The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, September 11, 1890, Image 2

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uzzx County Journal.
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' Chicago Marl eta.
WHEAT Market easy. Cash,99Hc;
UwSStaDer, 1 1 2; T. II OBtf.
OOSX Market steady. Cash, 45Ve;
October. i5c; Mar. ".to
OaTS Marks easy. Cash, 35.e;
mmw, JOtc; slay. 3mc.
RTE-fcaey. No. i 61c.
BARLEY Firm; 6Tx
FLAX-Strndy. No. 1. II Vi.
91 35.
PORK Mete pork dull. Cash, $10 00;
ucVMwr, w ; January, 111 87.
LARD Ma'ket May. Cash, 16 2.
October. 16 30; January, G 6a.
FLOIR-Finn. Winter wheat, 2 25
05 SO, spring wheat, II 805 75; rye.
QD3 50.
BULK MEATS-Shoulders. 13 75
5 91; abort elaar, I". C55 70; ahort
noa, pu if?J a.
BUrTEK Firm for fancy creamery
Creamery, 523c; dairy, 1218c.
CHBE3E Firm. Full craam cbed-
dars, 78c; flat, 88,'e; Young
Anwicas, Bfg'J'c.
EGGS -Strung. Freeh, lGft 17c.
HIDES-Firm. Heavy aod light
green aaltad, 7c; salted bull, 5U
graea aaltad caf, 8g9c; dry flint,
89e; dry aaltad hides, 7c; dry calf,
89c; deacons, each, 20c
TALLOW-8taady. No. J, solid
, W, a 2, 4c; cake, 4.',c
Viae far Llfcelitas; I ha Mayar.
WATUBVir, Cons, Sept 2. F. R.
S wif adttor and proprietor of t be Su n
day Herald, waa fined 1100 in the police
eoart for libelling Mayor llaldwin.
Swift appealed.
' AattvasjerCeae Thaa Mwppaasd.
Dona, N. H, Sept. 5. The new busi
neaa before the grand jury in the Saw
telle murder case ia aaid to hare devel
opad a stronger case thai waa at fliat
supposed would be the result It ia un-
tnat two indictments hare
i found-one for willful, premeditat-
' ad murder and another ia an accessory
to I be act It ia believed that the grand
jury will report Friday afternoon. At
torney General Bernard and Couaty
Solicitor Kiril are for the state aid
Edgerly and Worcester for Sawtelle,
aad at 6 o'clock tbia morning conferred
with Chief Juatioe Roane and Judge
Allen aa to the time of trial The at
torney general raid: "The grand jury
will bring in an indictment against
Sawtella and we ihall be
ready for trial a i coon ai the
court can furniah a jury. The intereata
of the public demaoda aa early trial.
Mr. Edgarly. for the defeat, aaid it will
be imponaible to go on at tbia time. It
ia a caae of great importance, and it
Would first be neceaaary to view the
territory covered ii, the caae, and the
drawing of an extra jury will take
three weeks. Thar ia aotne question
aa to jurisdiction. We can't be ready
tbia month, and for my client I aak that
tha trial ba delayed one month." At
torney General Barnard wiahed to go
oa with the case. The state he aaid ia
ready and acxicur. The (era will re
main upas aad tba council will be given
two weekV notice. Allmuat ba ready
to go on any time after thia month.
- Aaathar aaj Fallara.
Kaw loam, Srpt 6.-R. G, Dun k Co'a
weakly review of trade will aey:Anoth
er large failure that of Sawyer, Wallace
ft Oosbohs just a ben tba effect of tba
Fetter-Lovell failure at Boston provi
as ore dieturbicg t ba n waa expected. It
ia not Lettered that the joint effects of
tba two failures will ba much felt ia le
gitimate trade, but tba speculative
markate are affected. The treasury haa
announced a second purchase of 130,000,
000 of 4 per cent bonds, and haa dia
buretd daring tba week at New York
9700XX) mora than it baa taken in, and
while tba bank of France haa lost near-
y I2(K,C00 gold the othrr continental
aad Loadoa money marietta are .undis
turbed. Foreign exchange baa riaan
4K to OBot but the rooner market
fairly eapplied on call at 4 par cent, aad
tbafe ia bo an usual ptfseura in tba loan
ahataia Vat
ATLairnc Crrr, N. Sn Sept. Sl3. F
Toaag at Hi North Twenty-eixth street
Ilstadaiphivahot aad fatally wounded
fcJtwifa early tbia mrraing at theMi--
aaah hoaaw bat. Young aoeuaadhia
of aaWhM tetimaey with a guest ia
UoMai aaasad Qgdea. Tha couple
lbaihfuarMlaUirroom,andit waa
ttJ Yaaaar shot hia wits fatallv.
Ca thaa tlmaptad to shoot himaelt but
waaiiiaaati 1 by tba dark of the hotel
Co was
i L D, Sept. 0 The prohl-
i law waa into effsc. in Dead wood.
,ICU Cyaa4all auaiag towns ia tha
Cadi CJa Tartar Jay. Tbasakon men
kmt twa aaaa aaHlag right aloag aiaca
' ttJWraawaad,hiop deflaaoaof
: tt t&Smm aaatlaisat Yaatarday
' (CSaiaatioaawaaaarvad oa
. tha daoaawsaa eicaad
ttaTaJC, ThsfapaawaMovwrwhaiai
jyaKrtraiaiaH tha law. Iataaa
2msr) tm l&mi vioiaaealafaaraa
' CiSatEaLTS 4.-Th
a' . :.3c. J
A gear! at labary aa.
X tw Twut, 8pt 2. A Wuhlngtoo
special to tba World aays: Beverley
Dangarfleld. whose wife waa assaulted
by Edward Blunt at Asbury Park laet
Tuesday night, haa returned to bis home
in Alexandria, while Mrs. Dangerfield.
who arrived here last evening in com
pany with har husband is slopping at
tba "ouse of Mrs. Barrett on I street.
Mr. Dangerheld ia resting in sec'usioo
after the excitement of the week, and
to all who call a brief statement ia made
either that the ia not in or nothing fur
ther can ba aaid about the affair. Kev-
erdy DangrrSeld held a consultation
with a few intimate friends last night,
but declined to talk of the result. Ilia
friends declare today that injuries to
Mrs. Dangerfield have been gro sly ex
aggerated. and that Blunt only seized
her by the wrut, releasing her when
ahe mtde an outcry. A few inconsider
ate Alexandrians declare Dangerfield
will challenge Blunt to a duel, but those
who are more familiar with the code
duello at tbia and point to the fact that
only gentlemen can meet upon the field
of hoaoi whereas Blunt has already, by
hie conduct, placed hi.uaelf "beyond the
pale." Dangerfield might shoot him on
sight they aay, but could never fight a
duel with him. It ia the general opin
ion, however that nothing further will
come out of the affair but that every
thing will be done to prevent additional
publicity. It ia not believed that Mrs.
Dangerfield will return to her home in
A lexandria for some time.
Tha Carpatars fltr.ka.
Chicago, It.u, Sept. 2. The long
threatened carpenters' strike sill begin
by order of tba council. All union car
penters are called out with but few ex
oeptiona. The men working on the
public ecboola will not be inteifered
with, and those working for busses who
are willing to pay 37 J cents per hour,
called for by the agreement entered
into last May, will be allowed to con
tinue. All others are reported to be
determined to make another, and from
present indications, a fight that will be
a long and bitter one. The men aay in
the event of failure they will strike next
spring and keep on sinking until the
isea recognize their demanda and
deign to treat them in a friendly spirit.
rellMeal KxellcBMat.
Biddeford. Ma, Sept. 2. There la
much political excitement tonight ia
consequence of the neglect of theSaco
board of aldermen to hold a meeting be
tr.aen toe llih and 18th inata. to reviae
tba check liata, aa required by law.
Tba Saco offioiala admit their error.
TheBiddaford aldermen, who were re
cently arraatad and arraigned before
the United States district court on
charge of oeglsct of duty, look upon tba
Seoo aldermen's neglect aa a parallel
caaa. Leading democrats are anxious
to push the matter and it is probable
that tba Saco aldermen will ba arraatad.
A conference will ba held tomorrow to
decide what action ahall ba taken.
Democrats contend that tha error of
the Saco aldermen will invalidate the
election, and declare that if the district
givee Read a msjerity hia election will
be contested.
The Warkmaa r Baatoa.
Costoh, Maaa, Sept. L Yesterday tha
organized workmen of Boston celebra
ted their fifth annual holiday. The fea
tures of observance are similar to tboaa
of previous days embracing the parade,
picnics and apora. The parade formed
at 9 o'clock in Copley square and
marched in four divisions to the post
office sqnare, where it was reviewed by
Chief Marshal Fanning and dismissed.
The first division included district as
sembly Na 30, Knights of La bor; sec
ond, the Central labor union; third, the
amalagated building trades council, and
tha four h tha carpenters' district
council. Tha procession presented a
fine appaaraaoe, aad all along tha route
waa reoaivsd with warm applause.
The Caraesjlan Strika.
Chicago, III, Sept 2. Tha long
threatened oarpactera' strika will begin
by order of the oouocil. All union oar
penters are called out with but few ex
ceptions. The man working on the
puMie eohootawill not ba interfered
with, and those working for bosses who
are wilting to pay Zi ceata per hour.
called for by the agreement entered
into last May, will be allowed to con
tinue, All others are reported to ba
determined to make another, and from
prsssnt indications, a fight that will ba
a long aad bitter one. Tba ;man aay ia
tha event of failure they will strike next
spring and kaep oa sinking until tha
seas naogaias their demanda and
daiga to treat them la a friendly spirit.
A reaajr-lo-the-met Car iappertleg Oas
Lowdow, Sep. L Tha gat department
of tha Birmingham corporation have
under consideration a penny-in-the-elot
tor supply iaggis ia assail tsnimsota.
Tba idea haa base teated aad prov
sabta Thia systsea would involve
tha fldag of a machine in tha boose of
n eoneumer aad tha dealing out of
gar by tha paaay worths. Tha price
aow ohargad to sotall coowars la 3d
for tan feet. Uader tha aaw pfiaoipla
Uaropoaad to seppiy twaaty-fiva fast
', Aa. Ml Tha Uaioa
tor Jalr aha we aa
wi-Jtm tha a4
eat- abJafytl.
ha aamiags
Blair said: "I give notice to the sena
tor in charge of tha tariff bill that I will
aak the unanimous consent of the sen
ate to give precedence to the considera
tion of the labor billa that have been
sent us by tba house of representatives."
Sherman gave notice of an amend
ment which ba proposed to offer to the
tariff bill looking toward reciprocacy
with the Dominion of Canada in coal
ind toward extending trade relations
between Canada and the United States.
Blair aaked unanimous consent to pro
ceed to the consideration of the house
bill fortheadjuatmeot of the account of
laboren under the eight hour law.
Aa the bill could not be diapoaed of
without difcussion, Aldrich ot jected
and the tariff bill waa taken up, the
Oueation being on the paragraph as to
wool and woollen yarn, to which the
finance committee had reported an
amendment iccreaaing the duty per
pound from twice to two andoce half
times the duty imposed on unwashed
wool of the flret cIkfs.
1'addock addressed ,he senate in r.
triendly criticism of the tariff bill.
Aftf long discussion the eoronvttee
mendmecls were agreed to CC to 18.
To the n xt paragraph, relating o
blai kets, bate of aool and flannels for
underware, the committee amendment
makea the duty the same as thst on a
pound and a half c f unwsshed wool of
the first class, in addition to tha a J valo
rem rates. Agreed to.
Finally the wool schedule was com
pleted, and Vance offered an additional
lection, the amendment of which he
ad heretofore given notice, allowing a
reduction ot tha duty on goods pur
uhased with the products sold in for
eign countries. He will tsk for an eve
ning session tomorrow in which to ad
dress the senate.
SceJule L. relatirg to silk and silk
goods, was taken up and the committee
amendment agreed to; also by AlJr ch
ttnking out ot the paragraph 302 the
the word "spun silk" and adding "spun
silk in skeina or tope or on beam?, 30
per cent advalorem."
Aldrich e'ated the sugar scheJule
rill be taken up tomorrow.
The conference report on the bill re
sting to collissons Ht sea -.vaa agreed to,
and the senate adjourned.
In the House Stockbridge of Ilnrv-
nnd moved to suspend th rules and
pass the bills providing for government
inspection of cosl minea in territories.
Agreed to.
Cooper, of Indian a, rising to a ques
t ion ot pi ivilrge, atated that one ct the
chargea made in tha resolution offered
by bim for the investigation of tbeofllee
of the commissioner of penaiona was
thst the commissioner was selling at ck
in the refrigerator company to employes
of tha pension offi . Today he had
leaned that one of the members of the
investigating committee, Representative
Smyaer, ot Ohio, waa one ot the stock
holders. Cooper therefore offered a reso
lution discharging Smyser from the
committee and directing the speaker to
appoint bis successor.
Smyser aaid he ha'l had no intimation
that he was going to be .appointed on
tba committee until the announcement
aa made by the speaker. As a member
of tba committee he bad entered upon
the discharge of hit dutiy and he bad
dona it faithfully and well. He did
own soma of the stick, but that fact
could in no manner effect the integrity
or honor ot en honest man, and friends
who knew bim would never impute to
bim a want ot h;nor or want of integ
rity. Smyser arid there was nettling in the
charges against General Ilaum in any
Tay affecting him, but in order to satis
fy the other aid ot the house and the
country, and in duty to himself he
aaked to ba relieved from further ser
vice on the oommUteo.
On motion of Chiptnan of Michigan
tha senate bill passtd extending the
criminal jurisdiction o' e'reuit and dis
trict courts to the great lakes and their
connecting waters.
Parkins of Kansas moved to suspend
tha rules and pass tba bill to ratify and
confirm tba agreements with the Sac
and Fox and Iowa tribes of Indians in
Oklahoma, aad after an explanation by
Perkins aod Peel it passed. Adjourned.
Tba commissioner aays that toe Ponca
allotmenta have already been made by a
special agent and tha resident agent, bat
before sanding the schedule in it was de
sirable to aaoertain whether Steading
Bear's party would elect to taka , allot
ments on tha old reservation and that
thia patty ia aow on ite way to tha lands
of tha reservation.
Soon attar tba S'oux sot want into ef
fact tha cemmisstooer made arrnga
meota for sll allotments. These allot
ments wsre perfect aod vsry iudividual
exoept a few of Standing Bear's
baad atada their sal ctioos. Standing
Bear aad sixty-two Indians weat
to tha Puaea Indian reservation in
tha Iadiaa territory, hat Standing Bear
himself and a few of his aasocistes re
turned to Washington aad decided to
go back to Nebresaa after consulting
with Commiasionsr Morgan. Ha re
ported that ha waa at Brat uosbl' togat
hia folio warn to ratura wthbbn, but
after a wbda ba did saooeed aad early
ia August sat oat U m Oklahoma with
13aea people fur Nebraska. Seveateea
had abaok before, laa agaat aud
tha spssitl aa tat ware directed to suae
Maaaato feC all 4 Stead lag Bear's
tin si ua aa, aaa rapart
The Chad roa roller mill if again i
tire operation.
General Van Wyck will addreet the;
Adams county fair at Hastings.
Two runsways with serious results
occurred Saturday at Battle Creek.
The cecrus of the Third congressional
district ehowa a population of 375, 2L
A stock company is bein g formed at
Pender to build a hotel costing 17,500.
The new 150 baarel flouring mill at
West Point wi.'l be in operation in a few
The third fcnnnal fair of Cheyenne
will be held at Sidney, September 21, 25
and 2G.
C. A. Clements haa been appointed
manager at the farmers' alliance eleia
tor at Klmwo-xl.
The Nemaha oounty farmer' alliance
a ill picnic at the normal school grounds
in Peru Sept. 17.
Otto B mm of West Point and hia two
socs have returned from a three inontb'a
viait to Germany.
The Dundy county Sunday school
association will hold a convention ot
Allatoc, September 24 and 23.
Verne Cass, a eevonteen-year-oM Au
rora laJ, is mysteriously missing and
his parents are nearly wild with grief.
Tha villnge board of Valley hns de
cided to buy a book and ladder to be
paid for by subscription by the business
John Uedling of Nebraska City has
become tired ot his wife's altsenoo from
home for six years and haa applied for a
A kick from a horse bo badly shat
tered the leg of Johu Quinn, of Valley
that a handful of pieces of bone were
taken from the limb.
The Knights or Pithias, of Stanton
celebrated their second anniversary by
a banquet at the opei a house. Eighty
guests were in attendance.
A ne-xeboy of the Grand Island Jmlc
penrfent was held up and robbed of t'2--50
by a man named Vinegar, and the
police have not yet arrested the high
wayman. Robberies are bocomjng very numer
ous in the southern part of Harlan
connty and the farmers ara organizing
for protection.
The marshall at Ulysses captured tho
thief who recently burglarized Dier'a
store at Staplehuret. Part of the stol
en goods er recovered.
The new electric fire alarm sysbewj
has been tested and accspted by the
city council of North Platte, but the
fire bell hai been rejected and a new
one ordered.
J.G. Robe Ha, a B. k M. engineer liv
ing at Platteinouth is threatened with
carious trouble because he gsve two
first mortgages on the same lot of goods
to different parties.
The fumrs of a gasoline stovo nearly
terminated the existence of Thurlow
St ration at Oakdale. He waa rescued
in an unconscious condition by a neigh
bor breaking intc bis room.
The Mad eon county teachors have
formed a reading circle in accordance
with the state reading organization.
There are about sixty members in tho
oounty, the best showing any county haa
yet made.
Ed Randolph, a young man working
on the section of the Randolph line of
the Omaha road two miles south of
Randolph, kilted a neat of rattleanakes
the other day. The largest one of the
reptiles had eight rattlne.
A brae of Minnesota burglars wore
aptured at Covington by Deputy
Sheriff Kelly, of Dakota county, ard
held until the arrival of of o Ulcers from
that state, who identified them and
took them to Washington to answer for
their crimes.
Standing Bear, the famous Indian
chief, who left for Indian Territory laat
spring "newtr to return," has put in an
appearance at Niobrara, followed by bis
numerous wives aod other remnants of
tha Bear family. The air of bis fathers
in the vicinity of Niobrara seems to be
more agreeable to h i m .
S. S. Milla exhibited in Creighton a
limb from one of bia crab trees growing
in his orchard. There art' twenty-six
well developed apples on it, aod Mr
Mills stated that tha whole tree waa as
plentifully laden with the fruit at the
branch. Mr. Milla ia demonstrating
each year that fruit can be successfully
and profitably grown in Knox county.
A Winnebago Indian named George
Wilkinson languishes in jail at Pender
charged with horse stealing. Ha bor
rowed tha equine from an Indian janaed
Mooneye, rode to Sioux City and tried
to aall it, but was unsuccessful. He had
hia preliminary bearing at tba agency,
aad waa bound over to tha district
court in the turn of 1100, and ia da-
fault want to jail.
A eiater -in-law of H. Crowe, ot De
Witt attempted to commit aukridt by
abnoting herself, but waa prevented
from accomplishing her objeo'. She ia
aappoaad to ha one of tha victims of
Rtobord, tha Lothario, who caused tha
death of a woman at Lincoln recently.
Iry Caaa aad wift of Ashland went to
a pionio the other day, but unfortu
aatly stopped their boggy otr a bum-Ma-haW
aest 1: watao picnic for tba
pair for when they argsd from tha
conflict Ivy had beautlf al etiag oa tha
aad of bia acat, aiiite Mr. Caaa had a
oa diftreoipartaof bar
1 tfiviii tw eiJirr. 1
Parson's sidewalks ara foil of pitall
Tha Arkansas City planing Bill ia da
ng a bcooiag business.
The M. K. k T. road is about to erect
a new depot at Emporia
Frank Williams, a colored tramp, was
killed at Topeka Saturday.
Rawlina county ia going to vote bonds
with which to buy seed wheat for the
A coal bin holding GO 000 tons hss been
contracted for at Osage City by the San
ta Fe road.
There is an overall factory at Kanaaa
City whii h haa been doing a big busi
ness all summer.
The state board raised the assessment
in Nemaha county 5 per cent, making
the state tai i'j mills.
The Arkansas river is sgaiu on tho
rise near Arkanaaa City and the Travel-
rr ia proportionately happy.
Kirwin is talking about digging irri
gating ditches with which to -vater the
valley of the Solomon in that country,
Hon. A. T. Sharpe, editor of the Otta
wa Ufputiliean, is in a most jrecarious
conditton from heart disease. Ilia re
covery ia doubtful.
Wichita county pays over 850 a month
bounty on rabbit and gopher scalps.
The rabbits and gophers of thatcouctry
are seriously considering the question
of emigrating to Colorado.
The original package man at Salina,it
is said, ou ch-sing his shop the other day
left a big botll of whiskey in the win
dow where everybody could see it, but
where nobody could get it Revenge is
Hon. John M. Brumbiugh, the fiah
commissioner of Kansas, has brought
into the state fome ,1,003 fiah mostly
black bass, to be distributed through
out the state.
An attempt was mads to fire the fair
ground stables at ir'eneca recently where
a fine horse was hou&sed and the asocia
tion is ou the alert to catch the guilty
Aa incendiiiy fire at Fort Scott de
stroyed two valuable horses, together
with the barn and other content's. The
amount of insurance on the baro lanot
J. B. Quigly, formerly superintend
ent of the Atchison Water company is
working the west with forged drafta.
He has numerous friends and has no
difficulty in securing identification at
the banks.
A farmer named Willis Hocy fell from
a load ot Oats near Haysrilie, Kit, and
was impaled on a pitchfork. The fork
entered his chest, one of the tines
touching the heart, and he died instant
ly. Willie Dodson, aged 11 yoart was
atruck by the Ottawa plug on the Santa
Fe mad near Argentine aud instantly
killed. The accident occurred about
1 0 yards west of the Twelfth street
bridge, aod the train was running at a
rapid rate of apetd.
Vaster 'ay at Concordia, Kan., Mayor
Brown attacked Associate Editor Mark
Woodruff ot the Daylight for publish
ing an article reflecting upon him in
connection with the recent defalcation
cf City Treasurer W. H. Harvey, and at
the point of a 'evjlver compelled the
editor to write a retraction.
Ha. per county ia shipping peaches to
Lawrence. In a few years the eastern
part ot the ttato will have to depend
unon that oio treeless pott ot the
country, fcr saw logs too.
Kansas gets aa average of about 10,
000 a year with which to ato.k her
streams -with imported fiah. The only
ral good that can be discerned as a re
sult of the outlay is that the catfish are
a little fatter than they used 'jo be be
fore the appropriations commenced.
While Frank Steele and Guj Adkins,
aged 12 and 13 year respectively, were
hunting with Flobert rifles in the woods
went of the city, Steele's rifle waaaoci
aenuuiy discharged, tha bullet striking
AuaiDt in me right temple, killinar bim
instantly. Steele's rifle waa out ot order
and had the hammer fastened with a
siring. The accident waa caused by tho
string breaking.
In tpeakiug ot tough places, tht nor-
tnwt ..... 117. - .
- """"v" wo overheard a
a conversation Tuesday between two
partita who professed ti know what
they wsre talking about and tbay flg.
urad that at leaat 15,000 waa lost and
won on poker in Horton every month.
Surely theaa placet can ba located aad
wepkruea given to understand that
suoh easiness meat ba stopped in tha
city." r
Estate Senator Joel Moody, of Linn
oounty, located in Kanaaa in 1867, and
haa rarely been out .f tha state sinoe.
Speaking ofdroughta, ne aaya that in
1860 Kanaaa had a drought by side of
which tbia year waa good. It quit rain
ing in September, 1859, and did not com
meoce again until tha following Septem
ber. Tha wind wat so hot aa to oook
erfga before tha bent oould lay than, and
not a thing waa raised ia Kansas. Tha
naxt season waa exactly tha reverse, aod
produced abundantly everything that
waa in tha ground. He thinks fta tea
soa of 1890 corresponds to that ot '00,
aod that U01 will aurpasa ia alaata aa
year that has praoaeded it Mr. Moody
auviewB larsMra io oaai every draw that
oaa ba aaad far reservoir purpntu, aad
tare tba watar frota rnaaiag away ia
What lha Haatrasi OaarUa has a ass
Nk York, Sept 4. -Tha Herald's spe
cial from Montreal, Que, aays: Tba Oa
zette, the gjvemsoei.t organ, will pub
lish tomorrow what may be regarded at
a reflex of the Domioirn govern seat's
toward the reciprocity reeolutirn intro
duced into the Uni led Slates Senate yee
terday bj Senator bherman. Speaking
of the terma of the resolution it will say:
"This propoMlion seems to us admirably
constructed and of a character te excite
approval in Canada. It ia strictly ia
coord t.ith t'-e policy of the Dominion
government set forth during tha nego
tiation of the aliortive tisheriee treaty ia
1888, when the British commissi were,
acting at the suggestion of tbeCanauiaa
ministry, proposed to take up the whole
question cf the trade relations of tha
two countries and aettle the fisheries
dispute on the base of the reciprocity
arrangements. It does not put a Dietol
at the head of the Canadian government
with tho threat Put the control of your
fiscal affairs in our bands or suffer a
commercial crusade againat your inter
ests." On the contrary it provides al
ternatives and proper latitude. Under
the terma of the resolution, the ques
tions relating to the existing treaty to
transportation in bond, to fleheriee to
the reciprocal privilege; in wracking, ia
a word to the commercial relatione of
Canada and the United States in their
widest sense, can be made matters of
discussion and negotiation. Whether
the resolution will be adopted ia doubt
ful. Mr. Sherman, however, ia ona of
the mos; influential members of the sen
ate and poeaeeeed of power in the repub
lican party. Just now tne drift in tha
Dominion party is toward reciprocity in
accordance with the lead taken by Mr
Blaine. Meanwhile it ia satisfactory to
have mooted by public men ot John
Shermau's eminence and ability a pro
posal for enlarged commercial relations
whose acceptance will be entirely con
sistent with Canadian honor and Cana
dian interests.
A tnallcn la Society and BaslswMCirelfS.
Buffalo, N. Y., Sept i. A decided
sensation was created in society and
business circles by the announcement
that papers bad oeen filed in the su
preme court in a suit for 110,000 dam
ages brought by John r . McLaughlin
against Edward C. Burkhardt for crim
inal intimacy with and alienating tha
affections of the plaintiff's wife. Myra
McLaughlin. The plaintiff waa until
recently a postofTic clerk and tha Buf
falo manager of the Elmira Telegram,
and the defendant is a member of tha
real estate firm of Burkhardt Bros., and
is quite wealthy. The complaint
charges that the defendant by force vio
lated t'-e plaintiff's wife io October, 1888,
and by dint of threats and Uriah prom-
e, succeeded in continuing tha inti
macy for a period nf two years. Mrs.
McLaughlin haa confessed and hat
made affidavit to the effect, as atated
above. What adda to the sensation ia
the fact that cards are out for the mar
riage ul Burkhardt and Mitt Laura
Smith, daughter of Anthony Smith, a
well-known and wealthy citizen.
Mlaaister Mlsaer'e Life la Danger.
Nkw York, Sept 4. A special to tha
Herald from the city of Ouatamala aaya
that Minister Mizner'a friends ara
urging him to leave the eily if be would
save his life. Tne followers of General
Barrundia threaten to kill him on eight.
The failure ot the attempt of Barrun
dia's daughter to ahoot Mir.ner seems
only to hare whetted their appetite for
what they call revenge. Up to tha pres
ent Mr. Mizner thowt no tignt of ac
cepting tha advice cf nit friends to flea
from the city, but almost open tbreata
of assassination bava badly frightened
bim ana the legation ia constantly
guarded by squada of policemen.
AttcnsM Knieiaa
St. Jos-era, Mo., Sept 1 Clara Coat
ton attempted suicide here tbia morn
ing by cutting her throat with a pair of
shears. She hsd been tick for some
time, and alleges that tha attempted to
kill herself because her parents refused
to employ a physician for her or buy
her any medicine.
Chela rm.
Cairo, Aug. 30. During tha past
th ree Jays there haa been twenty-fire
new cases of cholera at Jaddab. ,
An Kagiaear Kilted la a Calllstea.
BuooMiKOToa, Iu, Aug. 20. An in
coming freight of the L. E. k vf. rail
road at 4 o'clock thia morning got be
yond control aad oraabed into aa en
gine in the yards. Engineer Amoa Mid
dleton of thia city waa scalded to death
and bote anginas badly damaged.
Ceaapaar Will WnMraw Vaetr
Guatemala, Aug. 3 i.-Tha treaty haa
been signed in Salvador by Preoideot
Eieta aad bia minister of state, aad aan.
mitted It to oopgraat. It providea thai
both countries ahall' withdraw thair
troops from tba frontier liae withea
forty-eight hours; that aaaa aoaitrr
ahall kaep a steading anay of oaly 'Cia
usual number of troopt kept lattaaof
; that in tha future tba tstfibaa.
eaoa of Salvador will ba raapaatad mi '
that aaitbar enaatry heU b KaUi fc
ladawinity for rltwiagat tadilsaf dyfc
the late trouble. , " '
-a a
1 ...