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JThe Sioux County Journal
Vol. 2.
ECAJRISOlsr, NEB., 12, 1890.
lAPatterasa, rmrieUn.
F. R. A If . T K. K. TImc tank.
Goin Vwt. Uplnf Uat
go. Jl, fumiw, :ll I ,. H, paMenger, 6:
So. W, f rtj;bt,,I K Ko. M, frelbt!L. t:5
Corn-pr hundred
Oau-per hundred a
Short-per hundred ft
1 15
I 00
1 00
Bran prr hundred ft..
Peed chopped-per hundred ft.
PoUUM-per hundred ft
Jlulter-pr ft
1 76a
" 4 50
Poultry per dot
Ontone per ,
Bemn per ft
Col per ton..
Wood per cord
Lumber native pur m
ft 14 00
"CoiTected every Thursday.
Paints and oili at the drug store.
School close in less than two weeks.
Peed and grain for sale at Smith
Bros, livery burn.
Harness made to order out of No. 1,
oak leather, at Cunningham's.
We want a large number of people
to take advantage of our new clubbing
Call and nee the complete tine of har
ness, Middle, whips, lap-dusters, etc. at
the harness shop.
If you want the very best terms on
arm loans, go to tiie Bank of Harrison
if ore making application el
G. W. Hentei free Ws windmill and
pump running in good shape and says lie
would rather have it thanVo have a run
ning stream on his place.
-HbRSBfltttf- My Hoe stallion "Nor-
man" can always be found at my farm 1
mile southwest of Harrison.
The Village board do not like an in
junction'very well Perhaps a manda
mus would be equally unpleasant If
the ilawig complied.with that is .all tliat
is asked.
Eev. L F. Lusk is hard at work on
the census. ' He thinks it, will keep him
busy the entire time, allowed,, for. the
Tlie'papers'in'the first case of real
state' foreclosure ia Sioux county were
. ?Inj parties.
It is reported that Judge Kinkaid hurt
decided the case of school,ditrict No. ll
vs. E. C. Lockwood, et al, in favor of the'i
plaintiff. The docket entry has notv yet
been made up.
-lM farmers aN allOfty beginning
to talk harvesters and threshing machines
to get their grain ready for market, and
the next thing needed is an elevator and
mill at this place to handle the grain
after it is threshed.
When parties go to the trouble of
putting up guide-boards at forks of the
roads in the south part of the county for
the benefit of the traveling public, it is
hardly in keeping with the public spirit
for some one to tear them down repeat
edly. county iierK unueman informs us
that ha has been notified by the state
auditor that the appropriation for the
payment of bounty on the scalps of wild
animals ia exhausted, so that no more
bounties need be applied for.
A pension of $13 per month from
date of issue and for 4 per month for
ight years prior to that has been allowed
to D. P. Davis of the Herald firm. That
makes a nice little sum of money to
come to a person.
This office is in receipt of a'potato of
this year's growth, whieh was dug about
the first of June, plenty large enough for
table use. It was grown by H. T. Mer
riom, on his place a few miles from town
and speaks well for the outlook for that
kiod.'o( vegetables,
The Infant childiof Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Stephens died on Monday of congestion
of the bowels, the funeral occurring yes
terday at 10 o'clock (row the family resi
dence sou,th of town, Rev. I. F,. Lush
conducting the service. The bereaved
parents have the sympathy of all in their
Jam Scott ia still suffering from
spra eyes. He has also been subjected to
YM pains caused by neuralgia, but
Dr. Shafer Informs us that he will soon
top that The difficulty with hit eyes
may- require treatment for some time,
but it is hoped that they will all right
after a time.
-. E, ScOmje, of the Bank of Harri
son, received an invitation yesterday
Wrtacto4illacnaod deUyer
tt omtym then oo July 4th, Mr
$oJma nMriwid, the people of that
in behalf of tht principles, of the
rtpubiican part during (b campaign of
with his, oratorio nowara that they
want tym to come and, fljr the eagle on
JfdtpMdtqm) Day, If, tJ invHatyn t
ffwapted U pavptt of Altyppt da.
pnd on hariaf a food, tpaoh,.
r, - .1..' i . "(it. ... v . ...... : , . ..... t. " '
For farm loans go to 8. H. Jones.
For mixed paints, oils and varnishes
go to the drug store.
By taking advantage of our new
clubbing offer you can get a large
amount of good reading for a small
amount of rush.
By the June anportionment of the
state school fund Sioux county is en
titled to fl.M4.fl9. The rate per scholar is
a little less than SB cents.
The ladies' "aid society met at the M.
E. parsonage on Wednesday afternoon
and the following officers were elected:
Miss Minnie Smith, president; Mrs. C. E.
Verity, secretary ; Mrs. E. D. Satterlee,
treasurer. The society meets next
Wednesday afternoon at the residence of
Mrs. E. D. Satterlee.
Treasurer Gay hart remarked while
here the first of the week that he ex
pected to come to the county seat in the
near future and take a hand in looking
after the delinquent taxes, which should
have been paid into the treasury long
ago. Those indebted to the county need
not be surprised if an officer comes to in
terview them, armed with a distress war
rant, A party living a couple of miles out
of town occupied about a column and a
half of the last issue of the Herald with
a statement regarding the finances of the
village, in which he makes the situation
as clear as mud. It is not an official
statement by the board of trustees as the
law provides shall be published, so it
does not fill the bill.
Supt Southworth made a trip
the "bad lands" a few days ago and wai
rewarueu oy nnuing a number of very
nice petrifactions. Among the lot was
a perfect egg and also one that had been
cruslied; some young ducks which hod
also turned to stone, and a number of
pieces of bone, wood, etc., making quite
a collection. A great many curiosities
are to be found in the localities known as
the "ba lamia."
-The report comes to us' that's few days
ago the little child of A. E. Gates, of
White River, met with a terrible acci
dent, having been kicked in the head by
a horse. The little one was taken to
Fort Robinson and the post surgeon
dressed the wound. It was necessary to
nsTWehavenot teard how the
patient ia getting along.
F We are Informed that W. B. Wririifc
has handed in his resignation us a mem
ber of the board of village trustees. It
is apparent that he does not feel like be
ing one to attempt to get the matters of
the village in shape, after they have got
into the condition they are said to be in.
unless the public affairs are run ac
cording to law, trouble is certain to fol
low, for people have got tired ofhaving
things run hap-hazard.
On last Saturday, the suit of Hans
Denker against E. C. Lockwood and D.
W. Woody for damages done to tlje crop
of the former by the stock of the latter,
came up in the county court. Ho de
fence was attempted except to show that
it was for damage done at th same time
for which the replevin proceedings were
begun before J. W. Hunter and certified
to the district court, on account of the
stock being appraised at over $500. The
result was that the court rendered judg
ment for the plaintiff in the sum of $46,
the costs being taxed to the defendants,
amounting to about $35. As soon as it
was admitted that the case was for the
Su,m damage for which the stock was
taken up, the defence left the court room
and let the plaintiff go on with the cuse
alone, but why such a course was taken
is hard to surmise.
The board of county commissioners
met on Monday,' expecting to .find the
bond of the expert ready for approval,
but instead of a bond it was found that
he had backed out and would not give
the bond required. That settled the
matter, for the board do not want the
books examined unless the party doing
the work guarantees that it is correct.
On Tuesday the board began its work as
a board of equalization, and will proba
bly remain in session for that purpose the
remainder of this week and all of next
Week. The. returns show that the as
sessment is much lower this year than
last, a number of items listed in previous
years being left out this year altogether.
The total will be about the same as last
year as near as can be estimated at pres
ent . The state auditor has not yet sent
in the assessment of the railroad lines in
the county,, and the board will be obliged
to remain in session until that is received
even if they get the rest of their work
ftne before that time. So, far there lias
been no complaints of assessmenU being
too high, The levy will have to be the
same rate aa it has been every year since
the county was organised, 15 mills on
tt dollar valuation, and it will require
pretty close figuring to hay much, if
any surplus, to apply on the outstanding
Indebtedneas. The expenses of 1990 will
tap to bi paid flnt and what ia W wilt
. . i: .. 1 ..-1
John A.' Peters was up from Montrose
on Tuesday. !
L. O Hull went down tins road Thurs
day evening, returning Saturday.
L. Gerlack spent Sunday with hit fam-
ilv, nn hia farm ia-
Stestney was up from the south
"-(y h first of '" -ek
Misses Anna and Wiza Price cave
from White River Saturday morning.
County Treasurer Gayhart came up on
Monday and returned home on Tuesday,
T. B. Snyder was in Harrison yesterday
on his way home from Fort Robinson.
E. J. Wilcox was in Harrison on Fri
day and made a business call at thfe of
fice. V
W. H. Beck, brother of Mrs. j O.
Hull, arrived here a few days ago on a
T. E. Sanders, state bank examiner,
was in Harrison on Tuesday on official
business. ,'
Miss Mabel Robinson came up from
Glen on Saturday to spend Sunday with
her parents.
D. O. Publow, of Cottonwood precinct,
was in Harrison on Monday, and called
at this office. 5
Hon. W. W. Wood, of Rusliville, Mass
ed up the road yesterday, having legal
business at Lusk. r
W. Herncall, postmaster and merchant
of Canton, was in Harrison on Monday
and called at our office.
J. r. Cur ran, one of the substantial
farmers of the south -part of the county
was in the county soat on Monday and
uajieu ax, uwm ueuuquurcers.
i completed his workj on
the records of Sioux county as special
census agent on Friday, and returned to
Chadron that evening.
M. R. McDowell and family left last
evening for the east. Mrs. McDowell's
health has been very bad of late and it is
hoped that the change will benefit lietv
W. E. Patterson and N. L. Pollard tl
on luesoay morning on a com Dined o;
ness and pleasure trip to the southf
part of the county. They are expef 4
nmrtW'eti'ioa Ms bo
wall pleased with the country that he
took steps to secure a piece of land from
Uncle Sam, and will probably be a resi
dent of Sioux county in the near, future,
Montrose Clippings.
The weather is rather dry now-a-days.
A good rain would do this locality
lots of good.
Corn is mostly up but does not look
very good on account of the.recent cool
The most of, the small grain looks well
although in some spots it is turning
yellow. A good rain would help it.
Hie grangers in general are just put
ting the finishing touch to seeding and
J. Marking, A. Baker and Joe Hoff
man left for the hills last week. Work
is what they are after.
Frank Hitner recently dug a well on
his place on Antelope creek. It is 28
feet deep and the wuter good.
Our road commissioner, Henry Was
sorburger, contemplates ordering out
the grangers and taxpayers of this pre
cinct to do their duty and help improve
the roads.
The dance at Vroman's ranch was well
attended and a general good time had.
It seems the item in The JolrnaL con
cerning the celebrating, or the 4th of
July started the ball a-rolling. The
members of the Montrose band met a
few days ago to arrange for that
occasion. Your correspondent did not
learn the particular.
No real, genuine county attorney yet?
Our fighting county attorney may still
stand a show.
A frost on the night of June 6th in
this locality nipped the corn, potatoes
and garden truck and its effects are also
noticeable on the small grain.
Why would it.not be a good plan, for
the Harrison folks to come to Montrose
to celebrate the 4th this year.
D. P. Duty.
Home Seekers Excursion,
Excursion tickets will be sold from
points east of the Missouri river to. sta
tions on this line, on May 20th, Sept. 8th
and 28rd, and Oct. 14th, Tickets will be
good for return, thirty days from date of
sale. Stop over privileges will be al
owed in either direction during life of
Owns the following brand on "VV"
right hip or left side.
Range on; Monro: vpeak,, p, 0. liurn
rieon, Netfr.
Warbouiiet Sews.
John Herman and family are living on
the E E ranch. They intend to stay
there all summer.
Justice Garten has built a nice house
on his homestead.
Mrs. Richstein is on the sick list.
'( Anton Morrick, in his blue suit, can
lfeexn turning the sod over from morn
ng til night.
Fritz Zerbst arrived lie re" week
from Stanton county, Neb., to help im
prove the country.
Rev. F. H. Dresher, of Crawford, will
preach in school house No. 22, on June
22d, at 10 o'clock. Every one'is invited
to attend.
The ice cream social at O. A. Garten's
last Saturday evening was well at
tended and enjoyed by all.
Hon. W. V. Lucas, ex-state auditor of
Iowa, says: "I liave used Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy in my family and have
no hesitation in saying it is an excellent
remedy. I believe it is all that is claim
ed for it. Persons allUcted by a cougli
or cold will find it a friend." There is no
danger from whooping cough wfien this
remedy is freely given. 50 cent bottles
for Bile by C. H. Andrews.
Eye and Skin Ointment.
' A certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyes,
Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Old
Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema,
Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples
and Piles. It is cooling and soothing.
Hundreds of cases have been cured by
it after all other treatment bad failed.
25 and 50 cent boxes for sale by
C. H. Andrews, Druggist.
10256. S10135.!
Will make tne season ol loin! at my
place on Warbonnet creek, 3 miles west
of C. F. Colfee's, except Fridays and Sat
urdays when he will stand at Montrose.
Jlesrriptlou and rciligrre. Jmrbann is
a niacK-gray; star in toreheau; loaleci
March 27, 1880; imported 1888; weight
1,800 lbs. Bred by 31. IJorchene, Com
mune of Coulognes les Sabloris, De
partment of Orne. Got by Rouillard
10133, he by Favori, belonging to M.
TERMS-$15 to in
sure with foal.
Due and payable when the mare is
known to be with foal or upon Jier re
moval from the county or change of
t'nru will be taken to prevent accideuts
but I will be rcMponxible for none.
A. W, MOHR, Owner,
Better Clubbing Offer Than Ever.
We stilll continuo our former clubbing
offers and in addition submit the follow
ing proiKsition to those who wish to get
pajers cheap:
For $2.25, cash in advance, we will
send The JkITJMAL one year, and the Om
aha Weekly Bee until December 1, 1890,
or we will send The Journal one year,
the Weekly liee until December 1, 1890,
and the NebraiJca Farmer, the leading
weekly live stock ar.d farm journal of
the state, published at Lincoln, Nebr.,
for one year, all for $3. Thb Journal
one year and the Xeliraxkr Farmer one
year for only $2.00.
These most lilwral. oilers should be
taken advantage of by every one. Do
not delay but take advantage of these
offers at once.
The Journal clubs with all publica
tions and will save its friends money if
they jet papers, magazines or periodi
cals in connection with Thb Journal.
Tills applies to all nnw subscribers and
also to those now taking Th JttyiAV
who pay for a year In adyanca.
jMaUIBlaaMaVjaaBam JfSSTWMpwrT-vi HSI m
W -. At -" i I
3 - Jo
p" d b
-3 I m
0 V)
.KmaaB , ., . -vaarji--.-,
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