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    ioux County Journal
vox,, a.
HA.E,ISOlNr, USTEIB., APBIL 3, 1890.
Simmons A Patterson,
F. F. v. V j. K. Tir"p
Going Wst. iiia; Kn .t.
No. H, iw"iitr, :SI No. W, piK.T,
No. OS. freight, 1 1 :35 j 'Jo. freight i:OA
Corn pr hii"iii"l .
Oots p r hinfl--o4 "S
Short- per hu-iilrrfl V,
Bran r hii'i!n(l
red rhopix"! pi-r ha .'Ircl T
IotHtop4 per liuieire i
Tiutl.'r ;icr 1h .
EKPTi pi'r iloz .
M '
1 or
1 on
roiiltrj- por flo ... 1 75 W 3 00
Onions :vr 4
4 Wl
Bentm p 'r t
("oul per Irtii
Wood per ronl ,
Lumber native pi-r in. ft
.Correct ! every Thursday.
3 w
The minstrel; to-night.
Fresh pies at the restaurant.
Taints arid oils at the drug store.
Corn at 50 tents a hundred at Turn
er's. Farms bought and sold hy S. II.
Ilark! Did we hear some 0110 say
To the other 19 traitors "We 5
there, didn't we?"
-Oo to Dr. Clary .Chadron. to get your j
(eyes, ears and throat treat!.
-We have a few docks for sale cheap.
Call soon at the drug store and get. one.
. . , ' , . ., .,, .
The lioys dei dare that thev will give I
,, , . i , . , , ' . ;
the best entertainment of the season this 1
"Who is it that desires hy mutual
Concessions to let the light. drop ':" "On
ly us eight!'
Oo to Dr. Clary, specialist in eye, car
nod Throat diseases. Office in Central
Block, Chadron, Neb.
W. R's. desire for olilce overcame
his love for the truth and he fell and
great (?) was the fall thereof.
If you need anything in the way of
Eye, Ear or Throat treatment, go to Dr.
Clary, specialist, Chadron, Neb.
If you want the very best terms on
farm loans, go to the Hank of Harrison
before making application elsewhere.
Get your loans from IT. T. Conley
and avoid the red tape incident to pro
curing loans through loan companies.
We have added a full lino of window
glass to our stock. Call and get prices.
Who called the mass meeting of cit
izens which nominated a ticket in the
interest of harmony? "Only us eight."
The Northwestern hotel s, always !
takes goixl care of its guests. A trial j
will satisfy you that that is the place to j
stop. j
In nnnfher column nnrwEtl-ki a cn I i iiv
., . , . , .. , 'is no way for the atlairs of the public, to
the county clerk for a meeting of the , ' . ,, 1 ,
, , . , . . r, . lie conducted sntisfactonally unless the
board of county commissioners on Fn-i , ,. ,
j inn rt .1 . ' public take an interest in the work,
day, April 11th, for the transaction of,', A, . ... ,
, . The (iiK-sl.ion of settling the indebtedness
county business. I . . ... ...
. ,, , , . 1 of the village of Harrison to the. school
The I unn Brothers who have been 1 ,
. .. 1 1 ,1 i .1 1 .! ' district is the object, ol this meeting an.l
in the sand hills during the winter with, , ,,, J , , .
1 ,1 m all should be present and participate,
their cattle returned yesterday. They 1 ' '
report the stock as having gone through! -A snow storm visited this locality
the winter in good shape. '' lilst- Saturday, and although unpleasant
The Uxly of an infant was found i ! 'bile it lasted it added considerably to
a privy vault last Thursday. An in-i the amount of moisture rei-eived hy the
quest was held and a verdict rendered ground and is one more point in favor of
to the effect that it camo to its death j prospects of a grand crop the coming
from causes unknown to the jury. j season. A large proportion of the seed
In another column appears an adver- j " heat is already in the ground and as
tiseineut of the imported Bercheron stal-1 w l--sihlu the- oat, crop will lie put
lion, Barbarin, owned hy A. V. Mohr, j A big crop is looked for.
This is one tf the finest horses in the Lust Week a friend of Otto Munson
stiite and those desiring to raise valuable arrived from lown with his family and a
horses will do well to read the advertise-, car load of stoi k, household goods and
ment. I farm implements, with which to cionvert
Out of the whole twenty-ono w hose a quarter se tion of government land iu
solemn promise to support the ticket; to a good home. People are begining to
which they themselves nominated is a j find that Kioux county is a good place to
matter of public record, only one ro-i como to live and they will ulso soon
tnained true to his pledge, and that one 1 learn that if they desire to gel free gov
is S. W, Cox. May the other 20 htrive j eminent land they must come soon,
to emulate his noble example. One greatly needed addition to the
Action is to lie commenced by a J business enterprises of Harrison has been
number of the property owners of thu i Hrmntfea for. H. A. Cunningham was
village of Harrison to prevent the col- j loru tlst wcek m,d arranged to open a
lection of the tax illegally levied in 1WI). , harness shop and be ready lor business in
There is quite an amount of this illegal '. a N1(,rl tlllie. Ho is a practical harness
and the property owners do not care to j ,llaj er and intends to keep a lull stock of
pay more than they were obliged to. everything needed hy the people in his
By promptly declining to accept the : jne, As soon as he can settle up some
office of trustee, after being elected in business matters at ltu.shvitle, where lie
the manner he was, C. E. Verity acUd in ,aH .en j,, business until recently, he
a way that shows true manhood. No one! wi r,.lur prepared for takiug care of
could countenance such proceedings, j tle peoples' wants in line of harness sup
or in any way be a party thereto with- j p)(Wi Xlie farmers will great ly appreci
out odium attaching to him as a result. ' ult! a uunt!hs; slu.p for they have been
Arrangement are being made to greatly incoiivienccd in the past.
ship more corn In at the free rate lor
seed and feed for the farmers. This is a
great help to the settlers and the rail
road company are entitled to their
thanks for the favor. The prospects are ; The ground is in good condition,
that this is the last season that it will be j Mr. Coy has sold his logging interests,
oecessiiry to ship in grain. , and gone to other parts.
Thu boys, most of them of a larger j Mr. limes has his house nearly coni
jrrowth, indulged in snow balling Wed-' plU;d.
newlay afternoon. The result was a George Kint has lost two cows re
irreat deal of sport, a broken wuidowr in , ceully.
Weir A Go's, front and also in the post
office. It teemed to afford fun enough
to pay for the expense, and every onel
who attempted to cross the street had a
volley of snow balls to dodge.
For farm loans go to S. IL Junes.
M'xiiKatnll hours at the restaurant
O.kmI flour at UO cents a sack at Turn
er's. IS pounds prunes for one dollar at
Turner's. j
1 1 pound dried apples for on? dollar
at Turner's.
Any kind of cake desired made at
the restaurant.
For mixed fraints, oils and varnishes 1
go to thi; drug store.
Wh n you want a nice dock call on
Orisvold A M:iitcer.
A good breaking plow for sale. In
quire at Till', Joi i'NAi, oflice.
12 pounds gruitilaC d or I t pounds
C Hisirar for one dollar at Turner's. I
Why n-t buy a ti'-w hat? Some very I
nice stylos and low prices at Hunch Sup-!
ply House.
prBr;iAL Ram; Friday, 10 a. in.
Jelly hiuis, 13 cuits kt dozen, at the
Mrs. J. A Stiyd'-r has received a nice
Ktix k of fancy goods and notions which
she is selling very cheap.
V.'e have often heard it remarked
that "a person who will lie without
cause would steal for cause."
When you want a farm wagon,
plow, harrow, or anything else in the i
i imolement line call on Oriswold & Mar-
' -II.'t. GmW Las eonsumatod ar-
nins,.M,u whereby he is authorized to
mulw ,,,, for iriv,e rtjus Smix
v r,;., eH,.)k..
" . .... , , , , , ,
We have the higgest stock of hard-
. , , ,
ware, implements and furniture ever
, . , .
shown in Sioux count v. Come in ami
For comfort and good living go to
the Northwestern hotel when in Hani
son. Everything is done that can 1m to
make it pleasant for those who stop
"To lie or not to lie" was the ques
tion decided hy the historical twenty-one
anilS. W. "ox is the only one who de
cided "not to 1.'". His action is a pos
ing contrast to tho perlldy of the other
In our advertising columns ap(earg
the announcement of the horse, Bay
Boh, the property of C. S. Scott. This
horse is a good one for general purposes
and stock men should not fail to read
the advertisement. . . ...
llAR.vfcss Ruor. I will,- within the"
next thirty days, 0en a first-class har
ness shop in Harrison and endeavor to
give yon satisfaction in work anil stock.
Soliciting your patronage, I remain
II. A. Cunningham.
It is to lie hoped that every one in
school district. No. 7 will attend the spec
ial meeting called for April 10th. There
Boggy News.
Farmers are about done sowing wheat.
i O. Greger has the posts set around his
pl r&uly for the wire. .
The Unuurs are to rucuive a good deal
of gram for seed and feed, over the B.
M. road. Wild Wivr.
W. W. Byinaton, an attorney of Chad
ron, was in Harrison last Thursday and
called at our offUe.
John Mosley was in Harrison last Fri
day and made a pleasant call at our
Mrs. J. M. Robinson orders The Jorn
SAL wot to her daughter, Miss Mabel JJ
Robin , on, at Glen.
H. A. Cunningham, the gentleman,
who will open a In mess shop here in a
few days, cuh 'd at our otlice last Sat
urday. Rev. Julian, of Chadron, was in Har
rison last Friday.
Win. Tod. nee. nn attorney of Heming-foi-d
and nn old ocouititance of TllE JoCR-NAT-,
was in Harrison on Monday.
Otto Munson relumed on Monday from J
Chariton, Iowa, glad to get 1 a k to
Sioux county. He has lieen in ill-healtli
most of the time during his absence.
J. C. Sear'rest, representing the Slatn
Jmirn'il, of Lincoln, was in Harrison on
Tuesday and made an agreeable call at
these hcadqiiarU rs. j
II. G. Mason, representing the Car-t-n
t'-r Paper Co., of Omaha, was in Har
rison on Tuesday and made a business
call at our otlice.
B. I'. Smith was at Chadron the first
of t!ie week.
Joseph Stastuey is here setting out
trees on his fa tlier's place just south of
County Attorney Walker went to
"'hadrou Monday evening to attend dis
trict court.
Judge Barker went to Rushvillu Sat
urday to visit his father, and returned on
Tuesday morning.
Mrs. Blunt left for the east Wednes
day evening.
Miss Nettie Snyder is now able to sit
up a portion of the time.
Mrs. 1. F. Lusk is recovering from her
Mrs. E E. Livermore is spending a-
few days with friends in Chadron.
C. E. Holmes, of the Bank of Harrk,
son, spent Sunday at Rushville.
I). P. Davis, E. D. Satterlee and L. O.
Hull returned from Chadron Thursday
morning. -iA
County Superintendent SouthworCfi I
is determined to get up nn interest in the
schools of the county and proposes to
make it an object for the teachers, schol
ars, and all interested in educational
matters to take hold of the work. He
proposes to induce the schools to make
an exhibit of their work at the teachers'
institute and offer prizes for the Vst
productions by the various schools. In
addition to this, other parties have
agreed to give prizes for individual work
in certain branches. The list is not yet,
complete, and those who feel interested
in the w ork are requested to inform Mr.
Southworth what prize thay will give
and f or w hat line of work. We lielieve
the plan a good one and will show excel
lent results. The teachers of the county
are urged to take hold of the matter and
get up the best exhibit possible.
War Itonnot News.
Jos. (i. Morns and family have taken
up their nlmde at his ranch on Prairie
i og creek.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Wnrneke and fam
ily were visiting with Friedrick Todten
haiipt last Sunday.
Augu it John has been very sick for
the last few weeks.
Several horses are missing from B. F.
Thomas' pasture.
Mrs. Hass, of Harrison, was visiting
friends in the valley last Sunday.
J. (1. Morris has moved his cattle to
his ranch in Wyoming.
I has. Hauler has his blacksmith shop
completed and is doing first class work.
Jerry Will wants to trade his mule
team lor a span of mares.
Preaching nxt Friday in school house
No. 22 at 1 1 o'clock a. m.
For a number of years I have been
subject to violent at tacks of inflamma
tory rheumatism which generally lasted
about two months. On the llrst of this
mouth 1 was attacked in the knee and
suffered severely lor two days, when I
procured a hot tie of t.hambcrlain's Pain
Balm and it relieved me almost instant
ly, 1 thrrelore most cheerfully recom
mend it to those who are similarly af
flicted everywhere. R. D. "Whitley,
Martindale, X. G., Feb., 1H88. Mr.
Whitley is a very prominent niaii in this
place and his disease was very widely
known as he nullereil such severe pain.
W. M. Houston & Co., Merchants,
Murtiusdale, N. C. fiO cent bottles lor
sale by C. 11. Andrews.
Wells Drilled!
1 have a jiooc! well uniting machine
and am ready to drill any sized well on
short notice. Terms good and prices
low. Pootollieo, Harrison.
Tkey Do Sot M'ant Peace.
Three or four weeks ago a meeting
vas held at which all but two or three
voters of the village of Harrison were
present. It was called in the interest of
peace and harmony and it was agreed
tiirit I'oncess'ons should be made all
around, and the municipal affairs run in
the interest of the town and taxpayers.
Witn this end in view selections were
m-ide for trustees and C. R. AVells, Thos.
Reidy, C. H. Weller, S. Barker and J. C.
Northrop were chosen, ar.d all present
agreed to stand hy the ticket at the
election on April 1st.
All went along well until the morning
of election when a different ticket was
sprung consisting of W. R. Smith, W.
A. Snyder, ('. E. Verity, J. C. Northrop
and C. II. Weller printed thereon instead
of those selected at the meeting.
It vms plain to see that the old gang
had got to work and fixed up the new
ticket and hy working the voters the
count showed the vote to stand as fol
lows: W. R. Smith 20
W. A. Snvder 21
G. E. Verity 20
J. C. Northrop 28
G. H. Weller 28
R. Barker
Thos. R. idy .8
('. R. Wells 7
After all the promises made the vote
showed that the ga ng and every man they
could control voted different from the
agreement. The inference to lie drawn
from this is that they do not want peace.
In fact, if peace reigned the principal oc
cupation of some members of the old
gang would he gone, and the protesta
tions of those whoewere so anxious for
p'-ace and then acquiesced in the 'disrepu
table work of last Tuesday, certainly
shows that they have not been sincere in
their professions.
In this connection C, E. Verity author
izes us to state that he was not tendered
the nomination, that he was not con
sulted in the matter and therefore did
not consent to lie a candidate and posi
tively declines to qualify as member of
the board of trustees.
The bad faith shown in the matter cer
tainly will not tend to promote harmony,
and it looks as if some people, instead of
wishing to build up the town would
rather see it remain at a standstill, but
their efforts will prove unavailing. The
4(Uleri5 in the country have learned ;the
object of the old gang and have downed
them and the people, in town will get
their eyes open and do likewise.
There need lie no kick at the men
elected, but the principle, or rather the
lack of principle, shown by those who
managed the affair is certainly deserving
of censure by all men of honor.
The promptness' and certainty of it's
cures have made Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy famous. It is intended espec
ially for coughs, colds, croup and
whooping cough, and it is the most ef
fectual remedy known for these diseases.
00 cent bottles for sale hy 0. H. Andrews.
Srant Guthrie,
-Dealer In-
Always hare
a complete line
of General Merchandise.
Sell goods at Rock Bottom Prices Always.
Guarantee Satisfaction in Every Transaction. The
is that our business is constantly
increasing and the people of
Sioux county are finding that we
for bargains. Follow the crowd
and get a square deal on any
thing you wish to purchase at
Harrison, Nebraska.
Reasonable Terms
Reidy & Pollard.
Not suits in court, but nice, new dress suits to wear on Sundays, week
days, holidays and other days. Suits to fit you and suits to fit me.
Long suits, short suits, narrow suits and wide suits, We
have a good line of clothing which will be sold
very, very cheap. Would like to have all
the men on earth (but more espec
. ially those in Sioux coun
ty,) to come and
Line of Clothing.
stock of dry
goods, boots and
shoes, hats, caps and grocer
ies is complete and at lowest living
prices. These are all suitable for tlie persons
who buy suits as advertised above or for those who do
not buy suits as advertised above. All goods warranted to not
shrink in the "light of the moon" or to shrink by the action of the
"dark of the moon."
C. R. WELLS, Propriety?.
Oh no indMf
i 1
1 i'
' v J
1 7
' If' f
? " f