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unty Journal,
Wat, a
"FT A TV&TBOUT, NTSB., ,X.AJSr. 9, 18SO.
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i H
WM. IMuIul
Cura-pr handled .
0U pur bndnd
Sbocto pet hasdml .
"ran per hundred
Vot rhonacd-nar handrad ft..
Potatoesper haadred
rVmbwy per dos
Ontoua pw
78 10
Cad pur tan.
Wand per card..
Uunber satire-per a. fv
eaTCorreeWd every Thursday.
It Ml
School re-opened on last Monday. -Now
it the tint when wood on sub
MriptioB very acceptable.
Do oof (ail to call on Thk joctwal
t you want a nice job of printing dona.
For Rjcrr. Good house, 14x26, two
room and cllar. Enquire of Conrad
Tall your friend to subscribe 'for
ItaJoraXAL and get the benefit of our
premium offer.
The Drat regular matting of tha new
board of county commissioners will
occur on Tueaday, Jan. MUi.
Quite a large number of tlie people
from various part of tle county came
in Uiia morning to witness tba seating of
Um new oountv official.
' .J
-Tm Joctxal want several loada ol
wood on subscription as soon as possible.
uon i pa nacRwani, . but bring on your
wood. Wood on subscription, like a mo
tion to adjourn, is always in oroer.
C. K. Wells is receiving his stock of
goods this week and will be ready for
business in a few days. He will occupy
Um room formerly occupied by Bosa aV
Xbe v books bf the Buffalo Lumber
u. will remain at tha lumber offlca of
0. Outhrie for a limited time for settle
ment and it is to the interest of all owing
tham to call soon.
-. . ... .,
At a meeting of the two societies on
Wednesday Miss Retta Sands was elected
president and Miss Ida Hester secretary
bftheW. C.T. U., and Mrs. L L. Lusk
was elected president of the ladies' aid
The sixth prize medal contest oc
curred on last Friday evening and the
medal was won by MW Ida Hester. The,
ooate for the gold medal will occur on
Friday evening January 17tU,
' 4Juiia a number of people in Harri
ana and vicinity are suffering from the
nfluenza. None have been seriously ill
so far, although a number have been
laid up for a day or two.
-Harrison needs a tmrness shop.
There would be a good business here for
a harness-maker ..who would put in a
stock of tliat line of goods "and let people
know that tliey can get a new harness or
have their old one repaired without go
ing some other place,
If you wan) to, keep youj; friends in
the east inforqjja. thy prospecta of
Bioux i mint Jljn1 iniliiiijiiliii fin a
copy of Ttu JotltMo be sent to thera.
It will save you writing and will do them
mora good than a letter each week.
Have you filed on government land?
Do you expect to file on government'
land? If oi then you should purchase a
copy of Uie "Settler's Guide," full in
formation in reference to homesteads,
7-amption and Umber culture entries,
the latest rulings of the land department.
In short, it gives tba land laws in a nut
shell. Twenty -live renin per copy, for
sute by Reidy A Pollard;
The entertainment by the jubilae sing
ers on last Monday evening was', quite
well attended and was as good an enter
tainment as could be expected in a place
of this sis. They left on Tuesday, and
we are informed that they left soma bills
behind uneettleU" Bhariff'' 'pfoat "was
sent after them and succeeded in getting
enough money to partly settle, the ' bills,
and they, in turn, have coromaooad aortjs
kind of a rail against Mr .'Pfoat. It is
regarded as a huge joke on him and ha is
having loU of fun about it, "'"
Tba cold weather which baa pra
railed for the past- weak baa been jdst
what our psopie like to see. It ia right
that tit wHaiher should be cold at Uiis
fimaof tha year, and Kiaatr bdioaUon
of a good crop next asasoo, AU tbo aatr
t)n fl food ovar Um proapacti' tor Uk
future of Sioux county. ' M bounteous
pjufall ia assured nadthat makes good
crop sJraacartaioiA. 'Ilow for a long
pull, a iitronf pull 'u k ajsthar
raralarraautiilMf of HjS0m'
Do not fail to take advantage of our
ceaabtafttioa offer.
Dent forget that Tm Jocbjtal is
ptapaaai to do all Wade of job printing
taaaaat and taaty maimer, on abort
Wivn-900 good poets wanted on
(iibacKptioa tor which we will allow 10
oanta apiece. A good chance to get Tnt
Joiwial without any outlay of rash.
Bametnber Thz Jotkxal clubs with
almost any paper in the United States
and whan you want anything in the line
or papers or call and sea us
and we can save you soma money.
J. F. SchulU is having a good deal
of business with his grinder and converts
a good deal of wheat into breadstuff. Of
course ha only makes graham flour but
ground as be does it , it is excellent Hav
itm tried it we know whereof we speak.
In our advertising columns appear
the card of Adolph Begenhagen, M. D.t
who has recently located in Harriaon,
Tba gentleman is a graduate of tha med
leal schools of Germany and that is prat
ty good evidence of his proficiency. He
baa his office at the Northwestern Hotel.
The prospects for the mill are good.
Mr. , Thomas left for his home on last
Friday evening and stated before he left
that he felt very fyycrable towards Uie
project and would inform us of his dW4
ion as soon as he could settle a few ftointfi
bearing on tha matter. It is quite rob
abla that he wHI decide befsre the iimt
of tlie montii.
Every day brings report from the net-
tiers that they expect friends from the
east to come to Sioux county to locate
in the near future. It is about a settled
fact that thera will be the Iteaviest im
migration this season that has ever been
known, and avarv familv aero ml an rem
increase8 value of all the prop.
erty in the county.
Tlie weather has again moderated
and yesterday was as pleasant as one
could desire. , Severe weather does not
last as long in this locality as it is apt to
iu Um eastern portion of the ijtat. Ia
factj Ijfi weather here the year around is
'more pleasant, as a rule, than any local
ity we know of.
" toftrtinlubcr of new building are al
ready being talked of to be erected dur
ing the season. One indication of pros
perity brings on another, 'The prospects
of good cron pi veu the business men as
well w tlie farmer encouragement, and
attracts new business enterprises and it
all goes to develop Sioux county.
6n Tuesday evening Mr. Maine,
father of 8. L. R. and Edward Maine,
braatlml.WK jvX at aliout 10 o'clock p.
m. Mr. Maine had reached the age of 83
years and for some years past liud.beea a
great, sufferer. Ue bus beVtn a confirmed
invalid for quite a long time and had re--natedly
expressed a desire that death
would come to his relief. He hod loug
been a devout christian and passed away
as quietly as though falling into a sleep.
The funeral occurred to-day at Um M. H
The board of county commissioners
met on last Monday and began Um work
of approving the bonds of ' Um officers
elected in November. A good deal of
figuring was done and some of the bflt-
cets elect were compel leu to strengthen
their bonds before the commissioners
would approve them. It was about all
completed by Tuesday night. Tba board
also make a' fituvl settlement witi
Um county treasurer and so it has been
quite .a busy session. The new county
officers take their seats today. L. O.
Hull was appointed county attorney to
fill Um' vacancy caused by the resigna
tion of E. D. Satteriee. The county now
has an entire set of hew officers except
one county commissioner. Dqo. M. Weir,
who has one year yet to servo.. A des
perate attempt was made by some of the
old gang to keep the new officers out.
TIm course pursued, indicated that a plan
was lata lor mat. purpose, un bonus
were nearly all .approved1 on Tuesday
and then on Wednesday evening the
board decided to re-consider the. bonds on
a legal technicality, raised by the newly
appointed county attorney. There was
a fear that Um new officers would be put
to all the trouble possible and a large
number from all parts of the county
came in to witness the proceedings. The
A. Green took bis seat as commissioner.
aid the. other officers were soon in their
places. Ajur an uie cnargas oi wrong
doing that have been made, Um demand
comes from all quarters that a thorough
investigation of all the county records
be made so the people will know in just
what shape tha county ia and wheif the'
funds have gone, and netting but a
search to Um vary bottom will saUsfy
them.' they made the fight for that
purpose at Um' polls in November and
(hey came here to see that tha men they
elected ware properly seated and they
will stand by tha officers in Um discharge
of their duty, with tha same spirit of
honesty of purpose and determination
VVatjuaUoe shall be done that baa char-
A. BoutbworUi waa in the
seat on Monday.
County Treasurer Oayhart speailjnosl
nf flu waIt in Huvimii
A. W. Crites was up from
on Monday on legal business.
a R. Story, John Ragland, CkaCobb
itial otiiers ware m Harriaon on ThuaVtay.
Hon. Alfred Bartow, of CbAron,
was in Harrison on Monday on legal bus
iness, Miss Nettie Snyder is employed in the
store of C. R. Wells, as clerk and look
keeper. Asa Davis called on Saturday and
ordered The Jochkal sent to IL L. Davis,
Taylor Hjll, 111. t
Ed. C. Lock wood was at Lincoln Jast
week making his settlement wiUt ' the
state treasurer. ' ' ,
Judge Barker arrived home from Kush
ville on Saturday so as to take poaaassion
of Ills office to-day.
R. E. Massey arrived on Monday from
Newcastle. He says that tliat placv is
not as good as it is reported. .
Wm. Schultz called ou SatunLiy and
paid us Um cash for a year in advafre,
thereby securing our premium mper.
Cliarles OroVe, comniissioner-lri-t
from Um 2ml district was at the county
seat on Saturday , and called at our otlV e.
Thomas Devenport, J. D. (iates, Joe
Decker and a number of otiiers were i
from White river pn Thursday and ciifd
at our office, ' I
Sioux Coantr Teachers' Assoc la Uati
The Teachers' Association met at 'the
Harrison school house. Tlie meeting vfcs
culled to order by Um cliairnmn. ' Tne
subjects Geography, Penmanship und iff
thography were discussed. Ailjoiinil
to meet in the afternoon at. the alj ve
named place. ' j
The. association met at oVkxy
The call to order was made by the cha
man. The following subjects were dis
cussed: Drawing, which wajLyeiy
esting, conducted by Pro. C. E. Holmes;
also Physiology and Grammar. Ad
journed to meet in Uie evening.
Association called to order by chairman.
The committee on" Uterary exercises
failed to arrange a program, but Uie
teachers all res)xndl ami the evening
was paused quite pleasantly with recita
tions, etc. Adjourned to meet January
8rd, at the same place.
The Association met at the school
houfe, Called to order by the chairman.
Tlie following subjects) were discussed:
The Word Method, How to prevent Tar
diness, School Government and Securing
Attentieh at Recitations. A committee
on resolutions was appointed. A motion
to adjourn was moved, and seconded, and
atljpujjiiueut made subject to call by the
officers. Ida Hester, Sccretury.
The following resolutions were read
and adopted;
Resolved, Tliat we, Uie undersigned
teachers of, Sioux county, extend a vote
of tlianks to the citizens of Harrison for
the interest manifested in the recent
Teachers Assjciation, and be it also
REHulAKb, TJiat we also commend (?)
the present county superintendent and
county superintend-eleci for their inter
est X?) shown throughout the entire meet
ing; and be it also '
Rkholvkd, That we return our thanks
to the. committee on programme for
Thursday evening.
Aba Davh, Chairman, Ida Hester, Sec.
SftNNiE Crane, ' Retta 8ands,
Nettik Snyder, Rlth Elbert,
Clara Snyder, B. B. Smith.
Land Patents.
TIm following is a list of the land pat
ents now awaiting the call oi" the owners
at the land c pee at Chadron, the land
for whicU tliey were issuedheingin Sjoi
Cash entry No. 1,843, Mike Blewett, sec.
33, twp. 84, R. 95, w.
Cash entry No. 1,343, Jas. H. Doyle,
iwgo. Hi, twp. 88, R 68, w.
Casheqtry Nu.( 1,846, Pierce Blewett,
sec. 33, twp. 84, R. 5ft, w. .
. C. H. Andrews, druggist, desires to in
form Um public that he is agent for the
most successful jiwuaratjon that has yet
been produced for coughs, colds and
croup. It will loosen aod relieve a se
vere cold in lees time than any other
treatment. The article referred to is
Chamberlain's cough remedy. ' It is a
medicine that has won fame and popu
larity on it's merits and one that can al
wavs be depended upon. It is the only
known remedy that will prevent croup.
It must be tried to be appreciated. It m
put up in 30 cant and $1 bottles,
ealiby C.H. AAdMWa,
Beat 14m to tha East.
The Burlington Route B. A. M. R. R.
is running elegantly equipped passenger
trainee without change from Newcastle,
Wyoming and Crawford, Nebraska, direct
to Lincoln, Nebraska, making connection
at tliat point with their own through
trains for Denver, Cheyenne, and al)
points west, and for Kansas City, St.
Joseph, St. Louis, Omalia, Peoria, Chi
cago, and all points east
Remember this is the only line by
which you can take sleeping car from
Crawford in tlie evening arriving in Lin
coln and Omaha Um next afternoon, and
in Chicago, Peoria and St Louis tlie fol
lowing morning.
For furtlier information and tickets ap
ply to nearest agents of Burlington
Route B.1M.R.R.
Notir. of ratt.
V. S. Land Office, Chailrnn Neb., I
Jsuunry g, Itwa, I
( oYiinlslnl No. MM hiring linen entered at
this omr lT 'hHrlts E. Nicholson affuinat
TI10111H8 lrlr for fsilurr tncomplr with law
as to tiiiiluT culture entrjr No. MIB, dated
Msrch S, ISSH, tion the nwfc, are t, tp t7, r M,
Insioux county, Nilrnkn, with a view tothr
cancllHtion ofMHld entry; cont4tiit alleg
ing that the said claimant liaa failed to
break 6 acre during- tlie wcond
year after entry, and that lie has faild to
cultivate the Ave acres broken the first year
after entry ;and has failed to cure the defect
up to the ilat4 of thia content. The (aid par
rtles an; lierehv auinnioned to ap)ear at till
office on the 3rd day of March, IsW, at 10
o'clock a. in., to rcapnnd and furnish testi
mony concerning mild alleged failure. Tes
timony of witnesses will tie taken before
John A. (irecn, a notury public, at his office
In KuiiiiiiiK Water precinct, Ncli., on theMtb
day of r'clirunry, IHW), at lOo'cliM k a. m,
IliMK) T. f. Powssa Receiver.
Nolle of Cnutest.
T. S. Ijtnd Office, I 'hndron, Neb. I
Decemls-r), lsa.
Conijilnint No. i;:M having lieen entered at
tills onlce by i'luis. K. tiowcy, against Janen
liores lor failure to comply with law lis to
timber-culture entry No. 6140, dated licceiu
lsr 14, IHH5, upon tile's nep ne.4' seV and
x'4 ! . '' 3, t t A4, In Sioux county, Nc
braska, with a view to the cancel lnt ion of
sahl entrv; contestant alleging that said
claimant failed to break or canne to be bro
ken ten acres of said tract during tlie first
and second years, and lulled to plant live
acres to treew, seeds or cuttings, during the
third year af ter entry was made aim has
failcd'to cure said defects at date of Initia
ting this contest.
The said parties are hereby summoned to
appear at this office on the gntli day of Febru
ary, tslMi, at 10 o'clta'k, a, 111., to rc'rMud and
furnish testimony concerning said alleged
failure. TcMllino'iiy of witnesses will lie1 tuk
en before John A. (ireen, a Notary Public, ut
his office In liunning Water precinct, sinux
comity, Nebraska, on tlie l:ttli day of Febru
ary, 1HWI, at too'clock a. 111.
l-) T. r. -IttWE-as, Kecelvcr.
And the
one year, for
Two Dollars.
To every one who pays for a year's
subscription to The Journal in advance
we will send them in addition, postage
paid, for one year the celebrated farm.
daper, "American Farm News." Or
Offer fJo. I.
We will send tlg papers us above ttd
also the Wentern lilQcJcman awl Culti-
vator (a 13-page Hemi-raiq,thly) for,
Now is the time for.
to take advantage of this offer.
We think the prospects for a
boom in Sioux county in
are very good.
WiUi the good trade we had
lost year and with tlie outlook
for a better business this year,
ve feel encouraged; and with
year experience in supplying
tlie wants of Sioux county peo
ple, we are better prepared than
pyer to sel you what you want
Rock Bottom Prices
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,.
on now
Get it for 9 1-2 per cent, straight some;
where else.
We don't make Of iier cent, loans but we will make you a reasonable loan and
on betted mm
Than those who advertise the
. rf u. eji
jxd, Clothing,
per cant
V i
$ . J
' )j ' '
....... v'A ; AS
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-it ..