The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, February 26, 1891, Image 5

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lMrtbani, nilioga.
f Uer CouiplsiiU,
Prom nl
in AeUua
Jlon from Plnjplra,
jreM. Cora every
An Excellent liter
Do not
yin ,h most per
taant effect of anj
bf DruetUls, or
Chicago, III,
T'j3 foi.' bills were reported
Lnclt to Hit- house by standing com
iiii:tts Willi the recommendation that
hey be passed:
... J:. Xo. 272 To provide cheaper
n.v. i, j'ii,s una for district ownership.
il. L', Tno. 2-A -To govern county
tr in vn in the deposit of county and
o!lu.-r public moneys
U.K. 271 To form a new county
mi... u,e r.iioiiraiiized territory lying
i.oiiiiof iioit county to be known as
i com;
-i ;-.--X
rk I
lie. I lliui.
ud a scumble
. It is the Jiroi
jtu going to .New
jo (juicy.v filled
I herb is i bi crow!
k with a most Pin-
'ud gushingly prof-
"jprctty gut ot tin
jfee known to fain
fpu-lty, and iiisiino
o ar.d share iu the
suns to cast on t!:
Instwid, to youi
.. 13 a look of wither
pray," sin
and sharr
jft barbs
I ussuali you,"
,.3?r;iy hit down
JL$ t. w.
straighten up
scorn iiu'iitic'i
hm, buiii," she says., nni
yU. .,.tplainncss of the busi!
""""STT.tlw he u-lli you tha
sUnot( ii(et. shadow of i
kCof salary, "you jn::)
'rottrI;.'tlo:rt want it. Yoi
Utttim'!!'! all tho wayfron
)B the crooliedest road
J do not propose foi
jtfdo to give yon
my face
rook -tnC
B Hi
pother liberties
ble intelit-cl."
ji low tone, but one
Irated edire that it
car. Then she
3l bHt(5fc 'on him. Tho ro
tf CMUi!iice smiled audibly,
fci CrVW.'ended.-Xfcw Yuiii
lRt3BBr"iurv4fnizcn of the ice-
oaUt;r-Lnd and Labrador
"w.. 'lopuH, or hooded
WfM'iU.Cv.nly beiLst, often
'UmO O"' Ho lie? in a great
TO Met, ji is much the color
I '.'i ...1 ....
i v.iimi mo cun 13
vQThirr advances. ths ol
11. i
! l-'i-
f ill and asked that it be placed
end tile. Jn counties whs-re
!. -No. 12s, by S;derman, giving
3 power to prohibit the sale of
j honors, which was report
h to th'j house by tho committee
piivile-fs and .elections without
'Jiii.ii'iiUation, brought out eonsider
' discussion. 1'ort.r favored Hie
on gen-
IK "aie.eait gave the people a
- uice to say w... Ho believed the
: la'.L- L-hotild not force saloons o:t coi;n
v.hue the were not wanted.
resoiutiou Vas adopted inviting
I. . rowdeny. grand niasU-r of the
?.':. .i.. ,.r i ..i.. . .. .
a ,ji j.,n;i)r, in a i::ress uie Iiouse
a:n. ueiiKte in joint convention at 3 p. ni
i'.rciYsoii offered a resolution allow-
r.i'4 tr:u:sportaIi..ii and other necessary
l-XllCilM'S 10 tllO COUlllllttoO Oil ill.t.llio
isyian-.s in order to allow the com-
ni'.tee an opportunity of viaiting the
mate a: ylariw.
Miradcr moved to amend by making
th( com;iiUe3 consist of only three
li;d it waa adopted, '1'he words "other
errsary expenses" were stricken out
by an almost unanimous vote and the
IV.SO.LiUoll was adoiited III limemlo,!
Tii. time having arrived for Mr
I Wiierly to address the house he was
ei orted to the stand and introdit ed
by Speaker Klder. His appearance was
greeted by applause. lie said his re
naiks w.Uld be brief because he knew
the members were anxious to continue !
their work.
HON. T. V. rOWDERl.EV'i 1K1CCI1.
work at home. They are driven awjy
from places where they might find
something to do and become not only
tramps but criminals. To illustrate, a
man on his way home to-day, we will
say a shoemaker, has a gold watch in
his possession which he has earnea by
hard work, and someone comes along.
He may be a Knight of Labor and he
may be a representative, Laughter
knocks hira down and robs him. We
say it come to trial in Lincoln and the
man who did the robbing is tent tn th
Iienitentifl-y as n result of it Maybe
the tri.d ii postponed so as to enable
the man u ho wir- robbed and behten to
hear the trial and give his testimony
wnen able to do so. He gives his state
rnent and the man h sent to tiie peni-
icuuaiy. i ue man h set to work, we
will say making shoea. He has heated
the other shoemaker and made him
unable to do his work and he takes his
place and he does the work for one-half
less than the man who he has robbed
could do if. On the outside he robbed
the shoemaker of his watch and of hb
money and he beat him so badly he
coukt not follow his occupation and
then he is placed under the shadow of
the state to take the man's place at his
own trade at one-half less wages. He
robbed him on the outside of his own
f Dm gh)iiiigKl,!ii.
I seen ii tr-i lying so
.ja ius p rFpiiaUou of
Jed doinl, una
Jfc: the hf nt. Thew
f-ilie "dog hood," be
Ife hood or membrane
-Jwrand a tough tia.sue,
.,'taclc, which in (lie
f tftf8 he can dra.v over
i a often sate from all or
,1111,',' shielded all over
7 wnwral inches thick o:
. i .i. ...t . i
I f5e f.e.d hunttrs' g'ui
a parts. The grocr.
TBuptiire the pelt of a
t experienced hunter
jp let thy ugi
igly brute
everjJdy is
knows it
-r it win sinipiy speak ot a lew of them so
. i. n far ns tiertaina to the stale of Vn.
o n ivem-1 . . . .
worst cases of :Z7'TlZ?lr up?
Jtl m thC JlCad, the toilers of the ;til fl... ,t r,f
IChc, and " COid o men in cities, in towns, in hamlets
and villages, on the farm and elsewhere.
the right to cast a free and untram
melled ballot without interference and
without intimidation from anybody
eiso ana as your liouso has passed its
decree no words of mine are in order
except to tnann yon on behalf of tho
Knights of Labor for the vote recorded
on your books.
.auuuier quesuon winci) will come
before you is the convict labor ques-
hey asked you to J'011, , - uoi h ,. u duis you
pobiuye CUlv. ,11:,ke it poss bio for the honest men to
stand at least the equal of the convict.
Ono system in this country makes it al-
ilinc ; thousands niost impossible tor the man who works
uirougu me long nours 10 support him
self and family. I understand there is
n law introduced here that will take
more of his wages than tho way it was
before. I refer to the garnishment law.
1 think it would bo more iu order to
enact a law that would enable him to
pay his lione'-t debts. To take what
little he does earn nwny from him
seems like beginning at tho big end of
the horn and working out at the small
end. Ten per cent is a big change. J
drop this hint in passing and go to the
couvict labor question Dishearten
ing eflecU coin from this lo men who
Mr. speaker and Members of Xeb
s,ka Legislature: I feel extremely
lankful to you and your house for the
kind courtesy extended in lllliiWinr mn
o say a few words to you to-day while
mg through your city. you are
representatives of one of the foremost
blatesol (he great west. I feel that
this honor is not extended to the imli
vidua who is hero, but as a representa
tive of organized labor. Iam here to
hp(-ak to the representative of the or
ganized tillers and toilers of the state
of Xt braska. The clouds seem to h
breaking away and there se ms to be
more recognition of ihe rights of com
men nuniaiuty than ever before, and
v.lnie the enemies of humanity seem to
be more strongly organized than be
fore the desire to give to humanity all
the rights to which they are entitled
seems to be stronger than ever before.
I lind in looking before mo these words
wn'Ueu upon a paper, "1 cannot toll a
lis." I did not write it, but it really
seems to be a strange sentiment to lind
in a liouso of representatives and espe
cially in front of the speaker's s'.and.
Laughter. Well, 1 will take it as a
happy omen that it maans just what it
says and that it applies to every repre on this door, and that it means
this: T.'hena man parted from his
coiKtin-ency lo come here he told them
e wouid legislate juntas they required
and when h crmo hi re I suppose he
intended to do that, and when ho goes
hack to them 1 hope he will take this
motto mid say to them, "I Cannot Tell
a Lie. Hero is Just What I Have
Hone, as You Told Me," and 1 hope he
will meet with these encouniijimr
words, "Well Done Thou Good and
Faithful Servant."
Time forbids me to point to very
many oi me important questions. I
free will and is ro'ubi ig him on the in
side against his will by the authority
of the laws of the state of Xeb aska.
Should we place a premium on dis
honest labor to the detriment of honest
labor. The labor of the convict i In
be taken out and made to stand side
by side with the honest labor. If that
is not done it is discriminating in favor
of the criminal against the man who
desires not to be a criminal. I3 that
not plain and fair?
Von will have the eight hour law be
fore yon for your consideration. ask
the members of the legislature to do
what you can in behalf of this measure.
It does not apply only to men working
in mills, factories and workshops, but
it is a question that commends its self
to every lover of humanity.
These men have no time to study the
conuiuons mat we are now so rapidly
springing up in this nation of ours, no
time to study the affairs that take up
your time here, or to know whether
mey nave the right things brought be
fore your body or not. This is not only
in me interest of humanity and we ask
that the hours of lab jr may be reduced
to eight hours per day that they may
have time to study these great ques
tions and to prepare to meet them. 1
would , ike to speak of other matters,
but I know that I have taken up more
time than 1 should and I know that
yon are prepared to do your work. 1
know there are others here who can
ffive their views on these matters, and
on all other points relating to the in
terests of the Knights of Labor, and
they are all as competent to give the
information as I. I am grateful fo,-
your consideration, and consider it as
a compliment to Knights of Labor
everywhere; also a courtesy from the
state of Xebraska to one of the humole
citizens of Pennsylvania.
How does ho feel ? lie feels
cranky, and is constantly exf.cri
uieutin, dieting himself, adopting
strange notions, and changing the
.-ooking. the dishes, the hours,' aud
manner of !ii eating August
Flower tho Remedy.'
I low doc-, he feel? He fctU nt
Uuio a e;:;.tv:i)i.r. voracious, insati
able appetite, wiiollv unaccountable.
unnatural and unhealthy. -August
nuwer ine liemeay.
How doos he feel ? He feels no
desire to go to the table and a
grumbling, fault finding, over-nice
ty about what is set before him when
he is there August Flower tho
How does ho feel ? Kc feels
after a spell of this abnormal appe
tite an utter abhorrence, loathing,
and detestation of food; as if "a
mouthful would kill him August
Flower the Remedy.
How does he feel ? He has ir
regular bowels and peculiar stools
August Flower the Remedy.
Wire Pence
a A iniara ,o"k
TiiO-isiidi oE ti
J. A. BAEBEJB, President
&BHtert fence msde. lo
iwble at a g eat distanca.
mOiualH. Htsmi for e rfiiilars nl nr: fWt
Jiart) wire. Address
Sour Wire Fence Co..
79.S OP Kit A UOL'SK IU 11. Ill G, CHICAUO
J. A. BTKtE'f. Secretary. Wm. BOhDliN'WrJCiv, Xreasurar
13 La it Co:
ash Meditne. Recommended bv Plivsiriann
Cures where ail else fails. Pleasant and agreeable to the
taste. Lmldren take it without objection. Bydruggista.
near a County Seat in the Kepublicai
Valley, Xebr., to trade for live stock, o
stock of merchandise.
A1 Ircss Box 18C, York, Nebr.
its maker.'
Jisncnsarv IMcd-
m of Buffalo. I
pay Ssoo to
Jn from chronic
jjie head rvhom
Jure. -
I conditions were
hcy asked you to
a positive cure
itate. Here arc
5, with years of
a great name
and they say
re you because
thousands like
( can't we'll , pay
the knowledge
i one whom we
Jn i-Jirmc:oiir
j a trial?' Isn't
rable r catarrh?
Tho following bills were reported
back to the house by the committees
with ihe recommendation that they be
ii. iv, rso. aa a Dill lor an act to
provide for a system of steam boiler
inspection and to provide for licensing
H.It. Xo. 213, by Mr. Modie-A bil
ior an act to nx the minimum rate ol
charges for the use, occupancy and fare
for upper and lower berths in palace
sleeping cars in their transportation in
or through the state.
II. It. Xo. 212, by Faxon A bill for
an act to amend chapter 50, section 1
of the compiled statutes of the state of
iNeuraska of 1887 Jn regard to the sale
of malt, spirituous and vinous liquors
in towns and precints.
II. . Xo. 125 For the relief of
George W. Davis was amended by cut-
uiiKuowii uie amount irom 557,000 to
if. Jt. Xo. 43, by Faxon For an act
conferring upon women the right to
vote at city and village elections, was
recommended for passage by a major
ity submitted a report recommending
mm. ii, uc iiiut-uiiitejy posiponeu, ihe
There I ll,;e For Us Vet.
There is hope for America. 1 adj
cooks are beginning to establish theni
selves in London. At a recent cookinj
exhibition in the Westminster towi
hall a class of ladies from the recog
nized schools of domestic economi
made a display that surprised the cater
srs and hotel men. Among the exhib'
Itors was Mrs. Jeanette Miller, an Irish
lady, who, having taken the highest
culinary diploma, has boldly dounec
the cap and apron and gono out to th
'adics' houses to dress lunches, dinnen
and ball suppers.
At the Westminster exhibition six
Jtood between a range, and the pantry
ind made seed cake, fried cakes lis)
lakes and patty cakes with which sin
fed the hungry and admiring crowcl
Mrs. Miller agrees with the bishop i
Chester that the cook's it the most un
Jerstoeked profession in the womeu'
kingdom. She is, however, very em
phatic in stating that to succeed a gir
must understand high class cooking
which can only be obtained througf
ictual pract ce in the kitchen under ai
iccomplished cook. It is ho.- opiniot
;hat in five years cooking will be :J
adylike a profession as trained nurs
tin is today. London Letter.
Sjacobs oiiT
r evervbrJc PnvW p.r.
Coiiuiitlruiiis. Fortune Trlln,.,.
--lc, St-iici 10 rt-nth to
U. A. U'AIID, York, Kd.
BiTrilX 1-Hwyer and Solicitor, K. T.
TH I LH I Ke" W!,-h. WaHlimtrioii, 1. C.
Correspondence invited.
Aew Vork Herald: Leicju ll.tru
scrabble (to passenger requiring thrja
seats for himself and baggage) You
are from the city. I presume?
Mr. .Shout Yes: how did you know
Deacon Hardxcrabblo ), we butch
ered our country hogs three mouths
The entire book is ably written, and
gives trusty information lor all who
grow fruit of any sort or kind. Stark
Kros., nurserymen. Louisana, Mo., will
send it free to all interested.-- Oranee
J udd Farmer.
Takes 1000 people to buy Dr. Eae'd
Catarrh remedy, at 50 cents a botlie, to
make up f.lOO. Ono failure to cure
would take the prolt from 4(03 saks.
ItBBinkera profefs to cure ' cold in t';e
head," and even chronic caatrrh, and if
they fail they pay $500 for their over
coiitidence. Not in newspaper words hut in hard
cash! Think of what confidence it takes
to put that in the papers and mean it.
Itsmakers believe in the remedy.
Isn't it worth a trial? Isn't any triul
preferable to catarrh?
After all, the mild nfrencios are tho
best. Perhaps they work more slowly
but they work Hiircly. Dr. Pierce's
Pleaeaut Pellets are an active bl'udcv
but quiet and mild. They're eugr-
uoiueu, easy uj lane, never snoCK nor (1
ranjje the system and half their poer '
is the mild way iu which their work is
done. Smallest, cheapest, easiest to
take. One a dose. Twenty-five cents a
vial. Of all druggists. I
H Or Morphine Habit
Dr. H. 18. COI.I.IXS, Original lilscoverer
I'aiuWtM Oulviu Antidole.
Will enre y:o a' I omp -without any interruption
of o:iJitiar- !iiiK!iien. Hool: wnt ftee to sny ad
don., hundreds of nrifrirml testimonials of
piij-iiici.-ms Hnd otliors f. r inspection atmyof
!, liodin Ti KiprB-s building, Mon
rofl et.. (Inccen, ill., l. Oi lraw ti'Jl (formerl
La l'orli", luu )
fmm MfMnmnhvi
, VT2
for tin- CenerM Ailim-nis ot li'Tse, Cattle, Umi
;ui(i Slieep. 'lln-y purily llw WimmI, prevent a.ic1
(uie (lisrasp. lioncsl anil reliable, n honest
paekaKCd; used and warranted for over twenty
.years. ;v-i joiie owiilnsr a horse or cattle sliould
Kivcttatrlal. Madeliy KMMKHTPKOMuitlAKy
1. 0., Uaeiio. bold hy all dmuuists.
Cactus creo
Cxmm Chapped Hands, Ftcs m
JLipa, Tan, Sunburn, Piaplt
M akei roug-h skin toft and tmotA
without bcinfr sticky or grmsy.
Delicately perfamed . Renders facs
powder invisible and makes it ad
here to the skin, impartinjfatonea
s brilliant complexion. Price lie.
Mailed to any address on raced pi
of price. Send postal note, siWej
r stamps. Address plainly.
7lB Chamber of Commerce Caicajr.
The largest stock of Artuu
cisl Kycs in tlie West. An as
sortment oi eyes senttoasrf
addresss, allowing purcbaatt
to select one or more and r
turn the balance thus assuriaa
a perfect nt. Office, 163 State Chicago. Ul,
eonsnltinr and operating surgeon to Uie i
C 2 9
Offic President nd
General Manager,
Cincinnati, Ohio
"My toot suddenly
turned and gave me
rery e verely
p rained ankle. The
apolicntion of St.
once In a relief from
W.W. Pkabodt,
746 Dolphin Street,
Baltimore, Md.,
Jan'yl8, 1890.
''I was bruised bad
ly In hipandsido by
a fall and suffered se
verely. St. Jacobs Oil
completely cured
tne." Wm. C. Harden,
Member of State
A Neglected Branch.
"VVe are taught in school tc reod nn
Write but how many of us urs evei
lartght how to talk? And if we wished
to learn where sliould we seek s suit
able teacher? And yet among all th
accomplishments which men and
Women possess there is not one that
can give so much pleasuro as an ability
io iam pleasantly and entertainingly,
Think how many things go to make u'n
KoouiaiK a good voice, well disci
plined, "coft and low," one that rests
rather than tires, a voice with music in
-aext, a well stored mind. Kevr
i,Ji"rrLtrport Was rejected by vote j possession of the art of putting things
OI ul 10 iii. ! f,.- I. i . , ,
for it IS quite as imrwvfnnr. that
Bay a thing right as that you say tha
right thing Then to communicate
jntormation in such a way iu to maka
It appear that you assume the superi
pnty. Wendell Phillips, who was per-
....F 1 ucuguiiu: auu cuarming a con
versationalist a ltnstnn
The Senate.
ine committee on privileges and
elections reported on the contest case
of .Scott vs. Stnrbuck, Tweuty-third
senatorial di strict, that there was no
grounu ror contest, and the commit
tee's report was adopted.
The committee ou miscellaneous cor
porations brought in two reports on
II. H. Xo. Co the bill to repeal the act
granting a bounty on Nebraska man
ufactured beet sugar. The majority
report recommended the passage of the
bill as it came from the house, while
the minority reported in favor of so
amending it as to make it take effect
one year from date of Its passage.
The committee on judiciary reported
as follows: That I. No. 74, a bill rel
ative to estates iu dower, do pass. He
port adopted.
H. . N o. 75- A bill for an net relnii v
to estates by the curttsy, do pass, Ite
port adopted.
b. J'. JNo. dl A bill to amend sec
tions 30 and 170 of chanter 23 eom.
piled statutes of ism h
amended, lieport adopted.
S. F. No. 77 A bill to amend section
10 of chapter 30 of the comuiled staf.
utes of ISS'.I do pass. Report adopted.
8. F. No. 1H A bill to repeal chapter
57 of session laws of 188U, do puss. He
port adopted.
i lie committee on finance, ways and
means reported as follows: IhatJS. F.
No. 51 A bill to retrulate the interpsta
of mortgagors and mortifairie. in real
estate mortgage bo refened to th
judiciary coiuuuttee. The bill was so
as Itostnn pvir I, ,!
would alwas put it; "You remembel
that the SVrntaa . " I. - .
harmless fiction and a pleasant oue.i
Boston Budirnt ve thousand baskets hold
15,000,000 oyrters. Multiply that by
245, the number of days in the oyster
season, and we have tho enormous
amount of 3,030,000,000 oysters eaten in
the metropolitan district every year
Besides this the oystermcn say that the
local traffic uses nearly one-third as
many clams in the course of a year or
1110000,000.-New York Letter.
' Mrs. "Vandorbilt's Crown.
Mr . William K. Va-.uorbilt wore n
foyal crown to the opera ou Fr.d
evening. Her appearance as a right
iown royal queen, instead merely of a
uciety queen, attracted immediate at
lention and started a buzz of comment.
The crown was a real unmistakable
frown, not a tiara by any means, and ir,
according to her friends' made in exacf
jhiplicale of tho British crown.
Mrs. Ogden Mills aud Mrs Dr. Sew
ard Webb also have crowns, and they
did not elicit the unstinted and unquali
fied admiration commanded by Mrs.
Vanderbilt's queenly showing.
Mrs. Vaaderbilt has, indeed, tw;
frowns. Tho one made in imitation of
11, w .... IT' L..!.. .
liutt.u v ictoria s crown was got up
after some patriotic hesitation by a
London jeweler. The other one is the
crown of a German princes i, purjliiseJ
from the one time Teal and legal own
er by Mm. Vauderbilt hereof. Tin
purchaser Lai every necessary gua-an-Ije
of its genuiness. She doad not wear
It regularly, bscause the princess was
fomen-hat obscure, and the crown does
hot fit her as well as the British crown
does. It is very well in its way, though,
and she kept it in reserve.
i tie crown that Mrs. Vauderbilt has
p-orn at the opera, and which she baa
previously worn at some society affairs,
3 a glorious arrangement in pearis and
diamonds, rising in a very slatoiy anj
picturesque fashion from the head. 1 j
would make half a dozen tiaras, aud it
is said to have cost 8300,000. The de
fign i3 very graceful. New York
Eye and Ear College. Patients at a distance InaHd
with ud paralleled success and when TiiiUnr UK atf
mn provided board and lodging at reasonable tataa,
HI Llll IIV mouth by bsnnlns hi
r U I rilLllll remedies, ha starring, m
' J WBallWIuoonroiilence. OudOSmS
UK. u. w. r. hWinK, tit stio. si., cMMnTm.
amci iiuiJUS, a to 5 dailri 6 to 8 Wd . and eUt Kra
FreeTrade Prices
Bio Prou-ct.ion '
16 No Moo soIIm)
We are now seilia. on
Westei-n ImproTed BiBfaa
Hcvmx Machine earns a
eutr-com plots with all at-lac-amenta
mH wnrMn.i
for rears for onl tl
i.rrnlar and sne fri!1. .'e.,i.i, ',...
i.u i.iiior Riyiss to M. A. Seaili.
escriptiouof this
a Co. m W
I stomach i'owder.
Has no equal for the cure of Dyspepsia ud
Pi lee 7JS rMti T nA
onmoient ior a days treatment
address upon receipt of price.
Mailed to any
Write for tsav
, M W. Polk at. Cbioam. IU
C'lii-irtSitits of Chemicals.
Certain substances which are deadly
n there effects upon man can betaken
by animals with impurity. Horses
can take large quantities of antimony
dogs of mercury, goats of tobacco,'
mice of hemlock and rabbits of bella
donna without injury. On tho othei
hand, dogs and cats are much more sus
ceptible to the in.'luenco of chloroform
than man and are much sooner killed
by it. If this invaluable anaesthetic
had been tried first upon animals wc
should probably; have never enioved i
Its blessing, as it would , have been
lound to bo so fatal that its discoverers
Would have been afraid to teat its ef
lects upon human beings. It is evi
dent, then, that an experiment upon
an animal can never be the means ot
any certain deductions so far as a man
Is concerned. No scientist can ever
know when trying somo new drug or
Komenew operation wdiether or not
When he comes to try it upon man the
effect will be the same as that upon an
uu i Dial.
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