The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, May 29, 1890, Image 2

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    Deux County Journal.
state news.
its at Columbus have
werhsd up a boom ia lb city property.
AlesScbatt recently shot a fifty
pound rat Ash in the Elkborn at Weet
Riverside park at West Point will be
opened lor the Beacon Hay 20 by an old
settlers picnic ,
Work began Tueaday on the electric
treat railway at Kearney, and it will be
completed a aoan ae possible.
Taaura wanta to rob Seward of the
oounty eeat and ia raising funds by sub-
acription to build a court house.
Wiener people have run ahort of fresh
fiah oa aooount of the Went Peint dam
and will accordingly appeal to the law
of the state.
Fremont's street car company has run
against a aaag in a proposed extension,
naving been refused the right of ay
through a certain "pasture."
Gertrude Hatch claims 1,700 dam
rgea 'rora the city of Seward for injuries
received by reesou of iter horse falliDg
into one of the water works ditches.
Hit ma of Fremont made a pecu
ar discovery the other day consisting
of a bunch of keys of all manner of d
urn stowed away inside a dark lantern
that had been hidden in a bunch of
The case of Little Willie Laurerof
Columbus against the Union Pacific
wherein the railway company ia defen
dant ia a auit tor $JO,000 damages, has
been compromised by the company
agreeing to pay $4,001) to the injured
On one of the principal streets of
Kearney, within two blocks
can be found four cornet,
one tuba, three pianos, four organs, a
parrot and a number of smaller instru
ments, in the way of jewsharps, harmon
ica and flutes. When they all turn
knee ths overflow of the canal stops to
'listen, farmer listen,"
The number of bogs raised in Lincoln
county ia 1780 trebled those of 1888 and
present indications are that this year's
jnrfaet will mora than, double that of
bwfjawys Urn North Platte Tribune
. Co will continue to reign supreme
Mast of Lincoln county, his ooneort will
ha the bog; and North Platte his com
mensal city.
Walla engaged in digging a well on
George Laid iff h's farm near Nebraska
City, Charles Thorn peon met with a aer
ioae accident. He had just sent up a
bucket loaded with day, when the buck
et slipped from the rope and fell to the,
bottom Of the well, striking Thompson
breaking three ribs and frightfully
braising him about the head and body.
The city council of Seward ordered
oat the street lights, leaving nearly five
miles of dead wire strung around town.
A ripieasntative of the light company
aye the original expense of putting in
the poise, wires, posts, lamps etc..
aansssary to light the streets was nearly
$1,5001 which are now practically useless.
The object in discontinuing the uee of
the lights is to ears money to help com
plete the water works.
Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Stephenson of the
Wesson's Christian Temperaix Union
at Hartiagtoa received sixty naiiea from
tea business men of Hartington against!
"Hell's Halt Acre No. 2," the proposed
Covington, opposite Hartiagtoa. The
stiff comes before the board Tueaday.
, A great deal of bitter personal feeling is
being a rows id over tbe matter of issuing
Kesass to tbe Taaktoa saloonkeepers
located oa thie aide of the Missouri. Bad
blood at fever heat Troeble
Gem. A refill, assieiaat inspector -geo-
arsi of national homes, visited and in
saaetedtb Nebraska soldiers' and seil
M Its) aad expreaead blmesif as
MfUy aieesed with tha impiovemenU
that haw been added aiaea hia last vieit
ta farmers aliiaaeeof Perkins connty
ad will build a mill
. jOTaaaaaav wi ana uafiiiai
.- gtftle t-3 with shares HO eaefa.
ch aN can lioH mors than
f K.J tT in saairil oasv
Vf 1 jM X .
, 4 1
is i, ...
.... W A,.waa,f
" r a- --'. . "
' '"i t-a at
. ' fr Sit-
-- 1
The Pottawatomie indisne complain of
the management of their tribal affairs
by Agent John Blair. I
Frontenac claims to be shipping coal
to Great Britain where it is used for spe
cial manufacturing purposes.
At Pittsburg, Saturday, Minnie Tay
lor, the four year old daughter of L. C
Taylor, fell into a cistern and was
The state Sunday school convention
of the Christian ehnrvh met
in Atchison and remained in session
three (lavs.
The Marion county agricultural so
ciety will hold ita fair, on its beautiful
grounds at Peauody, August 20 to 22 in
Whileout hunting yesterday Edward
Fellows, a farmer living near Douglass,
was killed by the accidental discharge
of his gun.
Reports from Wichita shows that the
recent frosts have damaged the peach
crop seriously and the wheat and corn
crops slightly.
Harry Synan, a young society leader J
and railroad man cf I'araona, has been
adiuctaed insane. He imagined that
hewas posessed of a vast capital.
At Pittsburg Saturday an original
package ahop was opened and it did a
rusting business. Last night a mass
meeting ass held at which the mayor
and police force were promised hearty
support in their efforts to suppress
such places.
A. L, Mickle, on trial at Fort Scott
for having robbed the M-, K. k T. safe
in that city on March 30 or fOlfllO, was
acquitted. The railroad company al
leged that Mickle invented tbe robbery
story to cover up embezzlements to that
amount He will now sue the company
for &hfl00 for false imprisonment and
malicious prosecution.
The Animas river is already at a flood
Potato plsnting lias begun about
New and rich strikes in the Kioo
mines are reported.
Boulder's new brick works are turn
ing out 15,000 brick a day.
Prospects are good for wonderful
crops in the vicinity of Lamar.
Holyoke baa recently completed an
addition to tbe city hose house.
Tie printers of Durango are about to
form union and apply for a charter.
The snow ic tbe San Jaun mountains
is beginning to melt and streams to
The Copper King smelter at Trinidad
is being rapidly pushed toward eomple
tion. i..js jji'sr ' '
The farmers about Meeker have about
completed their spring seeding and
work on tbe irrigating ditches has be
gun. The Colorado Springs board of trade
has been holding meetings to consider
tbe location of both tbe soldiers' and
printers' homes soon to be built at that
Dead deer are aaid to be very numer
ous on Piccance creek and tributaries
ia Rio Blanco county, which shows the
past winter to have been unusnally
hard on tha denizens of the forest as
well as hordes and cattle.
From tbe raging impetuosity of the
Rio Grande at Del Norte, it ia highly
probable that tbe bridge across the
river at tha. point will go out before
the water reaches its highest stage.
This will settle the question as to the
erection of the state bridge next fall.
While returning home on Sunday,
says the Meeker AVtra, Commissioner
A. B. Critoblow lost the horse he was
riding near White River City.,, He
tried to ford the river near the old
bridge, and the swift current took both
horse and rider down the stream. The
horse was drown, and Mr. Cr itch low
barely escaped with his own life.
The man O'Brien, says tbe Red Cliff
Comet, who was killed at Rock creek
last week, must hare been of a some
what eocentric character. Hia trunk
arrived a few days after be was killed.
aad whan opened valuables were found
to the amount of tlOJXJO, consisting of
receipts for money deposited ia the
baaka of tbe east lie also owned, ac-
cordnsg to papers found in his posts on,
100 bead of eattle. What motive a man
of hia wealth could have in working on
a railroad grade ia very hard to explain
Hia only relative, a young lady ia New
York, is coming hare to take charge of
the remains aad his effects. .
; Feoru, luL, May 21. Tbe brewery
deal which has been on tbe tapis bore
for several months has been closed. A
foreign eradicate has purchased all the
the ctt. The pries ia
bat it will amount to a
assves KerDsaw,
Boero Mass, May M.-U
wk tbaabaoondiagof Oetwaoa Jewitt,
law lilt of tha Jewitt swbhahisf com
Mat, ft it wow stated that sHnnaca Mat
eaatgaay mm cagltaliaad at f?yK9 oaiy
fciwaaat!yreJta. Cr Daaw
.ast-a-ji'. w
-zt-t: rx a umtraKZ, - tzz.
- - "'erf
jrs- . w '
Washixctor, D. C, May 21 Mr
DunueL, from the committee on the cen
sus, reported a bill to the house this
morning prescribing penalties to any
supervisor or enumerator of the census
who shall receive pay other than his reg
ular compensation from the government
and it was passed. Conferences were
ordered on tlie army appropriation bill
and the military academy bill. A bill
appropriating fttO.OOO for deficiency in
printing and binding was passed and
the house went into committee of the
whole noon the river acd harbor apprjp
riation bill.
Des M0ISK8. I., At an annral meet
ing of the Woman's Christian Temper
ance uniou of H!ai khak county Prof.
Wright of the Iowa state norm:il school
in delivering the opening address
charged Mies Willard with teachi.ig
"souiiilisin and anarchisiu."
At the close of his address a lady in
audience arose and challenged the gen
tleman to produce proof of one sen
tence or one word in which Miss Wil
lard ever taught the doctrines named.
Prof. Wright replied that she recom
mended the rending of Bellismy'e
"Looking Hack word" at the national
convention last fall, whereupon his an
tagonist answered, "If that was a dis
grace the lady had excellent company
in Prof. Swing, Dr. Thomas and other
intellectual lights the country over,"
fter which followed a general co mbat
of words in which Fosterism, Willard
ism and Bellamyism were frequently
Mrs. Mary Hinman, district president
declared that ehe had rather have J.
F.llen Foster's old gown stuffed with
straw at the head of the Women's
Chistian Temperance union of Iowa
than that any other women should
take her place.
A clergyman replied that she had fig
ured as s women of straw at the head
of that society quite long enough. The
convention indorsed Mrs. . Hinman's
preference for the woman of straw by
declarin gt he nisei vea non-partisan.
Mrs. Mary F. Robinson, the lady who
answered Prof. Wright in a letter says:
"Ladies permit me to say that the wo
man of atraw has been with you while
tbe woman herself has spent most of
her time, while acting as president ' of
the Iowa Women's Christian Temper
ance union, in supporting the high
license candidates in New York state
for high license morey." The rupture
in this organization in Iowa is quite
-apy- u. ..
A Gravel True UaUkte.
Pittsbi :ars Pa., May 22. A gravel
train co'lided with the rear of a south
bound freight train near Alltquippa
station, cn tha Pittsburg k Lake Erie
railroad. Engineer Thomas Rogers of
the gravel train jumped from hisengina.
Hia head strtca against the end of a
railroad tie and he was instantly killed.
Conductor Manse and fireman Robinson
who also jumped from the engine, were
seriously injured. Ilobinson may die.
Tbe engine and three ears were wrecked.
A heavy fog waa hanging over the val
ley at the time of the accident
The Next Mas,
New York, May 23. The Herald's
Washington correspondent referring to
tbe brakedown of the Behring sea nego
tiations, says: I urn advised that the
next step in the negotiations will be
discussion and settlement of the details
in connection with the creation of a
joint commission of experts to prepare
and submit to the two governments a
full and particular project as tlie basis
of s treaty by which tbe whole question
can be settled. It is possible that Rus
sia may be directly represented in this
commission of experts, but that is a
matter that has not yet been consid
ered. At all events it ia confidently ex
pected that a treaty can be framed in
time for submission V, the senate imme
diately upon tbe opening of tbe second
session of tbe present congress. Mean
while oommanders of our cruisers will
be enjoined to refrain so far as possible
within their instructions from any con
duct towards Brittish Bailors whom they
meet that they can be made the ocoa
sion of just complaint or resentment
at lb Czar.
Spi"onBU,0,MBy 24. Mr. Wil
liam H. Doaatoa, resident of R'laaia for
thirty years aad prassnt Americas vioe
consul gsmaral at Bt Petersburg, is in
tiiis eity. Ha takes decided issue with
'George Ken nan, whom he calls a sensa
tionalist, girao to . exsgerstioo. Mr.
Duaatoa says tha Bwaian prisons are
aa kBBtanely eoaducted as oar own, tha
prisooen being well treated and well
fad. Tha peoaie of St Petersburg lore
tbaeaar. Tha Idea whieh eeea to pre
vail hers that tha esar aerer appears la
public ttaless ha is awarded by troops is
net a oorreot one. ! With tha empress bs
be asan nearly every day driving threach
the streets wKa only oae soUier oa tbe
eetWiaUMnttvwraaaJIwaotes foot
BMaatr. T 13r. Dwaaton says eoane
warf acaea, wt n i iMii areorted by
Mr. riamaa to Ma leawarai aa aaob-
vkmwmmwtsm as i jssl p
i t t .',t It .4U il
. , r--f. :.i-Am. r-i
is; : H-J t '' t .rr
Knew it Krtarm Hswl.
NawYoiK, Msy 24. The Herald's
Washington special sas that the gov
ernment hud infoi mat iun before the
pressdid about the rumored plot to cap
ture Lower California, und that Inst
Saturday Secretary B'.uine onlered the
criser Charleston to proceed from San
Francisco to the Lower California coast
and instructed theCommander of troops
at San Diego to dispose his command so
as to intoriwpt all persons attempting
to violate the neutrality law by a dem
onstration against Mexico.
A Stroke at IJaWtnies 1"1 It Werk.
Com-mhia, S. C, May 21. During a
thunder storm that passed over Marbo
ro county Wednesday a stroke of light
ning did fatal work. As soon as it l
gan to rain a dubjImv of regroes who
were working in the field took rehigp
under a ahed at the foot of a tree. The
tree was struck and the lightning paus
ing down through the shed. killeilSuiart
Patterson and John Uraim, knocked
two other men senselehs and huruetl
several others.
I.igbleBlac and Fire.
Marios, Indm May 21. -The building
occupied by the flint glass works of this
place was struck by lightening last
night and deetojed by the lire that fol
lowed. The loss is about 10,000.
Wlthunt FouuilalUtn.
Mii.wai KKk. Wis., May 21.-Gavin
Campliell, superintendent of the Wis
onsin Central railroad, last night pro
notinced the report of the railroad acci
dent near Plover, as entirely without
foundation and wns at a loss, he sa:d, to
understand where such a report orig
inated. NenleMYd la 0th.
RotHesTi.R, N. Y, May 2G.-Frank
Fisk, aged twenty-six, who killed Joi n
Callinain at Canondaigua last Jan uary
and who was convicted of murder sen
tenced to die by electricity at the Au
curn state prison during the week be
ginning July 12.
Aa Origin! Pai-fcagc More.
PirrsiiiKo, Pa., May 21. Original
package houses wer open in Apollo and
Leechburg, both local option towns,
this afternoon by an agent for an out
side brewing company. A car load of
beer in packages arrived at Leechburg
at 5 o'clock this evening, and in lees
than two hours the contents of the car
was sold out, and "original packages"
were traveling in all directions. A com
mittee of citizens this evening decided
to enter snit against the agent Monday
for violation of the state liquor laws.
The authorities will also enter suit for
maintaining a nuisance in the borough.
The agent says he will refuse bail if the
eaM decided iaa favor 4s
committee for dimages. Asafeaart of
the industry the streets were filled with
drunken men tonight There is great
excitement. Sentiment is nearly evenly
divided. "
Kaaccled to KmII.
Pasib, May 53. As a consequence of
the charges brought aeainst him in con
nection with his administration of
the affairs of the Credit Foncier, it is
expected that M. Christphele, late gov
ernor of that institution, will tender his
resignation. M. Tirard contradicts the
report that he waa desirous of suc
ceeding M. Christophela. -
A Mm Who Kmbeuled Money Kent la Aid
New York, May 22. George 8. Tur
ner was arrested here last night on a
tele? ram from the chief of police of
Seattle, Washington, charging him with
the larceny of 815.000. It seems that
when Seattle was nearly wiped out by
fire about a year ago the cry for bid
brought thousands of dollars from all
parts of the country, which money was
placed in the hands of aditbursing com
mittee. One of the members of tbe
committer ;as George McCourt who
bad been known as a reputable1 business
man. McCourt met Turner w ho had
started a store, and it i alleged that the
couple united their interests and all
supplying for the McCourt district were
sJd throvgh Turner's store. For every
85 worth sold, a bill for 9105 worth was
given the disbursing committee. These
bills were certified by tbe court and the
twe divided the profits. The total
amount thus abstracted is over tUiftOO.
Investigations caused the indictment of
the two men. McCourt was arretted end
held for trial ia Seattle. Turner fled to
New York. In the Jefferson market po
lice court this morning, Turner refused
to make any reply to the charges and L
was remanded to await tbe arrival of
requisition papers.
Oa Aroraatof a Brabaa WrM.
CovDoa, Ll, May 24. The case of
Chester Li ttel against Dr. F. M. Ever
ett for nprwstice, whieh waa contin
ued from the March term of court ia be
iag heard ia the district court this week.
The ease ia tor llOjOOO dsmages on ao
oount of a broken wrist which waa
treated IS years ago. Littaldaims tha
boae waa not properly set and that i-e a
retail be has lost the use of bia wrist
Tbe work of esewriag a aaaoiel jury has
beea completed aad tha lairing of taati
atoay for tha proasealtoa baa eosa
miaeiJ. Ce ratal ptvsnaneat phyakaaoa
fomaB tarts of the state an araaaat
aaair-art wttaaMsa. Tba aaat la at-
toaaUas m&2ai ratarast oa aw
pat at tW !? mii ef the parties
Tlw l.xtrraor all. a Cpacial Kwaa af Ika
hi air Lra-Ulalarv.
Tha Prorlaiualiaa.
Section 1, article 5, constitution of Ne
braska, reads: "The governor may on
extraordinary occasions couvens the
legislature by proclamation aettingforth
the purpose for which convened, and
the legislature shall enter upon nobusi
ne except tor which they sere called
Whereas, Matters of vital interest to
the people of the state greatly agitating
the public mind constitute, in the judge
ment of the executive, an extraordinary
occasion which justifies, ihe assembling
of the legislat jre, therefore,
I, John M. Thayw, governor of Ne
braska, by virtue of the authority in me
vested by provision of tha constitution,
do hereby issue this, uiy proclamation,
requiring the members of the houses of
the Twenty-first joint assembly of Ne
braska to convene in their respective
halls in the capitol building on Thurs
day, June 5, 10, at 10 o'clock a. ui.,
for the purpose of considering the tak
ing action upon the following named
subjects, and these only:
1. For the purpose of enacting a law
establishing maximum railway freight
rales, and to reneal that section of the
statute creating a state board ef trans
portation. 2. For the purp.iee of considering and
amending our election laws by the
adoption of what is known as the Aus
tralian ballot system.
3. To consider and give expression in
favor of an increase in the volume of
currency and of the free coinage of sil
ver. No other subjects will be 'proposed
for consideration of the legislature at
this special session:
Jons M. Thavft.
By the governor: Bemj. Ckowokry,
Secretary of State.
'otrad I i . I I i '
Chicago, Ilu, Msy 21.-E. C. Walker,
of the brokerage firm of Walker Co.,
whose agent, E. S. Cattell, in St Paul is
said to have disappeared with a large
sum of the firm's money, telegraphed
bia house this mornirg that his short
age would not aggregate more thau KV
000. Tbe telegram also stated that CBt
tell had probably not intentionally dis
appeared, but bad gone off on a deltauch
with kindred spirits, a thing not new to
the social broker. Mr. Walker will re
main in St Paul until all the firm's
customers have been settled with on tbe
basis agreed upon Jty Agent Cattrell
and before he leaves will place a reliable
man in charge oi uie u raui omce.
A Sperlal Tax .
Bkkijh, May 23. It is learned that
thepelicyof Chancellor Von Capri va
comprehends a scheme for levyiug of a
special tax upon German residents in
the country who are ineligible for mili
tary service and upon ti.oso subjects of
the empire who hold their residence
Til rmbrUrrlaa Aaarmblv Oeenptrd with
Hull Koallna BaalaaM.
Takatoga, X. Y.,May 2L -This morn
ings session of the Presbyterian assem
bly was occupied in hearing committee
reports and listening to prosy add ruses.
Tbe reports, with a" single exception,
were promptly adopted without debate.
The assembly displayed more impatience
than at any time since it conveped.
The committee on bills and overtures
reported an overture from the Presby
tery of Philadelphia concerning the cel
ebration ef the fifth eemi-centenninl of
the adoption of the Westminster con
feNsion. Tlie committee recommending
the assembly to refer the matter to the
the pan-Presbyterian coiu.cil when it
meets in 1892. Adopted. Tlie overture
from Presbytery from Olympia aaking
a division of the synod of Columbia and
the organization of a synod at Washing
ton, comprising ths Presbyteries of Ida
ho, Washington, Olympia and Alaska,
approved by tbe committee. The re
port was adopted after a desultory dis
cussion in which it was ahown that the
object of division was because of the
vast territory embraced in tbe synod.
Withjregard to the presbytery of Bis
marck on lotteries, the committee on
reports that the Presbyterian church
denounced tha various influences of lot
teries and all other forms of gambling.
Adopted. The memorial of ministers
and elders in Oklabama asking to be
placed in the Presbytery of Chickasaw.
Tha commit tea was approved. Rsr. IL
& Little, D.D, of Texas read the re
port of the board of borne missions.
- Ml naaasn. .
I rrrMiruu, Pa., Mar 23. The Wad
dell colliery, near tta borough of tbe
Luxene, four miies south of here, baa
been flooded and eleven men who ware
workiag ia tha nuns were shat In for a
time. The floodlag was eaassd by the
breaking of a rift la aa ahaadoaed
working of tbe Grodoak ooiliery. Aa
soon aait was known that tha mine bad
beea enbeaarged aearon was instituted
for tMmiastagSMn. Tha flrat search
waa ntwnnnaaf oi Aaother eatraaoe
perohed upon the kkebeat aoiat ia tbe
mia ware foajMt eight of tha iatarkv
naad atbsaaa, Ibay waraaaSirf gottaa
at AklleUtaraaCia oUara wan
lUlliwaw Hassan Natarw.
Now and then one finds a persoa waa
andentauds railroad human nature, as
exhibited by the jratejnen in the depots.
There orders ale to pa u
I without a ticket and it i the easiest
tUiii' lu the world lor tliem io w ate
back aid age, youth, beauty, sud any.
body else wbo'wsuts to pas in to meet
a Jriend expected on that traiu. One
of the surliest official 1 every saw has
. .wt. iu the L. ' N. depot iu tin-
e . . . . I. hi-
nil 1 nate mx:u
im lure
atifflv away from desperate men, weep
ing women, and howtiujr children. 'In
every proteataliou he had but oue at
Csu't pas 'thout a ticket
The other day while I wa watching
kiut a little blue-eyed woman came
gliding into the throng waiting at the
gate. CM the two tenders he selected
llii oue to operate ou, although any
ue could have seen that the other had
itie biggest heart Aflr everal
pie bait beeu turned away she slid for
ward iu a graceful way and inqi'Wed.
Beg pardon, sir. but aiu 1 apeakiug
lo the President of tbe road."
' N o. uia'aui!'' he slaiumerea.
thrown on hi beam ends by the query
"Ah! you look w much like him.
Are you the guriutiideui?"'
No, ma'am not exactly."
"Then you must be the managtrf'
Hardly, ma'am."
'Dear uie! but bow could the peop'.s
be no mistaken?1 she eut ou. "Ii!f
a dozen of thera said you were oae of
the high officials, ami 1 am so disap
pointed to liud you are not. I'erhap.
thougli. you ba'e tho general mana
gers powers wheu he U uot here."
"W hat U it, nia'ara?"
"My sister w ill be in on the 6:30, and
I so want lo go inside tbe gatvs and
help her with the children. As yov.
nuit have ibe authority of the manager
iu his absence, I make bold to"
"Certainly, uia'aiu; walk light ia."
be interrupted.
"You are so kind."
"Don't niciitiou iL"
"But all leading railroad men arj
ever courteous," she said as a parting
bit of taffy, sud then she made a beeliue
down the depot .
"We turned to look at the gateman,
and the change wa surprising, lis
had braced up until his height was in
creased by four inches, hi chest was
'brown out and hu was standing as
tiff as a crowbar while a man pound
ed him on the huck and offered to lick
the stuffing out of him if he would
come off this perch. The little wouiau
of all had found his weak spot X
Huh. "
Bargaining In Algiers.
Ton select vcur goods with slow de
liberation, pile them together casually
in a little heap, eye them aikance with
an inquiring glance, and take a con
templative pull or two at the inspiring
weed in solemn silence, says a writer
In tha Gentleman's Magazine. Mo
hammed Ali responds with a puff from
his cigarette in grave concert Then
voa walk otce or t fe up and dowa
4iss slowly, aufSattafyout
la4 with careless ease la the direwoa
a .
af rear selected pile, yoa Inquire, aa if
for abstract reasons merely, in an off
aaad tone, your Moslem friend's lowest
cash quotation for the lot as it stands.
Two hundred francs is the smallest
price. Mohammed Ali paid far more
than that himself for them. He sells
imply for occupation it would seem.
Look at Ihe work, monsieur. All
graven brass, not mere repouMe metal,'
or real old chain-stitch, alike on both
sides none of your wre'.ched, common-place,
modern, machine-made em
broidery. You smile Incredulously, and remark
with a wise nod that your Moslem
friend must surely lie in error. A mis
take of the press. For 200 franc read
10 francs.
Mohammed Ali aMomei an expres
sive altitude of virtuous indignation
and resumes his tobacco. Fifty francs
for all that lotl Monsieur jests, lie
hows 'jiruself a very poor judge, in
deed, of values.
Half an hour's debate and ten suc
cessive abatements reduce the lot at
last to a fait average price of 70 francs.
Monamuied Ali declares you have rob
bed him of his profit, and pockets hi
cash with inarticulate grumbling in
the Arab tongue. Next day you see in
the Kue Bab-Auoun that you have paid
tiiiu at least 30 francs too muck for
four supposed bargain. ,
Statistics as to Hancbbacks.
Ten years ago a remarkable cliarae
tar died in Paris. He was known all
over France and the greater part of all
Europe as "The Learned Hunchback."
He was rery wealthy, and (peat a mint
of money in the last fifty year of his
life, traveling In all direction mak
ing reiearche concerning bis hunch
backed brethren. It was in the mild
er portions of Europe that ha found
tha misfortune tbe most prevalent
Spain supplied the greater number, and
in a circumscribed locality at the foot
of tha Sierra Morena ba found that
there was one humpbacked person to
every thirteen Inhabitants. They wera
aiso found to be qnite numerous la tha
valley of tbe Loire ia France. Tbe lit
tle humpbacked tatistician cacae to
the conclusion that thera waa one
humpback in every 1,000 inhabitants,
or aa aggregate of 1,000,000 against the
estimated thousand million ef the en
tire eartk. v ...
After tbe death of this eeeeatrlo !
dividual hie hairs found la place af a
will rolnminooa manuscript of 1000
p-fas. all ranenniaf hnmpe. Tha
i-K page, elthosgh it said aotblag
bout ths disposJtioa af prtpr7, a
ptMBwi tbe aataor-M wtob U bare
hamp of marMs raiseu mm bit grave, .
with Utk (ascription: "Here lie m.
kampback who bad a taste for haataa,
aad who knew mora about them Uaa
aay ether asjnpbaok."
Mwfc tmrmmf,
la IHockbridxa tawBtkla, Mlata,
ft hungry hawk swooped down mimt
bM to drira klat awtj, bat falKtt
elo aa apa away, nmittmhm moC" 'f
wsrsMiwiftM caoa Of
MarctscinMlsa i
TVa CaBso ta fca ctaa to asO
aiCOaw4saala(awWia bat
rtlMKtnisi Urn basa mwtii
ta Iqr 12a awfvral waa t