The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, February 26, 1891, Image 6

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The Sioux County Journal.
orncui cocxty paper.
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D. W. Moody's Latest Letter.
To the .iiur ut tile Mate Journal.
Gn.cH'flsT, Siovx i'orsTY, Neb., Feb.
6. la jour is.-ue of January 30, is pub
lished a portion of a correspondence be
tween a friend in Linoon auJ myself re
garding the agricultural requires and
climatic conditions of this county. As
the press of Nebraska in general is noted
not only for its enterprise, but its justice
in discussing matters of public interest,
and the Stutt? Jvurnul especially, I ven
ture to request you to publish the fol
lowing explanation of my views in the
article referred to:
I am an humble citizen, bora in hum
ble life, passing my days in ) and
obscurity. For thirty years 1 have fol
lowed the plow; suddenly I tiu.l my If
bounced into notoriety for simply telling
the truth and my statements can be veri
fied by every honest man in the county
of Sioux. It seems rnv statements serious
ly wounded the tender feelings of two
tiendescripts, neither one holding any
land in the county or any utieucuiulkred
property whatever, one a poverty-strick
en lawyer and the other a cross between
a politician and au editor. Both of these
fellows claiming to be friends of the
farmer, sought admission to the farmers'
alliance, but were rejected on general
principles and for the further reason the
did not kno'.v a mould board on a plow
from a hay rake.
The article in the Junrnal gave the
dude and his pal a pretext for gettitif' ui
The bill appropriating $100,000 for the a little cheap notoriety and revive their
purchase of seed for the settlers has drooping spirits. So then- got a few peo-
passed the legislature and will open the pie together, to w hom they frothed and
way to the farmers to put in crops. The fumed and got them to pass a few windy
unprecedented amount of bnow that has resolutions denouncing me for simply
rii ,.....- . . I . .. . .. . .
t" " sn-uuu oi couuuy insures telling llie truui. Ju one ot tnese choice
a bountiful harvest. productions thev sav the shHenient
made hv me thai said count v h:ul .f-n
lue KUI aunual encampment o! nroven tK)t ,,ood for airrirultunil nur
poses; that no rain had fallen since July
iuuu, etc., was tins statement is
Entered at tbe Harrison post office as see-
onu chum matter.
Thcksdat, Feb. 26, 1891.
A. delegation from Iveruaha county)
went to the capital C-ity last week and I
presented Church Howe with a gold
headed tna&. It is evident that they ap
preciate ids work.
home national banks are refusing to
loan money except on contracts pay
able in gold. A bill has been introduced
in congress providing that such action on
the part of a bank will forfeit its charter.
A bill has been introduced in tbe legis
lature by Sbrader to appropriate
129,5-50.50 for paying the expenses aud
counsel fees in the contests of the elect
ion of state officers. The fate of the bill
is hard to predict
On the 17th inst, E. W. Miner, editor
of the Bu.shville Sun, had the misfortune
to lose his wife by death, leaving himself
and four children to mourn her loss. The
sympathy of the fraternity is extended
to Bro. Miner in his affliction.
of baton. Otiitrs as destitute
aiiptu anon i t as eiu.-
t belli lo pio
A the state's
the Nebraska Division Sons of Veterans
will be held at Geneva, Neb., beginning
on Tuesday, J one 11, MM. The people truei every word of and , dt,fy Ulesy
u. vreuev-uuu u.e u, v.sron council are slanderers to disprove it, I again repeat
makinir every effort, for ( h
j ine assertion ngni nere, oioux county is
picnauic ui an woo aitenu. Iteuuceu
rates will be secured on all railroads.
Lave lii'ida '
: v . aid. 1
()! I u-r- !,: ve u lade a i i -it 1 ion U r sttiJ ana :
supplies wlio dn not i:.i -u i to May liere
and will nulla no uvp if tiicy do. Now j
as the tax payers will have all this to
liy for, is it not ri.uht for
test against this abuse
No man familiar with thu country
will deny but what we jKsse siin.nor
advantage for the stock industry. No
we know what cati t done iu thi? line
and is it not wiser to em-uur.e tint
w hich w e all know is a success and whii h
will add material wealth to the county
aud secui-e to those engiigiiig in it u haed
some return, ratti'-r than y-:;!-a'ter year
expei iiuenting and faii:u, liT.cgtiiT ruin,
impoverishing the comuiunit ami i brow
ing us a burden upon the iiite.
We are a wealth proJucing coiiitmin'ity
and if we use the advantage which i;.'t
t lire aud Uod bus iiles-d us with, we
shidl lie Self KUfpuriiug. adding to our
gains year after yea.r adding also to the
Weill!.!) and material prosperity of the
I hare said there were no cases of des
titt. ion in the county. I mean but what
i an be relieved in tile usual muniit. r. A
v.iur asio tiiere was a sad cas.'. it was a
i riel'less laws er. iiii tvlativ.-s, li.iuev
.- lit him clothes and a h i!.e -ui" uown
hat and he got -ell.
I have been here some three years, and
the views I have given in regard to our
agricultural conditions are solely the re
suit of my experience and observation.
in conclusion, J beg to suggest to our
legislators would it not be a wise pro
vision to make au appropriation for free
transportation to some who have claim.-
but cannot farm for want of means, to
some point in the state here they may
be able to get employment?
1). W. Woody,
.Seasoned Li'muku: We have a good
supply of seasoned lumber constantly on
hand at our null on West Boggy. 10
not under prestut climatic conditions, an and 12 feet $10.00; 14 and 16 feet $12.00
agricultural rejrion for the reason of the I per thousand feet First-class nntiv
Jack ol moisture, lie a vera anniml I unnirlest lwv n Immi riij.i., s.'i
a ... ,l. i , , . i - ...o., ,
uelure lue legislature provi- rainfa 1 is less than sevenWn inehs. If ond-,1,. i.9 , tl
,!,,,,! .... 1... (. m , . ' I
UI.,S peUau,j, lur any omciai to the reader will consult Band & McNallv's
receive or use a railroad pass. It would aUas he will (inJ tbere why farming can.
ue a great ueai more sensiwe to pass a not be made a suocess at tbe base of thfc
jaw mating it obligatory on the railroad Rkies. I will make another assertion
to lurnisn transportation to officials. (lere Hnd that is lhal
J. E. AnxER.
The bill providing for the Australian
ballot system at all elections except
school district officers outside of cities,
has passed both houses and will doubt
less soon become a law. Tbe legislature
of 1891 is entitled to the thanks of every
honest citizen-of Nebraska for that law.
There will be no repetition of the vote of
Whistle Creek in 1887, or of Running
Water precinct in 1888.
A move is being made to have the
records of the various state offices exam
ined. The result of an investigation of
the records of the various counties which
have employed an expert for that pur
pose has been beneficial to the taxpayers,
ft is not always that the officials, past or
present, have been dishonest, but errors
have occured, and it is no more than just
that tbe records of the state officers be
subjected to inspection. The records be
long to the public and hence the public
has a right to know in what condition its
servants perform the duties devolving
upon them. No honest official will ob
ject to an inspection of the records of his
rasses cannot be stopped by legislation county has made 1.50 above nil his ev
. v"a'" usu' Jmu lo compel penseg , farmintc exclusively. This
rauroaus to turnish transportation farmw i,iictini m.fin. Mi
urn. ,1,1 -,.,,... 11 j: " ' I
twenty-seven in all, out of a population
of 2,500. Not one of these twenty-seven
men have followed farming exclusively
since couiinK here, borne of then
brougnt no teams when they came, but
have none now, neither have they cow
hog or farming implements. And this is
the body of so-called farmers that seek
to crush one for simply telling the truth.
Some say the truth should not lie told
at all times, but I believe where the gen.
eral interest is concerned it fchould al
ways lie told and plainly, too, regardless
of whom.,, it displeases or whose pet
schemes of boom it hurts.
You are mistaken in saving there has
been a bitter warfare raging between the
farmers and cattlemen in this county.
1 here never has been any, nor ij there
any at present. A few lazy loafers who
do not own a dollar's worth of unencum
bered property, pay no taxes and never
soil their hands with honest labor, do all
in their power to stir up strife and send
abroad a false impression to effect legis
lation, favoring schemes to bring them
bread and butter to the ruin of others.
There are no cattle barons in this coun
"y anu no ouster county murderers, un
less it is he that wears a high lint to
shield his softening brain. Since the leg'
islation of 1889 regarding the herd law,
over $100,000 of taxable property went
out of the county into adjoining states
Not one-tenth of this amount has been
replaced by immigration, '
is tins au. men oi means uesinng
to invest money Jiere in the stock busi
ness to a limited extert were forced to
felinquish their plans by reason of un
wise legislation effecting the stojl; inter
est. I am denounced for my views coit
cerning the state luriiisiiing seed to toe
Settlers and provisions to the destitute.
We all need seed to be sure, and it is no
discredit to a maa to apply for it to u
reasonable amount so long as the state
says try it once more; it costs you noth
ituc but your time and labor, even if fail
ure comes again.
The past is a good criterion by which
we may judge of the future. As the past
nas been a failure in agriculture in this
county, so in our judgement will be the
lutitre ana soon or late those who now
denounce us for telling the truth will be
forced to admit we were correct in our
judgement.. - , '
I am cbarged wi& a attempt to in
jure my couuty because I tell the truth.
Now,! charge my slanderers with in
flicting more damage upon this county
than Indian scares or drouth when thev
advertise falsely that our people are des
titution and suffering. There is not a
case of destitution in this county, yet the
high hat dudes ask the neonle to
...iu uremseives paupers and go begging
to the government to plact them on par
with the Indians and feed them. He-,,
are some cases of destitution. n
farmer, a bachleor, young and able bod
id tnuoey to invest and ahunrfun.
around him, with sixty acres broken,
addition t ah a.,,l;,... . , . '
-piioi ior naif
btMbels of wed corn and other ot,. ; i ,
Many Clercrymen,
3ingera, amirs, and j.ut.i.c speakera nso
Ayer'u Cherry Pectoral. Ii is il.c favorite
remedy fur hoarseness anil all aflectiuns of
the vocal organs, Uiroat, and limes. As an
anodyne and expectorant, the effects of
this preparation arc promptly realized,
"Ayer's Cherry Pectoral has done me great
good. It is a splendid remedy nr all dis
eases of the throat and limps, and I have
much pleasure tn testifying to Its merits."
(JJev.) C. N. Mrhols, No. Tisliury, Mass.
"In my profession of an auctioneer, anv
affection of the voice or throat is a serious
matter, but, at each attack. I have heen re
lieved hy a few doses of Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. This remedy, with ordinary care,
has worked such a macical effect Hint I hn v
suffered very little Inconvenience. I have
also used It in my family, with very excel
lent results, In coughs, colds, &c." Wm. H.
Quartly, Mtnlaton, So. Australia.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
BB, J. C. AYEB & CO., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all Druggist. Price ; six boulee, $5.
Wagon at
wrria2e M
i alters.
oe rapid growth of the state of Ne
braska has been kept up with by the in
crease of litigation and a cry is going up
lor an increase of judicial districts and
an increase in the number of judges in
some of the districts. There is a stroug
belief that a good deal of urging is. being
done by men who are desirous of receiv
ing an appointment to the district bench
A number of the present judges are ob-
Metiqg to an increase such as is asked,
They advocate some reforms in court
practice which would do away with a
great deal of delay. Every time the case
is called and not tried costs tbe taxpay
era something. There is a general feel
ing all over the state that a check should
be put on delays and continuances iQ
asea. :
The bill introduced by Representative
Heath to provide for having the laws
published in every county is meeting
With a great deal of favorable mention,
The laws are made to govern tbe people,
but it is out of the question for the great
tqjMMB of them to know what laws are
in oxistance for lack of opportunity.
The general rule has been for the lecisla-
ture tomakean appropriation for hav
ing the laws printed in book form for dis
tributioo atnorys state;, cotjiity, and pre-
cuiet ameer wno-are entitled to them,
but fe MmM Of lafailj! to do that
nd the result Was that counties or indi
TiSuabj who wanted statutes had to pay
iHjs dollars a cqpy.for Mm. ' It is out of
tM question for each family to purchase a
isttots i after each sessioe i of the legisla-
yOTaU,sJK'jW know the laws
SMPm ft ,ivtW d pub-
t&J&Lri m ""wspaper is the
.d&rW!1 y o m put with-
tt.:m -; The
f-iJeioaWbsbors by the stete and
t- tbs texpajwrs would contribute
ZTpitomity towards the work. Skich
Kepairlng dcuie o; s-liort notice.
Good work and re,twoali!e eli;vrifes.
Shop wjinli ot livery barn.
Wells Drilled!
I have a pood well drilling machine
and am ready to drill anv siz. ,1 ull
short notice. Terms (food and prim,
low. Postoflice. liar ri-;on.
C. H. Scott.
1m. Leoxhahdt,
im O Htreet, Uncoln.Xeb.
I'ractice limited to diseases of the
Bead the press notiees.
Send for symptom chart.
State your case.
If you are sick and want to get well,
write all about yourself
v 1 i . , . "
,w "ouuie to reaa letters; send st
for reply.
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Transacts r. General Banking- Business . t
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::;.'.i'.-fvt jm d - i- i '4 - j
Leans Monev on Improved Farms. ';,:;:ruM;;;;:;:::;::.::':1:-' .j
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Bargains in Dry Goods and Clothing. u.K2m;:l,.. 'a
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rinll rmrl hp. nntivinnfl . Ir, - ' j
!!-. let ot. At iSi rrlMi.i, cot. . W BO
J-'-t.i : i) l 'ill ,imi ft-t-u uili-r fth, l ' ' CE,
Groceries Fresh and Prices Low. nZnUTTn'
" f
V n?ES!I and SALT MEATS ahvavs on hand. ., .. 'ln x "'": ' ' ' V:
wC'O. H. I time. j nly ut to 3ft u. m., anil -very uiM 1,
jl-7:.)fc K. K. K. R.mH.H.U- ' f
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' family, from tht tetx-uttm th IW.Mh H I ' 7
J i M O R TH W P. 1 T H N LINE E
I liKTVVKEX g ,1
;ABOUT thediihing-room;
(About society; '
ABOUT books; -.,
About plants and rtnuirDc, ' v
About home cabinet;
about house beautiful;
WUh .b.rajtDg uiod Ptotur.t en mi ru of labjittt, fcy
qui" cMt mora iotr t
N. iicqan's R-nmiscEHCEs op
Mo. Yallr: '
Boeirrj BotTTi 8miu Oust,
liu Ctrron. CisHor vncin.
itnd m Best Writer in tht Counlr, Cc'ntrittit to our Celuant.
Joihh tuin wire.
1452 0 St.
Leon ha' dt,
Lincoln, Nb.
The Drodix Publiskikq Co
wanted. WASHINGTON. 0. C.
L.,ansno Mor.ev
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no lund in s
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Preridunt. Vi p,w
Commercial Bank.
ral Banking Business
11 thrir entli timem!
Kiumtionb-n, r.,!cU,,,, f ,,.,.
IUratiif . . '
iGrant Guthrie,
Dealeb Ii,-
: Attomey-at-Law.
.'-iirtru,t.i tuhlsciii., will
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Attwiin j-al-Lsw.
Vl' Practice K.for nil f.n, ..
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A "r-r -T - A T
Harrison, Nebrasi
-AuJ All Points in th
East, North, South i S3
-Tm'sjjs.,1 Tickcts to : t Pt-':.r
r.llKgafc'C t.ll!fk'l lO Df-tltlii-
ThroiiKti I'iiImi-! M-yr tct' ii
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J f! Vein-lump. Ai.i'B'-
H. CI, Ik'iiT,
f ifu'l Manager.
J. R, Ht'
Gtii'i I'd-
' ' iVEHUM(A,
for 1000 p.uod. of flour and 500 L ' .