The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, January 23, 1890, Image 2

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    Cioux County Journal .
t-riaiitae eriirttul.
Xr.w York, Jan. 11. -Judge Wallace
handed down a decision in the United
States court holding that ex Sheriff
Peter Uowe cannot be held accountable
for t00O,000 seized fsoni Leon Barnard
a canon of the Church of Rome, und also
dismissed the suit bruugl t in the name
of the Catholic prsbend.iry ag-iinst Xew
5jrk'a former sheriff. The fiiOO.000 in
question ib part of a fortune of 10,000
that bad been accumulated by the bis
hopric of Tourna, Belgium, in the course
of a century. Through a change of
bishops the threat fortune was unearthed
in 1871), when Bishop Ihiinout, for some
otfense or other, was sus;euded by Bis
hop Durrousseau, The new prelate
managed to turn the money over to
Canon Barnard, a priest of the diocese,
and the latter took it with him to this
KllftiritiK in KallnMh. a. I'Minl.
S r. Loi ik, Jan. 11.- Dispatches from
ilitfereut portions of Kansas report a
blizzard in that state. The whole coun
try is covered with enow to the depth of
a foot or more. Badroad trains are stuck
at several places and trallic is practically
suspended. suffering is reported
in the destitute districts in several of the
western counties, The temperature is
not very low yet. out the mercury ia fall
ing and severe cold ia apprehended. All
along the path of last evening's terrible
storm in this city large crowds gathered
jesterday morn jig to view the ruins.
The number of buildings which were
damaged will probably reach 150, with
the loss ranging all the way from 100,
000, to KW0.IMI0. A large force of work
men is clearing up the debr's. As far
as known the list of injured numliers
. Tie Vote.
Dkh JIoixks, Ia., Jan. 11.- The- house
situation is unchanged. Caucuses by
" both parties were held ami are still in
The conference committee of the two
parties have made a report to the cau
cuses giving the republicans the tem
porary ppeaker and the democrats the
chief clerk. The report v. as not adopted
by the democratic caucus. The caucuses
lire again in session trying to reach an
agreement before the time for the tem
porary organization at 2 o'clock this af
ternoon. At 'J o'clock the house was -called to
order. Head of Green and Hotchkiss of
Davis wei e nominated for the position
of temporary speaker. The whole matter
was then laid aside for the election of a
temporary clerk. Ou roll call each of
the candidates, Fred Lehman and Ben
Van Hteinburg received fifty votes.
A IlaudjiaHia lteuet.
Xew York, Jan. 11. Millionaire John
IL Shoenberger's will has been filed for
probate. Sboenberger directs that
his widow receive three houses, with
everything attached thereto, a number
of railroad shares and $10,X 0 worth of
United States bonds. His brother, two
sisters and other relatives are provided
for. According to the will the principal
object of Shoeti brrger's life-was the es
tablishment at Pittsburg of St .Mar
garet's memorial hospital as a memorial
to his wife. He bequeathed for this pur
pose Dearly 1,000,(100 and provides for
the formation of a corporation to take
charge of the institution. His other be
quests to charitable institutions amount
to nearly $200,000, including o5,0X to i
Bishop Seobery of the missi' - of Min
On the Hwk.
Xew Lonijon, Cons., Jan. 13.-1
steamer City of Worcester, of the 'r
wich line, fr this port, is on the rocks
about one-third of a mile north-northwest
of Bartlett's reef lightship. She
struck a rock this morning during a
dense fog. The captain and other of
ficers of the boat say that they did not
hear the lightship's bell and losing their
reckoning in the thick fog struck the
rock. The steamer rests on round
Ijnulders and lies easily.
There are from five to seven feet of
water in the second, third and fourth
compartments. The other two water
tight compartments are not injured.
After striking the rocks the steamer's
fire went out and she began sounding
signals of distress. Failing to receive
any response, a bout's crew rowed to
this port and reported the disaster to
the company's agent.
Stanley In Cairo.
Cairo, Jan. 13. Henry M. Stanley and
his party did n t stop over at Suez, as
it was; reported they would, but pro
teeded for this city, where they arrived
this morning. They were greeted upon
their arrival by General Orenfell, com
mander of the Egyptian troops, and B; r
ins;, the British consul general.
, Hlawa rrmalh Track., Jan. U. A dispatch from
8k Hilaire says the Grand Trunk train
for Hoatrati was blown from lite track.
Tbe conductor, brskeman, mail clerk
ed three passengers were seriously and
several others slightly injured.
rto4(n'a laha.
- TTaMiiHrroii, Jan. J4. Assialant Sec
f -f tiofisBer baa directed the collector
"uri at Fort Benton, Moou, toitis-.-Tf
C praetM of iaavinf to
l'( f:ra akot to VMe the
A ' t r tJirCiUie Vhat thy ire
Ilrc-ai lj fire
Sr. Liri-, Jan. li. -The large dry
goods store of I. Oawfcrd wa dam-
aged t the extent of ,! by lire ye
terday morning.
-V Mirr-flil lMriitiiu. f
Washington, Jan. 10. - Mr. James 11. j
Branch, secretary aud treasurer of the
Universal FJ x-'.rio Kail way Signal com- i
pany, gavo private exhibition to repre-'
sentatives of the ort-ss this afternoon of ;
the merits of the company's r.ew inver.-!
tion of train signalling. The invention .
is purely electrical ami bids fair to revo- ;
luliouiza the system of signalling now in '
vogue, especially on single track rail-,
roads. The idea is to enable the enpi-
miera ot locomotives, to coiiiuiuiiicme ;
with each other by telephone oi a didf !
of signals at any point along the line of
the rof.d when they Income within a;
specified dii-tance of eavh other, running
either in the came or ill opposite direc- 1
tions. The Invention is a marvel of sim- j
plicity and is apparently entirely practi- j
cable. !
! I
Mrlk" fr.XM-cl-i.
Xtw Voi:k, Jan. 10.- General Super-
intendent To.'cey of the Xew Vork Cen
tral railroad said that no notice had j
: been received by the management of'
any trouble or discontent among the en-!
gmeers and tiremen on the portion of j
; the road between Xew York ami Svrn-j
cuse as rejxirted in the morning papers, i
Xo grievance known to exist and no '
strike wan expected.
A luial k' i-iufloM. j
Xiew BtaiiHTo.x, Pa., Jan. 10. This;
afternoon the boiler of the steam shovel
used by tiie l'ittsburg k Lake Krie rail !
road in excavating at Fallsloii, Pa , ex-j
ploded with such force that several pieces
, were blown across the river and driveu
! iulo the ground, a quarter of a mile
'away. Besides the regular force em. ;
; ploved. a numlier of Italians and train-j
i men were sitting in th car back of the j
shovel. They nere all more cr less in-j
I juretl. West ley Francis of l'ittsburg, a i
repairer Jif boilers anil engines, who had j
just arrived, was fatally hurt and died j
in a few minutes. Thirteen others were j
more or lets hurt, but none fatally. ;
A .r.-al (nl I (air.
CiiiiAi.o, Jan. 10.-A meet nig of the
southwestern division of .the western
freight association has Ijeen held to
consider what action was necessary in
consequence of the big cut iu cattle
rates inaugurated by the Chicago ,t Al
ton road. The interested lines were
anxious to restrict the application of the
reduced rate to through business from
points beyond the Missouri river, and so
leave the locai rates undisturbed. Va
rious projiositions were made to the Al
ton people, which the latter declined to
consider, and the meeting finally ad
journed until today, when a conference
will be hud with the trurig Missouri
lines on the subject. Great efforts will
be made to protect the local rales east
of the Missouri river, and to prevent the
cut rate from spreading to other Mis
souri river points than Kansas City.
lrUlil in ill Storm.
Caujaky, X. W. T, Jan. 11.- It is sup
posed that John McDonald, who started
from Rosebud Thursday with a team to
drive Mrs. Wilson and three children to
Glfiichen, must have perished in Thurs
day night's ftorm, which was very se
vere, as they have not lwen heard from
.IoIhimIuii Orphan rrovldi-rl I'm-.
I'liir.AHKLPHiA, Jan The Johns
town commission meets today in this
city and will discuss the erection of
staunch bridges, the erect ion of a hospital
and arrangements with the Girard Trust
compiny for establishing an orphans'
annuity fund, by which all orphans by
the flood will receive $") a year until
sixteen veurs of ago. The com mission's
balance is MOn.OOO.
AglOl at l-'Ioml Height.
IYiTbm .to, Jan. 10.--A! dis
patch from Johnstow n says the water
in the Conemaugh river and Stony creek
are again at Hood height. The Cambria
city bridge is in danger of being swept
away, lhe lower part ot ftlitiviile, near
the stone bridge, is again underwater,
and the occupants of some of the houses
are preparing to move out.
Illtrixlurrd HI Kill.
Wahhi.nctok, Jan. H. - Senator
Plumb introduced a bill to repeal so
much of the act ot July 1, 1870, as au
tharizes the leasing ot rights to engage
in the business of taking fur seals
from the islands of St. Paul ard St.
George, Alaska. The bill provides that
all authority hertofore conferred upon
the secretary of the treasury to lease the
rights of the seal lisheries lo any com
pany shall be repealed. The bill also re
quires the secretary to promulgate regu
lations prohibiting the taking or killing
of seals or other fur-bearing animals by
any but natives and prescribing the num
ber to be taken each year. The bill pro
vides that all skins taken hereafter shall
be traaported annually to Bin Francisco
to be sold there in the open market to
the h'ffheet bidder. All the money de
rired from these soles ia to be oaid into
he treamry and set apat for the educa
tion of tbe native of Alaska. Dunnell
haa Introduced a similar bill in the
ju.itfi 'Mr'uinnt'lPs IVcHinii,
Ihrpm. Kaai(tM
Na Trial.
CiucAcjo, Jan. 11 Judge MoConnell
this afternooo in the Cronin case granted
the application of Kunzefor a nejr trial,
but denied the motion as to the other
defendants, Coughlin. Burke and O'Sui
Judge McConnell in his decision said
iu part: I think it would be a mere
pretense for me to take more time to
deliberate on this matter. 1 would not
arrive at a different conclusion in sev
eral days than 1 have now. It has weighed
heavily upon my mind during the trial
that the defendants should have a fair
trial. Since its conclusion it has weighed
iip tn my mind whether toey had a fair
trial and whether the jury had re;iched
such a conclusion that within the limits
a judge has the right to question
whether the verdict was a jusl one. It
was a just one. Judge Wing suggested
Ih-it the defendants were prejudiced by
not having been granted separate trials,
yet the trial disproves this, becautse the
theory generally accepted by the public
and urged by tha state that the con
spiracy was formed in camp 'JO was not
accepted by the jurv, as shown hv the
acquittal of fieggs.
As to trie jury, of course it is mure
satisfactory to the trial judge to have a
jury of men without opinion as to the
merit of a case anil this course was fol
lowd in securing the first four juiors,
buw as dropped when it became evi
dent that it would !e impossible to ob
tain such a jury in the country. The
impression of a trial from his whole ex
amination would be taken br a higher
court as the judgement of a jury from
the manner in which the question was
approached. I am convinced that if any
one watched the manner of the trial
judge during this trial they would liave
been irtain tho court was determined
to have a fair jury.
As to lhe evidence, the j'idge is not
called upon to say whether, if on t! e
jury, he would have come to the same
conclusion. As to one of these defend
ants I am convinced tho evidence is in
sullicieiit. First, evidence against John
Kui-ze is that of James, w ho saw him in
a window across the street and never
saw him again until in court. I do not
think his identification is reliable. I
also discredit the identification of Wil
liam Merle, who claimed to hove Been
Kun.e one evening. Xiemnn, the
saloon keener, did not identify Kun.e
This murder sprang out of Irish poli
tics some way. It is not necessary to
even conjecture hew, but there is no
motive of Kunze to have part in the
crime and even f Mertes and James
were to be believed, anil pieman i had
been more positive, there is no difficulty
in reconciling these facts with his inno
cence. I mean to say that he might
huve been in the Clark strict flat and
all the other places and still have been
innocent. I lielieve tho verdict of the
jury in his ease was not only unwar
ranted by the evidence, but was an ab
surdity. As to the other difendantsl
over-rule the motion for a new trial.
Maffiia-titin of cmi Trali .
" Si'okase, Pa., Jan. 10. Work at the
Henry Clay shaft, the largest mine of
the lteadiug company, employing I,8u0
men, was suspended indefinitely this
evening. Xo reason is assigned for the
stoppage other than the absolute stag
nation of the coal trade.
A l .!.-. I Malm.
Xkw York, Jan. 14. A breach of
promise of marriage in which the dam
ages are placed at 8100,000 was begun
before Judge Ingraham in the supreme
court here. The plaintiff is Miss Caro
line J. Cammerer, the twenty-three-year-
old daughter of Robert Cammerer of
Philadelphia. Thedefendant isClcments
Miller, a wealthy real estate dealer. He
is a man of family and is alout sixty
years of age and a prominent member of
The plaintiff testified that during a
nimble in Central park he proposed to
her. She gave him no decision then,
but on the 17th of IJecember, 1S85, at
Philadelphia, he again "proposed and
she accepted him. Soon afterward she
learned that he had a wife in an insane
asylum. Jn answer to a aemanu lor an
explanation he said he would get ft di
vorce and later assured her father that
the divorce had been obtained in In
diana in July MHO. At Khtnebeck he
introduced her as hia betrothed and
soon afterward they came to Xew York
to make purchases for the wedding.
He so urged her to hasten the ceremony
that she became ill and when she re
covered 'ie proposed a mock marriage,
which she indignantly rejected. He
haa never returned to see her since Chen,
though h! wrote to her several times.
These are the allegations of the plain
tiff. The defendant denies them all.
Colonel Ingersoll, counsel for the defend
ant, asked for the dismissal ot the case
on the ground that she was relieved
from the engagement. The motion was
denied and the case continued to to
morrow. Hen. Haher Xmlatrl
Washiwoto.i. Jan. 11. The president
sMit Uia followinc nomination to the
asnats: Bevjawlo 8. Bnker.of Nebraska,
to be United Stetea attorney fur the
district of NeteaeJu.
Bail Irnliana.
Wash I. .(.Ton, Jan. II. - Secretary
Proctor, who has been for Mini' mouths i
giving his earnest consideration to the
amelioration of the eoudition of the
Apaches who have Uen held as prison
ers of war since Gfror.imo and his band
surrendered to General Miles, submit
ted his conclusions to the president in
two fiiternathe suggestions. One is the
purchase of the tract of lund in the
mountains of Xorth C-irolina, tho other
that t he consent of congress ie requested
for their transfer to sonic point in the j
Indian territory if satisfactory negotia
tions can lie completed. The latter sug
gestion has the approval of the secretary
of war and he recouiiner.ds its a loption.
1 lit- Ml io tllli-ll.
LomkiN, Jan. 15. The mot ion hi chiii
mit the uiauageis of the Ixmdon edition
of the Xew York H' tuhl and the t'rte
iiiitn'K Join iiiiI of Dublin for contempt
of court for publishing certain comments
on the O'Siua divorow ni was argued I
today. The motion was dismissed ou
the ground of informality iu the pro
ceedings, hut permission was given for a
renewal of the motion if the action le
taki-n within a week.
A low ii S-l r r,l l- Pin-,
Jackson, Mi?., Jan. 1:). The busi
ness isirtinii of Flora, Miss., with the ex
ception of one small store, burned last
night, 'lhe town is on a branch of the
Illinois Central railroad and has about
l,(i inhabitants.
inrr ami S4-titcii-(fl.
Fi.KAHt.ii, Ia , J.iu. VV Wesley Klkins
the twelve year old boy who n week ago
murdered his father aud stepmother
living in K!k township, this county,
made a complete confession of the crime
pleading guilty before the district court
now in session here to murder in the
j first degree, and was sentenced by Judge
Hoyt to imprisonment for life at hard
lalsir, nt Anumosa. Young Klkins mani
fested no feeling when the sentence was
pronounced. He is undoubtedly the
youngest life criininal ever sentenced in
this f 1 1 i r. Ti e Judge has ordereda
the confession shall not he given to the
public, owing to ils sensational diame
ter. A (;iinliy liiMirai.M' .
Bai.timokk, Mo., Jan. '.. The Ameri
can Casually Insurance and Security
compati) was incorporated here.
I with John Gill, Judge iliiam A. 1 isher,
William Spence, Charles 1). Fisher and
Jan es A.Gary of Maryland, and Robert
SeweU and John A. Hodge of Xew York
as incorporators. The capital stock is
1,0 0,( . The concern is novel in the
great ramifications of its business, as it
will insure almost everything against loss
from anv cause under the sun. It will
insure all kinds of building? and nil kinds
of property, including credits, profits,
and cases in action. It insures cuttle
and live stock, steamships, steam boilers
and engines, electric plants, plate glass
against breakage, etc. It insures against
liability of employers for injury to em
ployes. It covers losses or damages
from the action of the elem; nts, air,
wind, lightning, storm, water, cold, frost
etc., gaf;es, lire, electricity, ruKt mildew,
poisons, decay, insects,, etc., or
by accident, negligence, trespass, theft,
embezzlomcnt, breach of trust, breach
of contract, i-X;. It guarantees the pay
ment, performance and collection of
promissory notes, contracts. Isuids, rent,
accounts, etc.
PoL'(Iiki:kpsir, X. j.,.Jan. W.-For
some time past there has been trouble
between tne union glasub owers and the
apprentices employed at the l'oughkeep
sie glass works. When the woiks started
up in October after the summer vacation
the union men refused to return to work
because of a reduction in wages, and the
company has ever since had apprentices
and non-union men at work. Last even
ing a party of union men got into a
street fight with some non-union men,
during which Eugene Morgitbroyd, a
non-union man, was badly cut and
bruised about the head, aud one or two
of the others hurt. Warrants for t e
arrest of several of the fighters liar
l)een issued.
Mrs. I). H. Price of Lllwood was se
verely bitten by a savage dog a few days
since. Jlerlillle son wua first attacked
and chased into t he house by the animal,
which, being unable to follow through
the door, tried to jump through the
window. Mrs. Price seized a whip and
started out to quell the vicious brute,
when it turned upon her, biting and lac
erating her ami in a frightful manner.
The dog then made a desperate attempt
to swallow the mar.zle of a gun, but was
prevented by a timely discharge of the
-Henry James Lambert, the Kuglish
man of Plattsmouth who gained national
notoriety by writing a letter to Georgia
signifying his willingness to help sol re
the race problem by accepting the literal
offer made by an ex-slave' of that state,
which was to tho effect that he would
present ILVOO to any respec'.able white
man who would take his daughter in
marriage, is said to be not altogether a
myth. The lleraH announces that such
character really exists and. that on ac
count of hia general peculiarities he haa
been confined to the county pour farm
for the past three years.
-Boiler skatiug has broken out at Gor
don, i
Fullerton ladies haveorganizeda brass
band, :
Lmp City is exjieriencing a religious
Burwell wants to le the county seat of
Garfield county.
The new Baptist hurch at Arnold was
dedicated Sunday.
The Presbyterians of 'JVkauiah will
build a SViKI church.
Imperial's schools have beeu cloed ou
account of aeuriet fever.
Fremont's wow city hall will be ready
for occupancy Feb-uury 1.
W. H. Mills of Curtis recently lost MO
head of h8 from Cholera.
Larly closing hours have been adopted
by the merchants of Cliadnm.
Davis county paid out ft Jt, H .( K for
runuiug expenses iluring ISrt'.i.
Reform in funerals is Leing agitated
by the clergymen of Tecuuiseh. -
An influenza epidemic has broken out
in the insane asdum at HantingH.
The Clav Center post-oHice is to be
removed to more commodious nmu tera
The state bank of Belvidere is prepar
ing to erect a magnificent new building.
The young s.cicty people of Hay
Springs have organized a dancing club.
The Missouri river is now frozen so
that foot passengers may cross on tuc
A merchants carnival is lo bo given
in the hear future by the lalies of Chad
run. Registered puckages containing 15,-
0 HI were burned in the Sidnev railroad
w rock.
Stockmen of Table Rock are inoculat
ing with lir. Billings' swine plague pre
Kearney w ill blow in 500 on the edi
torial fraternity at their iiiimial iiu-etiiig
in that city-
Susrior is tuking a lively interest iu and w ith it instruct her scholar how to
the proposed extension of the Missouri get out of the roonisquirkly and sjstem
I'acillc northwestward. atically in cafe i f fire.
John Slater, an old and respected. The condition of Conductor Haney
ctizen of Add ms county, died Sunday
in Hastings of influenza.
, v. i- , i ,i ,
1 he Loup Cltv canal is to be thirteen
...mmi., I ,-iii l.u,.. u
direct fail of sixty live fcft.
After operating nt Beati ke for some
time the Salvation urmy has
rained the
seige an left for other fields.
, , , , i i.i makes his rounds tiiev are brought UacK
A stock company has purchased the.""" . . . , (l
old school house at Clarks, and will con-
, . . .
vert it into an opera house.
,, . 1 1 - i . , .
Mwrefield is happy over the certainty
of a new bank and a second lumber
yard being located at that place. !"rtho L "4' ' i'hyu-nan cburob at
j that place. It will be used in the dou
Dakota county again cones out ahead, )ia (.;ll,!U.jiy f calling the worshippers
having been awarded a diploma on its j together and sounding an alarm in eaj
corn display at the Paris exposition. ; f jr(,
More men are wanted to work on the ' -j-,,,, hU.:iii1 p!alit fr )j heating of tho
Gottenburg canal. The work ia to be ! i buildings of the Kearney industrial
pushed to completion as fast as 'si- p.-h..l is said to le t he largest isolated
u'- steam plant in the United Stales. There
Tho Union Piicitic company has built ! areStytOO twi of radiation in the ptunt
a large ice house at Beatrice and propone ; and five lOxOt eighty horse-power iKiil
putting tip 500,000 tona of congealed era are required to one rule them.
Herbert White was tried and found
guilty in the federal court at Omaha for!n;;(.d h(.v,.,,ty five, und Sofia Sempet,
s.lling or giving liquor to an Indian at 0K,., f(,rlVi to murr ntit stia promiseil
"omer. t() 8UIip(,rt peter. The latter is blind and
The Xew York I'oce is raising money a public charge, but Sofia made the re
lo send 20,000 copies of that paper to ; quired promise and the license, was i
Xabraska fuiiiilies during the present ! sued.
At the last meeting of the Xebraska
City council license was granted to run
a roller skating rink. Croquet grounds
will follow later.
It is undcrstS)d that tho anti-Sunday
law bariK-rs of Omaha have decided lo
continue shaving on Sunday, notwith
standing the Inw.
A number of new dwellings, a bank i ,m.t c,)H1,tH ()f cw )0J- who wir in.
aud a large new hotel are some of the j toxicated and o-.e of them, to try his
improvements under contract in the lit- , , , ,
Ho i ,in., HklU 'Jcd Iwqifr head with a rope
tie town of Peru. . ,, , . ' , , .. .
; and pulled him out ol Ins cart. The in-
The executive committee of tho state toxiented cow pun; iiileUt sm the
Sunday school association has arrainged . other side of the j ke until the police
a programme, which w ill lie held at : judge explained it.
Hastings June 3, 4 5. ; n . ... . ,,
lhe 11. AM. will pr.,!,aby ask the state
Hicliard, the fourteen year old son of j for ,.riniBsion t() Uiiethfl Pf0K, n
Judge O'Connel of Tecunmch, while out , buretUr system of lighUng fr cche.
riding had one legs broken by his . A round tank is place.! upon the roof of
horse on him. , Ul9 ,,)a,;h and the can filled with gaao-
Kenator Mandersoii has intnsluced a line: a genorator just insido theoMoh
bill for the disposition of (he lands of ; turns the gasoline into vap-ir, which ia
Forts Hartfluff. Sheridan aud McPherson ' passed to a burner through a pipe. Tbe
military reservations. light is W1;d to be far superior to any yet
Chase county leads in more things t"'tJ for car lighting. .
than one. The county now contains1 While a drayman of Dakota City WW
over 1,400 children of school age, a guin crossing the Missouri with n wagon load
oflOO during tho year. of beer he so tar forgot himself aa to
A young painter named Hendricks of i nK Iwa Went Mf.-Gmly," when tea OS
Sterling is missin. S-j is 50, the re- j "'"W"". lr and all went undir tbe ieav
ceipta of a lmll given recently by the j 11 "1' 'X timely assistance that the)
young men of the town. (driver and horses were saved. If th
Alfred Samuelson of Clay Center, who ; 'I1'0 riatUinouth will wstoh U
returned to home from the insane 1 f,v.r f"r B U ,lay lb"7 may AjmI
asylum some months ago was again ,n)ct,'inf t''ir advantage,
taken to the asylum last week. j Kx Chancellor Irving W. Mnoatt, for
The once famous Indian brass bund. u"rly "f rtsto university, and t
of the industrial school at Genoa has ! VnH'ni "l AHna, Oreeoa, wni!
been rejiganized and will be put (Uj ff'0l ' Fremont : The oOkJ
through a rigid course of training. i worl1 li,,t ,,,t with Athena and At
.,., - ,
.. niimi oi v-nsoron received
three hmk.n ,11- .-.i .
hi. ln an .ZZZZ'r '
"Bishop Graves was giver
at Kearney Monday eveo.
ustHiniptionof his dutire (
created mission sry district
A. J. Stump Iiri sued j
Bertram! f-ir 10,0 datuaf
claims for alleged injuries
his horse fulling with hioij
The ChaJron Journal
ported Btrike of rich silver!
near Spiingvww, in Keys F
is probably a fake starte.t for
Purvises ,
N.ime scoundrel has leen git
t!i rets of the Masonic lar
organized here. At 1 -art a laqriw
; of our citizens have the grip. Iuu-
j young man named Mesch was ufl
caled hint Sunday night bv escaping
' steam w hile sWping iu the engine rooa
of the Arens-lorf Leader bottling
or si
al Covington. I
A movement is on f-ot to comwl tht
Fremont, Kikhorn & Missouri Valley
ri..:i. . i : T .. .1 :.. ....... C UiaJ.
sou ri com pan v in putting in a transfer
track at Crawford. J
A water famine at Arlington is imr
nent, a large proportion of the best t
'"n ,1r-v- fln'' "u'r
remaining ones is muddy and -.
not lx-used without filtering.
A Crab t)r hard undertaker is closing his winter slock ' shrouds. He
B,nt: "I have au assortment of line
: burial robes for men. women amd chil
dren, which I am selling cheap.
Ttie sheriff of Xemaha county has
,'got his fo t in it" by serving paier on
parties living on an island in the Miss
ouri river near rem. and which is
claimed by tho "I'likes" as 1 heir terri
tory. A public banquet will I given alFu)
Sertoli alxiut February 1 upon the occa
sion of tho o'iiing of a roller mill just
rebuilt after its destruction in August.
The mill will have a capacity of 400 bar
rels per day.
A teacher in the Fremont schools has
U1i .,iIl(.,M ,n her department a lire
alarm svstem of her ow n contrivance.
who was seriously injure .lU-it wjak nt
' Ki stis, is as favorable as could be ex -
oected. It. is announced, howerer, that
; I 1 .... .. .
In broken limb will have to 1 amputn-
ted iu order to save his life.
The citizens of Harvard s nd their
' dogs out of town to evade tne paymanv
of the dog tux, and after the assessor
u"', .
marshal, but is tiaru on me nogs,
' The Alliance Aran rejoices in that a
"'"" w '
; ,K w w"nB " 7T"
j ,,..,.. ...
; n i,..,.llg4, permitting Peter Drong.
, , , .... ,;,.,
; niwllt m!(.B uthwest of Tobias, was
' r,JUIlJ ()W nHl A.k wjlh Um
, faco -ith bhssl. Durimr i ha
morning he had been Unting a vicious
j horse and it is supposed '.hat death re
suited from a ruptured blood vcwael.
A youn; man named Leepcr while
out riding with his IrfwtL'irl nenr Aulmrn
ucaanu all Mo ns to conUmblate tr 1
languages to kee in t"j
mwmmtr t...:
P-ple of .11 MtkX:' ,