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    V ' V. v-V.. -- L, JKtihSUUJ,,
The Sioux County
VOL. 2.
ETO. 37.
r in v mitmummctmur iff rr
KIimim A htttfim, . Proprietor.
T. F. M. V B. B. Thn M.
Joln WeU Oolnir Et.
go. l, pw-igr, B Sl I No. n, nnwu-nirer,
Mo. a, f relrht,.!l ;SS j So. 84, freight, i:04
Cam per bnndred ... 75
OhU per htlndre4 . 1 3
Miort per bund red ft 75
R run per hundred .. 7s
Fed chopped -i-r hundred I--. 1 00
PoUtoeit per hundred t . 1 an
Batter per 10
per doi )0
Poultry per doz 1 75 & S 00
Onion per tt,
Ben per
8 M
16 00 per ton...,
Wood per cord .
Lumber native per tti. ft
WCorreeted every Thursday.
Paints and oils at the drug store.
For rent Ttie North-western hotel.
Feed and grain for sale at Smith
Bros, livery barn.
Harness made to order out of No, 1,
oak leather, at Cunningham's.
All indebted to James Slattery are
requested to call and settle at once,
Call and ee the complete line of har
ness saddles, whips, lap-dusters, etc. at
the harness shop.
If you want the very hest terms on
farm loans, go to the Rank of Harrison
lief ore making application elsewhere.
We have a few clocks for sale cheap.
Call soon at the drug store and get one.
VV. O. Patterson has buiU an addi
tion to his residence in the west part of
A. Hasselquist has commenced the
erection of a house on his land a few
miles west of town.
County Clerk Lindeman and Banker
Holmes are improving their residence
property in the west part of town by
building picket fences.
Judge Barker has purchased the lot
north of the one occupied by E. M. Car
rier's blacksmith shop ard has had the
house moved from his farm and placed
Almost every evening those who en
joy ball playing have a little sport In
that line. Why would it not be a good
plan JftAntage andh&va a mine in
cated at the residence of County Com
missioner Green, is now doing business,
the mail being carried from this place
once a week.
Crops of all kinds are booming.
Now tell your friends to come to Sioux
County and see what a nice country it is.
No opportunity should be lost to induce
new settlers to come here.
II. A. Priddy has the new house on
his farm well under way and it will not
be long until he will have it ready to lie
occupied. Thus is the country in this
locality being improved right along.
The farmers all report the prosiects
for a good crop as flue as could be asked
for. Sioux county is coming to the
front this year. Now is the time to tell
your friends in the east to come here
end see the country.
The Montrose alliance is called to
ir.eet at the Montrose school house, on
Saturday, June 7, 1890, at 3 o'clock p.
ni. AH members are urged to attend
and all desiring to join should present
themselves at that time. By order of
the secretary.
Geo. Iluckman and John Messing,
of Indian Creek, were in Harrison yes
terday and made a (short call at our of
fice. They report crops looking fine in
their locality, some of the corn leing
big enough to plow. They took out
over a ton of wire to use for fencing,
which indicates prosperity.
On last Monday a replevin suit was
tried before the county court. Edward
Schwarz having replevined a calf from
P. J. Northiies. The court found the
"ownership of the animal vested in the
plaint ;ir, Bchwurz. W. G. Purdoe, of
Crawford, represented Northness, and
II. T. Couley a p -eared for Schwarz.
A son of W. H, Green had a narrow
escape the first of the week. He was
running a disc harrow on S. II. Jone's
farm, northwest of town, having four
(horses attached. The horses got fright
ened and became unmanageable and
started to run, throwing the boy directly
in front of the machine. Fortunately
just at that time the long eveuer broke,
freeing the horses from their load and
the lad escaped unharmed.
It is reported that the village has a
floating indebtedness of between $800 and
1,000, besides the water bonds. It is al
so stated that no report has ever been
published showing what the money re-
ttv-d from the bonds, was used for. It
Would be in order for the village board . would last for ten years. If a saving or
H$ comply with the law and publish a nearly the whole amount in one year
tjatcnwnt showing just what lias been vn be made by tlie investment of 4:100,
motived, from whom and to whom and Lnd the public be equally well, or bet
fot what It bo been paid, and also to ter supplied with water, it would be
show tbe tire sent financial condition,
M sooner Che tnyntwy connected with
(the village finances m cleared up the tyst-
Acr it win n lor all inureow.
Ut M
For farm loans go to 8. H. Jones.
For mixed paints, oils and varniklies
go to the drug store.
The Elkhorn will sell tickets at one
fare for the round trip for Lecoration
We want a large number of people
to take advantage rf our new clubbing
A wedding is to ocur in this place
to-day, but as we go to press it is too
early to report it
T. O. Williams is putting down a
well for Win. C. O'Conner on his place
southwest of town.
Bids to run the pump and furnish
fuel must be filed at W. R. Smith's
store on or before next Monday.
O. II. Turner has his new store al
most ready for oociiancy and will move
his stock of goods into it in a few days.
By taking advantage of our new
clubbing oiler you can get a large
amount of good reading for a small
amount of cash.
The two men who came here with
Mr. Stastney ha ve each secured a piece
of land a few miles from town, and art
busy making improvements thereon.
The covering over the old town well
has been caving in some of late. This is
a mutter thai tthoiild have careful
guarding, as an accident may occur
whereby the village would be in for a
damage suit.
The prediction by tho IlriUd that
the county attorney suit in the supreme
court would he settled by last Tuesday,
was not fultllled. The case has lieen ar
gue! and submitted, but when court
convened on Tuesday no decisions were
handed down.
Grant Guthrie received a telegram
on Wednesday announcing the death of
his sister, Mrs. C T. Brady, at Crete,
Neb. He leaves for that place
this evening to attend the funeral,
which will occur on Saturday. The sad
news was quite a shock to Mr.. Guthrie,
as the telegram was the first, informa
tion that he had that his sister had been
Yesterday the supply of water ran
out and the chairman of the village
board said there was no wood and no
money with which to purchase any. E.
M. Carrier rustled around and collected
enough woiMty to purchabe some fuel,
and. went owa and tired tip. , J
show some indications that they were
going to get the finances of the town in
shape. A statement of the finances
would lie a good start.
It will be seen by the proceedings of
the commissioners which appear in an
other column, that un expert is to be
employed to go through the county rec
ords and see who lias got more of the
public money, than they were entitled to.
it will soon be known just who of the
old ottlcers where boodlers and to what
extent and as soon as tliat is learned ac
tive stops should be taken to recover all
that can be civilly and if any have bled
the county by criminal acts, they should
lie made to feel the power of the law.
A petition is being circulated for the
establishment of a mail route starting
at Hemingford, Box Butte county, and
connecting with Lawn, Canton and Roy
ville postoflices and terminating at Har
rison. This is an excellent move for the
postal advantages of the settlors in the
south part of this county are very mea
ger, At present mail addressed to some
of the settlers of Sioux county has to go
either to Fremont or Grand Island, then
west on the U. P. to Kimball and from
there taken by stage aliout seveuty-flve
miles north. If a route can lie estab-'
lislied connecting these people with the
county seat it will be greatly appreci
ated. It is reported that the boiler used at
the pumping station is in bad shajw nnd
will have to be handled with care and
also be repaired some in the near future
in order to do its work proerly. Some
of our jM'ople have been investigating a
Kills and it is found that a windmill can
be put up at th well for $:i00.00 cash,
guaranteed to pump 500 barrels a week
into the reservoirs now in use and par
tially constructed in the town. That is
hut little more than it would cost for
fuel and a man to run the steam ar
rangement, and the boiler could lie kept
as a reserve in case anything should get
wrong with tho wind engine. The use
of a windmill would do away with the
paying an engineer and the expense for
fuel, as it would need little care except
to be oiled occasionally. It ( cost last
year about $16 a month for running the
pump, and since Jan. 1st it has cost
ntarly 97 a month for fuel. To use a
windmill and save the two items men
tioned above, would almost pay for the
windmill, and with proper care a mill
j good policy to make the investment.
iX is to be hoped that the village board
wui idvwukuw lira maiwr ueiure nwy
make ixuVruvUi tor fuel and operating
Montrose Items.
Benntiful May!
Weather cool and pleasant.
(xrn is coming up nicely and the
hopes are that it will make a good crop.
Small grain is just a booming and is
screwing in fine shape. The weather be
ing cool and the ground moist gives it a
first class chance for stool ing out finely
and if nothing serious turns up will
rive a rousing crop and make the grang
ers feel happy n e more. s .
Turning over the virgin soil seems to
lie the order of the day at present. Tbe
granger still seem to have faith in
Sioux county soil.
The proof of the pudding is tle eatiag
and judging by that County Treasurer
Gayhart seems to think more of granger
ing than he does of the county treasiir
ership as he has for the pawt "few weeks
been busy putting in his crops and at
present is turning over the sod in great
shade. No objections, but the delin
quents ought to be looked after, just th
same, since the bonds failed to carry
and the county is Iiadly in debt. Mr,
treasurer you war.t to look a little out.
How is the tax business, anyhow?
Hope it will not be as hard on us the
coming year as in the post.
Corn is still only B.T cents per hundred
at I avid Anderson's, at the circle ba
ranch. '
John A. Peters purchased a couple of
first-class cows of Peter Hansen, for $55.
The price of cattle seems to lie improv
ing' t
1 decoration Pay will be observed at
Vronian's Ranch, near Collins. All are
invited to attend.
Ho, for the 4th and where are the peo-.
pie of Moutrose going to celebrate it?
'an we not have some kind of a time in
this neighlmrhnod? Think it over neigh-;
liors and start the bull a-rolling.
Thunder and lightning and lots of
rain on Tlimd ty, tiw 2'J.l, and a few hail
stones mixed in, but not enough to do
my damage.
D. P. LtTFV. :
Buggy Sews. j
This fair weather is good for corn and
ve have rain enough for all crops.
W. Southworth has laid bis lister by
for this season. . ,
wMHN!iiw oiiWtuWsi Pi'rTf ffou wro
W. H. Price ha.s turned the Boggy up
liillj) and irrigating his garden, and
hatching out chicks by the dozen with
the aid of a kerosene lump.
Mr. Higgens is hauling logs with his
oxen to the Rand's saw mill. We have
lots of good lumber now as the two
mills are running.
Mr. Kent ia very busy weeding his on
ions. Corn is coming up nice. I have some
that came through the ground the tenth
day after it was planted.
All gardens are good.
Wheat and oats are looking good. I
never saw small grain look better this
time of the year and think a big crop is
The 4th of July is coming and as Har
rison has had the three past celebrations
the valley ought to have the fourth one.
Let it Iw held at some convenient place,
say on Hat Creek.
The school picnic passed off nicely and
the children enjoyed themselves finely
at climbing the buttes and other vigor
ous sports.
John Serres is visiting every granger
and finding out how much they are
worth and if they are living.
Pat Murphy is hauling lumber to
build a barn.
C, F, Coffee is hauling himlier from
the mills to build a cattle shed.
Judy Hunter can 1k seen on the prai
rie herding cattle any day. He makes a
number one cow puncher.
Jerry Bowser is breaking the sod.
Wild West.
From White River.
Mr. Pullman has built a new house
on his claim and is having a well drilled.
S. V. Kemp and A. E. Gates have
finished planting corn.
Jo Decker has enlarged his pasture.
Abe Mcintosh has moved on the Free
man place.
Jewett's sawmill has been moved to
the Black Hills.
W. J. Miller is doing a lot of breaking
on his homestead.
We hope those who worked so hard
against the bonds will take Occasion to
pay theif back taxes.
Jo Decker has completed the assess
ment of this product.
Mr, Frye is having a well drilled on
his place, W,
From the reKrts which come in of
the amount of breaking being done it is
saTe to predict that there w ill be double
tins acreage under cultivation in Sioux
county next year that then) is this. It h
estHiiutted that the acreagu under cul
tivation this year ia 8,000, so that Sioux
county will nava a crop ia 181)1 of not
law tbaa 11,03.
W. G. Pardee, county attorney of
Pawes county, was in Harrison Monday
on legal business and -ailed at Thk Jotn
NAJ. oflire.
J. B. Bradley was in Harrison on Mon
day and reported that cros of all kinds
are looking fine in his locality.
Rev. L F. Lusk was at Whitney Sun
day filling an appointment at the quar
terly meeting, the presiding elder lieing
unable to be present.
C. E, Myers, of Montrose, was in Har
rison on Monday and made a pleasant
call at this office.
Mr. Scott, father of James and Charles,
accompanied by a nephew, arrived in
Harrison Tuesday from Illinois.
Deputy Sheriff I'ecker was up from
White river on Tuesday,
G. A. Walker and Geo. Todd, of Sheep
-reek precinct, were in Harrison on
j Tuesday and called at our oflire.
H. A. Cunningham returned on Wed
nesday from his trip down the road.
Commissioner Green waa in Harrison
on Wednesday.
Robl. Parish came up from the sand
hills on Tuesday to hold down his home
stead for a few days.
Couuty Surveyor Pew left Friday
evening for Lincoln to copy the origina
field notes in the state, record.
John.Ricedorff was in Harrison on Sat
urday and made a pleasant call at this
It has teen suggested that a good
time for the stock-owners of the north
part of the county to organize to pro
tect themselves from horse thieves,
would lie on Saturday, June 7th, at
Montrose. The alliance is called to meet
there on that date and an organization
to protect each other from loss by horse
thieves can lie effected at tho same time.
A good organization of the farmers will
soon put a stop to the loss of horses, for
not even a horse-thief cares to get into
the hands of a lot of angry farmers, for
'tjvy are not noted for lieing very nierci
ul under such circumstances,
f It will be remembered that about
Jan. 1, 1800, the was a dearth of water
mifrt eTariuin ami a ilia fiHUu-fu ttnfl lwn
. , . .
nas in the village treasury with WBWflT
to purchase wood, the outlook was not
very bright. G. H. Turner took hold of
the matter, stating that he would see
that wood was furnished until spring.
He circulated a paper and got 19.05
subscribed, all but 50 cents of which
has been paid in. In addition to that
three loads of wood were subscribed and
hauled. During the time lietvveen Jan.
1st and this date Mr. Turner has had
thirteen loads of wood hauled, at two
dollars a load and he also paid one dol
lar for having the lead pipe repaired.
This shows that Mr. Turner has received
118.55 and has paid out $27.00. He
therefore has paid out of his own pocket,
in addition to his subscription of one
dollar, $8.45. That the town has been
benefitted by the action of Mr. Turner in
this rnattt'r there is no question and now
it would be no more than justice for the
village trustees to re imburse him to the
amount he has paid more than his
10256. 110135.
Will make the season of 1890 at my
place oq War bonnet creek, 8 miles west
of O. F. Coffee's, except Fridays and Sat
urdays w hen he will stand at Montrose.
Rescript inn anil Pedigree. Barharin is
a bluck-gray ; star in forehead; foaled
March 2i, 1H0; imported 1H8; weight
1,800 lbs. Bred by M. Lorchene, loin
mum; of Coiilognes les Sublons, Le
piirtment of One. Gut by Kouillard
10!, he by Favori, belonging to M.
TERMS-? 16 to in
sure with foal.
uue and piiyublo when tbe mare is
known to be with foul or upon her re
moval from the county or change of
Cure will be tnkon to proeont agcldeilti
bat I will be retpousibUi for nouo.
A. W, M0HR, Owiw,
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