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    Tta Soux County Journal.
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t J fllMii - Editor.
"Catered at Hi Harrison pot oWre a sec
ond elaaa matter.
TamauY, Jascaby 16, im.
The report is that ia tiie Montana
muddle the renubl leans are eominsr out
With victory perched uon their banner.
, It is irncrellv looked upon as a triumph
of justice over fraud.
The masonic lodges of Lincoln are tak
ing active steps to expel all members
who are saloon keepers acd liquor deal
ers. This is in accordance with a rule
nil mod at the last session of the Grand
Lodge. '
An attempt will be made to'divide
Gage county, the new division line pass
ing through the city of Beatrice, within
a block of the court house square. It is
quite likely that a hot contest at a spec-
ial election will follow the submission of
he question.
There is great excitement in Spain
over the supposition that the young king
is dead and that the fact is iieing kept
from the public, but the object for
withholding the truth is not'known, and
the people of 8painTure becoming quite
Calvin 8. Brice, the rainbow chaser
has been made the nominee of the demo
ocratic caucus for senator in Ohio to suc
ceed Henry 8, Payne. It is thought by
some that Brice will attempt to use the
senatorship as a stepping stone to 'presi
dential aspirations.
An ordinance has been passed by the
council of McConnelsville, Ohio, for
building a high fence around a certain
saloon in thatown so" that the only
place of ingress and ""egress will be the
front door. That will stop sneaking in
at the back door bv those who wish to
take a "nip" without being seen.
Ben. F. Baker has been appointed
United 8tatesattorney"for the district of
Nebraska. This is a goodjappointment
and will give very general satisfaction,
Mr. Baker" was a member of the lower
bouse ofithelast legislature where he
demonstrated" the fact that he was the
possessor of a gooddealjjf legal ability.
Judge William D. Kelly, ofTenosylva
nia,better known' as "Pig Iron Kelly,'
died at his home last week. He had
been a "niember'of the lower house of
congress longer than'any other man and
was frequently mentioned as the "Fatlie
of the House." He enteretrcongress
1861 and remained3&Xnlemberunt''Xn's
There were nearly 5000"bills"introduced
in the Senate and House previous to the
holiday adjournment, of which 2,500,000
copies were'printed. As'nine out of ten
of these nroDoseu laws were wholly use
less and will never be acted upon, the ex
cense of printing them in such liberal
quantities can only be regarded as a flag
rant waste of public money, ami it is to
be hoped'tbat a"better"! practice will soon
be instituted. "
has never been iu a position to watch tl
settlement and development of a new
country, can form no idea of the matter.
Ttu ruiw f-onnf rt4 are settled bv a clas
of people who are least able to accotn-
plish tiie tank tliey take upon tltemselves j
hopes of bettering their conditions. I
Go out on the prairies and you will tiuu
the voung man who arrived with scarce-
dollar in his pocket, and on the next
laiin you will find the man with a large
family who lias found it inijoMble to
make a living in tlie older .sett led coun
tries, while in trie next little house you
will find the broken down merchant,
struggling to gain a living on a piece of
land, although uutil he came west he
never held a plow in his life and perhaps
scarcely ever drew a rein over a horse.
For a while all these struggle along and
live from hand to mouth. But reverses
came and they are about to'give up their
claim and seek some other means of mak
ing a bare'living. Juhtat'this point'the
loan cornpany'steps in and advances tlie
means for them to secure a new hold.
With renewed hope the settler goes on
with his work. He improves his farm
and g-athers a little stock aliout mm and
in a few years he can not only jy off
tlie mortgage, but ne tan look the world
prouifly in face and say that by energy
and "grit" and a little timely assistance
from the loan company, he has maile
a beautiful home on the western wilds
and lias benefited his fellowmnn by liene-
fiting himself, for he has transformed in
to a rich and productive farm what
would haveotlierwise have been a waste.
It would be "almost out of the question
to settle the west were it not for the as
sistance of the real estate mortgage, and
tlie records show that a smaller ijr cent
of them are foreclosed than of any other
class of securities in existance. It is on
ly in ease'off indiscreet loan cornianies or
agents tliat any cases of failure to meet
the payments occurs, for in a majority
of cases if a man cannot meet his pay
ments he finds some one who will pur
chase bis interest in the land and tlie new
owner goes on with the improvement of
the plaee and by the time tlie principal
falls due the hind is worth ten times the
face of the loan. Instead'of the loan
companies being a curse to st'new coun
try they are the greatest blessing known
to tbehomesteadera.
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A boy by the name of Elkins killed his
father and stepmother in Elk township,
Iowa, a few days ago, and after arrested
he made a full confession of his crime
without any exhibition of feeling what
ever. The judge sentenced him to the
penitentiary for life. This is about as
stroni: a case of Youthful depravity as
we have noted for a long time. Tlie
court refused to make'the confession pub
lic on account of its'sensational charac
ter. " '
Those best informed in Missouri politics
are expressing Uie opinion that that state
will give a republican majority in 1893.
' The democrats have been gradually los
ing ground for some years and of late
the change has been quite rapid. With
the addition to the republican strength
made by the admission of the new states
and Missouri wheeling into line, the pros
pects are pretty slim for the democratic
" partyjever again ; getting control of the
national government.
The supreme court of tlie state was
re-organized on last Thursday by Chief
Justice Beese retiring , and Judge, Cobb
Mooning chief justice and the newly
tjectr member, Judge Norval, taking
kH eeat on the bench. There were a
Bomber of "aspirants for the position of
' eiirk of the court, each member having
e, nan whom lie favored. The result
tree the reappointment of Walter A.
feesea to tfoe pontoon, the appointment, to
KM food'uatil May, when, if the judges
mi fame, a nermanent clerk will be
The Foreigner iu Politics.
St. 1-ouis Globe Democrat.
Only twenty members of the popvnar
branch "of congress, it is said, are of for
eign nativity. That is to say, out of the
320 men who constitute that body six
tee were bonrui the United States to
every one w ho was bora outside of it.
This is contrary, of course, to popular
opinion'in this country, as it is radically
opposed to the prevailing notion abroad.
The general assumption during tlie civil
war and since then was and, is that a
large proportion of the Union forces in
that struggle were men of foreign birth.
This opinion too, has been and is still
held on both sides of the Atlantic except
by those who have taken the trouble to
become acquainted with the precise
facis. In reality the ratio of this" class
to natives was small. Of the 2,000,000
men and more w hose names were in
scribed'on the rolls of the armies'of the
Federal Government in the war between
the states, ninety Ove out of every hun
dred, according to our recollection of the
figures, were born on onr soil.
It is a fact which the demagogue and
the socialistic tiuack should bear con
stantly in mind that the foreigner ha
eomnarativelv sneaking, a smaller t-hiire
n tlie management of the country's af
fairs and the development of its interests
and activities than is commonly sup
posed, even by intelligent persons. The
men born ahroard, ills true, comprise
an element of our population important
in number as wen as in lmiuence arm
force, but its proportion of the aggregate
mass is and must continue to he sleauuy
lessening, for, as a class, the children
born here of foreign panintage are as
fully American in instincts and aspira
tions as are the descendants of the men
who landed from the Mayflower.- The
ancient and stale assertion w hich often
does duty for fact in the press of Eng
land and other lurorean countries as
well as in the papers of reckless agita
tors and scalawags here, that the politics
of the United States is moulded and
dominated bv persons bom abroad, s
round to be false when testeo ry tact.
Without detracting in the smallest
detrree from the praise which is due to
the patriotism and potency or tne nat
uralized citizen, it can. truthfully be said
that in both war and in peace tlie
country is defended, developed and gov
erned by those who were bornunder the
sliadow of. its nag.
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Harrison, Nebraska.
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Three years ago the booms and the
boomlets that swept tlie great west like endorsement of the same on Uie
more than they would sell for, and the
farmers of tliese states.were nearly all
To counteract tlie effect of these reck
less utterances, the liw, m common with
other western newspayers. has called at
tention to the steady and liealtliy growth
of the west and the development of its
marvelous resources. nehave denied
tliat the mortgage records represent Uie
actual debt of western farmers,.
This assertion is well founded, near
ly every mortgage given for money bor
rowed or in part payment lor land pur
chase represents a debt paya.iU i nstall
ments. Hie man wliose larm is mort
gaged for one thousand dollars may have
five years to pay the principal. At the
end of 'the fourth year he has paid off
four-fifths of the debt, and only owes
two hundred dollars. He simply has se
cured receints for each payment or an
tmcK ol
All tn.rmhavlnf fliml proof uotlws in
lhl i)ikt will r:civc mark'-d copy of tlie
nalwf ami if any errors ex4st rerxirt the
mm- to thin office at ouce.
a nrairia fire cresited a deversion of east-
era caDital from its old channels to the
fertile reirion west of the Mississippi.
Many millions of dollars were invested
by Boston, New York and Philadelphia
capitalists in western farm mortgages.
Tlie middlemen who bandied this money
have 'doubtless bled millions out of the:
men who borrowed, but in'the main the
his note. But the record shows tliat he
still owes one thousand dollars.
Two thirds of the western farm iuoi
mures are in this condition. To repre
sent the. face of the mortgages as tlie ac
tual debt of western farmers is therefore
fictitious. Tlie condition of our farmer
ia bv no means as prosperous as
should like to see it, but tlie fact that"
raorUSMtor had Uie benefit of cheniw-r com jM being burned for fuel and other
money than he could have possibly se- products are marketed at ruinously . low
curou iormeny irom hicui uwnen. prices, aoes aov justly purues in rvyirw
When the bootn had coltapaed and real seating all our farmers as tunkrapfc
estate srieculaUon hod resumed its natur- The effect of such talk is very damaSiMt
J channels, the eastern money lender and tends to keep foreign capital out of
became more cauuous. weeiern irro tne west.
IWftglOees were lees in demand and loca,)
tMbers reaped the advantage of a tiglit- Travellers mav learn a lemon from I'x.
eoing money market. C. D. Cooe, prominent attorney efV
Tben rame a general onslaught all ker, lkota, who says: "I nereff km
eloAg the line against western securities home wiUtouLtekioK a bottle of ChMfr;
u general and farm mortcrages ia isutic- (..H on- Colic. Cholorea and Dieff"?tRa
alar, run oonlauirtrt was, suniuiauso Ut,luu(iv with me and on many octmtxm
Imwelv bv noHluail airitators who repre-
Mled tlatt the farms in Iowa, Jlebnutka,
have ran with it to the relief at
sufferer and have never knows it fl Ul
Jiollce fr I'nlilicHUon.
lAwi iftlce hi f liadron, "el.,
I iw. 1.
Notice U hereby erfvrn that the following
nsniedJoHt'-rhiw tiled nolle of her fntcn
tton to muliti nnal priKif In miniiort of hT
nml tlml 11 nnxf will li mart 1e
font M. r. K ink aid, juuijeoi oistnci court,
nrin lila nlwr.iico bplore the Klprk of twin
couii. at Harrison, S b., oa Jan. 17, ISM,. vU :
J'nnlT. Weir, nf Ilariisou,
who made U K jS'o, OWXor tbe'seJt . , tp
11. ri.
hue names in iohuwhik wim'iwmi w
hr eontiiiuou mddencn Uon and ciiltivtv
tlon of nald- land, vl: fol,n H .Snrtxllj,
korf E. l.iiiiHfoid, Tiwmr Beldy, t.
Dam, all OI llurriwm. ,-'iiraBiiK.
'0BoUill d Notice For Vubllcath.ii,
JUind Ofllue ul Clisdron, Neb.,
Uec. M. IHStt.
Mt4n is hnreby iriven that the following
named ettler lm flhKl notiec of hl Inten
tion to mnk Una! iro)f In smiinwrt of his
.i.l,i. nml that mid nroof will If; mnde 1)
fore th Tiers Ol mw ilinrwi niuri, ywi-
lirion, tieb., on reny. jx, iwmi, t:,
Delsnn M. Sntlon, of Ilsrrlnon,
who nisrte It. H. Ha. !M9I for trip, ncii teM,
kV we 13. wM w'i wrc 12, tp 31, r Mt.
lie nsmns the following w1iikwm to prove
M continuous residence u iwn mid cultlva-
Unn of nMld land, vis; Klbert M. Cnrrlnr,
Juhn II. IlnrU II. Aau C. Iluvls. AlU-rt M
Tirlor, sll of Hnrrixou, fleb. Also
Albert E. Rsmwy, of Hsrrlmin,
who made D. H- Ko. two for the cH nK wK
aewMM, tpt, rM.
H naniiw the follovrlnif wltueww to prov
M flAntiimoiM rHhlne uiKin mid culllru
ttonof, oh Hi land, vlx: tiarl H. Hc-ott,
Warren W. Hall, Arthur W. Ktuery, William
K. Moore, all Of MarriKoii, scu. Aiao
' Arllinr W. Cmcrr, of HsrrUon.
Who wade If Ko. 1271 for the m)4 sec tp W
r m.
Um eatuaa the followlus wltneitaMi to Drov
kMeotluuuea rnaldeuee upon and cultlva
Mieulaaid land, vlx: Wnrr"n W. Hall, AI
Prt K BaeMer, WUIlaia.K. Moore, Utau
HI. Ariaswes. 9U rmau, eo.
- W.u. Mir', MfMer,
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1 il JZV
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), f-J CM who
mm) Lakota were mortfayed for
For ale by o. H. Aairews.