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i. L. SIMMONS. PiopUetor.
- .
Executed By The Guillotine.
The Paris Muraerer Pays Tin
Death Penalty.
The Grt Knife Dallied Downward as
the Manterar-a Head Fell From
Tha Body.
Paris, Feb. 4. Michael Eyraud, tl -
1 ln Tula Iftfif mlirdflre
Bbr&uivx, wuv 1U v Mi - ,
Notary Gouffe in Paris, was execute
yesterday morniug.
The crime (or which Mhhael Eyrau
suffered death by the guillotine consist
ed in his having in Paris, in July 18s.
with the assistance of his mistress, G;
i brielle Boinpard, strangled to death
notary at Paria, named Tousaaint Gouff.
After the oommureion of the crime tL
oily of the victim was convened in s
vrunkto Millory, and deposited in .
tu cket, where 01 August 13, 1890, i
u na discovered in a state of decompot
.ioc. Ia Januaiy of the following yei
' :&h.-iells Bompard made the confe6si..
to tho Parisian police which led to hi
arrest and imprisonment, and tinall;
:tfter a most exciting chase, to the ca.
lure in Havana of the strangler, Eyrau
who was brought back to 1 aria for triii
The most renarkakle feature in tha set
e-atiunal legal proceedings which culm
naled in the sentenoe to death cf E:
, fund and to twenty years' imprisonmeu
for Gabrielle Bombard, was the uusuc
. essful attempt of the counsel for th
r'iompard woman to prove that in th'
n urder she acted her part while unde
.ibed by Eyraud.
O wing to th stern rules of the Prencl
id ministration of justice in such cast-.
-,nlv the moat meagre details of th
manner in which the stringier face
death are obtainable. 17 is certain
-howevor, that he died with fortitud
Vhen the Governor of La Rocquetu
prison and the chaplain entered the Cf J
jf the condemned man he was found t
te already completely and neatl.
ire sued. When invited to drink a glas
of cognac Eyraud shook his head i
declination. All offers by the chapluii
Abe Faure, to administer religious cot
eolation were refused and at the la
moment when the erim face of the gui
utine was all that stood between E.
rand and death, the murderer's nerve
of steel and iron served him in his tin
angry refusal to be subject to religion
When Eyraud had been pinioned to
the plank the aboe bent over him to
place upon bis forehead a last kiss.
With so much of a oontemptous move
ment as rrs Donas wouia anow, auu
with an air of sullen resentment the
tr angler repelled the priest. Then
straightening himself out Eyraud await
ed the knife. A - moment later the
irreat knife dashed downward and the
murderers head tell from the body and
1 dropped into the sawdust fillei basket
beneath the platform. Death came
simultaneously with the blow ol
,he knife. The body has been handed
er to his relatives. .
Teniae Explosion.
Newcastle, Coi., Feb. 4. What al
most proved to be another Mamoih
mine disaster occurred here last even
ing in the Grand river coal and coW
mines. Just at 6 o'clock, aa the day
c!iif t, composed of eeventy-fl re men.
about to leae the mine, aJterririi
explosion occurred. Above the roar o'
the escaping gas the pitiful cries of thi
imprisoned miners - could be plainly
heard by their wires and children
Rood willing rescuers brawl the great
danger and started thehoijting machin
ery, relieving one another as fast as th
workers became exhausted. Soon
t wentT-fiveminers were brought toth
surface, half of them more dead thai
iilive. They were taken out none toi
soon, aa the flakes immediately reacher
the shaft and cam up with such 'forc
hat everybody wan driven, away. Ex
plosions have siDoe occurred ever
twenty-four honrni" It ia thought the
Teral men trave perished. Had tn
xplosioaa occurred when the miner
rre at work not one would have a
Shmywobt, La, Feb. 1 Horn r,V
: pa rub. seat of Caliborne, baa been
, socB of excitement the pan two dav
Saturday night a mob battered a bol
i o the jail and six men entered throug1
i va paesajaways to ki 1 L nk Waggoner
i desperado recently captured. Lin I
bo had two revolvers, shot two of th.
' an la the arms and held the others s
bay. Waggoner was rot in his cell am
di t the shooting from the corridoi
v dodging into different apartments. Ii
tiyiag to poll open the door of a fellow
prisoner's cell tha latter caught tin
door with on hand to keep him out.
whoa Waggoner drew a knife and ca
.off th fallows' iofa-sv : Th aheriff sa
bW Mason mat famWahim with arms
Am aty tmr 0eamaan, ...
I Ok why this re
; IlJ I; : -Cartalnly, doctor! You
mow ey ataar mm a lawyer, to if
XU' ray of papa's money 1
Jersey knryar alao Muaa,y
An eleven year-old bu of John II all
3t Nebraska City, accidentally swallowed
a screw nearly two inches in length- It
stuck in bis thioat and a3 cut cut ly
i surgeon just in time to save tha lad s
William Mcintosh wa arrested at
Nebraska City with stealing a purse and
13 from James Kirk. He wilt have his
aearing Monday.
Waltor RarnA't. ced nineteen, for
merly residing a few miles northwest of
Arapahoe, and lately returned from
Missouri, where he has beau serving a
term in the Jacksonville pcuiteaVary
at Jeffersonville, was rearrested o,i a
complaint for house breaking at Sedalia,
Mo. Ancffi.ial from Sedalia arrived
here on the early morning tram find
took charge of the young man, who has
been held for two days in custody of
Constable C. IL Watts, who bed con
siderable difficulty in convincing the
Missouri official that certain and neces
sary perquisites of;his offi e must be paid
before he would turn his man over.
The $S0,000 court house bonds have
been sold to the state at par, to be paid
for out of the permanent school fun 3.
As they will draw interest only as the
money is med, this is equivalent to con
siderably above par. A number of cap
italists who were bidding f'ir the bonds
are very much disappointed by tint
action of commissioners, but the people
oi Cass county are very well salitlied.
Mixed Pickle?, puolfched simultan
eously every month at David City Neb.,
and E gin, III., has made its iippearanc
with W. II. Price as editor and E. D.
Streeter as business manager. The
paper, like the substance from which it
is nan.ed, is supposed to be sharp.
The proprietors of tho Ttkamah can
ning factory are endeavoring to eithei
sell or lease the plant.
Daniel MiMuilen, a former resident
of Dakota City and a prominent Oddfel
low, recently died at Leadville, Colo.
Zsnas MtCoy, a farmer of Burchard,
held a post while a neighbor drove ii
into the ground with a sledge, lie it
now minus a finger.
A party of lads at Emerald enjoyoJ
themselves the other day by firing n
charge from a shotgun into a passenger
train. The shot shattered the car win
dow, but luckily nobody was injured.
A. Berry, aged about thirteen, 6on ol
J. A. Dunlavy of Uoldrege, Decide tally
shot off his hands, losing the entire
member, except the thumb. The boy
was riding on a wagon and took hold ol
i he muzzle end of the gun with the
above result.
It is reported that F. M. Coakinghani
a prominent Humphrey attorney, tilled
up on whiskey the other night and went
home and whipped his wife. As a con
tequence Mrs. Coakinghnm has com
menced action against the saloonkeep
er who sold her husband the liquor.
An Arapahoe business man has oeen
taken into the extenlof 105 by aC. O. D.
expreea package which consisted of a
cigar box containing two brass, rings
He garnisheed the expre33 company for
the amount as soon as he discovered
the fraud, but the probabilities of his
recovering are decidedly shin.
hile Patrick Mahon, a farmer living
west of Jackson, was in Dakota CiU
procuring a license to wed Miss Brid
get Smith, his intended was eloping
with a farm laborer named John Curnd
Burns and Mies Smith have not been
seen since ana ramcK nas a marriage
license on his hands which-he will sell
at reduced rutes.
An incident occurred in this
uity a couple of days ago which, did we
not know to be true, would sound like a
novel, eays the Superior Journal. Ihe
father of Rev. C. M. Shepherd, the well
known pastor of the Methodist church,
lived in Washington City. Every once
in a while he sends his son a bundle of
Washington papers. The other day Mr.
Shepherd received a number of Stars,
and, in glancing over an advertising
page, noticed an adveitisement for
heirs to an estate in England contain
ing the name of Giascott. Thinking
maybe the people ad vert iced for were
some relation to Mr D. 8. Giascott of
this city, he handed him the paper and
he, after reading the "ad" over, discov
ered that h, with his sister Mary and
another relative, were the heirs adver
tised for. Of course Mr. Giascott feels
pretty good over his find, and is grateful
to Rev. Sheard who helped him to
make it
A petition is being circulated among
the attorneys oi Box Butte county, ask
ing the appointment of another judge
ia the Twelfth judicial district. Al
though Judge Kinkaid is exceedingly
expeditious in disposing of business,
nevertheless the number of cases that
com up for adjudication in the several
oounn s in that district are said to be
more than any one judge can attend to.
0. R. Steduian, who for the post five
years has represented th Union Pacifio
at Loup City as agent, has resigned his
position and left for Denver to seek a
mora ranumerative position. Mr. Sted
loan went (o Loup City aa the pioneer
agent on that branch and baa abiy dv
barged th trust reposed in him. Be
ris very popular ia social circles, a
roraineut Mason and OdUUlow and a
-wy indnsatial eitiam
npOlUfruIU M .1' 1T30.1 tcl Sa.iM
counties say the hog cholera is Fpivaa
iLg with great r severity than knowi.
in years. Hundreds are dyin ever
dy. The damp weather icc-eiites tl.
virulnoy of the disease.
Neva hi reached II jrMa of a hor n
Lie act of a woman, who has U-en hv;ij
on a laim e viral miles west of Li re
Mrs. Henry vv,..t-was left a widw
to jearda; i-. i h three children de
pendent oa h'3.". i ie fear of starvation
so proved upon htrr miLd that the at
tempted to kill her childrea' and h.-r
self. Tiio elJwt, a boy of twelve, got
asv from her after she had rut hl-
thioat with a knife and then ran to a
neighbor' and gave the alarm. The j
neighbor hurried ti the housd and I
found the place in flames. The wom-ri
had kiilid the remaining two children j
and after inll ctlng mortal wju nd on
herself blie set tire to the house. The
boy who escaped will live.
Oa February 20 there will be held in
Arkansas City a union meeting of all
organizations of railway emplojee in
the elate cf Kansas. Grand Master
Sargent and (J rand Master Diebos of
the brJtherhoTi of locomotive firemen
Grand Chief Ilowtrd of tha brother
hood of railway condu.-tora and other
notables wil! be pretent. The meeting
will loonecf the most inportanl labor
conventions ever held in the state.
The newly metalled county attorniy,
C. T. Atkinson, is making war upon U.e
joints and divis io Arkansas Cit.
Diyingtlio pact three dins the two
dozen or nira j jiuts ha.e idl Uwn
titled i p and a dcz n or ci ro prosti
tutes haie betn forced to leave the c.'y.
tie atmouuees that he will ket p i l the
war until ever) d.Vd ia llie county is
closed for good.
Judge A mos Harris, one of tho i io
cetra of Sedgwick county dud MicUay,
aged CS. lie was the of ihe iinul
democracy, oryamzed the party und hud
al;a)P been a leudur iu its lounciis.
Ho was appointed judge of th.s d.fcLiict
by Governor Ulick in ItSSi.
Our fSuu a Star.
Most young folks now know th:it tiic
diiicreace between night and day on
this piunet of ours arises siiiipiy l:uiii
the tact, thitt anions thu iuimin T.ujif
maltitu.iu ol stars there is one n.l. late
ly nearer to m tii:ui nil tiiu rest; biua.4
so inucli nearer to in that when '.ic su
it we have day. Wiien by tlie c;u tii t
nioveir.ent on its axis the mui has it.
iu the West we have night; at which
time we depend lor light n;;un the
more distant stars -ihiIum, iuJi'ud, tin.
moon ia sinning.
In the main, ,t ia trus tint the enor
mous dii'lei'ence in tho imcasily of iht
light that we receive from tiia sun in
the one case, and from all the stars
iieuii at night in the other, depenJj up
on the (act that the sun is tha stai
nearest to us, and tiie other Ktai'3 um
suns iniinitely removed. -J. Norma.:
Lockyer in Youth's Coin ani i:i.
Wlieu Opera (iot-rs OuIiL tr Ia:
A musiual director now in t.:j citj
lias another idea besides inn
"Complaint is made," hays h-, thai
people who come to the opera are nerv
ous ard lidgety and not respond to tin
efforts to please, is it any wonder?
T lie 0 to 7 o'clock dinners are the
cause. Our belt paajih win g-j to
make up the coloring of the audience
dine, late, and as a rule they ilil in ie
gardless of the laws governing health,
and come to the operashall I spea&
plainly? with enough rich food in
them to make them stupid and unap
preclalive. My advica would be to e:i
sparingly just before tiia oir.i. The
good ell'ecti; from the music waald as
sist in the digestion of a goad dinner
taken as late a3 midnight. .My notio.i
will probably not agree with that ol
your physician. ia it so. 1 am talk
ing from a point which interests me.
Gormandizing and music d ni't go to
gether." Chicago Tribune.
Future of W heat In Amm ic i.
We have had a rim of prosperity for
some years, and had been regaled with
the thought that we had more food ma
terial than the nation could cousin, e,
and as much to spare m tha rest ol the
world migiit want to buy. Tiie indica
tions are that the day of lmyy surplus
production is fast waning. Oar whe it
crop in 1J7I was the magnificent total ol
512,700,000 bushels. It lias not kept at
the upper notch, and in the year lO a
ngurad a maximum yeild oi t'Jj,5Jj,uj j
bushels. AVe have a greater population
by nearly 15,000,000 than a decade ago,
and the increase of home !insumititii
would necessitate a larger yield and not
a smaller. Economist.
,A Dramatist with Influence.
Queen Elizabeth of Iloumania ha-,
written a play which she is p.eused to
describe as a tragedy, but which i
really a piece of the most wildly and
extravagantly sensational kind. It is.
entitled "McisU-r Manollvf'an 1 it is to
be introduced at the Vunua Coart
theatre. The piece is of the old trans
pontine order, with ghosts, tuuriien
a wife walled up alive, and other ...
sational epii-oues, and it is full of pre
posterous mutation, absurdly si
dialogue and Uombastes I'unoso decln
mation. ueeii Elizabeth, wiiun u.u
was recently at Vienna, invited ih.
company of the Court theatre to m.
oKinpuous uejeiiui r nt t'i
Hotel Imperial, and tins c.i;iniii.i?a.
in riven at the meal . n. r
read the lay to her guest, who ;
plauded it as a matter of connc n 't
then Hie went to see the emperor, a i
induced him to command tha t
piece should be produced a', tho II j
burg where, at a rule new piy, a .
(""a " lid w, it ruie.nevv playi
umivauuj accepiao,-l,qUU011 Xru'.U.
Theiv-rant the House a,.-r -u- ;
;irpd and
the M-nate that the liousft Dau
p issed II. !!. N. 7'.), lmg the relief .ip
. .1 .,.i;f.r.L
, r. ;priati..u bill; ab' coiicurreiii res-m
!,, n No. "i tixihg a time for the hear
ji..Mt the C"ntet; also H. U. No. hi
l"ng tiie Howe bond appropriation
bill tor the rel.ef of the western suf-
M-ua'.or Dysart offered the follow
,ii(r resolution:
J move that all employes above IV
liiunV-r of sixty -six be discharged.
Senator I'.eck moved as a substitute
that resolution ! referred to the con;
inittee on i-mpli'ves.
The substitute was carried.
M-nator Snitzler offered the follow
ing resolution:
Wiii;i:i:a An erroneous impressioi.
prevails in certain sections of the coun
try, to the effect that the legislature o:
Nebraska contemplates passing ven
ridieal measures on the subject of n.-t'-rest
and mortgages now, therefore to
l or.ict said impressions be it.
Hrsnlred, That it is the sense of the
senate that it is to change the
prevailing legal rate of interest.
y.v.o?rrd, Furthermore that we deen
it inexpedient lo extend the time o.
stays ol execution on mortgages:
.vrci. That these resolutions In
furnished the associate press for pub
lication over the certilicate of the pre
siding ollicer.
Objection to immediate consideration
beimr made the resolution was laid
over one day.
Hv unanimous consent Benator
Switzlcr was given permission to ex
plain his objection in introducing the
resolutions. He said a injustice
Uad been done the state and the legis
lature by fake reports having beei
spiead abroad about the radical cours
this legislature would take on the sub
led of interest and stays of mortgage
ii.dgtpeiits. It is a well known fact
.'i;it the money lenders of the country
h id withdrawn from the state and that
I. was tiert 'o impossible to borrow
my money, even on gilt edged pro
perty. This was a great hardship oi
the citizens ol the slate aim the reso
liition he hoped would tend to give re
newed conlidenco. He was satislieii
that in the senate, at least, there pre
vails a decided sentiment against any
radical changes on the money tjuestioi
and he hoped the senate would pass
he rf solutions on Monday unanimous
ly. Some senatO'8 came ere with in
structions to vote for an extension ol
the stay law, but after leing advised
that this wonld give no relief to exist
ing mortgages, but rather prevent theii
renewal, they had changed their views,
The senator was glad to say that in
talking with the senators he found no
opposition to the resolutions.
Stebbins offered the follow ing reso
lution: Wukkkas, doubts have arisen as to
the validity, expediency and policy of
the contract heretofore entered into
between the state and one (.'. W. Mosli
er, of the city of Lincoln, relative to
the maintenance of convicts, confined
in the state penitentiary, and the labor
of said convicts; and
Wukkkas, doubts have arisen as to
the power of the state to farm out con
vict labor, and convict maintenance,
mid as to the means by which such con
tract was procured; therefore, be it
.Wowr, That the sneaker of the
house of representatives shall appoint
a committee of live members of the
houss, to inquire and report to the
house with all convenient speed, on the
loiiowmg Biinjects.
First-Full and complete informa
tion as to the term of such contract
when it began, and when it expires.
rM'conu n netner the convicts now
confined in the state penitentiary arc
being subsisted and maintained under
said contract and whether they are per-
loruiiiig laoor miner saiu com; act.
1 ni ret hat profit per annum, if
any. is being made or realized by said
i . u. .vioslier under saiu contract
Fourth Whether there is anv other
leasible way of maintaining said con
victs cheaiier than under said contract
taking into account their labor to be
perlormed tor the state direct.
Fifth Whether anv im tinnier m,'in
were used by said (.'. Vv. Moslier, or any
one lor mm, in me procurement of
said contract,
i-foth Whether said convict labor
as now nerforined, in any manner, con-
mem wan, or cheapens private labor.
.-M.-einu n ueuier saiu contract is
valid ana binding on the state or not
and if not, whether it Is advisable to
annul the same.
said committee shall have power lo
ser.u tor persons and papers, hear wit
nesses, take and report evidence and
emp'oy counsel if deemed necessary.
It shall hold Its sessions at such times
and places as may be deemed nm
nary, and its reports shall be accomp,,..
n u iri.willlia'iuiaiion.
White moved to amend by referring
the resolution to the committee on peni
tentiaries. After considerable discus
sion tiie resolution was adopted as
!l,lltllufl I... t at..ln 9 l- ..... r
...... .mi. . ,j, a i,ie ui no W ill.
jiieuouse went into committee of
me wuoie wiui uowe in the chair for
the consideration of bill ou general
JI. It Xo. 25, by Kruse, for Ihe de
etruction of Itussian thistles, was first
considered. Kruse was called upon to
describe the lUisBian thistle, which he
designated as a plant rctembliiitr the
tumble weed. 8
It was moved that when the commit.
tee of the whole arise it report back Ii
H.Xo. 25, .with the recommendation
that it pass as amended. Carried.
House roll No. 42, by Smith, to com-
P1 J?i,w,,y comP'M to maintain
encwf dnveways, under grade, fi "
feet liih or more, was coi.suWed. All
immlincnti offered to the bill wen
voted down. e"
- Sa;ni:?l
W. ULa. a clerk iu
Leis i l i iicaei
.' ,.nrv in this ciiv. was
oa a hunting
in tt,e era pa-t of "7"
uffll,t A isndmi .n by
the nameot Nalhau W. M-itf, at o
pla. Shaw stopped, .jado a ttip to
Veliowfctone park during that month.
returning August iS. Three daj. later
a gentleman named Ilarly, a etoreWo
er at Haines' Fo'kp, on tho I'nwn !'
?,tic, stopi-d at M U' on his wy
home from H.e park, bring cows
f great excitement that ex ft"! brf
ent s when tie stoppi mwo u.. .-
v?r the reporte 1 dro mug o.
tay Hanrlton, whose tody had J'Jbt
been brought in. Harty sw me uo ty
n.d stated that preparations were being
;a lo for his buna'.
n. i,urm: 1 1 ami' t ig's nam mn
tionI Mott recalled the fact that hi a i
en a man of that name at Sargsnt a
when on his way to the park, and In i
b'.so met htm on the tjouke river wren
e'.urning from tha park. This wai ..n
Annual '2Z H-imiiion, who at oa
horseback, said ha had yul shot an an
lei ope aud intended W crosl the river
to get 8 pack atiiiu u of a l.!er tocarry
his game home. The meeting oceurrr l
near the ciidl lenee of Itutfalo creeil at. I
the Siiuke river and wry near tiie u
wnsre Green leported finding the bjiiy
Mott and H i'rty compare I notes on
Hamilton's appearance and agree I tha'
the bodr seen by Hurty mutt hbH) lioan
that of the man w horn M itt saw S ir
gent's nu I after i.rd met ou tiie oai.U-.
of (he Saake i.ver.
M At had not at the time of nve'ving
Hamilton heard any th ug f ti e
scandal coiinecte 1 with iiis naiie.
IlnniKh' or It iiT.
St. ri.ii.i.nin:o, Feb. C P. ( H:
cial. - I'm ce lJanatimky ai:d o'li-i
meniiiersof the tuiteof ti e rz .r - i .!
are returning l.oa.e in c iiiM-ipi' i.ew tt
trouble on bourd the UanMai; ironclad
I'annatz Azona, on winch tho Zire
witch, accompanied by 1'rinra Or -rge
of Greece, in making a tour of the cvl,
The origin cf tho trouble is o'js -ure
It is known, however, that IV. nee
Iiariatiiisky, without consult iog Cij
tain Lohti.unn, -o.nmander of the l'aui
iaiz Azjva, underl -ok tc giv-i or.leM l
the ere', and that on one occaf-ion In
oidered the boiits to be launched fur
the putpoto cf giving the czirewitch
an ocean row. Cniita;n LjIi.iiuhi
promptly countermanded the order, a
there was quite a heavy ea at the tine
and he feared that the lives of llncz ue
witch and hi party might bi eudan
jered. Some of the members of lh
crew si ail with Prince Bar atinsky.ui d
Caption Lcj mann in order to nwlon
discipline had to threaten lo uce the
most severe measures. Finally Ihe
captain sent the mulcontenti out of th
ship, replacing them with men from th
warships escorting the I'amiutz Azova.
Fonil of Mrrl-rt tVuuiin,
Ca.ntj.v, O , Feb. C Late yestrdiy
afternoon KdwurJ R')lert8, mamhal ot
Ijouis.ille, this county, who has hereUj
fore borne an unsullied reputation, was
arrested ujioo omplaint of Morgan
l.iindin, a well-known citizen of that
town, on a charge of exceeding his au
thority. Roberts was found in an com
promising position with L&ndin's wife
and when Landiu surprised the guilty
couple Roberts arrested him and locked
him in prison on a trumpsd up charge.
Landin regained his libertv and began
euit againBt his wife for divorce, and
will supplement his ci.arge against Rob
erts with one for adultery. Riberts, it
is now learned, has been in 1 he habit o
visiting married womon in the absence
of their husband, and threatened pub
licity has set tho town by the ears. A
resolution declaring the ofliue vacant
will probably be passed at the next
meeting of the town council. At the
hearing tonight Roberts was bouud
over to court He is a married man.
MrC'anhx Will Make II I'ahllc
Londjn, Feb. C Justin McCarthy,
in receiving a deputation of Irishmen at
Lancaster yesterday said he had sum
mooed a meeting of his followers for
February 12, when he and Sexton would
fr.-ely report the HoMlogne negotiation.
He bad hopes that a union of the Irish
pirty would be brought about. Lora
Hartmgton at his lact speech, he said,
was unworthy of him and would injur
bim more than the IrUh party and
An Impending Htrik.
8?OTrnALE, Pa Fob, C.-AII the coles
rogion is agitated over the probable
lock out and strike next Tuesday. The
miners will not rree to the reduction
of 10 per uent, which the operators in
it upen. The coke region lesdors are
rousing the workers in all sections.
There is a slight possibility of another
conference. Coke operators are prepar
ing io uraw mmr ovrtns. 8 imi 1'fXC
men are employed about the mines and
I'a.nnisT Train Di rallrd,
Atmwta.Ga., Feb. 4.-A Dassenirer
train oo the Savanah, G.fnn k North
Alabama road was derail near Oiffln
tonight, r ifteeo passengers were m
vere y Iniured, but cone were killed
0 details are obtainable.
HnnlhtxB yrlana.
VVurrPniMT Ui. li-.-u r .
Ding a oyolone dsmmiJ ihm.k, k. "
imiiartoflJity-onuDiy, doing groat
damage to seven nlanULin.. .i
injuring Uiraa .egroea. Hararal other
Ppl were slightly hurt.
i.v.ectih V. ' I'et. C.
Unn.i.!.. K
rni-,i ft 1 L'l. -
naper prints the fol
(Job, February 1. - ,m
who left for New Cstt,
lies were uying lor lhir
.vanes anu miiee ii
ire on fire. The km .i
aiiliiooe, as moimUia i'
s rapidly Lurtii g
h 't and smoke are n.j.:
residing within a fw a
(talioti are rapidly tm.r,c
.11 - er . . -
iOiU C It CT. IB. IlOrS
dampeJing in all direct.
trj running their t'jsft,1
angers to place of inV.;, j ''
The Cjlorid j M .1 ci v
wading owner of the en, I
mil is a heavy lostr. I
Tiia m'irR..i,tniia
miners is being realize tl',r
kind act of provid-twt y
ngs diepatchra did m
lath uf hundreds f but,,"
lay force had jnst Bet Im1
he shuft for supiwr Li k
1 lll IJItlb Ollllll, L. U lUiJfiK
a pro congregating ouU d.
hen tho t-xplosini o; vt"
appeucd ton minutes li;,
nve la a repetition ot v
iinia horror, ilow m'-ch !,";;.
.ill oor.'.iutie ihJimpossiUtsvJi.
ho fire coinpaniea in thc.
)nregn' in frout of t.i't
loUTitaio, it is doubtful f &,
ould ba subdued. Tm.V
llenwood Springe, a tott
ab.tatits, thirty mihw tr
re prepr.rinj; V) tw-k a m
ime. Tho residents v
ealy 103 milim from the
ititbigiation con jilainlybj-
!os eue n hno the nnoke
lo ueri. in Denver.
XV lint lllf W ar -j.
Ni w YoiiK, Feb. 5 TV' . 1 t
iithinf. Inn nruiiil sn?' i
.., . ,
ent 1 1 cinnross ebu rust s .
ary of war to supply a di- ;
piarterntaater's uepar-D-i,
ory of iho cost of i$rfi
aign jut cicsied. The i V,
1 ;Wt,tXX) ix asked, the p; f ' ,
f wh'.cli nre f'.ft"., 1C t r ' r.
f IroopN n il ei.ppiie iil u.
ttra and(,-, WM
go necftrinry lo fit out I, J
amptiign, 570,000 to Ii p..-'
roken do n iu tho ci np j
he pu.'C'.ia o of pmies ar
over the difference in cos-ft.
.uii;!.R?ed fur troops in
tuo lontract prices ot Vj
-iich tho trix;p3 were
.eie other exx-nses ui -it-.T
Icp.'.rtiaent thin will if
il k totai Ciist (if the ratJi
ilMJCOO, a sum sufli:;i n.
.n ihe Sioux the l(.i,C
'ft v.
( rcpriation promised tla-.i.
i f twenty jobm.
ril-f Ail I)ulmli
Dlut.'Ql'K, Ia., Feb. 1 -i..ost
disastrous fires thisci.p
for years ojcurred in the L, f ...
tais evening.- Mr. .So!omo-.
of the firm of Solomon l jf '
i;oods, who had j ut move: ft., -a
cigar from a traveling sut.
aud threw away th sk
match. It struck a f.ik ol
ting and in a moment ttu
which it was impossible f
The store of Kolomon htA4
irely destroyed with woi
hirge part of the GoMrf E i
rttore, board vt trade rowal
tileamboat intpectoi'
Matthis A Oo' printing o
'.ffiw above. The l H
i.iated at f."0.0fl, withttiff
Tom Ilurke, rlreman, km
umoke and heat and ii i-4
fatally injured.
Faruirra" Hrn(it
(sPKlscriitUD, Ilu, Feb.i
men.' Mutual Henelit mA
sentntives are receivicg
of letters and reeolutiuntrf
and encouragement froml
ents and fellow fHrniern.
idly recomend the n
titand firm for the party
not all are of tin char.
W. Rhedis of St. Elmo, HI
muD-cation r quests ibm1!
t ail for Palmer. "As tU.
the choice of the biothtH
of the aiuntry."
G. W. Km 1th. eupfrirWI
Vrcola 111., public wlwhi
ould take up Felix 0. t
r of the repree.italiv,
Aeilna- f.nlr ""
Mo.. Fl
last few days nil theft""
city have been making
Ixuea of cartridges in
nharlM V and "r
Phalan. rantntlv propel
fr Guatemala. Mior "
acting under Instruction
i mates comes
PlTTtiBCItO, PA ,Fht-
coke workers, eel to W"
atora and re prientt'",J
poaiaff a pompromi i
tnaopa ato s Inai.tea )
Baaanfaould accept alf
tk all around. TM ;
ttd aUpte cent