The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, February 26, 1891, Image 2

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E-Gonior Sibley Dead.
St. Pjcl, IIisn, Feb. 19.-Governor
Henry Hastings Sibley, the most prom
inent figure in the history of Minnesota
died at i 30 o'clock yesterday morning,
aged 81 years, at his home ie St Paul,
after an illuess that has lasted for
months. His life ebbed away so grad
ually and silently that the watching
family at his bedside scarcely knew
when it left his body. Got. Sibley wus
Minnesota's oldest pioneer and sprung
from an old and talented family that
tract itself back to the time of the Con
queror. He came to this 6tate in 182S
as general inspector of the Great Amer
ican fur compauy, of which Jacob Astor
was president.
He afterwards became a partner in
the company and gave the fir3t real im
pulse of value to the embryonic com
merce of the northwest He secured
the organization of the territory of Min
nesota in 1843. He was the new state's
first governor in 1857, and the only dem
ocratic governor it ever had. Ia 1802 he
led the main military expedition against
the Sioux, and in five severe engage
ments crushed the insurrection. Lin
coin breveted him major general for this.
Since that time, honors both civic and
military have been heaped upon him.
He was president of the board of regents
of the state university when he died,
lie DrnouncM Qua.
New York, Feb. 19 The Sun' Phil
adelphia correspondent telegraphs '.hat
he has seen every person mentioned by
Senator Quay in bis speech of self de
fense in the senate Monday. Ex Attor
ns Wayne MeKeagh said: "1 was con
cerned in Senator Cameron's affairs as
counsel and I cannot give my expression
of opinion about Quay." Alexander P.
Tutton furnishes the sensational fea
ture of the interview. Mr. Quay de
nied that he had attempted to corrupt
and iuhuenee Mr. Tutton in the dis
charge of his duties as internal revenue
inspector twenty years ago. Mr. Tut
ton said emphatically yerterday: 'In
188DM. S. Quay, now United States
Senator, did make a most dishonorable
and corrupt proposition to me as super
visor of internal ievenue in the interest
of certain fraudulent distil era in this
. Mr. Tutton refused to say anything
further at present.
Pullman Tragedy.
Little Rock, Ark, Feb. 19. -A terri
ble tragedy occurred in a Pullman car
on the Iron Mountain couth bound
train yesterday. Just as the train was
pulling out from Bald Knob, Isador
Meyer, a New York traveling man, was
shot and killed by a man eitting across
the isle. Conductor Leech pulled th
bell to scop the train, when the man
turned ana shot Liech through th
head, killing him. Tne other passengers
rushed from the car, leaving the dend
men and murderer alone. An aimed
posee succeeded, after a little strategy,
in capturing the murderer, who proved
to be John W. Greater, of Vincennee,
Ind., who went insane while in Fori
Wo th a few weeks ago. He was taken
back to Indiana, but escaped and wat
returning to Texas.
Tlie old Warrior Surcuiiibs the
Conqueror of All, After a
Urave Fight.
A Skeleta of liil Career Briefly Maud
Several Peinonn Killed.
St. Lolls, Feb. 19 A special from
Jackson, Tenn., says a feirfui accident
occurred on the Illinois Central roao
near that city. Several persons are re
ported ki led and a number wounded.
. The train was the passenger trail
which left Chicago yesterday at 3:23 p.
m. When near Medina at 5:30 this
morning the train jumped tne track arid
the coaches overturned and caught fire.
Fortunately all the passengers were res
cued from the burning coaches before
the flames reached them.. An approach
ing freight train was flagged and the en
gine was attached to the sleeping car
and drew it out of the wresk. The bag
gageman and a newsboy sustained ser
ious injuries. Several passengers rere
cut aad bruised, but it is thought none
are seriously injured. The wreck was
caused by a broken raiL
Iron Workd MU1 Submersed.
Huotingtok, Pa., Feb. 19. Rain has
fallen in torrents here for twenty-four
hours and the Jauniala river ia a mile
wide. The citizens of Portstown and
Smlthsfield have been compelled to va
cat their homes, and many bridge
have been swept away. The joss has
been very heavy.
At McKeesport the iron works an'
mills are submerged. Much dam
age bas been done in ti.e lower portion
of the city, many families being com
pelled to abandon their homes.
Killed and feralped.
Dobcqce, Ia., Feb. 19. The remain,
of Anthony Deweeter, once resident oi
this county, arrived at bis home in Lib
erty township yesterday. A few yean
ago he removed with his family to th.
siciniiv of Pine Ride. '. D. About i
week ago he was killed by the Indiaur,
aealped acd his head severed Iron) hi
body. , It is reported that three of hi
children were i-cul nl and bis wife an
hired man escaped. The murdrrei
were a small band of loving hoitile no
yet surrendered.
AViwM '
Band Auntin-My dafcr, jootmeQm
usmww Wfotef to MMRIM
22M J JtA-Ym, MBtls); St 1
New York, Feb. 1'. All night lon
General Sherman '.-avered between lif
aud dea'h continued to fight bravely i
hopeless battle. Early in the eveninj
his physicians knew tte end was sp
proaching slowly but aurely. Th.
swelling of the face and neck disaj -peared,
but with the subsidence of th
symloms of erysipelas came the devel
opement of lung trouble, complicate
with the return of long standing asthma
Mucus began to accumulate in th.
lungs and the first signs of paisiv
puevmonitis were apparent.
About C o'clock this morniDg a dtci
ded change for the worse set in and Dr
Green was summoned from the Utter',
residence again. Auother hour and al
the members of General Sherman's fain
ily were summoned to the sick room
Death seemed nearer, but the suffere
refused to succumb. After a consulta
tion of the physicians it was given ou
that Geneal Sherman's condi'ion win
hopeless, that the end was rapidly ap
proaching and that the bronchial troj
ble was making marked progress.
At the time this bulletin was ise'id
there were by the dj,inj man's bfrdsid
and in an adjoining room the general',
unmarried daughters Rachael and Lu
zie, Mrs, Fitch, Mrs. Colgate lloyt, Mr
Thackara, Lieutenant Tbaekara, Sena
tor John Sherman, P. f. Sherman an
Drs. Janeway and Alexander, besidt
ths letter's assistant, Dr. Green.
During the forenoon, as the hour
passed by, every inquirer who called a
the general's house was told all hop
was abandons, and hs relatives ate
attendants were meroly waiting for th
end and endeavoring to make his tam
bours as free from suffering as poesibl.
Among those who called were Cyrus U
Field and Mrs. U. S. Grant. As on pn
ceding dava since it became known th
General Sherman lny at death's door.
The general passed away withou
speaking to any member of his family
who were gathered around the be
Four daughters were present and hi
son, P. T. Sherman, and Senator She'
mm and also the attending phyeiciat
Secretary Barrett and 6ome othe
friitds in a room below. Soon nfte
2 o'clock Barrett went to the Weste--Union
office and sent off a number o
dispatches to Washington, in which t
announced the time of death as 1:".
p. m.
The fune al services over the remab
of General Sherman will t ke p a -Thursday
from his late residence
'hough it may be deferred if his so
does not arrive on that date from Eu
rope. Thursday evening his body wil
be interred there. It will b in chare
of General Sehofield and will be accom
nanied by a delegation from Lafayelt
G. A. R post, of this city.
William Teeumseh Sherman wa
born t Lancaster, O., Feb. 8, 1123. H
graduated at We3t Point twenty year
later and was at various military post
n the south till 1817, when he went t
California, and was acting assistant ad
jutant general there till 1850. He wa
superintendent of the Louisiana mili
tarv school at Alexandria from 18 .ft t
January, 18C , when he went to Si
Louis. On May 14, lsbl, he was ap
pointed to the army, with the rank o
Colonel, and on the 17 of the sam
month was made brigadier general o
volunteers and commanded a brigade i-
the battle of Bull Run on Juiy 2L 1
October h was appointed to the com
mand of the department of the Cumber
land, but afterwards too't charge of
camp of instructioi in St. Louis til! Feb
ruary Jobs, wien he was p aced in com
mnnd rrf the district of Paducah. Ky.
lu lbbJ, in command or the t ifteenti
n my corps he led the expedition whicl
larrie 1 Arkansas pos1; by assault Janu
ary 11, and till July 3 was actively e
gared in the siege of Vicksburg. H
was made bnga ler-general in the regu
nr army, his commission dating from
Juiy 4, and dunng the summer and au
tumn was engaged in various operation
in Mississippi and Tennesse. Havini
r?Hr.ized at Chattanooga an army o
100,000 men he invaded Georgia, engag
ing the confederate forces at Dalton,
Resaca,CassviIle, Dallas and Kenesa
Mountain and winning signal victories
General Sherman was a conspiouou
figure in the batt'eiof Averysboro, Bn
tonville, Fsyettville, and Goldsboro. O
July 25, 1866, he succeeded Genera
Grant, as lieut nant-general, and Au
gust 11, took command of the divisioi
if the Missouri. Jn November and De
eember he a emploved on a specie
mission in Mexioo. He was made gen
ral on the vacation of that erade b
President. Grant, March 4. 1869. In No
vernber, 1871, he obtained leave of ab-
eno for a year, dunng which be trav
4iea to BiuroDe ana ine east ana wa
everywhere received with marked dig
tinotion. Oi his return he took up hit
midenoe in W-ishington aBCsmiriander-ie-chief
of the army, hut in Ocitober,
1817. removed his headquarters to St
Louis. Sinoe the death of his wife,
"omethlng over a year ago .General
Sherman has lived mainly in New York.
He was placed on the retired list with
'ull pay and emoluments February 8.
1881. at his own request, in order to per
nit General 8t,riian tm nuvwwd h'm.
Arrestee far JtobMac the XalU.
St. Paol, Mim., Feb 20. John Spell,
tun, son of Edward Spellman, the Peo
ria distiller, was arrested at the Astoria
hotel by Poetoffice Inspector Cbilds and
Deputy Marshal Tim Shehan on an or-
oar irom lospecior Stuart of Chicago on
the oharge or having rob' ed the United
8tat mails at Washington, HI. The
gmosta at onoe i jcatea Bpeunan and
mMMMASwrut anats arrest fol
lowed. Spellman has been out of the
lUskak i insane asylum about two
unng dsm oomsjitud last Oo-
A WhUfcy Trtiet MwtlRJ
Chicago, III, Feb. 17.-The uirtc'c.v
of the whisky traet LelJ their re-u::.r
unetini; at the Auditorium hotil urji
morning. The principal work brfore i
them after the d.fcposilion cf ordu.ary
routine business w as thepreparaliut-i 'f 8
statement for the public detin:na the
position of the trut regard, the
charge ("gainst GtoTga Gibs?n fct-d tt:
alleged c"or.p ra-y to icjure the t-fu
feSJtii.-:i The report will net
ready until evening. It is k'--n
however, llut it will exonerate l bi;on
and will mnke an emphatic of ury
desire or intention ujn.n the part of the
trust to mjure Mr.Shufeldt or h a dis
tillery. In substantiation of tliie denial
the report will contain a BUte:.!-:;t of
the trust's business cLon-ing wny the re
moval of the Shufeldt distillery woulJ
biofto advantage to it It it a to
shown that the famous satchel wt.s out
of Gioson's pobession for at hast live
hours. PrcsiJmt Greenhut und Vice
President Woolner said to a reporter
this morning thtGibsojwa3 s'.ill in Pe
oria, and that all reports to the contrary
j were foolUh. They declared ho km-
here t" their certain knowledge ht
night. Gibson would make no effort to
escape, llie airectora ot tne v.iumij
trust would, they declared, do ts inm-h
or mire than anybody elM5 to t;! li e
alleged conspirary ta the bottom. I he
whisky trust at its meeting tins loom
ing declared its usual monthly ditidend
of one half of 1 per cent.
The state grand j'jry will taka up
G b60u's case at 2 o'clock this afternoon
when a full array of evidence iigaiist
tie ex secretary wiil be prei-erited to
that body.
to a
Articles of incorporation
Central City Lar k hive ii.eJ
i-ouaty citrli's o1i-.,i.
Wihinta Luther ditpo-v-1 of ti.e
chaute hotel fct ?-uth Sioux Utv
iject'.eman in Om:la for t
Mr. Keutner J U iaiW-11 is buildin?
au i..-e Iv.Ufe ar.d c.'.l tore bu.UiLg
:m the Mistouti l'-tik- -rouuds.
ThctUJ 1' d-e t Arlington
will repUee their huii burn.-d a fw
wet lu ao, wiih a line new bull l.i.g 20r
W. H. CVnut of C.ilU-rtson hat been
appuiuted c;uu;;.-6.jiJer tJ till the va
cancy caused by theredina'.ion of John
H. Poer.-.
The members of the M.nie fraler
nty in aud a Lout bue about
ct.wplcted their organization w.d "1
soon be in ruiiniuA' o'dtr.
Mr. Fursn Frio'.a of G'euville htJ
a hcrie fail in htm whiie cattle
nd had his a-ft f-J"t baJiy l.uit, but no
buses were bruit .'U.
Peter V.. Jjnson, who li'.es on lU
John From farm, tie ir lilair, has pur-
ctiiisfd i dsiry i.c .r Fiorentv, and
The I.Kt Spikw Driven,
Faibhavex, Wash.' Feb. 17. The !at.t
spike was driven yesterday which con-
nects two important railroad fjpU-aiis
nd unites the state of Washington uud
British Columbia. Throe thousand
people witnessed the ceremony at the
new city lilaine, where the Fnirhavtii
Southern road, the American lir.e iinu
the Xew VVestmini"ter & Southern, the
British connect ion, meets. TheC' n n 1 an
band played ''(J id Save the (J ie..i -,'
Ahile the American band renderd "Tin
Star Spitgled Banner."
Governor Laughton cf WBahinglon.
luring his speech, deficnbed tle new
line dividing the Btute and province ol
British Columbi i as only nn imug:uar
me and expressed friendship and guod
A-ill for the people of British Columbia.
The following telegram was icad from
James G. Biaine:
"To the Mayor and Citizens of Blaine
It is with toe utmost kindly feeling
that my thoughts are turned toward
ou and your British brothers today,
tfhile you assemble to perform the sol.
did ceremonies of connecting your
A-ocderful countries in commercial un
on, an1 it is my earnest wish and hope
hat the bonds formed today by you
nay not be only ot commercial union
iut of the grander and noblsr brotherly
ove tnat win unite in too end two Da-
ions in one perfect union and both
ou and your pert of entry, which your
:ongiessmen inform me will be estab
ished, will be placed in the grand gate
way oi two migniy nations. May suc
:ess attend your undertaking. Good
ill and peace be with you all."
Big l'ire at Koclimter.
Kociiesteb, N. Y, Feb. 17 -Fire
jroke out in the second story of the
ast wing of St. Mary's hospital a large
,hree story building, covering an entire
block on Main street, running from
Genese to Chili avenue. A bright light
-as seen burning by a man passing by
jhortly before the flames broke through
the roof. The fire spread rapidly, and
a general alarm was sent in. Owing to
the great distance from the city the tire
department was shw in getting to the
icene of the tire. Fireman Frank
Jayne, foreman of Hose No. 1, was on a
adder on the outside of the building
when a corniee fell from the roof killing
"am almost instantly. The buildiDg is
now burning slowly in the lower floo-s
hut is under control. There were about
230 inmates in the building, but owing
o ine neovy brick partitions between
the different wards they were nil res
cued. Loss about tOO.OOO. During the
excitement of rescuing the patients
Libbie Nursinggr jumped from the first
floor of the building to the .pavement a
ustance or ten f et, and was
bruieed but not dangerously
A Skillful Operation
Sr-BiitomLD,o,Feb.l7.-An unus
ual surgical operation, the first of the
ind known in this state, was performed
yesterday on Mrs. Emma Flora, and
Known as tne removal of a loose kidney
PLr.r A-J-H?w Cincinnati uJ,
niovrt to that J la-e the Ixit of I-e:ruary.
An.,.tt, ti.e wi.lo' of Mr. Bon
nett, who tasl his life tt L 'ih, Ieo.
last Octib-T, is in a destitute cjruht.on
in Schujlcr. Si.e has three children.
The merchandise bubinetn conducted
by F. I'. Uosoboom it Jo-, of Waliojhad
terminated by the foreclosure of tne
niortiMgy he'd by tha Saundors county
national ban Is.
James Thorndike sr. and jr., cf lilair
have -d on builUin,' a t.aiu !bui
ing mill at llaiiu-ilpii, 1'eiinr, ami last
Friday they ordered the lumber ut Pa
troa's )ard in lii J r.
The new Union Pacific depot at Kear
ney ii cumpiL'teu.
Thutiios Lj-'ind, an old Ee'.llerof V.'y-
aore and a nieinoer ot Itie -ny council,
is diai!.
The old s Idiers of llo'.t county have
decided to hold their annua1 reunion at
Atkinson the lirst woek in August.
The Cedar County bank has been
converted into the First National bank,
of Hurtington, with a cup.lal of "j,U0O.
Shtr.ll Anderson cf Uichardeon coun
ty is tired of his job and announces that
ie wiil reiiig:i and go back to his farm.
The management of the Jeffers'tn
countv fair have borrows! to'K) to pay
back debts aud have fixed September
(o in i thn diitea fur hnltiinr the
next exhibit.
An Arapahoe landlady smoked out
one of her tem.n'.s the other day, and in
retaliation the tenants' two daugh
ters fired the landlad out of the
back door. The end is not jet.
i-lie iJeaver uresBing Journal an
nounced the death of Grandpa Corbe'.t
a week too soon, as he rallied and lived
six days after his obitutiry appeared
113 was iu hi) eighty-eeuond year.
1 i,e tv onrney water worita company
hfi3 at last decided to accept a reason
able li'tire from the city to finish tho
sewer, and the connection with L'iko
Kearney on the bill will not be made.
Louis Modin, who wbs p'nc'd in jail
at Wahoo by Justice B.ysof Va!p iraiso
for dipp'joing of mortgaged property
without tbe consent of the mortgagee,
was rcl. ar.ed by Judge Tarpenning on a
writ of habeas corpus. The judge held
that a mortgage given on, a crop before
the crop was in exia.enoe was void on
its face nnd no one could bo held to ac
count for its delivery and sale.
Burglars entered Homsnn's himbT
jfiice at Yutan and secured H) cents in
foreign coin and a new pair of rubber
boots that Mr. Ilotnann had bought the
day bsforj. They secured n hammer
from a blacksmith shop, gained admit
tance through a window in the rear of
uib omce, oroice me combination with
it i aem.t Ael'ripaU.
Cltir, Fell. 18.- Presi Jent Osge of
the world's fair directory wut a letter
to Mayor Creiger calling his t
l.r.tion to the cafe tf intimida
tion f workmen by the unemployed at
Jackson park, the danger of serious
labor riots and neswry police protects-tien.
Tiie mayor d'reotcd the cor
poration counael ta draw up an opinion
and the conclusion wus reaebfd that
he city coUd not undertake to keep a
force of r-u'.ioe on the grounds in Kntici-
at on of irotit l-s but in case of a r ot
ti e police would le tent to suppress it.
The refj ieht for ruch force, however,
mu-tt ct ire from the park ommiiMODors
net from ti.e contractors or world' fair
ni ;:ain. altlo'Jgb Ihecou.mifsioiiers ire
not on Hie ground and soldcm in eeion.
The main ixunts ma le in the conclu
sion are that the parks are under direct
-Ninlrol of the commiMior. find provided
with their ownem' police forto and
therefore, the city hai no right-to inter
fere, rx.-ept by request of the park ootu
miHi'jiierg. Second, if the report ' true tbat the
Italians are employnl by aliens '.hey are
un', entitled to police protection as,
under nr. act pawd by the state legis
lature in lv'.', it is made unlawful for
and board, roni mission, ofli.-e or con
trac'or, i.cti.-.g for and under any muni
;ipali'y to en' ploy aliens.
Tho point is wade that this law is ap
plicable be a uo tho city haa raised
ftW) in hoi. -is to support the fair.
The force of park TKilico ir. Jackson
park at r r; sent di8 not exceed six men
and if, r f tiniw, wholly inadequate to
witli a in-ill bich might number
from i00 to "i,U)0 men.
llrail V nl It.jMt It,
Ni w Yum;, IVb. "8. A special cable
gram from Ilahia, Brnzd, sijs that
Americans who have boen led to believe
that Mr. Blame's foiiim?!:al treaty
with l! szil is a sett, e-1 fact will hs in
Veresteil to know that the treat has not
yet been ratdli d ar.'H that it is not like
ly to be. o binding action can l
taken by the Brazilian government un
til the cotstituti n i- odopted, mid then
it is safe to pred.ct the treaty will be Tit
ji-ctxl. The tit-rcniitile crimtiiunity
views the. pro -f.erl trendy with the
greabti-l diKiiitii-f action. Brazilian ex
porteu. I'.r.d ll.i.t l,y tre ternn of the
treat) they mo no U-ttt r i t.ian they
were before, fo far tig trade wi'h the
United Statu is con erned, at d rs thev
have dealt almoi.t entirely w ith Kr.glih
lioureM heretofore they can tvo no reaoon
why they should not continue to do bo,
Iteeeli nt - rorlo-h merchant and
itiitr e' f Loi.don lirnm will do their
n"! i0 inchn-e tbn British govern
ment to come to their rirtcuo, and
in.s m Iw-n g drawu t'p to be. fiirward
1 to Lord Salisbury. President Fonzca
tid his advisors are auxiountosee irnde
ilatiot.s ltwren Brir7.. and the Unit
d States ('evelopcii and filtered, but
hey will I j o'a erliss ugaitisl the hos-
ilily evinced towards Air. IJInineV
'reaty bv the iiinrctiiti.'o company. The
money m-rket here is unn-itlcd, and
will prob bly remain so until tliecocbli
ution is adopted.
1 1
oan ana trut
ore was the -i..
made by the smi-v
-i.;..i. .i . .
nu'wi ins irw
m.i.4 Tl .
. t . . r
genera; r',rs y
will I-ay Jepit,
balance. g
Bank Lian,ir,,p.
closing cf theU'l'r
ings banks. 'J,0u
ai kd to tihv wkv i. .
amount, and il,L).
cussing what ha-iut t
here, ascertained lu;
session.'' :
When the lumcfy
laat Friday, the u,, ,
the amount loaoej o-
W.iatUvaiu.V "
loured out.
atnoiiut lo iihZl.s.; t
deficiency is t-'V ,7ii
' Since the susper,, ."
ton, "1 have been v
eutial men ar.d lu,veri '
is potsible that cerUj,
I estimate at a low jj,
in full. If this is ; tt
will be reduced to if
then the remainder i.'
by the stockholder b;- .
may be placed oa it
dent the depoBit.r, 1
The atlornevgejfrv7,
czedings fur the
iver. t
O. I). BV.dwir, e ..tgi.
ptesidsnt of ll,e
trust oomp.'iny, w.thC,"
is (iiii-rg.jil by J irihCS
and conkjiiriK y in .iv;
chinee, contracts ami p
eiectrio railwRj
nois. Baldwin is -m, -
oiualto teiegrapti tu t,
h. lrr,ifo ,.,,J ... . -"-""an USeO
'm, oozen hx al nhv
ticiacs. The o.gan became detache
'our yesrs ago. The kidney was twi?,
ta normal size, and w. "n,1,
hrough an eight inch slit ie A i . ?
men. For two years the diseased TT
had so atfecud hr ii,. .i ' ?HI'
nastuporandslept'elm nJ"'
ously. Mrs. Flora was " " ;
night retween life and death "ft T
physicians bebeve she will recover
Hupportrra f Ju.tlc M.f ar(,r
Lo.Feb.21. At a meeting of the
supporters of Justin McCarthy held
it was resolved to press for infn,m..
mm released from the Paris fund
concerning which there had been so'
much discussion, has or has not been
pplie t to the relief of the evictel U.n.
nta. 1 he meeting repudiated! h u.
putations cast upon Mr. O'Brien'. hn.
the hammer, secured the above nam
articles and escaped, .eavlnj no clue be
hind them.
Miss Mary Neville of Frceport had
tl,.-;i!;,. .i . .
......ut, luiguiurt snu a narrow escape
i ram gray wolves recently. She had
driven a cart to visit brother's place
...l.l.u : .i ..... r
' "J me sand hill country on tht
north side of the Platte river in Cliey.
enne county. On returning to her own
place Abich is in the same district, her
norse suddenly gave a virions plunge
mm a .nun anu was away like the wind
closelv nn i-miA.1 l. ,
r. u eeven large gray
.."Uki j oivs,wiiosiiuceedod in net.
linn nr. 1 i . "
enougn to snap their wmte teeth on the rear of the
cart eeat. The perilous chase was kent
... .... or nve miles, until th.
frifvrii nr. n,l 1 .1 ...
laUy arrived within a few
ioub oi ner uome.
Pmi;0 1 1 .
......n.u nRBry was brought Into (W
lUlH 1ti n iUr. 1 t ... . .
. yeauwood.S.IX.tohis home
01a uuvng run out of money
t Alliance, Neb., he sUrted across the
- a..... on loot and was overtaken bv
the storm and laid out a Inhrht. aa...
fllefi-ali-d (iiiVrrnmiit F'oreii.
Pasis, Feb. IS The Uaulois pub
liahesn Buenos Ayres dispatch which
sta'es that the revolutiouiets have de
feated the government forces a'-Ojuilloti
and Co'iuiitibo. Tho eunie dif patch re
ports that the inaurgents are rapidly in
creasing in number ar.d advancing uj
on San iago. Only a f,.w towns, tho di.
pab-h continued remained loyal to the
lnlii.n gi.veri.inei t. Ti,0 movement ' f
he gov(irctii t troops is gTeatly re
aided by ihedestru :iion of the capita!
I'lep.dent Bahnacedu in we 1 enj.ported
md in mid to fi-el coi,ii,!..f,t ,,,f h s abil
ty to repel tint insurgent. Appreben-
lor.smo felt that the effect of tin r
volt i!I prove dirm-troiH to ll.o ("man c mtr.ere al inle'ests of t e
inr.try. During theconr-e of the light
t Ti,ri,pftf:i l),e n.inescf that p'Wf.e
s. re h i en fire .mi then f! n.ded. In
n a'.' totulif:o tho I;tUleH the
rinan miner tnplnyed in ths mine
tied into the interior. The work of de
struction is hi j fI to have been done
b. a binding party from an insurgent
war veeM-l. A t ( Joronel the ccal Jepo,
" I"i ged bv insurgent (nil
orseent in bore to procure coal for
fbc-1 warships.
Tll A Ir, , j,
ClIlf ACO, Feb. U I Tl
annual report of of tti
ton rood nhov.'tt gr"0
pn?t year of S7,'-"'JT, ,
uietits for the cainii ,r
operating eiper.i.t-. ti -
leaving a i alar. cf I
ttml net eurmrgH r.
gnwa earnn;g ..
President Bi n .a At
terms to the s-ctr'. ''
s limner whereb) t
business. The grt
soulhweiitorn Mi i
hb sayti, full very Ut'
Deploring the te j
tion the -
group of nine
dial a, in which ab
who e railronu u, s,i
States is local. J, t j
more than four L'j-j
failed to earn ci.j t'
shareholders onil t ,.
representing g ich mi t
roads amounting tic
stono in the legisiats-eC jf ;
in tliis group them ;;
Coniiidera'iou llos '.ia,
ther reduction of ri,r. k .
l ;
fietieml Sti.Tai- -
Nkw Vobk, IV- J1-!,
ns E. Shcrmaii nrrr.w fl,
rope last night on tu j' '
tic. When his t: i I ?
bherman, be an e
Sherman was sun r-
land of Joreoy, wh if
at the Jesuit theolo
took tho first tte.-ia e .
word of this reac
they made Brrar;gt)sSs
poiiig vetsels lignal ttt" .
eral Sherman' centa
not reach shelter until four '
clock tin
nnvt nfia.n i
uoun. wnen he stumbled into
Uwa.nearIyfumislied Ml fc J-
having had nothing to eat .iDoo 5
morning of the day b.,ore uotb
re badly frz,n 6nil ,t
f-tampuuiuon would bo nJZry
Arm, nf .k ..i "rauu
'"'""""nuuitionho tu ,
I'ifclil Uill, A Ki.
Ditadwood, S. D. Feb. l?.News has
just reached Dendwood of a frightful
dght with nxei between two Dunes em
olojed at chopping wood on Elk creek,
:xUn miles from this city. There had
een bad blood Utwwa uie two for
ometime They ,et in the cabin of a
mutual 'C(;,' y.-Herday after.
n. Several dri. ks of wero
taken nn l the tjniirn-1 renewed
Beth grabbed nx.s. Matt' 8elbick
jtwung lne around quickly, letting the
keen edge of the ,.po fal wilh blm
tul foire and e(fo,-t on the si.U t r'V..
les smith his l.-lverSHry's face. The
....... o . K.i ;ih cut wi ieopcn. He fII
m a pool of blood, nn.l lu.f,.V .i . . " '
rifled bjstnnd.irs could Interfere Selbirk
- or lour more blows on
ns r roiitrate f,, breaking h.s back and
""oik hombie i?,i.... in I;. : v:
In, s. " ",u" "nu
S U.I! alive bul w ol ud to siur-
ive more than a f,-w hours. 8elbe-k
.-8 arrested nnd brought in ton.ghU
!e preserves stoiid indifference lo
miUi'.fi.teor.hstwiiU his own if
i.o former diM '
Tha l-acinoNhnri Line.
Calmer has just rfcturned from
wiere he completed tho arrsngement,'
or the resumption of work nnth. P..
cific Shor Lme bridge at this plar.
lh bridie will b. I.,., it .. i...i ..
railroad i. extended beyond O'Neil or
D.t ll iH T'rU' TrlliAy Wortd that
A.H Oarretson.whohasbeen In New
a tV'V" "'"carry out th orW.
exienaing it to or dl
the Northwest i not known.
Lis death totl.e.Mi.l
sight her. bhe tu
ship, however, arid H
lioarded hei Mr. KU-
abaut the general; I
replied the pilot, ssiu' sf
knew of General Srtf
ho hsd been out !
When the mail nbaw
1 t r' Ul.r..,.n M.rtati
... I unci iudu 1 -
quiry. The ajinwer aa
I moriow.
Clpeia Hwn
Romrsrt.u, N. '
flrnnd opera hcus
wa des',royed by C'
about 4 o'clock. Ad lj before U 1
the flumes had mid3
tho buildup could 1
.IHILimi. HU'.' '
damage.1. The b
ocupied. Thftl''J
is lOn.noa, par ly insar"
000 Yatt-m bilhwd
slips barber (l.n? ,I!t
toiianle in the ei' :'
Tlie oi.e-alioctxusa' '
Fiednt-it Cm-'.'--''
o. r
DTi.i lite. ii.."'. -
hi. tl.n river tobe""1'
halff.,t and r-"
within five and ow-i
r.slrisoofjS-l" VZ)
road property i't. J
whaellnit ALakeF.Mj
aUd.snd It Willi
road along the .J
- . . HIV
end of tnecny -balow
are undef f'
' f