The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, February 05, 1891, Image 5

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Jr cured by the
I Catarrh Remedy,
See of Dr. Pierce's
(DUeoTery. For
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io Nasal Catarrh,
( eoapled with the
Catarrh Bemad.
District oourt has op joed in Butler
Munty with an unusually large docket,
May eases hiring beau carried over
from the lawt tern.
Albert Mayley, who recently appro
priated K&O of his brother io -la wr'
fuads at Nebraaka City, baa been belu
in 1700 bail for his appearance at the
next term of the district oourt.
defective flue caused the destruc
tion of W. S. Young k Co's implement
bouse, at Orchard, by fire, Tueeday
night The total loss is placed at I3,'C0.
The baard of supervisors of Kearney
lounty will appropriate M.003 for the
reiiet or tie drowth sufferors of that
Saloons and business houses in Oret
oer will hereafter be closed on Sunday,
in accordance with the provisions of the
late ordinance.
William SchwurU, a young German
former at Tobias, absconded last week,
'eaving numerous creditors lo mourn
his sudden departure. The young roan
me to that place last Spring from Pul
ki, 111, and lived on a rented farm,
we half mile south of t jwn, moving on
he Popelle farm last summer. List
harvest he bought a Deering harvest
ing machine, giving his note secured by
1 mortgage on his team in payment.
Ybout a month ogo be borrorel $100
'rom the Peoples' bank, giving mortgage
w the same team as security. lie then
Jaded his team for aapnn of colts, which
as mortgaged to the First National
'jank foi lluO- -then sold his grain and
'arm utensils and left foreparts unkno wn.
The Crete creamery is turning out
ISO pounds of butter per day.
Madison county wi.l have a fair this
ear at Norfolk September 2i, 24, and
The creamery at Neligh made 60,000
muoda of, butter from May to Novein
Mr and paid out f 10,000 to its patrons.
The resideooe of Rev. It. O. Wood, of
Csnesaw, was destroyed by tire which
;rigitiated from a defective flue, but the
Household goods were saved.
The Thayer county jail is again va
cant, DaveCoapmao, its lost occupant,
n for ateliog a saddle and bfidle, hav
ing served his time and been discharged.
Perkins county has never had u jail,
out the town of Grant and the county
commissioners have jointly leased the
basement of the First National bak
and will transform it into a bastile.
Thirteen inmates have been dis
charged from the Dodge county poor
house during the year and twelve re
maining. The total eapense of the farm
was fG04,6J, and the cash income was
K17.15. Thsre waa also on hand Jan
uary 1, 1,800 bushels of corn, GOO bush
ols of oats snd thirty tons of hsy.
Martin Grinning, of Surprise, chopped
a red elm tree down tor Mr. Ezra Pais
ley the other day that measured thir
teen feet in circumferjnoe at the base.
Martin claims the tree is over 100 years
old, and badly scarred by Indians with
their tomahawks.
Colonel Gage of Franklin received a
box of oranges from lis grove in Flori
da. One of the oiangea measured thir
teen inches around, being a little over
four inches in diameter. His grove is
bow beginning to bear well, some of the
trees bearing 1.000 oranges.
Trie goods sect to Hay Springs, Neb.,
for the benefit of drought and Indian
raid sulTerers were duly received
and die' ributed. Rer. E. S. Smith, wno
had charge of the work, has received a
letter from Rev, Samuel Deakin ac
kowledgiog receipt of the goods.
Grant schools has been dismissed for
two weeks on account of theprevailence
at diphtheria of the malignant type.
One death has occurred and several oth
er cases are reported.
John Blast, of Stanton was brought
to Myer A Underburg's drug store by
John Lsmmli. He bad found him i.i a
wire fence two miles south of town. He
is badly shaken up, but at present
writing it is not known how badly he is
hurt. He was driving a pair of brou
bos and they ran sway with him.
Hon. C. W. Heomiok's son Harley, of
Bur well was Injured Wednesday by be
ing thrown from a horse, and died from
'.be wound in the head. The entire
neighborhood is shocked, and the fami
y overcome with grief. It will indeed
bard for the father to again leave
home to take his part in the legislative
The improved stock breeders' sssocia
tion of Nebraska meets th is year at Heat
rice, February 17, 18" and 19.
James L. Thompson is now postmaster
at Frrnkiin, having received the appoint
ment last week. Mr. Thompson is one
of our old citizens and well known in this
Ths oourt house was crowded with
needy ones who were on hand to re
ceive their share of the distribution of
oods atnt by the relief association to
3ar field oouoty farmers. Some of the
net needy ones of the county were not
attend, being too backward to ask the
!A to whiob they are sa justly entitled.
However, we have no doubt that the re
lief committee will thoroughly investi
eU and set that full justioe Is done.
f oU Thompson k Bon, vlothlers ol
Cearaey wereolooedby the First Na
Basal bank with a m engage ot H0O0
Toe ateek will Invoioe 17,000 to 1000.
Abel Cushman died at the rseideoof
of his son, G. A. Cushman, west ol
Atchifton. He waa born in Missanhu
sett Nov. 28 17.7, and be came to Kan
ass aud settled in Atchison oounty in
the spring of 185) and baa resided here
ever sinoe. The funeral vsa one of the
largest thst ever occurred in that sec
tion. Charles Pounds wsa arrested at Jop
lioforthe murder of Mollie Woo la.
Kome years ago Pounds waa married to
tbe woman and it is repor ed tbat he
was engaged to be nurried o a young
woman at Eminence, lie and a young
man of Joplin left thst city in the eve
ning and returned late io the night and
the circumstantial evidence is very
strongoguiDst him.
At the annual oratorical contest of
the Ottawa university J. S. Crawford
won first h onors and F. N. Kingsley sec
ond. Fire broke out in Garnett about 1
o clock burning seven frame business
building Albright's drug store, Cole's
cigsr factory, two meat markets, Fobh
ibg's bakry and restaurant and Tillot
mu'i nnd Beemis' barber shops, The
less is about I2J.CO0 partially insured.
Atchison is put up by tbe ears over a
profound local sensation. A woman of
that place who has tbe gift of writing
almost as mark jd as "Jim, tbe Pen-ian"
writes anonymous letters to her wiuiao
eoemiee. She pretends that the letters
com from men, and they propoeeall
sorts of things.
It is claimed tbat tbe experiment made
this year at the different sugar mills in
Kansas with beets as a sugar prod ucing
and profit yielding crop is entirely sat
isfactory to the mill men and the pro
ducers. The beets are worth from $i lo
15 per ton at th) mill and the yield is
about seven tons per sore.
Bennett township, Kingman oounty
voted by an overwhelming msjority in
favor of Issuing bonds to the Wichita A
E Paso railway. She waa asked for
5,500 in bonds, because tbat would be
the full amount she could issue accord
ing to law, having voting in aiu of two
other roads within the past tour years.
The story tbat a woman named Clif
ton and three children were frozen to
death in tne Blue Hills in Rooks oounty
during a reoent blizzard is true, with
one or two trifling amendments. There
was no widow in Rooks county named
C'iftoo. There are no Blue Hills in
Rooks county. There has been no
weather in Rooks county cold enough
to freeze a Mexioan dog.
The following is clipped from the
Mercer, Pa., Dispatch and Republican
25: "A well known fruit dealer at C! ar
on u few days ago opened a fine barrel
ot apples. In the center of the barrel
be found a very large one wrapped in
paper on whioh was written: "It any
young lady who chances to eat this
apple is desirous of matrimony, she will
pleate to correspond with Harry Camp
bell, Topeka, Ksn." Tee apple with the
note was put into a package purchased
by a school teacher nesr Curlisville, and
developments are awaited."
It is said that wolves are invading the
western oorder counties of Kansas in
great packs in search of food and are at
tacking women and children, Probably
another lie gotten up for campaign pur
poses. It is doubted thet there are so
many wolves, either two or four legged,
in that retflon.
The Ness county jail is now empty for
the first time in many months.
Tbe Hiiochinson boy who wrote back
from Iowa that "times are very scarce
here," is getting numerous notices in
tbe pspers.
Ten wagon loads of broom corn drove
into Iiakiu from Stephens and Morton
oeunties. The price paid waa 140 per
There are only seven inmates at the
county poor house in Marion oounty
It is very difficult to raise paupers in
the Cottonwood valley.
The Hutchinsen people are all dis
cussing the question: "Did the Lon
don Gaiety Girls, in exhibiting their
performance in that city, give an im
moral show?" t
All the boys in the senior olass ot the
high school at Wellington have been
suspended for washing the girls' faces
with snoA'. Publio sympathy is with
the boys.
A society of Friends is to be organized
in Lsavenworth. Col. Anthony refuses
to recognise it, being suspioious that
it has some intentions personal to him
self. ,
A formerly Kansaa woman, Mrs. El
ridge, of Lawrence, is matron at the
Pine Ridge Agency. She is much
pleased with the Hotohkias guns and
tbier effect on the Indiana as persua
ders. Tbe winter monthe are half paesed
and but little oold weather hat yet
been experienced. - The fellow that pre
dicted a long and severe winter wis
evidently in the employ ot the ooal
trust or some other ooni bine.
It has been agreed, aaya the Atchi
son Globe, that Mr. Fisher, member of
Lbs legislature from the country dis
trict, ehsll totroduos the bill appropri
ating 175,000 for tbe enlargement ot tbe
doldiers' Orphan home in that city.
Judge Graves, ot Emporia, ruled a
jsse the other day in the Lyon oounty
oourt that the worde "with exohange,
Jcotroj ed the negotiability ot a promls
oarnote. It is a Question that hat
osvsi been decided in Kansas baton,
netting Her Pa's Consent.
A tale is told of the great flood ol
June, 1889, which devastated the Sus
quehanna valley at the same time the
Johnstown calamity occurred. A well
to do re ident, whose bouse stood close
to tbe river, bad a beautiful daughter
to whom a i a idsome youug lumber
man bad been paying suit For some
reason the wooer did not find favor in
the father's eye, and he was forbidden
to communicate with the girl. He
continued his toil and patiently bided
his time. A few days before the flood
lie started up the river to assist in
bringing down the raft. The raft was
duly started, but the water continued
to rise to such an extent that it was
deemed advisable to tie up. This vim,
found to be out of the question, as the
fiood had covered the "snubbing post,"
tsnd so the raft drifted on, carried bj
the current.
Bcores of untenanted houses were
passed, and they finally approached the
home of the young man's sweetheart
As they drew near they saw the whole
family uiwii tho roof frantically be"
seeching for rescue. Aided by the cur
rent the crew guided the raft so that it
just scraped the eaves of the house,
and with one accord the victims begun
to leap upon the modern ark. The
lover, however, seeing that bis sweet
heart was safe, grasped a pike and re
fused to let the father on board, shout
ins: "Will you givo me Mary ? Will you
five me Mary ?" The old man's face
depicted wofully the inward strife be
tween prejudice and self preservation,
but meanwhile the raft was slipping
past, and a moment's hesitation would
be tataL "Takh her," he yelled the
pike was withdrawn and he leaped
aboard "but," he continued, "if I ever
get you in a hole like that, Bill, I'll
drown ye."
The couple were married at Lock
Haven. Philadelphia Times.
Two Plucky Girls.
Miss Angie Graham, who, in coin
pany with her younger sister, Miss
Nellie, left Beaver county some five
years ago for the far west, is now at
her old home in Economy township on
a visit.
Five years ago next spring she and
her sister determined to try their for
tunes in the west. Their father was a
well to do farmer, but it was simply a
desire to be independent that caused
the ladles to take the step, and their
success shows what pluck can do.
Taking with them a few clothes
some books, and a small sum over and
above their' actual expenses, they
sta.ted. Arriving at Julesburg, Colo.,
they each pre-empted a quarter section
of land and settled. Six mouths in the
ear they farmed, doing much of the
work of plowing, sowing and reaping
themselves. The remaining six months
they taught school. They now have a
c ear title io their land, which has
pteadily increased in value. The gov
ernment is suryeying the tract in which
their farms are located, for the purpose
of irrigation, which when accomplished
will make the land among the most
valuable in the country.
Miss Angle has long had a desiro to
visit Palestine and the Holy Land, and
will do so before returning to the west.
r-Bearer Falls (Pa.) Cor. Pittsburg
Because Willio Went S katiug.
Parental solicitude is natural and
proper, but it has its ridiculous phases,
It wasn't very long since Willie went
tkating. His mothe was filled with
apprehension, aud spent about half the
day standing in. the front door to see
whether he was coming home stiff and
cold on a shutter or otherwise. His
sister waded through the snow to tell
bis father, and the old man got his feet
wet standing on the edge of the pond
trying to make his son hear his com
mand to come home. Nobody but
Willio bad an appetite for tho evening
meal. His mother now looks after the
hiered girl s little when she can leave
her room; his father has such a cold iu
his head-that he cannot talk, and his sis
ter has such a cough that she is afraid to
leave the house, and when any of them
wants any medicine Willio goes out
and buys it. Washington Post.
Known by Their Hats. '
A man who knocks about a great
deal, and is a close observer, said:
There is a man in this town who makes
a livirg out as the manufacture of hat
linings. He has stamps of all the lead-
ng hat houses in this city and Aew
York and Paris. You know, maybe,
hat a man is often known by the hat
io wears. There are a few hat men
whom? names take the lead, and the
youug men who want to appear as if
they were near the head of tbe process
ion get the linings of these well known
hat manufacturers from the man of
whom I just told you, and he put them
In cheap hats. The customer turns up
his hat then whenever he takes It off
and shows the stamp of a well known
house, and thus, in some circles, he es
tablishes himself without the assist
ance ot any letters. The hat lining
does it Chicago Tribune. x
Heine Every man who marries is
like the doge who weds tbe Adriatic
lea; he knows not what he way And
therein treasures, pearls, monsters,
hnknown storms.
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard.
Spur TJVl:
Tba ufMtfnM maim. Dom mo laJsn skMSL
Viaibleataiatdiauiiea. Tbowuds mt SMS
moiuala. Bend far oucalBts
Barb W in. Andraaa
. S, BARBEB, PNddant
isa of a;
. A. STREET, 8vreUry.
Spur Wire Fence Co.,
eat to use. Cheapest. Relief is immediate. A
cure is certain. For Cold io the Head it has no equal.
It is an Ointment, of which a small particle is applied
to the nostrils. Price 50c. Sold by druggists or sent by
mail. Address: E. T. Hazeltinr, Warren, Pa.
boXM awmled
C ONIGINAL AND GCNUtNC. The fl7 Rafo, IHsre, and rtiUkU Pill tr ml. MM
aak I)ru Tist for CkUkuUr M HtuiUik Diamond Brand in li4 amd Hold BMrtaUHa W
with bine ribbon. Take mtkmr kfad. XcAsm Suhtuultom mmd IwdHXmm. v
For Coughs & Colds.
John F.Jones, Edom, Tex. .writes
I have used German Syrup for the
past six years, for Sore Throat,
Cough, Colds, Pains in the Chest
and Lungs, and let me say to any
one wanting such a medicine
German Syrup is the best.
B.W. Baldwin, Carnesville.Tenn.,
writes : I have used your German
Syrup in my family, and find it the
best medicine I ever tried for coughs
and colds. I recommend it to every
ae for these troubles.
ne Habit
Dr. a B. OOIXiflS, OrliUKl IImvm
FatnteM Oplaaa AntldoU.
R. Schmalhausen, Druggist, of
Charleston, 111., writes: After tryh'g
scores of prescriptions and prepara
tions I had on my files and shelves,
without relief for a very severe cold,
which had settled on my lungs, I
tried your German Syrup. It gave
me immediate relief and a perma
nent cure.
G. G. GREEN, Sole Manufacturer,
Woodbury, New Jersey, U. S. A
Italy and Colorado.
Italy is tbe land of the imagination,
but the sensation on first beholding it
from the northern beightn, aside from
its association of romance and poetry,
can be repeated in our own land by
whoever will cross the burning desert
ot Colorado or the savage wastes of
theMojava wilderness of stone an
sage bush, and come suddenly, as be
must come by train, into the bloom of
southern California Charles Dudley
Yamer in Harper"
Ammms i nai iuove i-iiveiy
The sloth is by no means a sma)
animal, and yet it can travel only fift
paces iH a day; a worm crawls over fivi
inches in fifty seconds; a lady bird cai
fly fifty million times its own length ii
less than an hour; an elk can run i
mile in seven minutes; an antelope cai
run a mile in a minute; the wind mul.
of Tartary has a speed even g-eate
than that; an eagle can lly fifty-fou
miles in an hour; while a canary falcoi
can even reach seven hundred and fift
miles in the short space of sixieei
A Fact.
(From an Interview, N. T. World.)
In an interview with a leading drug
house the N. Y. World, Nov. 9, 18B0,
gives the following comment on the
proprietors of reliable patent medicines:
"lie is a specialist, and should
know more of the disease be actually
treats than the ordinary physician; for
while the latter may come across say
fifty cases in a year of the particular dis
ease which this mediciue combats, its
manufacturer investigates thousands.
Do you suppose his prescription, which
Sou buy ready made up for 60 cents
likely to do more good than that of
the ordinary physician, whocharges you
anywhere from $2 to 810 for giving it,
and leaves you to pay the cost of hav
ing it prepared?
"The patent medicine man,too, usual
ly has the good sence to confine himself
to ordinary, every-day diseases. He
leaves to the physician cases in which
there is immediate danger to life, such
aa violent fevers. He does this because,
in the treatment of such cases,there are
other elements of importance besides
medicine, such as proper dieting, good
nursing, a knowledge of the patient's
strength and so on. Where there is no
absolute danger to life, where the dis
ease is one which the patient can dia
gnose for himself or which some physi
cian has already determined, the patent
medicine maker says fearlessly: '1 have
a preparation which is better than any
other known and which wilt cure you.'
In nine cases out of ten his statement
is true."
This is absolutely true as regards the
freat remedy for pain, St. Jacobs Oil.
t can assert without fear of contradic
tion, that it it a prompt and permanent
cure of pain. It can show proofs of
cure chronic cases of 20, 30 aud 40 years'
standing. In truth it rarely ever tails
If used according to directions, and n
large proportion of cures is made by
halt tbe contents of a ningle bottle. It
is therefore the best.
Wll' ami ran at hmr m wtthant anr
ft rdinvr bwineaa. Book s SrStttua ad.
me. "lif '- of original tmtimoci&U W
JusASH ana omen R-r uupectmn at my o
M, Room 27 American Extwexa Baildina, Hea
ras it., Chlowo, 11L, F. O. Drawer SSI (fSnurl?
La Porta, Lnd.)
for Vie General Ailments ot Horses, Cattle, Hen
and Sheen. They purity the blood, pre rent ail
cure aisease. uonrai ana rename, m
oarkajfes: used and warranted tor orer tweaJ
none or cbh i w
hit Paorsuasaw
years. K very one owning a
five it a trial. Made by Em i
Co.. Chicago. Bold by all l
Cactus ckbpi
Once Chapped Heads, Faos aat
lpa. Tan, aunoarn, i tmmmk
Make rou-h krn toft and anee
without beinf aticky or freaeji,
Delicately perfumed .Render SMa
powAr invisible and make it ad
here to the akin, lmpartiacet aaa
e brilliant complexion. Price Be,
Hailed to any addreu on ncaajr)
ot price. Send poetal note. aUvei
er Mam pi. Addrew plainly,
t Chamber of Commerce, ralnaga.
The largest stock of Area
clml Eye in the Wed. Aa
ortmentoi eye aentleaai
ddrti, allowing porchaat)
to select one or more ana re
turn unbalance thui
a perfecTiTorace, idj State j, CWcjfo, III.
vat. is. a. ",
can sul tine; end operating surgeon to the CsssaVM
Xre and Ear College. Patient, at tiaUxtOmtU
wish unparalleled success and when viilting the etty
tTloen ooara a iwawy - '
Keduwd U tote nominal
monu or naraM .asaw
i a "l rni ties
i.l &ul ftc. for clntilAr nnd tfwuiniuua aJMrasn.
pa. o. w. r. mipkb, m.u au, niatajsv
OITICS uouiu, I to 6 dailril to Wad. and Sat, .
Free Trade Prices
Mo Protection"
no now anneal
- - w i
M nna ull
n B M.M Am. 1 ill
miiq io, uircniar ana eee raui.eecnnsioB.OT 1
ind other style to M. A. Senilis A Oe, M
m ne t t-nioaao- a-
we bp now MUinj oat
Western Improved BUajen
Bowing Machine euane a
eat complete with all e.
taohment and warrantee)
rUMlJltLI, Stomach Powder
Ha no aqmvl tor SkS anr of Dyqtoaia sat
Pile 78 Cent Per Boa.
BolBcient for S day treatment Mailed to ang
eddreM npon nonlpt of prion. Writ few tsnv
SU W. Polk eU Cblcsayo, IB
Whan I lay ear I do not mean merely toatop them
for a tiros and then have them return again. I mesa a
radical cure. I have mads the dimes of PITS. EPl
I.KFST or FALLING SIOKNB&Salifa-longstudy. I
warrant my remedy to oure tbe worstesees. Baoaen
ethers have failed Is no reason for noinowraesisinga
aura. Bandatoneefor a treatise and a Frea Bottle or
my Infallihle remedy. Oira Eui ass aud Post OBea,
H. U. HOOT. M. Cs IS8 f aari eH-, H T.
Ihe mont complete line of
I)r..a K-form Unod in th
north west liiolndin ihe eel -brnted
Equipoise nnd Delaart
waists, Jenness Millet special
ties and Jersey Knit Underwear,
bend htump lor free illustrated
7.) Mndieonet., Chicago.
rioi tiar raits
2ISWakaak Avul
near a County Seat in the llepublicnn
'alley, Nebr, to trade for livestock, or
stock of merchandise.
Address Box 186, York, Nebr.
FOB OHB DOIXAB sent n by mall, w wUl d
liver, frea of all ohargea. to any person la tte
Unltai KUtee, all trfwligartialeenally
parked in a neat box.
vme two-onno ootuaoi ran vbsbhibb. sweash
On two-tmnoe bottle Vaeeline Pomade U
jar of VaaxUn Vou Uream -
tae ai-
Or for stamp aay dagUarwo'a at artoa sasaamV
U you bav aomeiaa to nee TaaaOiMlasaf rarm
to oiraral to aeoept oaiy geaain good pi W
B in original pe&M. 1 great avaay dsthi
are crying toBSajad bnyar so ekaaVaMttawaast
ham pake nf Vaseline (femnkor
ne cake or, y aeeiine aoap, naerameaa
cake of Yaeoiine soap, sells.....
i two rnisnwbaitieWtasTsaaiiaa.
r ....