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    The Sioux County Journal,
VOL. 2.
2, 1890.
0 i
Mhmom t Pitlf moo, . Proprietors.
r. E.i M. V B. B. Tim Ulile.
Goln Wu Going Kat.
5L'' m' I""'"!'-''- " " I No. n, pasx-nxtT, 6:30
No. M. freight 11 :J5 No. U, freiKUt,.J.:05
"orn-pr hundred
i-1xt huudrrd B
1 00
1 00
Miort-per hundred .
Kran-per hundred S
chopped per hundred .
Iolator-per hundred t .
llnttr prr .
K(Kf-pT dor
1 1 i . .
. ""urj-ptr uoz 1 75 a 00
Onioiia .r 1.. . 4
IWn ir fi t
uii-per lon..... . 4 50
Wood -per rord 3 to
I-limlxT-nHtlVH-per tn. ft 15 00
"Corrected every Thurnday.
Willi this Usue Tin Joidnai, adds one
more improvement, having greatly in
creased the uniuunt of reading matter
and also having cleared the columns of
all objectionable advertiseniantit. Tlie
intention of the publishers j to Improve
Tim Jol'KNAr. an rajiidly as circumstances
will admit, and lioie our patrons and
friends will appreciate our efforts.
Jubilee Singers Jan. 6th.
The county commissioner meet on
next Monday.
The net tier wei glad to ee the
snow cover the ground.
U. H. Turner received two car-loads
of feed lost week.
Now in the time when wood on sub
Bcription in very acceptable.
Do not fail to call on The journal
if you want a nice job of printing done.
For HEXT-flood, 14x20, two
rooms und cellaVyEnquire of Conrad
Those who possess sleighs have been
making good use of them during- the
past few days.
Tell your friends to subscribe for
The Jocrnal and get the benefit of our
premium offers.
WhitlJtaiaHt Jlbur, the beat Jftjbe.
Huiiket, rofBtJSt sack. Sold only
a( tbe RincJrljupply House.
The session of the t'-aclier's associa
tion opens today. A good meeting is
eiected, and good results are sure to
follow, -
TllK JofKSAL wants sSj-aT loads of
wood 011 subscription as r V'as possible.
Ikin't le lsy kward, but bring on your
wood. Wood on subscription, like a mo
tion to adjourn, is always in order,
We are in receipt, from Register W.
11. McCain) of the Chadrou land olllce, a
list of the land patents in the land olllce
on Jan. 1, 1x90, anil in our next issue
will uppear a list of those to land in
fiioux county.
W. O. Patterson has opened the old
Hurt blacksmith shop and Dert Carrier is
ju charge of the irtm work. The ople
of .Sioux county are acquainted with his
Work and that is all that is necessary for
tjheiii to know,
A good many of our citizens have
become considerably interested in "Look
jpg Hackward," and there is some talk
of organizing a Bellamy club to discuss
the theories advanced by that author.
It certainly would afford a good oppor
tunity to get the ideas of diil'ereut ones
on the plan.
A gentleman who is a physician ar
rived here a few days ago and will locate
with us and lie expects also to put in a
$tock of drugs. He was called out into
the country to attend a case of sickness
and we have been unable to get the de
tails of the arrangement. We are glad
tjO learn of new business enterprises coin
ing to our town.
Now is the time to urge your
friends who are paying high rents in the
east to come to Hioux county and se
cure a farm of their own. A large
number of families are reKirted to us as
preparing to come here in the spring,
ct each one endeavor to add one family
to the number.
As the time upproclies for County
Clerk-elect Linderman to take ( barge of
his office It become necessary for Weir.
& Co. to secure some one to take his
place behind their counter's where ho lias
done such excellent service. They
selected I Oerloch for the place and he
will now l found ready to attend, to the
wants of all the customers of the firw.
Have you.llled on government land?
I)o you exe to file 0vernment
land? If mi. tl ou Muld urclase a
ropy of the 'HLtf9"',V full, In'
formation in refflfSnce U homesteads,
pre-emption a tVdier culturo entries,
the latestyfingH ofie lund department.
tn shortfit given thond laws in a nut
bell. Twenty-five cetii per copy, (or
by Rldy A PolUrd
The Jubilee Singers are coming.
I)o not fail to take advantage of our
combination offer.
Do not miss tbe Jubilee Singers next
Monday evening.
Quite a number came down from
Lusk to attend the masquerade ball on
Tuesday evening.
You can geTNSmrior" flour at tbe
Ranch Supply Ij3Ce for fl.00 per
School re-opens next Monday and
will continue for about two months and
a halt.
Don't forget that Tue Journal is
preared to do all kiuds of job printing
iu a neat and tasty manner, on short
A pleasant social dance occurred at
the hall on last Thursday evening. An
oyster up)cr was served at the North
western hotel to those attending.
Wanted !i)0 good posts wanted on
subscription for which we w ill allow 10
cents apiece. A good chance to get Thk
JontNAJ. without anv outlay of cash.
Rcmemlier Tun Joiknai, clubs with
almont any kiht in (lie United States
and when you want anything in the line
of pujierx or ieriodicals call and see us
and we can save you some money.
If you want to enjoy an evening of
fun Is; sure to attend the entertainment
by tbe Jubilee Singers on next Monday
evening. Reserved seals on sale at An
drews' drug store.
On last Sunday the iosl-ofIlce was
removed to its former location iu the
room recently vacated by tbe Commer
cial Bank. This makes very pleasant
and convenient quarter for it.
Tbe sixth prize modal contest will
occur on Friday evening, Jan. 3d. This
will complete tbe class and the next
contest will lie for the gold medal and
only those holding silver medals will take
C. R. Wells informs us tliat he will
ojHjn u stock of goods iu the room form
erly occupied by Rosa & Thompson in a
few days. We did not learn just what
line he intends to carry but believe it
will be a general stock.
Harrison is to be treated to an even
ing of fun on Monday next, Jan. 6lh.
Brule & Howard' colored plantation
jubilee singers are to. be liere on tliat
Art and are " prepared "lo ronfte you
laugh until your sides ache. They are
billed for one night only. Admission 35
cents; reserved seats 50 cents. Tickets
pn sale at Andrews' drug store.
From the number of new business
enterprises just opening in Harrison and
the excellent prospects for still further
additions in the near future, our people
ought to feel encouraged. Every indi
cation points to a good increase in the
population, bot,h in the country and in
town. Now iu the time to work to se
cure still others for residents and busi
ness men.
-The members of the Ladies Aid Soci
ety and the Woman's Christian Temper-'
ence Union lire requested to hold a
joint session at the parsonage on Wed.,
January 8, beginning at 2 p. in. A full
attendance of the members of both soci
eties is urgently requested as business of!
importance must 1 attended to. By
order of president of both societies.
The masquerade ball on Tuesday
evening was a success in every refiect.
The attendance was good and all present
enjoyed themselves in great shape. Sup
per was served at the Northwestern Ho
tel. The balls given at Harrison are be
coming quite popular and the attend
ance is increasing with each liull that is
One day lost week as Clias. Biehle,
Carl Fexerherm and M. Bruck were go
ing to the home of the former the ve
hicle in which they were riding upset.
Mr. Beihle got one hand quite badly
mashed, Mr. Feyerherm was considera
bly bruised about llio bead anil Mr,
Bruck got his back hurt quite badly, and
since that time has not been able to re
turn to his work. None sustained what
w ill Is? permanent injuries.
We do not propose to be undersold
and quote the following pifces: Com (50
cents st hundred;
cents; shorts
85 cents; bran 7.1
per hundred,
Wo have two car-
of Hour coming,
Highest fancy
including ten
grade $2.60 p
, cheaiest $1.80
per hundred, and everything in my line
in proportion. Come n( take advan
tage of our low prices,
Geo. II.
Judge Kiukaid has sent out his cards
announcing U)0 dates set for holding
court in the various counties of the 12th
judicial district. The dates on which
cour will convene In Sioux county dur
ing 18110 aire April 1.1th, nnd September
23rd. This gives the attorneys plenty
of time to get their cases hi shape so
that the docket can lie cleared up iu
good shape. If that is done it may be
tliat the expense of a term of court in
September could bt saved the county.
r bundled
! A Steam Flouring Mill for HarrUou
I Almost Assured.
The indications are that Harrison will
have a fine steam (louring mill ready for
operation by the time the wheat crop of
1H90 is ready to be converted into flour.
For some time the writer lias been in
correspondence with E. A. Thomas, of
Sioux City, and as a result on lust Sat
urday Mr. Thomas arrived here to look
the matter up. He has been busy since
bis arrival investigating the prosiects of
such an enterprise and is highly pleased
with the prospects for the future of this
locality as a wheat growing country.
He will not fully decide until he returns
home, but it will lie hut a short time
until he will determine what he will do
in the matter. We have known the
gentleman for over twenty years and he
is a practical miller of lurge experience
and should he decide to come here,
as he is almost certain to do, our ieople
can rest assured th:it Harrison will have
as fine a flouring mill as any town in
Northwest Nebraska.
In addition to the mill work Mr.
Thomas will also prepare to handle all
the wheat and other grain which would
come to this market. With a good mar
ket assured for their crops the
farmers should go to work in earnest
and put out a large acreage of grain and
it will be but a short time until excel
lent returns will lie realized.
If ieople can afford to raise wheat on
high-priced land where only ten to fif
teen bushels is harvested, there is no
reason on eartli why our jieople cannot
realize good profits from wiieat in Sioux
county, where land is cheap on which
they can raise wheat which yields from
twenty to thirty-live bushels per acre.
That this can lie done is evidenced by the
crop last year. The season.was unusual
ly dry, but the farmers raised wheat
which yielded from sixteen to twenty
live bushels per acre, and a wheat of
excellent quality. There is no reason
why Sioux county cannot lie the banner
wheat growing county of Nebraska.
The acquisition of a good mill will
naturally attract other business enter
prises and town and the entire county
will be greatly benefitted thereby.
The Jockkai, vgl iuforfu jit read,f
soon as the question of the mill is set
The Five Points land row is still go
ing on in the legal course. Last week
Bannon had the Rand brothers arrested
on the charge of false imprisonment be
fore the County Judge. Thoy ap;ared
on Saturday and waived examination
and gave bonds for their appearance at
the district court, where it will probably
lie settled. IL T. Conley is retained as
attorney for the Rands and E. D, Sat
terlee as attorney for Iiannan.
It may le of interest to our readers
who are corresponding with parties, in!
the east to get them to come here, to
know that good brick are offered for sale
at the kiln at $ per thousand. This in
addition to the low price of lumber, the
excellent building stone and the oppor
tunity to secure wood and posts free of
cost, are inducements that no other new
country can offer.
The (irst snow of any account fell
hero Saturday. It; began to fall quite
early in the morning and kept it up well
into the night, nnd was accompanied by
a good deal of wind which drifted the
snow considerable. The people were
glad to see the suow fall, for it is one
more indication of a good crop the com-!
ing the coming season. Everything isj
working to the interest of the settlers 1
and they all feel good over the prospects,
Oil" people hardly realize the advan
tage Sioux county has over other jwr
tions of Nebraska on account of being
situated so that fuel is scarcely needed
to lie taken into account as a matter of
exjiense and the result will be that
every thing that is raised here ought to
be manufactured right here. This
ought largely assist in the securing of
manufacturing industries. If the ex
pense of fuel is reduced fifty per cent, or
more, that alone would make a very
npnt net profit to be derived from any
of the largo manufacturing establish
ments, if beet sugar can lie manufact
ured at points in the eastern part of the
state on high, priced land, where fuel
costs from four to six dollars per ton,
at a profit to the fanner and also to the
manufacturer, a much better result
ought certainly to be obtained in this lo
cality where as good if not better beets
can be grown on land that has not yet
acquired a high value, and where fuel
can be had for about one-half or one
third what it costs at other points. It
was the choiip fuel which attracted the
ireiitleman who is here with a view to
I putting in a mill and cheap fuel will cert
j tiiinly attract other iudustries if our peo
I pie will only press the matter upon the
j atteulii,n of the public.
E. J. Wilcox called Tuesday.
J. F. Cook w as in Harrison on Monday.
C. R. Wells went to Chadron ou Tues
day. T. B. Snyder was in Harrison the first
of the week.
I O. Hull was on the sick list a few
day last week.
Chas. E. Oowey mode a call at this
office this morning. v
E. A. Thomas, of Sioux City, is the
guest of L. J. Simmons.
C. H. Weller called this morning and
gave us some on subscription.
W. O. Patterson added his name to
our list of readers this week.
M. R. McDowell returned on Tuesday
from his visit to friends at Gordon.
Dun Slattery, brother of Landlord
Slattery, of the Northwestern bote), is
quite sick.
W. K. Patterson, of The Jocrkaj.,
made a trip to Casper Tuesday, return
ing the same duy.
ti. R. Story called on Tuesday and
ge us the cash ou subscription so as to
gft our premium papers.
Daniel Klein was in Hurrison on Tues
day and made a pleasant call at our of
fice ami contributed some cash on sub
scription, Arthur Weir has so far recovered from
his recent illness as to be able to lie out,
although the rheumatism makes him
limp a little.
0. L. Tubbs informs us tliat he ex
pects soon to join the army of traveling
men. He is going to sell stationery for
a house in Chicago, and ought to1 make
a successful salesman,
A change occurred in the ow-nership
of the lumber yard at this place the first
of the year, Grant Guthrie having pur
chased it of the Buffalo Gap Lumber
Company and is now the proprietor and
will conduct it for himself. Mr. Guth
ri is well known to the .people of this
caaaty and is deservedly popular with
all classes and all will be pleased to
that he has become proprietor of
t important business, Wilfra large
increaMC demand for lumber and
recognized business &b:'it" he cannot
full of success.
'January 1, 1889, was the fifth an-
reicnr 11 19 wetfing of Mr. aad Mrs. I
8lTntfrosVund they InviMa, 'iUfctee!
of the people of the town to assist them
in celebrating the event. Accordingly
about thirty invited guests assembled at
the family residence. After a season of
pleasant conversation and social games
the host and hostess were reunited by
Rev. I. L. Lusk, after which the compa
ny sat down to a table which fairly
groaned under the weight of good things
thereon, and it is needless to say 'that
all did ample justice to the tempting vi
ands. After spending the remainder of
the evening in a most enjoyable manner
the party returned to their respective
homes, after wishing Mr. and Mrs. Pfost
many returns of the anniversary of their
Relative to the snow fall in the
mountains and its effect on tlie rainfall
in this locality a number have spoken of
the subject to us since our last issue.
It is the universal statement that last
year there was little or no snow In the
mountains north and west of here and
all the old scouts and hunters predicted a
dry season, during the summer of 1889.
The result showed that their theory was
correct. Reports from the mountains
this season are to the effect that there is
a vast amount of snow in the dis
tricts, and it is impossible to travel
through them. This indicates a plente
ous rainfall during the season, of 1890.
Our settlers need not lie afraid to urge
their friends to come, come to Sioux
county to live, in fact, now is the timo
to use ull your influence to get them
here so that they can see the biggest
crop of the best quality of grain they
ever saw raised.
Not Ice of Contest.
V, 8. Uml Olllce, (limlron, N'att. (
December 20, IHl). (
rompliitnt No. TM having Ijeen entered at
tills oltli e bv I lifts. B. Uowev, iiiiiiist Jiison
I lores fop fiilltire 10 oomply with law n to
tlmlicr cullni e entry .No. (1140, daU'd Decern
1st 14, liw, upon the nc'X nf'i, lie sex nnd
..1' ...t' . . tV 1..Q1..HV .r Vn.
hrnsks, with view to the enneellatlon of
Hutu entry; cniii.'MiHin hii.'kihk luj.i, u...
claimant failed to lireuk or noise to lie bn-
1 ..... ..!, 4. rfM.In .1...
K.M1 HUI HI M'N Wl nni'l limn k..,iis h...
and second years, and tailed to plant tlvo
third vmir alter entry wn made, unit lins
failed'to cure said defects at date 01 initia
ting thW contest. .
The said partleM are. hereby summoned to
npiM-ar at tins olllce on the anil day of Febru.
ary, IH'JO, at 10 o'clock, a, in., to respond and
furnish testimony concerning said aliened
failure. Testimony of witnesses will be tak
en before John A. (ireen, a Notary Public, at
his olllce in IlimnliiK Water proclnet, Sinox
count v, Nebraska, on U10 lath day of Febru
ary, IS'Jfl, at lOoVlock n. 111.
'W-WJ T. K. Poweiis, Hocclver.
Eye and Skin Ointment.
A certain euro for Chronic Soro Eyes,
Tetter, Salt Ilhouin, Scald Head, OM
Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema,
Itch, I'rairio Scratches, Soro Nipples
and Pilci. It is cooling and soothing.
Hundreds of cases have boon cured by
it after all other treatment bad failed.
SO and 60 oent boxes (or sale by
C. H. Andrew, Druggist
We think the prospects for 4
boom in Sioux county in
are very good.
With the good trade we had
last year and with the outlook
for a better business iffiis year,
we feel encouraged Jknd with
Dry Goods,
Boots and
WEIR te CO.,
rsx r n . i
ia k wm m mi tilt n wm mm
I' sj w i ft mv w y y w 11 h
Get it for 9 l-2u)er ceiit straight some L
wnereelse "
We don"t make 91 per cent, loan JniAwe will make you a reasonable loan and : i
iini hp i n-Hmn iv
7 V '
Than tbosfe who amdrtise the i
years expefie! in supplying
wie wants oCKioux county peo-
m;, we aijLietter prepared tliau V
evL-to jPI you what you want
Hats, Caps,
And Clothing.
i -
1 1