
smith than left th house, but returned
soon after, and finding his wife Had re
gained consciousness he secured a re
volver and shot hsr dad, tbe ball wav
ing completely through ber body just
below the waist. Ha ras arrested aooa
after and locked up ia jail. .-.
Kesmsaeat to Father Bane. -
Moxtcket, Cal., June, 5 The unveil
ing of tbe monument to Father Juni-
pero Serra, which Mrs. Laland Stan
ford had erected on Presidio Hill, over
looking the city and bay of Monterey,
to commemorate tb memory of th
Franoisoisn friar, wa witaaaaad by
about fiv thousand people, many com
ing from Ban Francisco aod other
point. Father Serra founded th mis
sion of Saa Diego in 176J, andarrivtnfr
in Monterey on Jane 3, 1770, founded
tbe Carats! mission, nmr Monterey,
wbr ha wa burid after bis death la
1781. : ;
Senear, Pa, Jon 4. Oaorg
Thompson, brother of Frank Thompson
rios-president of the PnoylTania rail
road, oUd hero yesterday, fd aixty
two ywwn oWBiw ' - x j
PawrAiiawtlae aaak .. - j
bcbwos Areas, Jua o Tb mo en
th banks ooaUauaa. Tba oraditora of
th fiaUaa baak will ba paid alamat la
tulL Four bMkan hara
Hjrtsavl. .. ; -
Cleans as s Myrsrf Mojtt, Juna 6.-Thwnh
the Mad.len-XIcDermott fued in tfce
Big Horn basin of Wyoming a nivtery
of ioog standing here 'has been cleared
up and the suspicion the has hucg t
three years over the catu of George
Swift of that place baa been removal.
McDermott, according to tha story told
by Madden, frequently robbed i.e maim
and one instance was given Mm u
cured 1120 from a registered letter sit
from Billing. George Swift a the
man who sent the money to Cases!
George, and when the evelope wtico
should have conUined it reached it
destination empty, the , Billing ms
was accused of appropriating the money
to his own use. Mr. Sw if t, though pro
testing his innocenc, was induoed to
make good to Caaeel George the amount
of money missing, and " has continued
from that time tothis in a position of
trust with Babcock k Mile. But the
unfortunate occurence ha never Uen
forgotten by him or tb United Suta
government, and all these years the se
cret service arm of the government has
been exerted to clear up tbe mjaiery.
Mr. Swift, with no premonition of the
storm about to buiet, and with the con
fidence of conscious integrity, enclosed
the money, registered the letter and
sent it on its way without taking tbe
precaution of enclosing the bills in the
presence of witnesses. He had no proof
that he had inclosed the money, aod the
consignee receiving Id empty envelope,
duly stamped and registered, naturally
refused to accept the word of the cash
ier that the money had bean inclosed.
The work was finely dona by a mail
robber and .t teemed a hopeless task -for
Mr. Sw.ft to ever substan'.ate hta claims
and clear bis record of it only blot.
His integrity is now fully established
and in due course of time his money
will be refunded.
Chief J tut lea Horlea.
Atchison, Ka. June . 5. The ap
pointment by the president of Chief
JusUw Albert 11 Horton of Kansas to
be one of the judges of the new Spanish
and Mexican land grant oourt, which it
ia said, will be officially annouueed
from Washington in a few days, revives
recollections of the Ingall and Horton
feud. It has been published in Miss
ouri Valley papers that th hatred ex -isting
between the two men dates Lack
only as far as 1879 when Horbm was tbe
caucus nominee opposed ia IngalW re
election. People well posted in Kansas
political history recollect that the quar
rel goes back to 1673 when Ingalls first
became a senator. Horton had been
United States district attorney ai d was
a warm friend of Senator Poraeroy, but
h wa not unfriendly to Ingalls, and
when Ingalls came ia power he bt came
a candidal for district j udge, . He was
confident that be would get th ap
pointment and wa very muoh chagrined
when it was givn to 01 Q. Foster, who
is still ;udg. From that event date
tbe unfriendly feeling between the two
men. Later on, in March, 1 879, after In
gall' memorable triumph, Ingall wid
ened the breach when he made hi cele
brated peach abusing his enemies,
Horton among them, from the balcony
of the old Otis hotel in Atchison. Prior
to the beioony speech the two men
might have became reconciled, but Hor
ton after that became Ingalls' implaca
ble enemy, a Ingall wa Horton'.
love settles Law Saiu.
Nw Castle, Pa, Jan 5. Hymen's
gentle influence and an old man's illness
have united in aettling important bank
came. Tbe Wallace back failure in
1881 reaulted in numerous prosecutions
for obtaining money under falsa repre-
seoiauooa, outoia man Wallao, presi
dent or lb Dank, las amc lived in
Arizona, requisition being refused. One
by one tbe oases were abandoned and
yesterday a motion waa made that
non prosequi ba permitted in the only
two remaining cases, th prosecutor be
ing Mr. Genkinger. Next week a son
of Mrs. Genkinger will wed a niece of
Wallaoe, th bride being heir to a good
ly ponton or tbe vast estate of the late
K. W. Cunningham. This and the old
age and illness of Wallaoe, who wishea
to return to New Castle, has hastened
tbe settlement of cases that involve
tnousaaas of dollaia.
TIm J ai r Dtaacraad
Chicago, June 5. The suit for tim
awtsx - a ... I
uoo uamsges orouglil by IL IL Porter
againat ex-Senator gabin of Minnesota
auagiac misrepresentation on the
SMBgu or wnwh Porter invest! ha.
lylatha Northwestern Manufacturing
ArraRlatafJaVai akPasaaW
1 - ""yi uun iq g djaagrgg.
rmi tn m ory.
" aa Uta Laha,
infjm MTtm T .
, usw ain, worst
JT. years w raging on Ltke
ouparwr. Door of Teasels are
. , " " islands at
Uiehoal of Chuamavon bay. c."
worn Duluth, said
it Mta worst atom ha ....
Kbw Totar, JjmLSurm ASSmBtit,
JaaNs J. dornm aj Jem Tecd. all
Badarooavwittoa la avftatfc W
urdar, bvt ta fadar-
al aaatti, amftiai,i;ail ky) Jadja
teO k acxtJ d CSj fffav
PwwnbII rZ2:a a
ooubUam oaly th -"""V ' Md
aos of th. I!Ui,ad TlmJ.
rubiicdni-kicgfoucUtt are being
put in at M.tJen.
A Wit of Modem WoodnO ha
bwn iB.UtuUsl at lieemer.
A wild cat a as recently captured aeai
Aio.a, Ilsrlaa county.
A Nelih horseman will soio receive
five tar loads of Shetland ponies.
T F. Vn .,f H'ue Hill Las assumed
control of the Ruefclacd Importer.
Kuriueview, Kera Paha county,
Oung men have org izJ a bae bill
The name of the Kuwe hotel tt Fre-
mrir ! hull liMBD rhkjlfed to the IiUMxJ.l
The Carroll Tribune has breathed its
las', and the plant ha been removed to
lir- ken Bow recently eperiend so
exodus of s&loun loafers und tiu horn
The secret societies of Doniphan are
ta kicg of uoititg in a Fourth of July
Hjannvs will have a town pump.
Work has been commenced on a G. A
II hail at PlaiDview.
A mad dog was Killed by the city mar
Bhul at Greeley Centre.
The Va ley county fnir will be held
at Ord, September 1G, 17 end 18,
Milton Dickinson, of I'arnell drew the
bounty on eighteen wolf sculps.
iho little eon of Mrs. Uudney was
drowned in a slough el of Centra)
A Catholic seminary is one of th
things talked of as liknly to be located
and built at ilostinjra.
The B. 4 M. company have connected
their depot and stock yarfls at Kenesaw
with the city water works.
The Custer county teachers' institute
will be held at Broken Bow, eoinmenc
lng August J and will continue two
The little son of F. Joanson at Hold
rege j jrnped fwra a box and fell in such
a manner a t inite his elbow.
The undertakers of Clay and Thayer
counties hsve formed thediselvee Into
The blue Valley Undertakers' Aseouia'
Mr. Sawyer of Gandy, claims to
hare invented a corn picker that w
ghther and elevate into the wagon
row or corn as laai as a uorse team can
walk along tbe row.
The nine-year-old daughter of Joseph
Uuahek living sear Analey was Li Uen
by a rattlesnake. She was treated with
such remedies as could be found aiound
around home acd is expected to lecov
About a year ago two Elk Creek, Cub.
ter county, farmers quarelled over ths
divison of some corn, during which one
truck the other on tbe head with 11
piece of gai pipe. The roan who was
itruck has lately instituted suit to re
x"er tO,9jU damages suslaiued.
Tbe CuBter county Leader published
it Broken Bow is nothing, if not enter
prising. On tbe 22 of May on extra ccn
toining four colums of the particulars
relating to llauenstine's crime and the
execution, was issued by the Leader
and the incidents of the cloning act in a
life's drama are told in a manner that
speaks highly for the talent employed
od the leader.
The wide-awake citizens of Nelson
io not propose to lag iu the rear of the
procession of Nebraska growing towns
especially in mutters pertaining to the
betterment of her educational faculties
They have just let the contract f-.r the
erection of u new brick bhd stone school
house to be equipped with the latest
improved steam heating apparatus, the
whole to cost 115,'JJC, and io accordance
with true republican doctrine of pro
tection the contract wasgiventoahome
Mary Leonard, an eight year old girl,
fell down a cellar way and broke both
tbe bones of the left arm.
Half a dozen of troop L, the Irdian
company stationed at Valentine, are to
be married soon.
Joeiah Vhie, marshal and street com
missioner of Merna, Custer county, tried
it s month acd resigned.
Ten thousand pike have been deposit
ed in the lake of tbe Kearney canal by
Fish Commissioner O'Bjiwn.
O'Neill will hav a three days' trotting
tournament in the near future, but the
date ia not yet definitely dijided upon.
An old genrleman named Edwards
livinir in Rminv. .:.... n
. '". 'uos ooone coun
ty. hitten on the baud by a mad
The first graduating clam from the
Dominican Sister' cbool at Plait
mouth' wa dismissed wiln honor at
the opera house, May 2a
Shaep feeders in Saror count.
aid to have com out with a profit not-
wiuMwauing me nigh price rrf
" ueving Sold aa hia-h aa
Mr. Spanhacke of Colfst count. U.j
d a large hog in hi. wagon to take to
usraer, out DMor ba left horn, tk-
I-.I . .L . . . W,r"
wwunrN IO OeaUL Ila
Lavtih nM ! BH4a
Il.r: trox, Pa, Jun l.-For moatli
pastJulis Stinmskl, a r ooaung
Sweedagirtof L-'pty, baabaao courted
by John Paul aod Mike Uruska Dad
blood between th men ba grown out
th rival), and Drusko, who ia
uch larger and heavier man than Paul,
.reateoed to kill him if he ever caught
m with Juna. ui oigui u
ntlly met at the gtrr bom aod
Druako made an attack on PauU Tb
ir!a father eeperaled thorn and aa-d
that if Paul loved hi daughter aa
hould fight for hr in th vie
or to take her. Paul agreed to this ana
ihey adj'nirned to a plot of green Bear
ib dwelling. A dispute arose sate) WD
hould be the referee. Paul wanted tba
irl to act In that capacity, but ah ob-
aeted. Her father 'a BnaUy clioaan.
No rules of any kind were adapted aod
n a short time, Drusio, cheered on by
the girl, had hi little but plucky aatag
omst aim iet knocke.1 out. Tli mother
of the girl strongly favored Paul aod by
ths time he wa knocked down hasiooed
to aid him to regijo his feet. Tn ref
eree begged him to throw up the sponge
as Drunko would kill him, but he would
nut. aavinir be wou'd rather di than
live without Julia. Drusko deteriraioed
to kDotk him out and went at hi sav
agely, knocking him down and beating
him viciously in the face. Thi brutal
act seamed to disgust the fair prize and
threw herwlf across th fallen man
body, crying out that !ruko wa a
brute and that she never would wed him
This enraged Drusko and he swore be
would kill both, but her father and
mother set upon him w ith stone and
chased him for his life. Justaiartuoas
Paul is prearntahle he will marry th
woman for whom he fought.
Grids udispiy
u caw
r itV
.Mai 3
m nVyLA.1
Canventlaa of la L-alhar Warkan.
IJostow, June 4. Tlie consideration
of the report of the committee on cre
dentials took up the rnoit of the time of
he session of the convention of boot
and shoe workers of America. The
question was should delegate from oar
tain unions who bad not paid up their
dues be admitted. The delegate had
offered to pay their arrears and war
finally seated. Frank licCarthy, of the
uigarmaker union, delivered and ad
dress pointing out how th ehoemsksrs
cou'.d help the cigarmakera by demand
ing that a blue label ahould be on al'
cigars used by them. At the does of
his address some routine business was
transacted and the convention took a
Miot oa Ha.plrlaa.
Saji Frahciwjo, June 1 A Chronicle
ppecial from Mendocine says: D. C.
Shall, principal cf the public school at
C'uffejs, was shot and killed last Friday
by a etagd driver named Iioade. Shell
boarded at the 'douse of the mothei of
May Thurston. Itoades called on Mis,
TVus'on and demanded si e would
marry him. She refused, and lUiadea
went after his nile with which to abort
her. Ia the meantime M as Thurston
e caped. Shell was alone in th house
hen Itoades reltr iod. laxities thought
Shell hnd inllumol Mm Thurston
against hitn, and he shot Uriel I. Shell
wag . have been tnnrried Sunday.
llnr.lle)'. MalhmU.
rmr.iDKU'iiu, June 1.-Tlie city
coun;il's coamitlee investigating th
methods of ex-City Treasurer liardsley
i-ontinued tee inquiry, Keystone bank
doing being under inspection. Bank
Eianiiner Drew stated that there wore
2jI5 shares of so called bogus stock. It
was stock that hdo ild have been can
celled and is not techoally over issued
stock. It was mainly in the name of
John Wanamakttr, and the witness did
not think that he was ever a stock
holder, nor was William II. Wanamaker
as for as he could recollect.
Ku-ap I.rrehlac.
Chicwati, June t The arret of Kd.
Price, the Oriensvill barljer, charged
with indooent assault oa three , little
girls, waa a moat eosstiunal one. When
the people of tbe villag heard of the
charge against Price they cried, "Lynch
him," sod a rush was made toward the
offeode-. He was quickly bustled into
a patrol wagon and the horses started
off at a gallop. Close behind cam a
maseot outraged humanity bent oa
hanging the culprit They were out
stripped snd tbe prisoner lodged be.
hind the bars.
Th contract for build In . i. v.
Ul ontbs Frsmonl Ch.ut.uqu. ground,
has been let. Th bulldin
Maniar Trial.
CoLUMDua, 0n Jun t-In th Elliott
case, tbe panel having been filled by the
acceptance of one juror, the atat waa
causa upon to exercise iu remaining
paremptory cnausogs, but requested de
lay until the renewal by tha dafeaae for
tba challmga to one of tb juror for
cuss had been disposed of. Ia order
togWaUm for investigation of th
oaae oourt adjourned arlr. But
peremptory cballeoga yet remain for
ui oerns and one to th atata. Tba
jury win tie completed thi .k,
arre Storm.
Kuwftv V . T. . .m.
uu i.-inirs waa a
puaoomeoai storm har Ibis Talng
Ightnisg aUrtok th holy cruaw oa tha
Episcopal church, cutting it in two, aad
ruined tha apparent - kw
Uotrioatraat railroad for aom Uaw.
fftaasaWaw aa 4AVI . -
1Ttn onUy of Chiossm
la!al,w5, 0,N raoaifelTta
Bear Ureuk,.
Kaprr-sa t ar aa
H afekiLaaw
awarraaf anJ
ncc aurrta,N. Y,0
hj run a Dietmg.,r a
oa th shore of Is(W
othar day thst he oooJ'
raaroheap in Buff. j
there, looked at the taJ
that it was just wLatWJ
maaafwri aod bought J
II mad srracgaoiaetnJ
w wwi m w iactl a&O aa
para a ulac fur it T
hipped by einretis
four from Bull Jo,-
ma lijon accom
press business U bem
... '
(aw ana uyons that i
vhougb it is an ti-somi
a car devoted to tiprea
ively. Io this car tb
yesterday afternoon. It
a or eta made of rough
eemiogly secure.
When Mr. TUihinroa
tn man or wnom ii poa
lecUd tc tell bim that J
tempered brute, and tat J
enger, whoa name j
no mora ootice of it Urn it
crat of trabrrmi
train waa Bearing Chiuat
noticed that tbe bear ru i
ooo waa surprised to t
oruin wa making in
o tb car and keep hia
beoama greatly f rihteeei!
r.. t,-"r'a ft tl h tl,t
and put tin ui ... I '( ik'
made th bear angry, ia
b brokaoutftf the crsta.
flh ia all directi Tit aad
gart on hia hind legs.
ihedoor. It was a 6ml
Taggart got to the door st
out on tba platform sad a
door after bim acd
locomotive, and lhr h
the train reached Roche
In the car were seven!
and a crat of Stm
crocks of craamery beSayi
boxes of fancy cracked,
reached Rochester tt
tracked, and on Iflokiof i
windows It was discortrall
..1.. t . "... .1
ivriur ui car mjoan a
cyclone bad struck it. Tk
plastered from head to foot
ter, sod notwithstandinf
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aa sine last November.
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tha Knight and Lilies of
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tha KnihU of Py ipmcitr
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woods aad died from nf"
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th Southern hotel,
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