The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, January 29, 1891, Image 5

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Well, Unci!
A with youi
)cla Israel J
Jr. You sea.
on sbeera
for hart fa
it harf crai
, I didn't g
carrlsfl on a
Biothtr, and it
ng to at a child
Jtlna; astrida of
lokinf a eLpr
ck of Seneca,
1 two years has
Jeuralgia of the
A Womb, and
lid not seem to
1 and my appe
kble. My face
I dull, and I had
t side. In the
jot up I would
Is in the mouth,
jtc. Sometimes
hart, and I had
ling, palpitating
)t heart. I ached
houlder blades,
i4own the back
jned to be worse
lther of Winter
jtnever the spells
id hands would
ild get no sleep
jrwhere, and got
g August Flowci
me. It has done
1 of good during
jtn it and is work
" 9
Vfr, Woodbury, N.J
jjle Women.
Bosltin, who havi
M to be practical
fecording to the:.
0 numerous aw
nvied all over tlx
ii of the west it i:
1 of unprotectet
loston,' ostensibly
often in reality t
i respect which li
men in that city
k the superfluou:
Massachusetts hat
Wh, but increase:
rn immigration
f things is createc
. action of aingk
u education 4 one
X use of acquire
jo becomes leu ano
Vm Herald, ,
yr, we belie vp, wht
i'a question, "la lift
mm), 'That depenli
&n Johnson doubt
joint to tiio un
Jbk life rosy,very
king of troublo moll
I anew. The live)
f everything Milt.
m into mountain)
i result sick head
ipstion. Two wuyr
nnanentlv, or relieve
I-a pill and suffer, oi
fell. Shock the eye
i or com it by a mild.
ni Pellets are the
j work effectively
( leave the system
sugar-coated pallet
I a whole vial costs
ilng and heeling is
i Kemedy. Only GO
April a, is
sad others of sty
JMOOS Oil fcc M
Mlfta sad rhaad M
speedy, sJMtrs
iium tesana
"iBtiHtrgMst Id tome."
Some one writes to the 3f. T. Tri
bune asking: "Are the expressions t
better serve," to correctly understand,
to carefully protect,' etc, grammati
cally cor; act, or, if not ungrammatical,
are they elegant The Tribune an
iwers that "the ezpressioni cited and
all others of similar construction, are
utterallr ungramatical and inelegant,
and should be scrupulously shunned
by ali writers and speakers of the Eng
lish language." Jim in altogether too
j weeping it is the utterance of a mar
tinet of language. The genius of th
English tongue is its freedom from
rigid grammatical fetters, and it is now
fortunately escaping from the artificial
restraints the grammarians, borrow
ing from the rJaasfoaJ languages, hart
Imposed npon ft. In order of the ad
verb ana the uartlcle which is the sigr
of the infinitive Is a matter for tht
writer to decilk, 1 1 is as allowable t
place the adverb between the sign and
the verb in this Mie as it is to put it
between the auxilarv and the verb ir
such a phrase as "i iuld have bettei
spared a better man." Later auothei
paper presumed to pronounce the end
ing of a sentence with a preposition in
elegant whereas it depends entirely
on the skill of the writer of the sen
tence the usage is excellent idiomatic
1 lie Colors of Cigars.
One of the most interesting things to
me, being an ex-member of the trade,
is to study the simple little brands o:i
the ends of the cigar boxes in the to
oacconists' stores and wonder how
nany of the people who use the con
tents know the meaning of the won)
"claro," etc. Nowadays a smoker call)
for a light, medium or dark colored
cigar as his fancy dictates. To tlx
lealer, however, there is a nicer and
more exact method of naming th
jhade. "Claro," for instance, standi
for the lightest shade of all and is most
ly found in the cheaper grade of two-
fers. About the palest in color of the
ordinary cigar is the "Colorado." Then
somes "Colorado Maduro," next
"Maduro," and lastly "Oscuro," which
is the darkest heaviest cigar made
The "Colorada Maduro" and "Maduro"
shades are the most sought for in the
best grades of domestic cigars, while
consumers of imported brands run to
"Maduro" and "Oscuro."
It seems difficult to get a really good
imported cigar that is not dark colored
All of them are strong, and while many
men effect the darkest, high priced
kinds, I believe that but few of them
really enjoy them. As good a cigar a?
any man need smoke can now be bought
for ten and fifteen cents. A few ex
perts may find value and solace in a
tin foil covered twenty five cent weed
but when anything over a quarter is
paid it is money thrown away for or
nameuts like tin foil, band, fancy lin
ings to box, etc. At present prices ol
tobacco and labor a manufacturer
can't put a value of fifty cents in out
cigar unless he folds in twenty-five
cents' worth of postage stamps, and
yet many people smoke these expen
Jive sorts. Chicago Journal.
Fires and the Open Window.
It isjneedless to point out the. good
that a fire w ill do in keeping a room
free from damp and all unwholesome
moisture, and in many climates fre
quently saving valuable furniture
pianos tn particular from decay, nay.
otten ruin. But it is not the air which
is purified, but that a new, fresh am
wholesone atmosphere has replaced
tha one that has been used up. It
ihort, the infected air has been rareilei
by the heat, and proper ventilation be
ing provided it expels itself from th.
apartment Fire and combustion ii
genera', so far from purifying polute
air actually deteriorate a prodigioui
quantity of it in a short time.
Therefore not only a common fire
but even a lighted candle (to say noth
ing of lamps or gas), when kept in i
well closed (or, more properly speaking
an ill closed) room, wherein the exter
ual air has not a free access, renden
the air of that room noxious in an in
credibly short space of time. Tht
remedy is in our hands. It is for m
mothers and housewives not only t
give instructions, but to personally set
that the upper sash of at least one win
dow in each living room is opened at
day long, and then gradually to accus
torn ourselves, out children, and at
over whom we have control, to sleet
with them in that position. We should
quickly find our own restless nights be
come peaceful, while our little one
would have the proportion of oxygen
so essential to their young lives. Lon
don Queen. . . ' t
Haw te Saore).
In order to snore one must keep the
mouth open as well as the nose, and iu
this condition the two currents of aii
passing in and out together daring the
abt of breathing eaten mis uuie cur
tain between them and throw it into
rapid vibration. This vibration, more
or lest interne and sonorous, is what
we call snoring. Hall's Journal. .
Ttum (a as vet no satisfactory ma-
china for cutting cornstalks In ths
flald. Self binding reapers are used In
some localities to cut we smauer vane
ties of corn, but for Urge, fully ma
tured torts these do not work well
run TtiMth utb. "Out ot every flvi
ummib in Tendon one diet either it
faa botpUal, asylum or workhoussa."
There is a!k of reviving the Araos
hoe cornet band.
The Sons of Veterans' camp at Hardy
has bear, reorganized.
There, are five prisoners in the Lin
coln county jail at North Piatte.
An anti-high five club has been organ
ized by the young people of Yorir.
Madison county will have fair this
year at Norfolk Be) t -mber23, 24 and 2.1
An independent military company
has been organized at Candy with 49
The commissioners of Garfield coun
ty have taken steps to secure aid fort .e
oetd citizens of the county.
Rev. John Power has been invited to
remain another year as pastor of the
Blair Congregational cburcb.
The creamery it Neligh made 00,000
pounds of butter from November and
pad out 110,000 to its patrons.
The rc sidence of Rev. R, O. Wood of
Keoesaw was destroyed by fire which
originated from a defective Hue, but the
bouaehold goods were saved.
The Thayer county jail is again va
cant. Dave Chapman, its last occupant
in for stealing a sadd e and bridle, hav
ing served his time and been discharge!
A crazy woman in the Wayne county
jail pulled the straw from her bed lick
and net it on fire, but the flames were
discovered by the sheriff before any
damage was done.
Stock ville ice harvest is reported
atnut over for this winter. There is
about 300 tons stored now.
Diphtheria is prevailing to an alarm
ing extent in the region of Elwood and
in many cases is proving fatal.
L. O. Brooker of Scott s Bluff t county
found a pair of Tex us horus ths other
day which measured five feet nine
inches from tip to tip. It reminds us of
old days,
A. Shimmel's little boy, who lives at
Napanee, died with diphtheria. Their
little girl and only child is sick with the
same disease.
W. C. Gordon, superintendent of the
poor farm of Saunders county, died Jon.
11, 1801, aged Co years and 4 months.
Mr. Gordon lived near Ashland until he
was appointed to the superintendency
of the poor farm, several years ago.
Oneida township in Kearney county
indulged in a grand wolf hunt recently.
An army of men aud boys with guns
and pitchforks marched halt a day, ut
tering unearthly yells; they finally met
in Ball's pasture and surrounded two
jack rabbi It.
George Reed and Reuben Pooth, were
apprehended near Ellis, in the act of
stealing a wagon load of bated hay from
the farm of D. D. Clemens. The bay
was found in their posseeaion, aud they
were compelled to return it at the big
end of a shotgun in the hands of Mr.
Clemens. The thieves confessed and
were later lodged in the county jail.
Reed has only within the pa t year been
released from the penitentiary at Lin
coin from a term for forgery.
M as Nellie Royce broke through the
ice and came near drowning. She was
rescued by Colonel Bills and taken home.
A Bohemian was taken out of the
Platte river nearly drowned near Morse
Bluff a few days ago. lie only lived
Bhort time. It is supposed that in at
tempting to cross the river he broke
through the ice, and in falling hid hurt
himself in some way, as he had bled
quite freely. He had managed to reach
he shore and lay there insensible. He
was a sober, hard working man and had
laid un quite a sum of money. He had
no relatives in this country.
The elevator at Danbrog owned by G.
B. Salter, burned down the other night.
The town has no fire orotectioa and the
oitizens were powerless to check the fire.
The insurance is about 12,200 but still
Mr. Bolter is a heavy loser. Fully one
thousand buahe's of grain were de
stroyed. There is no clue to the origin
of the fire.
Nelson A Cc, general merchants of
Bertrand, who were closed on chattel
mortgage recently, will hardly be able
to resume business and several parties
are negotiating fcr the stock.
Perkins county has never had a jail,
but the town ot Grant and the county
commissioners have jointly leased the
basement ot the First National bank
and will transform it into a baatile. "
Thirteen inmates have been dis
charged from the Dodge county poor
bouse during the year and twelve re
main. The total expense ot the farm
was 1604 .62 and the cash income was
1617.15. There was also on hsnd Janu
ary L 1,800 bushels of corn, 600 bushels
of oats and thirty tons of hay.
Great excitement is aroused by two
attempts made to fire tho town of
Covington, Neb. Five buildings were
Hied and nine prepared, all of them be
ing in communication with other build
ings, chiefly wooden, snd ia eaoh case
aunr holes had been bored through the
sidings and oil poured in. Preparations
had been made to destroy the pontoon
bridge to out off assistance from Sioux
Citr. It was at first believed to be the
work ot vigilantes to destroy and rid the
place ot bad resorts and tough charac
ters, but lster Bob Setter, alias "Beef
steak Dob," a notorious character, was
arrested oa strong oiroumstantial evidence.
J. L. Bur well, s prominent stockman,
of Hutchinson, oommitt! auioile by
bing himself three times in the right
side with a pocket-knife. Financial
trouble added to LoJily illneee wse tht
cause. He was 36 years old and un
married. The Kansas improved stockbreeders
association met in Topeks to form a
state orginizstion. The Hon. Martin
Mohler, secretary of the state board of
agriculture, read the call after which E.
Bencett, of Topeka was made tempor
ary chairman and B. A. Heath of the
Kansas Farmer temporary secretary. A
committee consisting of S. S. Benedict,
Mfj-jr William Simms and IL HMth
was appointed on permanent organiza
tion and constitution and bylaws. In
the af.ernoon the following officers were
elected: President, Major William Sims,
of Topeka; vice president, J. W. John
son, ot Hamilton; secretary, W. II. Pope-
noe jr., of Berrytoc; treasurer, J. B. Mc
Afee of Topeka; directors, S. E. West
brook of Penbody, O. E. Morse, of Mouod
City, Colonel L Stewart, of Wichit i
Samuel Jewett of Livrence and Colonel
W. A. Parish of Lion wood. A resolu
tion was adopted urgently requeuing
Senators Ingalls and Plumb to secure
the passage of the Conger pure lard bill
at the earliest day possible.
Tne state board of agriculture con
vened at 6:30 o'clock Jen. 14, in Rspre-
sentative hall. The usual committees
were appointed and the od drees of wel
come was delivered by Governor Hum
phrey and was.reeponded ' to by the
president ot the board, the Hon. A. W.
Smith. Papers were read bv Joshua
Wheeler of Nortonvillle, A. C. Smith, of
Ottawa, S. M. Alexander of Ulysses snd
W. F. Lyon of St Francis. A tariff
wrtngle resulted from Mr. Wheeler's
paper in which ex-Governor Glica at
tacked the protective policy as tending
to centralize wealth.
E. P. Harris jr., son of E. P. Harris,
foreman at the state printing bouse at
TopeKB, attended an oyster 6upper at
Glenn's school house, near Lecompton,
with a Miss Heise. While returning
home, about 1 o'clock, a man climbed
into the back of the wagon. Harris or
dered him out and struck a match and
got an imperfect glimpse of the man,
who jumped from the wagou and ran up
the road. Harris left his wagon and
pursued the man down the roiid. Sud
denly the pursued fe'l and Harris fell
on top ?f bim aud was stabbed ropeat
rdly in the breast, arms and wrist, a cut
on the wrist levering un artery. Miss
Heise drovo him to a doctor, where the
wounds were dressed. The man is un
known. Bishop Engle of the United Brethren
church, Bel e Spring?, a prominent
minister and leading farmer, assigned
for 100,000. His esseVs are land and
stock; value unknown. He has a large
acquaintance in Kansas and the credit
ors are mostly members of his church.
In the oratorical contest of the Kan
sas Wesleyen university to select a dele
gttte for the annual state meeting held
at Saline, Mr. Eugene Harris was the
successful contestant. His oration on
"Reserve Poer" was a masterly effort.
C. V. Burtch won second honors and J.
W. Speese (colored) third.
A valuab'e portion of Horton, Brown
county wis destroyed by an incendiary
fire, and the loss is estimated at 1150,-
000. The fire included among other
property the handsome building owned
by the Rock Island railread. Horton is
a prosperous town of 5,000 inhabitants
that five years ago was a cornfield. Its
sudden growth was caused by the loca
tion of the Rock Island shops there.
vV. W. Curdy, ot Topeka dealer in dry
goods failed. He made an assignment
to L. L. Turner, vice president of the
Kansas National bank. The assets are
estimated at $20,000, liabilities 140,000.
By the breaking of a scaffold on the
in Uiawatha two painters, unaries
... . . A 1
Darville and John Frazer. fell a distance
of thirty feet The former sustained a
broken ankle. Fraser struck on his
head, producing concussion of the
Dr. W. W. Nye happened to be near
the scene of the accident and made
hasty examination. He says the injur
ies ot Frazier may prove fatal.
Lieutenant James D. Mann, Seventh
cavalry, died at Fort Riley at 3 o'clock
on the morning of the 15th. He was
wounded in the battle on Wounded
Knee creek, South Dakota, December
29. With military rifoe the remains
were laid to rest in the military ceme
tery. The service of the Episcopalian
church was read at the post chapel,
which was filled with sorrowing friends.
The Kansas and Missouri railway
oompsny has fileda charter. It is for
the purpose constructing and operating
a railroad and telegraph line of stand
ard guage from Boonville, Ma, to Tope
ka, 200 miles in length, with offices at
Kansas City, Kan. Tha directors
named are J. R. Taylor, H. A. McCreary
O. II. Pettibone, John Killer, Kansas
City, Mo., W R. Taylor and R. W. Wig
gins, Wichita, Kan., and W. H. Wilkin
son, Kausas City, Kan. The capital
s'lock is to be 5,000,000.
In oxpeotstion ot the psssage of Man
sur's bill to open up the Cherokee strip
an effort is being made to concentrate
the O'Connor and D.ll colony, number
ing about three thousand persona a
Caldwell tor immediate settlement of
lbs strip. - - v
Used in Millions of Homes
f. a. BABBEX, nhat . a. STREET,
I Best Cough Medicine. Recommended by Physicians.
I Cures where all else fails. Pleasant and agreeable to the
I taste. Children take it without objection. By druggists.
near a County Seat in the Kepublicai
Valley, Xebr., to trade for live stock, oi
stock of merchandise.
Address Itox 18G, York, Nebr.
A Fact.
(From u interview, N. T. World.)
In an interview with a leading drug
house the N. Y. World, Nov. , 1890,
gives the following comment on the
proprietors of reliable patent medicines:
"lie is a specialist, and should
know more of the disease he actually
treats than the ordinary physiciau; for
while the latter may come across say
fifty cases in a year of the particular dis
ease which this medicine combats, its
manufacturer investigates thousands.
Do you suppose his prescription, which
you buy ready made up for 50 cents,
is likely to do more good than that of
the ordinary physician, whocharges you
anywhere from 82 to 810 for giving it,
and leaves you to pay the cost of hav
ing it prepared?
"The patent medicine man.too, usual
ly has the good sence to confine himself
to ordinary, every-day diseases, lie
leaves to the physiciau cases in which
there is immediate danirer to lite, such
as violent fevers, lie does this because,
iu the treatmeut of such cases.there are
otber elements of importance besides
medicine, such as proper dieting, good
nursing, a knowleugo of the patient's
strength and so on. Where there is no
absolute danger to life, where the dis
ease is one which the patient can dia
gnose for himself or which some physi
cian lias already determined, the patent
medicine maker says fearlessly: '1 have
a preparation which is better than any
other known and which will cure you.'
In nine cases out ot ten Ins statement
is true."
This is absolutely true as regards the
freat remedy for pain, St. Jacobs Oil.
t can assert without fear of contradic
tion, that it is a Di'oinot and uermanent
cure of pain. It can show proofs of
cure chronic cases of 20, 30 and 40 years'
standing. In truth it rarely ever tails
if used according to directions, ami u
large proportion of cures is made by
halt tne contents ot a single uoiue. it
is therefore the best.
Texas Siftings: -'Now, my friend,
a-hat will you do with that money ?1
aid an old gentleman to a tramp M
whom he had given a nickel. Tram
tgazing at tho coin): "Well, I guess I'l
0 to the races and bet some of it. l
I lose I reckon 111 spend tho summet
atAshbury park instead of going Is"
Everybody Had a SUoa
Philadelphia Times: -I like tha ftitH
lisposition," said Scadley as a maides
passed down to the beach in particular!
iy abbreviated bathing robes. "Know
tter V" asked Rathbone. "No, but I cat
tee she's disposed so far as she can U
civs everybody a show."
Let every enfeebled woman
know it! There's a medicine
that'll cure her, and the proof's
positive !
Here s the proof it it
doesn't do you good within
reasonable time, report the
fact to its makers and get
your money back witnout
a word but you won't do it !
The remedy is Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription and it
has proved itself the right
remedv in nearly every case
of female weakness.
It is not a miracle. It won't
cure everything but it has
done more to build-up tired,
enfeebled and broken - down
women than any other medi
cine known.
Where's the woman,, who's
not ready for it? All that
we've to do is to get the
news to her. The medicine
will do the rest.
Wanted Women. First
to know it. Second to use
it. Third to be cured by it.
The one comes of the other.
The scat of sick headache
is not in the brain. Regulate
the stomach and you cure it.
Dr. Pierce s Pellets are tne
little regulators.
,K V U.-HL
40 Years the Standard.
MlMhsM Md. Dos a fajeva skssfe,
bfeatagiaaldiaUiic. Tsussssh eC fist
i&U. amdtoreiraaJM sea ffiasa, aaas)
1 Win. AiMmi
Spur Wire Fence Co.,
Barntuy. Ws. BOLDENWKK.
npilimOrMorphine Habit
Dr. S. n. COLLi'nS, Orlaiaal Ufenovatwi
Fofalsas Optus AatMet.
WU'.jbi roe. at barj without say
nrwnunarf dumb,
oman sr inspection scare
lerieaa Blypr Bnildia. Men
r unUnjo. UU P. a Drawer Ml (OnMrir
tor 9w General Ailments ot Horses, CatUa, Bass
and Sheep. They purify the blood, pravsat aad
cure disease. Honest and reliable, la m
aarluirev used and warranted (orevart
ear Rvervofie owning a horse or cattle
lve li a inai. jnaae 07 r. k ( - rnitriir
10., Chicago. Bold by all draaslsta
Cans Chapped Haads, fas ass
Line. Tan. Sanborn, rial plan.
Makea roug-h aUa tort and saMMS
without being tricky or gnu.
Delicately perfunwd .Raneenanii
powder inrinibft and makes KM.
Bare to the ikia. Imparting at aaas
a brilliant complexion. Pries Be.
Hailed to any addreeio ncilpl
oi price. Send postal nota,aUvej
arstampe. AddreetpUialy,
a biliuflawii
Til Chamber of Comrades, rhlrsgai
The largest ttock of Aram
cUl Eye in the Wat An
ortmentoi eyes senitaan
'address, allowing parch s
to select on or mora aad re
turn the bslaaee tha ran
Office, 16J State Chicago, Ul.
B. B. A. CAMriJCI.U,
US. SS. JU .
luna- and operatistT urgeoa to Use CI
a v.. rwr.OT Patients at distance 1
artta anDaralleled nccsa and when visiting the da
ISU. astallal C. IOT OrCUisUV SU11 VlamunsJllSsUeV awuraaaas.
pma UUtss. 8 todaliTi8toli Wad.aad gat.
Fre8 Trade Prices
Ho Protection
No Hon aotlaal
We are now sellinc oat
Western Improved Binast
Bowing ffrrhlns si an as
eni complete witb all at
tachment and warranted
taohmenta and
for f rears for only Si C
teiio toi circular and see fnlliWriptlonof tb
ind other style to St. A. SealUa A Oa. Hlw
1 alee ,. Ckieaan- W.
POSITIVELY, Stomach Powder,
Ha no atrosl (or as anr of Dyspepei ssat
Indi"ti0piloe 7S Cents Per Box,
Boflolent torS day treatment. Mailed to f
address npon receipt of price. Writs few
ssa w. Poik at, chioLao, m
a MssUfatMslsrailatlft
iewltnf wdl ' lorU I
nHT.vtad.MMM of ml..A
I 11.1. tVsas alaaMllt
b weakness psoalis
to women. ...
-rrr.a. ' Iorcrlt)ltandf1
I "ai-jvr-i-war
FUB Un n. sem on uj niu, we win
Urer, free of all charges, to any ,Pron iaj ths
United Ktatee, all tha foDowiag article oarafnllj
packed Id . nsst box. .
JQ IWO-UUilUPJ uuiUBVaaaWa TVaWaism. 4rrwaaa
On two-onno bottle Tanlin Pomade U
One Jar of Vaseline Cold Cream "
One cake of Vaseline Camphor las.... .IS
On cake of Vaseline soap, nnsoeatd..W
On oak of Vaseline soap, sooted. "
Outwo-ooaos botttoWhSlsTssaUM...IS '
earn sTlU
Or for stamps snysiagls artlo! at pries Bamed.
ai ou na awwuu w nw -
be careful to aecept only genuine good ftby
u in original paokwes. A gnat many druggtoU
ar. M-Tlni to persuade buyer to takeVasaUae act
up by them. New yield to moh persuaaipn.ata
articl is an Imitsttion without valne, and wlllnoi
Meal T SWIll 1IST SW1 a atSA UIiAe1M waaaa
Chesebrough atTg Co, MStaUBtKe-iork.
The roool eomplnle line of
yjreas lUform Uoods in Ins
north-west. Including Ihe eel
brated Equipoise and Vf
aists. Jennces Millr special
Uee and Jersey Knit Underwear,
tiend rtamp tor freo Musi rated
75 Madison si., Chicago.
u "1
pmol utr raits
iJ IW aiaWsfcaaaUs,
I hat a posHifa remedy for ths shot oanaasi by Ma
ass aheaaud of ease of the worst Mod aedef keag
saShigastabsea eared. ladesaMaMeagtaawfaah
aiasaSMaey, that I will asad two sxrfnas rnB8.wah
STALUABLI nUATIU sa tha erases la say avi
an who will sssdsM tketr BiptastMMi P.O. .atliata
f, A, atwawas, tX. Cm 111 rMtH law K. a
mam mm
r o. 1
ATyMrr.nisTts sriar llrni