The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, April 10, 1890, Image 1

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ll The Sioux County Journal
VOL. 2.
H-AIRISOItsr, KEB, .A.PR,IX lO, 1890.
(V- .
KinintonN A Patterson, lYoprieloiN.
F. E.4 M.VB.R. Time tub...
o1iik Went. IjOing Ka-)t.
So. ("I, pawnirer, R :SI I No. 92, pa-aenwr, :.)
Ko. IB. frclKhl, 11 M I No. M, irpgbt,..-0
Com per hnnflrd J , &
Ota ppr htinilrivl .. in
Short per hunrtred ti . '5
Bran rT hundred 1ti.. 75
Feed chopped per hundred S 100
I'olHtoPn per hundred t 1 Do
Butter per 1h . gn
Eff-per do . 10
I'oultry-per do 1 .5 0. S 00
Onions per t... 4
K, hub per 4
'onl per ton . . 4 60
Wood per cord S 60
Lumber native per ni. ft )SW
lYrreetel every Thursday.
Fresh pies at the restaurant.
Paints and oils at the drug- store.
Corn at 50 cents a hundred at Turn
er's. Farms bought and sold by S. II.
Oo to Dr. Clary .Chadron, to get your
eyes, ears and throat treated.
We have a few clocks for wile cheap.
Call soon at the drug store and get one.
During the high wind Monday night,
the chimney on C. II. Weller's building
was blown down.
fro to Dr. Clary, socialist in eye, ear
and Throat diseases. Oilice in Ceutral
Block, Chadron, Neb.
If you need anything in the way of
Eye, Ear or Throat treatment, go to lr.
Clary, specialist, Chadron, Neb.
If you want the very liest terms on
farm loans, go to the Bank' of Harrison
liefore making application elsewhere.
We have added a full line of window
glass to our stock. Call and get prices.
Oribwoij) &
The church services at the South
worth school house have been postponed
from the 13th to the 20 inst. All are in
vited to Iw present at the latter date.
E. A. Weir is liaving a large portion
of his farm just east of town fenced, and
will put down a well and erect a wind-
the sture.
The entertainment recently given by
the boys, was so well received tliat they
liave determined to give another of a
similar character on the 30th. The pro
gram will be given later.
The cold wave came down from the
northwest on Monday night and quite a
quantity of snow fell and the high wind
proceeded to toss it about in great shape,
but spring is again with us.
From the way some of the gang
kick about the remarks made by the
.iournai, last week relative to the village
election, one would infer that such re
marks struck close to them.
Some of the boys have been practic
ing on brass instruments of late. Why
not reorganize the band and practice for
a purpose. The instruments are in the
town and there is plenty of musical tal
ent. In the qno warranto case in the Su
preme court of Hull vs. Walker, the
motion of Walker to dismiss, was over
ruled and he will file an answer. The
contestants have agreed upon W. H.
Fanning, of Crawford as referee and tes
timony will be taken before him at some
date in the near future.
A new post-office has been established
in Sioux county, at the residence of
Commissioner Green, in Running Water
precinct, with Mrs. Green as postmis
tress. The office was established through
the efforts of Senator Manderson, and
will be duly appreciated by the settlers
in that locality. In the past, they have
bid to go about thirty miles to get mail.
This is the second post-office in the south
part of the county within a few weeks.
TTne arrangements are about com
pleted to get the debt which lias been
hanging over tlie M. E. church so long
fixed up. A loan has been negotiated so
that the organization will have a much
better footing. In this matter, Rev.
Lusk has been very diligent and has had
a good many difficulties to overcome,
but he has succeeded, wit. tlie aid of
Chaplain, of New York, and his
efforts should be appreciated by all in
terested in the welfare of the church.
Quarterly meeting will occur two weeks
from next Sunday, April, 27th.
It appears that Sioux county has
never been supplied with the necessary
government field notes and plats to en
able the surveyor to establish a legal cor
ner. This puts matters in rather a had
shape for all the surveying that has been
done will have to be done again after the
proper plats have been secured, so as to
verify the location of the corners. The
county board will no doubt be called up
on to get the documents as the boundar
ies of real estate are of too much import
ance to be permitted to remain in uncertainty.
For farm loans go to S. 1L Jones.
Meats at all hours at the restaurant.
Good flour at 90 cents a au k at Turn
er's. IS pounds prunes for one dollar at
14 pounds dried apples for one dollar
al Turner's.
Any kind of cake desired made at
the restaurant
For mixed paints, oils and varnishes
go to the drug store.
Rememlier the school meeting
Thursday afternoon.
When you want a nice clock call on
Griswold & Marsteller.
A good breaking plow for sale. In
quire at Tim Joiknal office.
12 K)unds granulated or 14 pounds
C sugar for one dollar at Turner's.
Special BakiS Friday, Id a. m.
Jelly buns, 15 Cents per dozen, at the
Mrs. J. A Snyder has received a nice
stock of fancy goods and notions which
she is selling very cheap.
When you want a farm wagon,
plow, harrow, or anything else in the
implement line call on Griswold & Mar
steller. We have the biggest stock of hard
ware, implements and furniture ever
shown in Sioux county. Come in and
look us over. Giuswoij) &
H. A. Cunningham is about to es
tablish a harness shop at Harrison. The
people of Sioux eollnty will lir.d Mr.
Cunningham an agreeable gentleman to
do business with. Iiimhrille Sun.
Harness Shop. I will, within the
next thirty days, open a first-class har
ness shop in Harrison anil endeavor to
give you satisfaction in work and stock.
Soliciting your patronage, I remain
H. A.. Cunningham.
A good many entries for land are
being contested in Sioux county. It is
rejwted that numerous entries have
leen made in fictitious names, so that
money could be obtained for the relin
quishment, but the settlers are investi
gating such mutters and securing rights
by contesting.
In a private letter to one of our cit
izens, Judge Kinkaid stated that he
would he in Harrison on next Monday
morning so as to be ready to open court
bime A.fMl.lTnuaiy
terested should lie sure to be present by
9 o'clock a. m. on Tuesday so that the
business of the court need not be d"layed.
During the past week tfie journal
otllce has been unusually crowded with
job work ami we have been obliged to
devote a part of the time needed on the
paper to job work in order to meet the
demands of our patrons. This oilice is
rapidly gaining a reputation for doing
first class job printing of all kinds and
we hope to continue to merit a literal
patronage in this line. Come and see us
when in need of any thing in this line.
The minstrel entertainment on last
Thursday evening was a decided success
in every respect. There was a large
attendance and a great deal of fun. The
jokes and hits were given and received
in the best of humor. Those who took
part feel well satisfied with the result
and those who attended express them
selves as well repaid. The music by the
Harrison orchestra added to the pleasure
of the evening. After the close of the
minstrel performance, dancing was in
order and kept up until a late hour,
The arrangement of the railroads to
ship In grain for seed and feed for the
settlers in the new counties free of
freight, Is being taken advantage of by a
great many of the farmers. When they
can get corn for fifteen or sixteen cents,
it proves a great saving to them, and
the liberality of the railroads will be
duly appreciated by them. The same
thing is being done for the farmes of
Dawes, Box Butte and other counties
which are just being settled. The pros
pects are that it will not be necessary to
ship grain into Sioux county for the in
dications are that a good crop will be
harvested at harvest time.
A few days ago, an execution was
issued by H. Merri field, justice of the
peace, against George Walker to satisfy
a judgement of about H0. The papers
were placed in the hands of Constable
Columbia of Bodarc precinct, and he pro
ceeded to the residence of Mr. Walker
and took something over fifty head of
cattle and a span of horses. It appears
that the stock belonged to Mrs. Walker,
the brand being registered and adver
tized to that effect Mrs. Walker reple
vined the stock in an action begun in the
district court and Sheriff Reidy took the
cattle and returned them to the owner.
It looks as if this was another plan of
tlie gang to harass County Attorney
Walker for no other apparent reason
than to keep him in hot water so as to
prevent his giving his attention to his
official duties. It is a queer proceeding
that the property of one person should
be taken to pay the debts of another and
it is pretty apt to become interesting for
the officer who did the work, unless he
is protected by a good indemnity bond.
Weir & Co. received an immense in
voice of thread a few days ago.
Tlie residence property of County
Clerk Lindeman is being painted in nice
A nev girl arrived at the home of
O. A. Garten last week. Everythiner is
booming in Sioux county.
E. A. Bigelow reports the arrival of
a boy at his home a few days ago. Thus
Is tlie county becoming populated.
Let every one see how many new-
settlers they can induce to come to
Sioux county between now and Janu
ary 1, 1891.
Andrew Procunier, of Little Cotton
wood has become tired of bachelor life,
and lias taken unto himself a wife. His
friends wish him much happiness;
On account of the storm on Tuesday
the mail from Montrose did not arrive at
Harrison until lute and did not start on
the return trip until Wednesday morn
ing. It is reported that the war on White
River has again broken out lietween the
Shay and Mason families. It is to be
loped that ah end will come to these dif
ficulties after a while.
J. B. Bradley Was in Harrison on
Saturday. He says he has his wheat all
in and tlie ground is in excellent condi
tion, so that it will take but a few days
for the grain to sprout.
A boiler formerly in use at Fort Lara
mie was taken to Fort Robinson, pass
ing through here the first of tlie week.
The men in charge of it report it a hard
thing to haul across the country.
While in Omaha a short lime ago
Deputy CoUnly Treasurer S. H. Jones
tried the civil service examination and
the reort from Washington stiites that
he passed a satisfactory examination.
Mr. Jones did not do this with the expec
tation of securing appointment, but sim
ply to see what the examination was,
but should he lie appointed to a position
the government would secure a good
man. .
H. T. Merriam was In Harrison on
Monday and called at our office, He re
ports that his vJheat is up and growing
nicely. Mr. Merriam is one of the best
gardeners and small fruit growers in the
norths, t' sad -fcsa i -sees, nsritty
fruit already started. ' He says they are
all doing finely and tliat ho believes
strawberries will do exceedingly well in
this locality,
Every one who has mentioned the
subject of county finances to us, express
themselves in favor of getting on a cash
basis as soon as possible, and all recog
nize that the only way to do that is to
vote bonds enough to pay olf the float
ing debt of the county. If it can be done
prior to the time of making the levy
there is no reason why a reduction in the
levy could not be mode. It would be a
good plan if the taxpayers would get up
petitions asking the county commission
ers to submit a bond proposition at once,
large enough to pay off all outstanding
indebtedness at the time of issuing the
bonds. Then the matter could be settled
and when the levy is made it can be
made as low as the actual needs of the
county demand.
Tlie county commissioners will meet
to-morrow (Friday) for the transaction
of county business. County Attorney
Walker has been devoting considerable
time to getting his report ready. The
report will not be complete, but will
show that a large amount of county
funds have been misappropriated, and
will place the commissioners in posses
sion of facts which will enable them to
give him further instructions. It iw
quite evident that it will be necessary to
employ an expert in order to get the
matter settled so that it will be satisfac
tory to the people. As it is now the
people cannot know just how the mat
ter stands, or how much they have been
defrauded out of by unscrupulous offi
cials and hangers-on. It is quite likely
that there will be some prosecutions
For a number of years I have been
subject to violent attacks of inflamma
tory rheumatism which generally lasted
about two months. On the first of this
month 1 was attacked in the knee and
suffered severely for two days, when I
procured a bottle of Cliamberlain's Pain
Balm and 'it relieved me almost instant
ly. I thrrefore most cheerfully recom
mend it to those who are similarly af
flicted everywhere. R. D. Whitley,
Martindale, N. C, Feb., 1888. Mr.
Whitley is a very prominent man in this
place and his disease was very widely
known as he suffered such severe pain.
W. M. Houston & Co., Merchants,
Martinsdale, N. C. 50 cent bottles for
sale by C. II. Andrews.
Remember The Journal clubs with
almost any paper in tlie United States
and when you want anything in the line
of papers or periodicals call and see us
and we can save you some money.
J. F. Cook is in town to-day.
F. M. Procunier is doing business at
the county seat to-day.
Mrs. MaiLachlan and Miss Bessie
Sands, mother and neice ot II. W. Ma
Lachlan, arrived front Chicago Sri
Wednesday to visit J. H. Cook and faflv
ily at the Agate Springs stock farm.
Henry C. Roush and J. H. Elbert went
to Chadron last evening to attend U
business at the land office.
L. Geilach visited the Agate Springs
stock farm of J. II. Cook last week.
He says the stock of fine horses and cat
tle as well as the improvements on the
farm are a credit to Sioux count'.
County Clerk Lindeman is in Chadron
today making final proof. On acf otihi
of his official position he has to go to the
land office to make proof.
I. B. Hendrix arrived on Tuesday
from a visit to his old home in Missouri.
He had not lieen there for thirteen years.
H. T. Conley has been on the sick list
most of the past week but is now able to
attend to business.
, Hon. W. H. McCann, register of the
Chadron land office spent a few days in
Sioux county during the past week, and
on Saturday called at our office. He is
a pleasaut geatleman to- meet and ex
pressed a belief that this county would
develope rapidly in the near future.
Jas. Slattery, the popular landlord of
the North-western hotel, made a trip to
Alliance and other points last week.
Mrs. Homer Priddy returned from her
visit to Iowa this morning.
E. M. Carrier is happy as his wife and
son returned from their visit to Iowa
Mrs. I). M. Sutton arrived on Wednes
day from her visit to Iowui
lion. E. Mclntyre, a capitalist of Sew
ard, an old acquaintance of H. T. Conley
and L. J. Simmons, arrived in Harrison
yesterday morning to look after import
ant business. Mr. Mclntyre expresses
the opinion that there is a bright future
for Sioux county, and as he has been a
member of the state board of agriculture
rer since its organization, and watched
asT-ewtt-ffa. T -
terests of the state, he can sjieak intelli
gently on the subject,
And the
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t - a - - .'IWj!! ' i&p&$3
Reasonable Terms
Reidy &
Not suits In court, but nice, new dress suits to wear on Sundays, week
days, holidays and other days. Suits to fit you and suits to fit me.
Long suits, short suits, narrow suits and wide suits. We
have a good line of clothing which will be sold
very, very cheap. Would like to have all
the men on earth (but more espec
ially those in Sioux coun
ty,) to come and
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stock of dry
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Ob no lndeadl